pharmacological review on centella asiatica: a potential herbal recent times, focus on plant research has increased all over the world. centella asiatica is an important medicinal herb that is widely used in the orient and is becoming popular in the west. triterpenoid, saponins, the primary constituents of centella asiatica are manly believed to be responsible for its wide therapeutic actions. apart from wound healing, the herb is recommended for the treatment of various skin conditions such as leprosy, lupus, varicose ulcers, eczema, psoriasis, diarrhoea ...201021694984
effects of acute gamma irradiation on physiological traits and flavonoid accumulation of centella the present study, two accessions of centella asiatica (ca03 and ca23) were subjected to gamma radiation to examine the response of these accessions in terms of survival rate, flavonoid contents, leaf gas exchange and leaf mass. radiation sensitivity tests revealed that based on the survival rate, the ld(50) (gamma doses that killed 50% of the plantlets) of the plantlets were achieved at 60 gy for ca03 and 40 gy for ca23. the nodal segments were irradiated with gamma rays at does of 30 and 40 ...201121694666
induction of root colonization by piriformospora indica leads to enhanced asiaticoside production in centella asiatica.centella asiatica (indian pennywort) has wide application in indian and chinese traditional medicines with documented evidence for wound healing and neuroprotective and anti-aging potential. asiaticoside, a trisaccharide triterpene, is the most medicinally active compound in the plant. β-amyrin synthase and squalene synthase have been identified as the two key genes in the triterpenoid pathway which regulate the production of asiaticoside in c. asiatica. the paper reports salient findings of our ...201221688071
irbic acid, a dicaffeoylquinic acid derivative from centella asiatica cell cultures.3,5-o-dicaffeoyl-4-o-malonilquinic acid (1) (irbic acid) has been isolated for the first time from cell cultures of centella asiatica and till now it has never been reported to be present in the intact plant. evidence of its structure was obtained by spectroscopic analyses (ms/nmr). besides 1, cell cultures produce also the known 3,5-o-dicaffeoylquinic acid, chlorogenic acid, and the triferulic acid 2 (4-o-8'/4'-o-8″-didehydrotriferulic acid). biological activities were evaluated for compound 1, ...201121635941
estimation of proximate composition, micronutrients and phytochemical compounds in traditional vegetables from andaman and nicobar present study, 10 preferred traditional vegetables from andaman and nicobar islands, india, were analysed for nutritional profiles. moisture content in their edible parts ranged from 83.43 to 94.78%. maximum ash content was recorded in portulaca oleracea, crude protein in colocasia esculenta, crude fibre in eryngium foetidum and fat in e. foetidum. phosphorus was maximum in ipomea aquatica, potassium in c. esculenta, zinc, calcium and manganese in centella asiatica, copper in sauropus androgy ...201121615278
carotenoid and mineral content of different morphotypes of centella asiatica l. (gotukola).six morphotypes of centella asiatica designated g(1), g(2), g(3), g(7), g(8) and g(12) were analyzed for carotenoid content, proximate components and selected dietary minerals. potassium was found to be the major element present in c. asiatica and the content in g(1) and g(3) (6,165.0 ± 125.8 mg/100 g dry weight) was significantly (p < 0.05) higher than all other morphotypes. c. asiatica is more popular for its higher contents of iron and calcium. however, no significant (p>0.05) differences in ...201121391792
a new ursane-type triterpenoid glycoside from centella asiatica leaves modulates the production of nitric oxide and secretion of tnf-α in activated raw 264.7 new ursane-type triterpenoid glycoside, asiaticoside g (1), five triterpenoids, asiaticoside (2), asiaticoside f (3), asiatic acid (4), quadranoside iv (5), and 2α,3β,6β-trihydroxyolean-12-en-28-oic acid 28-o-[α-l-rhamnopyranosyl-(1→4)-β-d-glucopyranosyl-(1→6)-β-d-glucopyranosyl] ester (6), and four flavonoids, kaempferol (7), quercetin (8), astragalin (9), and isoquercetin (10) were isolated from the leaves of centella asiatica. their chemical structures were elucidated by mass, 1d- and 2d- ...201121353543
gotu kola induced hepatotoxicity in a child - need for caution with alternative remedies. 201121334992
combination of flavonoids with centella asiatica and melilotus for diabetic cystoid macular edema without macular thickening.the purpose of this study was to evaluate the orally administered combination of flavonoids desmin and troxerutin with centella asiatica and melilotus for the treatment of diabetic cystoid macular edema (cme) without macular thickening.201121314440
the efficacy and side effects of oral centella asiatica extract for wound healing promotion in diabetic wound study clinical efficacy and side effects of the oral centella asiatica extract capsule in the diabetic wound healing. and to study the side effects of centella asiatica extract capsule.201021298840
triterpene composition and bioactivities of centella asiatica.leaves of centella asiatica (centella) were analysed for their triterpene composition and bioactivity such as collagen enhancement, antioxidant, anticellulite and uv protection capacity properties. triterpenes of centella were measured using hplc-pad on an excil ods 5 mm (c18) column for the simultaneous determination of asiatic acid, madecassic acid, asiaticoside and madecassoside. centella was found to contain significant amounts of madecassoside (3.10 ± 4.58 mg/ml) and asiaticoside (1.97 ± 2. ...201121278681
asiaticoside suppresses collagen expression and tgf-β/smad signaling through inducing smad7 and inhibiting tgf-βri and tgf-βrii in keloid fibroblasts.asiaticoside (ats) isolated from the leaves of centella asiatica possesses strong wound-healing properties and reduces scar formation. however, the specific effects of asiaticoside on the formation of keloidal scars remain unknown. in the present study, we evaluated the in vitro effects of asiaticoside on the proliferation, collagen expression, and transforming growth factor (tgf)-β/smad signaling of keloid-derived fibroblasts. fibroblasts isolated from keloid tissue and normal skin tissues were ...201121240513
optimization of an efficient semi-solid culture protocol for sterilization and plant regeneration of centella asiatica (l.) as a medicinal herb.the present study investigates the effects of different concentrations, as well as type of plant growth regulators (pgrs) and medium (ms, duchefa) on the growth and development of centella asiatica in semi-solid culture. in addition, a protocol for successful sterilization of c.asiatica explants prepared from field-grown plants highly exposed to fungal and bacterial contamination was determined. results for sterilization treatments revealed that applying hgcl₂ and plant preservative mixture (ppm ...201122439138
