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anthocyanins in dioscorea alata l. 19685674975
purification of porcine pancreatic amylase by affinity chromatography with amylase inhibitor of dioscorea alata immobilized on deae-cellulose. 19826179853
production of oxalic acid by some fungi infected tubers.oxalic acid (as oxalate) was detected in four tubers commonly used for food in nigeria-dioscorea rotundata (white yam), solanum tuberosum (irish potato), ipomoea batatas (sweet potato), and manihot esculenta (cassava). whereas healthy i. batata had the highest oxalic acid content, healthy m. esculenta contained the lowest. when all tubers were artifically inoculated with four fungi-penicillium oxalicum curie and thom, aspergillus niger van tiegh, a. flavus and a. tamarii kita, there was an incre ...19836670294
nutritional assessment of yam (dioscorea alata) tubers.the nutrient and antinutrient components of tubers from seven cultivars of dioscorea alata were determined. the average crude protein content of d. alata tubers was 7.4%. starch (75.6-84.3%) was the predominant fraction of the tuber dry matter. significant differences in crude protein and starch contents were observed among cultivars. vitamin c content of the yam tubers ranged from 13.0 to 24.7 mg/100 g fresh weight. the results showed yams to be reasonably good sources of minerals. phytic acid ...19947971785
antifungal properties of yam (dioscorea alata) peel extract.the extraction of natural antifungal compounds from the peels of yam (dioscorea alata) and the effect of these compounds on both the vegetative and reproductive structures of some yam not pathogens were studied. four prominent antifungal components were obtained; one of the components was fully characterized and identified as beta-sitosterol. the antifungal activity of the compounds toward the germination of spores of two yam pathogens showed an inhibition of less than 57% at a concentration of ...19969173001
fermentation of yam: microbiology and sensory evaluation of cooked fermented yam tissues.the microflora of white yam (dioscorea rotundata l.) slices fermented anaerobically in 1.5 percent brine for five days at room temperature were studied. the hydrolysis of the carbohydrate and the subsequent conversion of sugars and minerals by the fermenting microbes contributed much to the increased microbial load especially within the first 72 hours of fermentation. the organisms implicated in the fermentation include the species of pediococcus, lactobacillus and pseudomonas, bacillus subtilis ...19989839834
analysis of the sequence of dioscorea alata bacilliform virus: comparison to others members of the badnavirus group.the complete nucleotide sequence of the genome of dioscorea alata bacilliform virus (dabv) has been determined from cloned fragments. features of the genome confirm dabv to be a pararetrovirus of the genus badnavirus which is more similar to other mealy-bug transmitted badnaviruses, in particular to cacao swollen shoot virus, than to rice tungro bacilliform virus. sequence variability between cloned fragments suggests that the genetic variability of the virus may be quite high (up to 11% nucleot ...199910456795
effect of steam pressure treatment on the physicochemical properties of dioscorea starches.dioscorea alata and dioscorea rotundata starches were subjected to steam pressure treatments (0.35, 0.7, and 1.05 kg cm(-)(2)) for different periods. the total amylose content in the treated starches was not significantly affected, but the soluble amylose content decreased 3-5-fold. reducing values and lambda(max) of the iodine complexes were unaffected. viscosity of the starch paste was reduced by the treatments, and at higher pressures and longer time of treatments, the peak viscosity values w ...199910564040
dioscorea alata (water yam) as a replacement for maize in diets for laying hundred and twenty-six point-of-lay birds were randomly alloted into six groups of 21 birds each and fed six diets containing 0%, 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% or 50% of dioscorea alata meal as a replacement for maize, corresponding to 0%, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100% maize replacement. there were no significant differences (p > 0.05) in feed intake, egg weight or feed efficiency between the control diet and the test diets. however, the daily egg production per 100 birds (hen day production), differed s ...199910599134
high genetic diversity, distant phylogenetic relationships and intraspecies recombination events among natural populations of yam mosaic virus: a contribution to understanding potyvirus evaluate the genetic diversity and understand the evolution of yam mosaic virus (ymv), a highly destructive pathogen of yam (dioscorea sp.), sequencing was carried out of the c-terminal part of the replicase (nib), the coat protein (cp) and the 3'-untranslated region (3'-utr) of 27 ymv isolates collected from the three main cultivated species (dioscorea alata, the complex dioscorea cayenensis-dioscorea rotundata and dioscorea trifida). ymv showed the most variable cp relative to eight other p ...200010640564
effect of rearing temperature on the fecundity and development of euzopherodes vapidella mann (lepidoptera: pyralidae), a pest of stored yam.the fecundity and development of the yam moth, euzopherodes vapidella mann on dioscorea alata l. was investigated in the laboratory at four different temperatures, 20, 24, 29 and 33 degrees c. the mean fecundity per female at 20, 24, 29 and 33 degrees c was 51.8+/-3.5, 102.4+/-3.8, 123.3+/-4.4 and 124.4 +/-4.4 eggs, respectively. hatchability of eggs was highest at 29 degrees c and lowest at 20 degrees c. the mean developmental time at 20, 24, 29 and 33 degrees c was 12.1+/-0.6, 6.2+/-0.3, 3.0+/ ...200111172862
effects of "chinese yam" on hepato-nephrotoxicity of acetaminophen in study the effect of yam in taiwan, which is a commonly used chinese medicine, on hepato-nephro-toxicity in rats.200212060523
both dioscorin, the tuber storage protein of yam (dioscorea alata cv. tainong no. 1), and its peptic hydrolysates exhibited angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitory activities.dioscorin, the tuber storage protein of yam (dioscorea alata cv. tainong no. 1), was purified to homogeneity by de-52 ion-exchange chromatography. this purified dioscorin was shown by spectrophotometric methods to inhibit angiotensin converting enzyme (ace) in a dose-dependent manner (12.5-750 microg, respectively, 20.83-62.5% inhibitions) using n-[3-(2-furyl)acryloyl]-phe-gly-gly (fapgg) as substrates. the 50% inhibition (ic(50)) of ace activity was 6.404 microm dioscorin (250 microg correspond ...200212358488
electrophoretic identification of new genomic profiles with a modified selective amplification of microsatellite polymorphic loci technique based on at/aat polymorphic repeats.the present paper introduces improvements of the conventional selective amplification of microsatellite polymorphic loci (sampl) technique, that exploit at-rich microsatellite primers. generally, at/aat microsatellites are frequent components of eukaryotic genomes, but their ubiquity and polymorphic information content (pic) could not be exploited yet, because standard sampl conditions did not allow amplifications. here we report (i) on the design of new versatile at-rich microsatellite primers, ...200212373761
