[preliminary studies on chemical constituents and pharmacological action of eclipta prostrata l].to study the pharmacologically active components of eclipta prostrata.199811599347
medicinal and ethnoveterinary remedies of hunters in trinidad.ethnomedicines are used by hunters for themselves and their hunting dogs in trinidad. plants are used for snakebites, scorpion stings, for injuries and mange of dogs and to facilitate hunting success.200111737880
serine proteinase inhibitors in the compositae: distribution, polymorphism and properties.multiple molecular forms of inhibitors of trypsin (ti) and chymotrypsin (ci), which are typical digestive enzymes of insects, mammals and micro-organisms, and subtilisin (si), a proteinase of many bacteria and phytopathogenic fungi, were identified in seeds and vegetative organs of the majority of 128 wild and cultivated species representing 65 genera of three of the subfamilies of the compositae. inhibitors with m(r) ranging from 7450 to 7800 and combining activities towards subtilisin and tryp ...200211830136
laboratory study on larvicidal activity of indigenous plant extracts against anopheles subpictus and culex tritaeniorhynchus.anopheles subpictus and culex tritaeniorhynchus have developed resistance to various synthetic insecticides, making its control increasingly difficult. insecticides of botanical origin may serve as suitable alternative biocontrol techniques in the future. the leaf acetone, chloroform, ethyl acetate, hexane, and methanol extracts of aegle marmelos (linn.) correa ex roxb, andrographis lineata wallich ex nees., andrographis paniculata (burm.f.) wall. ex nees., cocculus hirsutus (l.) diels, eclipta ...200919165502
efficacy of anthelmintic properties of medicinal plant extracts against haemonchus contortus.the development of anthelmintic resistance has made the search for alternatives to control gastrointestinal nematodes of small ruminants imperative. among these alternatives are several medicinal plants traditionally used as anthelmintics. this present work evaluated the efficacy of ethyl acetate, acetone, and methanol dried leaf and seed extracts of five medicinal plants were tested in vitro ovicidal and larvicidal activities on haemonchus contortus. the in vitro assay was based on egg hatch as ...201020980034
larvicidal activity of synthesized silver nanoparticles using eclipta prostrata leaf extract against filariasis and malaria vectors.mosquitoes transmit serious human diseases, causing millions of deaths every year. use of synthetic insecticides to control vector mosquitoes has caused physiological resistance and adverse environmental effects in addition to high operational cost. insecticides of synthesized natural products for vector control have been a priority in this area. in this study, larvicidal activity of synthesized silver nanoparticles (agnps) utilizing aqueous extract from eclipta prostrata, a member of the astera ...201121419749
efficacy of indigenous plant extracts on the malaria vector anopheles subpictus grassi (diptera: culicidae).mosquito control is facing a threat due to the emergence of resistance to synthetic insecticides. insecticides of plant origin may serve as suitable alternative biocontrol techniques in the future. the purpose of the present study was to assess the ethyl acetate, acetone and methanol extracts of andrographis paniculata, eclipta prostrata and tagetes erecta leaves tested for oviposition-deterrent, ovicidal and repellent activities against malaria vector, anopheles subpictus grassi (diptera: culic ...021985822
evaluation of repellent properties of botanical extracts against culex tritaeniorhynchus giles (diptera: culicidae).in recent times, there were considerable efforts made to promote the use of environmentally friendly and biodegradable natural insecticides and repellents, particularly from botanical sources. the present study explored the effects of crude leaf ethyl acetate, acetone, and methanol extracts of aegle marmelos (l.) correa ex roxb, andrographis lineata wallich ex nees., andrographis paniculata (burm.f.) wallich ex nees., cocculus hirsutus (l.) diels, eclipta prostrata l., and tagetes erecta l. on r ...201020480375
studies on effects of indigenous plant extracts on filarial vector culex tritaeniorhynchus giles.mosquito control is facing a threat because of the emergence of resistance to synthetic insecticides. insecticides of botanical origin may serve as suitable alternative biocontrol techniques in the future. the purpose of the present study was to assess the effect of leaf ethyl acetate, acetone and methanol extracts of aegle marmelos (l.) correa ex roxb (rutaceae), andrographis lineata wallich ex nees. (acanthaceae), andrographis paniculata (burm.f.) wall. ex nees. (acanthaceae), cocculus hirsutu ...201020372924
efficacy of botanical extracts against japanese encephalitis vector, culex tritaeniorhynchus.the purpose of the present study was to assess the effect of leaf hexane and chloroform extracts of aegle marmelos, andrographis lineata, andrographis paniculata, cocculus hirsutus, eclipta prostrata, and tagetes erecta on repellent, ovicidal, and oviposition-deterrent activities against culex tritaeniorhynchus giles (diptera: culicidae). the repellent action of the plant extracts tested varied depending on the plant species, part, solvent used in extraction, and the extract dose. the hexane ext ...201019953270
