prevalence of mycoplasmas in the respiratory tracts of pneumonic calves.the prevalence of mycoplasmas in the respiratory tracts of 148 pneumonic calves originating from 25 herds in the netherlands is reported. four types of culture media were used to isolate mycoplasmas: solid modified edward medium, 2 types of friis media, and a7b differential agar medium. mycoplasmas were isolated both from nasal swab specimens and lung lavage fluids collected from live calves and from nasal mucosa and lung tissue specimens collected post mortem. all of the mycoplasma strains isol ...19921462720
the nasal mycoplasmal flora of healthy calves and cows.the nasal mycoplasmal flora of 270 healthy cows from 27 herds in the netherlands and 35 healthy calves from 7 of these herds was examined. various methods for isolating mycoplasmas were compared. the prevalence of the various species was as follows: ureaplasma diversum in 3 (9%) calves; mycoplasma dispar in 14 (40%) calves; m. bovis in 1 (3%) calf; m. bovirhinis in 23 (66%) calves and 16 (6%) cows; m. bovoculi in 8 (23%) calves and 53 (20%) cows; m. canis in 1 (3%) calf; m. equirhinis in 2 (1%) ...19921462726
concurrent conjunctivitis and placentitis in aborted bovine fetuses.consistent histopathological lesions were found in 10 out of 136 aborted fetuses examined during a three year period, using a multi-disciplinary diagnostic investigation technique. fetuses exhibited a generalized mononuclear inflammatory cell infiltration, accompanied by distinctive lesions of conjunctival hyperplasia and goblet cell formation, alveolitis, and necrotic placentitis. in two cases where amnion was also examined, a chronic amnionitis was present. no consistent laboratory findings co ...19911771988
common sulfoglycolipid receptor for mycoplasmas involved in animal and human infertility.sulfoglycolipids are ubiquitous components of the male germ cell membrane. sulfogalactoglycerolipid (sgg) is restricted to mammalian cells and has recently been implicated in sperm/egg interactions. mycoplasma infections have been implicated in infertility in a variety of species, including humans. four such species-specific mycoplasmas, ureaplasma urealyticum and mycoplasma hominis (humans), mycoplasma pulmonis (rodents), and ureaplasma diversum (cattle) are not shown to specifically recognize ...19902289018
protein a gold identification of ureaplasmas on the bovine zona pellucida.the object of this study was to develop a prefixation protein a gold labelling technique for ureaplasma diversum and to apply this to bovine embryos. sixteen hour cultures of ureaplasma diversum strain 2312 were incubated with either specific antiserum or nonimmune serum, followed by exposure to protein a gold and negative staining. the ureaplasmas which were incubated with specific antiserum were labelled with gold particles while those ureaplasmas which were incubated with nonimmune serum were ...19892469532
the effect of intrauterine inoculation with ureaplasma diversum on bovine determine the influence of ureaplasma diversum on bovine fertility 11 uninfected virgin heifers with normal ovarian cyclic activity were randomly allocated to test or control groups. at a synchronized estrus, five test heifers were given an intrauterine broth inoculum containing 1.09 x 10(8) to 1.4 x 10(9) colony forming units of u. diversum and six control animals were infused with sterile ureaplasma broth medium. all animals were artificially inseminated within one hour of infusion. pregnan ...19873453263
mycoplasmas and bovine respiratory disease: studies related to pathogenicity and the immune response--a selective review.three species of mycoplasma have been established as being of importance as causes of pneumonia in housed calves, based on pathogenicity studies and frequency of association with the disease. these three species are mycoplasma bovis, m. dispar, and ureaplasma diversum. m. bovis is the most pathogenic of these species but the disease outbreaks with which it is associated are sporadic. m. dispar is regularly isolated from pneumonic calves but is also found causing mild superficial and asymptomatic ...19836382831
studies on inactivation of pathogenic microorganisms in culture media and in bovine semen by photosensitive agents.the application of three photosensitive agents for disinfection of bovine semen was investigated. bovine microbial pathogens suspended in tissue culture medium and/or pbs and also added to bovine semen were exposed to the photosensitive agents followed by irradiation. hematoporphyrin, hematoporphyrin derivative and thiopyronine were effective against bovine herpes virus-1, bovine viral diarrhoea virus, mycoplasma bovigenitalium, mycoplasma canadense, and ureaplasma diversum in culture media. in ...19948017031