a genetic linkage map of guinea yam ( dioscorea rotundata poir.) based on aflp markers.a genetic linkage map of the tetraploid white yam ( dioscorea rotundata poir.) was constructed based on 341 co-dominantly scored amplified fragment length polymorphism (aflp) markers segregating in an intraspecific f(1) cross. the f(1) mapping population was produced by crossing a landrace cultivar tdr 93-1 as female parent to a breeding line tdr 87/00211 as the male parent. the marker segregation data were split into maternal and paternal data sets, and separate genetic linkage maps were constr ...200212582485
a genetic linkage map of water yam ( dioscorea alata l.) based on aflp markers and qtl analysis for anthracnose resistance.a genetic linkage map of the tetraploid water yam ( dioscorea alata l.) genome was constructed based on 469 co-dominantly scored amplified fragment length polymorphism (aflp) markers segregating in an intraspecific f(1) cross. the f(1) was obtained by crossing two improved breeding lines, tda 95/00328 as female parent and tda 87/01091 as male parent. since the mapping population was an f(1) cross between presumed heterozygous parents, marker segregation data from both parents were initially spli ...200212582486
mycoflora of tuber surface of white yam (dioscorea rotundata poir) and postharvest control of pathogens with bacillus subtilis.bacillus subtilis (enrenberg) cohn was investigated for its antagonistic properties against surface mycoflora of yam (dioscorea rotundata poir) tubers in storage. yam tubers inoculated with a spore suspension of b. subtilis in potato dextrose broth using a knapsack sprayer showed a drastic reduction in the range and number of mycoflora, including pathogens of the tuber surface in contrast to the control tubers, during the five-month storage period in a traditional yam barn. however, b. subtilis ...200312733628
origin, world-wide dispersion, bio-geographical diversification, radiation and recombination: an evolutionary history of yam mild mosaic virus (ymmv).we developed an evolutionary epidemiological approach to understand the regional and world-wide dispersion of yam mild mosaic virus (ymmv) by retracing its evolutionary history. analyses of the distribution and the prevalence of ymmv in the caribbean islands of guadeloupe and martinique, and in french guyana revealed that ymmv has a wide repartition and different prevalence on dioscorea alata l. (asian and oceanic origin), on d. cayenensis lam.-d. rotundata poir. (african origin) and on d. trifi ...200314522183
chinese yam (dioscorea alata cv. tainung no. 2) feeding exhibited antioxidative effects in hyperhomocysteinemia rats.antioxidative effects of dioscorea alata (d. alata) were investigated in hyperhomocysteinemia (hhcy) induced by methionine (met) oral feeding (1 (g/kg of bw)/day). hhcy rats were fed a standard laboratory chow supplemented without or with freeze-dried d. alata powder at 1, 2.5, and 5 (g/kg of bw)/day, assigned as met, met + d1, met + d2, and met + d3 groups, respectively. twelve weeks after d. alata feeding, plasma homocysteine levels (16.3-24.2 microm) were significantly decreased compared to t ...200415030236
characterization of the yam tuber storage proteins from dioscorea batatas exhibiting unique lectin activities.four major proteins designated db1, db2, db3, and db4 were isolated and characterized from the yam tuber dioscorea batatas. the ratios of their yields were 20:50:20:10. db1 was a mannose-binding lectin (20 kda) consisting of 10-kda subunits and was classified as the monocot mannose-binding lectin family. db2, accounting for 50% of the total protein, was the storage protein, commonly called dioscorins consisting of a 31-kda subunit. on the basis of amino acid sequence, db2 was classified to be di ...200415047697
continuous hot pressurized solvent extraction of 1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl free radical scavenging compounds from taiwan yams (dioscorea alata).this study investigates a semicontinuous hot pressurized fluid extraction process and the scavenging activity on the 1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl (dpph) free radical of the extract from taiwan yams (dioscorea alata). liquid-liquid extractions were preliminarily employed to generate six fractions, initially extracted by ethanol. then, the aqueous solution of dried crude ethanol extract was sequentially fractionated by hexane, chloroform, ethyl acetate, and n-butanol. the ec50 value was defined a ...200415053534
bleaching of browned water yam (dioscorea alata) with african oil bean seed lipoxygenase (part 2).purified african oil bean seed lipoxygenase was used to bleach water yam tubers that were browned by exposing their cut surfaces to air. the enzyme solution destroyed the polyphenols extracted from the browned water yams and the polyphenols at the browned yam tubers which resulted in the bleaching of the browned yam tubers to their original white colour. the destruction of the polyphenol extract and the bleaching of the browned yam tubers were found to be dependent on the enzyme concentration of ...201115085574
protective effect of water yam (dioscorea alata l.) extract on the copper-driven fenton reaction and x-ray induced dna damage in vitro.the rhizome extract of dioscorea has been shown to possess radical scavenging activity. in this study, the protective effect of water yam (dioscorea alata l.) rhizome extract on calf thymus dna and plasmid dna strand breakage by the copper-driven fenton reaction and x-irradiation was examined. the protective activity in vitro of four lyophilized extracts obtained from yam rhizomes: (1) aqueous extract (yae); (2) 30% ethanolic extract (yee); (3) aqueous extract boiled for 30 min (byae); and (4) 3 ...200415162369
glycaemic index of selected staples commonly eaten in the caribbean and the effects of boiling v. crushing.integrating information about the glycaemic index (gi) of foods into the caribbean diet is limited by the lack of data. therefore, we determined the gi of eight staple foods eaten in the caribbean and the effect on gi of crushing selected tubers. groups of eight to ten healthy volunteers participated in three studies at two sites. gi was determined using a standard method with white bread and adjusted relative to glucose. the mean area under the glucose response curve elicited by white bread was ...200415182400
compositional and conformational analysis of yam proteins by near infrared fourier transform raman spectroscopy.fourier transform (ft)-raman spectroscopy was employed to study the molecular structure of yam proteins isolated from three commonly consumed yam species including dioscorea alata l., d. alata l. var. purpurea, and dioscorea japonica. although d. alata l. and d. alata l. var. purpurea consisted of similar amino acid residues, they still exhibited significant differences in conformational arrangement. the secondary structure of d. alata l. was mainly an alpha-helix, while d. alata l. var. purpure ...200415612816
biochemical origin of browning during the processing of fresh yam (dioscorea spp.) into dried product.this study was undertaken to follow the kinetics of polyphenoloxidase (ppo), peroxidase (pod), and phenolic compounds during yam blanching at different temperatures and after drying and to identify by high-performance liquid chromatography (hplc) the main phenolic compounds present in yam products. ppo activity was 50% higher in nonprocessed freeze-dried florido (dioscorea alata) than in nonprocessed freeze-dried deba (dioscorea rotundata). it decreased progressively during blanching. forty-five ...200515796594
