germination, genetics, and growth of an ancient date ancient date seed (phoenix dactylifera l.) excavated from masada and radiocarbon-dated to the first century common era was germinated. climatic conditions at the dead sea may have contributed to the longevity of this oldest, directly dated, viable seed. growth and development of the seedling over 26 months was compatible with normal date seedlings propagated from modern seeds. preliminary molecular characterization demonstrated high levels of genetic variation in comparison to modern, elite d ...200818556553
date-palm fibers media filters as a potential technology for tertiary domestic wastewater treatment.a number of municipal wastewater treatment systems were developed to improve effluent water quality, however economic aspects should be considered. this study was thus carried out to investigate the application of date-palm fibers filtration as an efficient method to economically remove turbidity, phosphorus, organics in term of cod and helminth eggs of secondary domestic wastewater from an activated sludge treatment process. column experiments were investigated to study the efficiency of date-p ...200918502040
effect of bunch sanitation on spatial distributions of abscised fruit and phycitine moths (lepidoptera: pyralidae) in california date gardens.phycitine moths are an economic impediment to california date, phoenix dactylifera l., production. summer populations build to damaging levels on abscised dates that get trapped in fruit bunches. this study was conducted to determine the relationship between abscised fruit and moth infestation, and to evaluate changes in the spatial distribution of abscised fruit and moth-infested fruit after a bunch-sanitation treatment. over the 9 wk of this study, there was a 69.9% reduction in the number of ...200718232393
regulation of in vitro bud formation of date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.) cv. khanezi by different carbon sources.the influence of different carbon sources and concentrations on in vitro shoot multiplication of date palm cv. khanezi were investigated. sucrose, glucose, fructose and maltose sugars were used at the following concentrations; 0, 30, 60, 90 and 120 g l(-1). shoot dry weight was significantly increased with increasing sugar concentrations while little growth was obtained in the absence of sugar. concentrations of 30 and 60 g l(-1) were optimal for qualitative and quantitative shoot growth while a ...200818191564
descriptive study of damage caused by the rhinoceros beetle, oryctes agamemnon, and its influence on date palm oases of rjim maatoug, tunisia.oryctes agamemnon (burmeister 1847) (coleoptera, scarabaeidae) was accidentally introduced in the southwestern oases of tunisia (tozeur) around 1980 and spread to the rjim maatoug region. in these areas o. agamemnon was specific to date palm trees causing severe damage that can result in potential danger due to collapse of the tree. this study was conducted from april 2004 to march 2006 in 4 sites in the region of rjim maatoug. different levels of palm tree attack were determined, ovioposition s ...200820302545
the life cycle of the root borer, oryctes agamemnon, under laboratory conditions.the root borer, oryctes agamemnon burmeister (coleoptera: scarabaeidae), has become a serious pest of date palm trees in southwest tunisia. under natural conditions, mated females lay eggs in different parts of palm tree: between the hairy roots, all along the stem at the leaf axils and at the base of cut branches. larvae bore into targeted places of the plant and were never seen outside. pupation takes place in the plant and emergence of the adults begins in june. larval feeding causes extensiv ...200820302536
protein extraction from phoenix dactylifera l. leaves, a recalcitrant material, for two-dimensional electrophoresis.this work was aimed at optimizing a protein extraction procedure for date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.) leaves, a highly recalcitrant plant tissue for 2-de. five protein extraction protocols based on different protein precipitation agents (tca/acetone vs. phenol (ph) methods) and protein resolubilization methods (physical treatments, e.g., sonication, shaking and/or heating) were tested. ph/sds extraction with methanol/ammonium acetate precipitation, followed by doc preincubation and tca/acetone ...200818064736
microsatellite markers reveal high genetic diversity in date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.) germplasm from sudan.genetic diversity in date palm germplasm from sudan representing 37 female and 23 male accessions was investigated using 16 loci of microsatellite (ssr) primers. eight female accessions from morocco were included as reference material. the tested ssr markers showed a high level of polymorphism. a total of 343 alleles were detected at the 16 loci. the number of alleles per marker ranged from 14 to 44 with an average of 21.4 per locus. a high level of expected heterozygosity was observed among sud ...200818046509