antiplasmodial activity of eco-friendly synthesized palladium nanoparticles using eclipta prostrata extract against plasmodium berghei in swiss albino mice.malaria is an infectious disease caused by the plasmodium parasite that continues to be a health issue for humans. it is one of the most common pathogenic factors of morbidity and mortality. palladium nanoparticles (pd nps) have been used as target antimicrobial compounds, as a catalyst to manufacture pharmaceuticals, degrade harmful environmental pollutants, and as sensors for the detection of various analyses. the aim of this study was to investigate the antiplasmodial activity of synthesized ...201525653029
[clinical observation of treating 62 patients with severe aplastic anemia failing in immunosuppressive therapy by integrative medicine].to explore treatment methods for patients with severe aplastic anemia (saa) failing in immunosuppressive therapy (ist).201223469598
prescription patterns of chinese herbal products for menopausal syndrome: analysis of a nationwide prescription database.ethno-pharmacological relevance: chinese herbal products (chp) are commonly used for menopausal syndrome in traditional chinese medicine (tcm). aim of the study: because menopausal syndrome is a common issue among women worldwide, this study analyzed the prescription patterns and frequencies of chp in relieving menopausal syndrome in taiwan. materials and methods: prescriptions of chp for menopausal syndrome were obtained from the nationwide prescription database (national health insurance resea ...201121824510
screening for feeding deterrent activity of herbal extracts against the larvae of malaria vector anopheles subpictus grassi.this no-choice, laboratory study focuses on the feeding of homogeneous powdered, dried, yeast with different plant extracts on mosquito fourth-instar larvae to determine the effects on their mortality. screening for antifeedant activity of plant extracts with some known medicinal attributes could lead to the discovery of new agents for vector control. the aim of this study was to investigate the antifeedant activity of crude leaf hexane, ethyl acetate, acetone, and methanol extracts of andrograp ...201121373809
ethnobotanical study on medicinal plants used by local hoklos people on hainan island, china.the aim of this study is to collect information on the use of medicinal plants by the local hoklos people on hainan island, and compare medicinal traditions in the study area with li medicines (lm) and traditional chinese medicines (tcm).201627444693
studies on effects of indigenous plant extracts on malarial vector, anopheles subpictus grassi (diptera:culicidae).mosquitoes transmit serious human diseases, causing millions of deaths every year. use of synthetic insecticides to control vector mosquitoes has caused physiological resistance and adverse environmental effects in addition to high operational cost. insecticides of botanical origin may serve as suitable alternative biocontrol techniques in the future. the present investigations were made to evaluate the repellent, ovicidal and oviposition-deterrent potential of leaf hexane and chloroform extract ...201020962710
evaluation of medicinal plant extracts against ticks and fluke.the present study was based on assessments of the antiparasitic activities to determine the efficacies of leaf hexane, chloroform, ethyl acetate, acetone and methanol extracts of aegle marmelos (linn.) correa ex roxb, andrographis lineata wallich ex nees., andrographis paniculata (burm.f.) wallich ex nees., cocculus hirsutus (l.) diels, eclipta prostrata l., and tagetes erecta l. against the adult cattle tick haemaphysalis bispinosa neumann 1897 (acarina: ixodidae), the larvae of rhipicephalus ( ...201020922419
the butanol fraction of eclipta prostrata (linn) increases the formation of brain acetylcholine and decreases oxidative stress in the brain and serum of cesarean-derived rats.eclipta prostrata has been used as a traditional medicinal plant to prevent dementia and to enhance memory in asia. its potential as a nootropic and as an antioxidant have been reported in mice. we hypothesized that eclipta may affect the formation of neurotransmitters and the inhibition of oxidative stress. charles river cesarean-derived rats (male, 180 ± 10 g) were fed experimental diets supplemented with 0 mg (control), 25 mg (e25), 50 mg (e50), or 100 mg (e100) of a freeze-dried butanol frac ...201020851313
leishmanicidal activity of saponins isolated from the leaves of eclipta prostrata and gymnema evaluate the leishmanicidal activity of saponin, dasyscyphin c of eclipta prostrata and sapogenin, gymnemagenol from gymnema sylvestre leaves under in vitro conditions.200920177579
effects of volatile components and ethanolic extract from eclipta prostrata on proliferation and differentiation of primary osteoblasts.eclipta prostrata, an aromatic plant, is known in chinese herbal medicine for the treatment of various kidney diseases. in the present study, the volatile components were isolated from the aerial parts of this plant by hydrodistillation and analysed by gc-ms. a total of 55 compounds, which were the major part (91.7%) of the volatiles, were identified by matching mass spectra with a mass spectrum library (nist 05.l). the main components were as follows: heptadecane (14.78%), 6,10,14-trimethyl-2-p ...201020110887