[nutritional characterization of carbohydrates and proximal composition of cooked tropical roots and tubers produced in costa rica].tropical roots and tubers (trt) are important staple foods in the tropics. trt are produced by small farmers and have received only limited attention. the objective of this paper was to evaluate nutritionally important carbohydrate fractions and proximal composition of cooked cassava (manihot esculenta), cocoyam- or tannia- (xantosoma sp) and yam (dioscorea alata) grown in costa rica. twenty boiled samples of each trt were analyzed for proximal composition, following aoac protocols. carbohydrate ...200415807209
estrogenic effect of yam ingestion in healthy postmenopausal women.yam (dioscorea) has been used to treat menopausal symptom folklorically. this study was to investigate the effects of yam ingestion on lipids, antioxidant status, and sex hormones in postmenopausal women.200516093400
dioscorin isolated from dioscorea alata activates tlr4-signaling pathways and induces cytokine expression in macrophages.the toll-like receptor 4 (tlr4)-signaling pathway is crucial for activating both innate and adaptive immunity. tlr4 is a promising molecular target for immune-modulating drugs, and tlr4 agonists are of therapeutic potential for treating immune diseases and cancers. several medicinal herb-derived components have recently been reported to act via tlr4-dependent pathways, suggesting that medicinal plants are potential resources for identifying tlr4 activators. we have applied a screening procedure ...200616297883
food processing methods influence the glycaemic indices of some commonly eaten west indian carbohydrate-rich foods.glycaemic index (gi) values for fourteen commonly eaten carbohydrate-rich foods processed by various methods were determined using ten healthy subjects. the foods studied were round leaf yellow yam (dioscorea cayenensis), negro and lucea yams (dioscorea rotundata), white and sweet yams (dioscorea alata), sweet potato (solanum tuberosum), irish potato (ipomoea batatas), coco yam (xanthosoma spp.), dasheen (colocasia esculenta), pumpkin (cucurbita moschata), breadfruit (artocarpus altilis), green ...200616925852
removal of potassium from tuberous root vegetables by determine analytically the amount of potassium in raw tuberous root vegetables (trv); to estimate the amount of potassium that can be leached from raw trv by soaking in water; and to determine whether the duration of soaking and the cooking method selected affect potassium extraction.200617046614
molecular analysis of a full-length sequence of a new yam badnavirus from dioscorea sansibarensis.badnavirus-like particles were observed by isem in viral preparations from yam (dioscorea sansibarensis) leaves from benin. use of the viral preparation as template for pcr amplification with badnavirus-specific primers gave rise to a 579-bp product with most nucleotide identity (70.8%) to dioscorea alata bacilliform virus (dabv, accession numbers x94575-x94582), the only other yam badnavirus sequenced to date. a full-length badnavirus sequence was generated, which consisted of 7261 nucleotides ...200717195956
changes in biochemical constituents and induction of early sprouting by triadimefon treatment in white yam (dioscorea rotundata poir.) tubers during storage.the ability of triadimefon (tdm), a triazolic fungicide, to alter the biochemical constituents and thereby minimizing the days required for sprouting in white yam (dioscorea rotundata poir.) tubers during storage under (30+/-2) degrees c in the dark, was studied. tdm at 20 mg/l was given to tubers by dipping the tubers in treatment solution containing 20 mg/l tdm on 10, 25 and 40 d after storage (das). starch, sugars, protein, amino acid contents as well as protease and alpha-amylase activities ...200717444605
immunomodulatory activity of dioscorin, the storage protein of yam (dioscorea alata cv. tainong no. 1) tuber.the purified dioscorin from yam (dioscorea alata l. cv. tainong 1) tuber was previously reported (hsu et al., 2002. j. agric. food chem., 50, 6109-6113). in this report, we evaluated its immunomodulatory ability in vitro in the presence of polymyxin b (50 microg/ml) to eliminate lipopolysaccharide (lps) contamination. dioscorin (5-100 microg/ml) was able to stimulate nitric oxide production (expressed as nitrite concentrations) in raw264.7 cells. the stimulation index on the phagocytosis of raw2 ...200717637490
cytokine-mimetic properties of some philippine food and medicinal plants.this study evaluated philippine indigenous plants for cytokine-mimetic properties and partially characterized candidate mimetics for their stability as well as their sensitivity to variations in temperature and ph. forty-five plant extract preparations were tested for their ability to stimulate proliferation of mouse spleen cells and bone marrow cells. temperature and ph effects were determined by subjecting the extracts to different temperature and ph levels and measuring their residual prolife ...200717651065
isolation and identification of novel estrogenic compounds in yam tuber (dioscorea alata cv. tainung no. 2).yam (dioscorea spp.) is a common food in tropical areas and has been shown to improve the status of sex hormone in postmenopausal women. in this study, the estrogenic activity of yam was examined and active compounds were isolated and identified based on ligand-dependent transcriptional activation through estrogen receptors. ethyl acetate extracts of various species/varieties of yam were found to activate estrogen receptors alpha and beta to various extents. the extract of dioscorea alata cv. ta ...200717685543
responses of antioxidant potentials in dioscorea rotundata poir. following paclobutrazol drenching.the effect of paclobutrazol (pbz) treatments on the antioxidant metabolism of white yam (dioscorea rotundata poir.) was investigated in the present study. pbz @ 15 mg l(-1) plant(-1) was given to plants by soil drenching, 30, 60, and 90 days after planting (dap). the non-enzymatic antioxidant contents like ascorbic acid (aa), reduced glutathione (gsh) and alpha-tocopherol (alpha-toc), activities of antioxidant enzymes like superoxide dismutase (sod), ascorbate peroxidase (apx), polyphenol oxidas ...200717923373
single and multi-step carboxymethylation of water yam (dioscorea alata) starch: synthesis and characterization.water yam (dioscorea alata) starch was carboxymethylated by single and multi-step processes for nine times successively. optimal degree of substitution (ds) of 0.98 and reaction efficiency (re) of 70.5% were obtained in the single-step carboxymethylation at 40 degrees c, 3 h in isopropanol-water reaction mixture ratio 1:0.16. the ratio of sodium hydroxide and sodium monochloroacetate moles to anhydroglucose unit moles for the optimal ds and re were 1.62 and 1.39, respectively. the ds increased p ...200818394696
relationship between the physicochemical properties of starches and the glycemic indices of some jamaican yams (dioscorea spp.).starch granules from round leaf yellow yam (ry), lucea yam (ly), white yam (wy), and chinese yam (cy) grown in jamaica were isolated and the relationship between starch amylose content, crystallinity, microscopic properties, in vitro digestibility, and the glycemic index (gi) of the tubers was investigated. the results indicate that ry had the highest amylose content (265.30 +/- 0.09 g/kg starch) while cy the lowest (111.44 +/- 0.03 g/kg starch). a corresponding variation in starch digestibility ...200818727011
