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[use of a titrated extract of centella asiatica in chronic hepatic disorders (author's transl)].the authors report their preliminary results of a study of the possible therapeutic activity of a titrated extract of centella asiatica in chronic hepatic disorders. early results are encouraging, especially from a histological point of view, where improvement in the criteria evaluated was noted in 5 of the 12 patients treated for the longest time. these results have to be assessed in a critical manner until confirmation is obtained by complementary studies.2006230597
[modification of the kinetics of healing after iterative exeresis in the rat. action of a triterpenoid and its derivatives on the duration of healing].the authors have studied the action of titrated extract of centella asiatica (teca) on the duration off healing of iterative wounds in the rat. after repeated exeresis, the planimetric quantification of the wounds, by episcopic projection, shows that the healing process involves an immediate phase of dilatation followed by another of contraction. a mathematical analysis has permitted determination of times of semi-healing and has shown that these are significantly lengthened after several exeres ...1978417867
[animal study of the transcutaneous movement of the tritium-labelled active principles of centella asiatica l. extract after administration in impregnated gauze or unguent]. 1977613474
effects of plant extract centella asiatica (linn.) on cold restraint stress ulcer in rats.extract of c. asiatica (linn.) inhibited significantly gastric ulceration induced by cold and restraint stress (crs) in charles-foster rats, antiulcer activity of plant extract was compared with famotidine (h2-antagonist) and sodium valproate (anti-epileptic). plant extract, formotidine and sodium valproate showed a dose dependent reduction of gastric ulceration. plant extract increased brain gaba level which was also dose dependent. pretreatment with bicuculline methiodide (specific gabaa-antag ...19921293014
triterpenoids and their glycosides from the bark of schefflera octophylla.a new triterpene and its glycosides were isolated from the bark of schefflera octophylla together with asiatic acid and asiaticoside. based on spectroscopic data, especially 2dnmr, and chemical transformations the structures of the new compounds were determined as 3 alpha-hydroxy-urs-12-ene-23,28-dioic acid and 3 alpha-hydroxy-urs-12-ene-23,28-dioic acid 28-o-[alpha-l-rhamnopyranosyl (1----4)-o-beta-d-glucopyranosyl (1----6)]-beta-d-glucopyranoside. for the first time asiaticoside was isolated f ...19921367880
allergic contact dermatitis from a cream containing centella asiatica extract. 19921387057
[activity of centella asiatica in venous insufficiency].in this a review concerning ttfca, its effects on metabolism in the connective tissue of the vascular wall and on the microcirculation are presented and discussed. this compound is effective in venous insufficiency, reducing ankle edema, foot swelling, capillary filtration rate and by improving microcirculatory parameters (rf, var po2-pco2). ttfca displays a significant activity in venous hypertensive microangiopathy and its effects are dose-dependent.19921528498
centella asiatica triterpenic fraction (cattf) reduces the number of circulating endothelial cells in subjects with post phlebitic we report a study performed in order to assess the number of circulating endothelial cells (ec) in normal subjects and in patients with postphlebitic syndrome (pps), and the effect of treatment with centella asiatica triterpenic fraction (cattf), a drug which has been demonstrated to be effective in promoting wound healing in vivo. ec counts were determined by means of differential centrifugation and phase contrast microscopy. patients with pps showed an increased number of circulating ec i ...20041743599
effects of centella asiatica extract on mucopolysaccharide metabolism in subjects with varicose veins.the effects were studied of the total triterpenic fraction of centella asiatica on serum levels of the uronic acids and lysosomal enzymes involved in mucopolysaccharide metabolism (beta-glycuronidase, beta-n-acetylglucosaminidase, arylsulfatase) in patients with varicose veins. the basal levels of uronic acids (467.7 +/- 69.3 micrograms/ml) and of lysosomal enzymes (beta-glycuronidase 1.8 +/- 0.4 microm/min/l, beta-n-acetylglucosaminidase 23.1 +/- 0.4 microm/min/l, arysulfatase 0.078 +/- 0.003 m ...19902150405
capillary filtration and ankle edema in patients with venous hypertension treated with ttfca.the variation of capillary filtration rate (cfr), ankle circumference (ac), and ankle edema (ae) was evaluated in three groups of patients with venous hypertension (ambulatory venous pressure greater than 42 mmhg) and in a group of normal subjects before and after treatment for four weeks with total triterpenic fraction of centella asiatica (ttfca), a venoactive drug acting on the microcirculation and on capillary permeability. group a (20 patients) was treated with ttfca 60 mg tid; group b (20 ...19902305995
pharmacokinetics of the total triterpenic fraction of centella asiatica after single and multiple administrations to healthy volunteers. a new assay for asiatic acid.a new hplc assay method was used to investigate the pharmacokinetics of asiatic acid after oral administration of the total triterpenic fraction of centella asiatica in single doses (30 or 60 mg) and after a 7-day treatment (30 or 60 mg twice daily). twelve healthy volunteers received each treatment following a randomized cross-over design with trials separated by a 3-week interval. the time of peak plasma concentration was not affected by dosage difference or by treatment scheme. differences in ...19902329813
stimulation of collagen synthesis in fibroblast cultures by a triterpene extracted from centella asiatica.the drug "titrated extract from centella asiatica" (teca), used for its stimulating properties on the healing of wounds, is a mixture of 3 terpenes extracted from a tropical plant: asiatic acid (30%, w/w), madecassic acid (30%, w/w) and asiaticoside (40%, w/w). the effects of teca and its individual components were checked on human foreskin fibroblast monolayer cultures. teca increased the collagen synthesis in a dose-dependent fashion whereas a simultaneous decrease in the specific activity of ...19902354631
