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experimental evaluation of eco-friendly flocculants prepared from date palm rachis.sodium carboxymethylcellulose (cmcna) is an anionic water soluble polyelectrolyte widely used in many industrial sectors including food, textiles, papers, adhesives, paints, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and mineral processing. cmcna was produced by chemical modification of cellulose, and represents many advantages: natural, renewable, non-toxic and biodegradable. in this study, different kinds of cmcna, prepared from an agricultural waste date palm rachis, were tested as eco-friendly flocculants f ...201021235183
chemical composition and pulping of date palm rachis and posidonia oceanica--a comparison with other wood and non-wood fibre the present paper, the valorisation of two residues: posidonia oceanica and date palm rachis was investigated. first, their chemical composition was studied and showed that they present amounts of holocellulose, lignin and cellulose similar to those encountered in softwood and hardwood. extractives in different solvents and ash contents are relatively high. moreover, ash composition assessment showed that silicon is the major component (17.7%) for p. oceanica. the high ash quantity and the lo ...201019766481
on the cover - date palm. 201020934623
cell cycle arrest characterizes the transition from a bisexual floral bud to a unisexual flower in phoenix dactylifera.phoenix dactylifera (date palm) is a dioecious species displaying strong dimorphism between pistillate and staminate flowers. the mechanisms involved in the development of unisexual flowers are as yet unknown.201020534596
fumigation characteristics of ozone in postharvest treatment of kabkab dates (phoenix dactylifera l.) against selected insect infestation.methyl bromide fumigation, the most accepted quarantine treatment for dates and many other dried commodities, will be phased out by 2015 worldwide. as a result, there is a critical need to develop durable alternatives for methyl bromide as postharvest treatments of agricultural commodities. this article presents a new method for postharvest treatment of kabkab dates (phoenix dactylifera l.) by application of gaseous ozone to reduce or eliminate all life stages (adults, larvae, and eggs) of india ...201020377969
comparison of antioxidant activity and total phenol contents of some date seed varieties from iran.the genus phoenix is one of the most widely cultivated groups of palms around the world. the aim of this study was to determine the antioxidant activity and total phenolic compounds of 14 different varieties of date palm (phoenix dactylifera l., arecaceae) seed extracts with 5 solvents [water, methanol, methanol (50%), dmso, and water: methanol: acetone: formic acid (20:40:40:0.1)]. ferric reducing antioxidant power assay and folin-ciocalteu reagent was used for determination of the antioxidant ...201024363720
assessment of genetic fidelity of micropropagated date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.) plants by rapd and issr markers assay.rapd (random amplified polymorphic dna) and issr (inter-simple sequence repeats) markers assay were employed to validate the genetic stability of date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.) plants multiplied through somatic embryogenesis with upto forty two in vitro subcultures. out of the 160 rapd and 21 issr primers screened, 30 rapd and 12 issr primers produced a total of 347 (246 rapds + 101 issrs) clear, distinct and reproducible amplicons, which were monomorphic across all micropropagated plants (2 ...201023572971
effect of processing of dates into date juice concentrate and appraisal of its quality palm (phoenix dactylifera) is widely cultivated in kutch district of gujarat and the fruits are harvested at immature stage before the onset of monsoon to prevent spoilage. the immature date fruits with less commercial value were used for processing into date juice concentrate. immature dates were crushed and treated with 0.1% pectinase enzyme for 120 min to obtain maximum juice. date juice was found to be rich in reducing sugars (16.1%) and total sugars (18.3%). juice was pasteurized at 85 ...201023572618
identification of 2 new allergens of phoenix dactylifera using an immunoproteomics approach.the date palm (phoenix dactylifera) has a wide geographical distribution (middle east, mediterranean, central africa, western asia, australia, and north america). pho d 2, the major allergen of date palm pollen was recently identified as a profilin, yet little is known about the nature of the other pollen allergens from this tree. the objective of this study was to characterize clinically significant allergens other than profilins from p. dactylifera pollen using immunoproteomics. in order to re ...200920128428
simple phenolic composition, flavonoid contents and antioxidant capacities in water-methanol extracts of tunisian common date cultivars (phoenix dactylifera l.).the purpose of this study was to determine and compare the phenolic acid composition, flavonoid content and antioxidant activity of fruits from common date cultivars. the simple phenolic content ranged from 15.73 (mermella variety) to 54.66 mg/100 g fresh weight (korkobbi variety). korkobbi had also the highest content of total flavonoids (54.46 quercetin equivalents/100 g fresh weight). the percentage of inhibition can reach 83% in the lipoperoxyl radical of the korkobbi variety, while it was a ...200919736597
effects of date ( phoenix dactylifera l., medjool or hallawi variety) consumption by healthy subjects on serum glucose and lipid levels and on serum oxidative status: a pilot study.the present pilot study analyzed, for the first time, the in vivo effect of medjool or hallawi date consumption by healthy subjects on serum glucose, lipids, and oxidative stress. total phenolics concentration in the hallawi versus medjool dates was greater by 20-31%. the major proportion of the soluble phenolics in both date varieties consisted of phenolic acids, mainly ferulic acid and coumaric acid derivatives, and also chlorogenic and caffeic acid derivatives. unlike the medjool dates, halla ...200919681613
taphonomy of the early miocene flora, hiwegi formation, rusinga island, kenya.a fossil flora was collected in situ from early miocene deposits at site r117 in the hiwegi formation of rusinga island contemporaneous with and in close proximity to the sites from where the anthropoid primates were recovered. the flora exhibits a spatially and temporally patchy distribution of fruits and seeds, mixed with twigs of various sizes, fragments of wood, bark, and leaves, all with random orientations and very low depositional dips. there has been minimal transport and the flora evide ...200919576619
biosorption characteristics of phosphates from aqueous solution onto phoenix dactylifera l. date palm fibers.phosphates are very important basic materials in agricultural and other industrial applications. the removal of phosphates from surface waters is generally necessary to avoid problems, such as eutrophication, particularly near urban areas. this paper is focused on the sorption of po4(3-) ions from aqueous solution onto date palm fibers as a raw, natural and abundantly materials. a series of batch tests were conducted and the influence of contact time, initial phosphate concentration, ph of the s ...200919497666
