isolation, inoculation to insect host, and molecular phylogeny of an entomogenous fungus paecilomyces tenuipes.a parasitic fungus to moth larvae and pupae, paecilomyces tenuipes, was isolated and cultured on liquid and agar media. fruit bodies, or synnemata, with characteristics of p. tenuipes were successfully formed on the agar medium. when pupae of wax moth, galleria mellonella, were incubated with the conidia, all the pupae were infected and the synnemata were formed out of them. almost the entire length of 18s rdna of p. tenuipes was amplified by pcr and directly sequenced. molecular phylogenetic an ...19979367727
identification, cloning and expression of pseudomonas aeruginosa ps-x putative urate oxidase gene in escherichia a previous study we reported for the first time the isolation and characterization ofurate oxidase enzyme from pseudomonas aeruginosa. in this work we isolated and cloned a 1.350 kilobase dna fragment that encode a putative urate oxidase gene from the genomic library of p. aeruginosa ps-x. the nucleotide sequence of the cloned dna insert revealed an open reading frame that encodes a protein of a molecular weight of 54.0 kda. the cloned dna fragment showed an uricolytic activity when expressed ...200415790071
4-acetoxyscirpendiol of paecilomyces tenuipes inhibits na(+)/d-glucose cotransporter expressed in xenopus laevis oocytes.cordyceps, an entomopathogenic fungus, contains many health-promoting ingredients. recent reports indicate that the consumption of cordyceps helps reduce blood-sugar content in diabetics. however, the mechanism underlying this reduction in circulatory sugar content is not fully understood. methanolic extracts were prepared from the fruiting bodies of paecilomyces tenuipes, and 4-beta acetoxyscirpendiol (4-asd) was eventually isolated and purified. na(+)/glucose transporter-1 (sglt-1) was express ...200515826499
cultivation of entomopathogenic fungi for the search of antibacterial compounds.entomopathogenic fungi are a rich source of natural bioactive compounds. to establish cultivation conditions which facilitate the production of bioactive compounds and to select good genera among entomopathogenic fungi as the producer, 47 typical entomopathogenic fungi were tested for their ability to produce antibiotic activity. thirty-eight strains (81%) and 30 strains (64%) of these fungi produced either anti-bacillus compounds or anti-staphylococcus compounds, respectively, indicating that t ...200516244901
inhibition of sodium glucose cotransporter-i expressed in xenopus laevis oocytes by 4-acetoxyscirpendiol from cordyceps takaomantana (anamorph = paecilomyces tenuipes).cordyceps contains many health-promoting constituents. recent studies revealed that the fruiting body of cordyceps significantly alleviates hyperglycemia which usually accompanies diabetes mellitus. the mechanism of the anti-hyperglycemic effect by cordyceps, however, is not fully understood. in this study, methanolic extracts were prepared from fruiting bodies of paecilomyces tenuipes, and 4-beta acetoxyscirpendiol (asd) was eventually purified from the extracts. the na+/ glucose transporter-1 ...200616805097
cultivable bacteria associated with larval gut of prothiofos-resistant, prothiofos-susceptible and field-caught populations of diamondback moth, plutella xylostella and their potential for, antagonism towards entomopathogenic fungi and host insect evaluate whether the gut bacteria of insecticide-resistant, insecticide-susceptible and field-caught populations of the lepidopteran insect pest diamondback moth (dbm)--plutella xylostella (l.)--are variable and their role in host protection and nutrition.200717973916
activity of oil-formulated conidia of the fungal entomopathogens nomuraea rileyi and isaria tenuipes against lepidopterous larvae.the fungi nomuraea rileyi and isaria tenuipes (=paecilomyces tenuipes) are ecologically obligate, widespread pathogens of lepidopterans. bioassays were carried out to evaluate the activity of oil-suspended conidia of n. rileyi and i. tenuipes against larvae of spodoptera frugiperda, spodoptera exigua, helicoverpa zea, and heliothis virescens. the tests consisted of two bioassay sets. in the first set, conidia of n. rileyi and i. tenuipes were suspended in water+tween 80, and in vegetable (canola ...201020025883
isariotins a-d, alkaloids from the insect pathogenic fungus isaria tenuipes bcc 7831.isariotins a-d (1- 4), alkaloids possessing a unique bicyclo[3.3.1]nonane ring, were isolated from the insect pathogenic fungus isaria tenuipes bcc 7831. the structures of these compounds were elucidated primarily by nmr and mass spectroscopic analyses.200717822299