ability of a synthetic coumestan to antagonize bothrops snake venom activities.we investigated a synthetic coumestan named lqb93 and similar compounds abilities to antagonize activities of bothrops jararacussu and bothrops jararaca crude venoms in different protocols. the antimyotoxic activity was evaluated in vitro by the rate of release of creatine kinase (ck) from isolated mouse extensor digitorum longus muscle (edl) induced by b. jararacussu (25 g/ml). for in vivo studies, b. jararacussu venom (1.0 mg/kg) was preincubated with lqb93 (0.1-30 mg/kg), during 30 min, for l ...201019883675
the butanol fraction of eclipta prostrata (linn) effectively reduces serum lipid levels and improves antioxidant activities in cd rats.eclipta prostrata (linn) has been used as a traditional medicinal plant to prevent lipidemia and atherosclerosis in asia. however, its functional properties and the underlying mechanism of action have not been clearly defined. this study was conducted to elucidate the biological basis for hypolipidemic and antioxidant activities of e. prostrata. charles river sprague-dawley cd rats (specific pathogen-free/viral antibody-free crj/bgi male, 180 +/- 10 g) were fed experimental diets supplemented wi ...200819083459
stimulatory constituents of eclipta prostrata on mouse osteoblast flavonoid, diosmetin (1), and two isoflavonoids, 3'-hydroxybiochanin a (2) and 3'-o-methylorobol (3), were isolated from the methanol extract of eclipta prostrata l. by a bioactivity-guided fractionation technique using primary cultures of mouse osteoblasts as an in vitro assay system. all three compounds significantly increased osteoblast differentiation as assessed by the alkaline phosphatase activity..200918683850
antiproliferative activity of triterpenoids from eclipta prostrata on hepatic stellate cells.hepatic stellate cells (hscs) have been known to play a key role in the pathogenesis of liver fibrosis. in the course of screening antifibrotic activity of natural products employing hsc-t6, a rat hepatic stellate cell line as an in vitro assay system, the methanolic extract of aerial parts of eclipta prostrata l. showed significant inhibitory activity on hscs proliferation. activity-guided fractionation led to the isolation of five oleanane-type triterpenoids, echinocystic acid (1), eclalbasapo ...200818061418
ethnobotanical survey of folk plants for the treatment of snakebites in southern part of tamilnadu, india.ethnobotanical surveys were conducted in four different indigenous groups in southern parts of tamilnadu, india, using a questionnaire. the herbal practitioners in the study area were interviewed, and information on medicinal plants was collected from the traditional healers called "vaidyars". this survey covers 72 medicinal plants belonging to 53 families that are used for the treatment of snakebite in a traditional way. traditional approach was evaluated scientifically with some selected plant ...200818055146
hypolipidemic activity of eclipta prostrata (l.) l. leaf extract in atherogenic diet induced hyperlipidemic atherogenic diet induced hyperlipidemic model, the rats receiving treatment with the aqueous extract of the leaves of e. prostrata showed significant reduction in total cholesterol, triglyceride, total protein and elevation in high density lipoprotein cholesterol. the aqueous extract of e. prostrata was found to possess significant hypolipidemic activity. the results also suggest that e. prostrata leaf extract at 100 and 200 mg/kg b.wt. concentrations is an excellent lipid-lowering agent.200717821857
hiv-1 protease and hiv-1 integrase inhibitory substances from eclipta prostrata.the bioassay-guided fractionation for anti-hiv-1 integrase activity led to the isolation of six compounds from the whole plant extract of eclipta prostrata extract. they were identified as 5-hydroxymethyl-(2,2':5',2'')-terthienyl tiglate (1), 5-hydroxymethyl-(2,2':5',2'')-terthienyl agelate (2), 5-hydroxymethyl-(2,2':5',2'')-terthienyl acetate (3), ecliptal (4), orobol (5) and wedelolactone (6). of these, compound 6 showed the highest activity against hiv-1 integrase (in) with an ic50 value of 4 ...200717696192
lipid lowering activity of eclipta prostrata in experimental hyperlipidemia.the plant eclipta prostrata is used in the traditional medical practices of india to treat hepatic diseases and hyperlipidemia. the total alcoholic extract of the plant when tested for antihyperlipidemic potential, exhibited a dose-dependent activity in albino rats when compared to standard drugs. the activity was assessed by studying the lipid profiles of serum, liver and heart of the control and drug-treated animals. the results lend support to the traditional use of eclipta prostrata in the t ...200616406413
the in vitro anti-giardial activity of extracts from plants that are used for self-medication by aids patients in southern thailand.this study evaluated the anti-giardial activity of chloroform, methanol and water extracts of 12 medicinal plants (39 extracts), commonly used as self medication by aids patients in southern thailand. the plant extracts and a standard drug, metronidazole, were incubated with 2x10(5) trophozoites of giardia intestinalis per millilitre of growth medium in 96-well tissue culture plates under anaerobic conditions for 24 h. the cultures were examined with an inverted microscope and the minimum inhibi ...200415614584