susceptibilities of mycoplasma bovis, mycoplasma dispar, and ureaplasma diversum strains to antimicrobial agents in vitro.the purpose of this study was to determine the susceptibility of various strains of mycoplasma bovis, mycoplasma dispar, and ureaplasma diversum, which are prevalent causes of pneumonia in calves, to 16 antimicrobial agents in vitro. the mics of the antimicrobial agents were determined by a serial broth dilution method for 16 field strains and the type strain of m. bovis, for 19 field strains and the type strain of m. dispar, and for 17 field strains of u. diversum. final mics for m. bovis and m ...19938452363
pathological and microbiological studies on pneumonic lungs from danish calves.during 1 year, the association between microbiological and pathological findings in 72 lungs from calves submitted to the danish veterinary laboratory for diagnostic purposes was studied. all cases were evaluated pathologically and bacteriologically, whereas only 68 cases were examined for the presence of bovine respiratory syncytial virus (brsv), parainfluenza-3 virus (pi-3 virus) and bovine coronavirus, 62 cases for bovine viral diarrhoea virus (bvd), 45 cases for bovine adenovirus and 51 case ...199910676147
ureaplasma diversum and reproductive disorder in brazilian cows and heifers; first report.the species ureaplasma diversum is associated with bovine reproductive illnesses, in particular granular lesions of the vulva and vagina or granular vulvovaginitis (gvv). in brazil, this pathology is unknown and, until this point in time, the presence of u. diversum in the brazilian herds has been ignored. with the intention of detecting the microorganism, vulvovaginal mucuses of 152 animals located on seven farms in the são paulo state, brazil were analyzed. those animals had evidence of reprod ...200010989224
diseases and pathogens associated with mortality in ontario beef feedlots.this study determined the prevalence of diseases and pathogens associated with mortality or severe morbidity in 72 ontario beef feedlots in calves that died or were euthanized within 60 days after arrival. routine pathologic and microbiologic investigations, as well as immunohistochemical staining for detection of bovine viral diarrhea virus (bvdv) antigen, were performed on 99 calves that died or were euthanized within 60 days after arrival. major disease conditions identified included fibrinos ...200616566254
genotyping of ureaplasma diversum isolates using pulsed-field electrophoresis.ureaplasma diversum has been associated with reproductive disorders in cattle and in the present study genotypic variations among u. diversum isolates obtained from the vaginal mucus of healthy cattle and sick animals were analyzed by enzymatic digestion and pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (pfge). the influence of time and broth volume was important in obtaining sufficient cell sediment and dna for pfge. the method presented a high discriminatory power and satisfactory reproducibility for the a ...200716616531
the effects of ureplasma diversum inoculated into the amniotic cavity in cows.ureaplasma diversum was inoculated into the amniotic cavity in four cows. two calves were aborted and two were born alive. one of the latter died shortly after birth and the other was killed. the cows remained clinically normal except that three retained their placenta. on microscopic examination there was a severe placentitis and an alveolitis was present in the lungs of all calves. ureaplasma was recovered from four placentas and three lungs. cows remained infected for a maximum of 132 days fo ...198316725853
bovine abortion and neonatal death associated with ureaplasma diversum.ureaplasma diversum was isolated from the lungs and/or stomach fluid and placentas of five aborted bovine fetuses and four newborn calves. all isolates were serotype d48. placentitis was observed in all instances in which the placenta was examined. gross lesions consisted of focal or diffuse reddening of the chorioallantois and amnion and thickening of the amnion. microscopically there were fibrosis, edema and inflammation of the amnion. microscopic lesions in the lung consisted of diffuse pneum ...198416725880
isolation of mycoplasma species from the lower respiratory tract of healthy cattle and cattle with respiratory disease in belgium.between 1997 and 2000, a total of 150 healthy cattle and 238 animals with respiratory disease were examined for six mycoplasma species. attempts were made to detect mycoplasma canis, mycoplasma dispar and ureaplasma diversum in calves with recurrent disease, and all three of these species were identified in calves with recurrent disease and in healthy lungs. in healthy calves, 84 per cent of bronchoalveolar lavage fluids were mycoplasma free; when cultures were positive, mycoplasma bovirhinis wa ...200212418530