sequence diversity among badnavirus isolates infecting yam (dioscorea spp.) in ghana, togo, benin and nigeria.we analysed the sequence diversity in the reverse transcriptase (rt)/ribonuclease h (rnaseh) coding region of 19 badnavirus isolates infecting yam (dioscorea spp.) in ghana, togo, benin, and nigeria. phylogenetic analysis of the deduced amino acid sequences revealed that the isolates are broadly divided into two distinct species, each clustering with dioscorea alata bacilliform virus (dabv) and dioscorea sansibarensis bacilliform virus (dsbv). fourteen isolates had 90-96% amino acid identity wit ...200819030955
revision of ploidy status of dioscorea alata l. (dioscoreaceae) by cytogenetic and microsatellite segregation analysis.dioscorea alata is a polyploid species with several ploidy levels and its basic chromosome number has been considered by most authors to be x = 10. standard chromosome counting and flow cytometry analysis were used to determine the chromosome number of 110 d. alata accessions of the cirad germplasm collection. the results revealed that 76% of accessions have 2n = 40 chromosomes, 7% have 2n = 60 chromosomes and 17% have 2n = 80 chromosomes. progenies were produced from 2n = 40 types of d. alata a ...200919253018
histopathology of root-knot nematode (meloidogyne incognita) infection on white yam (dioscorea rotundata) tubers.white yam tissues naturally and artificially infected with root-knot nematodes were fixed, sectioned, and examined with a microscope. infective second-stage juveniles of meloidogyne incognita penetrated and moved intercellularly within the tuber. feeding sites were always in the ground tissue layer where the vascular tissues are distributed in the tubers. giant cells were always associated with xylem tissue. they were thin walled with dense cytoplasm and multinucleated. the nuclei of the giant c ...198819290181
yam storage protein dioscorins from dioscorea alata and dioscorea japonica exhibit distinct immunomodulatory activities in mice.the aim of this study was to elucidate the effect of the major storage protein dioscorin isolated from two different yam species, tainong no. 1 (tn1-dioscorins) and japanese yam (dj-dioscorins), on the immune activities of mice. dj-dioscorins, like tn1-dioscorins, could induce expression of the pro-inflammatory cytokines and stimulate phagocytosis of raw 264.7. intraperitoneal injection of the tn1-dioscorins into mice stimulated phagocytosis of bone marrow, spleen, and thymic cells. in contrast, ...200919378946
effects of different types of yam (dioscorea alata) products on the blood pressure of spontaneously hypertensive rats.the aim of the present study was to investigate different yam treatments, including powdered-yam-products (pyp) and liquid-yam-products (lyp), with respect to spontaneously hypertensive rats (shrs) blood pressure. pyp included alcohol-insoluble-solids of yam tuber, hot-air-drying (had) of yam tuber slices, steam-cooked once or twice followed by had which were subsequently powdered. lyp included water extracts of yam tuber (wey) heated at 90 degrees c (wey90h) or 95 degrees c for 10 min (wey95h), ...200919502727
characterization of acid modified dioscorea starches as direct compression excipient.starches obtained from four different dioscorea species namely white (d. rotundata), bitter (d. dumetorum), chinese (d. oppositifolia) and water yam (d. alata), were modified by acid hydrolysis and the physicochemical, material and tablet formation properties of the starches were investigated with the aim of determining their usefulness as a direct compression excipient in pharmaceutical tablets. the results obtained indicate that the physicochemical, material and tablet properties of the acid m ...200919519180
evaluation of the material and tablet formation properties of modified forms of dioscorea starches.starches obtained from four different dioscorea species-namely, white yam (dioscorea rotundata), bitter yam (dioscorea dumetorum), chinese yam (dioscorea oppositifolia), and water yam (dioscorea alata)-were modified by cross-linking, hydroxypropylation, and dual modification-cross-linking followed by hydroxypropylation. the physicochemical, material, and tablet properties of the modified starches were investigated with the aim of understanding their properties to determine their potential use fo ...200919832640
[genetic diversity of dioscorea alata based on issr analysis].this article assessed the genetic relationship and genetic diversity in dioscorea alata. twenty samples were examined to identify their original plants, and analyzed by issr markers. the results showed that 20 samples were classified into three different plants, such as d. alata, d. persimilis, and d. fordii. there was significant difference in genetic similarity coefficient between d. alata and d. persimi as well as d. fordii. there was distinct differences in d. alata, the genetic similarity c ...200920222414
effects of micronization on the physico-chemical properties of peels of three root and tuber crops.the aim of this study was to investigate the effect of micronization on the physicochemical properties of the peels of root and tuber crops, including yam (dioscorea alata l.), taro (colocasia esculenta l.) and sweet potato (ipomea batatas l.). two continuous milling sections, including hammer milling and ball milling, were applied to three samples to obtain micro-sized particles of root and tuber peels. the micronization by ball-milling treatment for 10 h was carried out to investigate the dist ...201020355109
hepatocyte growth factor has a role in the amelioration of diabetic vascular complications via autophagic clearance of advanced glycation end products: dispo85e, an hgf inducer, as a potential botanical drug.the aim of this study was to evaluate the effect and elucidate the potential mechanism of the extract of rhizomes from dioscorea alata l. cv. phyto, dispo85e, on accelerating the elimination of advanced glycation end products (ages) in vitro and in vivo. primary mouse nonparenchymal cells (npcs) were used to evaluate the drug effect on ages clearance and autophagic-lysosomal activity. in an animal study, we used ages-induced diabetic mice to evaluate the drug effect on ages-induced vascular comp ...201021040934
generation and analysis of expressed sequence tags (ests) for marker development in yam (dioscorea alata l.).anthracnose (colletotrichum gloeosporioides) is a major limiting factor in the production of yam (dioscorea spp.) worldwide. availability of high quality sequence information is necessary for designing molecular markers associated with resistance. however, very limited sequence information pertaining to yam is available at public genome databases. therefore, this collaborative project was developed for genetic improvement and germplasm characterization of yams using molecular markers. the curren ...201121303556