bioactive compounds from paecilomyces tenuipes regulating the function of the hypothalamo-hypophyseal system axis in chronic unpredictable stress rats.a bioactive compound from paecilomyces tenuipes (bcpt) has an inhibitory effect on monoamine oxidase a (mao-a) and monoamine oxidase b (mao-b) in vitro and in vivo, which indicates bcpt may be a potential antidepressant. in this study we aimed to study the antidepressant effects of bcpt in the chronic unpredictable stress (cus) model in rats and explore underlying mechanisms in the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (hpa) axis.200717637227
effects of paecilomyces tenuipes cultivated in egg yolk on lipid metabolism in rats on a high fat-cholesterol diet.we investigated the effects of the fruiting bodies of cultivated paecilomyces tenuipes grown on egg yolk (pte) on lipid and antioxidant metabolisms. forty 8-week-old male sprague-dawley rats were fed a high fat/high cholesterol diet (control) or a high fat/high cholesterol diet with 1%, 3%, or 5% pte for 5 weeks. pte was found to significantly lower plasma total lipid, total cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, and the atherogenic index, compared with the control. hepatic total lipi ...200616822207
optimization of physical parameters for exo-biopolymer production in submerged mycelial cultures of two entomopathogenic fungi paecilomyces japonica and paecilomyces the present study, two different optimization techniques were used to determine the suitable operating parameters for exo-biopolymer production in submerged mycelial cultures of two entomopathogenic fungi paecilomyces japonica and paecilomyces tenuipes.200616620210
induction of apoptosis by disturbing mitochondrial-membrane potential and cleaving parp in jurkat t cells through treatment with acetoxyscirpenol mycotoxins.paecilomyces tenuipes is a famous chinese medicinal entomopathogenic fungus that grows within the larvae of silkworms. 4beta-acetoxyscirpendiol (4-mas), a cytotoxic compound belonging to the scirpenol subfamily of trichothecene mycotoxin, was isolated from paecilomyces tenuipes. to further elucidate the cytotoxic mechanism of 4-mas, evidences of its induction of apoptosis, together with the structurally related acetoxyscirpenol moiety mycotoxins (asms) such as, 15-acetoxyscirpenol (15-mas), 4,15 ...200616595895
[beauvericin: chemical and biological aspects and occurrence].beauvericin (bea) is a cyclic hexadepsipeptide produced by beauveria bassiana, paecilomyces fumosoroseus, paecilomyces tenuipes, polyporus sulphurous, and a variety of fusarium species. this mycotoxin shows antimicrobial, insecticidal, cytotoxic, and apoptotic activity. it is the most potent specific inhibitor of cholesterol acyltransferase and possesses ionophoric properties. bea increases ion permeability in biological membranes by forming a complex with essential cations (ca2+, na+, k+), whic ...200516370518
glucan-binding activity of silkworm 30-kda apolipoprotein and its involvement in defense against fungal infection.the silkworm bombyx mori 30-kda lipoproteins (6g1 and 19g1), major components of the hemolymph, were shown to bind to glucans. 6g1 apolipoprotein was expressed as a fusion protein with glutathione s-transferase in escherichia coli and assayed for its binding activity. the purified recombinant 6g1 apolipoprotein specifically bound to beta-glucan, but not to chitin, mannan, peptidoglycan, or oligosaccharide chains on glycoproteins. the beta-glucan binding of the recombinant 6g1 was inhibited by la ...200515973050
production of exopolysaccharides by submerged culture of an enthomopathogenic fungus, paecilomyces tenuipes c240 in stirred-tank and airlift reactors.the objective of this study was to investigate the effect of shearing effect on the production of exopolysaccharides (eps) from an enthomopathogenic fungus, paecilomyces tenuipes c240 in a stirred-tank reactor (str) and in an airlift reactor (ar). the optimal agitation rate for the production of eps in the str was 150 rpm with the mycelial morphology of hairy pellets, where the final concentration and the specific production rate of eps were 2.33 g l(-1) and 0.312 gg(-1) h(-1), respectively. how ...200615951166
the liquid culture filtrates of paecilomyces tenuipes (peck) samson (=isaria japonica yasuda) and paecilomyces cicadae (miquel) samson (=isaria sinclairii (berk.) llond) regulate th1 and th2 cytokine response in murine peyer's patch cells in vitro and ex vivo.the effects of liquid culture filtrates of medicinal entomogenous fungi, paecilomyces tenuipes (peck) samson (=isaria japonica yasuda or isaria tenuipes) (ptcf) and paecilomyces cicadae (miquel) samson (=isaria sinclairii (berk.) llond) (pccf), on cytokine productions in cultured peyer's patches (pp) from c57bl/6j mice were investigated in vitro and ex vivo. in an in vitro experiment, ptcf (100 and 10 microg/ml) enhanced the production of t helper 1 (th1) cytokines, interleukin (il)-2 and interf ...200515778126