treatment of wastewater containing toxic chromium using new activated carbon developed from date palm seed.the use of a new activated carbon developed from date palm seed wastes, generated in the jam industry, for removing toxic chromium from aqueous solution has been investigated. the activated carbon has been achieved from date palm seed by dehydrating methods using concentrated sulfuric acid. the batch experiments were conducted to determine the adsorption capacity of the biomass. the effect of initial metal concentration (25-125mgl(-1)), ph, contact time, and concentration of date palm seed carbo ...200817693021
methylation-sensitive amplification polymorphism in date palms (phoenix dactylifera l.) and their off-shoots.dna methylation plays an important role in the regulation of gene expression in eukaryotes. in this study, the extent and patterns of dna methylation were assessed in date palm mother-plants and their off-shoots using the methylation-sensitive amplified polymorphism (msap) technique. three types of bands were generated using 12 pairs of primers. type i were present in both ecor i + hpa ii and ecor i + msp i lanes; type ii were present in ecor i + hpa ii lanes, but not in ecor i + msp i lanes; an ...200717642034
chemical composition of the flesh and the pit of date palm fruit and radical scavenging activity of their extracts.the chemical analysis of flesh and pit of two varieties of date palm fruit (deglet nour and alig) as well as the radical scavenging activity of their extracts was undertaken. the fruits were grown in djerid region (oasis of tozeur, tunisia). total sugars was measured by hplc method or with fehling reagent, crude lipid content was obtained by soxhlet's extraction, mineral elements were measured by atomic absorption photometer. the antioxidant activity of extracts from the flesh and pit of the dat ...200719070182
induction of callus formation from difficile date palm protoplasts by means of nurse culture.we report here for the first time callus formation from protoplasts in date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.). protoplasts were isolated from young leaves of offshoots and embryogenic calli in deglet nour and takerboucht genotypes. the protoplast yield depended on genotype, donor plant material, mixture of enzyme solution, and incubation time. with regard to the donor material, the best response was obtained with callus. cell division was induced in both liquid culture and nurse culture. the best do ...200717531789
chromatographic separation of fructose from date syrup.the objective of this study is to provide a process for separating fructose from a mixture of sugars containing essentially fructose and glucose, obtained from date palm fruits. the extraction procedure of date syrup from fresh dates gave a yield of 86.5% solids after vacuum drying. a process for separating fructose from an aqueous solution of date syrup involved adding the date syrup solutions (20, 30 and 40% by weight) to a chromatographic column filled with dowex polystyrene strong cation exc ...201316849117
diagnosis of "maladie des feuilles cassantes" or brittle leaf disease of date palms by detection of associated chloroplast encoded double stranded rnas.the "maladie des feuilles cassantes" (mfc) or "brittle leaf disease" of date palms is associated with the accumulation of two populations of small, chloroplast-encoded rnas. a plasmid vector containing a cdna with partial sequences of both of these rna populations was used to synthesize a dig-labeled bifunctional probe by pcr. the probe has been tested to detect, by molecular hybridization, mfc-associated rnas from dsrna-enriched palm leaflet preparations. leaflet samples from mfc-affected date ...200616829023
histocytological analysis of callogenesis and somatic embryogenesis from cell suspensions of date palm (phoenix dactylifera).the date palm is a dioecious perennial species of the arecaceae for which in vitro micropropagation is essential to ensure the renewal of palm plantations. this study presents a histocytological analysis of the traditional mauritanian amsekhsi cultivar beginning from the initial callogenesis and continuing up to the establishment of the cellular embryogenic cell suspensions. the formation of somatic embryos and their development into rooted plants are also described.200616740588