evaluation of commercial and field-expedient baited traps for house flies, musca domestica l. (diptera: muscidae).a comparison of nine commercial baited fly traps on florida dairy farms demonstrated that terminator traps collected significantly more (13,323/trap) house flies (musca domestica l.) than the others tested. final flight, fly magnet, and fliesbegone traps collected intermediate numbers of flies (834-2,166), and relatively few were caught with isca, advantage, fermone big boy, squeeze & snap, or oakstump traps (<300). terminator traps collected about twice as many flies (799.8/trap) as fliesbegone ...200920836809
fatty acids, sterols, phenols and antioxidant activity of phoenix theophrasti fruits growing in crete, the present study we report the chemical composition of the cretan phoenix theophrasti gr. fruits, in comparison with dates, from its close relative phoenix dactylifera l. for their nutritional value and their potential exploitation as a source of bioactive components such as phytosterols, lipids and polyphenols. the non polar dichloromethane (ch2cl2) extract of the fruits was analysed by several techniques (tlc, cc, gc and gc-ms) and was found to consist mainly from fatty acids, hydrocarbons ...200919030994
nutritional quality evaluation of eighteen date pit varieties.the pits from date palm fruits (phoenix dactylifera l.) are nutrient dense but the nutrient composition across varieties has not been extensively studied. in the present study, 18 leading varieties of date pits from date fruits cultivated in the united arab emirates (khalas, barhe, lulu, shikat alkahlas, sokkery, bomaan, sagay, shishi, maghool, sultana, fard, maktoomi, naptit saif, jabri, kodary, dabbas, raziz and shabebe) were analyzed and compared for their chemical and physical properties. di ...200918925479
in vitro hermaphrodism induction in date palm female flower.this study explores and reports on the gain brought to the morphogenetic aptitude of female date palm inflorescences through in vitro hermaphrodism induction. it investigates the main factors involved in the process of sex modification through hormonal induction, such as the floral developmental stage and hormone combination and concentration. it demonstrates that the vestigial stamens (staminodes) of female date palm flowers display a new and high capacity to proliferate under particular in vit ...200918820934
optimization of rna isolation from brittle leaf disease affected date palm leaves and construction of a subtractive cdna library.a simple and efficient method was described here for the isolation of high-quality rna from date palm leaves affected with brittle leaf disease (bld) and containing high amount of phenolic compounds. the procedure was based on the use of a non-ionic detergent nonidet-p40 (np-40), polyvinylpyrrolidone (pvp), and beta-mercaptoethanol in the extraction buffer in order to isolate cytoplasmic rna and to prevent the oxidation of phenolic compounds. this method allowed the isolation of intact rna, suit ...200918815905
date-palm fibers media filters as a potential technology for tertiary domestic wastewater treatment.a number of municipal wastewater treatment systems were developed to improve effluent water quality, however economic aspects should be considered. this study was thus carried out to investigate the application of date-palm fibers filtration as an efficient method to economically remove turbidity, phosphorus, organics in term of cod and helminth eggs of secondary domestic wastewater from an activated sludge treatment process. column experiments were investigated to study the efficiency of date-p ...200918502040
effect of center cut strand thinning on fruit abscission and ectomyelois ceratoniae (lepidoptera: pyralidae) infestation in california date gardens.the carob moth, ectomyelois ceratoniae (zeller), infests different date, phoenix dactylifera l., fruit stages during the summer months in southern california. abscised fruit in the kimri stage become heavily infested when they get stuck in tight date bunches and do not fall to the ground. previous work on date palm horticulture found that the percentage of fruit abscission could be reduced by thinning fruit out of the bunch. our objective in this study was to determine whether center cut strand ...200919610407
pathogen profile update: fusarium oxysporum.taxonomy: kingdom fungi; phylum ascomycota; class sordariomycetes; order hypocreales; family nectriaceae; genus fusarium. host range: very broad at the species level. more than 120 different formae speciales have been identified based on specificity to host species belonging to a wide range of plant families. disease symptoms: initial symptoms of vascular wilt include vein clearing and leaf epinasty, followed by stunting, yellowing of the lower leaves, progressive wilting, defoliation and, final ...200919400835
proteomic analysis of the development and germination of date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.) zygotic using a comparative proteomic approach (2-de coupled to ms/ms), the development, maturation, and germination of date palm zygotic embryos, have been studied. proteins were trichloroacetic acid (tca)-acetone-phenol extracted and resolved by 2-de in the 5-8 ph range. the total protein content and the number of spots resolved increased from early (12 weeks after pollination (wap); 68.96 mg/g dw: 207 spots) to late (17 wap; 240.85 mg/g dw: 261 spots) stages, decreasing upon germination (from 120. ...200919402047
evolutionary genetics of zaprionus. ii. mitochondrial dna and chromosomal variation of the invasive drosophilid zaprionus indianus in egypt.zaprionus indianus is an afrotropical drosophilid species that has expanded its geographical range in the palearctic region and the americas during the second half of the last century. it has invaded egypt within the past two decades from east africa or asia and became a dominant species in the drosophilid fauna therein, but the exact date of introduction and source of the propagule remain unknown. here, we investigate the genetic structure of eight geographical populations within and around the ...200919444699
comparative 2-de proteomic analysis of date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.) somatic and zygotic embryos.two-dimensional gel electrophoresis coupled to mass spectrometry has been used to compare the proteome of date palm (phoenix dactylifera l. cv. deglet nour) zygotic and somatic embryos. proteins were trichloroacetic acid-acetone-phenol extracted, quantified, and resolved by 2-de in the 5 to 8 ph range. total protein content and number of resolved spots were higher in zygotic (110+/-14.5mg/g dw; 349 spots) than in somatic (70.96+/-4.8mg/g dw; 210 spots) embryos. the 2-de map of both systems showe ...200919619682
proteomic analysis of date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.) responses to endophytic colonization by entomopathogenic fungi.the entomopathogenic fungi beauveria bassiana, lecanicillium dimorphum and l. cf. psalliotae can survive and colonize living palm tissue as endophytes. the molecular interaction between these biocontrol agent fungi and the date palm phoenix dactylifera l. was investigated using proteomic techniques. field date palms inoculated with these fungi were analyzed 15 and 30 days after inoculation in two independent bioassays. in vitro date palms were also inoculated with b. bassiana or l. cf. psalliota ...200919676091