characterisation and immuno-stimulating activity of polysaccharides from thai medicinal plants.water-soluble polysaccharides were isolated from the tubers of butea superba roxb. and pueraria candollei wall. ex benth. var. mirifica (shaw et suvat.) c. niyomdham, the leaves of centella asiatica (l.) urb, ocimum basilicum l., psidium guajava and andrographis paniculata (burn. f.) nees, the stems of cymbopogon citratus (stapf exg), and the fruits of psidium guajava and scaphium scaphigerum. the immunological impacts of the polysaccharides on t-lymphocyte proliferation in vitro was investigate ...201020812129
carotenoid content and in vitro bioaccessibility of lutein in some leafy vegetables popular in sri lanka.lutein is one of the major carotenoids in green leafy vegetables (glvs), which show a marked antioxidant activity. the study was carried out to identify and quantify the carotenoid content of selected sri lankan glvs. rp-hplc with photodiode array detection method was followed for the separation, identification and quantification of carotenoids. among the vegetables analyzed, ipomoea batatas leaves showed the highest beta-carotene content (743.9+/-35.0 microg/g dry weight (dw)) while syngonium a ...201020651462
evaluation of the wound healing potentials of two subspecies of hypericum perforatum on cultured nih3t3 fibroblasts.for centuries, hypericum perforatum has been used in folk medicine to treat wounds. in the present study, the wound healing activities of extracts of h. perforatum ssp. perforatum (hpp) and h. perforatum ssp. veronense (hpv) were evaluated by comparing with a titrated extract of centella asiatica (teca) on nih3t3 fibroblasts. the cells were incubated with the extracts. using microscopical methods by staining cells, mitotic ability, morphological changes and collagen production in the fibroblasts ...201120632305
evaluation of an onion extract, centella asiatica, and hyaluronic acid cream in the appearance of striae rubra.this study evaluated the effect of an onion extract cream with centella asiatica and hyaluronic acid in improving the appearance of striae rubra (sr). women participants with bilateral, outer aspect of the thigh sr were randomized to apply a quarter-sized amount of the onion extract cream twice daily for 12 weeks to the randomized left or right, outer aspect of the thigh. no treatment was administered to the contralateral side. participants were evaluated at weeks 2, 4, 8, and 12. primary effica ...201020527138
total phenolic compounds, flavonoids, and radical scavenging activity of 21 selected tropical radical scavenging activity of 21 tropical plant extracts was evaluated using 1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl assay (dpph). total phenolic compounds and flavonoids were determined using folin-ciocalteu and hplc, respectively. results of the study revealed that all the plants tested exhibited excellent antioxidant activity with ic(50) in the range of 21.3 to 89.6 microg/ml. the most potent activity was demonstrated by cosmos caudatus (21.3 microg/ml) and piper betle (23.0 microg/ml) that are n ...201420492146
flavor characterization of sugar-added pennywort (centella asiatica l.) juices treated with ultra-high pressure and thermal processes.the flavor characteristics of pennywort juices with added sugar treated by ultra-high pressure, pasteurization, and sterilization were investigated using solid phase microextraction combined with gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. it was found that sesquiterpene hydrocarbons comprised the major class of volatile components present and the juices had a characteristic aroma due to the presence of volatiles including beta-caryophyllene and humulene and alpha-copaene. in comparison with heated ju ...201020492095
trends in aging and skin care: ayurvedic concepts.the association between ayurveda, anti-aging and cosmeceuticals is gaining importance in the beauty, health and wellness sector. ayurvedic cosmeceuticals date back to the indus valley civilization. modern research trends mainly revolve around principles of anti-aging activity described in ayurveda: vayasthapana (age defying), varnya (brighten skin-glow), sandhaniya (cell regeneration), vranaropana (healing), tvachya (nurturing), shothahara (anti-inflammatory), tvachagnivardhani (strengthening sk ...201021836797
two new triterpene glycosides from centella asiatica.phytochemical investigation of the leaves of centella asiatica resulted in the isolation and characterization of eight triterpenes and/or saponins [which were characterized as 23- o-acetylmadecassoside (1), asiatic acid (2), madecassic acid (3), asiaticoside c (4), asiaticoside f (5), asiaticoside (6), madecassoside (7), and 23- o-acetylasiaticoside b (8)] together with sitosterol 3-o-beta-glucoside ( 9), stigmasterol 3- o- beta-glucoside (10), and querectin-3- o-beta-d-glucuronide (11). a new u ...201020143295
contact dermatitis due to centella asiatica. 201020136880
pentacyclic triterpenoids from the medicinal herb, centella asiatica (l.) urban.centella asiatica accumulates large quantities of pentacyclic triterpenoid saponins, collectively known as centelloids. these terpenoids include asiaticoside, centelloside, madecassoside, brahmoside, brahminoside, thankuniside, sceffoleoside, centellose, asiatic-, brahmic-, centellic- and madecassic acids. the triterpene saponins are common secondary plant metabolites and are synthesized via the isoprenoid pathway to produce a hydrophobic triterpenoid structure (aglycone) containing a hydrophili ...200919924039
centella asiatica improves physical performance and health-related quality of life in healthy elderly volunteer.recently, oxidative stress has been reported to contribute an important role in the decline of physical function as age advances. numerous antioxidants can improve both physical and psychological performances resulting in the increase of health-related quality of life (hqol). therefore, we hypothesized that centella asiatica, a medicinal plant reputed for nerve tonic, strength improvement and antioxidant activity, could improve the physical performance and hqol especially in the physical satisfa ...201119880441