improvement of capillary permeability in patients with venous hypertension after treatment with ttfca.the vsc (vacuum suction chamber) device, a new system to evaluate local capillary permeability, was used with laser doppler flowmetry to study variations of permeability and of the microcirculation in 10 normal subjects; in 22 patients with moderate, superficial venous hypertension; and in 12 patients with postphlebitic limbs and severe venous hypertension. all these patients had distal (ankle and foot edema) in the evening. after a first assessment these subjects were studied again after two we ...19902389834
an experimental study of the anti-hsv-ii action of 500 herbal drugs.experimental assessments were made on the anti-hsv-ii action of 500 herbs by determinations of the virus inhibition logarithm (vil). 13 highly effective herbs (vil greater than or equal to 4.00) were screened cut, providing a rational basis for clinical therapy. among these effective herbs, 10 were aqueous extracts of artemisia anomala, centella asiatica, epimedium sagittatum, hibiscus mutabilis, hosta plantaginea, hypericum japonicum, inula japonica, mosla punctata, rhododendron simsii, and rhu ...19892550706
contact dermatitis due to madecassol.madecassol is an extract of centella asiatica, a member of the umbelliferae family. it contains madecassic acid, asiatic acid and asiaticoside. it has been used as a wound healing agent and for the prevention of cicatrization. we report contact dermatitis due to madecassol and a control study with its individual ingredients.20102936544
effect of the triterpenoid fraction of centella asiatica on macromolecules of the connective matrix in human skin fibroblast cultures.the mechanism of action of the total triterpenoid fraction extracted from centella asiatica (ttfca) was evaluated using human skin fibroblasts cultures as the experimental system. in particular its influence on the biosynthesis of collagen, fibronectin and proteoglycans was considered. the presence of ttfca (25 micrograms/ml) does not seem to affect cell proliferation, total protein synthesis or the biosynthesis of proteoglycans in a significant way. a statistically important increase was observ ...19883042688
[medical and surgical therapies. their respective indications in lymphedema].the treatment of lymphedema, medical or surgical, remains a difficult one. often seen at an advanced stage of the disease, the medical treatment can only stabilize the lesions. among them, the coumarins, rutins, centella asiatica extracts, procyanoside oligomers are the most prescribed. but prophylaxis of superimposed infections by antibiotics should not be omitted. as for diuretics, they must be prohibited. hygienic and dietetic measures should be recommended. as for surgical treatments, they a ...20123406093
titrated extract of centella asiatica (teca) in the treatment of venous insufficiency of the lower limbs.ninety-four patients suffering from venous insufficiency of the lower limbs participated in a multicenter, double-blind versus placebo study. after randomization, they were allotted for a treatment period of two months to one of three groups: teca 120 mg/day, teca 60 mg/day, or placebo. a significant difference (p less than 0.05) in favor of teca was shown for the symptoms of heaviness in the lower limbs and edema, as well as for the overall evaluation by the patient. the venous distensibility m ...19873544968
[action of a pentacyclic triterpenoid, asiaticoside, isolated from hydrocotyle masagascariensis or centella asiatica, against gastric ulceration in the wistar rat exposed to cold at 2 degrees c]. 19744211283
[results of a controlled experiment of the titrated extract of centella asiatica in a leper population with perforative foot lesions]. 19744480467
use of titrated extract of centella asiatica (teca) in bilharzial bladder lesions. 19734717500
[isolation of a new triterpenic acid from centella asiatica (l.) urb. of madagascar: madecassic acid]. 19674961798
[action of the titrated extract of centella asiatica in the cicatrization of leg ulcers (10 mg. tablets). apropos of 50 cases]. 19715153018
crude extract of centella asiatica and products derived from its glycosides as oral antifertility agents. 19685718539
[comparative capillaroscopic study of certain bioflavonoids and total triterpenic fractions of centella asiatica in venous insufficiency]. 19846238770
[effect of centella asiatica on the biosynthetic activity of fibroblasts in culture]. 19846510515
[centella asiatica extract in venous pathology of the lower limbs and its evaluation as compared with tribenoside]. 19826896366
[centella asiatica extract in venous disorders of the lower limbs. comparative clinico-instrumental studies with a placebo]. 19817037273
enhancement of the attachment on microcarriers and tpa production by fibroblast cells in a serum-free medium by the addition of the extracts of centella asiatica.the addition of ethanol extracts of centella asiatica showed a remarkable enhancement of fibroblast cells attachment to cytodex beads in serum-free (sf) medium. it also improves tpa production in both batch and perfusion cultivations. the optimal concentration for sf medium was determined as 2 ppm of the extracts when using cytodex iii. in batch cultivation a high specific tpa production rate was obtained, compared to that from 5% fbs containing medium. however, a fast specific growth rate was o ...19937764663
allergic contact dermatitis due to centella asiatica extract. 19947821029
[the microcirculatory activity of centella asiatica in venous insufficiency. a double-blind study].in 87 patients with chronic venous hypertensive microangiopathy the efficacy of oral fttca (centella asiatica) administered for 60 days was tested. the microcirculatory effects of two dosages (30 mg bid and 60 mg bid) versus placebo was assessed in a double blind study. the compound was well tolerated and no unwanted effects were observed. microcirculatory parameters--peri-malleolar skin flux at rest (rf) and transcutaneous po2 and pco2--improved as did the abnormally increased rf, pco2 decrease ...19947936334
