the phylogeny of aerococcus and pediococcus as determined by 16s rrna sequence analysis: description of tetragenococcus gen. nov.the phylogenetic interrelationships of the genera pediococcus and aerococcus were investigated using reverse transcriptase sequencing of 16s rrna. the genus pediococcus was found to be phylogenetically heterogeneous. the four species p. acidilactici, p. damnosus, p. parvulus and p. pentosaceus formed a phylogenetically distinct group. within this pediococcal cluster, p. acidilactici was closely related to p. pentosaceus whereas p. damnosus showed a specific relationship with p. parvulus. the spe ...19902227360
population dynamics of the constitutive biota of french dry sausages in a pilot-scale ripening chamber.the population dynamic of constitutive biota on 84 samples belonging to two different types of french fermented dry sausages during the ripening process in a pilot-scale ripening chamber was investigated. samples were analyzed in three steps of their production: fresh product, first drying stage, and finished product. in addition, 180 strains of lactic acid bacteria were identified using a miniaturized biochemical procedure of characterization. in general, the number of lactic acid bacteria that ...200415508649
aerococcus suis sp. nov., isolated from clinical specimens from swine.biochemical and molecular genetic studies were performed for five isolates of unknown gram-positive, catalase-negative, cocci-shaped micro-organisms obtained from clinical samples from pigs. the micro-organisms were tentatively identified as aerococcus species on the basis of the results from cellular morphological and biochemical tests. 16s rrna gene sequencing studies confirmed the provisional identification of the isolates as members of the genus aerococcus, but the micro-organism did not cor ...200717551045
complete genome sequences of aerococcus christensenii ccug 28831t, aerococcus sanguinicola ccug 43001t, aerococcus urinae ccug 36881t, aerococcus urinaeequi ccug 28094t, aerococcus urinaehominis ccug 42038 bt, and aerococcus viridans ccug 4311t.strains belonging to the genus aerococcus are causative agents of human and animal infections, including urogenital infections, bacteremia/septicemia, and infective endocarditis. this study reports the first fully closed and complete genome sequences of six type strains belonging to the genus aerococcus using a combination of illumina hiseq and pacbio sequencing technologies.201627103727
aerococcus vaginalis sp. nov., isolated from the vaginal mucosa of a beef cow, and emended descriptions of aerococcus suis, aerococcus viridans, aerococcus urinaeequi, aerococcus urinaehominis, aerococcus urinae, aerococcus christensenii and aerococcus sanguinicola.a gram-stain-positive, facultatively anaerobic, non-spore-forming, catalase-negative, coccoid-shaped bacterial strain, designated bv2(t), was isolated from the vaginal mucosa of a beef cow in japan. phylogenetic analysis showed that the isolate shared high 16s rrna gene sequence similarity (92.9 %) with aerococcus suis 1821/02(t) and low similarity (<92.7 %) with any other recognized species of the genus aerococcus. the dna g+c content was 44.7 mol%, which is within the range observed among spec ...201424421273
complete genome sequence of aerococcus urinaeequi strain av208.aerococcus urinaeequi strain av208 was isolated from an ascites sample from a patient with chronic kidney disease. the assembled genome contained 2,227,638 bp with a 39.1% g+c content. the genome harbors a tn1546 transposon-like structure with a vana gene causing vancomycin resistance phenotypes of strain av208.201627789648
reclassification of pediococcus urinaeequi (ex mees 1934) garvie 1988 as aerococcus urinaeequi comb. nov.the taxonomic status of pediococcus urinaeequi is described, and the transfer of the species to the genus aerococcus with the name aerococcus urinaeequi comb. nov. is proposed, on the basis of the analysis of 16s rrna gene sequence and dna-dna hybridization data.200515879276
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