conversion of alpha-amyrin into centellosides by plant cell cultures of centella asiatica.plant cell cultures of centella asiatica produce small quantities of centellosides: madecassosid > asiaticosid > madecassic acid > asiatic acid. to obtain a more efficient production system of these bioactive triterpenoid compounds, we developed a process where the substrate, alpha-amyrin, was converted into centellosides by cell suspensions of c. asiatica. when alpha-amyrin in acetone was added at 0.01 mg/ml(-1) to the culture medium, together with the permeabilizing agent dmso, after 7 days ne ...201019838635
anti-inflammatory effects of madecassic acid via the suppression of nf-kappab pathway in lps-induced raw 264.7 macrophage cells.we have investigated the anti-inflammatory effects of madecassic acid and madecassoside isolated from centella asiatica (umbelliferae) on lipopolysaccharide (lps)-stimulated raw 264.7 murine macrophage cells. both madecassic acid and madecassoside inhibited the production of nitric oxide (no), prostaglandin e(2) (pge(2)), tumor necrosis factor-alpha (tnf-alpha), interleukin-1 beta (il-1beta), and il-6. however, madecassic acid more potently suppressed these inflammatory mediators than did madeca ...201019774506
an improved hplc-uv method for the simultaneous quantification of triterpenic glycosides and aglycones in leaves of centella asiatica (l.) urb (apiaceae).the simultaneous quantification of madecassoside, asiaticoside, madecassic acid and asiatic acid in centella asiatica by hplc-uv is proposed. asiaticoside was used as reference for the quantification of heterosides and asiatic acid for aglycones. the evaluation of the extraction efficiency of the four molecules led to use soxhlet extraction for 8 h. the method was validated and was found to be accurate in the concentration range of 1.0-3.0 mg/ml for asiaticoside and 0.5-2.0 mg/ml for asiatic aci ...200919349219
neuronutrient impact of ayurvedic rasayana therapy in brain aging.ayurveda is the oldest system of medicine in the world, its antiquity going back to the vedas. it adapts a unique holistic approach to the entire science of life, health and cure. the areas of special consideration in ayurveda are geriatrics, rejuvenation, nutrition, immunology, genetics and higher consciousness. the ayurvedic texts describe a set of rejuvenative measures to impart biological sustenance to the bodily tissues. these remedies are called rasayana which are claimed to act as micronu ...200818931935
[preparation of asiaticoside and madecassoside from the extract of centella asiatica (l.) urb using preparative high performance liquid chromatography].a high performance liquid chromatographic (hplc) method was successfully used to separate asiaticoside and madecassoside from the extract of centella asiatica (l.) urb. the raw material containing 20% asiaticoside and 45% madecassoside was dissolved in methanol and used for the preparation of the pure compounds. the flow rate of the mobile phase, injection volume and detection wavelength were optimized. the optimum operation parameters were then selected as follows: a c18 column (50 mm x 200 mm, ...200818724677
triterpenoid saponin content and the expression level of some related genes in calli of centella asiatica.centella asiatica has been extensively studied but there has been no report to date that relates gene expression and centelloside production in non-differentiated tissues. we have determined the content of the four principal triterpenoid bioactive compounds of c. asiatica (asiaticoside, madecassoside, asiatic acid and madecassic acid) in calli grown in different media and checked the expression level of some of the genes in the centelloside biosynthetic pathway. the results when compared with da ...200818575812
topical formulation of a new plant extract complex with refirming properties. clinical and non-invasive evaluation in a double-blind trial.we tested an otc formulation versus placebo in a double-blind trial to evaluate its ability to improve elasticity and firmness of the skin. the clinical non-invasive evaluation in 20 volunteers shows: 1. no adverse reactions such as itching or irritation 2. efficacy and cosmetic acceptibility of the test cream 3. an increase in electrical capacitance (moisture content) even though without statistical significance. this result is not surprising because the patients had healthy skin and were relat ...200018503475
enrichment and purification of madecassoside and asiaticoside from centella asiatica extracts with macroporous present study, the performance and separation characteristics of five macroporous resins for the enrichment and purification of asiaticoside and madecassoside from centella asiatica extracts have been evaluated. the adsorption and desorption properties of total triterpene saponins (80% purity) on macroporous resins including hpd100, hpd300, x-5, ab-8 and d101 have been compared. according to our results, hpd100 offered higher adsorption and desorption capacities and higher adsorption speed fo ...200818457845
two new flavonoids from centella asiatica (linn.).two new flavonoids named castilliferol 1 and castillicetin 2, as well as a known compound, isochlorogenic acid 3, were isolated from the whole plant of centella asiatica. isolates 1 and 2 exhibited good antioxidant activity using 2,2-diphenyl-1-picryl hydrazyl radical solution with ic(50) values of 23.10 and 13.30, respectively. the structures of these isolates were determined by analytical and spectral data, including 1-d and 2-d nmr spectra.200818404308
hepatotoxic slimming aids and other herbal hepatotoxins.perceptions of safety and/or cultural mores prompt individuals to seek herbal slimming aids in preference to conventional dietary, physical activity and medication-based protocols. in recent years, terpenoid-containing dietary supplements have been implicated in causing severe and sometimes fatal hepatotoxicity. teucrium polium (germander) was the first of these herbal products to be clearly linked to cases of acute liver failure. subsequently, similar hepatotoxicity has been observed with other ...200818318821
positive modulation of cognition and mood in the healthy elderly volunteer following the administration of centella asiatica.centella asiatica has a reputation to restore decline cognitive function in traditional medicine and in animal model. however, little evidence regarding the efficacy of centella asiatica from systematized trials is available. therefore, the present randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind study investigated the effect of centella asiatica on cognitive function of healthy elderly volunteer.200818191355
electrospun gelatin fiber mats containing a herbal-centella asiatica-extract and release characteristic of asiaticoside.ultra-fine gelatin (type a, porcine skin, ∼180 bloom) fiber mats containing a methanolic crude extract of centella asiatica (l.) urban, a medicinal plant widely known for its traditional medical applications including its wound healing ability, were fabricated, for the first time, from the neat gelatin solution (22% w/v in 70 vol% acetic acid) containing the crude extract (mca) in various amounts (i.e. 5-30 wt% based on the weight of gelatin powder) by electrospinning. incorporation of mca in th ...200821730522
