leptospira fainei sp. nov., isolated from pigs in australia.pathogenic leptospires can be causative agents of reproductive problems in pigs. cultures of uteri and kidneys from two pigs herds in new south wales and victoria (australia) yielded five strains identified as leptospira on morphological and cultural grounds. phenotypic characteristics (growth at 13 and 30 degrees c, growth in the presence of 8-azaguanine) were intermediate between those of pathogenic and saprophytic leptospires. no cross-agglutination was observed with reference antisera repres ...19989734039
first isolation of leptospira fainei serovar hurstbridge from two human patients with weil's syndrome.leptospira fainei serovar hurstbridge is a recently discovered leptospira species and so far it has only been cultured from animal sources. based on positive serology and positive pcr for l. fainei among patients suspected of having leptospirosis, a role in human disease seems likely. this study describes two patients with weil's disease from whom l. fainei was cultured. a local source of the infections was suspected, as these two patients resided in the same area of denmark, were hospitalised a ...200111192512
human infection caused by leptospira fainei.we report a human case of leptospirosis in which the spirochete was detected by dark-field microscopy examination of cerebrospinal fluid (csf) and isolated from both csf and blood. leptospira fainei was identified by sequencing the 16s rdna gene, which had been amplified by polymerase chain reaction. this case confirms the role of l. fainei as a human pathogen and extends its distribution to southern europe.200212141977
sensitivity and specificity of a new vertical flow rapid diagnostic test for the serodiagnosis of human leptospirosis.background : leptospirosis is a growing public health concern in many tropical and subtropical countries. however, its diagnosis is difficult because of non-specific symptoms and concurrent other endemic febrile diseases. in many regions, the laboratory diagnosis is not available due to a lack of preparedness and simple diagnostic assay or difficult access to reference laboratories. yet, an early antibiotic treatment is decisive to the outcome. the need for rapid diagnostic tests (rdts) for beds ...201323826401
serological titres to leptospira fainei serovar hurstbridge in human sera in australia.a set of 723 diagnostic sera from human patients, submitted for the microscopic agglutination test (mat) for antibodies to a group of 6 leptospiral serovars, was also tested by mat for antibodies to the recently-discovered leptospira fainei serovar hurstbridge. mat titres of > or = 128 to serovar hurstbridge were detected in 13.4% of these sera, and titres of > or = 512 in 7.2%. in contrast, none of 62 sera obtained from a control population of laboratory staff gave titres of > or = 128. the dif ...19989825801
evaluation of an in-house elisa using the intermediate species leptospira fainei for diagnosis of leptospirosis.leptospirosis is recognized as an emerging zoonotic disease generally affecting urban slums in developing countries and tropical regions. a combination of non-specific symptoms, low awareness among the medical community and a lack of readily available diagnostic tests have made leptospirosis an underdiagnosed disease. in this study, we tested an in-house elisa with formalin-treated and boiled bacteria from the intermediate species leptospira fainei as an antigen to detect leptospira-specific igm ...201323493028
diagnostic accuracy of an in-house elisa using the intermediate species leptospira fainei as antigen for diagnosis of acute leptospirosis in dogs.diagnosis of animal leptospirosis is still challenging. the microscopic agglutination test, is the current method for diagnosing leptospirosis. however, this technique requires specific equipment, highly trained staff and the maintenance of live cultures of several reference strains of leptospira for use as antigens. recently, an elisa (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) employing a leptospira fainei serovar hurstbridge based antigen for the early diagnostic of human leptospirosis was developed. ...201728131372
detection of pathogenic leptospires by real-time quantitative pcr.definitive diagnosis of leptospirosis has traditionally depended upon the isolation of leptospires from clinical specimens or the demonstration of seroconversion in paired acute and convalescent serum samples. both of these approaches require expertise not routinely available in clinical laboratories and usually result in delayed diagnosis. conventional pcr assays have been developed, but all have limitations which have restricted their widespread use. in order to overcome these limitations, a r ...200515591254
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