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ventilation in an aquatic and a terrestrial chelonian reptile.1. periods of breath-holding are interrupted by episodes of continuous breathing in the aquatic turtle pelomedusa subrufa, whereas single breaths and short periods of breath-holding alternate in the terrestrial tortoise testudo pardalis. this implies that partial pressures of o2 and co2 in expired air are stable in testudo in contrast to cyclic fluctuations in pelomedusa. 2. in spite of this, air convection requirements (va/vo2, ml btps/ml stpd) are not significantly different for the two specie ...1978624895
[existence of a morphologic duality in the oncomiracidium of polystoimoides nabedei kulo, 1980 parasite of the urinary bladder of pelomedusa subrufa lacépède, 1788 (chelonia, pelomedusidae)]. 19827137799
cloning and characterization of a microsatellite in the mitochondrial control region of the african side-necked turtle, pelomedusa subrufa.the nucleotide sequence of the african side-necked turtle mitochondrial control region and its flanking trna genes was determined. this 73% a+t-rich region is 1194 bp long. several conserved motifs involved in the regulation of the mitochondrial genome replication process, including one conserved sequence block (csb1), and three termination-associated sequences were identified. the most remarkable feature found in this control region was the presence of six microsatellite-containing tandem repea ...19989714782
complete mitochondrial genome suggests diapsid affinities of turtles.despite more than a century of debate, the evolutionary position of turtles (testudines) relative to other amniotes (reptiles, birds, and mammals) remains uncertain. one of the major impediments to resolving this important evolutionary problem is the highly distinctive and enigmatic morphology of turtles that led to their traditional placement apart from diapsid reptiles as sole descendants of presumably primitive anapsid reptiles. to address this question, the complete (16,787-bp) mitochondrial ...19989826682
the physiology of diving in a north-temperate and three tropical turtle species.we examined changes in blood gases, plasma ions, and acid-base status during prolonged submergence (6 h) of four aquatic turtle species in aerated water at 20 degrees c. our objective was to determine whether the temperate species, chrysemys picta bellii, exhibits greater tolerance to submergence apnea than the tropical species, pelomedusa subrufa, elseya novaeguineae, and emydura subglobosa. blood was sampled from indwelling arterial catheters for measurements of blood po2, pco2, ph, and hemato ...199910466218
description of pelonia africana n. g., n. sp. (pentastomida: sebekidae) from the lungs of pelomedusa subrufa and pelusios sinuatus (chelonia) in south africa.the terrapins pelomedusa subrufa and pelusios sinuatus taken from a water reservoir in the northern province, south africa, were examined for pentastome infections. two immature specimens, a patent female and a mature male, were obtained from the lungs of four hosts, each of which harboured a single specimen. based on the morphology of the specimens the new monospecific genus, pelonia africana n. g., n. sp., is described. it is characterized by smooth, dorsally convex hooks with sharply bent bla ...200212092778
trichinella papuae and trichinella zimbabwensis induce infection in experimentally infected varans, caimans, pythons and turtles.the discovery of trichinella zimbabwensis in farm crocodiles of zimbabwe has opened up a new frontier in the epidemiology of the trichinella genus. the objective of the present study was to investigate the infectivity of encapsulated species (t. spiralis, t. nativa, t. britovi, t. murrelli and t. nelsoni) and non-encapsulated species (t. pseudospiralis, t. papuae and t. zimbabwensis) in caimans (caiman crocodilus), varans (varanus exanthematicus), pythons (python molurus bivittatus) and turtles ...200415074882
eimeria lokuma n. sp. (apicomplexa: eimeriidae), a new coccidium from the african helmeted turtle pelomedusa subrufa (lacépède) (testudines: pelomedusidae).coprological examination of nine african helmeted turtles pelomedusa subrufa from kenya revealed the presence of a new coccidium belonging to eimeria schneider, 1875. oöcysts of eimeria lokuma n. sp. are spherical to sub-spherical, 13.6 (13-14.5) x 13 (12-14) microm, lack a micropyle and a polar granule, but possess a granular oöcyst residuum. the sporocysts are elongate, oval to spindle-shaped and 8.3 (7.5-9.5) x 4.4 (4-5) microm. the stieda body is relatively low, flat and wide, and covered wi ...200616826445
[parasites of chelonians in intertropical africa: polystomoides nabedei n. sp. (monogenea, polystomatidae), a parasite of the bladder of the freshwater tortoise pelomedusa subrufa lacépède, 1788 (chelonian, pelomedusidae) (author's transl)].description of polystomoides nabedei n. sp., a parasite of the bladder of the freshwater tortoise pelomedusa subrufa lacépède, 1788 in togo. p. nabedei is similar to polystomoides chabaudi euzet et combes, 1965 described in madagascar and reported from uganda by tinsley (1973) in the same host, but differs in that the hooks of the external pair are longer, the hooks of the internal pair show an insertion of the hilt very close to the point (while it is found to half the length in p. chabaudi), t ...20067458164