anti-venom potential of butanolic extract of eclipta prostrata against malayan pit viper venom.the butanolic and purified butanolic extracts (pbes) of eclipta prostrata were evaluated for their anti-venom potential. inhibition of lethal, hemorrhagic, proteolytic, and phospholipase a2 activities of calloselasma rhodostoma (malayan pit viper (mpv)) venom by these extracts were determined. demethylwedelolactone was identified as their major constituent. the butanolic extract, at 2.5 mg per mouse, was able to completely neutralize the lethal activity of 2ld50 of mpv venom, but increasing the ...200415013200
inhibition of the myotoxic and hemorrhagic activities of crotalid venoms by eclipta prostrata (asteraceae) extracts and constituents.the antimyotoxic and antihemorrhagic effects of eclipta prostrata (ep) and three of its constituents (wedelolactone, we; stigmaterol, st; and sitosterol, si) were investigated. the myotoxicity of crotalid venoms (bothrops jararaca, bothrops jararacussu and lachesis muta), purified myotoxins (bothropstoxin, bthtx; bothropasin; and crotoxin), and polylysine was quantified in vitro by the release rate of creatine kinase (ck) from rat or mouse extensor digitorum muscles, and in vivo by the plasma ck ...19948079371
neutralization of lethal and myotoxic activities of south american rattlesnake venom by extracts and constituents of the plant eclipta prostrata (asteraceae).ethanolic extracts of the aerial parts of eclipta prostrata l. (asteraceae) neutralized the lethal activity of the venom of south american rattlesnake (crotalus durissus terrificus) when mixed in vitro before i.p. injection into adult swiss mice. samples of ethanolic extract corresponding to 1.8 mg of dry extract per animal neutralized up to four lethal doses of the venom (ld50 = 0.08 micrograms venom/g animal). three substances isolated from the plant--wedelolactone (0.54 mg/animal), sitosterol ...19892799833
effects of triclosan on seed germination and seedling development of three wetland plants: sesbania herbacea, eclipta prostrata, and bidens frondosa.three wetland macrophytes, sesbania herbacea, bidens frondosa, and eclipta prostrata, were exposed (0.4-1,000-ppb nominal concentrations) to the antimicrobial triclosan for 28 d in a flow-through system. sesbania herbacea had decreased seed germination at the 100-ppb exposure level at days 7, 14, and 21, and b. frondosa germination was reduced at the 1,000-ppb exposure level at day 7. eclipta prostrata germination was unaffected. seedling effects monitored were total fresh weight, shoot and root ...200919653736
development of natural crude drug resources from taiwan (x). pharmacognostical studies on the chinese crude drug "han-lian-cao".in a previous paper(1), it was reported that the drug "han-lian-cao", in taiwan was derived from the entire plant or aerial part of eclipta prostrata l. and alternanthera sessilis r. brown. in this paper, the histological studies of "han-lian-cao" derived from wedelia and hypericum plants, and of 3 species of wedelia related plants distributed in taiwan were made. the results showed that it was possible to classify these species by their external and internal characteristics. in addition, a key ...19921605130
phytochemical constituents of some indian medicinal plants.alkaloids, tannins, saponins, steroid, terpenoid, flavonoids, phlobatannin and cardie glycoside distribution in seven medicinal plants belonging to different families were assessed and compared. the medicinal plants investigated were aegle marmelos, cynodon dactylon, eclipta prostrata, moringa pterygosperma, pongamia pinnata, sida acuta and tridax procumbens. the significance of the plants in traditional medicine and the importance of the distribution of these chemical constituents were discusse ...200822557280
efficacy of medicinal plant extracts against malarial vector, anopheles subpictus grassi.insecticides of botanical origin may serve as suitable alternative biocontrol techniques in the future. the aim of this study was to evaluate the adulticidal activity and adult emergence inhibition (ei) of leaf hexane, chloroform, ethyl acetate, acetone, and methanol extracts of aegle marmelos (linn.) correa ex roxb, andrographis lineata wallich ex nees., andrographis paniculata (burm.f.) wall. ex nees., cocculus hirsutus l. diels, eclipta prostrata l., and tagetes erecta l. tested against malar ...201121136078
synthesis and evaluation of substituted 3-(pyridin-2-yl)benzenesulfonamide derivatives as potent herbicidal an attempt to obtain novel candidate compound for weed control, a series of newly substituted 3-(pyridin-2-yl)benzenesulfonamide derivatives 2 were designed and synthesized using compound ii7 as a lead compound by intermediate derivatization methods and their herbicidal activities were evaluated. the herbicidal activity assay in greenhouse tests showed several compounds (2g, 2i, 2j, 2k, 2l, 2m, 2n and 2o) exhibited significant herbicidal activity for controlling velvet leaf (abutilon theophra ...201626385445
synthesis, crystal structure, herbicidal activities and 3d-qsar study of some novel 1,2,4-triazolo[4,3-a]pyridine derivatives.1,2,4-triazolo[4,3-a]pyridine derivatives represent a new series of compounds that possess good herbicidal activity against echinochloa crusgalli (l.) beauv., setaria faberii, digitaria sanguinalis (l.) scop., brassica juncea coss., amaranthus retroflexus l. and eclipta prostrata l.201524753294