the flavonoid glycosides and procyanidin composition of deglet noor dates (phoenix dactylifera).the fruits of the date palm (phoenix dactylifera) are consumed throughout the world and are an important part of the diet in the middle east. dates at the rutab and tamar maturity and ripening stages contain a wide array of phenolic antioxidants, but little is known about the composition of phenolic compounds in dates at the khalal stage of ripening. in the current study, the flavonoid glycoside and procyanidin compositions of dates of the cultivar deglet noor harvested at the khalal stage of ma ...200616536626
allergic rhinitis in the middle east.current military operations in the middle east involve active duty, national guard, and reserve troops from all services. despite common misconceptions, the desert environment in this region has significant aeroallergen seasons that may exacerbate allergic rhinitis.200516491940
comparison of antioxidant activity, anthocyanins, carotenoids, and phenolics of three native fresh and sun-dried date (phoenix dactylifera l.) varieties grown in oman.fresh and sun-dried dates of three native varieties from oman, namely, fard, khasab, and khalas, were examined for their antioxidant activity and total contents of anthocyanins, carotenoids, and phenolics, as well as free and bound phenolic acids. all results are expressed as mean value +/- standard deviation (n = 3) on a fresh weight basis. fresh date varieties were found to be a good source of antioxidants (11687-20604 micromol of trolox equiv/g), total contents of anthocyanins (0.24-1.52 mg o ...200516159191
compositional and sensory characteristics of three native sun-dried date (phoenix dactylifera l.) varieties grown in oman.three native sun-dried date varieties grown in oman, namely, fard, khasab, and khalas, were examined for their proximate composition, sugars, dietary fiber, minerals, and organic acids as well as sensory characteristics. the study was conducted on sun-dried dates due to their higher consumption compared with fresh dates. all results are expressed as mean value +/- standard deveiation (n = 3) on a fresh weight basis except for sensory analysis. date varieties were found to be low in fat and prote ...200516159190
nutritive value of some agricultural wastes as affected by relatively low gamma irradiation levels and chemical experiment was carried out to study the changes in the values of in vitro organic matter digestibility (ivomd) and metabolizable energy (me) of wheat straw, sunflower seed shell, olive cake wood, date palm seeds and peanut shell after irradiation with various levels of gamma radiation (0, 20, 40, 60 kgy; kilogray) or after spraying with different amounts of hydrobromic acid (hbr; 47%) and sodium hydroxide (naoh): 0, 3, 6 ml hbr and 3, 6 g naoh in 25 ml water/100 g dm. the results indicated th ...200516023577
genetic diversity of tunisian date palms (phoenixdactylifera l.) revealed by nuclear microsatellite polymprohism.fourteen microsatellite loci of phoenix dactylifera were targeted to examine the genetic diversity in tunisian date-palms germplasm. they showed a high level of polymorphism in 49 accessions from three main oases with little geographic structure within tunisia. the microsatellite data agrees with previous analyses of tunisian germplasm using other molecular markers. 100% of local date-palms accessions were successfully fingerprinted and easily distinguished by the help of only three loci. the po ...200415703044
mineral ion content of the seeds of six cultivars of bahraini date palm (phoenix dactylifera).the mineral ion composition of six different cultivars of bahraini dates palm (phoenix dactylifera) seeds (khalas, murzban, khunaizi, khawajah, khasaib asfor, and khaseeb) were analyzed using flame atomic absorption spectroscopy (aa and icps). murzban was found to contain the higher mineral ion content. the essential bulk metal ions in the six cultivars were found to be dominant, where [k+] was the highest and [ca2+] was the lowest. the decreasing order of essential trace metal ion concentration ...200415479017
rapid isolation of dna from chocolate and date palm tree crops.dna isolation from plants is sometimes difficult due to the existence of high levels of endogenous phenolics, polysaccharides, or other substances that may interfere with dna extraction. theobroma cacao produces high levels of anthocyanins in young leaves. these plant polyphenols can interfere with dna isolation. after examination of various procedures for dna isolation, two commercial isolation procedures have proved to be repeatedly successful using these types of plants, the d(2) biotechnolog ...200415315385
