centella asiatica extract selectively decreases amyloid beta levels in hippocampus of alzheimer's disease animal model.psapp mice expressing the 'swedish' amyloid precursor protein and the m146l presenilin 1 mutations are a well-characterized model for spontaneous amyloid beta plaque formation. centella asiatica has a long history of use in india as a memory enhancing drug in ayurvedic literature. the study investigated whether centella asiatica extract (cae) can alter the amyloid pathology in psapp mice by administering cae (2.5 or 5.0 g/kg/day) starting at 2 months of age prior to the onset of detectable amylo ...200919048607
comparison of the effects of collagenase and extract of centella asiatica in an experimental model of wound healing: an immunohistochemical and histopathological this study, we compared the effects of collagenase and centella asiatica in the rat model. twenty-seven female rats were divided into three groups, and two full-thickness wounds were made for each animal. collagenase ointment was applied topically to group i and c. asiatica ointment to group ii rats. in group iii, no treatment was applied. on the third day of treatment, wounds on the left side of three animals of each group were excised. on the fifth and eighth day of the treatments, the same ...200819128262
wound-healing activity of st. john's wort (hypericum perforatum l.) on chicken embryonic fibroblasts.wound-healing effect of st. john's wort (hypericum perforatum l.) extract was evaluated by comparing with dexpanthenol and titrated extract of centella asiatica (teca) on cultured chicken embryonic fibroblasts. chicken embryonic fibroblasts from fertilized eggs were incubated with the plant extract, dexpanthenol and teca. using microscopical methods by staining cells, mitotic ability, morphologic changes and collagen production in the cultured fibroblasts were evaluated as parameters to approach ...200717156955
madecassoside attenuates inflammatory response on collagen-induced arthritis in dba/1 mice.madecassoside (ma), a triterpenoid product isolated from centella asiatica, has been described to exhibit antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities. the present study was undertaken to determine whether madecassoside (ma) is efficacious against collagen-induced arthritis (cia) in mice and its possible mechanisms. dba/1j mice were immunized with bovine type ii collagen and treated with ma (3, 10 and 30 mg/kg d, i.g.) from days 21 to 42 after immunization. arthritis was evaluated by hind paw sw ...200919135346
determination of asiatic acid in beagle dog plasma after oral administration of centella asiatica extract by precolumn derivatization rp-hplc.a novel precolumn derivatization reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography (rp-hplc) method with uv-vis detection for the quantitative determination of total concentration of asiatic acid (aa) in beagle dog plasma is described. aa was extracted with n-hexane-dichloromethane-2-propanol (20:10:1, v/v/v) from plasma, which had been hydrolyzed by acid and derivatized with p-toluidine. chromatographic separation was achieved on a c(18) column using gradient elution in a water-methanol sys ...200919167274
in vitro and in vivo modulation of cartilage degradation by a standardized centella asiatica fraction.osteoarthritis (oa) is a degenerative joint disease in which focal cartilage destruction is one of the primary features. the present study aims to evaluate the effect of a centella asiatica fraction on in vitro and in vivo cartilage degradation. bovine cartilage explants and bovine chondrocytes cultured in alginate were stimulated with il-1 beta in the presence or absence of different concentrations (2, 5 and 10 microg/ml) of a standardized centella asiatica triterpenes (cat) fraction. the cat f ...200919307458
modulation of lipid metabolism by centella asiatica in oxidative stress rats.a study was carried out to investigate the effects of centella asiatica leaf on lipid metabolism of oxidative stress rats. the rats were fed 0.1% hydrogen peroxide (h(2)o(2)) with either 0.3% (w/w) c. asiatica extract, 5%c. asiatica powder (w/w), or 0.3% (w/w) alpha-tocopherol for 25 wk. results of the study showed that c. asiatica powder significantly (p < 0.05) lowered serum low-density lipoprotein compared to that of control rats (rats fed h(2)o(2) only). at the end of the study c. asiatica-f ...200919323754
asiatic acid, a pentacyclic triterpene from centella asiatica, is neuroprotective in a mouse model of focal cerebral ischemia.asiatic acid, a triterpenoid derivative from centella asiatica, has shown biological effects such as antioxidant, antiinflammatory, and protection against glutamate- or beta-amyloid-induced neurotoxicity. we investigated the neuroprotective effect of asiatic acid in a mouse model of permanent cerebral ischemia. various doses of asiatic acid (30, 75, or 165 mg/kg) were administered orally at 1 hr pre- and 3, 10, and 20 hr postischemia, and infarct volume and behavioral deficits were evaluated at ...200919382233
a new herbal combination, etana, for enhancing erectile function: an efficacy and safety study in animals.we present herein a new herbal combination called etana that is composed of five herbal extracts including panax quinquelotius (ginseng), eurycoma longifolia (tongkat ali), epimedium grandiflorum (horny goat weed), centella asiatica (gotu kola) and flower pollen extracts. most of the above-mentioned extracts have a long historical and traditional use for erectile dysfunction (ed). on the basis of the mechanism of action of each of the above, a combination is introduced to overcome several physio ...200919494825
protection of dna and membranes from gamma-radiation induced damages by centella asiatica.the objective of the present study was to examine the ability of centella asiatica extract to offer protection to dna and membranes against the deleterious effects of ionizing radiation exposure.200919589237
asiatic acid induces colon cancer cell growth inhibition and apoptosis through mitochondrial death cascade.cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world. the triterpenoid compound asiatic acid derived from the tropical medicinal plant centella asiatica displays cytotoxic activity on fibroblast cells and several other kinds of cells. the present work studies asiatic acid-mediated growth inhibition of cancer cells and the underlying mechanism. asiatic acid markedly inhibited cancer cell proliferation. apoptosis of sw480 human colon cancer cells was induced by asiatic acid as shown by flow c ...200919652380
characterization of a dammarenediol synthase in centella asiatica (l.) elucidate the exact function of cabas in centella asiatica, which was previously reported as a putative beta-amyrin synthase [plant cell rep, 24:304-311, 2005], this gene was functionally expressed in the lanosterol synthase-deficient yeast mutant (erg7). after inducing the cabas gene with galactose, a peak consistent with the dammarenediol standard was detected in lc/apcims analyses and the accumulated product was confirmed as dammarenediol. cabas should therefore be renamed to c. asiatica d ...200919796960
