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comparative study of neuropharmacological, analgesic properties and phenolic profile of ajwah, safawy and sukkari cultivars of date palm (phoenix dactylifera).in addition to the rich nutritional value, date palm is also used in various ethnobotanical practices for the treatment of various disease conditions. present investigation was undertaken to examine the neuropharmacological and antinociceptive effect of the ethanol extract of three date cultivars growing in saudi arabia, namely ajwah, safawy and sukkari. neuropharmacological effect was observed by pentobarbitone induced sleeping time, open field, and hole board test. antinociceptive activity was ...201627746708
chemical characterisation and the anti-inflammatory, anti-angiogenic and antibacterial properties of date fruit (phoenix dactylifera l.).date fruit, phoenix dactylifera l. has traditionally been used as a medicine in many cultures for the treatment of a range of ailments such as stomach and intestinal disorders, fever, oedema, bronchitis and wound healing.201627729284
analysis of natural and anthropogenic radionuclide content in palm date fruit of the united arab emirates: a baseline study.the purpose of this study is to contribute to a wider effort of establishing an environmental radiation baseline for the united arab emirates (uae) before the startup of the country's first nuclear reactor in 2017. an investigation of gamma-emitting radionuclide concentrations in palm dates grown in the uae was performed. palm date samples of 10 varieties originating from several local commercial date palm farms of the uae were collected and analyzed. the study targeted the naturally occurring r ...201627682905
evaluation of anti-diabetic and anti-tumoral activities of bioactive compounds from phoenix dactylifera l's leaf: in vitro and in vivo approach.among various chronic disorders, cancer and diabetes mellitus are the most common disorders. this study was designed to evaluate the effectiveness of hydroalcoholic extract of phoenix dactylifera l. leaves (hepdl) in animal models of type ii diabetes in vitro/in vivo and in a human melanoma-derived cell line (igr-39). a liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (lc-ms/ms) analysis was also performed to determine the amount of phenolic and flavonoid compounds in this plant. the physicochemic ...201627668542
effect of red and blue light emitting diodes "crb-led" on in vitro organogenesis of date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.) cv. alshakr.the objective of the present study is to determine the effect of light source on enhancement of shoot multiplication, phytochemicals, as well as, antioxidant enzyme activities of in vitro cultures of date palm cv. alshakr. in vitro-grown buds were cultured on murashige and skoog (ms) medium and incubated under a conventional white fluorescent light (control), and combinations of red + blue light emitting diode (18:2) (crb-led). results revealed that the treatment of crb-led showed a significant ...201627562594
cultivar-level phylogeny using chloroplast dna barcode psbk-psbi spacers for identification of emirati date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.) varieties.the efficacy of genetic material for use as dna barcodes is under constant evaluation and improvement as new barcodes offering better resolution and efficiency of amplification for specific species groups are identified. in this study, the chloroplast intergenic spacer psbk-psbi was evaluated for the first time as a dna barcode for distinguishing date palm cultivars. nucleotide sequences were aligned using mega 6.0 to calculate pairwise divergence among the cultivars. the analyzed data illustrat ...201627525916
soil salinisation and irrigation management of date palms in a saharan environment.the continuance of agricultural production in regions of the world with chronic water shortages depends upon understanding how soil salinity is impacted by irrigation practises such as water salinity, irrigation frequency and amount of irrigation. a two-year field study was conducted in a saharan oasis of tunisia (lazala oasis) to determine how the soil electrical conductivity was affected by irrigation of date palms with high saline water. the study area lacked a saline shallow water table. fie ...201627476071
ajwa date (phoenix dactylifera l.) extract inhibits human breast adenocarcinoma (mcf7) cells in vitro by inducing apoptosis and cell cycle arrest.phoenix dactylifera l (date palm) is a native plant of the kingdom of saudi arabia (ksa) and other middle eastern countries. ajwa date has been described in the traditional and alternative medicine to provide several health benefits including anticholesteremic, antioxidant, hepatoprotective and anticancer effects, but most remains to be scientifically validated. herein, we evaluated the anticancer effects of the methanolic extract of ajwa date (mead) on human breast adenocarcinoma (mcf7) cells i ...201627441372
genic and intergenic ssr database generation, snps determination and pathway annotations, in date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.).the present investigation was carried out aiming to use the bioinformatics tools in order to identify and characterize, simple sequence repeats within the third version of the date palm genome and develop a new ssr primers database. in addition single nucleotide polymorphisms (snps) that are located within the ssr flanking regions were recognized. moreover, the pathways for the sequences assigned by ssr primers, the biological functions and gene interaction were determined. a total of 172,075 ss ...201627434138
palm weevil pheromones - discovery and use.male-produced aggregation pheromones of seven major pest species of weevils in the subfamily rhynchophorinae have been identified as a closely related set of methyl-branched secondary alcohols. although the weevils produce only one stereoisomer of these alcohols, no instances of isomeric inhibition have been observed, enabling stereoisomeric mixtures to be used in traps. addition of fermenting plant material to traps synergizes attraction of weevils to the pheromones. the weevils are large, have ...201627430563
molecular identification of sex in phoenix dactylifera using inter simple sequence repeat markers.early sex identification of date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.) at seedling stage is an economically desirable objective, which will significantly increase the profits of seed based cultivation. the utilization of molecular markers at this stage for early and rapid identification of sex is important due to the lack of morphological markers. in this study, a total of two hundred inter simple sequence repeat (issr) primers were screened among male and female date palm plants to identify putative se ...201627419132
natural history of javeta pallida baly, 1858 on phoenix palms in india (chrysomelidae, cassidinae, coelaenomenoderini).members of the old world hispine tribe, coelaenomenoderini, are documented on host plants of arecaceae, cyperaceae, and zingiberales. a few species are renowned pests of oil palm, especially in africa. the host plants and natural history of javeta pallida baly, 1858, the only indian species of the tribe, is reported for the first time. these beetles can densely infest indigenous wild date palms, phoenix sylvestris (l.) roxb. (arecaceae), and also use the introduced date palm, phoenix dactylifera ...201627408585