[risk factors for ureaplasma diversum infections in cattle of a tropical environment].a case-control study, determined the influence of breed, age and number of deliveries as risk factors for ureaplasma genital infections in costa rica dairy cattle. the animals with none or one delivery had a risk of infection 2.99 times higher than those with several parturition, regardless of breed. the risk was 1.95 times higher in jersey than in holstein, and decreased progressively until three deliveries. in cows with four deliveries there was a significant increase in the amount of animals ...19958728755
etiology of respiratory disease in non-vaccinated, non-medicated calves in rearing herds.the aim of this study was to examine the occurrence of bacterial, mycoplasmal and viral pathogens in the lower respiratory tract of calves in all-in all-out calf-rearing units. according to clinical status, non-medicated calves with and without respiratory disease signs were selected of the 40 herds investigated to analyse the micro-organisms present in healthy and diseased calves. tracheobronchial lavage (tbl) and paired serum samples were analysed for bacteria, mycoplasmas, respiratory syncyti ...200717084565
comparison of pathological signs of disease in specific-pathogen-free calves after inoculation of the respiratory tract with ureaplasma diversum or mycoplasma confirm the pathogenic role of ureaplasma diversum in respiratory disease of calves, we inoculated caesarean-delivered, colostrum-deprived calves intranasally with a dose of 10(7) colour-changing units (ccu) or endobronchially with a dose of 10(10) ccu. clinical signs of respiratory disease were not observed, but in the endobronchially inoculated calves, thick cuffs of round cells surrounded the bronchi, bronchioli and blood vessels, and a lobular catarrhal pneumonia developed. it was conclud ...19938473564
alberta .abortion due to ureaplasma diversum. 198917423329
isolation of ureaplasma diversum and mycoplasmas from genital tracts of beef and dairy cattle in saskatchewan.we report herein a survey in which cultures of bovine reproductive tracts for ureaplasma diversum and mycoplasmas were carried out in order to better understand the role of these organisms in granular vulvitis (gv). samples cultured were vulvar swabs from clinically normal cows or ones with gv, preputial swabs or raw semen from bulls, and abomasal contents of aborted fetuses.ureaplasma diversum was isolated from 104 (43.3%) of 240 dairy cows, 32 (27.1%) of 118 beef cows, 43 (47.2%) of 91 beef he ...199217423929
ureaplasma canigenitalium sp. nov., isolated from dogs.ureaplasma strains isolated from dogs (canis familiaris) were characterized and compared with the type strains of five previously described species of the genus ureaplasma, ureaplasma urealyticum (isolated from humans), ureaplasma diversum (isolated from cattle), ureaplasma gallorale (isolated from chickens), ureaplasma cati (isolated from cats), and ureaplasma felinum (isolated from cats). the canine strains hydrolyzed urea but not arginine or glucose, were membrane bound, lacked a cell wall, p ...19938240947
granular vulvovaginitis syndrome in nelore pubertal and post pubertal replacement heifers under tropical conditions: role of mycoplasma spp., ureaplasma diversum and order to determine the role of mycoplasma spp, ureaplasma diversum and bhv-1 as causal agents of granular vulvovaginitis syndrome in nelore heifers raised under tropical conditions and based on the hypothesis that stressful conditions during puberty or breeding season would be a determinant factor for the infection, 340 heifers not vaccinated against bhv-1 were divided in post-pubertal, in the beginning of the first breeding season, and pubertal heifers. the vaginal lesion score (vls) grade 1 ...200919319656
detection of ureaplasma diversum in bovine semen straws for artificial insemination. 200919897874
invasion of ureaplasma diversum in hep-2 cells.understanding mollicutes is challenging due to their variety and relationship with host cells. invasion has explained issues related to their opportunistic role. few studies have been done on the ureaplasma diversum mollicute, which is detected in healthy or diseased bovine. the invasion in hep-2 cells of four clinical isolates and two reference strains of their ureaplasma was studied by confocal laser scanning microscopy and gentamicin invasion assay.201020236540
activation of murine macrophages and lymphocytes by ureaplasma diversum.ureaplasma diversum is a pathogen in the bovine reproductive tract. the objective of the research was to study interactions with macrophages and lymphocytes which might elucidate aspects of pathogenetic mechanisms of this organism. we studied the activation of murine macrophages of c3h/hen (lps-responder) and c3h/hej (lps-low-responder) genotype for tnf-alpha, il-6, il-1 and nitric oxide production and blastogenic response of c3h/hej splenocytes after ureaplasma diversum stimulation. live and he ...19947889459