adulticidal and larvicidal efficacy of some medicinal plant extracts against tick, fluke and mosquitoes.the adulticidal and larvicidal effect of indigenous plant extracts were investigated against the adult cattle tick haemaphysalis bispinosa neumann, 1897 (acarina: ixodidae), sheep fluke paramphistomum cervi zeder, 1790 (digenea: paramphistomatidae), fourth instar larvae of malaria vector, anopheles subpictus grassi and japanese encephalitis vector, culex tritaeniorhynchus giles (diptera: culicidae). the aim of this study was to evaluate the toxic effect of leaf hexane, chloroform, ethyl acetate, ...200919819626
antioxidant and cytotoxic activities of centella asiatica (l) the present study, the phenolic (folin-dennis) and flavonoid (colorimetric assay) constituents, antioxidant [2,2-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl hydrate (dpph) assay] and cytotoxic activities of an aqueous extract (ae) of centella asiatica leaves were investigated. the aqueous extract (50 g/l) was obtained by infusion followed by cold maceration for 24 h. the levels of phenolic and flavonoid compounds were 2.86 g/100 g and 0.361 g/100 g, respectively. the ae showed elevated dpph scavenging activity ...200919865514
3,5-dicaffeoyl-4-malonylquinic acid reduced oxidative stress and inflammation in a experimental model of inflammatory bowel disease.the aim of the present study was to examine the effects of 3,5-dicaffeoyl-4-malonylquinic acid (ca1), extract from centella asiatica, in rats subjected to experimental colitis.201019886745
prophylaxis with centella asiatica confers protection to prepubertal mice against 3-nitropropionic-acid-induced oxidative stress in brain.while the usage of centella asiatica (ca) is on the increase worldwide, evidence demonstrating its protective efficacy against neurotoxicants is scarce. hence the present study aimed to understand the neuroprotective efficacy of a standardized aqueous extract of ca against 3-nitropropionic-acid(3-npa)-induced oxidative stress in the brain of prepubertal mice. we assessed the degree of oxidative stress in cytoplasm of brain regions of male mice (4 wk- old) given ca prophylaxis (5 mg/kg bw) for 10 ...201019943239
neuroprotective effect of centella asiatica extract (cae) on experimentally induced parkinsonism in aged sprague-dawley rats.reactive oxygen species (ros) play an important role in ageing and age-related neurodegenerative changes including parkinson's disease (pd). pd is characterized by signs of major oxidative stress and mitochondrial damage in the pars compacta of the substantia nigra. present study was designed to investigate whether the centella asiatica extract (cae) would prevent 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine (mptp)-induced neurotoxicity in aged sprague-dawley rats. adult, male sprague-dawley rat ...201020118623
evaluation of the anticonvulsant effect of centella asiatica (gotu kola) in pentylenetetrazol-induced seizures with respect to cholinergic neurotransmission.the study described here was carried out to investigate the anticonvulsant effect of different extracts of centella asiatica with respect to cholinergic activity on pentylenetetrazol (ptz)-induced seizures. rats were randomly divided into eight groups of six rats each: nonepileptic rats treated with saline; ptz (60 mg/kg, ip)-induced seizure rats treated with saline; ptz-induced seizure rats pretreated with n-hexane, chloroform, ethyl acetate, n-butanol, and water extracts of c. asiatica; and pt ...201020144879
apoptosis induction of centella asiatica on human breast cancer cells.the present study evaluated the ability of methanolic extract of centella asiatica (linn) urban (umbelliferae) to induce apoptosis in different cancer cell lines. mcf-7 cells emerged as the most sensitive cell line for in vitro growth inhibitory activity. c. asiatica extract induced apoptosis in mcf-7 cells as indicated by nuclear condensation, increased annexin staining, loss of mitochondrial membrane potential and induction of dna breaks identified by tunel reactivity. it is possible that the ...200820162036
protective effects of asiaticoside on acute liver injury induced by lipopolysaccharide/d-galactosamine in mice.asiaticoside (as), a triterpenoid product isolated from centella asiatica, has been described to exhibit anti-in fl ammatory activities in several inflammatory models. however, the effects of as on liver injury are poorly understood. the present study was undertaken to investigate whether as is efficacious against lipopolysaccharide (lps) /d-galactosamine (d-galn)-induced acute liver injury in mice and its potential mechanisms. as (5, 10 and 20 mg/kg/d) was pretreated orally once daily for 3 day ...201020171071
upregulation of phytosterol and triterpene biosynthesis in centella asiatica hairy roots overexpressed ginseng farnesyl diphosphate synthase.farnesyl diphosphate synthase (fps) plays an essential role in organ development in plants. however, fps has not previously been identified as a key regulatory enzyme in triterpene biosynthesis. to elucidate the functions of fps in triterpene biosynthesis, c. asiatica was transformed with a construct harboring panax ginseng fps (pgfps)-encoding cdna coupled to the cauliflower mosaic virus 35s promoter. higher levels of cadds (c. asiatica dammarenediol synthase) and cacys (c. asiatica cycloarteno ...201020195611
rapid screening of commercially available herbal products for the inhibition of major human hepatic cytochrome p450 enzymes using the n-in-one cocktail.self-administration of complementary products concurrently with conventional medication is increasingly common. the potential for cytochrome p450 (cyp) inhibition requires investigation. the n-in-one assay with ten probe substrates for nine cyps was used with human liver microsomes to investigate ten products. cyp inhibition was measured in a single liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (lc/ms-ms) analysis. estimated ic(50)-values were determined for the extracts that produced significa ...201020218935
madecassoside suppresses lps-induced tnf-alpha production in cardiomyocytes through inhibition of erk, p38, and nf-kappab activity.madecassoside (ma) is a major triterpenoid component of centella asiatica that has a wide range of biological activities, including wound-healing and antioxidative activities. in the present study, we evaluated the therapeutic effect of ma on rat cardiac dysfunction during sepsis induced by lipopolysaccharide (lps), as well as the possible mechanism. pretreatment of the neonatal rat cardiomyocytes with ma inhibited lps-induced tnf-alpha production in a concentration-dependent manner. in addition ...201020381648
in vitro modulatory effects on three major human cytochrome p450 enzymes by multiple active constituents and extracts of centella asiatica.centella asiatica (ca) has been widely cultivated as a vegetable or spice in china, southeast asia, india, sri lanka, africa, and oceanic countries and traditionally used for wound healing and maintaining normal blood pressure.201020457244
protective effects of asiaticoside on septic lung injury in mice.asiaticoside (as), a major triterpenoid saponin component isolated from centella asiatica, has been described to exhibit antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities. the present study aimed to determine the protective effects and the underlying mechanisms of as on septic lung injury induced by cecal ligation and puncture (clp). mice were pretreated with the as (45mg/kg) or as as well as gw9662 at 1h before clp, the survival, lung injury, inflammatory mediators and signaling molecules, and perox ...201020471230