in vitro experiments with centella asiatica: investigation to elucidate the effect of an indigenously prepared powder of this plant on the acid-fastness and viability of m. tuberculosis.the herb centella asiatica (linn.), found throughout india, is acclaimed to have medicinal properties and has been used in leprosy patients from very early times. it is considered that the active compound of this herb, called asiaticoside, probably acts on the waxy covering of m. leprae. the in vitro effect of an indigenously produced dry powder of centella asiatica (ca) on the acid-fastness and viability of m. tuberculosis was investigated in the present study. the results indicate that ca may ...19947983394
centella asiatica (indian pennywort), an effective therapeutic but a weak sensitizer.the sensitizing capacity of centella asiatica (raw extract) and its triterpenic constituents asiaticoside, asiatic acid and madecassic acid has been studied in guinea pigs. the extract itself as well as the 3 acids were found to be very weak sensitizers. centella asiatica extract is used effectively in the treatment of keloids, leg ulcers, phlebitis, slow-healing wounds, leprosy, surgical lesions, striae distensae and cellulitis. although applied frequently to damaged skin, the risk of acquiring ...19938281778
cytotoxic and anti-tumour properties of certain taxa of umbelliferae with special reference to centella asiatica (l.) urban.centella asiatica (l.) urban (umbelliferae) is commonly used in the ayurvedic system of medicine to treat various diseases. the present study examines the anti-tumour effect of the crude extract (ce) of centella asiatica as well as its partially purified fractions (af) from chromatographic procedures by both in vitro short and long term chemosensitivity and in vivo tumour model test systems. af dose dependently inhibited the proliferation of the transformed cell lines significantly more than did ...19958569247
allergic contact dermatitis from butoxyethyl nicotinic acid and centella asiatica extract. 19958706410
allergic contact dermatitis due to centella asiatica: a new case.we report a new case of allergic contact dermatitis due to centella asiatica, a weak sensitizer. patch tests with centella asiatica at different vehicles and in different concentrations were carried out. regarding our results, we suggest as a routine procedure to start with 1% pet, and when the test remains negative 10% pet and 2% eth 70 degrees could be used.20108766746
effects of centella asiatica extract on dermal wound healing in rats.effects of oral and topical administration of an alcoholic extract of c. asiatica on rat dermal wound healing was studied. the extract increased cellular proliferation and collagen synthesis at the wound site, as evidenced by increase in dna, protein and collagen content of granulation tissues. quicker and better maturation and crosslinking of collagen was observed in the extract-treated rats, as indicated by the high stability of acid-soluble collagen and increase in aldehyde content and tensil ...19969246912
evaluation of topical formulations of aqueous extract of centella asiatica on open wounds in rats.formulations (ointment, cream and gel) of aqueous extract of c. asiatica, when applied topically, thrice daily for 24 days on the open wounds in rats increased cellular proliferation and collagen synthesis at the wound site, as evidenced by increase in collagen content and tensile strength. the treated wounds epithelialised faster and the rate of wound contraction was higher as compared to control wounds. the process of healing was better with gel formulation when compared to other two formulati ...19989731470
extraction and analysis of cosmetic active ingredients from an anti-cellulitis transdermal delivery system by high-performance liquid chromatography.a new transdermal delivery system that controls cellulitis is evaluated using reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography coupled with photodiode array detection. an extraction procedure and the validation of the analytical method to assay the active excipients from the centella asiatica plant (asiaticoside, madacessic acid, and asiatic acid) are described. excellent results ae obtained in terms of linearity, accuracy, and specificity of the analytical method.199910065405
asiaticoside-induced elevation of antioxidant levels in healing wounds.asiaticoside derived from the plant centella asiatica is known to possess good wound healing activity. enhanced healing activity has been attributed to increased collagen formation and angiogenesis. since antioxidants have been reported to play a significant role in the wound healing process we studied the effect of asiaticoside on the levels of certain antioxidants in the wound so as to explore the possible involvement of such a mechanism in the asiaticoside induced wound healing. asiaticoside ...199910189951
in vitro and in vivo wound healing activity of asiaticoside isolated from centella asiatica.the activity of asiaticoside, isolated from centella asiatica, has been studied in normal as well as delayed-type wound healing. in guinea pig punch wounds topical applications of 0.2% solution of asiaticoside produced 56% increase in hydroxyproline, 57% increase in tensile strength, increased collagen content and better epithelisation. in streptozotocin diabetic rats, where healing is delayed, topical application of 0.4% solution of asiaticoside over punch wounds increased hydroxyproline conten ...199910350364
triterpenes from centella asiatica stimulate extracellular matrix accumulation in rat experimental wounds.titrated extract from centella asiatica (teca) is a drug which has been used for many years in europe for the treatment of wound healing defects. it is a reconstituted mixture of 3 triterpenes extracted from the plant, asiatic acid, madecassic acid and asiaticoside. in this report, we studied the effects of teca and its separated components in the wound chamber model described by schilling et al. stainless steel wound chambers were surgically inserted under the skin of rats and received serial i ...199910356407