feeding value and in vitro digestibility of date-palm leaves supplemented with different supplementary energy.the aim of this study was to evaluate the feeding value and also the effect of different supplementary energy on increasing in vitro dm digestibility of date-palms leaves obtained in pruning. a randomized complete design with different energy supplementary with 3 replicates was conducted. harvested date-palm leaves were air-dried, ground through a 5 mm screen, then palm leaves (l) ensiled with different levels of urea (u) and other supplementary energy. combination, mixture was packed tightly in ...200919806815
transmission of human infection with nipah virus.nipah virus (niv) is a paramyxovirus whose reservoir host is fruit bats of the genus pteropus. occasionally the virus is introduced into human populations and causes severe illness characterized by encephalitis or respiratory disease. the first outbreak of niv was recognized in malaysia, but 8 outbreaks have been reported from bangladesh since 2001. the primary pathways of transmission from bats to people in bangladesh are through contamination of raw date palm sap by bats with subsequent consum ...200919886791
thorn-induced granuloma of the medial cuneiform.a lytic lesion of the medial cuneiform of a 10-year-old boy was explored surgically, and a date palm thorn was identified. histology revealed an aseptic granuloma. even in the absence of a definite history of trauma, an organic foreign body lesion should be considered in the differential diagnosis of a lytic lesion of bone.20091619224
studies on nest construction and nest microclimate of the baya weaver, ploceus philippinus (linn.).the nest construction pattern at different stages of nest and variations in the nest microclimate, i.e., temperature and light intensity were assessed in different nests of baya weaver (ploceus philippinus) between november 2002 and march 2003 in nagapattinam and tiruvarur district of tamil nadu, india. the baya weaver constructed nests in palm (borassus flabellifer), coconut (cocos nucifera) and date palm trees (phoneix psuilla) and majority of the nests were found in the solitary palm. the mal ...200818972698
profilin sensitization detected in the office by skin prick test: a study of prevalence and clinical relevance of profilin as a plant food allergen.profilin, a pan-allergen present in all eukaryotic cells, is one of the main causes of cross-sensitization between pollen and plant-derived foods, but its clinical relevance as a food allergen is still debated.200818489029
date palm pollen allergoid: characterization of its chemical-physical and immunological palm (dp) pollen can cause allergic symptoms in people living in different countries. specific immunotherapy with allergenic extracts by subcutaneous route is effective to cure allergic people. however, the risk of side effects has led to explore safer therapeutic modalities. the aim of our work was to evaluate ige cross-reactivity between dp and autochthonous palm (european fan palm, efp) pollen extracts, to chemically modify dp extract with potassium cyanate in order to obtain an allergoi ...200817914274
discovery of diurnal resting sites of phlebotomine sand flies in a village in southern an attempt to find diurnal resting sites of adult phlebotomine sand flies, potential phlebotomine adult habitats were aspirated in the village of bahrif in aswan, egypt. during this survey, sand flies were aspirated from low (30-45 cm high) irregular piles of mud bricks found under high date palm canopies between the village and the nile river. there were 5 males and 7 females of phlebotomus papatasi and 3 males of sergentomyia schwetzi. six of the 7 aspirated females were engorged with blood ...200819181074
influence of host plant stages on carob moth (lepidoptera: pyralidae) development and fitness.different generations of the carob moth, ectomyelois ceratoniae (zeller), use different date, phoenix dactylifera l., fruit stages as they become available during the summer months in southern california. these are the kimri, khalal, and tamar fruit stages. this study was conducted to determine whether carob moth development and fitness were affected by these different fruit stages. developmental time from neonate larvae to adult, when reared at 31.9 degrees c and 82.1% rh, ranged from 30.5 to 3 ...200818419930
regulation of in vitro bud formation of date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.) cv. khanezi by different carbon sources.the influence of different carbon sources and concentrations on in vitro shoot multiplication of date palm cv. khanezi were investigated. sucrose, glucose, fructose and maltose sugars were used at the following concentrations; 0, 30, 60, 90 and 120 g l(-1). shoot dry weight was significantly increased with increasing sugar concentrations while little growth was obtained in the absence of sugar. concentrations of 30 and 60 g l(-1) were optimal for qualitative and quantitative shoot growth while a ...200818191564
descriptive study of damage caused by the rhinoceros beetle, oryctes agamemnon, and its influence on date palm oases of rjim maatoug, tunisia.oryctes agamemnon (burmeister 1847) (coleoptera, scarabaeidae) was accidentally introduced in the southwestern oases of tunisia (tozeur) around 1980 and spread to the rjim maatoug region. in these areas o. agamemnon was specific to date palm trees causing severe damage that can result in potential danger due to collapse of the tree. this study was conducted from april 2004 to march 2006 in 4 sites in the region of rjim maatoug. different levels of palm tree attack were determined, ovioposition s ...200820302545
the life cycle of the root borer, oryctes agamemnon, under laboratory conditions.the root borer, oryctes agamemnon burmeister (coleoptera: scarabaeidae), has become a serious pest of date palm trees in southwest tunisia. under natural conditions, mated females lay eggs in different parts of palm tree: between the hairy roots, all along the stem at the leaf axils and at the base of cut branches. larvae bore into targeted places of the plant and were never seen outside. pupation takes place in the plant and emergence of the adults begins in june. larval feeding causes extensiv ...200820302536
protein extraction from phoenix dactylifera l. leaves, a recalcitrant material, for two-dimensional electrophoresis.this work was aimed at optimizing a protein extraction procedure for date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.) leaves, a highly recalcitrant plant tissue for 2-de. five protein extraction protocols based on different protein precipitation agents (tca/acetone vs. phenol (ph) methods) and protein resolubilization methods (physical treatments, e.g., sonication, shaking and/or heating) were tested. ph/sds extraction with methanol/ammonium acetate precipitation, followed by doc preincubation and tca/acetone ...200818064736
microsatellite markers reveal high genetic diversity in date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.) germplasm from sudan.genetic diversity in date palm germplasm from sudan representing 37 female and 23 male accessions was investigated using 16 loci of microsatellite (ssr) primers. eight female accessions from morocco were included as reference material. the tested ssr markers showed a high level of polymorphism. a total of 343 alleles were detected at the 16 loci. the number of alleles per marker ranged from 14 to 44 with an average of 21.4 per locus. a high level of expected heterozygosity was observed among sud ...200818046509