antidiabetic screening of commercial botanical products in 3t3-l1 adipocytes and db/db mice.numerous botanicals are purported to improve glucose metabolism and diabetic risk factors with varying degrees of supportive evidence. we investigated 203 commercially available botanical products representing 90 unique botanical species for effects on lipogenic activity in differentiating 3t3-l1 adipocytes. anti-inflammatory activity of 21 of these products was further assessed in tumor necrosis factor alpha (tnfalpha)-stimulated, mature 3t3-l1 adipocytes. from these results, rho-isoalpha acids ...201020521979
use of asiatic pennywort centella asiatica aqueous extract as a bath treatment to control columnaris in nile develop antibiotic-free and chemical-free aquaculture, it is necessary to have natural substances to control diseases of aquatic animals. the aim of this study was to find an herb having therapeutic effect against columnaris, a fish disease caused by the bacterium flavobacterium columnare. of all tested herbs (including kalmegh andrographis paniculata, candle bush cassia alata, asiatic pennywort centella asiatica, mangosteen garcinia mangostana, pomegranate punica granatum, and guava psidium ...201020575361
antispermatogenic and antifertility effect of pegaga (centella asiatica l) on the testis of male sprague-dawley rats.antifertility agents with safety and effectiveness in terms of minimum side effects have always been a subject of debate. many studies have been conducted on plants to observe the antifertility effect, but majority of them were toxic. pegaga or centella asiatica l. is one of the popular herb traditionally consumed raw amongst people in malaysia. the main objective of the present study was to investigate the effects of centella asiatica l. extract on rat testis.201020589353
anti-allergic, anti-pruritic, and anti-inflammatory activities of centella asiatica extracts.this study investigated antipruritic and anti-inflammatory effect of centella asiatica extract in rats and anti-allergic in vitro using sheep (capra hircus) serum method and compound 48/80 induced mast cell degranulation method, compared with standard drug ketotifen fumarate. in rats, extract of centella asiatica administered orally was examined for anti-pruritic study and chlorpheniramine maleate was used as standard drug while carageenan paw induced inflammatory method was used for the antiinf ...200920606777
a clinical study on the management of generalized anxiety disorder with centella asiatica.centella asiatica is reputed for its beneficial effects in various neurological disorders. the present investigation was undertaken to evaluate the role of 70% hydro-ethanolic extract of centella asiatica (ca) on generalized anxiety disorder (gad) in man. hamilton's brief psychiatric rating scale (bprs) was used to screen the subjects. thirty-three participants (18 male and 15 female; average age 33 yrs) were medicated with the ca in a fixed dose regime (500 mg/capsule, twice daily, after meal). ...201020677602
in vitro biological evaluation of electrospun cellulose acetate fiber mats containing asiaticoside or curcumin.ultra-fine cellulose acetate (ca; m(w) approximately 30,000 da; degree of acetyl substitution approximately 2.4) fiber mats containing either asiaticoside [from the plant centella asiatica (l.); either in the form of a crude extract (cace) or pure substance (pac)] or curcumin (cm; from the plant curcuma longa l.) were successfully prepared. the proposed use of these materials is as topical/transdermal patches or wound dressings. here, the potential for use of these herb-loaded ca fiber mats as w ...201020694988
an ethnopharmacological study on verbascum species: from conventional wound healing use to scientific verification.the leaves, flowers, and whole aerial parts of verbascum l. (scrophulariaceae) species are used to treat eczema and other types of inflammatory skin conditions and as a desiccant for wounds in turkish traditional medicine. in the present study, the methanolic extracts of 13 verbascum species growing in turkey, including verbascum chionophyllum hub.-mor., verbascum cilicicum boiss., verbascum dudleyanum (hub.-mor.) hub.-mor., verbascum lasianthum boiss., verbascum latisepalum hub.-mor., verbascum ...201020709167
the antiepileptic effect of centella asiatica on the activities of na/k, mg and ca-atpases in rat brain during pentylenetetrazol-induced study the anticonvulsant effect of different extracts of centella asiatica (ca) in male albino rats with reference to na(+)/k(+), mg(2+) and ca(2+)-atpase activities.201020711371
neuroprotective effects of centella asiatica against intracerebroventricular colchicine-induced cognitive impairment and oxidative stress.oxidative stress appears to be an early event involved in the pathogenesis of alzheimer's disease. the present study was designed to investigate the neuroprotective effects of centella asiatica against colchicine-induced memory impairment and oxidative damage in rats. colchicine (15 mug/5 mul) was administered intracerebroventricularly in the lateral ventricle of male wistar rats. morris water maze and plus-maze performance tests were used to assess memory performance tasks. various biochemical ...200920798885
microbial transformation of asiatic acid by alternaria longipes.asiatic acid is a major pentacyclic triterpene isolated from centella asiatica. it shows a variety of bioactivities. in order to obtain its derivatives, potentially useful for detailed pharmacological studies, the substrate was subjected to incubations with selected micro-organisms. in this work, asiatic acid was converted into three new compounds: 2α,3β,23,30-tetrahydroxyurs-12-ene-28-oic acid (1), 2α,3β,22β,23-tetrahydroxyurs-12-ene-28-oic acid (2), and 2α,3β,22β,23,30-pentahydroxyurs-12-ene-2 ...201020839122
[effects of compound centella asiatica enema on kidneys coefficient, electrolytes and blood in chronic renal failure rats].to study the pharmacological effects of compound centella asiatica enema on chronic renal failure (crf) rats.201020873565
the role of natural products in the discovery of new drug candidates for the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders ii: alzheimer's disease.the present review is part ii in a series (part i focuses on parkinson's disease) that addresses the value of natural product chemistry in the discovery of medicines for the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders. data reviewed document that a host of products from plant species and derivatives have neuroprotectant effects in vitro and in vivo. in addition, besides neuroprotection, natural products also demonstrate biological effects that target biochemical pathways underlying associated sympt ...201120874701