in vitro evaluation of inhibitory nature of extracts of 18-plant species of chhindwara against 3-keratinophilic fungi.effect of extract of 18 plant species, viz., acorus calamus, adhatoda vasica, amomum subulatum, andrographis paniculata, boerhaavia diffusa, cassia occidentalis, centella asiatica, cymbopogon citratus, hemidesmus indicus, hyptis suaveolens, malvestrum sp., passiflora edulis, pergularia daemia, peristrophe bicalyculata, shuteria hirsuta, solanum nigrum, tecoma stans, and verbascum chinense on the growth of microsporum gypseum, chrysosporium tropicum and trichophyton terrestre was evaluated and di ...199710386016
the effect of tetrandrine and extracts of centella asiatica on acute radiation dermatitis in rats.radiation injury to the skin is one of the major limiting factors in radiotherapy. we designed this study using sprague-dawley rats to evaluate the reduction in skin injury achieved using natural products from plant extracts as protection. the acute skin reaction in tetrandrine- and madecassol-treated animals appeared earlier, but was significantly less severe, than in the control group. the peak skin reactions in the tetrandrine group were less serious than those of the control group at three d ...199910443466
dietary supplements used in the treatment of depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders.dietary supplement use has increased during the past decade. epidemiologic studies suggest that patients turn to dietary supplements because of a reluctance to take prescription medications or a lack of satisfaction with the results. they often perceive dietary supplements to be a safer or more natural alternative. patients with mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders, are among those who use dietary supplements. st. john's wort is used to treat depression. c ...201510711131
anti-herpes simplex virus activities of crude water extracts of thai medicinal plants.a number of thai medicinal plants, recommended as remedies for herpesvirus infection and have been used in primary health care were investigated for their intracellular activities against herpes simplex viruses (hsv). centella asiatica l., maclura cochinchinensis cornor, and mangifera indica l. contained both anti-hsv-1 and -2 activities, as determined by plaque inhibition assay. an inhibition of the production of infectious hsv-2 virions from infected vero cells could also be demonstrated. comb ...200010715843
creams for preventing stretch marks in pregnancy.many women develop stretch marks (striae gravidarum) during pregnancy. a number of creams have been used to remove these stretch marks.200010796111
new innovations in scar current aesthetic surgical techniques become more standardized and results more predictable, a fine scar may be the demarcating line between acceptable and unacceptable aesthetic results. with this in mind, a scar management program has been adopted based on the modalities of wound support, hydration, and hastened maturity, all factors gleaned from scientific evidence published over the past 25 years. tension on a scar in one axis will result in a stretched scar, probably initiated by neutrop ...201510890953
electrospray characterization of selected medicinal plant extracts.extracts of selected medicinal plants were examined by electrospray mass spectrometry (esi-ms). this technique allowed identification of the main components of each extract, thereby providing a typical finger-print of the examined plants. more specifically, anthocyanins (vaccinium myrtillus), isoflavones (glycine max, soybean), flavonol-glycosides and terpenes (ginkgo biloba), triterpenes (centella asiatica), caffeoyl-quinic acids (cynara scolymus, artichoke), ginsenosides (panax ginseng), catec ...200010898155
chemical, pharmacological and clinical profile of the east asian medical plant centella asiatica.centella asiatica is a medicinal plant that has been in use since prehistoric times. its active constituents include pentacyclic triterpene derivatives. studies have been conducted in particular to investigate the madecassosides and asiaticosides. in common with most traditional phytotherapeutic agents, centella asiatica is used in folk medicine to treat a wide range of indications. in contrast to other medicinal plants, however, centella asiatica has been subjected to quite extensive experiment ...200011081995
effects of centella asiatica on ethanol induced gastric mucosal lesions in rats.centella asiatica is a herbal medicine widely used in china and india for wound healing. the aim of this study was to examine its effects on the prevention of ethanol induced gastric lesions in rats. gastric transmucosal potential difference (pd) was reduced by the application of 50% ethanol in the gastric ex-vivo chamber model and centella extract (ce) accelerated its recovery. oral administration of ce (0.05 g/kg, 0.25 g/kg and 0.50 g/kg) before ethanol administration significantly inhibited g ...200011104366
a double-blind, placebo-controlled study on the effects of gotu kola (centella asiatica) on acoustic startle response in healthy subjects.investigations of the pharmacologic profile of medicinal plants have revealed that a number of plants with purported anxiolytic activity bind to cholecystokinin (cck) receptors. this finding is intriguing in view of the proposed involvement of cck in the pathophysiology of fear and anxiety. this double-blind, placebo-controlled study was undertaken to evaluate the anxiolytic activity of gotu kola (centella asiatica) in healthy subjects. gotu kola has been used for centuries in ayurvedic and trad ...200011106141
[effectiveness of the combination of alpha tocopherol, rutin, melilotus, and centella asiatica in the treatment of patients with chronic venous insufficiency].the aim of this comparative clinical study was to evaluate the efficacy of the association of alphatocopherol, rutin, melilotus officinalis, and centella asiatica with oral administration in patients with chronic venous insufficiency.200111292962