execution of strands thinning improves the phytochemicals and sugars profiling in date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.) fruit is a rich and quick source of phytochemicals and sugars (glucose, fructose, sucrose) which playing a vital role to nourish the human beings worldwide. the present study therefore, was conducted to explore the role of strands thinning on phytochemicals and sugars profiling in date palm (cvs. hillawi and khadrawi). the experiment was comprised of different strand thinning treatments viz. @ 20% rcs (removal of central strands), 30% rcs, 20% stt (shortening of terminal tips), 30% stt, 20% ...201627393433
biochemical, transcriptional, and bioinformatic analysis of lipid droplets from seeds of date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.) and their use as potent sequestration agents against the toxic pollutant, 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxin.contamination of aquatic environments with dioxins, the most toxic group of persistent organic pollutants (pops), is a major ecological issue. dioxins are highly lipophilic and bioaccumulate in fatty tissues of marine organisms used for seafood where they constitute a potential risk for human health. lipid droplets (lds) purified from date palm, phoenix dactylifera, seeds were characterized and their capacity to extract dioxins from aquatic systems was assessed. the bioaffinity of date palm lds ...201627375673
date syrup-derived polyphenols attenuate angiogenic responses and exhibits anti-inflammatory activity mediated by vascular endothelial growth factor and cyclooxygenase-2 expression in endothelial cells.bioactive components such as polyphenols, present in many plants, are purported to have anti-inflammatory and antiangiogenic properties. date syrup, produced from date fruit of the date palm tree, has traditionally been used to treat a wide range of diseases with etiologies involving angiogenesis and inflammation. it was hypothesized that polyphenols in date syrup reduce angiogenic responses such as cell migration, tube formation, and matrix metalloproteinase activity in an inflammatory model by ...201627333954
corrigendum to "macroporous natural capsules extracted from phoenix dactylifera l. spore and their application in oral drugs delivery" [int. j. pharm. 504 (2016) 39-47]. 201627282433
identification and biotransformation of aliphatic hydrocarbons during co-composting of sewage sludge-date palm waste using pyrolysis-gc/ms technique.the behavior of aliphatic hydrocarbons during co-composting of sewage sludge activated with palm tree waste was studied for 6 months using py-gc/ms. the main aliphatic compounds represented as doublet alkenes/alkanes can be classified into three groups. the first group consists of 11 alkenes (undecene, tridecene, pentadecene, hexadecene, heptadecene, octadecene, nonadecene, eicosene, uncosene, docosene, tricosene) and 15 alkanes (heptane, octane, nonane, decane, undecane, dodecane, tetradecane, ...201627197656
the tunisian oasis ecosystem is a source of antagonistic bacillus spp. producing diverse antifungal lipopeptides.the use of microbial products has become a promising alternative approach to controlling plant diseases caused by phytopathogenic fungi. bacteria isolated from the date palm tree rhizosphere of the tunisian oasis ecosystem could provide new biocontrol microorganisms adapted to extreme conditions, such as drought, salinity and high temperature. the aim of this study was to screen bacteria isolated from the rhizosphere of the date palm tree for their ability to inhibit phytopathogenic fungi, and t ...201626428248
antioxidant phenolic extracts obtained from secondary tunisian date varieties (phoenix dactylifera l.) by hydrothermal treatments.three common non-commercial tunisian date varieties were treated by two thermal systems, obtaining a liquid fraction which was characterized and its antioxidant capacity determined. the concentration of total phenols in the three varieties (smeti, garen gazel, and eguwa) was increased by steam explosion treatment up to 5311, 4680, and 3832 mg/kg of fresh dates, and their antioxidant activity up to 62.5, 46.5 and 43.1 mmol trolox/kg of fresh date, respectively. both thermal treatments increased t ...201626593573
the role of date palm (phoenix dactylifera l) pollen in fertility: a comprehensive review of current palm pollen (dpp) is the male reproductive dust of palm flowers used as dietary supplement especially as aphrodisiac and fertility enhancer in both women and men from ancient times. although there are few clinical trials evaluating the beneficial effects of dpp in humans, various experimental studies have been conducted on the reproductive effects of dpp. among the compounds isolated from dpp are amino acids, fatty acids, flavonoids, saponins, and estroles. the present review summarizes com ...201626438718
projected future distribution of date palm and its potential use in alleviating micronutrient deficiency.micronutrient deficiency develops when nutrient intake does not match nutritional requirements for maintaining healthy tissue and organ functions which may have long-ranging effects on health, learning ability and productivity. inadequacy of iron, zinc and vitamin a are the most important micronutrient deficiencies. consumption of a 100 g portion of date flesh from date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.) has been reported to meet approximately half the daily dietary recommended intake of these micron ...201625847224
the complete plastid genome sequence of eustrephus latifolius (asparagaceae: lomandroideae).the complete chloroplast (cp) genome sequence of eustrephus latifolius was firstly determined in subfamily lomandriodeae of family asparagaceae. it was 159,736 bp and contained a large single copy region (82,403 bp) and a small single copy region (13,607 bp) which were separated by two inverted repeat regions (31,863 bp). in total, 132 genes were identified and they were consisted of 83 coding genes, 8 rrna genes, 38 trna genes, 3 pseudogenes. rpl23 and clpp were pseudogenes due to sequence dele ...201625186113
three new species of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi discovered at one location in a desert of oman: diversispora omaniana, septoglomus nakheelum and rhizophagus arabicus.three new species of arbuscular mycorrhizal (am) fungi (glomeromycota) were isolated from soil samples collected from a hyperarid sandy plain of south arabia. morphological characteristics of the spores clearly differentiated them from closely related am species. molecular analyses were performed on rdna sequences obtained from single spores including a ~1700 bp region comprising partial ssu, its, partial lsu and the ~600 bp its region only. the phylogenetic trees based on these regions showed t ...201724782493
diet rich in date palm fruits improves memory, learning and reduces beta amyloid in transgenic mouse model of alzheimer's present, the treatment options available to delay the onset or slow down the progression of alzheimer's disease (ad) are not effective. recent studies have suggested that diet and lifestyle factors may represent protective strategies to minimize the risk of developing ad. date palm fruits are a good source of dietary fiber and are rich in total phenolics and natural antioxidants, such as anthocyanins, ferulic acid, protocatechuic acid and caffeic acid. these polyphenolic compounds have been s ...201726167001