in vitro modulatory effects of andrographis paniculata, centella asiatica and orthosiphon stamineus on cytochrome p450 2c19 (cyp2c19).ethno pharmacological relevance: andrographis paniculata (ap), centella asiatica (ca) and orthosiphon stamineus (os) are three popular herbs traditionally used worldwide. ap is known for the treatment of infections and diabetes and ca is good for wound healing and healthy skin while os is usually consumed as tea to treat kidney and urinary disorders. interaction of these herbs with human cytochrome p450 2c19 (cyp2c19), a major hepatic cyp isoform involved in metabolism of many clinical drugs has ...201021093571
effects of asiatic acid on passive and active avoidance task in male spraque-dawley rats.centella asiatica has a reputation to restore declining cognitive function in traditional medicine. to date, only a few compounds that show enhancing learning and memory properties are available. therefore, the present study investigates the effects of for acute administration of asiatic acid (a-a) isolated from centella asiatica administration on memory and learning in male spraque-dawley rats.201021167268
preparation of a specific monoclonal antibody to asiaticoside for the development of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.asiaticoside (as), the major active component of centella asiatica (l.) urban, is used as a memory enhancer and for wound healing. we have successfully prepared monoclonal antibodies (mabs) against as, and developed an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) system for its determination. as was conjugated to the carrier protein bovine serum albumin (bsa), which acted as an immunogen. in order to confirm its immunogenicity, the ratio of hapten in the as-bsa conjugate was determined by matrix-as ...201021180694
wound healing acceleration effect of endemic ononis species growing in turkey.ononis l. species have been used for healing of wounds, eczema and rheumatic complaints, against skin cancer and lesions and topically used as antiseptic and antimicrobial agent in folk medicine. in the present study, the aqueous and methanolic extracts of three endemic ononis species growing in turkey, including ononis sessilifolia bornm., ononis basiadnata hub.-mor. and ononis macrosperma hub.-mor. were assessed for their in vivo wound healing and anti-inflammatory activities.201121354296
development and validation of high-performance liquid chromatography/electrospray ionization mass spectrometry for assay of madecassoside in rat plasma and its application to pharmacokinetic study.a rapid, sensitive and specific high-performance liquid chromatography/electrospray ionization mass spectrometric (lc-esi-ms) method was developed and validated for the quantification of madecassoside, a major active constituent of centella asiatica (l.) urb. herbs, in rat plasma. with paeoniflorin as an internal standard (is), a simple liquid-liquid extraction process was employed for the plasma sample preparation. chromatographic separation was achieved within 6?min on a shim-pack clc-ods colu ...201121413047
antinociceptive activities and the mechanisms of anti-inflammation of asiatic acid in mice.asiatic acid (aa), a pentacyclic triterpene compound in the medicinal plant centella asiatica, was evaluated for antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory effects. treatment of male icr mice with aa significantly inhibited the numbers of acetic acid-induced writhing responses and the formalin-induced pain in the late phase. in the anti-inflammatory test, aa decreased the paw edema at the 4th and 5th h after λ-carrageenan (carr) administration and increased the activities of catalase (cat), superoxid ...201121584194
centella asiatica attenuates d-galactose-induced cognitive impairment, oxidative and mitochondrial dysfunction in mice.d-galactose induced neurotoxicity is well known model for studying aging and related oxidative damage and memory impairment. aging is a biological process, characterized by the gradual loss of physiological functions by unknown mechanism. centella asiatica, indian pennywort has been documented in the treatment of various neurological disorders including aging. therefore, present study has been conducted in order to explore the possible role of centella asiatica against d-galactose induced cognit ...201121629743
protective role of centella asiatica on lead-induced oxidative stress and suppressed reproductive health in male rats.centella asiatica has been mentioned in ancient ayurvedic text of the indian system of medicine for its properties to promote intelligence. the objective of the present study was to investigate the beneficial effects of c. asiatica on lead-induced oxidative stress and suppressed reproductive performance in male rats. significant decrease in the weights of testes and epididymis were observed in lead treated animals. exposure to lead acetate significantly increased malondialdehyde levels with a si ...201121843793
centella asiatica extracts modulate hydrogen peroxide-induced senescence in human dermal fibroblasts.centella asiatica (c. asiatica) is a pharmacological plant in south asia. it has been demonstrated that c. asiatica extracts containing various pentacyclic triterpenes exert healing effects, especially wound healing and collagen synthesis in skin. however, there are few studies on the effect of c. asiatica extracts on stress-induced premature senescence (sips). to determine whether h(2) o(2) -induced senescence is affected by c. asiatica extracts, we performed senescence analysis on cultured hum ...201122092576
regeneration of centella asiatica plants from non-embryogenic cell lines and evaluation of antibacterial and antifungal properties of regenerated calli and plants.abstract:201121989222
clinical evaluation of shilajatu rasayana in patients with hiv infection.aids is one of the serious global health concerns caused by human immuno deficiency(hiv) virus and is predominantly a sexually transmitted disease. currently there is no vaccine or cure for aids still anti retroviral therapy (art) is successful. it reduces both the mortality and the morbidity of hiv infection, but is expensive and inaccessible in many countries. however intense the therapy may be, hiv virus is rarely eliminated, and drug resistance is a major setback during long-term therapy. th ...201022131681
Enhancement of the Skin-Protective Activities of Centella asiatica L. Urban by a Nano-encapsulation Process.Aqueous extracts of Centella asiatica L. Urban were encapsulated by an edible biopolymer, gelatin, which has no effect on their cosmetic activities. The nanoparticles were w/o-type spherical liposomes that had an average diameter of 115.0nm. The encapsulation efficiency was estimated to be approximately 67%, which was relatively high for these aqueous extracts. The nanoparticles showed lower cytotoxicity (10%) in human skin fibroblast cells than the unencapsulated crude extract (15%) at 1.0mg/ml ...201221893113
treatment with centalla asiatica (linn) fresh leaf extract enhances learning ability and memory retention power in investigate the role of centella asiatica (cea) fresh leaf extract treatment on the behavior, especially learning and memory, of adult rats.200721857576