hemorrhoids and varicose veins: a review of treatment options.hemorrhoids and varicose veins are common conditions seen by general practitioners. both conditions have several treatment modalities for the physician to choose from. varicose veins are treated with mechanical compression stockings. there are several over-the-counter topical agents available for hemorrhoids. conservative therapies for both conditions include diet, lifestyle changes, and hydrotherapy which require a high degree of patient compliance to be effective. when conservative hemorrhoid ...200111302778
development of a novel dosage form for intramuscular injection of titrated extract of centella asiatica in a mixed micellar system.titrated extract of centella asiatica (teca), a drug used in treating systemic scleroderma, is poorly water-soluble. a conventional dosage form for the intramuscular injection of teca, propylene glycol (pg)-based teca solution, causes severe pain after intramuscular injection. to improve the solubility of teca and reduce pain after injection, mixed micellar systems composed of 10% surfactant mixture (tween 20 and tween 85) and 90% phosphate-buffered saline, ph 7.0 (pbs) were prepared. as the rat ...200111376976
protection against radiation-induced conditioned taste aversion by centella asiatica.radiations are known to cause behavioural perturbations like conditioned taste aversion (cta), performance decrement, learning, etc., even at very low doses. the manifestation of radiation-induced behavioural degradation has not been understood well and requires further studies. therefore, the effects of low-dose whole-body 60co gamma-irradiation in male rats were studied in terms of body weight and cta learning. for cta, the consumption of saccharin solution was considered as a parameter. to pr ...200111399290
in vitro keratinocyte antiproliferant effect of centella asiatica extract and triterpenoid saponins.psoriasis is a hyperproliferative skin disorder estimated to be present in 1-3% of most populations. conventional therapy using corticosteroids, vitamin d analogs and cytotoxic agents eg psoralens is associated with low success rate and many side effects. traditional plant remedies may provide leads for new treatments. a rapid-throughput, in vitro bioassay has been utilised to examine plants for inhibitory effects on the growth of svk-14 keratinocytes. centella asiatica, a reputed anti-psoriatic ...200111417919
effect of centella asiatica linn on physical and chemical factors induced gastric ulceration and secretion in rats.centella asiatica is commonly mentioned as a rasayana in ayurveda, an ancient system of indian medicine for various ailments including abdominal disorders. rasayanas have been advocated for use in rejuvenation therapy. the present study was conducted to evaluate the possible anti-ulcerogenic activity of fresh juice of c. asiatica (caj) against ethanol-, aspirin-, cold-restraint stress- and pyloric ligation induced gastric ulcers in rats. the drug given orally in doses of 200 and 600 mg/kg twice ...200111480209
evaluation of the cytotoxicity, mutagenicity and antimutagenicity of emerging edible plants.this study evaluates the toxic, mutagenic and antimutagenic effects of emerging edible plants that are consumed as new leafy vegetables in taiwan. among eight plant extracts, only the extracts of sol (solanum nigrum l.) showed cytotoxicity to salmonella typhimurium ta100 in the absence of s9 mix. the toxicity of extracts from different parts of the sol plant, such as leaf and stem, immature fruit and mature fruit, towards s. typhimurium ta100 and human lymphocytes was also assayed. the immature ...200111527563
medicinal foodstuffs. xxvii. saponin constituents of gotu kola (2): structures of new ursane- and oleanane-type triterpene oligoglycosides, centellasaponins b, c, and d, from centella asiatica cultivated in sri lanka.ursane- and oleanane-type triterpene oligoglycosides, centellasaponins b, c, and d, were isolated from the aerial parts of centella asiatica (l.) urban cultivated in sri lanka together with madecassoside, asiaticoside, asiaticoside b, and sceffoleoside a. the chemical structures of centellasaponins b, c, and d were determined on the basis of chemical and physicochemical evidence to be madecassic acid 28-o-beta-d-glucopyranosyl(1-->6)-beta-d-glucopyranoside, madasiatic acid 28-o-alpha-l-rhamnopyr ...200111605675
effects of the total triterpenic fraction of centella asiatica in venous hypertensive microangiopathy: a prospective, placebo-controlled, randomized trial.the aim of this study was to demonstrate whether total triterpenic fraction of centella asiatica (ttfca), was effective in improving the microcirculation in venous hypertension and microangiopathy. forty patients with severe venous hypertension, ankle swelling, lipodermatosclerosis were included. after informed consent, patients were randomized into a treatment and a placebo group: those in the treatment group received ttfca (tablets, 60 mg, twice daily for 8 weeks). the two groups of subjects w ...200111666117
increase in echogenicity of echolucent carotid plaques after treatment with total triterpenic fraction of centella asiatica: a prospective, placebo-controlled, randomized trial.the aim of this study was to evaluate whether total triterpenic fraction of centella asiatica (ttfca), was effective in modulating collagen production over 12 months, by producing an increase in echogenicity in echolucent carotid plaques. part i was a pilot study aimed at evaluating the effects of ttfca on different types of plaques. part ii was a prospective, randomized, placebo-controlled trial aimed at evaluating the effects of ttfca on hypoechoic-echolucent plaques. the sonographic examinati ...200111666118
treatment of diabetic microangiopathy and edema with total triterpenic fraction of centella asiatica: a prospective, placebo-controlled randomized study.the aim of this study was to demonstrate in a prospective, placebo-controlled, randomized study, whether total triterpenic fraction of centella asiatica (ttfca) is effective in improving the microcirculation in diabetic microangiopathy and neuropathy, patients with severe diabetic microangiopathy, neuropathy, and edema; patients with microangiopathy without neuropathy; and healthy subjects were included. microangiopathy was defined by laser doppler and capillary filtration (rate on ankle swellin ...200111666119