improvement of insulin resistance and insulin secretion by water extracts of cordyceps militaris, phellinus linteus, and paecilomyces tenuipes in 90% pancreatectomized rats.the effect of supplementation with phellinus linteus (p. linteus), paecilomyces tenuipes (p. tenuipes), and cordyceps militaris (c. militaris) mushroom water extracts on the insulin secretion and insulin resistance of 90% pancreatectomized (px) male sprague dawley rats was investigated. px rats were daily administered 0.5 g of p. linteus, p. tenuipes, and c. militaris aqueous extracts or a placebo per 1 kg body weight with a 40% fat diet for 8 weeks. fasting serum glucose levels were lower in ra ...200415564662
a novel carbon skeletal trichothecane, tenuipesine a, isolated from an entomopathogenic fungus, paecilomyces tenuipes.tenuipesine a (1), a novel trichothecane with an unprecedented carbon-migrated skeleton that embodies of a cyclopropane ring, was isolated from cultivated fruiting bodies of paecilomyces tenuipes (isaria japonica), a popular entomopathogenic fungi employed in folk medicine and health foods in china, korea, and japan. the structure was determined on the basis of two-dimensional nmr data. its stereochemistry was elucidated by spectroscopic data and the chemical transformation of the coexisting tri ...200415548068
apoptosis induction by 4beta-acetoxyscirpendiol from paecilomyces tenuipes in human leukaemia cell lines.the carpophores of paecilomyces tenuipes are known in the orient for their strong antitumor activity. in continuation of our study on acetoxyscirpendiol (asd, 4beta-acetoxyscirpene-3alpha,15-diol) as a cytotoxic component from this fungus, we report particularly on the mode of action of asd in inducing apoptosis in human molt-4, thp-1 and jurkat t cell leukaemia in vitro. the antiproliferative effects of asd seem attributable to its induction of apoptosis in the cells, as it blocked the cell cyc ...200414964421
novel spirocyclic trichothecanes, spirotenuipesine a and b, isolated from entomopathogenic fungus, paecilomyces tenuipes.entomopathogenic fungi forming fruiting bodies have been employed as tonics and antitussives from ancient times. paecilomyces tenuipes, which is also called isaria japonica, is a very popular entomopathogenic fungus and is often considered a health food in northeast asian countries such as china, korea, and japan. we cultivated the fruiting bodies of paecilomyces tenuipes. among the large-scale cultivations, fruiting body grown in barley grain contained two novel spirocyclic trichothecane deriva ...200414725447
screening of entomopathogenic deuteromycetes for activities on targets involved in degenerative diseases of the central nervous system.a selection of 32 fungal strains, belonging to 8 genera of entomopathogenic deuteromycetes collected in various provinces of china, were screened for activities on targets involved in degenerative diseases of the central nervous system. the strains were grown under various fermentation conditions, and a total of 256 different extracts were obtained. the bioassays included functional screens for nmda antagonistic activity in stably transfected fibroblasts, for neuritogenic activities in pc-12 cel ...200314611888
analysis of cell cycle gene expression responding to acetoxyscirpendiol isolated from paecilomyces tenuipes.paecilomyces tenuipes is believed to contain potential oncostatic and tumor-reducing components. molecular mechanism, however, is poorly understood concerning the potential antitumor components and their biological function. we purified acetoxyscirpendiol (asd) from methanolic extracts (mpt) of the fungus and tested the two compounds for the molecular profile of their antitumor potential. using a differential display protocol, cyclin c and mad-1 were identified as candidate genes responding to m ...200312520168
cytotoxic activities of acetoxyscirpenediol and ergosterol peroxide from paecilomyces tenuipes.paecilomyces tenuipes is one of the famous chinese medicinal entomopathogenic fungi that parasites in the lavae of silkworm. two cytotoxic components were isolated from methanolic extract of the carpophores of this fungus that was cultivated artificially. spectral analyses of the cytotoxic components showed that they were known ergosterol peroxide (5alpha,8alpha-epidioxy-24(r)-methylcholesta-6,22-dien-3beta-ol) and acetoxyscirpenediol (4beta-acetoxyscirpene-3alpha,15-diol) that were isolated for ...200111441913
antimycobacterial and antiplasmodial cyclodepsipeptides from the insect pathogenic fungus paecilomyces tenuipes bcc 1614.bioassay-guided fractionation of the crude extract from the insect pathogenic fungus paecilomyces tenuipes bcc 1614 led to the isolation and identification of two antimycobacterial and antiplasmodial cyclodepsipeptides, beauvericin and beauvericin a.200011199137