The inductive effects of Centella asiatica on rat spermatogenic cell apoptosis in vivo.Centella asiatica (L.) Urban has been traditionally used for the treatment of various disease and as a food for thousands of years in various parts of the world including eastern Asia, China and India. The goal of this study was to investigate the effects of Centella asiatica aqueous leaf extract on the induction of spermatogenic cell apoptosis in male rats. After lethal dose (LD(50)) assessment of plant extract, rats were divided in five groups. The experimental groups received orally 10, 50, 8 ...201121870191
Exploring the role of "Brahmi" (Bocopa monnieri and Centella asiatica) in brain function and therapy.It has been envisaged that in this century, disorders of the central nervous system will have a significant bearing on the healthcare concerns of the human population worldwide. Such neurological and psychiatric disorders are generally associated with loss of memory, cognitive deficits, impaired mental function etc. Due to the multi-factorial nature of these diseases, modern medicine based psychoactive drugs have met with limited success. Therefore, there is a growing demand for novel products t ...201122074576
asiaticoside: attenuation of neurotoxicity induced by mptp in a rat model of parkinsonism via maintaining redox balance and up-regulating the ratio of bcl-2/ this study, we investigated the neuroprotective effects of asiaticoside, a triterpenoid saponin isolated from the chinese medicinal herb centella asiatica, in the rats model of parkinsonism induced by 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine (mptp). rats were first injected with mptp. one day after surgery, asiaticoside was administered and the behavioral tests were assessed. on 14th day, the rats were sacrificed, substantia nigra (sn) and striatum were dissected, and then dopamine (da) a ...201222001429
first report of septoria centellae associated with leaf spot of centella asiatica in korea.septoria centellae associated with leaf spot of centella asiatica is reported for the first time in korea. the fungus is described and illustrated in detail. it is also compared with related species of septoria present on centella and hydrocotyle spp. with taxonomic comments. two monoconidial isolates from jeju and wando were successfully cultured and have been deposited in the korean agricultural culture collection.201122783123
identification of major active ingredients responsible for burn wound healing of centella asiatica herbs.centella asiatica herbs have been prescribed as a traditional medicine for wound healing in china and southeast asia for a long time. they contain many kinds of triterpenoid compounds, mainly including glycosides (asiaticoside and madecassoside) and corresponding aglycones (asiatic acid and madecassic acid). to identify which is the major active constituent, a comprehensive and comparative study of these compounds was performed. in vitro, primary human skin fibroblasts, originating from healthy ...201223346217
[medical and surgical therapies. their respective indications in lymphedema].the treatment of lymphedema, medical or surgical, remains a difficult one. often seen at an advanced stage of the disease, the medical treatment can only stabilize the lesions. among them, the coumarins, rutins, centella asiatica extracts, procyanoside oligomers are the most prescribed. but prophylaxis of superimposed infections by antibiotics should not be omitted. as for diuretics, they must be prohibited. hygienic and dietetic measures should be recommended. as for surgical treatments, they a ...20123406093
contact dermatitis due to madecassol.madecassol is an extract of centella asiatica, a member of the umbelliferae family. it contains madecassic acid, asiatic acid and asiaticoside. it has been used as a wound healing agent and for the prevention of cicatrization. we report contact dermatitis due to madecassol and a control study with its individual ingredients.20102936544
effect of agrobacterium rhizogenes and elicitation on the asiaticoside production in cell cultures of centella asiatica.centella asiatica (l.) urb. (apiaceae) is an important medicinal plant, and it has been using to prepare herbal medicines. the compounds responsible for the biological activity of c. asiatica are triterpenoids such as asiaticoside. asiaticoside is also important as a marker for standardization of c. asiatica. due to the low content, there is a need to enhance the production of asiaticoside of c. asiatica. the biotechnological approach is one of the methods that can be used to enhance its product ...201222701283
in vitro antimicrobial activity of spices and medicinal herbs against selected microbes associated with the present investigation, comparison of antimicrobial activities of different spices, curcuma longa, zingiber officinale, and mentha arvensis, and medicinal herbs, such as withania somnifera, rauvolfia serpentina, emblica officinalis, terminalia arjuna, and centella asiatica, was evaluated. different extraction solvents (acetone, methanol, ethanol, and water) were used and extracts were examined against bacillus cereus, serratia sp., rhodotorula mucilaginosa, aspergillus flavus, and penicill ...201626880927
endophytic fungal isolate mediated biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles and their free radical scavenging activity and anti microbial studies.the present study reports that the biosynthesis of agnps using an endophytic fungus isolated from the ethnomedicinal plant centella asiatica. the endophytic fungus was identified as aspergillus versicolor ent7 based on 18s rrna gene sequencing (ncbi accession number kf493864). the agnps synthesized were characterized by uv-visible spectroscopy, fourier transform infra-red spectroscopy (ftir), transmission electron microscopy (tem), x-ray diffraction (xrd), particle size analyzer, and zeta potent ...201628330204
study in vitro of the impact of endophytic bacteria isolated from centella asiatica on the disease incidence caused by the hemibiotrophic fungus colletotrichum higginsianum.thirty-one endophytic bacteria isolated from healthy leaves of centella asiatica were screened in vitro for their ability to reduce the growth rate and disease incidence of colletotrichum higginsianum, a causal agent of anthracnose. isolates of cohnella sp., paenibacillus sp. and pantoea sp. significantly stimulated the growth rate of c. higginsianum mucl 44942, while isolates of achromobacter sp., acinetobacter sp., microbacterium sp., klebsiella sp. and pseudomonas putida had no influence on t ...201322903452
anti-quorum sensing activity of flavonoid-rich fraction from centella asiatica l. against pseudomonas aeruginosa pao1.inhibition of quorum sensing (qs), a cell-density dependent regulation of gene expression in bacteria by autoinducers is an attractive strategy for the development of antipathogenic agents.201624856426
formulation, standardization and pharmacological studies of saraswataristam: a polyhedral preparation.ayurvedic preparations achieved paramount importance in contemporary life owing to the safety and efficacy when compared with those of synthetic drugs. but due to lack of proper standardization at each stage from starting to culmination results in inferior quality and less demand. saraswataristam, a fermented ayurvedic preparation, has been employed for treating central nervous system disorders and dermatological problems. saraswataristam, containing centella asiatica (l) urban (umbelliferae) as ...201425176373