permanent genetic resources added to molecular ecology resources database 1 june 2010 - 31 july 2010.this article documents the addition of 205 microsatellite marker loci to the molecular ecology resources database. loci were developed for the following species: bagassa guianensis, bulweria bulwerii, camelus bactrianus, chaenogobius annularis, creontiades dilutus, diachasmimorpha tryoni, dioscorea alata, euhrychiopsis lecontei, gmelina arborea, haliotis discus hannai, hirtella physophora, melanaphis sacchari, munida isos, thaumastocoris peregrinus and tuberolachnus salignus. these loci were cro ...201021565125
new microsatellite loci for water yam (dioscorea alata, dioscoreaceae) and cross-amplification for other dioscorea species.dioscorea alata l. is one of the most widely distributed species of the genus in the humid and semihumid tropics and is associated with traditional agriculture. only a few microsatellite markers have been developed so far for this and other dioscorea species.201121653503
antiosteoporotic activity of dioscorea alata l. cv. phyto through driving mesenchymal stem cells differentiation for bone formation.the aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of an ethanol extract of the rhizomes of dioscorea alata l. cv. phyto, dispo85e, on bone formation and to investigate the mechanisms involved. our results showed that dispo85e increased the activity of alkaline phosphatase (alp) and bone nodule formation in primary bone marrow cultures. in addition, dispo85e stimulated pluripotent c3h10t1/2 stem cells to differentiate into osteoblasts rather than adipocytes. our in vivo data indicated that dispo85 ...201121760825
antidiabetic activity of ethanolic extract of tubers of dioscorea alata in alloxan induced diabetic evaluate the antidiabetic activity of ethanolic extract of dioscorea alata in glucose loaded and alloxan induced diabetic rats.201121845005
polymerase chain reaction assay for rapid, sensitive detection, and identification of colletotrichum gloeosporioides causing greater yam anthracnose.anthracnose caused by colletotrichum gloeosporioides is an economically important disease which affects greater yam (dioscorea alata l.) worldwide. apart from airborne conidia, the pathogen propagules surviving in soil and planting material are the major sources of inoculum. a nested pcr assay has been developed for specific detection of c. gloeosporioides in soil and planting material. in conventional (single-round) pcr, the limit of detection was 20 pg, whereas in nested pcr the detection limi ...201222315088
in vitro propagation of dioscorea alata var. purpurae.dioscorea alata var. purpurae (indian purple yam) is an important source of diosgenin, a triterpenoid that is used as a raw material in the synthesis of corticosteroid hormones. these drugs are used for the treatment of pharmacological conditions such as arthritis. this paper reports in vitro propagation of explants of various parts of dioscorea-tuber, leaves, and nodes. murashige and skoog media supplemented with hormones and additives was used to get maximum callus initiation and shoot/root in ...201222476929
hydrothermal treatment of water yam starch in a non-granular state: slowly digestible starch content and structural characteristics.gelatinized water yam starch was subjected to hydrothermal treatment (25, 30, and 35% moisture content for 1, 8, 16, and 24 h at 100 °c) and characterized by x-ray diffractometry, solid-state ¹³c cross-polarization and magic-angle spinning nuclear magnetic resonance, differential scanning calorimetry, and digestibility analysis. the slowly digestible starch (sds) content of the starch treated at 30% moisture content for 24 h reached 49.1%, 31.9% higher than that of the control starch. the b-type ...201222582811
molecular cloning, structural analysis and mass spectrometric identification of native dioscorins of various yam species.dioscorins are the major storage proteins of yam tubers. however, the molecular nature of their heterogeneity in tubers has not been fully elucidated. in this study the authors isolated the dioscorin gene families of dioscorea japonica and dioscorea pseudojaponica, performed matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionisation time-of-flight mass spectrometry (maldi-tof-ms) and elucidated which dioscorin isoforms are the major constituents in tubers.201322806688
dioscorea alata attenuates renal interstitial cellular fibrosis by regulating smad- and epithelial-mesenchymal transition signaling pathways.renal interstitial fibrosis is characterized by increased extracellular matrix (ecm) synthesis. epithelial-mesenchymal transition (emt) in kidneys is driven by regulated expression of fibrogenic cytokines such as transforming growth factor-beta (tgf-β). yam, or dioscorea alata (da) is an important herb in chinese medicine widely used for the treatment of clinical diabetes mellitus. however, the fibrosis regulatory effect of da is unclear. thus, we examined tgf-β signaling mechanisms against emt ...201223144821
application of near infrared reflectance spectroscopy for the evaluation of yam (dioscorea alata) germplasm and breeding lines.thousands of yam (dioscorea spp.) accessions are maintained in germplasm collections. the physico-chemical characteristics of the tubers are rarely characterised. unless a simple, low cost, screening tool is available, it is difficult to evaluate the quality of varieties and breeding lines. we investigated the potential of near infrared reflectance spectroscopy (nirs) as an alternative method for predicting the major constituents of the yam tuber.201323255261
bacilliform dna-containing plant viruses in the tropics: commonalities within a genetically diverse group.plant viruses, possessing a bacilliform shape and containing double-stranded dna, are emerging as important pathogens in a number of agricultural and horticultural crops in the tropics. they have been reported from a large number of countries in african and asian continents, as well as from islands from the pacific region. the viruses, belonging to two genera, badnavirus and tungrovirus, within the family caulimoviridae, have genomes displaying a common plan, yet are highly variable, sometimes e ...201323763585
microsatellite and flow cytometry analysis to help understand the origin of dioscorea alata polyploids.background and aimsdioscorea alata is a polyploid species with a ploidy level ranging from diploid (2n = 2x = 40) to tetraploid (2n = 4x = 80). ploidy increase is correlated with better agronomic performance. the lack of knowledge about the origin of d. alata spontaneous polyploids (triploids and tetraploids) limits the efficiency of polyploid breeding. the objective of the present study was to use flow cytometry and microsatellite markers to understand the origin of d. alata polyploids.methodsd ...201323912697
histocytological analysis of yam (dioscorea alata) shoot tips cryopreserved by this work, we performed qualitative and quantitative observations of the cytological changes occurring in cells of yam (dioscorea alata) in vitro shoot tips cryopreserved using the encapsulation-dehydration (e-d) technique. shoot tip osmoprotection for 24 h in 1.25 m sucrose medium induced drastic changes in cellular cytological features, including high plasmolysis in all three cellular areas studied, the external cell layer (l1), one to three (l1-3) and seven to nine (l7-9) cell layers from ...201423926078