integrated crop management of the lesser date moth batrachedra amydraula meyr. (lepidoptera: cosmopteridae) infesting some date-palm varieties in egypt.the present study was conducted during the two subsequent seasons of 2001 and 2002 in el-beheira governorate, egypt, to evaluate the efficiency of some agricultural practices on the incidence of the lesser date-moth, batrachedra amydraula meyr. (lepidoptera: cosmopteridae) on some date-palm varieties, i.e. sammany, hayany and halawy. the studied agricultural practices, were: covering clusters of flowers with paper craft, covering date bunches with porous plastic cloth, thinning of bunches and/or ...200315149111
male aggregation pheromone of date palm fruit stalk borer oryctes elegans.laboratory and field investigations were carried out to characterize the chemical communication system of the date palm fruit stalk borer, oryctes elegans, and to develop pheromone-based trapping in eastern iran. adults of both sexes feeding on date palm pieces attracted conspecifics, whereas date palm alone was minimally attractive. males were twice as attractive as females. more beetles were captured at the palm crown than at ground level. odors from adults feeding on sugarcane were sampled an ...200415112731
identification of phoenix dactylifera l. varieties based on amplified fragment length polymorphism (aflp) markers.the amplified fragment length polymorphism (aflp) technique was applied to identify palm varieties. fluorescence labelled primers were used in selective amplifications and the amplified fragments were detected on capillary gel electrophoresis using an automated dna sequencer with the analysis fragment option. this is a rapid and efficient technique for detecting a large number of dna markers on the date palm. phoenix dactylifera l. varieties bou-fegous, medjool, and e-528 from estación phoenix ( ...200314668912
an alkali-soluble heteroxylan from seeds of phoenix dactylifera l.alkali-soluble polysaccharides, isolated from the seeds of dates, have been investigated using methylation and partial hydrolysis studies. the polysaccharides are shown to contain d-xylose and 4-o-methyl-d-glucuronic acid in a molar ratio of 5:1. an aldobiouronic acid from hemicellulose was characterized, and investigation revealed that the hemicellulose consists of a polymer of (1-->4)-linked d-xylopranosyl residues having branches of d-xylopyranosyl and 4-o-methyl-alpha-d-glucopyranosyluronic ...200312860432
the fruit of the date palm: its possible use as the best food for the future?the fruits (dates) of the date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.) contain a high percentage of carbohydrate (total sugars, 44-88%), fat (0.2-0.5%), 15 salts and minerals, protein (2.3-5.6%), vitamins and a high percentage of dietary fibre (6.4-11.5%). the flesh of dates contains 0.2-0.5% oil, whereas the seed contains 7.7-9.7% oil. the weight of the seed is 5.6-14.2% of the date. the fatty acids occur in both flesh and seed as a range of saturated and unsaturated acids, the seeds containing 14 types ...200312850886
an optimised protocol for plant regeneration from embryogenic suspension cultures of date palm, phoenix dactylifera l., cv. deglet improved protocol is described for the large-scale micropropagation of an elite date palm ( phoenix dactylifera l.) cultivar, deglet nour. clonal plants were regenerated from somatic embryos derived from highly proliferating suspension cultures. friable embryogenic calli were initiated from both leaf and inflorescence explants. suspension cultures consisting of pro-embryonic masses were established from calli showing a high competency for somatic embryogenesis. the subculture of suspensions i ...200312789425
date palm kernel extract exhibits antiaging properties and significantly reduces skin wrinkles.hormones play a central role in skin appearance and are implicated in skin aging. recently, along with the remarkable increase in interest in natural products, the application of phytohormones in antiaging products has become very important. in this context, we developed date palm kernel extract. date palm kernel is rich in phytohormones and we investigated the antiaging properties of date palm kernel in this in vivo study on wrinkles. ten healthy women volunteers, between the ages of 46 and 58 ...200212779247
date palm and sandstorm-borne allergens. 200312680855
[identification of the intraclonal variability of date-palm vitro-plants grown via organogenesis from in vitro cultures: morphological study].the greater rhythm of the degradation of the morocco palm plantation implies a repopulation with vitroplants. to estimate the behaviour of those vitroplants, a morphological study of clones of date palm, obtained via organogenesis from primordial leaves surrounding the shoot tip of young offshoots, was carried out on 92 vitroplants arising from three cultivars (boufeggous, jihel and bouskri) and two saïrs (saïr 16 bis and 35). the results of the principal components analysis (pca) of 34 morpholo ...200212481688
