morphostructural analysis of the male reproductive system and dna barcoding in balclutha brevis lindberg 1954 (homoptera, cicadellidae).balclutha brevis lindberg 1954 is an allochthonous leafhopper infesting an invasive grass, pennisetum setaceum, in sicily and in mainland europe; therefore, this species could compete with populations of native species, thus contributing to the loss of biodiversity. considering the ecological implications of b. brevis, investigations on all its biological aspects represent, therefore, a premise for further studies in applied sciences. based on the lacking ultrastructural data about the reproduct ...201526369496
description of a new species of oligosita walker (chalcidoidea: trichogrammatidae), egg parasitoid of balclutha brevis lindberg (homoptera: cicadellidae) living on pennisetum setaceum, from italy.a new species of oligosita walker (chalcidoidea: trichogrammatidae), o. balcluthae viggiani et laudonia n. sp., is described as a parasitoid of the eggs of balclutha brevis lindberg (homoptera: cicadellidae) associated with crimson fountain grass, pennisetum setaceum (poaceae) in italy. morphological features and biology of the new species are discussed and illustrated. the 28s-d2 and its2 regions were successfully amplified and sequenced.201526624644
phenotypic plasticity, precipitation, and invasiveness in the fire-promoting grass pennisetum setaceum (poaceae).invasiveness may result from genetic variation and adaptation or phenotypic plasticity, and genetic variation in fitness traits may be especially critical. pennisetum setaceum (fountain grass, poaceae) is highly invasive in hawaii (hi), moderately invasive in arizona (az), and less invasive in southern california (ca). in common garden experiments, we examined the relative importance of quantitative trait variation, precipitation, and phenotypic plasticity in invasiveness. in two very different ...200721636423
relationship of light quantity and anthocyanin production in pennisetum setaceum cvs. rubrum and red riding hood.pennisetum setaceum cvs. rubrum and red riding hood are purple-pigmented ornamental grasses when grown in high-light environments. in low-light environments, foliage appears light purple or green, and as a result, aesthetic appeal is reduced. the impact of light on anthocyanin pigmentation was compared for p. setaceum rubrum foliage and flowers and red riding hood foliage grown under different light intensities and light sources. light environments included uv supplemental light in the greenhous ...200414759132
drought response of a native and introduced hawaiian grass.the alien grass, pennisetum setaceum, dominates many of the lowland arid regions that once supported native heteropogon contortus grassland on the island of hawaii. response to drought in a glasshouse was compared between these c4 grasses to test if success as an invader is related to drought tolerance or plasticity for traits that confer drought tolerance. pennisetum produced 51% more total biomass, allocated 49% more biomass to leaves, and had higher net photosynthetic rates (p n) on a leaf ar ...199428313741
towards a transferable and cost-effective plant aflp protocol.amplified fragment length polymorphism (aflp) is a powerful fingerprinting technique that is widely applied in ecological and population genetic studies. however, its routine use has been limited by high costs associated with the optimization of fluorescently labelled markers, especially for individual study systems. here we develop a low-cost aflp protocol that can be easily transferred between distantly related plant taxa. three fluorescently labelled ecori-primers with anchors that target int ...201323613908
rhizosphere mediated electrogenesis with the function of anode placement for harnessing bioenergy through co2 sequestration.the feasibility of power generation by non-destructive usage of rhizodeposits of pennisetum setaceum plant formed mainly due to photosynthesis-carbon sequestration mechanism was studied in rhizosphere based microbial fuel-cell (r-mfc). four fuel-cell assemblies (non-catalyzed graphite-plates; membrane-less operation; air-cathode) were evaluated for their electrogenic activity by varying anode distances from root in rhizosphere [a1 - 0; a2 - 8; a3 - 12 and a4 - 16 cm] at 2 cm depth from soil-laye ...201222995167
super-genotype: global monoclonality defies the odds of nature.the ability to respond to natural selection under novel conditions is critical for the establishment and persistence of introduced alien species and their ability to become invasive. here we correlated neutral and quantitative genetic diversity of the weed pennisetum setaceum forsk. chiov. (poaceae) with differing global (north american and african) patterns of invasiveness and compared this diversity to native range populations. numerous molecular markers indicate complete monoclonality within ...200717611622
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