mesocoelium malayanum sp. n. (digenea: brachycoeliidae) in a frog, rana macrodon dumeril and bibron 1941, from malaysia.mesocoelium malayanum sp. n. is described from the frog rana macrodon, in malaysia. elongate body, broader anteriorly, measuring 1.900 (1.679-2.070) mm long by 0.404 (0.380-0.437) wide, tegument aspinose oral sucker 0.212 (0.200-0.228) by 0.202 (9.191-0.205), acetabulum 0.141 (0.132-0.150) by 0.139 (0.123-0.146), prepharynx present, oesophagus 0.115 (0.096-0.137), caeca reaching posterior 1/3 of body, anterior testis 0.097 (0.087-0.110) by 0.091 (0.087-0.100) dorsal to acetabulum, posterior test ...1977599267
nematodes of amphibians from java, indonesia, with a description of <br />new species, meteterakis wonosoboensis n. sp. (nematoda : heterakoidea).during a survey on the parasites of amphibians of indonesia, toads (30 bufo melanostictus) and 246 frogs (213 fejervarya cancrivora, 11 f. limnocharis, 22 rana macrodon from west java and 68 f. cancrivora from central java) were examined for parasitic nematodes. three species of nematodes were found and described, i.e. meteterakis wonosoboensis n. sp. from fejervaria cancrivora; meteterakis japonica from bufo melanostictus, f. cancrivora and f. limnocharis; and chabaudus sp. from f. cancrivora, ...201526249921
stable isotope analyses-a method to distinguish intensively farmed from wild frogs.consumption of frog legs is increasing worldwide, with potentially dramatic effects for ecosystems. more and more functioning frog farms are reported to exist. however, due to the lack of reliable methods to distinguish farmed from wild-caught individuals, the origin of frogs in the international trade is often uncertain. here, we present a new methodological approach to this problem. we investigated the isotopic composition of legally traded frog legs from suppliers in vietnam and indonesia. mu ...201728428844
detection of irradiated frog (limnonectes macrodon) leg bones by multifrequency epr spectroscopy.the free radicals of irradiated frog limnonectes macrodon leg bones tissue were studied by electron paramagnetic resonance in both x and q bands. the kinetic behaviour, the activation energy as well as the thermal stability of the radiation-induced radicals in bone tissue were investigated by means of both isothermal and isochronal annealing. unirradiated bone tissue displayed the presence of mn(2+) ions at both frequencies, while a week epr singlet was evidenced only at 34 ghz. when irradiated ...201222980807
effects of arginine vasotocin and other pharmacologically active substances on the cardiovascular system of the frog, rana macrodon. 19655841243
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