gastrointestinal transit in mice treated with various extracts of date (phoenix dactylifera l.).dates are commonly consumed, especially in the middle east, but their effect on gastrointestinal transit (git) has not been quantified. the effect of water and ethanol extracts from date flesh and date pits on the git in mice was studied. fasted unanaesthetized male mice received by gavage either the vehicle (0.02 m/kg), or the extracts at doses of 0.01, 0.02 or 0.04 ml/kg. two separate groups received either clonidine (1 mg/kg) or yohimbine (2 mg/kg). two hours later, all animals were given a t ...200312453726
an analysis of skin prick test reactions in asthmatics in a hot climate and desert environment.studies have shown that allergens are very important sensitizing agents in patients with asthma. respiratory disorders such as asthma and allergic rhinitis are common in the united arab emirates, (uae).200212449666
a neutral beta-d-glucan from dates of the date palm, phoenix dactylifera l.polysaccharides extracted from libyan dates with hot water and 0.05 m naoh were fractionated and purified by ion-exchange and gel-filtration chromatography. according to the methylation and hydrolysis analyses, the results indicate the d-glucan to be linear and to contain both (1-->3)- and (1-->4)-linkages. the anomeric nmr measurements confirm that the sugar residues are beta-glycosidically linked. this is the first report on the isolation of a neutral beta-d-glucan from dates.200212151214
chronic synovitis caused by a date palm thorn: an unusual clinical picture.synovitis related to plant thorns is a rare pathology. as in this case, thorn prick injury, which is particularly caused by thin palm thorns, is frequently missed in clinical history. clinical presentation of cases may simulate juvenile rheumatoid arthritis with monoarticular involvement and septic arthritis. removal of all thorns with partial or total synovectomy is essential in definitive treatment. arthroscopy is the most valuable method of meeting both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes as ...200211830822
[the nutmeg story].a brief historical account of the spice islands, the moluccas, in the age of discovery with particular reference to the dutch monopoly of nutmeg is presented. the etymologies of such english terms as nutmeg (nut+musk), mace, myristica, date, and phoenix, as well as chinese róu dóu kóu (engl. nutmeg) and japanese natsume (engl. jujube) and natsume-yashi (engl. date palm) are given.200111777001
a water-soluble galactomannan from the seeds of phoenix dactylifera l.a water-soluble polysaccharide, isolated from the seeds of dates, has been investigated using methylation, periodate and cro(3) oxidation, nmr spectroscopy, and reaction with bandeiraea simplicifolia lectin and alpha-d-galactosidase. the polysaccharide consists of a backbone composed of (1-->4)-beta-d-mannopyranosyl residues and carries a single (1-->6)-alpha-linked d-galactopyranosyl residue.200111595224
detection of palm fruit lipids in archaeological pottery from qasr ibrim, egyptian modern times, the trees of the palm family have been of great economic and social importance to the people in egypt, as in other parts of the world. there are various species of palm and although different parts of the tree can be used, the fruit are of great value. in antiquity, it is expected that the palm fruit would also have been of great importance to people in the region. the chemical analysis of absorbed residues in archaeological pottery is well established, and through the investiga ...200111297176
selection of a suitable method for analysis of aflatoxins in date fruits.fruits of the date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.) are a vital component of the diet in most of the arabian countries, but whether dates in the market are contaminated with aflatoxins is unknown. as screening will depend on accurate detection, the available aoac methods-with slight modification-for the recovery of aflatoxins were examined. the romer minicolumn method failed to detect any aflatoxin in contaminated date fruits. using the hplc and postcolumn derivatization procedure, the contaminants ...199810554281
phoenix date palm injuries: a review of injuries from the phoenix date palm treated at the starship children's hospital.the purpose of this study was to review patients treated for penetrating phoenix date palm injuries. documentation of the clinical behaviour of these injuries was sought as they have different clinical outcomes to other foreign body injuries.200010830599