flight microangiopathy in medium- to long-distance flights: prevention of edema and microcirculation alterations with total triterpenic fraction of centella asiatica.the aim of this study was the evaluation of microcirculatory alterations associated with edema in passengers travelling for more than 3 hours and the study of the effects of ttfca (total triterpenic fraction of centella asiatica) on the development of microcirculation alterations and edema, in a prospective, randomized study. laser doppler flowmetry (ldf), transcutaneous po2 and pco2, rate of ankle swelling (ras) were used. subjects were randomized after informed consent into two groups: one con ...200111666121
microcirculatory effects of total triterpenic fraction of centella asiatica in chronic venous hypertension: measurement by laser doppler, tcpo2-co2, and leg volumetry.the aim of this prospective, randomized study was to demonstrate whether an oral preparation of ttfca was effective in improving the microcirculation and edema (leg volume) in venous microangiopathy. forty patients with venous hypertension were included. treatment was prescribed for 6 weeks (tablets, 60 mg twice daily). patients were randomized into a treatment and a placebo group. there were 20 patients in each group. in the treatment group the mean age was 42 (sd 7; m:f = 10:10); in the placeb ...200111666123
evaluation of treatment of diabetic microangiopathy with total triterpenic fraction of centella asiatica: a clinical prospective randomized trial with a microcirculatory model.fifty patients with diabetic microangiopathy were studied by laser doppler flowmetry (measuring skin blood flow at rest) (rf) and the venoarteriolar response (var), by transcutaneous po2 and pco2 measurements, and by capillary permeability evaluation (rate of ankle swelling [ras]). thirty of these patients were treated for 6 months with total triterpenic fraction of centella asiatica (ttfca) (60 mg twice daily), a drug active on microcirculation and capillary permeability. a control group of ten ...200111666124
treatment of edema and increased capillary filtration in venous hypertension with total triterpenic fraction of centella asiatica: a clinical, prospective, placebo-controlled, randomized, dose-ranging trial.the variation of capillary filtration rate (cfr), ankle circumference (ac), and ankle edema (ae) was evaluated in three groups of patients with venous hypertension (ambulatory venous pressure >42 mm hg) and in a group of normal subjects before and after treatment for 4 weeks with total triterpenic fraction of centella asiatica (ttfca), a venoactive drug acting on the microcirculation and on capillary permeability. group a (20 patients)was treated with ttfca 60 mg thrice daily, group b (20 patien ...200111666125
total triterpenic fraction of centella asiatica in the treatment of venous hypertension: a clinical, prospective, randomized trial using a combined microcirculatory model.a single-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized study was performed on the effects of different doses of the total triterpenic fraction of centella asiatica (ttfca) in patients with venous hypertensive microangiopathy. a combined microcirculatory model that considers laser doppler flowmetry (ldf) and transcutaneous oxygen (po2), transcutaneous carbon dioxide tension (pco2) measurements was combined with the symptom evaluation. ldf tests included the baseline resting flow, the venoarteriolar refle ...200111666126
modification of the echogenicity of femoral plaques after treatment with total triterpenic fraction of centella asiatica: a prospective, randomized, placebo-controlled trial.the aim of this study was to evaluate whether ttfca (total triterpenic fraction of centella asiatica), was effective, by modulating collagen production, in a period of 12 months, increasing the echogenicity of echolucent plaques at the femoral bifurcation. hypoechoic atherosclerotic plaques have been found to be associated with an increased evidence of cerebrovascular events. in this type of plaques stromal composition is limited as the collagen component is generally very low; the plaque compos ...200111666127
total triterpenic fraction of centella asiatica in chronic venous insufficiency and in high-perfusion triterpenic fraction of centella asiatica (ttfca) is effective in improving venous wall alterations in chronic venous hypertension and in protecting the venous endothelium. ttfca is active on connective tissue modulation, improves the synthesis of collagen and other tissue proteins by modulating the action of fibroblasts in the vein wall, and stimulates collagen remodeling in and around the venous wall. this is due to the modulating action of ttfca on fibroblasts as shown by experiments on ...200111666128
asiatic acid derivatives protect cultured cortical neurons from glutamate-induced excitotoxicity.asiatic acid, a triterpene of centella asiatica (l.) urban (umbelliferae), has been patented as a treatment for dementia and an enhancer of cognition by the hoechst aktiengesellschaft (ep 0 383 171 a2). we modified the chemical structure of asiatic acid and obtained 36 derivatives of asiatic acid in an attempt to prepare neuroprotective compounds that were more efficacious than asiatic acid itself. the neuroprotective activities of these derivatives were evaluated using primary cultures of rat c ...200011758977
effect of different extracts of centella asiatica on cognition and markers of oxidative stress in rats.centella asiatica, a plant mentioned in indian literature has been described to possess cns effects such as stimulatory-nervine tonic, rejuvenant, sedative, tranquilizer and intelligence promoting property. in the present study aqueous, methanolic and chloroform extracts of c. asiatica were investigated for their effect on cognitive functions in rats. male wistar rats of 200-250 g were used to study the effect on learning and memory by using shuttle box, step through, step down and elevated plus ...200211801389