specific dioscorea phytoextracts enhance potency of tcl-loaded dc-based cancer vaccines.dioscorea tuber phytoextracts can confer immunomodulatory activities ex vivo and improve regeneration of bone marrow cells in vivo. in present study, we evaluated specific dioscorea phytoextracts for use ex vivo as a bone-marrow-derived dendritic cell- (dc-) based vaccine adjuvant for cancer immunotherapy. fractionated dioscorea extracts (dsii) were assayed for their effect on maturation and functions of dc ex vivo and antimelanoma activity of dc-based vaccine in vivo. the phytoextract from 50-7 ...201323935688
evaluation of starches obtained from four dioscorea species as binding agent in chloroquine phosphate tablet formulations.starches obtained from four dioscorea species namely dioscorea dumetorum (bitter), dioscorea oppositifolia (chinese), dioscorea alata (water), and dioscorea rotundata (white) have been evaluated as binding agents in chloroquine phosphate tablet formulations in comparison with official corn starch. the compressional properties of the formulations were analyzed using density measurements and the heckel and kawakita equations. the mechanical properties of the tablets were assessed using tensile str ...201123960747
effect of the mode of incorporation on the disintegrant properties of acid modified water and white yam starches.acid modified starches obtained from two species of yam tubers namely white yam - dioscorea rotundata l. and water yam - d. alata l. dial2 have been investigated as intra- and extra-granular disintegrants in paracetamol tablet formulations. the native starches were modified by acid hydrolysis and employed as disintegrant at concentrations of 5 and 10% w/w and their disintegrant properties compared with those of corn starch bp. the tensile strength and drug release properties of the tablets, asse ...201223960789
potential health benefits of water yam (dioscorea alata).yam is the third most important root and tuber crop in the tropics but few species are grown as health food and/or for medicinal purposes. to ascertain the potential health benefits and alternate usage of the species, 20 varieties of dioscorea alata (water yam) were investigated for their total dietary fiber (tdf), dry matter and amylose contents as well as selected minerals in comparison with dioscorea rotundata, the preferred species in yam-growing areas. the tdf content varied widely ranging ...201324056383
stable transformation of the food yam dioscorea alata l. by particle bombardment.a biolistic particle gun was used to deliver genetic material into intact yam cells. cultured suspension cells of d. alata were bombarded with microprojectiles coated with pbi221.2 dna and histochemical assays were carried out to show transient gus expression in bombarded cells. stably transformed d. alata cells were recovered from cultured cells after bombardment with microprojectiles coated with prt99gus harbouring both the nptii and uida genes. bombarded cells were selected on a medium contai ...199324197354
origin and phylogeny of guinea yams as revealed by rflp analysis of chloroplast dna and nuclear ribosomal dna.the origin and phylogeny of the guinea yams, consisting of the white yam (dioscorea rotundata poir.) and the yellow yam (d. cayenensis lamk.), has been investigated. fourteen cultivars of guinea yams were sampled with 12 accessions from seven wild yam species. a total of 26 accessions were surveyed for restriction fragment length polymorphisms (rflp) in chloroplast dna (cpdna) and nuclear ribosomal dna (rdna) using seven restriction endonucleases and various heterologous probes. chloroplast dna ...199224202749
effects of some growth regulators on in vitro tuberization in dioscorea alata l. 'brazo fuerte' and d. abyssinica hoch.nodal cuttings of dioscorea alata l. 'brazo fuerte' and d. abyssinica hoch. were cultured in vitro to assess the influence of naa on the production of microtubers. in d. alata, high concentrations of naa (27 and 54 μm) favored the production of large microtubers, whereas the highest number of microtubers was obtained with 2.7 μm. d. abyssinica was found to be more sensitive to naa since concentrations higher than 0.27 μm promoted the growth of callus on the root system. in this species, the prod ...199224213034
a novel technique to overcome browning in tissue culture.experiments conducted using dioscorea alata l. revealed that an exudate from the cut end of the explants was responsible for browning of the culture medium. browning did not affect growth of roots and shoots when explants were cultured in a large volume of medium, but in a small volume it was lethal. sealing the cut ends with paraffin wax was found to control browning by preventing exudation. this simple technique permitted establishment of cultures in a small volume of medium in about 90 percen ...199124221674
variation, heritability and genetic advance of eight characters in white yam.phenotypic and genotypic coefficients of variation, heritability, and genetic advance were estimated for: time to vine emergence, leaf size, leaf virus infection, plant leafiness, shoot height, vine dry weight, number of tubers per hill and tuber yield per hill in white yam (dioscorea rotundata poir.) using plants recently derived from seedlings (sp) as well as those that have been clonally propagated for 3-5 years (cp). estimates for these parameters were much lower in sp than in cp plants. mea ...198324263630
functional effects of dried okra powder on reconstituted dried yam flake and sensory properties of ojojo-a fried yam (dioscorea alata l.) snack.processing of raw yam (d. alata) tuber (ry) to more stable and instant form could ease the tedium in preparation, increase popularity and commercial potential of ojojo-a fried yam snack. in this study, the potential of dried okra powder (1%-5%) to reduce the sensory quality impairment in ojojo made from instant yam (d. alata) flake (yf) was tested. inclusion of okra powder significantly increased the viscosity and increased dispersibility of reconstituted yam flour. addition of okra powder signi ...201424493896
distribution, management and diversity of yam local varieties in brazil: a study on dioscorea alata l.widely spread in the tropics, yams were introduced into brazil during the colonial period and are currently grown throughout the country. despite its importance as a pharmacological and food source, there is a lack of studies describing how and where this tuber is grown in brazil. the aim of this study was to provide an overview of the cultivation and distribution of dioscorea alata in different brazilian regions. a total of 63 farmers were visited in different municipalities and communities in ...201425055086
spatial distribution of total phenolic content, enzymatic activities and browning in white yam (dioscorea rotundata) tubers.browning in raw and processed yams resulting from enzymes, polyphenol oxidase (ppo) and peroxidase (pod), activities is a major limitation to the industrial utilization of dioscorea varieties of yams. two elite cultivars of d. rotundata species were selected to study the spatial distribution of total phenols and enzymes (ppo and pod) activities. the intensities of tissue darkening in fresh yam chips prepared from the tuber sections of cultivars during frozen storage were also studied. total phen ...201425328234