Development of a set of multiplex standard polymerase chain reaction assays for the identification of infectious agents from aborted bovine clinical samples.The current study describes the development of a set of 5 multiplex polymerase chain reaction (mPCR) assays for the simultaneous detection of abortive infection agents in bovine fetal tissues, including Brucella spp., Leptospira spp., and Campylobacter fetus (mPCR1); Hammondia heydorni, Neospora caninum, and Toxoplasma gondii (mPCR2); Coxiella burnetii and Chlamydophila psittaci (mPCR3); Mycoplasma bovis, Mycoplasma bovigenitalium, and Ureaplasma diversum (mPCR4); and Bovine viral diarrhea virus ...201121908306
Invasion of Ureaplasma diversum in bovine spermatozoids.ABSTRACT:201122032232
comparison of ureaplasmas from sheep and goats with ureaplasma diversum and u. urealyticum.ureaplasmas isolated from sheep and goats were compared by immunofluorescence with antisera prepared in calves and by page of polypeptides labelled by growth in the presence of [35s]methionine. the ovine and caprine strains constituted two groups defined by serology and polypeptide composition that were not related to the animal species from which they originated. strains representing these two groups were compared with ureaplasma urealyticum (human isolates) and u. diversum (bovine isolates). t ...19836361216
development of a one-run real-time pcr detection system for pathogens associated with bovine respiratory disease complex.bovine respiratory disease complex (brdc) is frequently found in cattle worldwide. the etiology of brdc is complicated by infections with multiple pathogens, making identification of the causal pathogen difficult. here, we developed a detection system by applying taqman real-time pcr (dembo respiratory-pcr) to screen a broad range of microbes associated with brdc in a single run. we selected 16 bovine respiratory pathogens (bovine viral diarrhea virus, bovine coronavirus, bovine parainfluenza vi ...201728070089
ureaplasma diversum as a cause of pustular vulvovaginitis in bovine females in vale guapore, mato grosso state, brazil.ureaplasma diversum has been associated with various reproductive problems in cattle that include granular vulvovaginitis, weak calves, and abortion. this study was conducted in a beef herd situated in the middle-west region of brazil, and the objectives were to verify the presence of u. diversum and to elucidate its possible relationships with independent variables in this bovine herd population. a total of 134 vaginal mucous swabs were taken for polymerase chain reaction (pcr). of these, 51 (3 ...201424817480
microbial diversity in uterus of healthy and metritic postpartum holstein dairy cows.clone library of bacterial 16s rrna gene was constructed to evaluate the bacterial diversity and community structure of uterus samples obtained from three postpartum healthy cows and three metritic cows on days 10 and 40. sequences were assigned to five major groups (bacteroidetes, firmicutes, fusobacteria, proteobacteria, and tenericutes) and to an uncultured group. on day 10, bacteroidetes, firmicutes, and fusobacteria were the dominant group both in healthy and metritic cows. on day 40, the m ...201323585284
survey of immunoglobulin a protease activity among selected species of ureaplasma and mycoplasma: specificity for host immunoglobulin a.because immunoglobulin a (iga) is the predominant immunoglobulin at mucosal surfaces, iga proteases produced by pathogenic bacteria are considered potential virulence factors for organisms that cause disease or gain entry at mucous membranes. to determine the role of iga protease in the pathogenicity of mycoplasmal disease, a variety of human and animal mycoplasma and ureaplasma species were examined for iga protease activity with human, murine, porcine, and canine iga. none of the mycoplasma sp ...19853882564
in vitro exposure of bovine morulae to ureaplasma diversum.ureaplasma diversum has been associated with infertility in the cow experimentally and in naturally occurring cases. however, the pathogenic mechanism is undetermined. the purpose of this study was to determine whether ureaplasmas are pathogenic for bovine morulae in vitro. twenty-one morulae were recovered from three superovulated, mature, holstein cows six or seven days postestrus. the embryos were divided into three groups (a,b,c) and incubated for 16 hours at 37 degrees c in humidified air w ...19873607652
dna homologies and serologic relationships among ureaplasmas from various hosts.the available data on the serologic and genomic relationships among the established and unspeciated ureaplasma species and serovars isolated from various hosts can be summarized as follows. ureaplasma urealyticum (human) is composed of 14 serovars separated into two genomic clusters. ureaplasma diversum (bovine) is antigenically complex, has three serologic clusters and requires the three representative antisera to identify all u. diversum strains. the nonhuman primate strains form four serologi ...19863540903