in vitro anti-hepatoma activity of fifteen natural medicines from canada.fifteen crude drugs, stellaria media cyrill. (caryophyllaceae), calendula officinalis l. (compositae), achillea millefolium l. (compositae), verbascum thapsus l. (scrophulariaceae), plantago major l. (plantaginaceae), borago officinalis l. (boraginaceae), satureja hortensis l. (labiatae), coptis groenlandica salisb. (ranunculaceae), cassia angustifolia vahl. (leguminosae), origanum majorana l. (labiatae), centella asiatica l. (umbelliferae), caulophyllum thalictroides mich. (berberidaceae), pice ...200212203264
an in vitro, ex vivo, and in vivo demonstration of the lipolytic effect of slimming liposomes: an unexpected alpha(2)-adrenergic antagonism.most of the slimming products already developed for cosmetic applications did not result from strategies that integrate whole lipolysis-regulating mechanisms. we thus focused our attention on a more complete integration of these mechanisms and we developed slimming liposomes (slc) containing two micro-circulation activators, i.e., esculoside and centella asiatica extracts, one phosphodiesterase inhibitor, i.e., caffeine, and one fatty acid-beta oxidation activator, i.e., l-carnitine. the validit ...200212219247
radioprotection of swiss albino mouse by centella asiatica extract.centella asiatica, has a considerable reputation in the indian system of medicine. it is a rasayan (general tonic), brain tonic, improves memory and strengthens the cns. in view of its multifarious uses, the plant extract was tested for its radioprotective properties. a sublethal dose of co 60 gamma radiation, i.e. 8 gy was selected for the purpose. animals were divided into two groups. the whole bodies were irradiated with co 60 gamma radiation externally, with and without drug extract. the dru ...200212458490
[resources distribution and pharamacognostic identification of centella asiatica (l.) urban produced in china].to investigate the resources distribution and morphological histology of centella asiatica distributed in china, and offer evidences for exploiting the plant resources and drafting the quality standards.200012512431
effect of centella asiatica on pentylenetetrazole-induced kindling, cognition and oxidative stress in rats.cognitive impairment in epileptics may be a consequence of the epileptogenic process as well as antiepileptic medication. thus, there is a need for drugs, which can suppress epileptogenesis as well as prevent cognitive impairment. in the present study, the effect of aqueous extract of centella asiatica (ca) (100 and 300 mg/kg), an indian medicinal plant known to possess antiepileptic, cognitive-enhancing and antioxidant property, was evaluated on the course of kindling development, kindling-indu ...200312543222
anti-oxidant activity of centella asiatica on lymphoma-bearing mice.oral treatment with 50 mg x kg(-1) day(-1) of crude methanol extract of centella asiatica for 14 days significantly increased the anti-oxidant enzymes, like superoxide dismutase (sod), catalase and glutathione peroxidase (gshpx), and anti-oxidants like glutathione (gsh) and ascorbic acid decreased in lymphoma-bearing mice.200312837356
an improved hplc method for quantitative determination of six triterpenes in centella asiatica extracts and commercial improved hplc qualitative and quantitative method of six triterpenes (asiaticoside, madecassoside, asiatic acid, madecassic acid, terminolic acid, and asiaticoside-b) in centella asiatica (raw plant material and preparations) is described in this paper. after 50 minutes the six active triterpenes were separated and detected in the methanolic extract at a limit of 0.01 microg/ml. the method uses a phenomenex aqua 5mu c18 (200 a) column as the stationary phase, a gradient mobile phase of water ...200312856998
effect of centella asiatica on cognition and oxidative stress in an intracerebroventricular streptozotocin model of alzheimer's disease in rats.1. centella asiatica, an indian medicinal plant, has been described as possessing central nervous system activity, such as improving intelligence. in addition, we have demonstrated that c. asiatica has cognitive-enhancing and anti-oxidant properties in normal rats. oxidative stress or an impaired endogenous anti-oxidant mechanism is an important factor that has been implicated in alzheimer's disease (ad) and cognitive deficits seen in the elderly. 2. intracerebroventricular (i.c.v.) streptozotoc ...200312859423
from medical herbalism to phytotherapy in dermatology: back to the future.plant-based therapeutic preparations are cyclically returning to complement dermatologic therapy. they serve as therapeutic alternatives, safer choices, or in some cases, as the only effective treatment. folk medicine tradition provides different indicators for use than the medical disease model. advantages of multiple synergistic components of crude extracts are discussed, as well as herbs already used in dermatology. bitter digestive stimulants are used for vitiligo. bioflavinoids from buckwhe ...200312919112
[asiaticoside extracted from centella asiatica and its therapeutic uses in cicatrization of experimental and refractory wounds (leprosy, cutaneous tuberculosis and lupus)]. 195613337766
[asiaticoside; active constituent of centella asiatica, initiating agent of the new growth in the early stage of cicatrization of skin ulcers]. 195713440135
[on the treatment of cutaneous lesions with extract of "centella asiatica"]. 196013699523
[treatment of stubborn ulcers of the lower extremities with asiaticoside (centella asiatica)]. 196113861793
[anthrone determination of asiaticoside, ester-oside of centella asiatica]. 196313990461
pharmacognostic study of merremia emarginata hallier & comparison with centella asiatica linn. 196214039163
[anthrone determination of the asiaticoside isolated from centella asiatica by quantitative chromatography on thin layers of glass powder]. 201514048142
