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ectoparasitic infestations of the european hedgehog (erinaceus europaeus) in urmia city, iran: first report.hedgehogs are small, nocturnal mammals that become popular in the world and have significant role in transmission of zoonotic agents. some of the agents are transmitted by ticks and fleas such as rickettsial agents. for these reason, a survey on ectoparasites in european hedgehog (erinaceus europaeus) carried out between april 2006 and december 2007 from different parts of urmia city, west azerbaijan, iran. after being euthanized external surface of body of animals was precisely considered for e ...025653796
a case of infestation of humans with fleas archaeopsylla erinacei (siphonaptera, pulicidae). 19854085926
[flea bites caused by archaeopsylla erinacei, the hedgehog flea].a hedgehog flea was the cause of multiple flea bites in a 48-year-old patient. the main host of the hedgehog flea is the european hedgehog, but the flea was also found in different furry mammals, such as polecats, brown rats and foxes. it was not previously known that archaeopsylla erinacei attacks man.19873429232
zoonoses and other findings in hedgehogs (erinaceus europaeus): a survey of mortality and review of the literature.a survey of mortality in hedgehogs (erinaceus europaeus) was carried out between july 1976 and november 1986. most were from norfolk. of the 74 examined, 35 (47.3 per cent) were road casualties, one of which yielded salmonella typhimurium phage type (pt) 104. of the remaining 39, 13 (33.3 per cent) had salmonellosis due to s enteritidis pt 11. this organism, which appears to be common and widespread in hedgehogs in england was found in 10 separate incidents. the only other zoonosis was ringworm ...19912035215
[differential diagnosis of medically relevant flea species and their significance in dermatology].different flea species may infest humans temporarily. such arthropods should be considered as a possible cause of erythematous and pruritic papules and nodules of unclear origin. bites from animal fleas can be seen in people with close contact to domestic or wild animals. this dermatosis may often be misdiagnosed. several flea species including pulex irritans, ctenocephalides canis, ctenocephalides felis, ceratophyllus gallinae, ceratophyllus columbae and archaeopsylla erinacei may infest human ...19979441163
species of flea (siphonaptera) infesting pets and hedgehogs in germany.the species of flea infesting pets and hedgehogs in germany were investigated through a survey of small animal practitioners throughout the country who were asked to collect specimens at their veterinary practices. a total of 625 veterinarians/veterinary practices responded and provided 2445 intact anti identifiable flea specimens. these fleas originated from 294 dogs (795 fleas), 334 cats (1152 fleas), 76 hedgehogs (481 fleas), five domestic rabbits (10 fleas), one golden hamster (four fleas) a ...200111393815
north spain (burgos) wild mammals ectoparasites.twenty-seven species of arthropods were collected from 105 wild mammals, six wolves canis lupus (linnaeus, 1758) included. a total of 87 animals (82.8%) harboured some ectoparasites. ticks were found in 60% of the samples, fleas in 51.4%, chewing-lice in 3.8%, and others (mesostigmata and hippoboscids) in 3.8%. moreover, 42.5% were single infestation and 57.5% mixed. some of the species were new records for a host in spanish country such as trichodectes canis (de géer, 1778), ixodes triangulicep ...200415490750
molecular detection of rickettsia felis, rickettsia typhi and two genotypes closely related to bartonella elizabethae.a total of 56 fleas were collected from mice, rats, and one hedgehog in national parks of mainland portugal and the madeira island. all fleas were tested for the presence of bacteria of the genera rickettsia and bartonella using pcr assays. in fleas from mainland portugal, we detected rickettsia felis in one archaeopsylla erinacei maura flea and in one ctenophtalmus sp. in five leptopsylla segnis fleas taken from rats in the madeira island, we identified rickettsia typhi. in addition, in four fl ...200617038702