[effects of mixture of astragalus membranaceus, fructus ligustri lucidi and eclipta prostrata on immune function in mice].a chinese medicine mixture containing astragalus membranaceus, fructus ligustri lucidi and eclipta prostrata(afe), was fed to mice 9g/kg, 20g/kg, respectively for seven days. observe the effects of afe on the immune function in mice. the experiment showed that the two dosages of afe could obviously raise the conversion percentage of lymphocytes (p < 0.01) and serum igg level (41%-47%) of the mice. the weights of the thymus and spleensed increased in the two groups compared with those in the norm ...19921304546
the treatment of jaundice with medicinal plants in indigenous communities of the sub-himalayan region of uttarakhand, india.inspite of tremendous advances made in allopathic medical practices, herbs still play an important role in the management of various liver diseases. a large number of plants and formulations have been claimed to have hepatoprotective activity. jaundice is a symptom, indicative of the malfunctioning of the liver. this paper provides ethnomedicinal information on the plants used to treat jaundice by three important indigenous communities, i.e., nomadic gujjars, tharu and bhoxa of sub-himalayan reg ...201222759701
dexamethasone antagonizes the in vivo myotoxic and inflammatory effects of bothrops the present work we investigated the toxic activities of two bothrops snake venoms using in vivo and in vitro experimental protocols in mice and tested the protective effect of dexamethasone (dexa) in different conditions, comparing it with the polyvalent antivenom. we also expanded the investigations on the antiophidic effect of the eclipta prostrata (ep) crude extract. the administration of bothrops jararaca and bothrops jararacussu snake venoms induced muscle damage demonstrated in vivo by ...201323416798
antimicrobial screening of plants used for traditional medicine in the state of perak, peninsular malaysia.seventy-two extracts (methanol) obtained from the leaves, barks, and roots of 50 plant species used in the traditional medicine of perak, peninsular malaysia, have been screened for antibacterial and antifungal activities. peristrophe tinctoria, polyalthia lateriflora, knema malayana, solanum torvum, celosia argentea, eclipta prostrata, ancistrocladus tectorius, dillenia suffruticosa, piper stylosum and rafflesia hasseltii displayed the broadest spectrum of activity.200414693223
plants with a reputation against snakebite.many plants are recommended in traditional medicine as active against various effects of snakebite. few attempts have been made to investigate the veracity of these assertions in controlled experiments. several workers, mainly oriental, have investigated the reputation of such plants by performing in vitro and in vivo experiments in order to demonstrate whether there was any protective effect, using drugs or mixtures of drugs prepared using traditional formulae. in some studies, these extracts w ...19921440620
am fungal diversity in selected medicinal plants of kanyakumari district, tamil nadu, india.the association of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (amf) with three medicinally important plants viz., eclipta prostrata, indigofera aspalathoides, i. tinctoria collected from three different localities of kanyakumari district, south india was examined. the study reports the colonization percentage, diversity and species richness of different am fungi in the rhizosphere of the three medicinal plants and discusses the impact of soil physicochemical characteristics such as soil texture, ph and availa ...201122754000
antiinflammatory constituents from eclipta prostrata using raw264.7 macrophage cells.the whole plant extract of eclipta prostrata and its isolated compounds were tested for their antiinflammatory effects against lipopolysaccharide (lps)-induced nitric oxide (no), prostaglandin e2 (pge2 ) and tumor necrosis factor-alpha (tnf-α) release in raw264.7 cells, as well as for the antiinflammatory mechanism of the active compound on mrna expression. among the isolated compounds, orobol (5) exhibited the highest activity against no release with an ic50 value of 4.6 μm, followed by compoun ...201121312307
interference of allelopathic rice with paddy weeds at the root level.despite increasing knowledge of the involvement of allelopathy in negative interactions among plants, relatively little is known about its action at the root level. this study aims to enhance understanding of interactions of roots between a crop and associated weeds via allelopathy. based on a series of experiments with window rhizoboxes and root segregation methods, we examined root placement patterns and root interactions between allelopathic rice and major paddy weeds cyperus difformis, echin ...201728218979
thiophenes, polyacetylenes and terpenes from the aerial parts of eclipata new bithiophenes, 5-(but-3-yne-1,2-diol)-50-hydroxy-methyl-2,20-bithiophene (2), two new polyacetylenic glucosides, 3-o-b-d-glucopyranosyloxy-1-hydroxy-4e,6e-tetradecene-8,10,12-triyne (8), (5e)-trideca-1,5-dien-7,9,11-triyne-3,4-diol-4-o-b-d-glucopyranoside (9), six new terpenoid glycosides, rel-(1s,2s,3s,4r,6r)-1,6-epoxy-menthane-2,3-diol-3-o-b-d-glucopyranoside (10), rel-(1s,2s,3s,4r,6r)-3-o-(6-o-caffeoyl-b-d-glucopyranosyl)-1,6-epoxy menthane-2,3-diol (11), (2e,6e)-2,6,10-trimethyl-2,6,1 ...201425443644