Long-term preservation, regeneration, and cultivation of Paecilomyces tenuipes (Peck) Samson (Ascomycetes), an entomopathogenic fungus inoculated into the silkworm larva of Bombyx mori.Paecilomyces tenuipes reportedly have anticancer and immune activities, along with various other medicinal uses. Cultured products with P. tenuipes are certified for use in food in South Korea, and processed goods containing this fungus have been developed in many countries, particularly South Korea, Japan, and China. Research on mass production technology-procured raw materials for the manufacture of P. tenuipes is very important; however, cultures of the fungus have been unstable. This study i ...201122135907
tenuipyrone, a novel skeletal polyketide from the entomopathogenic fungus, isaria tenuipes, cultivated in the presence of epigenetic modifiers.the concomitant addition of the histone deacetylase inhibitor and the dna methyltransferase inhibitor to the culture medium of an entomopathogenic fungus, isaria tenuipes, greatly enhanced its secondary metabolite production and led to the isolation of tenuipyrone (1), a novel polyketide with an unprecedented tetracyclic ring system bearing a spiroketal structural component, along with two known c(10)-polyketides, cephalosporolide b (2), which is a plausible biosynthetic precursor of 1, and ceph ...201122201477
[molecular identification for the asexual stage of taishan cordyceps].from gene lever identified the asexual stage of taishan cordyceps.201021243765
a beauvericin hot spot in the genus isaria.beauvericin is a naturally occurring cyclohexadepsipeptide originally described from beauveria bassiana but also reported from several fusarium species as well as members of the genus isaria. twenty-six isolates of isaria species and its cordyceps teleomorph, and ten taxonomically close strains including beauveria, nomuraea and paecilomyces species were sequenced and tested for beauvericin production. trees using its rdna and beta-tubulin sequence data were constructed and used to infer the phyl ...200919766720
isariotins e and f, spirocyclic and bicyclic hemiacetals from the entomopathogenic fungus isaria tenuipes bcc spirocyclic and bicyclic hemiacetals, isariotins e (1) and f (2), together with tk-57-164a (3) were isolated from the entomopathogenic fungus isaria tenuipes bcc 12625. the absolute configuration of 3 was addressed by application of the modified mosher's method. isariotin f (2) exhibited activity against the malaria parasite plasmodium falciparum k1 with an ic(50) value of 5.1 microm and cytotoxic activities against cancer cell lines (kb, bc, and nci-h187) and nonmalignant (vero) cells with ...200919265430
total synthesis of spirotenuipesines a and b.spirotenuipesines a and b, isolated from the entomopathogenic fungus paecilomyces tenuipes by oshima and co-workers, have been synthesized. the synthesis features the highly stereoselective construction of two vicinal all-carbon quaternary centers (c(5) and c(6)) via an intramolecular cyclopropanation/radical initiated fragmentation sequence and a diastereoselective intermolecular diels-alder reaction between alpha-methylenelactone dienophile 20 and synergistic diene 6a. installation of the c(9) ...200818973385
the liquid culture filtrates of entomogenous fungus paecilomyces tenuipes and its glycoprotein constituent protects against anemia in mice treated with 5-fluorouracil.the purpose of the present study was to investigate the efficacy of a liquid culture filtrates of the entomogenous fungus paecilomyces tenuipes (ptcf) and its main active glycoprotein-enriched (pgf) fraction against hematotoxicity in mice treated with 5-fluorouracil (5-fu). oral administration of ptcf (100 mg/kg/d) for 7 consecutive days after 5-fu injection significantly suppressed reductions in the red and white blood cell counts in peripheral blood, and accelerated their recoveries. from ptcf ...200818670090
studies of macrophage immuno-modulating activity of polysaccharides isolated from paecilomyces tenuipes.the objective of this study was to evaluate the immunomodulatory effects of the paecilomyces sinensis polysaccharides (ptp) on the activity of macrophages and human monocytes. a water-soluble polysaccharide, with estimated molecular weight of 2.04x10(4) da, was isolated from p. sinensis. the results indicate that ptp can increase the activity of ldh and acp in amphi and pmphi of rats and human mononuclear cells, and enhance the pinocytic activity of macrophages and tnf-alpha production by human ...200818601946