allergy to date fruits: characterization of antigens and allergens of fruits of the date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.).date-palm (phoenix dactylifera l.) fruits are eaten daily by most inhabitants of the middle east and the neighboring countries. recent reports have indicated that dates are allergenic. this study aimed to investigate the antigenic and allergenic potential of date fruits.199910688430
the gene distribution in the genomes of pea, tomato and date palm.the vast majority of genes of maize, rice, barley and wheat are contained in long gene-rich regions (collectively called the 'gene space') separated by long gene-empty regions. the gene space covers a narrow, 0.8-1.6%, gc range, possibly because of the presence of abundant transposons. here we report that the gene space is not an exclusive property of gramineae, because it also exists in the large genome of pea (5000 mb). moreover, the gene space is not just dependent upon genome size, since a g ...199910601654
synovial biopsy. a comparative study from saudi arabia and malaysia.a comparative study of synovitis in saudi arabia and malaysia was made with a view to determining any geographic variation in the incidence and pattern of the arthritides. the diagnostic spectrum in both series included pyogenic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, brucellar and tubercular arthritis, gout, pigmented villonodular synovitis, synovial chondromatosis and acute rheumatic fever. date-palm thorn synovitis was observed only in the saudi arabian series. while brucellar and tuberculous arthri ...19989728315
the 'traveling salesman problem': a new approach for identification of differences among pollen is not easy to identify the specific plant species that causes an allergic response in a certain patient at a certain time. this is further complicated by the fact that closely related plant species cause similar allergic responses. a novel mathematical technique is used for analysis of skin responses of a large number of patients to several groups of allergens for improvement of the understanding of their similarity or dissimilarity and their status regarding cross-reactivity.19979104793
use of esr for the detection of irradiated dates (phoenix dactylifera l.).one variety (aple) of libyan dry dates (phoenix dactylifera l.) was irradiated in a 60co source to absorbed doses of 0.8, 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 kgy. unirradiated date stone contains a radical with a single line g = 2.0045, feature a. irradiation to a dose of 2.0 kgy (the recommended dose for fruits in u.k.) induces the formation of additional radicals with signals g = 1.9895 and 2.0159, feature c. the single line having g = 2.0045 decays in both unirradiated and irradiated samples whereas the additio ...20009022203
optimization of semiochemical-based trapping ofmetamasius hemipterus sericeus (olivier) (coleoptera: curculionidae).response of adults of the west indian sugarcane weevil,metamasius hemipterus sericeus, to various semiochemical treatments and physical trap designs was studied in southern florida in field-grown banana and canary island date palms. ethyl acetate released alone at 860-1007 mg/day was as effective for the capture ofm. h. sericeus as a combination of ethyl acetate (844-919 mg/day), ethyl propionate (348-362 mg/day), and ethyl butyrate (117-137 mg/day) and in one trial was more effective than ferme ...199624226244
intramolecular recombination of a mitochondrial minicircular plasmid-like dna of date-palm mediated by a set of short direct-repeat sequences.a molecular clone containing the complete sequence of a mitochondrial circular plasmid-like dna (the r plasmid) isolated from the date-palm variety v3dp was used as a probe in southern analyses of mitochondrial dna prepared from other varieties. another circular structure (the s plasmid) was detected in some of these varieties, and sequenced from variety v2dp. it appears that the r plasmid could have arisen from the s plasmid by an intermolecular recombination event at a set of 26-bp imperfect s ...19968662200
aflatoxin production on the pits (seeds) of the date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.).pits -a by-product of the utilization of date fruits, are widely used as components of animal feeds, but an incident of aflatoxicosis in camels fed rations containing date pits has caused concern in the gulf region. this present study has shown that date pits can support aflatoxin production when inoculated withaspergillus parasiticus (imi 91019b) and that variety and/or stages of maturation within a given variety can affect the final level of aflatoxin in the material. in one variety, lulu, afl ...199523606114
