pharmacokinetics of the total triterpenic fraction of centella asiatica after single and multiple administrations to healthy volunteers. a new assay for asiatic acid.a new hplc assay method was used to investigate the pharmacokinetics of asiatic acid after oral administration of the total triterpenic fraction of centella asiatica in single doses (30 or 60 mg) and after a 7-day treatment (30 or 60 mg twice daily). twelve healthy volunteers received each treatment following a randomized cross-over design with trials separated by a 3-week interval. the time of peak plasma concentration was not affected by dosage difference or by treatment scheme. differences in ...19902329813
capillary filtration and ankle edema in patients with venous hypertension treated with ttfca.the variation of capillary filtration rate (cfr), ankle circumference (ac), and ankle edema (ae) was evaluated in three groups of patients with venous hypertension (ambulatory venous pressure greater than 42 mmhg) and in a group of normal subjects before and after treatment for four weeks with total triterpenic fraction of centella asiatica (ttfca), a venoactive drug acting on the microcirculation and on capillary permeability. group a (20 patients) was treated with ttfca 60 mg tid; group b (20 ...19902305995
effects of centella asiatica extract on mucopolysaccharide metabolism in subjects with varicose veins.the effects were studied of the total triterpenic fraction of centella asiatica on serum levels of the uronic acids and lysosomal enzymes involved in mucopolysaccharide metabolism (beta-glycuronidase, beta-n-acetylglucosaminidase, arylsulfatase) in patients with varicose veins. the basal levels of uronic acids (467.7 +/- 69.3 micrograms/ml) and of lysosomal enzymes (beta-glycuronidase 1.8 +/- 0.4 microm/min/l, beta-n-acetylglucosaminidase 23.1 +/- 0.4 microm/min/l, arysulfatase 0.078 +/- 0.003 m ...19902150405
titrated extract of centella asiatica (teca) in the treatment of venous insufficiency of the lower limbs.ninety-four patients suffering from venous insufficiency of the lower limbs participated in a multicenter, double-blind versus placebo study. after randomization, they were allotted for a treatment period of two months to one of three groups: teca 120 mg/day, teca 60 mg/day, or placebo. a significant difference (p less than 0.05) in favor of teca was shown for the symptoms of heaviness in the lower limbs and edema, as well as for the overall evaluation by the patient. the venous distensibility m ...19873544968
[effect of centella asiatica on the biosynthetic activity of fibroblasts in culture]. 19846510515
[comparative capillaroscopic study of certain bioflavonoids and total triterpenic fractions of centella asiatica in venous insufficiency]. 19846238770
[centella asiatica extract in venous pathology of the lower limbs and its evaluation as compared with tribenoside]. 19826896366
[centella asiatica extract in venous disorders of the lower limbs. comparative clinico-instrumental studies with a placebo]. 19817037273
[use of a titrated extract of centella asiatica in chronic hepatic disorders (author's transl)].the authors report their preliminary results of a study of the possible therapeutic activity of a titrated extract of centella asiatica in chronic hepatic disorders. early results are encouraging, especially from a histological point of view, where improvement in the criteria evaluated was noted in 5 of the 12 patients treated for the longest time. these results have to be assessed in a critical manner until confirmation is obtained by complementary studies.2006230597
use of titrated extract of centella asiatica (teca) in bilharzial bladder lesions. 19734717500
[action of the titrated extract of centella asiatica in the cicatrization of leg ulcers (10 mg. tablets). apropos of 50 cases]. 19715153018
crude extract of centella asiatica and products derived from its glycosides as oral antifertility agents. 19685718539
[isolation of a new triterpenic acid from centella asiatica (l.) urb. of madagascar: madecassic acid]. 19674961798
[anthrone determination of the asiaticoside isolated from centella asiatica by quantitative chromatography on thin layers of glass powder]. 201514048142
[anthrone determination of asiaticoside, ester-oside of centella asiatica]. 196313990461
pharmacognostic study of merremia emarginata hallier & comparison with centella asiatica linn. 196214039163
[treatment of stubborn ulcers of the lower extremities with asiaticoside (centella asiatica)]. 196113861793
[on the treatment of cutaneous lesions with extract of "centella asiatica"]. 196013699523
[asiaticoside; active constituent of centella asiatica, initiating agent of the new growth in the early stage of cicatrization of skin ulcers]. 195713440135
[asiaticoside extracted from centella asiatica and its therapeutic uses in cicatrization of experimental and refractory wounds (leprosy, cutaneous tuberculosis and lupus)]. 195613337766
derivatives of centella asiatica used against leprosy. 194918224796
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