removal of zn2+ and so42- from aqueous solutions on acidic and chelating dehydrated carbon.the agricultural waste, date palm leaflets, was carbonized chemically using sulfuric acid treatment. produced dehydrated carbon (dc) was subjected to surface functionalization using ethylene diamine producing chelating dehydrated carbon (cdc). in the process, ∼80 % of the carboxylic content on dc was converted to amide successfully. dc acts as a cation exchanger because of the high content of carboxylic groups on its surface showing acidic nature. however, cdc possesses amine and amide groups sh ...201727155837
metabolome based volatiles profiling in 13 date palm fruit varieties from egypt via spme gc-ms and chemometrics.dates (phoenix dactylifera l.) are distributed worldwide as major food complement providing a source of sugars and dietary fiber as well as macro- and micronutrients. although phytochemical analyses of date fruit non-volatile metabolites have been reported, much less is known about the aroma given off by the fruit, which is critical for dissecting sensory properties and quality traits. volatile constituents from 13 date varieties grown in egypt were profiled using spme-gcms coupled to multivaria ...201727664623
transfer factors for natural radioactivity into date palm pits.palm pits are used in various human and animal feed products. in this study, the natural radioactivity levels from soil and date palm pits of 9 samples collected from major date palm farms in three different regions (buraidah, al-zulfi and al-majmaah) of saudi arabia were determined by using the high purity germanium (hpge) gamma-ray spectrometer. the mean activity concentrations of 226ra, 232th, 137cs and 40k in soil samples were 12.8 ± 2.2, 10.2 ± 2.1, 0.28 ± 0.10 and 329 ± 87 bg kg-1, respect ...201727894743
report - antidiabetic effects of native date fruit aseel (phoenix dactylifera l.) in normal and hyperglycemic rats.change in dietary pattern, sedentary life style and increasing stresses are contributing factors for high prevalence of diabetes mellitus. diabetic complications often lead to cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and hyperlipidemia that are the leading cause death and disability all over the world. apart from pharmacotherapy, use of antihyperglycemic medicinal food is a new aspect in diabetes management and prevention of its complications. phoenix dactylifera (date palm) has been traditionally ...201729084704
evaluation of the efficacy of insecticidal coatings based on teflutrin and chlorpyrifos against rhynchophorus ferrugineus.the date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.), an important economic resource for many nations worldwide, has recently been threatened by the presence of different insect pests, like the red palm weevil (rpw) rhynchophorus ferrugineus.201728094903
fingerprinting of strong spermatogenesis steroidal saponins in male flowers of phoenix dactylifera (date palm) by lc-esi-ms.a fingerprint of steroid saponins, the major constituent in 80% methanolic fraction from the male flowers of phoenix dactylifera has been established. under esi-ms/ms conditions, the fragmentation patterns of [m - h]- ions exclusively displayed signals corresponding to the cleavage of the glycosidic bonds, thus allowing a rapid identification of 21 steroidal saponins. moreover, two unique among them conjugated with histidine were detected by lc-esi (-)-ms and dft and were given tentative names o ...201728049352
adsorption of ciprofloxacin and norfloxacin from aqueous solution onto granular activated carbon in fixed bed column.carbonization of phoenix dactylifera l stones followed by microwave k2co3 activation was adopted for preparation of granular activated carbon (kac). high yield and favorable pore characteristics in terms of surface area and pore volume were reported for kac as follows: 44%, 852m2/g, and 0.671cm3/g, respectively. the application of kac as adsorbent for attraction of ciprofloxacin (cip) and norfloxacin (nor) was investigated using fixed bed systems. the effect of flow rate (0.5-1.5ml/min), bed hei ...201728040619
augmenting granular activated carbon with natural clay for multicomponent sorption of heavy metals from aqueous solutions.multicomponent adsorption of cd, cr, cu, pb and zn onto date palm pits based granular activated carbon (gac) augmented with highly active natural clay at different proportion was investigated. the effects of the initial ph and the adsorbents mixed ratio on the removal selectivity sequence of the metals evaluated. batch adsorption experiments were undertaken at initial ph 2, 6 and 12. at initial ph 2, both the percent removal and the metals adsorptive capacity decreased with increasing gac to cla ...201729068351
copper toxicity and date palm (phoenix dactylifera) seedling tolerance: monitoring of related palm (phoenix dactylifera) seeds were exposed to different copper (cu) solutions to examine plant stress responses. low cu concentrations (0.02 and 0.2 mm) caused an increase of seed germination, whereas higher cu amounts (2 mm) significantly inhibited seed germination, delayed hypocotyl elongation, increased seedling mortality, and reduced the germination index by more than 90%. metal-related toxicity symptoms appeared after 15 d of 2 mm of cu exposure. biochemical activities such as amyla ...201729023967
effect of agno3 and bap on root as a novel explant in date palm (phoenix dactylifera cv. medjool) somatic embryogenesis.somatic embryogenesis techniques are used for cloning a wide range of varieties of date palms around the world. the aim of the present study was to develop an efficient method with the lowest cost and the greatest potential to obtain in vitro plantlets of date palm cv. medjool. also, produce embryogenic callus and somatic embryos without using 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-d).201729023011
phenolic composition profiling of different edible parts and by-products of date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.) by using hplc-dad-esi/msn.fruits and vegetables are an important source of dietary antioxidants and epidemiological studies show that their regular intake in the diet may decrease the risk of several chronic diseases. phoenix dactylifera l. (date palm or dates) is an important crop, widely used in the arabian region and in other parts of the world as a food and also in folk medicine, due to its health-promoting properties. antioxidant phytochemicals present in plant foods are partly responsible for such health benefits. ...201728964373
drdb: an online date palm genomic resource database.background: date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.) is a cultivated woody plant with agricultural and economic importance in many countries around the world. with the advantages of next generation sequencing technologies, genome sequences for many date palm cultivars have been released recently. short sequence repeat (ssr) and single nucleotide polymorphism (snp) can be identified from these genomic data, and have been proven to be very useful biomarkers in plant genome analysis and breeding. results ...201729209336