a randomized, double-blind, vehicle-controlled, half-side comparison with a herbal ointment containing mahonia aquifolium, viola tricolor and centella asiatica for the treatment of mild-to-moderate atopic dermatitis.only a few clinical trials have been published on the topical treatment of atopic dermatitis with herbal ointments. an ointment containing extracts from mahonia aquifolium, viola tricolor and centella asiatica has previously been studied in open uncontrolled trials with children. however, no data exist on adult patients in a randomized controlled trial.200718077922
a novel triterpene from centella asiatica.a novel triterpene, 2alpha,3beta,20,23-tetrahydroxyurs-28-oic acid (1), was isolated from the aerial part of centella asiatica. its structure was elucidated by spectroscopic methods, including 2d-nmr spectra. it displayed no activity against hela and a549 cell lines at concentrations of 10 and 30 microg/ml, respectively.200617971739
[studies on chemical constituents in herb of centella asiatica].to study the chemical constituents from centella asiatica.200717802882
simultaneous quantitation of three major triterpenoid glycosides in centella asiatica extracts by high performance liquid chromatography with evaporative light scattering detection.a high-performance liquid chromatography method with evaporative light scattering detection was established for simultaneous determination of three major triterpenoid glycosides, i.e. asiaticoside, madecassoside and asiaticoside-b, in centella asiatica extracts. the optimal chromatographic conditions were achieved on a cosmosil 5c(18)-ms-ii column by constant elution with water (0.01% trifluoroacetic acid, v/v) and acetonitrile (1.0% methyl tert-butyl ether, 0.01% trifluoroacetic acid, v/v) (78: ...200817703474
[separation and determination of madecassic acid in triterpenic genins of centella asiatica by high performance liquid chromatography using beta-cyclodextrin as mobile phase additive].centella asiatica (l. ) urban is a tropical medicinal plant with a long history of therapeutic uses. madecassic acid and terminolic acid, which are a pair of structural isomers, are two constituents of centella asiatica. a method using reversed-phase high performance liquid chromatography in which beta-cyclodextrin (beta-cd) was the additive in mobile phase has been developed for separation of the structural isomers and determination of madecassic acid. the two compounds can be isolated with hig ...200717679419
chemical constituents of centella asiatica.studies on the chemical constituents of the aerial part of centella asiatica have led to the isolation of three new compounds, named centellin (1), asiaticin (2), and centellicin (3). their structures have been elucidated through spectral studies including 2d nmr experiments (hmqc, hmbc, (1)h-(1)h cosy, noesy and j resolved).200917613628
comparative analysis of active constituents in centella asiatica samples from madagascar: application for ex situ conservation and clonal propagation.a comparative quantitative analysis of the active triterpenoids in centella asiatica samples collected in different locations in madagascar was carried out to evaluate the natural variability in triterpenoid content and to select elite samples for further ex situ germplasm conservation and clonal propagation. the highest asiaticoside content (6.42%) was measured in samples collected in mangoro region. in vitro propagation of c. asiatica was successfully achieved in hormone-free medium. although ...200717560738
[determination of aisaticoside in centella asiatica extract by hplc-elsd].a hplc-elsd method was established for the simultaneous quantitative determination of asiaticoside in centella asiatica extract.200717552155
chemical components of centella asiatica and their bioactivities. 200717498500
safety and efficacy of a ginkgo biloba-containing dietary supplement on cognitive function, quality of life, and platelet function in healthy, cognitively intact older determine if a ginkgo biloba-containing supplement improves cognitive function and quality of life, alters primary hemostasis, and is safe in healthy, cognitively intact older adults.200717324660
[plant metabolites as nootropics and cognitives].nowadays several millions of people suffer from alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia. etiology of these diseases is not known very well. there occur different levels of neurotransmitters, the level of acetylcholine in the brain is decreased and pathological changes affect the brain tissue. organic and toxic damage of the brain, free radicals, and other changes participate in the development of these diseases. drugs as nootropics, cognitives, and neuroprotectives are commonly used to t ...200617128592
the effect of methyl jasmonate on triterpene and sterol metabolisms of centella asiatica, ruscus aculeatus and galphimia glauca cultured plants.considering that exogenously applied methyl jasmonate can enhance secondary metabolite production in a variety of plant species and that 2,3-oxidosqualene is a common precursor of triterpenes and sterols in plants, we have studied centella asiatica and galphimia glauca (both synthesizing triterpenoid secondary compounds) and ruscus aculeatus (which synthesizes steroidal secondary compounds) for their growth rate and content of free sterols and respective secondary compounds, after culturing with ...200616876832
[efficiency of includes of bioactive substances in diet of patient with hepatic encephalopathy].we includes 66 patients with liver cirrhosis of child-pugh b class with hepatic encephalopathy of 0 to 2nd stages in randomized interventional study. 36 patients received standard treatment and 30 patients received standard treatment + bioactive substances in formula cognoblend in capsules (2 capsules twice a day) in course of 5 weeks. formula includes extracts of plants: bacopa monneria, gingko biloba, cat's claw, gotu kola, rosemary. in group combined treatment was significant improvement of c ...200616729760
night eating syndrome and gotu kola. 201516445150
identification of triterpenoid compounds of centella asiatica by thin-layer chromatography and mass spectrometry.the identification of the four principal triterpenoid components of centella asiatica has been achieved by tlc on silica gel plates and mass spectrometry, as a modification of the method described in the european pharmacopoeia (5th edn). a combination of ethyl acetate and methanol as the mobile phase was found to be successful in separating these compounds from the rest of the main components of the extract. the spots were detected with anisaldehyde solution. the separated compounds were confirm ...200616206136