check-list of the pentastomid parasites crocodilians and freshwater chelonians.based on published records and own data a summary is given of the geographical distribution of the currently known species of pentastomid parasites infecting crocodiles and alligators, as well as freshwater chelonians. a brief generic diagnosis is provided for each genus. fourteen out of the currently 23 living crocodilian species have been recorded as being host to one or more pentastomes. out of the 32 pentastome species six are considered species inquirendae. presently, six genera of crocodil ...200616715876
a new species of the genus spiroxys (nematoda: gnathostomatidae) from madagascan pleurodiran turtles (pelomedusidae).spiroxys ankarafantsika, sp. nov. is described from madagascar in two species of freshwater turtles, pelusios castanoides and pelomedusa subrufa. spiroxys ankarafantsika differs from other species of the genus in having pseudolabial teeth only on the median lobes and no other cuticular prominences, a smooth cuticular collar, deirides as cervical minute spine-like projections, and a gubernaculum without tubes. this is the first record of a nominal species of the genus spiroxys from the ethiopian ...200818492303
deep genealogical lineages in the widely distributed african helmeted terrapin: evidence from mitochondrial and nuclear dna (testudines: pelomedusidae: pelomedusa subrufa).we investigated the phylogeographic differentiation of the widely distributed african helmeted terrapin pelomedusa subrufa based on 1503 base pairs of mitochondrial dna (partial cyt b and nd4 genes with adjacent trnas) and 1937 bp of nuclear dna (partial rag1, rag2, r35 genes). congruent among different analyses, nine strongly divergent mitochondrial clades were found, representing three major geographical groupings: (1) a northern group which includes clades i from cameroon, ii from ghana and i ...201020332032
the complete mitochondrial genome sequences of chelodina rugosa and chelus fimbriata (pleurodira: chelidae): implications of a common absence of initiation sites (o(l)) in pleurodiran turtles.within the order testudines, while phylogenetic analyses have been performed on the suborder cryptodira with complete mitochondrial genomes (mitogenomes), mitogenomic information from another important suborder pleurodira has been inadequate. in the present study, complete mitochondrial dna (mtdna) sequences of two chelid turtles chelodina rugosa and chelus fimbriata were firstly determined, the lengths of which were 16,582 and 16,661 bp respectively. as the typical vertebrate mitogenome, both m ...201221655955
[polystomoides chabaudi n. sp. (monogenea) in the fresh water turtle pelomedusa subrufa lacépède 1788]. 20145845567
disentangling the pelomedusa complex using type specimens and historical dna (testudines: pelomedusidae).recent research has shown that the helmeted terrapin (pelomedusa subrufa), a species that occurs throughout sub-saharan africa, in madagascar and the southwestern arabian peninsula, consists of several deeply divergent genetic lineages. here we examine all nominal taxa currently synonymized with pelomedusa subrufa (bonnaterre, 1789) and provide mitochondrial dna sequences of type specimens or topotypic material for most taxa. lectotypes are designated for testudo galeata schoepff, 1792, pentonyx ...201424870495
a revision of african helmeted terrapins (testudines: pelomedusidae: pelomedusa), with descriptions of six new species.using nearly range-wide sampling, we analyze up to 1848 bp of mitochondrial dna of 183             helmeted terrapins and identify a minimum of 12 deeply divergent species-level clades. uncorrected p distances of these clades equal or clearly exceed those between the currently recognized species of pelusios, the genus most closely related to pelomedusa. we correlate genetic discontinuities of pelomedusa with data on morphology and endoparasites and describe six new pelomedusa species. moreover, ...201424870496
intrathecal administration of clonidine or yohimbine decreases the nociceptive behavior caused by formalin injection in the marsh terrapin (pelomedusa subrufa).the role of noradrenergic system in the control of nociception is documented in some vertebrate animals. however, there are no data showing the role of this system on nociception in the marsh terrapins.201425365809
chromosomal rearrangements during turtle evolution altered the synteny of genes involved in vertebrate sex mechanisms (sdms) set an individual's sexual fate by its genotype (genotypic sex determination, gsd) or environmental factors like temperature (temperature- dependent sex determination, tsd), as in turtles where the gsd "trigger" remains unknown. sdms co-evolve with turtle chromosome number, perhaps because fusions/fissions alter the relative position/regulation of sexual development genes. here, we map 10 such genes via fish onto metaphase chromosomes in 6 tsd and 6 gsd turtles ...201930808820
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