juice of eclipta prostrata inhibits cell migration in vitro and exhibits anti-angiogenic activity in vivo.the invasion of cancer cells is critical for metastasis. the effects of eclipta prostrata, a thai medicinal plant, on invasion, migration and adhesion of cancer cells were investigated and the anti-angiogenic activity in vivo was evaluated.200818610749
effect of eclipta prostrata on 11beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase in rat liver and kidney.eclipta prostrata (ep) is often prescribed in combination with glucocorticoid to treat glomerular nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and iga nephropathy in clinical practice of traditional chinese medicine. previous studies from our laboratory revealed that coadministration of ep significantly increased the plasma concentration of prednisolone while decreased the level of cotreated prednisone in rats. however, the underlying mechanism remains unclear. 11 β -hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (11 β -hsd) b ...201424876875
potent antioxidative and uvb protective effect of water extract of eclipta prostrata l.oxidative stress, including ultraviolet (uv) irradiation-induced skin damage, is involved in numerous diseases. this study demonstrates that water extract of eclipta prostrata l. (wep) has a potent effect in scavenging 1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl (dpph), superoxide radicals, and chelating ferrous ion, exhibiting ic50 values of 0.23 mg/ml, 0.48 mg/ml, and 1.25 mg/ml, respectively. the wep total phenol content was 176.45 mg gallic acid equivalents (gae)/g sample. chlorogenic acid, a component of ...201424683358
[studies on the chemical constituents of eclipta prostrata (l)].to study the chemical constituents of eclipta prostrata (l).200112579857
[effect of ethyl acetate extract of eclipta prostrata on mice of normal and immunosupression].the regulatory effects of ethyl acetate extract of eclipta prostrata (eaeep) on immune function were studied.200012575170
[cytological study on eclipta prostrata l].the authors report that the karyotype formula of eclipta prostrata is k(2n) = 22 = 16m + 6sm, which belongs to "1a" of stebbins, the chromosome composition based on relative length is 2n = 22 = 10m2 + 12m1, and the total length of the chromosome is 29.3 microns. the chromosome volume of e. prostrata has also been calculated.19902282154
three new olean-type triterpenoid saponins from aerial parts of eclipta prostrata (l.).three new olean-type triterpenoid saponins, namely 3-o-(2-o-acetyl-β-d-glucopyranosyl) oleanolic acid-28-o-(β-d-glucopyranosyl) ester (1), 3-o-(6-o-acetyl-β-d-glucopyranosyl) oleanolic acid-28-o-(β-d-glucopyranosyl) ester (2) and 3-o-(β-d-glucopyranosyl) oleanolic acid-28-o-(6-o-acetyl-β-d-glucopyranosyl) ester (3), were isolated from the aerial parts of eclipta prostrata (l.). their structures were elucidated based on 1d and 2d nmr and ms spectroscopic data.201424404953
echinocystic acid isolated from eclipta prostrata suppresses lipopolysaccharide-induced inos, tnf-α, and il-6 expressions via nf-κb inactivation in raw 264.7 this study, we aimed to identify the compounds in eclipta prostrata responsible for its anti-inflammatory effects using an in vitro bioassay. three triterpenoids, eclalbasaponin i, eclalbasaponin ii, and echinocystic acid, were isolated from an etoac fraction of the 70 % etoh extract of e. prostrata by activity-guided fractionation based on the inhibition of nitric oxide release from lipopolysaccharide-induced raw 264.7 macrophages. of these three triterpenoids, echinocystic acid inhibited li ...201323877917
effect of eclipta prostrata on lipid metabolism in hyperlipidemic animals.eclipta prostrata (linn.) linn. is a traditional chinese medicine and has previously been reported to have hypolipidemic effects. however, its mechanism of action is not well understood. this study was conducted to identify the active fraction of eclipta, its toxicity, its effect on hyperlipidemia, and its mechanism of action. the ethanol extract (ep) of eclipta and fractions epf1-epf4, obtained by eluting with different concentrations of ethanol from a hpd-450 macroporous resin column chromatog ...201525562812
wedelolactone exhibits anti-fibrotic effects on human hepatic stellate cell line lx-2.wedelolactone is a major coumarin of eclipta prostrata, which is used for preventing liver damage. however the effects of wedelolactone on hepatic fibrosis remained unexplored. the purpose of this study was to demonstrate the anti-fibrotic effects of wedelolactone on activated human hepatic stellate cell (hsc) line lx-2 and the possible underlying mechanisms by means of mtt assay, hoechst staining, as well as real-time quantitative pcr and western blot. the results showed that wedelolactone redu ...201323791612
triclosan inhibits arbuscular mycorrhizal colonization in three wetland terrestrial ecosystems, plant growth, plant community structure, and ultimately the ecosystem services provided by plants are dependent on the presence and composition of below ground arbuscular mycorrhizal (am) fungal communities. am fungi form obligate symbioses with plants providing nutrients to their host plants in exchange for photosynthates. while am have been found in most wetland ecosystems, the effects of urban contaminants on am associations are largely unknown. triclosan (5-chloro- ...201323410867