formulation, standardization and pharmacological studies of saraswataristam: a polyhedral preparation.ayurvedic preparations achieved paramount importance in contemporary life owing to the safety and efficacy when compared with those of synthetic drugs. but due to lack of proper standardization at each stage from starting to culmination results in inferior quality and less demand. saraswataristam, a fermented ayurvedic preparation, has been employed for treating central nervous system disorders and dermatological problems. saraswataristam, containing centella asiatica (l) urban (umbelliferae) as ...201424811816
microbial transformation of asiatic acid.asiatic acid (1), a major pentacyclic triterpene of centella asiatica, was subjected to transformation by penicillium lilacinum accc 31890, fusarium equiseti cgmcc 3.3658, and streptomyces griseus cgmcc 4.18 strains. incubation of asiatic acid with p. lilacinum accc 31890 and f. equiseti cgmcc 3.3658 gave an identical product: 2α,3β,15α,23-tetrahydroxyurs-12-en-28-oic acid (2). biotransformation of asiatic acid by s. griseus cgmcc 4.18 resulted in three derivatives: 2α,3β,21β,23-tetrahydroxyurs- ...201323227815
in vitro and in vivo anti-helicobacter pylori activities of centella asiatica leaf extract.helicobacter pylori infection is associated with an increased risk of developing upper gastrointestinal tract diseases. however, treatment failure is a major cause of concern mainly due to possible recurrence of infection, the side effects, and resistance to antibiotics. the aim of this study was to investigate the activities of centella asiatica leaf extract (cae) against h. pylori both in vitro and in vivo. the minimum inhibitory concentrations (mics) against 55 clinically isolated strains of ...201627752495
gotu kola (centella asiatica): nutritional properties and plausible health benefits.centella asiatica l. (gotu kola) is a nutritionally important plant and a valued traditional medicine in south east asia. in this review, the chemical composition, nutritional values, and health benefits of c. asiatica have been discussed in detail to emphasize its usage as traditional food and medicine. c. asiatica is one of the most commonly used green leafy vegetables (glvs) in some countries including sri lanka due to its high amounts of medicinally important triterpenoids and beneficial car ...201526602573
effects of dietary centella asiatica (l.) urban on growth performance, nutrient digestibility, blood composition in piglets vaccinated with mycoplasma investigate the effects of centella asiatica (l.) on growth performance, nutrient digestibility and blood composition in piglets, 32 nursery pigs were fed 0.0, 0.5, 1.0 and 2.0% dietary c. asiatica (l.) from 15 to 90 kg bw. at 30 kg bw, nutrient digestibility was measured and at 35 kg bw piglets were vaccinated with mycoplasma hyopneumoniae. hematological parameters were checked at 40 and 80 kg bw. compared with the control, growth performance was not affected. the ether extract, ash and calc ...201424612418
unusual microbial lactonization and hydroxylation of asiatic acid by umbelopsis isabellina.asiatic acid (1) is a natural triterpenoid isolated from centella asiatica. this paper reports the microbial transformation of asiatic acid by an endophytic fungus umbelopsis isabellina to obtain derivatives potentially useful for further studies. incubation of asiatic acid with u. isabellina afforded two derivatives 2α,3β,7β, 23-tetrahydroxyurs-12-ene-28-oic acid (2) and 2α,3β,7β,23-tetrahydroxyurs-11-ene-28,13-lactone (3). the structures of these compounds were elucidated by spectral data. com ...201526194478
ethnopharmacological survey of medicinal plants used by traditional health practitioners in thanchi, bandarban hill tracts, bangladesh.there is very limited information regarding plants used by traditional healers in bandarban hill tracts (bht), bangladesh for treating general as well as complex ailments. current study provides significant ethnopharmacological information, both qualitative and quantitative on medical plants in bht. aim of the study this study aimed to collect, analyze and evaluate the rich ethnopharmacologic knowledge on medicinal plants in thanchi, bht and attempted to identify the important species used in tr ...201424892834
a review of commercially important african medicinal on the relative importance and research status of commercially relevant african medicinal plants are needed for developing new research strategies in order to stimulate much-needed ethnopharmacological research and to promote the commercialization of african plants.201526498493
mosquito larvicidal activity of oleic and linoleic acids isolated from citrullus colocynthis (linn.) mosquito control programs, botanical origin may have the potential to be used successfully as larvicides. the larvicidal activity of crude acetone, hexane, ethyl acetate, methanol, and petroleum ether extracts of the leaf of centella asiatica linn., datura metal linn., mukia scabrella arn., toddalia asiatica (linn.) lam, extracts of whole plant of citrullus colocynthis (linn.) schrad, and sphaeranthus indicus linn. were assayed for their toxicity against the early fourth instar larvae of cule ...200818688644
useful ethnophytomedicinal recipes of angiosperms used against diabetes in south east asian countries (india, pakistan & sri lanka).this paper is based on data recorded from various literatures pertaining to ethnophytomedicinal recipes used against diabetes in south east asia (india, pakistan and srilanka). traditional plant treatments have been used throughout the world for the therapy of diabetes mellitus. in total 419 useful phytorecipes of 270 plant species belonging to 74 angiospermic families were collected. from the review it was revealed that plants showing hypoglycemic potential mainly belong to the families, cucurb ...201425176368
[multicentric study on a topical compound with lymph-draining action in the treatment of the phlebostatic ulcer of the inferior limbs].phlebostatic sore of the lower limbs is a typical chronic venous insufficiency complication and is still a widely controversial issue in its treatment. the common therapies, in fact, are not yet standardized and they not show complete efficacy. since 2005 to 2007 a multicentric clinical trial was conducted at the plastic and reconstructive surgery of "sapienza" university of rome and at the plastic and reconstructive surgery department, university of perugia, in order to evaluate the efficacy of ...201020109380
hemorrhoids and varicose veins: a review of treatment options.hemorrhoids and varicose veins are common conditions seen by general practitioners. both conditions have several treatment modalities for the physician to choose from. varicose veins are treated with mechanical compression stockings. there are several over-the-counter topical agents available for hemorrhoids. conservative therapies for both conditions include diet, lifestyle changes, and hydrotherapy which require a high degree of patient compliance to be effective. when conservative hemorrhoid ...200111302778