qualitative and quantitative observations on the flea population dynamics of dogs and cats in several areas of germany.from an ongoing country-wide study on the spectrum, the epidemiology and the population dynamics of flea infestations in dogs and cats, important preliminary results from the three areas of karlsruhe, nuernberg and leipzig are presented. a total of 1922 dogs and 1838 cats from 12 different veterinary practices or clinics in three areas of germany were systematically examined between july 2003 and june 2004. all dogs and cats appearing for a clinical veterinary consultation on one regular working ...200616442233
survey of flea infestation in dogs and cats in the united kingdom during 2005.during 2005, 31 uk veterinary practices participated in a survey of flea infestation, during which 2653 dogs and 1508 cats were examined for evidence of flea infestation and skin disease compatible with flea allergy dermatitis (fad). the prevalence of flea infestation in the cats was 21.09 per cent, significantly (p<0.001) higher than in the dogs (6.82 per cent). the prevalence of skin lesions compatible with fad in the cats (8.02 per cent) was also significantly (p<0.001) higher than in the dog ...200717435095
rickettsia felis in fleas, germany.among 310 fleas collected from dogs and cats in germany, rickettsia felis was detected in all specimens (34) of archaeopsylla erinacei (hedgehog flea) and in 9% (24/226) of ctenocephalides felis felis (cat flea). r. helvetica was detected in 1 ceratophyllus gallinae (hen flea).200818680660
polymerase chain reaction detection of rickettsia felis-like organism in archaeopsylla erinacei (siphonaptera: pulicidae) from bavaria, germany.fleas occur as ectoparasites of vertebrates around the world. the obligate intracellular bacterium rickettsia felis has been detected globally in several flea species, causing a murine-typhus like disease in humans. in this study, a total of 150 hedgehog fleas (archaeopsylla erinacei bouché) were collected from 18 hedgehogs coming from four locations in southern germany for the detection of r. felis. individual dna extracts were tested with polymerase chain reaction (pcr) for the amplification o ...200919496444
Molecular detection of rickettsial agents in ticks and fleas collected from a European hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus) in Marseilles, France.The European hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus) is a synanthropic nocturnal insectivore commonly found in the countryside and in the parks and gardens. Because hedgehogs are already involved in the transmission of a number of zoonoses, including salmonellosis and ringworm, we decided to study their possible role in the epidemiology of the spotted fever group of Rickettsia. We collected ticks and fleas from a hedgehog that was captured in the city of Marseilles in France. Using a genus-specific quant ...201122169021
Rickettsiae in arthropods collected from red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) in France.The aim of our study was to detect the presence of Rickettsia spp. and Bartonella spp. in ticks and fleas collected from red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) in southeastern France during 2008. Using a genus-specific quantitative PCR (qPCR) assay, which was followed by a species-specific qPCR assay for the positive samples, 45.2% (33/73) of ticks (Rhipicephalus turanicus) were found to be infected with Rickettsia massiliae. 10.5% (2/19) of the fleas (Archaeopsylla erinacei) collected in the study tested po ...201122118782
Ticks and the city: Ectoparasites of the Northern white-breasted hedgehog (Erinaceus roumanicus) in an urban park.The European hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus) is known to host several ectoparasites and also tick-borne pathogens, but there is scant information on its eastern relative, the Northern white-breasted hedgehog (Erinaceus roumanicus). We have studied an urban population of E. roumanicus in a city park of central Budapest, Hungary, for 2 years to investigate their tick and flea species. A total of 5063 ticks and 818 fleas were collected from 247 hedgehogs (including 46 recaptures). Ectoparasite preva ...201122108019
hedgehogs (erinaceus europaeus) as a source of ectoparasites in urban-suburban areas of northwest of iran.hedgehogs are small, nocturnal mammals which become popular in the world and have important role in transmission of zoonotic agents. thus, the present study aimed to survey ectoparasite infestation from april 2010 to december 2011 in urban and suburban parts of urmia and tabriz cities, northwest of iran.201426114147