determination of element contents in herbal drugs: chemometric approach.the elemental content of 23 commercial herbal drugs was evaluated and multivariate analysis such as principal component analysis (pca) and hierarchical cluster analysis (hca) were performed with aim to know the relationship among the elements in the herbal drugs. among the 13 elements investigated k (8096.97), na (581.53), cu (2.06); mg (678.4); fe (476.93), al (321.5), co (0.22); zn (4.46), ni (0.56); mn (25.77); pb (13.33); and cr (13.18)mg/kg dry weight, respectively, were found at high conce ...201222980815
eclipta prostrata l. phytochemicals: isolation, structure elucidation, and their antitumor activity.eclipta prostrata l., (asteraceae), is used in china for both food and medicine purposes. this research is concerned with the isolation and purification of phytochemical constituents from the aerial parts of e. prostrata, using gradient solvent fractionation, macroporous resin, silica gel, sephadex lh-20 and ods columns, and tlc analyses. four fractions (water, 30% ethanol, 60% ethanol and 90% ethanol) were obtained. four compounds, wedelolactone (i), eclalbasaponin i (ii), luteolin (iii) and lu ...201222902823
a standardized methanol extract of eclipta prostrata (l.) l. (asteraceae) reduces bronchial hyperresponsiveness and production of th2 cytokines in a murine model of asthma.eclipta prostrata (l.) l. (asteraceae) has been used in brazilian traditional medicine to treat asthma and other respiratory illnesses.201727956356
the ethanolic extract of the eclipta prostrata l. ameliorates the cognitive impairment in mice induced by scopolamine.eclipta prostrata l. (asteraceae) has been prescribed for whole body nourishment and nervine tonic in asia. however, the effects of e. prostrata in learning and memory have not been fully explored.201627267831
eclalbasaponin ii induces autophagic and apoptotic cell death in human ovarian cancer cells.triterpenoids echinocystic acid and its glycosides, isolated from several eclipta prostrata, have been reported to possess various biological activities such as anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-diabetic activity. however, the cytotoxicity of the triterpenoids in human cancer cells and their molecular mechanism of action are poorly understood. in the present study, we found that eclalbasaponin ii with one glucose moiety has potent cytotoxicity in three ovarian cancer cells and two endo ...201627032907
protective effect of the methanolic leaf extract of eclipta alba (l.) hassk. (asteraceae) against gentamicin-induced nephrotoxicity in sprague dawley rats.eclipta alba, also known as eclipta prostrata, is a weed of the family asteraceae found in tropical and subtropical regions widely used in herbal medicine, including treatment of renal diseases.201626945981
wedelolactone protects human bronchial epithelial cell injury against cigarette smoke extract-induced oxidant stress and inflammation responses through nrf2 pathway.cigarette smoke is the leading cause of the development of various lung diseases including lung cancer through triggering oxidant stress and inflammatory responses which contributed to the lesions of normal human bronchial epithelial (nhbe) cell. wedelolactone (wel), a natural compound from eclipta prostrata l., has been found to possess the inhibitive effects on the proliferation and growth of cancers. in the present study, we investigated the effects of wel on nhbe cell injury induced by cigar ...201526411738
preventive effects of ecliptae herba extract and its component, ecliptasaponin a, on bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis in mice.ecliptae herba, a nourishing traditional chinese medicine, is also a folk medicine for the treatment of lung diseases.201526385580
osteoprotective effect of echinocystic acid, a triterpone component from eclipta prostrata, in ovariectomy-induced osteoporotic rats.echinocystic acid (ea) is a natural triterpone enriched in various herbs and has been used for medicinal purposes in china. in the present study, we systematically examined the effects of ea on ovariectomy-induced osteoporosis in rats for the first time. three-month-old female ovariectomy (ovx) sprague-dawley rats were used to evaluate the osteoprotective effect of ea. results showed that administration of ea (5 or 15 mg/kg/day) for 12 weeks prevented lower levels of maximum stress and young's m ...201526317835
an investigation of the cytotoxicity and caspase-mediated apoptotic effect of green synthesized zinc oxide nanoparticles using eclipta prostrata on human liver carcinoma cells.cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide and sustained focus is on the discovery and development of newer and better tolerated anticancer drugs, especially from plants. in the present study, a simple, eco-friendly, and inexpensive approach was followed for the synthesis of zinc oxide nanoparticles (zno nps) using the aqueous leaf extract of eclipta prostrata. the synthesized zno nps were characterized by uv-visible absorption spectroscopy, x-ray diffraction (xrd), fourier transform infrared ...201528347066