large scale screening of ethnomedicinal plants for identification of potential antibacterial compounds.the global burden of bacterial infections is very high and has been exacerbated by increasing resistance to multiple antibiotics. antibiotic resistance leads to failed treatment of infections, which can ultimately lead to death. to overcome antibiotic resistance, it is necessary to identify new antibacterial agents. in this study, a total of 662 plant extracts (diverse parts) from 222 plant species (82 families, 177 genera) were screened for antibacterial activity using the agar cup plate method ...201626985889
medicinal plants and their natural components as future drugs for the treatment of burn wounds: an integrative review.burn wound healing is a complicated process including inflammation, re-epithelialization, granulation, neovascularization and wound contraction. several biochemicals are involved in burn healing process including antioxidants, cytokines and liver and kidney damage biomarkers. although several preparations are available for the management of burn wound, there is still a necessity of researching for efficacious medicine. the aim of the present study was to evaluate herbal preparations and their ph ...201424895176
ethnoveterinary medicinal plants used by the maale and ari ethnic communities in southern ethiopia.livestock production is an integral part of the agricultural system in ethiopia. medicinal plants are used and are important for rural communities for the treatment of livestock diseases. we studied and analysed the traditional medicinal plants used for the treatment of livestock diseases by the maale and ari ethnic communities in southern ethiopia.201424576407
clinical efficacy test of polyester containing herbal extract dressings in burn wound healing.technological advancement has assisted in developing various availabilities of wound products that help in not only in healing and preventing infection but also in providing patients' comfort and pain reduction during application. however, most of advanced wound healing products in thailand were imported at high costs to patients. nowadays, there are increased numbers of local researches of herbs that could provide healing environment for successful wound care. herbal wound products are currentl ...201627440796
effects of plants on osteogenic differentiation and mineralization of periodontal ligament cells: a systematic review.this systematic review aimed to evaluate the effects of plants on osteogenic differentiation and mineralization of human periodontal ligament cells. the included studies were selected using five different electronic databases. the reference list of the included studies was crosschecked, and a partial gray literature search was undertaken using google scholar and proquest. the methodology of the selected studies was evaluated using grade. after a two-step selection process, eight studies were ide ...201626822584
determination of trace and heavy metals in some commonly used medicinal herbs in ayurveda.traditionally, the herbal drugs are well established for their therapeutic benefits. depending upon their geographical sources sometimes the trace and heavy metals' content may differ, which may lead to severe toxicity. so, the toxicological and safety assessment of these herbal drugs are one of the major issues in recent days. eight different plant species including aloe vera, centella asiatica, calendula officinalis, cucumis sativus, camellia sinensis, clitoria ternatea, piper betel and tagete ...201423222691
common complementary and alternative therapies with potential use in dermatologic surgery: risks and benefits.ambulatory surgery patients often use complementary and alternative medicine (cam) therapies. cam therapies may create beneficial and detrimental perioperative conditions.201321890235
study and description of hydrogels and organogels as vehicles for cosmetic active ingredients.cellulite, a clinical syndrome mainly affecting women, involves specific changes in conjunctive dermic and subcutaneous tissue, leading to vascular and hypertrophic alterations in adipose tissues and the consequent alteration of tissue structure. this paper describes the design of hydrogels and pluronic-lecithin organogels elaborated as vehicles of aloe vera (aloe vera linné) and hydrocotyle asiatica (centella asiatica) for the treatment of cellulite. the objective of this work was to carry out ...201020038351
nutritional support for wound healing.healing of wounds, whether from accidental injury or surgical intervention, involves the activity of an intricate network of blood cells, tissue types, cytokines, and growth factors. this results in increased cellular activity, which causes an intensified metabolic demand for nutrients. nutritional deficiencies can impede wound healing, and several nutritional factors required for wound repair may improve healing time and wound outcome. vitamin a is required for epithelial and bone formation, ce ...200314653765
arsenic accumulation in native plants of west bengal, india: prospects for phytoremediation but concerns with the use of medicinal plants.arsenic (as) is a widespread environmental and food chain contaminant and class i, non-threshold carcinogen. plants accumulate as due to ionic mimicry that is of importance as a measure of phytoremediation but of concern due to the use of plants in alternative medicine. the present study investigated as accumulation in native plants including some medicinal plants, from three districts [chinsurah (hoogly), porbosthali (bardhman), and birnagar (nadia)] of west bengal, india, having a history of a ...201221713498
bioavailability of calcium and its absorption inhibitors in raw and cooked green leafy vegetables commonly consumed in india--an in vitro study.the objectives of this research were to assess the bioavailability of calcium using equilibrium dialysis after simulated gastric digestion method in 20 commonly consumed green leafy vegetables (glvs) from the typical indian diet, provide data on the content of calcium absorption inhibitors, like oxalate, phytate, tannin and dietary fibres, and evaluate the inhibitory effect of these compounds on calcium bioavailability in raw and cooked glvs. cooking did not affect significantly calcium bioavail ...201525306367
effectiveness of traditional malaysian vegetables (ulam) in modulating blood glucose levels.ulam refers to a group of traditional malaysian plants commonly consumed as a part of a meal, either in the raw form or after a short blanching process. many types of ulam are thought to possess blood glucose-lowering properties, but relatively little is known on the effectiveness of ulam in modulating blood glucose levels in humans. this review aims to systematically evaluate the effectiveness of ulam in modulating blood glucose levels in humans. a literature review was conducted using multiple ...201425164446
rapid screening and identification of phenolic antioxidants in hydrocotyle sibthorpioides lam. by uplc-esi-ms/ms.the aim of the study was to identify the phenolic compounds present in hydrocotyle sibthorpioides (hs), centella asiatica (ca) and amaranthus viridis (av) extracts and investigate their respective antioxidant activities. herein, an ultra-high pressure liquid chromatography-mass spectrometer (uplc-ms/ms) analytical method has been developed for the separation, and systematic characterization of the phenolic compounds in hs, ca and av extracts and was compared along with ten standard phenolic comp ...201626948646