phlebotonics for venous insufficiency.chronic venous insufficiency (cvi) is a common condition caused by inadequate blood flow through the veins, usually in the lower limbs. it can result in considerable discomfort with symptoms such as pain, itchiness and tiredness in the legs. sufferers may also experience swelling and ulcers. phlebotonics are a class of drugs that are often used to treat cvi.200516034893
adjunctive periodontal treatment with centella asiatica and punica granatum extracts in supportive periodontal therapy.centella asiatica and punica granatum are medicinal plants that have been reported to promote tissue healing and modulate host responses. preliminary study revealed positive clinical effects of an innovative preparation from the two herbal extracts in the form of biodegradable chips as a subgingival adjunct to scaling and root planing. the purpose of this research was to evaluate further augmenting efficacy the combined herbal preparation may have among maintenance patients in comparison to stan ...200516022023
[topical chemotherapy for the treatment of burns].a burn is a tissue lesion which provokes different alterations that vary from topical erythema to total destruction of the structures affected. a burn always produces an alteration in the skin, a lesion in the corneal strata is sufficient to cause the skin to lose its capacity to act as a barrier. the objective the treatment for a burn has is to produce epithelization as soon as possible in order to prevent infection and to reduce functional and esthetic aftereffects. infection is the main cause ...200515981974
cloning of a cdna probably encoding oxidosqualene cyclase associated with asiaticoside biosynthesis from centella asiatica (l.) urban.a homology-based pcr method was used to clone a cdna encoding oxidosqualene cyclase from centella asiatica, which produces a large quantity of triterpene saponins such as asiaticoside and madecassoside. sequence analysis of one clone found sequences related to beta-amyrin synthase. an open reading frame in the full-length clone was named cabas (centella asiatica putative beta-amyrin synthase). on the basis of amino acid sequence, cabas appears to be an enzyme (beta-amyrin synthase) that synthesi ...200515834571
hepatotoxicity associated with the ingestion of centella asiatica.hepatotoxicity due to herbal remedies is being increasingly recognized. centella asiatica (centella asiatica linn urban) is commercialized for multiple conditions. its active principles are pentacyclic triterpenic saponosides (asiaticoside, madecassoside).200515801887
preliminary immunomodulatory activities of methanol extracts of eclipta alba and centella attempt has been made to assess the immunomodulatory activity of methanol extracts of whole plant of e. alba (1.6% wedelolactone) and c. asiatica (0.18% of asiaticoside) at five dose levels (dose-response relationship) ranging from 100 to 500 mg/kg body wt. using carbon clearance, antibody titer and cyclophosphamide immunosuppression parameters. in the case of e. alba, the phagocytic index and antibody titer increased significantly and the f ratios of the phagocytic index and wbc count were a ...200415185851
[effect of total triterpenes from centella asiatica on the depression behavior and concentration of amino acid in forced swimming mice].to evaluate the antidepressant activity of total triterpenes from centella asiatica in forced swimming test.200315058206
adjunctive periodontal treatment with centella asiatica and punica granatum extracts. a preliminary study.centella asiatica and punica granatum are medicinal herbs that have been reported to promote tissue healing and modulate host responses. the purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of the combined extracts from c. asiatica and p. granatum pericarp on periodontal healing following scaling and root planing in adult periodontitis patients.200314604059
structure and potential immunological activity of a pectin from centella asiatica (l.) urban.s3a was a rg-i pectin isolated from centella asiatica that contained rha, ara, gal, glc and gala in molar ratio of 1.0:0.6:1.5:0.2:1.1 and had been found to have a backbone composed mainly of the disaccharide repeat unit, -->4)-alpha-d-galpa-(1-->2)-alpha-l-rhap-(1-->. based on methylation analysis, naio4 oxidation, partial acid hydrolysis and lithium-treatment, the structural features were elucidated. side chains of s3a were predominantly linked to o-4 of 1,2,4-linked alpha-l-rhap. the side cha ...200314572724
an improved hplc method for quantitative determination of six triterpenes in centella asiatica extracts and commercial improved hplc qualitative and quantitative method of six triterpenes (asiaticoside, madecassoside, asiatic acid, madecassic acid, terminolic acid, and asiaticoside-b) in centella asiatica (raw plant material and preparations) is described in this paper. after 50 minutes the six active triterpenes were separated and detected in the methanolic extract at a limit of 0.01 microg/ml. the method uses a phenomenex aqua 5mu c18 (200 a) column as the stationary phase, a gradient mobile phase of water ...200312856998
anti-oxidant activity of centella asiatica on lymphoma-bearing mice.oral treatment with 50 mg x kg(-1) day(-1) of crude methanol extract of centella asiatica for 14 days significantly increased the anti-oxidant enzymes, like superoxide dismutase (sod), catalase and glutathione peroxidase (gshpx), and anti-oxidants like glutathione (gsh) and ascorbic acid decreased in lymphoma-bearing mice.200312837356
[resources distribution and pharamacognostic identification of centella asiatica (l.) urban produced in china].to investigate the resources distribution and morphological histology of centella asiatica distributed in china, and offer evidences for exploiting the plant resources and drafting the quality standards.200012512431
immunomodulating effects of rasayana drugs in diabetics - a clinical study.immune system plays an important role in pathogenesis of diabetes (dm). besides hypoglycaemics, rasayanas are indicated in the management of dm. in several studies the immunomodulatroy potentials of rasayanas have been proved. a clinical trial of three rasayana drugs, asparagus recemosus (ar). bacopa monnieri (bm) and centella asiatica (ca) was carried out in diabetics. in this study, diabetics were found to have significantly lower levels of serum igg, increased serum iga and comparable levels ...200222557085