rapid identification of mycoplasmas by indirect immunoperoxidase test using small square filter paper.the indirect immunoperoxidase test using small, square filter paper was used for rapid identification of mycoplasmas. colonies of type strains of 22 mycoplasma species, 3 acholeplasma species, and three ureaplasma diversum serogroups were stained by this test with high sensitivity and specificity. all of 49 isolates from bovine materials and cell cultures were easily identified by this test, and the results agreed with those obtained by growth inhibition test. use of filter paper made it possibl ...19873539989
the effects of two ureaplasma diversum strains on early pregnancy in heifers.two field isolates of ureaplasma diversum spp. were used to infect heifers at the time of insemination in a preliminary study to observe the effect of infection on early pregnancy. m84-14c-1 was a field isolate from a bull's prepuce typed by immunofluorescence to be similar to u. diversum strain t-44 (group c). m84-477c-4 was a field isolate from bovine semen typed by immunofluorescence to be similar to u. diversum strain t-288 (group a). all three heifers infected with m84-477c-4 had a mild gra ...19873453276
[detection of antibodies to mycoplasmas using an immunoenzyme method].detection of the antibodies to the species mycoplasma bovis in the serum and milk of dairy cows coming from a mastitis-infected herd is a good example of utilization of the elisa immunoenzymologic method in the mycoplasmology. examining the samples from 75 dairy cows and applying the indirect hemagglutination test, good correlation of the results of the two tests was determined. the antibodies to the species ureaplasma diversum were demonstrated by the elisa method both in the bovine serum and i ...19863094220
dna relatedness among established ureaplasma species and unidentified feline and canine serogroups.the levels of dna relatedness among two unclassified feline ureaplasma serogroups, four unclassified canine ureaplasma serogroups, and the three previously established ureaplasma species were examined and compared. the strains examined included five feline strains representing two feline serogroups, four canine strains representing four canine serogroups, and the type strains of the three established species. each strain representing each species or serogroup exhibited 78% or more actual dna hom ...19902223597
ureaplasma felinum sp. nov. and ureaplasma cati sp. nov. isolated from the oral cavities of ureaplasma strains isolated from the oral cavities of domestic cats (felis domestica) were characterized and compared with the type strains of the three previously established species of this genus, ureaplasma urealyticum (humans), ureaplasma diversum (cattle), and ureaplasma gallorale (chickens). the feline strains hydrolyzed urea but not arginine or glucose, were membrane bound, lacked cell walls, passed through 0.45-micron membrane filters, required cholesterol for growth, and formed mi ...19902223596
the effect of ureaplasma diversum activated mononuclear leukocytes on the development and interferon-tau production by bovine ivf-derived embryos.ureaplasma diversum is an opportunistic pathogen of the bovine genital tract causing herd outbreaks of granular vulvitis, abortion and infertility. early embryonic death probably contributes to reduction of the reproductive performance in cows, however, pathogenesis of the disease remains obscure. the aim of the study was to examine whether activation of mononuclear leukocytes by u. diversum may affect embryo development and ifn-tau production. bovine peripheral blood mononuclear leukocytes were ...200111543853
prevalence and reproductive effects of ureaplasma diversum in beef replacement heifers and the relationship to blood urea nitrogen level.a systematic sample of replacement heifers from 5 herds underwent prebreeding vaginal swab cultures for ureaplasma diversum. heifers from three of the herds were subsequently sampled at pregnancy examination. sampled heifers were given a vaginal lesion score (vls), reproductive tract score (rts) and body condition score (bcs), and peripheral blood was collected for serum blood urea nitrogen (bun) estimation. culture results revealed an overall prevalence of ureaplasma diversum of 51% (87/171) at ...200011051323
relationships among seminal culture, seminal white blood cells, and the percentage of primary sperm abnormalities in bulls evaluated prior to the breeding season.semen samples from 100 beef breed bulls were evaluated for sperm morphology (phased contrast microscopy), seminal white blood cells, and the presence of potential reproductive pathogens. eligibility required visualization of the glans penis throughout semen collection. based on clinical spermiograms, bulls were grouped into normal, marginal, or unsatisfactory morphology classifications. the 3 experimental groups were similar in age and scrotal circumference and differed significantly in the perc ...199910729037