treatment of wastewater containing toxic chromium using new activated carbon developed from date palm seed.the use of a new activated carbon developed from date palm seed wastes, generated in the jam industry, for removing toxic chromium from aqueous solution has been investigated. the activated carbon has been achieved from date palm seed by dehydrating methods using concentrated sulfuric acid. the batch experiments were conducted to determine the adsorption capacity of the biomass. the effect of initial metal concentration (25-125mgl(-1)), ph, contact time, and concentration of date palm seed carbo ...200817693021
physico-chemical characteristics and total quality of date palm varieties grown in the southern of tunisia.the date palm, phoenix dactylifera, is a palm extensively cultivated for its edible fruit. the chemical composition and the water content of ten tunisian date varieties were determined. for all analysis, the deglet nour variety was taken as reference. compositional analysis showed that the littoral varieties were very rich in reducing sugars (26 to 51%) than deglet nour which was rich in sucrose (54%). the relative results of the moisture content showed that the littoral varieties were classifie ...200818810969
germination, genetics, and growth of an ancient date ancient date seed (phoenix dactylifera l.) excavated from masada and radiocarbon-dated to the first century common era was germinated. climatic conditions at the dead sea may have contributed to the longevity of this oldest, directly dated, viable seed. growth and development of the seedling over 26 months was compatible with normal date seedlings propagated from modern seeds. preliminary molecular characterization demonstrated high levels of genetic variation in comparison to modern, elite d ...200818556553
orthopaedic manifestations of date thorn injury: case palm thorn injuries are common in middle eastern countries where there are many date palm plantations. most of the injuries happen to workers in the plantation or to children. injuries, if detected, can be treated without subsequent complications, but in children the diagnosis can very easily be missed resulting in late complications. the hand, being the most exposed part of the body, is the most affected. embedded thorns can produce lesions mimicking those of osteomyelitis. the foot is exp ...200821748083
nutritional and functional properties of dates: a review.this review article provides information on the nutritional and functional constituents of dates (phoenix dactylifera l.) and their seeds from over 80 references. date flesh is found to be low in fat and protein but rich in sugars, mainly fructose and glucose. it is a high source of energy, as 100 g of flesh can provide an average of 314 kcal. ten minerals were reported, the major being selenium, copper, potassium, and magnesium. the consumption of 100 g of dates can provide over 15% of the reco ...200818949591
a set of novel rnas transcribed from the chloroplast genome accumulates in date palm leaflets affected by brittle leaf disease.brittle leaf disease or maladie des feuilles cassantes (mfc) is a lethal disorder of date palms that has assumed epidemic proportions in the oases of southern tunisia. after a prolonged period during which palms are declining, the disease ends with the death of the palms. whereas no pathogen could ever be associated with the disease, leaflets of affected palms have been previously shown to be deficient in manganese. analysis of rna preparations from leaflets of mfc-affected palms revealed the pr ...200818944085
component-resolved diagnosis of plant food allergy by spt.fruits and vegetables may contain both labile and stable allergens. the former induce only oas, whereas stable allergens may induce systemic reactions. component-resolved diagnosis (crd) of allergy to plant foods is therefore essential for the clinical management of allergic patients.200819227646
methylation-sensitive amplification polymorphism in date palms (phoenix dactylifera l.) and their off-shoots.dna methylation plays an important role in the regulation of gene expression in eukaryotes. in this study, the extent and patterns of dna methylation were assessed in date palm mother-plants and their off-shoots using the methylation-sensitive amplified polymorphism (msap) technique. three types of bands were generated using 12 pairs of primers. type i were present in both ecor i + hpa ii and ecor i + msp i lanes; type ii were present in ecor i + hpa ii lanes, but not in ecor i + msp i lanes; an ...200717642034
chemical composition of the flesh and the pit of date palm fruit and radical scavenging activity of their extracts.the chemical analysis of flesh and pit of two varieties of date palm fruit (deglet nour and alig) as well as the radical scavenging activity of their extracts was undertaken. the fruits were grown in djerid region (oasis of tozeur, tunisia). total sugars was measured by hplc method or with fehling reagent, crude lipid content was obtained by soxhlet's extraction, mineral elements were measured by atomic absorption photometer. the antioxidant activity of extracts from the flesh and pit of the dat ...200719070182
induction of callus formation from difficile date palm protoplasts by means of nurse culture.we report here for the first time callus formation from protoplasts in date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.). protoplasts were isolated from young leaves of offshoots and embryogenic calli in deglet nour and takerboucht genotypes. the protoplast yield depended on genotype, donor plant material, mixture of enzyme solution, and incubation time. with regard to the donor material, the best response was obtained with callus. cell division was induced in both liquid culture and nurse culture. the best do ...200717531789
effect of bunch sanitation on spatial distributions of abscised fruit and phycitine moths (lepidoptera: pyralidae) in california date gardens.phycitine moths are an economic impediment to california date, phoenix dactylifera l., production. summer populations build to damaging levels on abscised dates that get trapped in fruit bunches. this study was conducted to determine the relationship between abscised fruit and moth infestation, and to evaluate changes in the spatial distribution of abscised fruit and moth-infested fruit after a bunch-sanitation treatment. over the 9 wk of this study, there was a 69.9% reduction in the number of ...200718232393
assessment of the genetic diversity of frankia microsymbionts of elaeagnus angustifolia l. plants growing in a tunisian date-palm oasis by analysis of pcr amplified nifd-k intergenic spacer.diversity of frankia microsymbionts of non-native elaeagnus angustifolia l. plants spontaneously growing in a tunisian desertic retreat area, the date-palm oasis of tozeur, was investigated by polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism (pcr-rflp) and pcr-sequencing techniques targeting the nifd-k intergenic spacer. three pcr-rflp haplotypes (i, ii, and iii) were detected among collected nodules. haplotype i was detected at all five sampling sites and dominated the other h ...200717538655