biochemical and genetical responses of phoenix dactylifera l. to cadmium stress.the cadmium (cd), a heavy metal, causes toxicity, which leads to hampering the growth and development of the plant. the molecular and biochemical approaches were used for the investigation of antioxidant system response and genotoxicity in date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.) cv. sagai in pot experiment having cd. the root length was more affected than the shoot length as more accumulation of cd occurs in roots. fresh weights of root and shoot were reduced significantly in treated plants as compar ...201729201916
abrogation of carbon tetrachloride-induced hepatotoxicity in sprague-dawley rats by ajwa date fruit extract through ameliorating oxidative stress and apoptosis.ajwa, a variety of date palme phoenix dactylifera l., has long been used and considered as one of the most popular fruits in the north africa and middle east region. for muslims this fruit is of religious importance and is mentioned several times in quran. besides being a part of the arabian essential diet, dates have been used traditionally for number of complications. this study aimed to evaluate the possible potential of ajwa date extract to guard against carbon tetrachloride (ccl4)-induced l ...201729175788
date palm biochar-polymer composites: an investigation of electrical, mechanical, thermal and rheological characteristics.the application of biochar (bc) as a filler in polymers can be viewed as a sustainable approach that incorporates pyrolysed waste based value-added material and simultaneously mitigate bio-waste in a smart way. the overarching aim of this work was to investigate the electrical, mechanical, thermal and rheological properties of biocomposite developed by utilizing date palm waste-derived bc for the reinforcing of polypropylene (pp) matrix. date palm waste derived bc prepared at (700 and 900°c) wer ...201729154049
evaluating the nutritional value of date pits and demonstrating their application in laying hen diets.this experiment was carried out to study the feeding value of ground date pits (dp) (phoenix dactylifera l.) with and without enzyme supplementation on laying hens' performance. apparent metabolizable energy value of dp was determined by the total collection method using 10 adult leghorn cockerels. after that, a total number of 144 lohmann 50-week-old lsl-lite hens were randomly allocated into six groups consisting of four replicates of six birds, based on a 3 × 2 factorial arrangement of the tr ...201729143376
process simulation and economic assessment of hydrothermal pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis of multi-feedstock lignocellulose - separate vs combined processing.biorefinery based on multi-feedstock lignocellulose can be viable where a sustainable supply of a single substrate is limited, for example in arid regions. processing of mixed feedstocks has been studied in lab scale, however, its economics are less studied. in this study, an economic comparison was made between separate and combined (mixed) processing approaches for multi-feedstock lignocellulose for the production of monomeric sugars. this modular approach of focusing on sugar platform makes t ...201729136939
physicochemical and sensory characteristics of spreadable liver pâtés with annatto extract (bixa orellana l.) and date palm co-products (phoenix dactylifera l.).two novel ingredients were incorporated into spreadable liver pâtés to study their effect on physicochemical and sensory characteristics and their possible use in the meat industry. fresh date (phoenix dactylifera, cv. confitera) co-products, as a paste (0, 2.5 and 7.5%), and annatto (bixa orellana) extract (0 and 128 mg/kg), as a colourant, and their combinations were incorporated into liver pâtés to study their effect on the final quality. the six formulations were analysed for chemical compos ...201729109376
effect of aqueous extract of tops of date palm leaves on blood glucose of diabetic rats.present study was carried out to examine the effect of tops of date palm leaves extract on blood glucose of streptozotocin induced diabetic rats. forty male sprague dawely rats (120-130g) were housed individually and randomly allocated to two main groups; diabetic group (n=30), and normal group (n=10) in the animal lab, faculty of agriculture and veterinary medicine, qassim university, saudi arabia. an aqueous extracts were prepared from tops of date palm leaves (edpl) and were orally administer ...201729105640
genome sequencing of microbacterium sp. yaish 1, a bacterial strain isolated from the rhizosphere of date palm trees affected by salinity.microbacterium sp. strain yaish 1 is a rhizospheric bacterium isolated from date palm orchards with high soil salinity. the genome was sequenced, and genes coding for growth-promoting 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate (acc) deaminase, siderophore-producing proteins, and tryptophan biosynthesis proteins were identified. here, we report the draft whole-genome sequencing of the strain.201729097476
effect of increasing levels of wasted date palm on digestion, rumen fermentation and microbial protein synthesis in sheep.this study was conducted to evaluate the effects of increasing levels of wasted date (wd) in sheep (initial body weight 50 ± 2.3 kg) diets on apparent diet digestibility, rumen fermentation and microbial protein synthesis. the experimental diets contained 0 (0 wd), 9% (9 wd), 18% (18 wd) or 27% (27 wd) of wasted dates. these diets were evaluated through a 4 × 4 latin square design with four 28-day periods. sheep were individually housed in metabolic cages and were fed diets ad libitum. to keep t ...201727039841
chemical composition of alfalfa silage with waste date and its feeding effect on ruminal fermentation characteristics and microbial protein synthesis in sheep.this study was conducted to evaluate the effect of feeding ensiled alfalfa with waste date on ruminal fermentation characteristics, microbial protein synthesis, protozoa population and blood parameters in sheep. eight rams were used in a 2 × 2 change over design. each experimental period consisted of 21 days including 16 days for adaptation and 5 days for sampling. for ensiling, fresh alfalfa (medicago sativa l.) with different levels of waste date (phoenix dactylifera l.) were mixed together an ...201727600493
zinc oxide nanoparticles affect carbon and nitrogen mineralization of phoenix dactylifera leaf litter in a sandy soil.we investigated the impact of zinc oxide nanoparticles (zno nps; 1000mgkg-1 soil) on soil microbes and their associated soil functions such as date palm (phoenix dactylifera) leaf litter (5gkg-1 soil) carbon and nitrogen mineralization in mesocosms containing sandy soil. nanoparticles application in litter-amended soil significantly decreased the cultivable heterotrophic bacterial and fungal colony forming units (cfu) compared to only litter-amended soil. the decrease in cfu could be related to ...201727810328
development and validation of an hplc-uv method for determination of eight phenolic compounds in date palms.a simple, precise, accurate, and selective method was developed and validated for determination of eight phenolic compounds (gallic acid, p-hydroxybenzoic acid, vanilic acid, caffeic acid, syringic acid, p-coumaric acid, ferulic acid, and sinapic acid) in date palms. separation was achieved on an rp c18 column using the mobile phase methanol-water with 2% acetic acid (18+82, v/v). this method was validated according to the requirements for new methods, which include accuracy, precision, selectiv ...201726525252
