characterization of α-factor pheromone and pheromone receptor genes of ashbya gossypii.the genome of ashbya gossypii contains homologs of most of the genes that are part of the saccharomyces cerevisiae pheromone-signal transduction cascade. however, we currently lack understanding of a potential sexual cycle for this pre-whole genome duplication hemiascomycete. the sequenced strain bears three identical copies encoding mata. we show that the syntenic a. gossypii homolog of mfα1 (afl062w) does not encode a mature α-factor peptide, but identified another gene, aar163c, which encodes ...201121489136
acetylsalicylic acid as antifungal in eremothecium and other yeasts.interesting distribution patterns of acetylsalicylic acid (asa, aspirin) sensitive 3-hydroxy (oh) oxylipins were previously reported in some representatives of the yeast genus eremothecium--an important group of plant pathogens. using immunofluorescence microscopy and 3-oh oxylipin specific antibodies in this study, we were able to map the presence of these compounds also in other eremothecium species. in eremothecium cymbalariae, these oxylipins were found to cover mostly the spiky tips of narr ...200717094014
yap1-dependent oxidative stress response provides a link to riboflavin production in ashbya gossypii.ashbya gossypii is a natural overproducer of riboflavin. overproduction of riboflavin can be induced by environmental stress, e.g. nutritional or oxidative stress. the yap-protein family has a well-documented role in stress response. particularly, yap1 has a major role in directing the oxidative stress responses. the a. gossypii yap-family consists of only three genes in contrast to its closest relative eremothecium cymbalariae, which has four yap-homologs. gene order at eremothecium yap-loci is ...201222750190
genome evolution in the eremothecium clade of the saccharomyces complex revealed by comparative genomics.we used comparative genomics to elucidate the genome evolution within the pre-whole-genome duplication genus eremothecium. to this end, we sequenced and assembled the complete genome of eremothecium cymbalariae, a filamentous ascomycete representing the eremothecium type strain. genome annotation indicated 4712 gene models and 143 trnas. we compared the e. cymbalariae genome with that of its relative, the riboflavin overproducer ashbya (eremothecium) gossypii, and the reconstructed yeast ancesto ...201122384365
major contribution of the ehrlich pathway for 2-phenylethanol/rose flavor production in ashbya gossypii.aroma alcohols of fermented food and beverages are derived from fungal amino acids catabolism via the ehrlich pathway. this linear pathway consists of three enzymatic reactions to form fusel alcohols. regulation of some of the enzymes occurs on the transcriptional level via aro80. the riboflavin overproducer ashbya gossypii produces strong fruity flavours in contrast to its much less aromatic relative eremothecium cymbalariae. genome comparisons indicated that a. gossypii harbors genes for aroma ...201424920045
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