ethnopharmacological survey of plants used in the traditional treatment of hypertension and diabetes in south-eastern morocco (errachidia province).this survey was undertaken in the errachidia province in south-eastern morocco in order to inventory the main medicinal plants used in folk medicine to treat arterial hypertension and diabetes mellitus. four hundred individuals who knew about and/or had used the medicinal plants for the indicated diseases, including some herbal healers, were interviewed throughout different regions of the province. the inventory of medicinal plants is summarized in a synoptic table, which contains the scientific ...200717052873
mycobiota of the date palm phylloplane: description and interactions.we have analysed the mycobiota of date palm (phoenix dactylifera, l.) leaves using several techniques. profusely sporulating fungi (penicillium spp. and cladosporium spp.) developed when plating leaf fragments and leaf washings. fusarium oxysporum, was particularly abundant in leaves infested with the red scale insect phoenicococcus marlatti cockerell, 1899, but an undescribed lecanicillium cf. psalliotae was also found. dual and overlay cultures showed interactions between palm pathogens, entom ...200718095764
wilting of date palm branches by fusarium oxysporum in south of iran and its control managements with soil solarization method.wilting of some branches in nurseries and orchards of date palm were studied in south of iran including ahvaz and abadan cities in 2005-2006 years. different infected plants were visited and samples showing symptoms including wilting or death of branches collected from various areas and transferred to laboratory. samples were cultured in common media (pda) and different fungi were studied and identified. the most frequently isolated pathogen was fusarium oxysporum which caused wilting of some br ...200718396818
characterization of xylanolytic bacteria present in the bract phyllosphere of the date palm phoenix dactylifera.despite the interest of phyllosphere microbiology, no studies have addressed the bacteria present in bract phyllosphere, an ecosystem that has special characteristics in palm trees because the dry bracts remain on the plant until pruning and may contain polymer-degrading bacteria involved in plant degradation. therefore, the aim of this work was to characterize xylanolytic bacteria isolated from palm bract phyllosphere.200717257258
plant biological warfare: thorns inject pathogenic bacteria into herbivores.thorns, spines and prickles are among the rich arsenal of antiherbivore defence mechanisms that plants have evolved. many of these thorns are aposematic, that is, marked by various types of warning coloration. this coloration was recently proposed to deter large herbivores. yet, the mechanical defence provided by thorns against large herbivores might be only the tip of the iceberg in a much more complicated story. here we present evidence that thorns harbour an array of pathogenic bacteria that ...200717298359
antioxidants determination with laccase.the spectrophotometric method of antioxidants determination using recombinant laccase polyporus pinsitus (rppl) and myceliophthora thermophila (rmtl) was developed. the method includes simultaneous oxidation of the antioxidant and high reactive laccase substrate producing chromophoric radical cation. as laccase substrates abts and other high reactive phenoxazine derivatives: 2-phenoxazin-10-yl-ethanol (pet), 3-phenoxazin-10-yl-propane-1-sulfonic acid (ppsa) and 3-phenoxazin-10-yl-propionic acid ...200719071650
foodborne transmission of nipah virus, bangladesh.we investigated an outbreak of encephalitis in tangail district, bangladesh. we defined case-patients as persons from the outbreak area in whom fever developed with new onset of seizures or altered mental status from december 15, 2004, through january 31, 2005. twelve persons met the definition; 11 (92%) died. serum specimens were available from 3; 2 had immunoglobulin m antibodies against nipah virus by capture enzyme immunoassay. we enrolled 11 case-patients and 33 neighborhood controls in a c ...200617326940
endophytic colonization of date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.) leaves by entomopathogenic fungi.light and scanning electron microscopy together with fungal isolation techniques were used to detect entomopathogenic fungi within young and adult date palm (phoenix dactylifera) petioles and to assess fungal survival in leaf tissues. the entomopathogenic fungi beauveria bassiana, lecanicillium dimorphum and lecanicillium c.f. psalliotae survived inside leaf tissues at least 30 days after inoculation. entomopathogenic fungi colonized inoculated petioles endophytically and were recovered up to 3c ...200616581255
ethanol and methanol as possible odor cues for egyptian fruit bats (rousettus aegyptiacus).frugivorous bats from the old and new world use odor cues to locate and assess fruit condition. we hypothesized that egyptian fruit bats (rousettus aegyptiacus) use as odor cues those volatile compounds that increase in emission rate as fruit ripens. we examined whether the smell of fermentation products may indicate the degree of ripeness to fruit bats. we analyzed volatile compounds in the headspace (the gas space above a fruit in a closed container) of dates (phoenix dactylifera) and rusty fi ...200616770719
effect of root feeding by diaprepes abbreviatus (coleoptera: curculionidae) larvae on leaf gas exchange and growth of three ornamental tree species.diaprepes abbreviatus l. (coleoptera: curculionidae), feeds on a variety of ornamental plants grown in southern florida. studies were conducted to evaluate the effects of root feeding by d. abbreviatus larvae on leaf gas exchange and growth of three ornamental tree species commonly grown in southern florida that are known hosts of this weevil: green buttonwood, conocarpus erectus l.; live oak, quercus virginiana mill.; and pygmy date palm, phoenix roebelenii o'brien. these hosts were grown in co ...200616813316
autofluorescence detection of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal structures in palm roots: an underestimated experimental method.the aim of this study was to reassess the use of autofluorescence for evaluating am colonization in mycorrhizal roots in the light of criticisms of this method that affirmed that only metabolically inactive arbuscules autofluoresce. it was also investigated whether other mycorrhizal structures, such as hyphae, vesicles and spores, could be detected by autofluorescence, and whether the autofluorescence pattern of am fungal structures could be exploited methodologically, for example, in the detect ...200616893637
trace metal pollution from traffic in denizli-turkey during dry determine the metal contents of date palm (pheonix dactylifera) samples in dry season from denizli-turkey for investigation of heavy metal-polluted traffic.200617044641
phoenix sylvestris roxb pollen allergy: a 2-year randomized controlled trial and follow-up study of immunotherapy in patients with seasonal allergy in an agricultural area of west bengal, india.although the efficacy of allergen immunotherapy has been demonstrated in seasonal pollen allergy, there is no report of a double-blind placebo-controlled trial with standardized pollen extract in seasonal respiratory allergy from india. in the agricultural area of eastern india, phoenix sylvestris roxb or date sugar palm is grown or cultivated and seasonal allergic rhinitis is common during the pollen season.200617153886