application of optimized large surface area date stone (phoenix dactylifera ) activated carbon for rhodamin b removal from aqueous solution: box-behnken design model of response surface methodology was used to study the effect of adsorption process parameters for rhodamine b (rhb) removal from aqueous solution through optimized large surface area date stone activated carbon. the set experiments with three input parameters such as time (10-600min), adsorbent dosage (0.5-10g/l) and temperature (25-50°c) were considered for statistical significance. the adequate relation was found between the input variables and response (removal percentage of ...201728167440
linking pollen quality and performance of neoseiulus californicus (acari: phytoseiidae) in two-spotted spider mite management has been shown that pollen as a dietary supplement may increase the establishment of generalist predatory mites, and therefore pest control by these mites can be provided. life table studies were performed to evaluate the nutritional value of seven different pollens (almond, castor-bean, date-palm, maize, bitter-orange, sunflower and mixed bee pollen) as a supplementary food source for the spider mite predator neoseiulus californicus mcgregor. in addition, the nutritional quality of each poll ...201727117203
the effect of increasing levels of date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.) seed on the performance, ruminal fermentation, antioxidant status and milk fatty acid profile of saanen dairy goats.this study was conducted to examine the effect of date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.) seed (dps) on the performance, ruminal fermentation, antioxidant status and milk fatty acid (fa) profile of dairy goats. eight multiparous saanen dairy goats, averaging 97 ± 7 days in milk (dim) and 2150 ± 130 g of milk production, were used in a 4 × 4 replicated latin square design. experimental diets contained 0% (control), 6% (dps6), 12% (dps12) and 18% (dps18) of dps. dry matter intake (dmi), milk production ...201728045194
enzymatic saccharification and fermentation of cellulosic date palm wastes to glucose and lactic acid.the bioconversion of cellulosic wastes into high-value bio-products by saccharification and fermentation processes is an important step that can reduce the environmental pollution caused by agricultural wastes. in this study, enzymatic saccharification of treated and untreated date palm cellulosic wastes by the cellulases from geobacillus stearothermophilus was optimized. the alkaline pre-treatment of the date palm wastes was found to be effective in increasing the saccharification percentage. t ...201726887233
illumina miseq sequencing analysis of fungal diversity in stored palm has been a major fruit tree in the middle east over thousands of years, especially in the arabian peninsula. dates are consumed fresh (rutab) or after partial drying and storage (tamar) during off-season. the aim of the study was to provide in-depth analysis of fungal communities associated with the skin (outer part) and mesocarp (inner fleshy part) of stored dates (tamar) of two cultivars (khenizi and burny) through the use of illumina miseq sequencing.201728347268
fungal root microbiome from healthy and brittle leaf diseased date palm trees (phoenix dactylifera l.) reveals a hidden untapped arsenal of antibacterial and broad spectrum antifungal secondary this study, we aimed to explore and compare the composition, metabolic diversity and antimicrobial potential of endophytic fungi colonizing internal tissues of healthy and brittle leaf diseased (bld) date palm trees (phoenix dactylifera l.) widely cultivated in arid zones of tunisia. a total of 52 endophytic fungi were isolated from healthy and bld roots of date palm trees, identified based on internal transcribed spacer-rdna sequence analysis and shown to represent 13 species belonging to fi ...201728293229
physico-chemical characteristics and fungal profile of four saudi fresh date (phoenix dactylifera l.) cultivars.physico-chemical and microbial analyses of four commercial fresh date cultivars (sukari, barhi, khalas and rothana) grown in saudi arabia were evaluated. colorimetric assay indicated that sukari had the highest total sugar content of 13.21g/100gfw while the lowest was in rothana with 7.96g/100gfw. total phenolic content (tpc) ranged from 76.74 to 122.20mggae/100gfw in barhi and rothana respectively, whereas antioxidant activity was highest in sukari (105.99μggae/gfw) and lowest in khalas (90.81μ ...201727979253
transient gus gene expression in date palm fruit using agroinjection transformation technique.transient expression of foreign genes in plant tissue is a valuable tool for testing the efficacy of transformation methods. in this work, we present, for the first time, the utilization of agroinjection as an efficient transformation system for gene delivery in date palm fruit. the research utilized agrobacterium tumefaciens strain lba4404 harboring the binary vector pri201-an-gus carrying the beta-glucuronidase (gus) gene, under the control of a camv 35s and kanamycin (nptii) as an antibiotic ...201728755354
draft genome sequence of the endophytic bacillus aryabhattai strain squ-r12, identified from phoenix dactylifera l. roots.bacillus aryabhattai strain squ-r12 was isolated from date palm seedlings, where it showed a growth-promoting capacity by being able to synthesize indole-3-acetic acid phytohormone and reduce ethylene biosynthesis by producing 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid deaminase. the draft genome sequence of this strain is reported here.201728798173
studies on chemical composition and antimicrobial activities of bioactive molecules from date palm (phoenixdactylifera l.) pollens and seeds.natural resources have been the crucial origin of chemical elements. they have been used in many traditions as alternative medicines. the chemical profiling of some plant extracts and essential oils related to different plants were followed to unveil their most active components. in this paper, phoenix dactilyfera l was selected as a host plant to investigate the composition of different organs with different cultivars.201728480436
mitochondrial molecular markers for resistance to bayoud disease in date palm.bayoud disease, caused by fusarium oxysporum f. sp. albedinis, is a very serious and destructive disease to date palm. screening of date palm germplasm for resistance to bayoud disease is a crucial step to avoid or alleviate the disease consequences. fortunately, it was discovered that there are two mitochondrial plasmid-like dna molecules associated with susceptibility or resistance to bayoud disease. in this chapter, we present a fast, simple, and reliable technique to screen date palm germpla ...201728755230
convergence of humans, bats, trees, and culture in nipah virus transmission, bangladesh.preventing emergence of new zoonotic viruses depends on understanding determinants for human risk. nipah virus (niv) is a lethal zoonotic pathogen that has spilled over from bats into human populations, with limited person-to-person transmission. we examined ecologic and human behavioral drivers of geographic variation for risk of niv infection in bangladesh. we visited 60 villages during 2011-2013 where cases of infection with niv were identified and 147 control villages. we compared case villa ...201728820130