changes in nutritional composition, functional, and sensory properties of yam flour as a result of presoaking.this study investigated the effect of soaking pretreatments on some of the properties of flour obtained from two varieties of yam namely;dioscorea alata anddioscorea rotundata with a view of providing information that will enhance their end use. the yam varieties were washed, chipped, parboiled at 50°c, soaked for different periods (0, 6, 12, and 18 h), dried at 60°c, and milled into flour. the flour samples were analyzed for their nutritional composition, ph, color, and functional properties. t ...201425493185
design of bilayer tablets using modified dioscorea starches as novel excipients for immediate and sustained release of aceclofenac sodium.bilayer tablets of aceclofenac sodium were developed using carboxymethylated white yam (dioscorea rotundata) starch (cwy) for a fast release layer (2.5, 5.0, and 7.5% w/w), and acid-hydrolyzed bitter yam (dioscorea dumetorum) starch (aby) for a sustaining layer (27% w/w). sodium starch glycolate (ssg) and hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (hpmc) were used as standards. the starches were characterized using fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (ft-ir), particle size, swelling power, densities and ...201425628566
efficacy of oryza sativa husk and quercus phillyraeoides extracts for the in vitro and in vivo control of fungal rot disease of white yam (dioscorea rotundata poir).tuber rot disease is a major constraint to white yam (dioscorea rotundata) production, accounting for 50-60% of annual yield losses in nigeria. the main method of control using synthetic fungicides is being discouraged due to human and environmental health hazards. the potential of oryza sativa husk (osh) and quercus phillyraeoides (qp) extracts for the in vitro and in vivo control of six virulent rot-causing fungal pathogens, lasiodiplodia theobromae, aspergillus niger, rhizoctonia solani, peni ...201425674452
new acylated anthocyanins from purple yam and their antioxidant activity.purple yam (dioscorea alata l.), which is widely distributed in tropical and subtropical regions, is characterized by its color and viscosity. previous studies have shown that purple yams contain a variety of acylated anthocyanins that exhibit higher levels of antioxidant activity than the corresponding nonacylated compounds. in this study, the pigments found in purple yams from the philippines (d. alata) were isolated and evaluated in terms of antioxidant activity. four new acylated anthocyanin ...201525848974
textural and sensory properties of trifoliate yam (dioscorea dumetorum) flour and stiff dough 'amala'.the use of trifoliate yam (dioscorea dumetorum) flour for stiff dough 'amala' production is one of the ways to curb under-utilization of the tuber. the study evaluates the textural and sensory properties of trifoliate yam flour and stiff dough. freshly harvested trifoliate yam tubers were peeled, washed, sliced and blanched (60 (°)c for 10 min). the sliced yam were soaked in water for 12 h, dried and milled into flour. pasting viscosities, functional properties, brown index and sensory attribute ...201525892788
transciptome analysis reveals flavonoid biosynthesis regulation and simple sequence repeats in yam (dioscorea alata l.) tubers.yam (dioscorea alata l.) is an important tuber crop and purple pigmented elite cultivar has recently become popular because of associated health benefits. identifying candidate genes responsible for flavonoid biosynthesis pathway (fbp) will facilitate understanding the molecular mechanism of controlling pigment formation in yam tubers. here, we used illumina sequencing to characterize the transcriptome of tubers from elite purple-flesh cultivar (dp) and conventional white-flesh cultivar (dw) of ...201525924983
protective effects of dioscorea alata l. in aniline exposure-induced spleen toxicity in rats: a biochemical study.present study was designed to evaluate the protective effects of ethanolic extract of dioscorea alata l. (da) on hematological and biochemical changes in aniline-induced spleen toxicity in rats.201725948969
genomic resources for water yam (dioscorea alata l.): analyses of est-sequences, de novo sequencing and gbs libraries.the reducing cost and rapid progress in next-generation sequencing techniques coupled with high performance computational approaches have resulted in large-scale discovery of advanced genomic resources in several model and non-model plant species. yam (dioscorea spp.) is a major food and cash crop in many countries but research efforts have been limited to understand the genetics and generate genomic information for the crop. the availability of a large number of genomic resources including geno ...201526222616
[new variety breeding of dioscorea alata, cultivar "wenshanyao no.1].to breed a new yam cultivar of dioscorea alata, the different and excellent germplasm resources were investigated within artificially cultivated population and some superior individuals, with a higher yield and medicinal properties, were selected. considering results of the yield and medicinal properties during 2006-2013 cropping season, strains and lines were established and selected. as a result, the yield of the new developed cultivar (wenshanyao no. 1, wsy01-1) reached 2217. 0 kg per 667 m2 ...201526323133
recrystallization of starches by hydrothermal treatment: digestibility, structural, and physicochemical properties.gelatinized starches were recrystallized under hydrothermal treatment and their properties were characterized by x-ray diffractometry, solid-state (13)c cross-polarization and magic-angle spinning nuclear magnetic resonance, differential scanning calorimetry, gel-permeation chromatography, high-performance anion-exchange chromatography using pulsed amperomeric detection, high-performance size-exclusion chromatography with attached multiangle laser light scattering and refractive index detectors, ...201526604340
microwave and blanch-assisted drying of white yam (dioscorea rotundata).the effect of microwave and blanch pretreatments on the drying kinetics and quality of white yam (dioscorea rotundata) was investigated. yam cubes destined for hot air drying at temperatures 70-90°c were predried in a domestic microwave or blanched in hot water for 1-5 min. microwave pretreatment time had a positive significant effect on drying rate but both pretreatments had a negative influence on the ascorbic acid content and the nonenzymatic browning. the optimum drying conditions were a mic ...201526788300
effect of water yam (dioscoreaalata) flour fortified with distiller's spent grain on nutritional, chemical, and functional was envisaged that the inclusion of treated distiller's spent grain (dsg) to yam flour might increase its nutritional value, with the aim of reducing nutritional diseases in communities consuming yam as a staple. hence, yam flour was fortified with dsg at 5-35%. the effects of this fortification on the nutritional, chemical, and functional properties of yam flour were investigated. the result showed a significant increase (p ≤ 0.001) in fat, ash, protein, total amino acids, total dietary fibe ...201626788307
evaluation of anti-inflammatory activity and standardisation of hydro-methanol extract of underground tuber of dioscorea alata.context the underground edible tuber of dioscorea alata l. (dioscoreaceae) is a functional food with high nutritive value and therapeutic potential. the tuber is known to possess anti-inflammatory properties in traditional medicine. objective the present study explores the anti-inflammatory activity and standardisation of d. alata tuber hydromethanol extract. materials and methods hydromethanol extract (70%) of d. alata tuber was chemically characterised using hplc and gc-ms techniques. murine l ...201626864460
