structure and variation of the anseriformes mitochondrial dna control region.the control region is the major non-coding segment of animal mitochondrial dna. to infer the structure and variation of anseriformes mitochondrial dna control region, the control region sequences of 52 species were analyzed. the length of the control region sequences ranged from 968 bp (chenonetta jubata) to 1335 bp (anseranas semipalmata) and can be separated into three domains. there is a deletion of 100-130 bp in anatinae, compared to other groups of anserinae. the average genetic distances a ...201625329267
lead in livers and gizzards of waterfowl shot in new south wales, australia.few data exist on lead in waterfowl within new south wales, australia, despite global concern about lead poisoning in this group of birds. the gizzards and livers from 716 ducks (seven species) were collected from six sites within new south wales during the 1992 duck shooting season. six birds had ingested shot in their gizzards (<1%); four waterfowl had high concentrations of lead in their livers (>6 mg kg(-1) wet-weight (ww)) and a further three had elevated concentrations of lead in their liv ...199415091664
haematology of the wood duck, chenonetta jubata. 19807431527
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