synnemata production using silkworm variety, female yangwonjam by isaria tenuipes.this study was conducted to confirm the possible use of female yangwonjam as a host for synnemata production of isaria tenuipes in eight local areas in korea. silkworm pupation rate, infection rate and synnemata characteristics of i. tenuipes were examined. normal silkworms had a higher pupation rate than silkworms inoculated with i. tenuipes. the pupae survival percentage of normal silkworm in cocoons was 92.5~97.6%, whereas it ranged from 91.1~95.6% in silkworms sprayed with i. tenuipes. femal ...201122783097
expression and characteristic of the cu/zn superoxide dismutase gene from the insect parasitizing fungus cordyceps militaris.a cu/zn-superoxide dismutase (sod) gene was characterized from cordycepes militaris by gene cloning, heterogeneous expression and function analysis. this 154-aa sod (cmsod) was deduced from a 465-bp gene cloned, showing 72-95 % sequence identity to cu/zn-sods from other fungi. the deduced amino acid sequence of the cdna is highly similar to beauveria bassiana (95 %), isaria tenuipes (94 %) and claviceps purpurea (88 %), respectively. the sod gene of c. militaris spin 589 bp and consisted of two ...201223053936
isolation of entomopathogenic fungi from northern thailand and their production in cereal grains.spore productivity in six entomopathogenic fungal strains isolated from insect cadavers at four locations in chiang mai province was evaluated in five cereal grains: white-rice, wheat, rye, corn and sorghum. according to sequence analysis of the internal transcribed spacer regions of these isolates, they were closely related to beauveria bassiana (2 isolates), metarhizium flavoviride (1 isolate), metarhizium anisopliae (1 isolate), paecilomyces lilacinus (1 isolate) and isaria tenuipes (1 isolat ...201222965474
production of antioomycete compounds active against the phytopathogens phytophthora sojae and aphanomyces cochlioides by clavicipitoid entomopathogenic fungi.a total of 412 strains belonging to 14 genera of clavicipitoid entomopathogenic fungi (epf) were screened for activities against two economically important plant pathogenic oomycetes, phytophthora sojae and aphanomyces cochlioides. to identify the antioomycete compounds produced by epf, the extracts of 13 highly active epf strains were characterized in detail by high performance liquid chromatography with diode array detection and high-resolution mass spectrometric detection and antioomycete ass ...201424268864
characterization and phylogeny of isaria spp. strains (ascomycota: hypocreales) using its1-5.8s-its2 and elongation factor 1-alpha sequences.the elongation factor 1-alpha (ef1-α) and the internal transcribed spacer (its) regions its1 and its2 (its1-5.8s-its2) sequences were used to characterize and to identify isaria isolates from argentina, mexico, and brazil, as well as to study the phylogenetic relationships among these isolates and other related fungi from the order hypocreales. the molecular characterization, which was performed by pcr-rflp of ef1-α and its1-5.8-its2 genes, was useful for resolving representative isolates of isa ...201424222441
first record of epizootics in the ocola skipper, panoquina ocola (lepidopera: hesperiidae), caused by isaria tenuipes in flooded rice fields of central brazil.we report the first occurrence of an epizootic of the ascomycete fungus, isaria tenuipes (teleomorph cordyceps takaomontana), on the ocola skipper panoquina ocola (lepidoptera: hesperiidae), an insect pest affecting rice in brazil.201728032942
penostatin derivatives, a novel kind of protein phosphatase 1b inhibitors isolated from solid cultures of the entomogenous fungus isaria tenuipes.protein tyrosine phosphatase 1b (ptp1b) is implicated as a negative regulator of insulin receptor (ir) signaling and a potential drug target for the treatment of type ii diabetes and other associated metabolic syndromes. therefore, small molecular inhibitors of ptp1b can be considered as an attractive approach for the design of new therapeutic agents of type ii diabetes diseases. in a continuing search for new protein phosphatase inhibitors from fungi, we have isolated a new compound, named peno ...201424481115
breeding of a silkworm variety for synnemata production of isaria tenuipes.this study was conducted out to select a silkworm variety suitable for synnemata production of isaria tenuipes. four kinds of the mulberry silkworm varieties, bombyx mori, were hybridized using a japanese parental line and a chinese parental line, and used to test for synemata formation in i. tenuipes. the larval period of normal silkworms was 22 hr longer than the silkworms inoculated with this fungus. among the silkworm varieties tested, hachojam had the shortest larval period with 23.02 days. ...201023956651
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