authentication of punica granatum l.: development of scar markers for the detection of 10 fruits potentially used in economically motivated adulteration.the large commercial success of pomegranate increase the likelihood of economically motivated adulteration (ema), which has been gradually spotted with the undeclared addition of anthocyanin-rich plants or cheaper fruit juices used as bulking and diluting agents. a method based on sequence-characterized amplified regions (scars) was developed to detect the presence of aristotelia chilensis, aronia melanocarpa, dioscorea alata, euterpe oleracea, malus×domestica, morus nigra, sambucus nigra, vacci ...201626920316
synthesis of silver nanoparticles through green approach using dioscorea alata and their characterization on antibacterial activities and optical limiting this work, we have successfully synthesized highly biocompatible and functionalized dioscorea alata (d. alata) mediated silver nanoparticles with different quantities of its extract for the evaluation of proficient bactericidal activity and optical limiting behavior. the crystalline nature of the synthesized silver nanoparticles was confirmed by powder x-ray powder diffraction (xrd) analysis and furthermore confirmed from saed pattern of hrtem analysis. the surface plasmon resonance band was ...201627064188
melatonin-loaded alginate beads improve cryopreservation of yam (dioscorea alata and d. cayenensis).the cryopreservation of yam is constrained with many challenges.201627224528
a sequence-independent strategy for amplification and characterisation of episomal badnavirus sequences reveals three previously uncharacterised yam badnaviruses.yam (dioscorea spp.) plants are potentially hosts to a diverse range of badnavirus species (genus badnavirus, family caulimoviridae), but their detection is complicated by the existence of integrated badnavirus sequences in some yam genomes. to date, only two badnavirus genomes have been characterised, namely, dioscorea bacilliform al virus (dbalv) and dioscorea bacilliform sn virus (dbsnv). a further 10 tentative species in yam have been described based on their partial reverse transcriptase (r ...201627399761
asada-halliwell pathway maintains redox status in dioscorea alata tuber which helps in germination.reactive oxygen species (ros) are important regulatory molecules governing physiological processes. in the present study a biochemical and proteome level comparison of two contrasting growth stages of dioscorea alata tuber namely germinating and mature tuber was performed in order to understand the tuber physiology and biochemistry. existence of all the component enzymes [apx (ascorbate peroxidase), gr (glutathione reductase), dhar (dehydroascorbate reductase), mdhar (mono-dehydroascorbate reduc ...201627457980
the genome sequence of dioscorea bacilliform tr virus, a member of the genus badnavirus infecting dioscorea spp., sheds light on the possible function of endogenous dioscorea bacilliform viruses.the complete genome sequence of dioscorea bacilliform tr virus (dbtrv) was determined. the closest relatives of dbtrv are dioscorea bacilliform al virus (dbalv) and dioscorea bacilliform rt virus 1 (dbrtv1). specific primers were designed and used to determine the prevalence of dbtrv in a yam germplasm collection. it was found that this virus infects dioscorea alata and d. trifida plants in guadeloupe and french guyana. dtrbv was not detected in any of the tested d. cayenensis-rotundata accessio ...201727770216
varietal dynamics and yam agro-diversity demonstrate complex trajectories intersecting farmers' strategies, networks, and disease experience.loss of varietal diversity is a worldwide challenge to crop species at risk for genetic erosion, while the loss of biological resources may hinder future breeding objectives. loss of varieties has been mostly investigated in traditional agricultural systems where variety numbers are dramatically high, or for most economically important crop species for which comparison between pre-intensive and modern agriculture was possible. varietal dynamics, i.e., turnover, or gains and losses of varieties b ...201628066500
a single molecular marker to distinguish between species of dioscorea.yams are species of the genus dioscorea (family dioscoreaceae), which consists of approximately 630 species. the majority of the world production of yams occurs in africa with 58.8 million t annually, but they are also produced in the americas and asia. the saponins in yams have been reported to possess various properties to improve health. the tuber and aerial parts of various species often share morphological similarities, which can cause problems in the proper identification of sample materia ...201728092170
diosgenin: recent highlights on pharmacology and analytical methodology.diosgenin, a steroidal sapogenin, occurs abundantly in plants such as dioscorea alata, smilax china, and trigonella foenum graecum. this bioactive phytochemical not only is used as an important starting material for the preparation of several steroidal drugs in the pharmaceutical industry, but has revealed also high potential and interest in the treatment of various types of disorders such as cancer, hypercholesterolemia, inflammation, and several types of infections. due to its pharmacological ...201628116217
anti-inflammatory effects of dioscorea alata l. anthocyanins in a tnbs-induced colitis model.the purple yam, dioscorea alata l., is an important source of starch, vitamins and polyphenols. five different pigments from the purple tubers of this plant were separated by high-performance liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry, and the anthocyanin fraction (dacn) was collected. the anti-inflammatory effects of dacns were investigated at different concentrations and compared with the standard colitis treatment, 5-aminosalicylic acid, in a trinitrobenzenesulfonic acid (tnbs)-induced colitis m ...201728121001
dioscorea alata tuber proteome analysis shows over thirty dioscorin isoforms and novel tuber dioscorea, dioscorin (31 kda) is the major storage protein constituting 85% of the total tuber proteins. an integrated proteomic and biochemical approach was used to understand the physiological role of dioscorin in the two contrasting growth stages (germinating and mature tuber). hplc analysis showed 3 fold reduction in mannitol and 12.88 and 1.24 fold increase in sucrose and maltose in the germinating tuber. a 1.8 and 3 fold increase in sucrose phosphate synthase and mannitol dehydrogenase ...201728292708
understanding the genetic diversity and population structure of yam (dioscorea alata l.) using microsatellite markers.yams (dioscorea sp.) are staple food crops for millions of people in tropical and subtropical regions. dioscorea alata, also known as greater yam, is one of the major cultivated species and most widely distributed throughout the tropics. despite its economic and cultural importance, very little is known about its origin, diversity and genetics. as a consequence, breeding efforts for resistance to its main disease, anthracnose, have been fairly limited. the objective of this study was to contribu ...201728355293
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