ecological succession and its impact on malaria vectors and their predators in borrow pits in western ethiopia.soil pits excavated for home construction are important larval habitats for malaria vectors in certain parts of africa. borrow pits in diverse stages of ecological succession in a maize-farming region of western ethiopia were surveyed to assess the relationships between stage of succession and the structure and composition of invertebrate and plant communities, with particular attention to anopheles gambiae s.l. and an. coustani, the primary local malaria vectors. an array of 82 borrow pits was ...201425424271
repellent activity of selected plant essential oils against the malarial fever mosquito anopheles recent years, use of environment friendly and biodegradable natural insecticides of plant origin have received renewed attention as agents for vector control. in this study, essential oils extracted by steam distillation from leaves of five plant species centella asiatica l., ipomoea cairica l., momordica charantia l., psidium guajava l. and tridax procumbens l. were evaluated for their topical repellency effects against malarial vector anopheles stephensi in mosquito cages. all essential oil ...200718209711
effect of different drying methods on concentrations of several phytochemicals in herbal preparation of 8 medicinal plants leaves.the effect of oven drying at 50ᵒc ± 1ᵒc for 9 hour, 70ᵒc ± 1ᵒc for 5 hour and freeze drying on retention of chlorophyll, riboflavin, niacin, ascorbic acid and carotenoids in herbal preparation consisting of 8 medicinal plants was evaluated. the medicinal plants selected were leaves of apium graveolens (saderi), averrhoa bilimbi (belimbing buluh), centella asiatica (pegaga), mentha arvensis (pudina), psidium guajava (jambu batu), sauropus androgynous (cekor manis), solanum nigrum (terung meranti) ...199922692357
development of photochemoprotective herbs containing cosmetic formulations for improving skin properties.botanical photochemoprotectives are used because they act on various stages to prevent skin cancer and photoaging. the aim of this study was to prepare herbal creams from various photochemoprotective herbs and to perform efficacy studies on them by using physicochemical, microbiological, safety, psychometric, biophysical, and sun protection factor measurements. herbal creams were prepared by incorporating hydroalcoholic extracts of curcuma caesia (rhizome), areca catechu (seeds), centella asiati ...201222591563
antioxidant activity of herbaceous plant extracts protect against hydrogen peroxide-induced dna damage in human lymphocytes.herbaceous plants containing antioxidants can protect against dna damage. the purpose of this study was to evaluate the antioxidant substances, antioxidant activity, and protection of dna from oxidative damage in human lymphocytes induced by hydrogen peroxide (h2o2). our methods used acidic methanol and water extractions from six herbaceous plants, including bidens alba (ba), lycium chinense (lc), mentha arvensis (ma), plantago asiatica (pa), houttuynia cordata (hc), and centella asiatica (ca).201324279749
phytotherapeutics: an evaluation of the potential of 1000 plants.the aim of this review is to evaluate and summarize the available scientific information on the commonest plant extracts marketed in western countries. in view of the intense, ongoing search for new plant extracts with powerful anti-inflammatory activity, we paid particular attention to this topic. the aim is to provide broad coverage of as many potentially useful plants as possible and then to focus on those with the greatest therapeutic potential.201020175810
the pentacyclic triterpenoids in herbal medicines and their pharmacological activities in diabetes and diabetic complications.pentacyclic triterpenoids including the oleanane, ursane and lupane groups are widely distributed in many medicinal plants, such as glycyrrhiza species, gymnema species, centella asiatica, camellia sinensis, crataegus species and olea europaea, which are commonly used in traditional medicine for the treatment of diabetes and diabetic complications. a large number of bioactive pentacyclic triterpenoids, such as oleanolic acid, glycyrrhizin, glycyrrhetinic acid, ursolic acid, betulin, betulinic ac ...201323210780
in vitro inhibitory potential of selected malaysian plants against key enzymes involved in hyperglycemia and hypertension.this study was conducted to determine the inhibitory potential of selected malaysian plants against key enzymes related to type 2 diabetes and hypertension.201122135867
pva-peg physically cross-linked hydrogel film as a wound dressing: experimental design and optimization.the development of hydrogel films as wound healing dressings is of a great interest owing to their biological tissue-like nature. polyvinyl alcohol/polyethylene glycol (pva/peg) hydrogels loaded with asiaticoside, a standardized rich fraction of centella asiatica, were successfully developed using the freeze-thaw method. response surface methodology with box-behnken experimental design was employed to optimize the hydrogels. the hydrogels were characterized and optimized by gel fraction, swellin ...201728378604
neuroprotective properties of madecassoside from centella asiatica after hypoxic-ischemic injury.madecassoside is one of increasingly used constituent of centella asiatica, a frequently prescribed crude drug in south eastern asia and china for wound healing. in the present experiment, it exposes the neuroprotective nature of madecassoside in gt1-7 cell lines, further, which the antioxidant activities are performed. the cellular toxicity was assessed using 3-(4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-2,5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide (mtt) assay with increased cell viability with ic50 2.5µg/ml. the regulation ...201628375122
madecassic acid, the contributor to the anti-colitis effect of madecassoside, enhances the shift of th17 toward treg cells via the pparγ/ampk/acc1 pathway.the imbalance between th17 and treg cells substantially contributes to the intestinal immune disturbance and subsequent tissue injury in ulcerative colitis. the triterpenoid-rich fraction of centella asiatica was able to ameliorate dextran sulfate sodium-induced colitis in mice. here we explored its active ingredient and underlying mechanism with a focus on restoring the th17/treg balance. the four main triterpenoids occurring in c. asiatica were shown to attenuate colitis in mice by oral admini ...201728358365
anti-inflammatory effect of titrated extract of centella asiatica in phthalic anhydride-induced allergic dermatitis animal model.centella asiatica has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. however, its anti-dermatitic effect has not yet been reported. in this study, we investigated the anti-dermatitic effects of titrated extract of centella asiatica (teca) in a phthalic anhydride (pa)-induced atopic dermatitis (ad) animal model as well as in vitro model. an ad-like lesion was induced by the topical application of five percent pa to the dorsal skin or ear of hos:hr-1 mouse. after ad induction, 100 μl of 0.2% ...201728358324
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