vector-borne agents detected in fleas of the northern white-breasted hedgehog.this is the first large-scale molecular investigation of fleas from a geographically widespread and highly urbanized species, the northern white-breasted hedgehog. in this study, 759 fleas (the majority were archaeopsylla erinacei) collected from 134 hedgehogs were molecularly analyzed individually or in pools for the presence of three groups of vector-borne pathogens. all flea samples were positive for rickettsiae: in two samples (1.5%) rickettsia helvetica and in 10% of the others a novel rick ...201424359423
identification of flea species using maldi-tof/ the present study, a molecular proteomics (maldi-tof/ms) approach was used as a tool for identifying flea vectors. we measured the ms spectra from 38 flea specimens of 5 species including ctenocephalides felis, ctenocephalides canis, archaeopsylla erinacei, xenopsylla cheopis and stenoponia tripectinata. a blind test performed with 24 specimens from species included in a library spectral database confirmed that maldi-tof/ms is an effective tool for discriminating flea species. although fresh ...201424878069
ticks and fleas infestation on east hedgehogs (erinaceus concolor) in van province, eastern region of turkey.ixodid ticks (acari: ixodidae) and fleas (siphonaptera) are the major vectors of pathogens threatening animals and human healths. the aim of our study was to detect the infestation rates of east hedgehogs (erinaceus concolor) with ticks and fleas in van province, eastern region of turkey.201527047971
detection of bartonella tamiae, coxiella burnetii and rickettsiae in arthropods and tissues from wild and domestic animals in northeastern recent years, the scope and importance of emergent vector-borne diseases has increased dramatically. in algeria, only limited information is currently available concerning the presence and prevalence of these zoonotic diseases. for this reason, we conducted a survey of hematophagous ectoparasites of domestic mammals and/or spleens of wild animals in el tarf and souk ahras, algeria.201626791781
parasites of sheep herding dogs in central germany.this paper reports on endoparasite infections diagnosed in 2012 by standard coproscopical techniques and coproantigen giardia elisa in 165 dogs used for sheep herding in 36 farms in central germany. the overall prevalence of dogs with evidence of endoparasite infections was 27.3% (95% ci 20.6-34.7). the most frequently identified faecal forms were those of ascarids (toxocara, 6.7%; toxascaris 3.6%), hookworms (5.5%) and taeniid cestodes (4.2%), followed by those of trichuris whipworms (3.0%), ca ...201626904898
patterns in the distribution and directional asymmetry of fleas living on the northern white-breasted hedgehog erinaceus roumanicus.fleas infecting northern white-breasted hedgehogs, erinaceus roumanicus (barrett-hamilton), collected from 2009-2011 in budapest (hungary) were studied. a total of 305 white-breasted hedgehogs were captured and 1,251 fleas were collected. the flea community comprised two species, the hedgehog flea archaeopsylla erinacei (bouche, 1835) and the dog flea ctenocephalides canis (curtis, 1826), although the latter was only found on three hedgehogs. fleas were found on half of the host specimens (51%; ...201728783031
morphological, biometrical and molecular characterization of archaeopsylla erinacei (bouché, 1835).in the present work, we carried out a morphological, biometrical and molecular study of the species archaeopsylla erinacei (bouché, 1835) and their subspecies: archaeopsylla erinacei erinacei (bouché, 1835) and archaeopsylla erinacei maura (jordan & rothschild, 1912) isolated from hedgehogs (erinaceus europaeus) from different geographical regions (seville and corse). we have found morphological differences in females of a. erinacei from the same geographical origin that did not correspond with ...201729268804
diversity of flea (siphonaptera) parasites on red foxes (vulpes vulpes) in foxes (vulpes vulpes (l.)) are widespread across europe, tolerant of synanthropic ecosystems, and susceptible to diseases potentially shared with humans and other animals. we describe flea fauna on red foxes in romania, a large, ecologically diverse country, in part because fleas may serve as an indicator of the risk of spillover of vector-borne disease. we found 912 individual fleas of seven species on the 305 foxes assessed, for an infestation prevalence of 49.5%. mean flea load per fox wa ...201728399300
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