a large-scale behavior change intervention to prevent nipah transmission in bangladesh: components and costs.nipah virus infection (niv) is a bat-borne zoonosis transmitted to humans through consumption of niv-contaminated raw date palm sap in bangladesh. the objective of this analysis was to measure the cost of an niv prevention intervention and estimate the cost of scaling it up to districts where spillover had been identified.201728651646
nipah virus outbreaks in bangladesh: a deadly infectious disease.during 2001-2011, multidisciplinary teams from the institute of epidemiology, disease control and research (iedcr) and international centre for diarrhoeal disease research, bangladesh(icddr,b) identified sporadic cases and 11 outbreaks of nipah encephalitis. three outbreaks were detected through sentinel surveillance; others were identified through event-based surveillance. a total of 196 cases of nipah encephalitis, in outbreaks, clusters and as isolated cases were detected from 20 districts of ...201728612796
the genome draft of coconut (cocos nucifera).coconut palm (cocos nucifera,2n = 32), a member of genus cocos and family arecaceae (palmaceae), is an important tropical fruit and oil crop. currently, coconut palm is cultivated in 93 countries, including central and south america, east and west africa, southeast asia and the pacific islands, with a total growth area of more than 12 million hectares [1]. coconut palm is generally classified into 2 main categories: "tall" (flowering 8-10 years after planting) and "dwarf" (flowering 4-6 years af ...201729048487
characterization and amplification of gene-based simple sequence repeat (ssr) markers in date palm.the paucity of molecular markers limits the application of genetic and genomic research in date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.). availability of expressed sequence tag (est) sequences in date palm may provide a good resource for developing gene-based markers. this study characterizes a substantial fraction of transcriptome sequences containing simple sequence repeats (ssrs) from the est sequences in date palm. the est sequences studied are mainly homologous to those of elaeis guineensis and musa a ...201728755229
in silico approach for characterization and comparison of repeats in the genomes of oil and date palms.transposable elements (tes) are mobile genetic elements present in almost all eukaryotic genomes. due to their typical patterns of repetition, discovery, and characterization, they demand analysis by various bioinformatics software. probably, as a result of the need for a complex analysis, many genomes publicly available do not have these elements annotated yet. in this study, a de novo and homology-based identification of tes and microsatellites was performed using genomic data from 3 palm spec ...201728469420
report - screening of the anti-hyperglycemic activity of some medicinal plants of jordan.diabetes represents a group of common diseases that are characterized by dysregulation of blood glucose levels. plants are traditionally used for management of diseases including diabetes. in this study, we screened the anti-diabetic effect of extracts of 21 plants grown in jordan. extracts of plants were screened for their antihyperglycemic activity. diabetes was induced in sprague dawley rats using alloxan. plant extracts were dosed at 1gm/kg. blood glucose was measured at baseline and at ever ...201728653938
identifying and controlling contamination of date palm tissue cultures.fungal and bacterial contaminations are major problems facing in vitro date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.) proliferation. to overcome this problem, we must first identify the fungal (e.g., alternaria sp., aspergillus niger, penicillium sp.) and bacterial (e.g., pseudomonas sp.) spread in date palm in vitro cultures. incorporating fungicides (e.g., copper oxychloride, vitavax t, and topsin m) or antibiotics (e.g., streptomycin, banocin, and bencid d) at 500 mg/l in medium significantly reduces the ...201728755344
ethnobotanical survey of phoenix dactylifera l. pollen used for the treatment of infertility problems in algerian oases.the phoenix dactylifera l. (date palm) is known for its traditional medicinal properties across the history of native population in algerian sahara. there is a large trend of consumption of date palm pollen preparations in many human infertility cases in our country. however, the validity has not been scientifically tested. there has been no direct scientific research on this application. this study was undertaken to identify cultivars with greater potential in the traditional medicine uses. to ...201728480429
date stones of phoenix dactylifera and jujube shells of ziziphus lotus as potential biosorbents for anionic dye removal.this study investigated the biosorption of congo red (cr) from aqueous solution by date stones (ds) of phoenix dactylifera and jujube shells (js) of ziziphus lotus. batch operations were carried out in the liquid phase to observe the effect of various experimental parameters such as contact time, ph, temperature, and initial dye concentration on removal of cr. the characteristics of the ds and js were also examined by fourier transform infrared analysis. the biosorption data of cr on ds and js s ...201728463549
hydrothermal pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis of mixed green and woody lignocellulosics from arid regions.utilization of multi-specie feedstocks is imperative for application of lignocellulosic biorefineries in arid regions. different lignocellulosic residues vary in composition and anatomical features. pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis are two processes at the front end of any lignocellulosics biorefinery applying biochemical pathway, and have to efficiently deal with the variance in the feedstock composition and properties. however, there is limited knowledge about effect of mixing different l ...201728456045
somatic embryogenesis from bud and leaf explants of date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.) cv. efficient regeneration system through somatic embryogenesis was developed for date palm cv. najda. adventitious bud and proximal leaf segments cultured on murashige and skoog (ms) medium supplemented with various combinations of auxins and cytokinins induced embryogenesis after at least 6 months of culture. somatic embryogenesis induction seemed correlated with the type of the explant, the induction period and the auxin used. the highest rate of somatic embryogenesis (86.0%) was obtained on b ...201728444601
date palm waste biochars alter a soil respiration, microbial biomass carbon, and heavy metal mobility in contaminated mined soil.a 30-day incubation experiment was conducted using a heavy metal-contaminated mined soil amended with date palm feedstock (fs) and its derivative biochars (bcs) at three pyrolysis temperatures of 300 (bc-300), 500 (bc-500), and 700 °c (bc-700) with different application rates (0.0, 5, 15, and 30 g kg-1) to investigate their short-term effects on soil respiration (co2-c efflux), microbial biomass carbon (mbc), soil organic carbon (soc), mobile fraction of heavy metals (cd, cu, pb, zn, mn, and fe) ...201728424945