modification of the echogenicity of femoral plaques after treatment with total triterpenic fraction of centella asiatica: a prospective, randomized, placebo-controlled trial.the aim of this study was to evaluate whether ttfca (total triterpenic fraction of centella asiatica), was effective, by modulating collagen production, in a period of 12 months, increasing the echogenicity of echolucent plaques at the femoral bifurcation. hypoechoic atherosclerotic plaques have been found to be associated with an increased evidence of cerebrovascular events. in this type of plaques stromal composition is limited as the collagen component is generally very low; the plaque compos ...200111666127
total triterpenic fraction of centella asiatica in the treatment of venous hypertension: a clinical, prospective, randomized trial using a combined microcirculatory model.a single-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized study was performed on the effects of different doses of the total triterpenic fraction of centella asiatica (ttfca) in patients with venous hypertensive microangiopathy. a combined microcirculatory model that considers laser doppler flowmetry (ldf) and transcutaneous oxygen (po2), transcutaneous carbon dioxide tension (pco2) measurements was combined with the symptom evaluation. ldf tests included the baseline resting flow, the venoarteriolar refle ...200111666126
treatment of edema and increased capillary filtration in venous hypertension with total triterpenic fraction of centella asiatica: a clinical, prospective, placebo-controlled, randomized, dose-ranging trial.the variation of capillary filtration rate (cfr), ankle circumference (ac), and ankle edema (ae) was evaluated in three groups of patients with venous hypertension (ambulatory venous pressure >42 mm hg) and in a group of normal subjects before and after treatment for 4 weeks with total triterpenic fraction of centella asiatica (ttfca), a venoactive drug acting on the microcirculation and on capillary permeability. group a (20 patients)was treated with ttfca 60 mg thrice daily, group b (20 patien ...200111666125
evaluation of treatment of diabetic microangiopathy with total triterpenic fraction of centella asiatica: a clinical prospective randomized trial with a microcirculatory model.fifty patients with diabetic microangiopathy were studied by laser doppler flowmetry (measuring skin blood flow at rest) (rf) and the venoarteriolar response (var), by transcutaneous po2 and pco2 measurements, and by capillary permeability evaluation (rate of ankle swelling [ras]). thirty of these patients were treated for 6 months with total triterpenic fraction of centella asiatica (ttfca) (60 mg twice daily), a drug active on microcirculation and capillary permeability. a control group of ten ...200111666124
microcirculatory effects of total triterpenic fraction of centella asiatica in chronic venous hypertension: measurement by laser doppler, tcpo2-co2, and leg volumetry.the aim of this prospective, randomized study was to demonstrate whether an oral preparation of ttfca was effective in improving the microcirculation and edema (leg volume) in venous microangiopathy. forty patients with venous hypertension were included. treatment was prescribed for 6 weeks (tablets, 60 mg twice daily). patients were randomized into a treatment and a placebo group. there were 20 patients in each group. in the treatment group the mean age was 42 (sd 7; m:f = 10:10); in the placeb ...200111666123
flight microangiopathy in medium- to long-distance flights: prevention of edema and microcirculation alterations with total triterpenic fraction of centella asiatica.the aim of this study was the evaluation of microcirculatory alterations associated with edema in passengers travelling for more than 3 hours and the study of the effects of ttfca (total triterpenic fraction of centella asiatica) on the development of microcirculation alterations and edema, in a prospective, randomized study. laser doppler flowmetry (ldf), transcutaneous po2 and pco2, rate of ankle swelling (ras) were used. subjects were randomized after informed consent into two groups: one con ...200111666121
treatment of diabetic microangiopathy and edema with total triterpenic fraction of centella asiatica: a prospective, placebo-controlled randomized study.the aim of this study was to demonstrate in a prospective, placebo-controlled, randomized study, whether total triterpenic fraction of centella asiatica (ttfca) is effective in improving the microcirculation in diabetic microangiopathy and neuropathy, patients with severe diabetic microangiopathy, neuropathy, and edema; patients with microangiopathy without neuropathy; and healthy subjects were included. microangiopathy was defined by laser doppler and capillary filtration (rate on ankle swellin ...200111666119
increase in echogenicity of echolucent carotid plaques after treatment with total triterpenic fraction of centella asiatica: a prospective, placebo-controlled, randomized trial.the aim of this study was to evaluate whether total triterpenic fraction of centella asiatica (ttfca), was effective in modulating collagen production over 12 months, by producing an increase in echogenicity in echolucent carotid plaques. part i was a pilot study aimed at evaluating the effects of ttfca on different types of plaques. part ii was a prospective, randomized, placebo-controlled trial aimed at evaluating the effects of ttfca on hypoechoic-echolucent plaques. the sonographic examinati ...200111666118
effects of the total triterpenic fraction of centella asiatica in venous hypertensive microangiopathy: a prospective, placebo-controlled, randomized trial.the aim of this study was to demonstrate whether total triterpenic fraction of centella asiatica (ttfca), was effective in improving the microcirculation in venous hypertension and microangiopathy. forty patients with severe venous hypertension, ankle swelling, lipodermatosclerosis were included. after informed consent, patients were randomized into a treatment and a placebo group: those in the treatment group received ttfca (tablets, 60 mg, twice daily for 8 weeks). the two groups of subjects w ...200111666117
medicinal foodstuffs. xxvii. saponin constituents of gotu kola (2): structures of new ursane- and oleanane-type triterpene oligoglycosides, centellasaponins b, c, and d, from centella asiatica cultivated in sri lanka.ursane- and oleanane-type triterpene oligoglycosides, centellasaponins b, c, and d, were isolated from the aerial parts of centella asiatica (l.) urban cultivated in sri lanka together with madecassoside, asiaticoside, asiaticoside b, and sceffoleoside a. the chemical structures of centellasaponins b, c, and d were determined on the basis of chemical and physicochemical evidence to be madecassic acid 28-o-beta-d-glucopyranosyl(1-->6)-beta-d-glucopyranoside, madasiatic acid 28-o-alpha-l-rhamnopyr ...200111605675