paenibacillus cellulosilyticus sp. nov., a cellulolytic and xylanolytic bacterium isolated from the bract phyllosphere of phoenix dactylifera.a bacterial strain designated palxil08(t) was isolated from the phyllosphere of phoenix dactylifera bracts. a phylogenetic analysis based on the 16s rrna gene sequence placed the isolate within the genus paenibacillus in the same subgroup as paenibacillus kobensis and paenibacillus curdlanolyticus (98.9 and 97.9 % sequence similarity, respectively). the dna hybridization values between the isolate and the type strains of paenibacillus kobensis and paenibacillus curdlanolyticus were found to be 2 ...200617158977
diagnosis of "maladie des feuilles cassantes" or brittle leaf disease of date palms by detection of associated chloroplast encoded double stranded rnas.the "maladie des feuilles cassantes" (mfc) or "brittle leaf disease" of date palms is associated with the accumulation of two populations of small, chloroplast-encoded rnas. a plasmid vector containing a cdna with partial sequences of both of these rna populations was used to synthesize a dig-labeled bifunctional probe by pcr. the probe has been tested to detect, by molecular hybridization, mfc-associated rnas from dsrna-enriched palm leaflet preparations. leaflet samples from mfc-affected date ...200616829023
histocytological analysis of callogenesis and somatic embryogenesis from cell suspensions of date palm (phoenix dactylifera).the date palm is a dioecious perennial species of the arecaceae for which in vitro micropropagation is essential to ensure the renewal of palm plantations. this study presents a histocytological analysis of the traditional mauritanian amsekhsi cultivar beginning from the initial callogenesis and continuing up to the establishment of the cellular embryogenic cell suspensions. the formation of somatic embryos and their development into rooted plants are also described.200616740588
the flavonoid glycosides and procyanidin composition of deglet noor dates (phoenix dactylifera).the fruits of the date palm (phoenix dactylifera) are consumed throughout the world and are an important part of the diet in the middle east. dates at the rutab and tamar maturity and ripening stages contain a wide array of phenolic antioxidants, but little is known about the composition of phenolic compounds in dates at the khalal stage of ripening. in the current study, the flavonoid glycoside and procyanidin compositions of dates of the cultivar deglet noor harvested at the khalal stage of ma ...200616536626
allergic rhinitis in the middle east.current military operations in the middle east involve active duty, national guard, and reserve troops from all services. despite common misconceptions, the desert environment in this region has significant aeroallergen seasons that may exacerbate allergic rhinitis.200516491940
comparison of antioxidant activity, anthocyanins, carotenoids, and phenolics of three native fresh and sun-dried date (phoenix dactylifera l.) varieties grown in oman.fresh and sun-dried dates of three native varieties from oman, namely, fard, khasab, and khalas, were examined for their antioxidant activity and total contents of anthocyanins, carotenoids, and phenolics, as well as free and bound phenolic acids. all results are expressed as mean value +/- standard deviation (n = 3) on a fresh weight basis. fresh date varieties were found to be a good source of antioxidants (11687-20604 micromol of trolox equiv/g), total contents of anthocyanins (0.24-1.52 mg o ...200516159191
compositional and sensory characteristics of three native sun-dried date (phoenix dactylifera l.) varieties grown in oman.three native sun-dried date varieties grown in oman, namely, fard, khasab, and khalas, were examined for their proximate composition, sugars, dietary fiber, minerals, and organic acids as well as sensory characteristics. the study was conducted on sun-dried dates due to their higher consumption compared with fresh dates. all results are expressed as mean value +/- standard deveiation (n = 3) on a fresh weight basis except for sensory analysis. date varieties were found to be low in fat and prote ...200516159190
nutritive value of some agricultural wastes as affected by relatively low gamma irradiation levels and chemical experiment was carried out to study the changes in the values of in vitro organic matter digestibility (ivomd) and metabolizable energy (me) of wheat straw, sunflower seed shell, olive cake wood, date palm seeds and peanut shell after irradiation with various levels of gamma radiation (0, 20, 40, 60 kgy; kilogray) or after spraying with different amounts of hydrobromic acid (hbr; 47%) and sodium hydroxide (naoh): 0, 3, 6 ml hbr and 3, 6 g naoh in 25 ml water/100 g dm. the results indicated th ...200516023577
alkaline pulping with additives of date palm rachis and leaves from sudan.soda-anthraquinone (soda-aq), alkaline sulphite-anthraquinone (as-aq) and alkaline sulphite-anthraquinone-methanol (asam) pulping of date palm rachis and leaves from sudan was carried under different conditions, and pulps with variable yields and mechanical properties were obtained. the date palm rachis gave best yields and mechanical properties with the as-aq or the asam process, while the leaves were best pulped with the soda method with low yield, but very good strength properties. blending w ...200515364084
use of light, scanning electron microscopy and bioassays to evaluate parasitism by entomopathogenic fungi of the red scale insect of palms (phoenicococcus marlatti ckll., 1899).we have evaluated the parasitism of the red scale insect of the date palm (phoenicococcus marlatti) by entomopathogenic fungi, using light microscopy (lm), scanning electron microscopy (sem) and low temperature scanning electron microscopy (ltsem). beauveria bassiana, lecanicillium dimorphum and lecanicillium cf. psalliotae, were inoculated directly on the scale insects or on insect infested plant material. we found that l. dimorphum and l. cf. psalliotae developed on plant material and on scale ...200515629648
paenibacillus phyllosphaerae sp. nov., a xylanolytic bacterium isolated from the phyllosphere of phoenix dactylifera.a bacterial strain, designated palxil04(t), was isolated from the phyllosphere of phoenix dactylifera. phylogenetic analysis placed the isolate within the genus paenibacillus with the closest relatives being paenibacillus curdlanolyticus and paenibacillus kobensis. dna-dna hybridization measurements showed low dna relatedness (15-20 %) between the isolate and its closest relatives. cells were gram-variable, facultatively anaerobic, motile, sporulating rods. catalase and oxidase were produced by ...200515774655
[effect of aeration on composting of date palm residues contaminated with fusarium oxysporum f.sp. albedinis].composting of date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.) residues contaminated with fusarium f.sp oxysporum albedinis, causal agent of the vascular wilt (bayoud) of the date palm, has been achieved. the effect of the aeration of the piles by manual turning has been studied. the maintenance of an adequate humidity of 60%-70%, necessary to the good progress of the composting process, required the contribution of 11.4 l of water/kg of the dried residues. the evolution of the temperatures in the three piles ...200515782236