water loss and polyethylene glycol-mediated acclimatization of in vitro-grown seedlings of 5 cultivars of date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.) plantlets.plantlets derived from shoot-tips of seedlings from five cultivars of date palm, phoenix dactylifera l., were subjected to polyethylene glycol in liquid medium. comparisons of water loss of detached leaves among in vitro-grown, polyethylene glycol-treated and greenhouse-grown plants showed significant differences with treatment for all cultivars studied. for each treatment, significant differences were also found among cultivars. the common result was that the percent of moisture loss of non-tre ...199524185338
in vitro acclimatization of date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.) plantlets: a quantitative comparison of epicuticular leaf wax as a function of polyethylene glycol treatment.wax deposits on leaf surfaces ofin vitro-grown plantlets,in vitro plantlets treated with polyethylene glycol and greenhouse-grown seedlings from five cultivars of date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.) were extracted and quantified. significant variations among treatments and cultivars were obtained. greenhouse-grown plants had the greatest wax deposits followed by the acclimatized vitro plantlets had an average of 15% of the wax of greenhouse plants. cultivar and plant age differences ...199524185666
a case of date palm thorn-induced extra articular synovitis with rice grain bodies. 19948000755
characterization of two minicircular plasmid-like dnas isolated from date-palm mitochondria.we report here the identification and characterization of two minicircular plasmid-like dnas isolated from mitochondria of a moroccan date-palm variety. both molecules were cloned and used as probes in southern analyses of mitochondrial and total-cellular dna. evidence was obtained that these plasmid-like dnas cross-hybridized but did not show any homology to nuclear, chloroplastic, or main mitochondrial genomes. sequence analysis revealed that both minicircles, 1,346- and 1,160-bp long, share s ...20177874749
clustering of allergenic pollen on the basis of skin responses of atopic patients by matrix analysis.the responses of 148 atopic patients to some 43 different extracts of allergenic pollen were tested by prick tests. the measure of dissimilarity was introduced and calculated for all pairs of allergens. the investigated allergens were clustered into groups, according to their unbiased greatest similarity, by a matrix-structuring method. results indicate that subgroups of allergens can be distinguished even within groups of closely related pollen allergens that were believed to be fully cross-rea ...19947825715
cultivar-specific epitopes in date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.) pollenosis. differential antigenic and allergenic properties of pollen from ten cultivars.pollen from ten staminate cultivars of the date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.) were compared for their antigenic and allergenic potentials. crude extracts from the various cultivars were tested in 6 atopic patients with confirmed allergy to date pollen in order to determine any differences or similarities in the antigenic and allergenic properties of these cultivars. results of skin prick tests, elisa, igg and ige immunoblot analyses, peripheral blood lymphocyte proliferation and concomitant inte ...19947518268
somatic embryogenesis from shoot tip and immature inflorescence of phoenix dactylifera cv. barhee.a method of clonal propagation via somatic embryogenesis of date palm, cultivar barhee, which has potential for large scale commercial application as well as for developmental studies on embryos is described. cultures were initiated from shoot tip and immature inflorescence explants, both of which were capable of development into embryogenic callus. when the embryogenic callus was cultured in liquid suspension on a rotary shaker, hundreds of embryos developed from milligram quantities of callus ...199224201724
thorn-induced granuloma of the medial cuneiform.a lytic lesion of the medial cuneiform of a 10-year-old boy was explored surgically, and a date palm thorn was identified. histology revealed an aseptic granuloma. even in the absence of a definite history of trauma, an organic foreign body lesion should be considered in the differential diagnosis of a lytic lesion of bone.20091619224
date palm thorn synovitis.we have reviewed seven cases of synovitis caused by date palm thorns, six involving the knee and one the ankle. five were satisfactorily treated by thorough irrigation of the joint with normal saline, but two required arthrotomy and synovectomy. all made a full recovery.19902341459