in vitro keratinocyte antiproliferant effect of centella asiatica extract and triterpenoid saponins.psoriasis is a hyperproliferative skin disorder estimated to be present in 1-3% of most populations. conventional therapy using corticosteroids, vitamin d analogs and cytotoxic agents eg psoralens is associated with low success rate and many side effects. traditional plant remedies may provide leads for new treatments. a rapid-throughput, in vitro bioassay has been utilised to examine plants for inhibitory effects on the growth of svk-14 keratinocytes. centella asiatica, a reputed anti-psoriatic ...200111417919
development of a novel dosage form for intramuscular injection of titrated extract of centella asiatica in a mixed micellar system.titrated extract of centella asiatica (teca), a drug used in treating systemic scleroderma, is poorly water-soluble. a conventional dosage form for the intramuscular injection of teca, propylene glycol (pg)-based teca solution, causes severe pain after intramuscular injection. to improve the solubility of teca and reduce pain after injection, mixed micellar systems composed of 10% surfactant mixture (tween 20 and tween 85) and 90% phosphate-buffered saline, ph 7.0 (pbs) were prepared. as the rat ...200111376976
[effectiveness of the combination of alpha tocopherol, rutin, melilotus, and centella asiatica in the treatment of patients with chronic venous insufficiency].the aim of this comparative clinical study was to evaluate the efficacy of the association of alphatocopherol, rutin, melilotus officinalis, and centella asiatica with oral administration in patients with chronic venous insufficiency.200111292962
standardisation and quality evaluation of centella asiatica linn.centella asiatica linn. is a well-known medicinal herb used in various types of diseases, it was noticed that the herb is being heavily adulterated with the cheaper substances. a critical stud of the authentic and maker samples (available in powder for) s carried out to study current status of the drug in the local market. powder analysis of the market samples shoes fragments of sclerenchymatous net, which is a characteristic feature of some umbelliferous fruits. occurrence of prismatic crystals ...200122557022
chemical, pharmacological and clinical profile of the east asian medical plant centella asiatica.centella asiatica is a medicinal plant that has been in use since prehistoric times. its active constituents include pentacyclic triterpene derivatives. studies have been conducted in particular to investigate the madecassosides and asiaticosides. in common with most traditional phytotherapeutic agents, centella asiatica is used in folk medicine to treat a wide range of indications. in contrast to other medicinal plants, however, centella asiatica has been subjected to quite extensive experiment ...200011081995
new innovations in scar current aesthetic surgical techniques become more standardized and results more predictable, a fine scar may be the demarcating line between acceptable and unacceptable aesthetic results. with this in mind, a scar management program has been adopted based on the modalities of wound support, hydration, and hastened maturity, all factors gleaned from scientific evidence published over the past 25 years. tension on a scar in one axis will result in a stretched scar, probably initiated by neutrop ...201510890953
individuals at risk of coronary heart disease (chd), its prevention and management by an indigenous compound.a variety of rist factors have been suspected for causing the coronary heart disease. 406 cases of both sex groups with age range of 35 to 55 years were selected from three distinct localities of varanasi city. individuals who reported single or more risk factors of chd were isolated from the population of the particular areas. after a detailed preliminary screening of the subjects various physical, physiological, psychological and biochemical measurements were carried out. other basis of initia ...200022556998
creams for preventing stretch marks in pregnancy.many women develop stretch marks (striae gravidarum) during pregnancy. a number of creams have been used to remove these stretch marks.200010796111
dietary supplements used in the treatment of depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders.dietary supplement use has increased during the past decade. epidemiologic studies suggest that patients turn to dietary supplements because of a reluctance to take prescription medications or a lack of satisfaction with the results. they often perceive dietary supplements to be a safer or more natural alternative. patients with mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders, are among those who use dietary supplements. st. john's wort is used to treat depression. c ...201510711131
testing wound-healing activity in t15 fibroblast cultures: a morphometric analysis.the purpose was to evaluate the use of mouse t15 fibroblast cell cultures for the investigation of wound-healing activity. in order to investigate their mechanisms of action, the effects of drugs with wound-healing activities were compared by using morphometric analyses by microscopy after cell staining. a number of parameters were used to evaluate the effects of titrated extracts from centella asiatica and dexpanthenol (drugs that have been used in medical practice for their wound-healing activ ...201425406104
characterization of an ursane triterpenoid from centella asiatica with growth inhibitory activity against spilarctia obliqua.a new triterpenoid glycoside 3-o-[a-l-arabinopyranosyl] 2 a, 3 ß , 6 ß , 23-a tetrahydroxyurs-12-ene-28-oic acid ( 1 ) accompanied by 6ß-hydroxyasiatic acid and asiatic acid were isolated from centella asiatica . the structure of 1 was established by physicochemical data. compound 1 exhibited dose-dependent growth inhibitory activity against larvae of spilarctia obliqua but was not as active as azadirachtin.200021214472
extraction and analysis of cosmetic active ingredients from an anti-cellulitis transdermal delivery system by high-performance liquid chromatography.a new transdermal delivery system that controls cellulitis is evaluated using reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography coupled with photodiode array detection. an extraction procedure and the validation of the analytical method to assay the active excipients from the centella asiatica plant (asiaticoside, madacessic acid, and asiatic acid) are described. excellent results ae obtained in terms of linearity, accuracy, and specificity of the analytical method.199910065405