gene expression changes in the human fibroblast induced by centella asiatica triterpenoids.the molecular pathways underlying the diverse biological activity of the triterpeniod compounds isolated from the tropical medicinal plant centella asiatica were studied with gene microarrays and real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (real-time rt-pcr) to quantify the expression of 1053 human genes in human fibroblasts. fibroblast cells grown in culture were used as a model system to evaluate the stimulation of wound healing by titrated extract from centella asiatica (teca) a ...200314531023
structure and potential immunological activity of a pectin from centella asiatica (l.) urban.s3a was a rg-i pectin isolated from centella asiatica that contained rha, ara, gal, glc and gala in molar ratio of 1.0:0.6:1.5:0.2:1.1 and had been found to have a backbone composed mainly of the disaccharide repeat unit, -->4)-alpha-d-galpa-(1-->2)-alpha-l-rhap-(1-->. based on methylation analysis, naio4 oxidation, partial acid hydrolysis and lithium-treatment, the structural features were elucidated. side chains of s3a were predominantly linked to o-4 of 1,2,4-linked alpha-l-rhap. the side cha ...200314572724
adjunctive periodontal treatment with centella asiatica and punica granatum extracts. a preliminary study.centella asiatica and punica granatum are medicinal herbs that have been reported to promote tissue healing and modulate host responses. the purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of the combined extracts from c. asiatica and p. granatum pericarp on periodontal healing following scaling and root planing in adult periodontitis patients.200314604059
nutritional support for wound healing.healing of wounds, whether from accidental injury or surgical intervention, involves the activity of an intricate network of blood cells, tissue types, cytokines, and growth factors. this results in increased cellular activity, which causes an intensified metabolic demand for nutrients. nutritional deficiencies can impede wound healing, and several nutritional factors required for wound repair may improve healing time and wound outcome. vitamin a is required for epithelial and bone formation, ce ...200314653765
the healing effects of centella extract and asiaticoside on acetic acid induced gastric ulcers in this study, the healing effects of centella asiatica water extract (ce) and asiaticoside (ac), an active constituent of ce, on acetic acid induced gastric ulcers (kissing ulcers) in rats were examined. ce was prepared from centella asiatica dry plant and the concentration of ac in ce was quantitatively determined with the use of high performance liquid chromatography analysis. different concentrations of ce and ac were orally administered to rats with kissing ulcers. they were found to reduce ...200414987949
[effect of total triterpenes from centella asiatica on the depression behavior and concentration of amino acid in forced swimming mice].to evaluate the antidepressant activity of total triterpenes from centella asiatica in forced swimming test.200315058206
preliminary immunomodulatory activities of methanol extracts of eclipta alba and centella attempt has been made to assess the immunomodulatory activity of methanol extracts of whole plant of e. alba (1.6% wedelolactone) and c. asiatica (0.18% of asiaticoside) at five dose levels (dose-response relationship) ranging from 100 to 500 mg/kg body wt. using carbon clearance, antibody titer and cyclophosphamide immunosuppression parameters. in the case of e. alba, the phagocytic index and antibody titer increased significantly and the f ratios of the phagocytic index and wbc count were a ...200415185851
total phenolics and antioxidant activities of fenugreek, green tea, black tea, grape seed, ginger, rosemary, gotu kola, and ginkgo extracts, vitamin e, and tert-butylhydroquinone.the total phenolics and antioxidant activities of fenugreek, green tea, black tea, grape seed, ginger, rosemary, gotu kola, and ginkgo extracts, vitamin e, and tert-butylhydroquinone, were determined. grape seed and green tea were analyzed for their phenolic constituents using high-performance liquid chromatography. the total phenolics of the plant extracts, determined by the folin-ciocalteu method, ranged from 24.8 to 92.5 mg of chlorogenic acid equivalent/g dry material. the antioxidant activi ...200415291494
stimulation of asiaticoside accumulation in the whole plant cultures of centella asiatica (l.) urban by elicitors.the effects of a number of different elicitors on asiaticoside production in whole plant cultures of centella asiatica were studied, including yeast extract, cdcl(2), cucl(2) and methyl jasmonate (mj). only mj and yeast extract stimulated asiaticoside production--1.53 and 1.41-fold, respectively. maximum asiaticoside production was achieved following treatment with 0.1 mm mj (116.8 mg/l). the highest asiaticoside production (342.72 mg/l) was obtained after 36 days of elicitation in cultures trea ...200415316748
[effect of total glucosides of centella asiatica on antagonizing liver fibrosis induced by dimethylnitrosamine in rats].to investigate the anti-liver fibrosis effect of total glucosides of centella asiatica (gca) in experimental rats.200415366600
dermal fibroblast-associated gene induction by asiaticoside shown in vitro by dna microarray analysis.asiaticoside, isolated from centella asiatica, promotes fibroblast proliferation and extracellular matrix (ecm) synthesis in wound healing. the precise mechanism, however, in molecular and gene expression levels is still unclear.200415377342
inhibitory effects of centella asiatica on azoxymethane-induced aberrant crypt focus formation and carcinogenesis in the intestines of f344 rats.effects of the water extract of centella asiatica linn. on formation of azoxymethane (aom)-induced aberrant crypt foci (acf) and intestinal tumorigenesis in male f344 rats were investigated. treatment with the extract significantly decreased the number of larger acf (with four or more crypts per focus) in the large intestine in the early stage, while the number of methylated dna adducts was not decreased compared with that in the aom-treated group. in the post-initiation stage, the extract signi ...200415500935
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