mutations in the coat protein gene of plum pox virus suppress particle assembly, heterologous encapsidation and complementation in transgenic plants of nicotiana benthamiana.two different motifs in the coat protein (cp) of plum pox virus (ppv) (r(3015)q(3016), d(3059)) were mutated by replacing the respective amino acids with others possessing different chemical properties. the mutated cp genes were introduced into an infectious full-length clone of ppv (p35ppv-nat) to investigate their influence on systemic infection of transgenic wild-type ppv cp-expressing and non-transgenic plants of nicotiana benthamiana. all mutants failed to establish systemic infections in n ...200010675394
complete genomic sequence of pepper vein banding virus (pvbv): a distinct member of the genus potyvirus.the complete genomic sequence of pepper vein banding virus (pvbv), a potyvirus infecting chilli and other solanaceous plants in south india, was determined and compared with those of other potyviruses. the viral genome contained 9711 nucleotides, excluding the poly-a tail. the length of the 5'- and 3'-untranslated regions (utr) were 163 and 281 nucleotides respectively. as for other potyviruses, the pvbv genome has a single open reading frame (orf) starting at nucleotide 164 and ending at nt 943 ...200414991448
the genetics of reaction to pepper vein-banding virus. 195917247893
novel atpase activity of the polyprotein intermediate, viral protein genome-linked-nuclear inclusion-a protease, of pepper vein banding potyvirus.potyviruses temporally regulate their protein function by polyprotein processing. previous studies have shown that vpg (viral protein genome-linked) of pepper vein banding virus interacts with the nia-pro (nuclear inclusion-a protease) domain, and modulates the kinetics of the protease. in the present study, we report for the first time that vpg harbors the walker motifs a and b, and the presence of nia-pro, especially in cis (cleavage site (e191a) vpg-pro mutant), is essential for manifestation ...201222989753
complete genome sequence of habenaria mosaic virus, a new potyvirus infecting a terrestrial orchid (habenaria radiata) in japan.the complete genomic sequence of habenaria mosaic virus (hamv), which infects terrestrial orchids (habenaria radiata), has been determined. the genome is composed of 9,499 nucleotides excluding the 3'-terminal poly(a) tail, encoding a large polyprotein of 3,054 amino acids with the genomic features typical of a potyvirus. putative proteolytic cleavage sites were identified by sequence comparison to those of known potyviruses. the hamv polyprotein showed 58 % amino acid sequence identity to that ...201423857506
first report of chilli veinal mottle virus in naga chilli (capsicum chinense) in meghalaya, india.the present study confirms the occurrence of chilli veinal mottle virus (chivmv) under the genus potyvirus in naga chilli (capsicum chinense) in meghalaya based on mechanical transmission assay, transmission electron microscopy, rt-pcr and sequence analysis. this is the first record of chivmv in naga chilli in north-east india.201424426324
geographically driven adaptation of chilli veinal mottle virus revealed by genetic diversity analysis of the coat protein gene.chilli veinal mottle virus (chivmv) is an important plant pathogen with a wide host range. the genetic structure of chivmv was investigated by analyzing the coat protein (cp) genes of 87 chivmv isolates from seven asian regions. pairwise f st values between chivmv populations ranged from 0.108 to 0.681, indicating a significant spatial structure for this pathogen. in phylogeny-trait association analysis, the viral isolates from the same region tended to group together, showing a distinct geograp ...201626831930
reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification (rt-lamp) assay for rapid diagnosis of chilli veinal mottle virus.chilli veinal mottle virus (chivmv) causes significant economic loss to chilli cultivation in northeastern india, as well as in eastern asia. in this study, we have developed a single-tube one-step reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification (rt-lamp) assay for rapid, sensitive and specific diagnosis of chivmv. amplification could be visualized after adding sybr green i (1000×) dye within 60 min under isothermal conditions at 63 °c, with a set of four primers designed based on t ...201627063408
antibody array in a multiwell plate format for the sensitive and multiplexed detection of important plant pathogens.the global seed market is considered to be an important industry with a total value of $10,543 million us dollars in 2012. because plant pathogens such as bacteria and viruses cause a significant economic loss to both producers and exporters, the seed export industry urgently requires rapid, sensitive, and inexpensive testing for the pathogens to prevent disease spreading worldwide. this study developed an antibody array in a multiwell plate format to simultaneously detect four crucial plant pat ...201424945525
double mutations in eif4e and eifiso4e confer recessive resistance to chilli veinal mottle virus in evaluate the involvement of translation initiation factors eif4e and eifiso4e in chilli veinai mottle virus (chivmv) infection in pepper, we conducted a genetic analysis using a segregating population derived from a cross between capsicum annuum 'dempsey' containing an eif4e mutation (pvr1(2)) and c. annuum 'perennial' containing an eifiso4e mutation (pvr6). c. annuum 'dempsey' was susceptible and c. annuum 'perennial' was resistant to chivmv. all f(1) plants showed resistance, and f(2) indiv ...200919326080