identification and immunocytochemical localization of α-galactosidase in resting and germinated date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.) seeds.α-galactosidases (ec from resting and germinated date (phoenix dactylifera l.) seeds were compared and localized using immunocytochemical methods. the enzyme was present in both the endosperm and embryo of resting seeds, in the endosperm undergoing digestion where the greatest specific activity was present, and in the haustorium of seedlings. the enzyme had a molecular mass of 140000 as determined by gel filtration and a ph optimum of 4.5. at least seven forms of the enzyme with isoele ...199024196674
ankle extensor tendon synovitis due to a date palm thorn.palm thorn injury to tendons and joints is characterized in most patients by an acute inflammatory stage followed by a relatively asymptomatic period and finally by chronic synovitis or tenosynovitis. once the inflammatory process has begun, detection and localization of the thorn can be very difficult. we present an unusual case of palm thorn tenosynovitis of the ankle extensor tendon which was detected and localized preoperatively by ultrasound. removal of the thorn and synovectomy were curati ...19892693286
freeze-fracture observations on membranes of dry and hydrated pollen from collomia, phoenix and zea.pollen from collomia grandiflora dougl. ex lindl., phoenix dactylifera l. and zea mays l. was examined by freeze-fracture electron microscopy. particular attention was paid to the organization of the cell membranes in the naturally dehydrated, as compared to the fully hydrated, state. all membranes examined had a normal bilayer organization similar to that seen in the hydrated cells of these and other plants. this organization of dry pollen membranes is discussed as it relates to physiological s ...198624232136
identification of phosphate granules occurring in seedling tissue of two palm species (phoenix dactylifera and washingtonia filifera).haustoria of two palm species, phoenix dactylifera l. (date) and washingtonia filifera (lindl.) wendl were carefully dissected from seeds, and the ultrastructural characteristics of the large, electron-opaque granules present in the cells of this tissue were compared using standard aldehyde and oso4 fixations. in washingtonia, the granules were smaller than those in date and were more variable in size and presence of non-opaque inclusions. all granules appeared to be membrane bounded although th ...198624240299
effects of cryogenic treatment on plantlet production from frozen and unfrozen date palm callus.embryogenic date palm (phoenix dactylifera l. var. medjool) callus cultures were treated with a cryoprotective mixture of polyethylene glycol (carbowax 6000), glucose, and dimethylsulfoxide (10%/8%/10%, w/v); treated with the mixture, frozen to -196 degrees c, and then thawed; or left untreated. growth subsequent to treatment was measured as fresh weight increase and as the number of embryos produced during 18 weeks of culture. the growth of calli that were frozen and thawed, compared to the oth ...198216662261
intraocular foreign body (date palm leaf). 19807216366
local and systemic reactions to puncture injuries by the sea urchin spine and the date palm thorn.puncture wounds were cuased in 9 patients by sea urchin spines and 1 patient by a date palm thorn. all 10 patients developed local inflammatory reactions, which were moderate to severe in 7. two patients exhibited severe systemic illnesses, and a marked synovitis was present in 2 others. several of the patients presented as difficult diagnostic problems with signs and symptoms suggestive of an arthritic disease. six required surgical removal of the foreign body.200420111
the hemicellulose of pollen grains of phoenix dactylifera. 19724370469
gonadotrophic hormones in pollen grains of the date palm. 196013849696
the gonad stimulating potency of date palm pollen grains. 195813537883
the gonadotrophic activity of date palm pollen grains. 195713473825
isolation of rutin from the pollen grain of the date palm (dactylifera palma l.). 195212997166
isolation of a vasodilator alkaloidal glucoside from the pollen grain of the date palm. 195214946795
isolation of a vasodilator alkaloidal glucoside from the pollen grain of the date palm. 195212991292
general composition and vitamin content of the pollen grain of the date palm, dactylifera palmae l. 195015415872
a note on the micro-organisms present in date-palm juice (sendhi). 194918141612
an oestrogenic substance in pollen-grains of date palm tree phoenix dactylifera l., palmae. 194720342044
an oestrogenic substance in palm pollan grains of the date palm (dactylifera palmae l). 194720253960
a date-palm scale insect. 189917757889
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