quantitative determination of triterpenes in extracts and phytopreparations of centella asiatica (l.) urban.a new method for separation and quantitative determination of triterpenes in centella asiatica herb and its pharmaceutical preparations has been developed. separation of all pharmacologically relevant triterpenes (asiaticoside, madecassoside, asiatic- and madecassic acid) was achieved by hplc employing the reversed-phase separation system acetonitrile/water on rp18 columns at a detection wavelength of 205 nm. quantification was carried out by the method of external standard with calibration curv ...199623194862
allergic contact dermatitis due to centella asiatica: a new case.we report a new case of allergic contact dermatitis due to centella asiatica, a weak sensitizer. patch tests with centella asiatica at different vehicles and in different concentrations were carried out. regarding our results, we suggest as a routine procedure to start with 1% pet, and when the test remains negative 10% pet and 2% eth 70 degrees could be used.20108766746
allergic contact dermatitis from butoxyethyl nicotinic acid and centella asiatica extract. 19958706410
allergic contact dermatitis due to centella asiatica extract. 19947821029
amino acid analysis of intellan, a herbal product used in enhancing brain function.analysis of the drug "intellan" and two reputed plants i.e. centella asiatica and herpestis monniera used in the preparation of the drug reveals that glutamic and aspartic acids are present in high concentration in the drug and are also required by brain in high concentration to keep itself in higher gears. both these amino acids are used as neurotransmitters and also in stabilizing and stimulating the activities of brain, thus resulting in better performance.199416414752
[the microcirculatory activity of centella asiatica in venous insufficiency. a double-blind study].in 87 patients with chronic venous hypertensive microangiopathy the efficacy of oral fttca (centella asiatica) administered for 60 days was tested. the microcirculatory effects of two dosages (30 mg bid and 60 mg bid) versus placebo was assessed in a double blind study. the compound was well tolerated and no unwanted effects were observed. microcirculatory parameters--peri-malleolar skin flux at rest (rf) and transcutaneous po2 and pco2--improved as did the abnormally increased rf, pco2 decrease ...19947936334
pharmacognostic studies on centella asiatica (l) urban.the paper deals with pharmacognosy of centella asiatica (l.) urban, including its morphological, anatomical, chemical constituents and powder analysis. stomata are mostly anisotricytic, isotricytic and few tetracytic. sphaero-crystals of calcium oxalate are observed in palisade, spongy and ground parenchyma of leaf lamina, petiole and rhizome and absent in roots. uniseriate flagellate conical hairs present only on abaxial surface of leaf and all over the petiole. the venation is palmatous actino ...199322556625
enhancement of the attachment on microcarriers and tpa production by fibroblast cells in a serum-free medium by the addition of the extracts of centella asiatica.the addition of ethanol extracts of centella asiatica showed a remarkable enhancement of fibroblast cells attachment to cytodex beads in serum-free (sf) medium. it also improves tpa production in both batch and perfusion cultivations. the optimal concentration for sf medium was determined as 2 ppm of the extracts when using cytodex iii. in batch cultivation a high specific tpa production rate was obtained, compared to that from 5% fbs containing medium. however, a fast specific growth rate was o ...19937764663
[activity of centella asiatica in venous insufficiency].in this a review concerning ttfca, its effects on metabolism in the connective tissue of the vascular wall and on the microcirculation are presented and discussed. this compound is effective in venous insufficiency, reducing ankle edema, foot swelling, capillary filtration rate and by improving microcirculatory parameters (rf, var po2-pco2). ttfca displays a significant activity in venous hypertensive microangiopathy and its effects are dose-dependent.19921528498
allergic contact dermatitis from a cream containing centella asiatica extract. 19921387057
triterpenoids and their glycosides from the bark of schefflera octophylla.a new triterpene and its glycosides were isolated from the bark of schefflera octophylla together with asiatic acid and asiaticoside. based on spectroscopic data, especially 2dnmr, and chemical transformations the structures of the new compounds were determined as 3 alpha-hydroxy-urs-12-ene-23,28-dioic acid and 3 alpha-hydroxy-urs-12-ene-23,28-dioic acid 28-o-[alpha-l-rhamnopyranosyl (1----4)-o-beta-d-glucopyranosyl (1----6)]-beta-d-glucopyranoside. for the first time asiaticoside was isolated f ...19921367880
centella asiatica triterpenic fraction (cattf) reduces the number of circulating endothelial cells in subjects with post phlebitic we report a study performed in order to assess the number of circulating endothelial cells (ec) in normal subjects and in patients with postphlebitic syndrome (pps), and the effect of treatment with centella asiatica triterpenic fraction (cattf), a drug which has been demonstrated to be effective in promoting wound healing in vivo. ec counts were determined by means of differential centrifugation and phase contrast microscopy. patients with pps showed an increased number of circulating ec i ...20041743599
prophylaxis of striae gravidarum with a topical formulation. a double blind trial.synopsis a prophylactic antistriae cream (centella asiatica extract, alpha-tocopherol, and collagen-elastin hydrolisates) was assessed by a double blind trial in 80 pregnant women. in the placebo group 22 women (56%) presented striae, whereas in the treated group only 14 women (34%) developed striae in this pregnancy; this difference was significant (p < 0.05; chi(2) test). an arbitrary score was designed to assess the intensity of striae (from 0 to 3); this score was 1.42 (sd 0.5) in the treate ...199119291041
improvement of capillary permeability in patients with venous hypertension after treatment with ttfca.the vsc (vacuum suction chamber) device, a new system to evaluate local capillary permeability, was used with laser doppler flowmetry to study variations of permeability and of the microcirculation in 10 normal subjects; in 22 patients with moderate, superficial venous hypertension; and in 12 patients with postphlebitic limbs and severe venous hypertension. all these patients had distal (ankle and foot edema) in the evening. after a first assessment these subjects were studied again after two we ...19902389834
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