diversity of algerian oases date palm (phoenix dactylifera l., arecaceae): heterozygote excess and cryptic structure suggest farmer management had a major impact on palm (phoenix dactyliferal.) is the mainstay of oasis agriculture in the saharan region. it is cultivated in a large part of the mediterranean coastal area of the sahara and in most isolated oases in the algerian desert. we sampled 10 oases in algeria to understand the structure of date palm diversity from the coastal area to a very isolated desert location. we used 18 microsatellite markers and a chloroplast minisatellite to characterize 414 individual palm trees corresponding to 114 named ...201728410422
identification and evaluation of antibacterial agents present in lipophilic fractions isolated from sub-products of phoenix this study, the dried powder of seeds and pollen of phoenix dactylifera was extracted using soxhlet extractor and biochemical composition of lipophilic extracts was analysed by gcms. then, we have tested the antibacterial effect of fatty acids and volatile compounds found in these sub-products. the results revealed that the main fatty acids found in deglet nour seeds is are oleic acid (42.06%) followed by capric acid (24.16%), takerbucht seeds extract contains mostly oleic acid (40.59%) and p ...201728403631
effect of various levels of date palm kernel on growth performance of broilers.the aim of this study was the assessment of various levels of date palm kernel (dpk) on the growth performance of broilers.201728344407
date palm waste-derived biochar composites with silica and zeolite: synthesis, characterization and implication for carbon stability and recalcitrant potential.engineered organo-mineral composites were synthesized from date palm waste biochar and silica or zeolite via mechanochemical treatments. date palm tree rachis (leaves) waste biomass was pre-treated with silica or zeolite minerals via ball milling and sonication prior to pyrolysis at 600 °c. the resultant organo-mineral composites and pristine materials were characterized using x-ray diffraction, thermogravimetric-differential thermal (tg-dta), fourier transform infrared, scanning electron micros ...201728337620
genome-wide expression profiling in leaves and roots of date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.) exposed to palm, as one of the most important fruit crops in north african and west asian countries including oman, is facing serious growth problems due to salinity, arising from persistent use of saline water for irrigation. although date palm is a relatively salt-tolerant plant species, its adaptive mechanisms to salt stress are largely unknown.201728330456
toxicity and detoxification mechanism of black pepper and its major constituent in controlling rhynchophorus ferrugineus olivier (curculionidae: coleoptera).the survival, feeding response, and detoxification mechanism of rhynchophorus ferrugineus olivier, a key pest responsible for destruction of date palm, was examined with different extracts of piper nigrum and its major constituent (piperine) identified by gc-ms. in the present study, toxicity of different extracts of black pepper was evaluated by incorporating diffferent doses of extracts into the artificial diet of red palm weevil larvae. all extracts showed dose-dependent insecticidal activity ...201728326461
prevalence of skin sensitization to pollen of date palm in marrakesh, morocco.background. date palm's pollen has been identified as a source of allergy; the rate of sensitization of this pollen is between 6 and 29%. objective. to determine the prevalence of sensitization to date palm in marrakesh and to identify the clinical profile. patients and methods. this study is based on a questionnaire and the prick test on 7 allergens, in population aged 5 years and above with clinical symptoms suggesting allergic diseases, from november 2012 to february 2013 in marrakech. result ...201728270850
tentative characterization of polyphenolic compounds in the male flowers of phoenix dactylifera by liquid chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry and dft.phoenix dacylifera is an ancient palm species rich in (poly)phenols. these phenolic compounds were tentatively identified by using liquid chromatography coupled with ion spray mass spectrometry in tandem mode (lc/ms/ms) with negative ion detection. negative identification of the compounds was based on their retention times and mass spectra in full scan mode (ms), and in different ms/ms modes. for the first time, complete hypothesis, and routs for both p-coumaroylshikimic acids (cosa) and caffeoy ...201728257091
endophytic fungi associated with roots of date palm (phoenix dactylifera) in coastal dunes.symbiotic interactions with fungal endophytes are argued to be responsible for the tolerance of plants to some stresses and for their adaptation to natural conditions.201728254367
short-term effects of date palm extract (phoenix dactylifera) on ischemia/reperfusion injury induced by testicular torsion/detorsion in rats.antioxidants are potent scavengers of free radicals and have beneficial effects on human health.201728250657
the phytochelatin synthase gene in date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.): phylogeny, evolution and expression.we studied date palm phytochelatin synthase type i (pdpcs1), which catalyzes the cytosolic synthesis of phytochelatins (pcs), a heavy metal binding protein, in plant cells. the gene encoding pdpcs1 (pdpcs) consists of 8 exons and 7 introns and encodes a protein of 528 amino acids. pcs gene history was studied using notung phylogeny. during evolution, gene loss from several lineages was predicted including proteobacteria, bilateria and brassicaceae. in addition, eleven gene duplication events app ...201728231507
batch and fixed bed adsorption of levofloxacin on granular activated carbon from date (phoenix dactylifera l.) stones by koh chemical activation.granular activated carbon (kac) was prepared from abundant phoenix dactylifera l. stones by microwave- assisted koh activation. the characteristics of kac were tested by pore analyses, scanning electron microscopy (sem) and fourier transforms infrared spectroscopy (ftir). the adsorption behavior of levofloxacin (lev) antibiotic on kac with surface area of 817m2/g and pore volume of 0.638cm3/g were analyzed using batch and fixed bed systems. the equilibrium data collected by batch experiments wer ...201728189062
extraction optimization and in vitro and in vivo anti-postprandial hyperglycemia effects of inhibitor from phoenix dactylifera l. parthenocarpic fruit.phoenix dactylifera l. plays an important role in social, economic, and ecological tunisian sectors. some date palms produce parthenocarpic fruit named sish. the aqueous ethanolic extract from p. dactylifera parthenocarpic dates demonstrated a potent inhibition of the enzymes related to type ii diabetes. in this work, extraction optimization of amylase inhibitors was carried out using box-behnken design. bioactivity-guided fractionation of the 70% aqueous ethanol extract was performed to identif ...201728167450
codon usage and codon pair patterns in non-grass monocot genomes.studies on codon usage in monocots have focused on grasses, and observed patterns of this taxon were generalized to all monocot species. here, non-grass monocot species were analysed to investigate the differences between grass and non-grass monocots.201729155926