pho d 2, a major allergen from date palm pollen, is a profilin: cloning, sequencing, and immunoglobulin e cross-reactivity with other profilins.up to now, some date palm pollen (dpp) allergens have been described but very few data are available about their molecular nature. the aim of this study was to identify and characterize pho d 2, a major allergen from this pollen.200515784118
the ameliorative effect of dates (phoenix dactylifera l.) on ethanol-induced gastric ulcer in rats.the present work aimed at testing, in a rat model of ethanol-induced gastric ulceration, a local folk medicinal claim that dates are beneficial in gastric ulcers in humans. aqueous and ethanolic undialyzed and dialyzed extracts from date fruit and pits were given orally to rats at a dose of 4 ml/kg for 14 consecutive days. on the last day of treatment, rats were fasted for 24 h, and were then given ethanol, 80% (1 ml/rat) by gastric intubation to induce gastric ulcer. rats were killed after 1 h ...200515814265
impact of ant predation and heat on carob moth (lepidoptera: pyralidae) mortality in california date gardens.dates, phoenix dactylifera l., undergo a natural fruit abscission during the summer in california date gardens. many of the abscised dates become lodged in the date bunch, and we demonstrated that carob moth, ectomyelois ceratoniae (zeller), prefer to use these dates as a reproduction host compared with dates that fall to the ground. we also found that abscised fruit shaken onto the ground had significantly fewer live carob moth larvae than fruit that remained in bunches in the tree. mortality i ...200516022299
toxin-based in-vitro selection and its potential application to date palm for resistance to the bayoud fusarium palm (phoenix dactylifera l.) is qualified as a 'tree' of great ecological and socio-economical importance in desert oases. unfortunately, it is being decimated, especially in morocco and algeria, by a fusariosis wilt called bayoud and caused by fusarium oxysporum f. sp. albedinis (fao). controlling this disease requires the implementation of an integrated management program. breeding for resistance is one of the most promising component strategies of this program. few naturally resistant c ...200516125651
aerobiological studies and low allerginicity of date-palm pollen in the trees (phoenix dactylifera l.) are the most abundant crop in the united arab emirates (uae). the aim of this work was to conduct aerobiological studies on date-palm pollens and correlate that to allergenicity. an aerobiological survey was performed at three date-palm farms. radioallergosorbent test (rast) and total ige were performed on 477 airborne allergic patients. small mass bioactive constituents were fractionated and isolated by hplc. aerobiological studies demonstrate the short ...200516134484
ensilage of cardboard and date palm leaves.eight treatments of cardboard (cb) and date palm leaves (dpl) with or without alkali treatments plus molasses, dates, and ammonium sulfate were ensiled in laboratory silos. latobacillus plantarum and saccharomyces cerevisiae inoculants were added at an application rate of 10(5) cfu/g of silage to study their possible influence on the fermentation process. silos were sealed and incubated at 30 degrees c. the anaerobic ensiling was evaluated for chemical and microbiological variables by opening th ...200415027834
'candidatus phytoplasma cynodontis', the phytoplasma associated with bermuda grass white leaf disease.bermuda grass white leaf (bgwl) is a destructive, phytoplasmal disease of bermuda grass (cynodon dactylon). the causal pathogen, the bgwl agent, differs from other phytoplasmas that cluster in the same major branch of the phytoplasma phylogenetic clade in <2.5% of 16s rdna nucleotide positions, the threshold for assigning species rank to phytoplasmas under the provisional status 'candidatus'. thus, the objective of this work was to examine homogeneity of bgwl isolates and to determine whether th ...200415280272
a genetic and structural analysis of the n-glycosylation capabilities.the recent draft sequencing of the rice (oryza sativa) genome has enabled a genetic analysis of the glycosylation capabilities of an agroeconomically important group of plants, the monocotyledons. in this study, we have not only identified genes putatively encoding enzymes involved in n-glycosylation, but have examined by maldi-tof ms the structures of the n-glycans of rice and other monocotyledons (maize, wheat and dates; zea mays, triticum aestivum and phoenix dactylifera); these data show tha ...200415604706
genetic diversity of tunisian date palms (phoenixdactylifera l.) revealed by nuclear microsatellite polymprohism.fourteen microsatellite loci of phoenix dactylifera were targeted to examine the genetic diversity in tunisian date-palms germplasm. they showed a high level of polymorphism in 49 accessions from three main oases with little geographic structure within tunisia. the microsatellite data agrees with previous analyses of tunisian germplasm using other molecular markers. 100% of local date-palms accessions were successfully fingerprinted and easily distinguished by the help of only three loci. the po ...200415703044
mineral ion content of the seeds of six cultivars of bahraini date palm (phoenix dactylifera).the mineral ion composition of six different cultivars of bahraini dates palm (phoenix dactylifera) seeds (khalas, murzban, khunaizi, khawajah, khasaib asfor, and khaseeb) were analyzed using flame atomic absorption spectroscopy (aa and icps). murzban was found to contain the higher mineral ion content. the essential bulk metal ions in the six cultivars were found to be dominant, where [k+] was the highest and [ca2+] was the lowest. the decreasing order of essential trace metal ion concentration ...200415479017
rapid isolation of dna from chocolate and date palm tree crops.dna isolation from plants is sometimes difficult due to the existence of high levels of endogenous phenolics, polysaccharides, or other substances that may interfere with dna extraction. theobroma cacao produces high levels of anthocyanins in young leaves. these plant polyphenols can interfere with dna isolation. after examination of various procedures for dna isolation, two commercial isolation procedures have proved to be repeatedly successful using these types of plants, the d(2) biotechnolog ...200415315385
male aggregation pheromone of date palm fruit stalk borer oryctes elegans.laboratory and field investigations were carried out to characterize the chemical communication system of the date palm fruit stalk borer, oryctes elegans, and to develop pheromone-based trapping in eastern iran. adults of both sexes feeding on date palm pieces attracted conspecifics, whereas date palm alone was minimally attractive. males were twice as attractive as females. more beetles were captured at the palm crown than at ground level. odors from adults feeding on sugarcane were sampled an ...200415112731