effect of luteolin on 11beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase in rat liver and kidney.11beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (11β-hsd) enzymes control the glucocorticoid (gc) signaling, which is essential in regulating homeostasis. our previous study revealed that eclipta prostrata (ep) affected the activity and expression of 11β-hsd enzymes which might improve the efficacy and reduce the adverse drug effects of glucocorticoid in patients undergoing combinational therapy. however, it is still unclear which composition of ep plays a major role and how it works. in this paper, we chos ...201526199637
simultaneous extraction, identification and quantification of phenolic compounds in eclipta prostrata using microwave-assisted extraction combined with hplc-dad-esi-ms/ms.a simple and rapid method was developed using microwave-assisted extraction (mae) combined with hplc-dad-esi-ms/ms for the simultaneous extraction, identification, and quantification of phenolic compounds in eclipta prostrata, a common herb and vegetable in china. the optimized parameters of mae were: employing 50% ethanol as solvent, microwave power 400 w, temperature 70 °c, ratio of liquid/solid 30 ml/g and extraction time 2 min. compared to conventional extraction methods, the optimized mae c ...201526041227
α-terthienylmethanol, isolated from eclipta prostrata, induces apoptosis by generating reactive oxygen species via nadph oxidase in human endometrial cancer cells.eclipta prostrate l. (syn. e. alba hassk), commonly known as false daisy, has been used in traditional medicine in asia to treat a variety of diseases, including cancer. although an anti-tumor effect has been suggested for e. prostrata, the exact anti-tumor effects and underlying molecular mechanisms of its bioactive compounds are poorly understood. the aim of this study was to identify compounds with anti-cancer activity from e. prostrata and to investigate their mechanism of action.201525940205
constituents of the aerial parts of eclipta prostrata and their cytotoxicity on human ovarian cancer cells in vitro.a new terthiophene, 3'-hydroxy-2,2':5',2″-terthiophene-3'-o-β-d-glucopyranoside (1) and a new oleanane-type saponin, echinocystic acid-3-o-(6-o-acetyl)-β-d-glucopyranoside (7) were isolated from the aerial parts of eclipta prostrata l. moreover, five thiophenes (2-6), seven triterpenoids (8-14), two coumestans (15 and 16), and four flavonoids (17-20) having previously known chemical structures were isolated during the same course of this study. all the isolates 1-20 were evaluated for their cyto ...201525855013
qualitative and quantitative analysis of eclipta prostrata l. by lc/ms.eclipta prostrata l. is one of the chinese medicinal tonics which are usually used for treating loose teeth, dizziness, tinnitus, hemoptysis, hematuria, and uterine bleeding. however, quality control of this herbal medicine has been not satisfactory. this study reported its qualitative and quantitative analyses based on lc/ms method. uhplc-dad-q-tof-ms fingerprinting and ms fragmentation cleavage pathway were investigated for qualitative analysis. furthermore, a method for simultaneous quantitat ...201525667939
[interference of allelopathic rice huakangcao 78 on weeds under different ecological conditions].a pot culture experiment was conducted to examine the interference effectiveness of allelopathic rice huakangcao 78 on weeds echinochloa crusgalli l., cyperus difformis l., and eclipta prostrata l. as affected by rice leaf age during transplanting, plant density, and soil surface water depth and its retaining days. the results showed that huakangcao 78 could significantly reduce the dry weight of weeds compared with non-allelopathic rice lemont. the control effectiveness of huakangcao 78 on e. c ...200617147174
[triterpenoid saponins from eclipta prostrata l].to study the triterpenoid saponins in the chinese traditional medicine eclipta prostrata l..200112580102
effects of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on seedling growth and development of two wetland plants, bidens frondosa l., and eclipta prostrata (l.) l., grown under three levels of water identify the importance of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (amf) colonizing wetland seedlings following flooding, we assessed the effects of amf on seedling establishment of two pioneer species, bidens frondosa and eclipta prostrata grown under three levels of water availability and ask: (1) do inoculated seedlings differ in growth and development from non-inoculated plants? (2) are the effects of inoculation and degree of colonization dependent on water availability? (3) do plant responses to i ...201120668891
essential oil constituents of eclipta prostrata (l.) l. and vernonia amygdalina delile.the chemical composition of the essential oils from the leaves and stem bark of eclipta prostrata (l.) l. and the aerial parts of vernonia amygdalina delile (asteraceae) have been analyzed by capillary gas chromatography (gc) and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (gc/ms). the investigation led to the identification of 33 and 30 compounds in the oils of the leaves and stem of e. prostrate, respectively, and 40 compounds in the oil of v. amygdalina. while the oil of the leaves of e. prostrata w ...200919413125
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