insight into the expression variation of metal-responsive genes in the seedling of date palm (phoenix dactylifera).phytochelatin synthase and metallothionein gene expressions were monitored via qpcr in order to investigate the molecular mechanisms involved in cd and cr detoxification in date palm (phoenix dactylifera). a specific reference gene validation procedure using bestkeeper, normfinder and genorm programs allowed selection of the three most stable reference genes in a context of cd or cr contamination among six reference gene candidates, namely elongation factor α1, actin, aldehyde dehydrogenase, san ...201729334652
correction to: date palm waste-derived biochar composites with silica and zeolite: synthesis, characterization and implication for carbon stability and recalcitrant potential.unfortunately, in the original publication of the article, prof. yong sik ok's affiliation was incorrectly published.201729282621
correction to: date palm waste biochars alter a soil respiration, microbial biomass carbon, and heavy metal mobility in contaminated mined soil.unfortunately, in the original publication of the article, prof. yang sik ok's affiliation was incorrectly published. the author's affiliation is as follows.201729282620
a vlp-based vaccine provides complete protection against nipah virus challenge following multiple-dose or single-dose vaccination schedules in a hamster model.nipah virus is a highly lethal zoonotic paramyxovirus that was first recognized in malaysia during an outbreak in 1998. during this outbreak, nipah virus infection caused a severe febrile neurological disease in humans who worked in close contact with infected pigs. the case fatality rate in humans was approximately 40%. since 2001, niv has re-emerged in bangladesh and india where fruit bats (pteropus spp.) have been identified as the principal reservoir of the virus. transmission to humans is c ...201729263876
date palm (phoenix dactylifera) fruits as a potential cardioprotective agent: the role of circulating progenitor cells.context: date palms, along with their fruits' dietary consumption, possess enormous medicinal and pharmacological activities manifested in their usage in a variety of ailments in the various traditional systems of medicine. in recent years, the identification of progenitor cells in the adult organ systems has opened an altogether new approach to therapeutics, due to the ability of these cells to repair the damaged cells/tissues. hence, the concept of developing therapeutics, which can mobilize e ...201728928656
biochar composites with nano zerovalent iron and eggshell powder for nitrate removal from aqueous solution with coexisting chloride ions.biochar (bc) was produced from date palm tree leaves and its composites were prepared with nano zerovalent iron (nzvi-bc) and hen eggshell powder (ep-bc). the produced bc and its composites were characterized by sem, xrd, bet, and ftir for surface structural, mineralogical, and chemical groups and tested for their efficiency for nitrate removal from aqueous solutions in the presence and absence of chloride ions. the incidence of graphene and nano zerovalent iron (fe0) in the nzvi-bc composite wa ...201728921403
a controlled trial to reduce the risk of human nipah virus exposure in bangladesh.human nipah virus (niv) infection, often fatal in bangladesh, is primarily transmitted by drinking raw date palm sap contaminated by pteropus bats. we assessed the impact of a behavior change communication intervention on reducing consumption of potentially niv-contaminated raw sap. during the 2012-2014 sap harvesting seasons, we implemented interventions in two areas and compared results with a control area. in one area, we disseminated a "do not drink raw sap" message and, in the other area, e ...201728905152
factors affecting seawater-based pretreatment of lignocellulosic date palm residues.seawater-based pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass is an innovative process at research stage. with respect to process optimization, factors affecting seawater-based pretreatment of lignocellulosic date palm residues were studied for the first time in this paper. pretreatment temperature (180°c-210°c), salinity of seawater (0ppt-50ppt), and catalysts (h2so4, na2co3, and naoh) were investigated. the results showed that pretreatment temperature exerted the largest influence on seawater-based p ...201728898854
highly decorated lignins in leaf tissues of the canary island date palm phoenix canariensis.the cell walls of leaf base tissues of the canary island date palm (phoenix canariensis) contain lignins with the most complex compositions described to date. the lignin composition varies by tissue region and is derived from traditional monolignols (ml) along with an unprecedented range of ml conjugates: ml-acetate, ml-benzoate, ml-p-hydroxybenzoate, ml-vanillate, ml-p-coumarate, and ml-ferulate. the specific functions of such complex lignin compositions are unknown. however, the distribution o ...201728894022
crispr/cas9: a practical approach in date palm genome editing.the genetic modifications through breeding of crop plants have long been used to improve the yield and quality. however, precise genome editing (ge) could be a very useful supplementary tool for improvement of crop plants by targeted genome modifications. various ge techniques including zfns (zinc finger nucleases), talens (transcription activator-like effector nucleases), and most recently clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (crispr)/cas9 (crispr-associated protein 9)-base ...201728878801
evaluation of extraction methods for the identification of proteins from date palm (phoenix dactylifera l.) seed and fruits are well known to be very nutritious. nevertheless, the protein contents of the fruit, particularly the seed and flesh, are still understudied, largely due to their difficult physical characteristics. this study was conducted to compare three different protein extraction methods which were the trichloroacetic acid (tca)-acetone (tca-a), phenol (phe), and tca-acetone-phenol (tca-a-phe), and to perform proteomic analysis on date palm seed and flesh. phe extraction method showed the hig ...201728857669
learning from the experts: drought resistance in desert plants. 201728850184
anti-cancer effects of ajwa dates (phoenix dactylifera l.) in diethylnitrosamine induced hepatocellular carcinoma in wistar rats.hepatocellular carcinoma (hcc) accounts for major cancer-related deaths despite current advanced therapies. treatment and prognosis of hcc is better in patients with preserved liver function. many natural products including ajwa dates (phoenix dactylifera l.), are claimed to have hepatoprotective and hcc inhibitory effects, but most lack scientific validation. to prove our hypothesis, we attempted to evaluate the hcc inhibitory effects, and other beneficial properties of the aqueous extract of a ...201728830415
streptomyces globosus uae1, a potential effective biocontrol agent for black scorch disease in date palm plantations.many fungal diseases affect date palm causing considerable losses in date production worldwide. we found that the fungicide cidely® top inhibited the mycelial growth of the soil-borne pathogenic fungus thielaviopsis punctulata, the causal agent of black scorch disease of date palm, both in vitro and in vivo. because the use of biocontrol agents (bcas) can minimize the impact of pathogen control on economic and environmental concerns related to chemical control, we aimed at testing local actinomy ...201728824584
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