local and systemic reactions to puncture injuries by the sea urchin spine and the date palm thorn.puncture wounds were cuased in 9 patients by sea urchin spines and 1 patient by a date palm thorn. all 10 patients developed local inflammatory reactions, which were moderate to severe in 7. two patients exhibited severe systemic illnesses, and a marked synovitis was present in 2 others. several of the patients presented as difficult diagnostic problems with signs and symptoms suggestive of an arthritic disease. six required surgical removal of the foreign body.200420111
identification of phoenix dactylifera l. varieties based on amplified fragment length polymorphism (aflp) markers.the amplified fragment length polymorphism (aflp) technique was applied to identify palm varieties. fluorescence labelled primers were used in selective amplifications and the amplified fragments were detected on capillary gel electrophoresis using an automated dna sequencer with the analysis fragment option. this is a rapid and efficient technique for detecting a large number of dna markers on the date palm. phoenix dactylifera l. varieties bou-fegous, medjool, and e-528 from estación phoenix ( ...200314668912
an alkali-soluble heteroxylan from seeds of phoenix dactylifera l.alkali-soluble polysaccharides, isolated from the seeds of dates, have been investigated using methylation and partial hydrolysis studies. the polysaccharides are shown to contain d-xylose and 4-o-methyl-d-glucuronic acid in a molar ratio of 5:1. an aldobiouronic acid from hemicellulose was characterized, and investigation revealed that the hemicellulose consists of a polymer of (1-->4)-linked d-xylopranosyl residues having branches of d-xylopyranosyl and 4-o-methyl-alpha-d-glucopyranosyluronic ...200312860432
the fruit of the date palm: its possible use as the best food for the future?the fruits (dates) of the date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.) contain a high percentage of carbohydrate (total sugars, 44-88%), fat (0.2-0.5%), 15 salts and minerals, protein (2.3-5.6%), vitamins and a high percentage of dietary fibre (6.4-11.5%). the flesh of dates contains 0.2-0.5% oil, whereas the seed contains 7.7-9.7% oil. the weight of the seed is 5.6-14.2% of the date. the fatty acids occur in both flesh and seed as a range of saturated and unsaturated acids, the seeds containing 14 types ...200312850886
an optimised protocol for plant regeneration from embryogenic suspension cultures of date palm, phoenix dactylifera l., cv. deglet improved protocol is described for the large-scale micropropagation of an elite date palm ( phoenix dactylifera l.) cultivar, deglet nour. clonal plants were regenerated from somatic embryos derived from highly proliferating suspension cultures. friable embryogenic calli were initiated from both leaf and inflorescence explants. suspension cultures consisting of pro-embryonic masses were established from calli showing a high competency for somatic embryogenesis. the subculture of suspensions i ...200312789425
date palm and sandstorm-borne allergens. 200312680855
gastrointestinal transit in mice treated with various extracts of date (phoenix dactylifera l.).dates are commonly consumed, especially in the middle east, but their effect on gastrointestinal transit (git) has not been quantified. the effect of water and ethanol extracts from date flesh and date pits on the git in mice was studied. fasted unanaesthetized male mice received by gavage either the vehicle (0.02 m/kg), or the extracts at doses of 0.01, 0.02 or 0.04 ml/kg. two separate groups received either clonidine (1 mg/kg) or yohimbine (2 mg/kg). two hours later, all animals were given a t ...200312453726
integrated crop management of the lesser date moth batrachedra amydraula meyr. (lepidoptera: cosmopteridae) infesting some date-palm varieties in egypt.the present study was conducted during the two subsequent seasons of 2001 and 2002 in el-beheira governorate, egypt, to evaluate the efficiency of some agricultural practices on the incidence of the lesser date-moth, batrachedra amydraula meyr. (lepidoptera: cosmopteridae) on some date-palm varieties, i.e. sammany, hayany and halawy. the studied agricultural practices, were: covering clusters of flowers with paper craft, covering date bunches with porous plastic cloth, thinning of bunches and/or ...200315149111
risk assessment of chromium and arsenic in date palm leaves used as livestock feed.appreciable levels of total chromium (cr) and arsenic (as) were found (by emission spectroscopy) in date palm leaves, which form a significant ingredient in livestock feed. the levels in the fruit were considered safe for human consumption. our work involved evaluation of the distribution of these elements in the leaves during the developmental stages of the fruiting season. thirty-six leaf specimens of the fard cultivar were collected 9, 15 and 20 weeks, respectively, after pollination and subj ...200312742396
molecular phylogeny of date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.) cultivars from saudi arabia by dna fingerprinting.genetic diversity among 13 different cultivars of date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.) of saudi arabia was studied using random amplified polymorphic dna (rapd) markers. the screening of 140 rapd primers allowed selection of 37 primers which revealed polymorphism, and the results were reproducible. all 13 genotypes were distinguishable by their unique banding patterns produced by 37 selected primers. cluster analysis by the unweighted paired group method of arithmetic mean (upgma) showed two main ...200312879257
a weevil pollinating the canary islands date palm: between parasitism and mutualism.palm pollination systems are highly diverse, including by wind and by several different groups of insects. many palm species are associated with more or less specific pollinating weevils that are also floral herbivores. for many such palms, the importance of these "palm flower weevils" as pollinators has not been examined. here we describe a new ex situ method of demonstrating insect pollination when pollinator exclusion is not possible. we show that neoderelomus piriformis beetles carry pollen ...200314564403
antioxidant and antimutagenic properties of aqueous extract of date fruit (phoenix dactylifera l. arecaceae).fruits of the date palm (phoenix dactylifera l. arecaceae) are very commonly consumed in many parts of the world and are a vital component of the diet in most of the arabian countries. this preliminary study documents for the first time its antioxidant and antimutagenic properties in vitro. there was a dose-dependent inhibition of superoxide and hydroxyl radicals by an aqueous extract of date fruit. the amount of fresh extract required to scavenge 50% of superoxide radicals was equivalent to 0.8 ...200211804538
cross-reactivities between date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.) polypeptides and foods implicated in the oral allergy fruit and pollen antigens share a number of cross-reactive epitopes. date pollen has been shown to cross-react with antigens from artemisia, cultivated rye (secale cereale), timothy grass (phleum pratense), sydney golden wattle (acacia longifolia) and bermuda grass (cynodon dactylon) pollen. the present study was carried out to examine any cross-reactivities between date palm polypeptides and antigens of some common foods and vegetables that have been implicated in the oral allergy syndrome ...200212028116
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