the complete genomic sequence of tobacco vein banding mosaic virus and its similarities with other potyviruses.the complete genomic sequence of an isolate of tobacco vein banding mosaic virus (tvbmv-ynd) from yunnan, china was determined by sequencing overlapping cdna fragments obtained by rt-pcr with degenerate and/or specific primers. the genome is composed of 9,570 nucleotides (nt) excluding the 3'-terminal poly (a) tail and contains one single open reading frame of 9,240 nt encoding a large polyprotein of 3,079 amino acids with predicted mr of 348.6 kda. phylogenetic analysis of complete genomic sequ ...200717668310
daphne mosaic virus (dapmv), a new potyvirus from daphne mezereum in the czech republic.daphne shrubs with light green rings and mosaic on leaves contained flexuous filamentous virions (696 x 13 nm) and cylindrical inclusions typical of the subdivision iii of edwardson's classification for inclusions induced by members of the family potyviridae. decoration tests using antisera to 67 potyviruses revealed distant serological relations among chilli veinal mottle virus, colombian datura virus, papaya ringspot virus, tobacco vein mottling virus and yam mosaic virus. the 3' terminal regi ...200616292598
tyrosine 66 of pepper vein banding virus genome-linked protein is uridylylated by rna-dependent rna polymerase.pepper vein banding virus (pvbv), a member of the genus potyvirus, is a single-stranded positive-sense rna virus and it primarily infects plants of the family solanaceae. genome organization and gene expression strategy of the potyviruses are similar to the picornaviruses, although they infect widely different hosts and have distinctly different morphologies. the genomic rna of pvbv has a viral genome-linked protein (vpg) at the 5'-terminus and a poly(a) tail at the 3'-terminus. in order to esta ...200515892957
potyviral nia proteinase, a proteinase with novel deoxyribonuclease activity.the nia proteinase from pepper vein banding virus (pvbv) is a sequence-specific proteinase required for processing of viral polyprotein in the cytoplasm. it accumulates in the nucleus of the infected plant cell and forms inclusion bodies. the function of this protein in the nucleus is not clear. the purified recombinant nia proteinase was active, and the mutation of the catalytic residues his-46, asp-81, and cys-151 resulted in complete loss of activity. most interesting, the pvbv nia proteinase ...200415163663
determination of 3'-terminal nucleotide sequence of pepper vein banding virus rna and expression of its coat protein in escherichia coli.pepper vein banding virus (pvbv) is an important virus infecting chilli pepper in south india. earlier reports suggested it to be a distinct potyvirus. the nucleotide sequence of pvbv rna from the 3'-end (3862 nt) was determined. analysis of the nucleotide and deduced amino acid sequence revealed that it encompasses a partial open reading frame encoding the partial sequence of vpg, nia-protease, nib, coat protein (cp) and 3'-untranslated region (utr). comparison of the amino acid sequence of cp ...199910542018
design and application of two novel degenerate primer pairs for the detection and complete genomic characterization of potyviruses.two pairs of degenerate primers were designed from sequences within the potyviral ci (cifor/cirev) and hc-pro-coding regions (hpfo/hprev), and these were shown to be highly specific to members of the genus potyvirus. using the cifor and cirev primers, three novel potyviruses infecting crop and weed species from vietnam were detected, namely telosma mosaic virus (telmv) infecting telosma (telosma cordata, asclepiadaceae), peace lily mosaic virus (pelmv) infecting peace lily (spathiphyllum patinii ...200817906831
identification and sequence analysis of potyviruses infecting crops in vietnam.fifty-two virus isolates from 13 distinct potyvirus species infecting crops in vietnam were identified and the 3' region of each genome was sequenced. the viruses were: bean common mosaic virus (bcmv), potato virus y (pvy), sugarcane mosaic virus (scmv), sorghum mosaic virus (srmv), chilli veinal mottle virus (chivmv), zucchini yellow mosaic virus (zymv), leek yellow stripe virus (lymv), shallot yellow stripe virus (sysv), onion yellow dwarf virus (oydv), turnip mosaic virus (tumv), dasheen mosa ...200817906829
surface-exposed amino- and carboxy-terminal residues are crucial for the initiation of assembly in pepper vein banding virus: a flexuous rod-shaped virus.the mechanism of assembly of flexuous viruses, such as potyviruses, is poorly understood. using a recombinant system, we provide evidence that disassembly and reassembly of pepper vein banding virus (pvbv), a member of the genus potyvirus, proceeds via a ring-like intermediate, and show that electrostatic interactions may be pivotal in stabilizing the particles. although the surface-exposed n- and c-terminal residues can be removed from the virus-like particles (vlps) by limited trypsinization w ...200314644614
molecular analysis of the complete genomic sequences of four isolates of gooseberry vein banding associated virus.the presence of gooseberry vein banding associated virus (gvbav), a badnavirus in the family caulimoviridae, is strongly correlated with gooseberry vein banding disease in ribes spp. in this study, full-length genomic sequences of four gvbav isolates from different hosts and geographic regions were determined to be 7649-7663 nucleotides. these isolates share identities of 96.4-97.3% for the complete genomic sequence, indicating low genetic diversity among them. the gvbav genome contains three op ...201121533750
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