ureaplasma diversum infection in vitro alters prostaglandin e2 and prostaglandin f2a production by bovine endometrial cells without affecting cell viability.bovine epithelial and stromal cells of the endometrium were inoculated with ureaplasma diversum, pathogenic strain 2312, at 10(6) or 10(3) color-changing units (ccu)/ml in the presence of 1% fetal bovine serum (depleted of steroids by dextran-charcoal treatment) to assess the effect of infection on prostaglandin biosynthesis. when the inoculum of u. diversum was 10(6) ccu/ml, the concentration of u. diversum in the culture medium decreased with time. u. diversum was found on the epithelial and s ...19948168914
ureaplasma diversum as a cause of reproductive disease in cattle.this article includes a brief review of the classification, habitat, and characteristics of the ureaplasmas, followed by a discussion of the pathogenesis, transmission, clinical syndromes, diagnosis, immunity, and treatment of ureaplasma diversum infections in cattle.19947728631
the distribution of mycoplasmas and ureaplasmas in the genital tract of normal artificial insemination bulls.bull semen is commonly contaminated with mycoplasmas. to determine the source of contamination, semen and the genital tracts of 45 artificial insemination bulls were cultured for these organisms. the results indicate that mycoplasmas colonize the prepuce and the distal part of the urethra. only rarely were they found in the ampullae or seminal vesicles. in 92% of the bulls with contaminated semen the same mycoplasma species or ureaplasma diversum was isolated from the prepuce and urethral orific ...198517422489
the recovery of ureaplasmas from bovine embryos following in vitro exposure and ten washes.twenty-six unhatched embryos and ova were exposed to ureaplasma diversum strain 2312 in vitro for 16 h and subsequently washed ten times. fifteen of the embryos and their wash fluids were cultured for ureaplasmas. of the remaining 11 embryos, six were incubated with rabbit anti-ureaplasma immunoglobulin (rai) and five were incubated with serum from naive rabbits(nrs), after which all were incubated with protein a gold and prepared for electron microscopy. on ultrastructural examination, ureaplas ...198816726542
reproductive performance of beef heifers: effects of vulvo-vaginitis, ureaplasma diversum and prebreeding antibiotic administration.a group of 450 heifers, 13 to 15 mo of age, were individually identified, vaccinated (ibr, pi(3), leptospira, campylobacter fetus), examined (body condition score, reproductive tract evaluation, assessment of vaginal lesions), and cultured for u. diversum . heifers were randomly allocated to either a treated group given chlortetracycline (approximately 350 mg/hd/d for 30 d in a grain crumble) or a nontreated control group. prebreeding, most heifers showed signs of vulvovaginitis, 44% cultured po ...199316727333
intraspecific sequence variation in 16s rrna gene of ureaplasma diversum isolates.ureaplasma diversum infection in bulls may result in seminal vesiculitis, balanoposthitis and alterations in spermatozoids. in cows, it can cause placentitis, fetal alveolitis, abortion and the birth of weak calves. u. diversum atcc 49782 (serogroups a), atcc 49783 (serogroup c) and 34 field isolates were used for this study. these microorganisms were submitted to polymerase chain reaction for 16s gene sequence determination using taq high fidelity and the products were purified and bi-direction ...201121601382
detection of ureaplasma diversum in cattle using a newly developed pcr-based detection assay.ureaplasma diversum has been associated with different clinical manifestations including bovine vulvitis, endometritis, salpingitis, spontaneous abortion and infertility. because the isolation of this ureaplasma from clinical samples is difficult, there is a need for improved detection methods. we developed a pcr assay based on amplification of a region of the gene encoding 16s rrna. the specificity of the amplification was verified by sequence analysis. female bovine vaginal swabs (n=168) were ...200010727834
destructive polyarthropathy in aborted bovine fetuses: a possible association with ureaplasma diversum infection?severe destructive polyarthropathy with fibrillation and erosion of articular cartilage, deformation of articular surfaces, and proliferation of periarticular soft tissue was diagnosed in 5 bovine fetuses aborted in the last trimester. there was involvement of a single coxofemoral joint in 2 fetuses, both elbows, and a stifle in 1, both stifles and tarsal joints in another, and, in the most severely affected fetus, both hips, stifles, and shoulders as well as 1 carpus. in affected joints, the ar ...200919261638
effects of ureaplasma diversum on bovine oviductal explants: quantitative measurement using a calmodulin assay.calmodulin (cam) acts as an intracellular regulator of calcium, an important mediator of many cell processes. we used the cam assay and electron microscopy to investigate the effects of ureaplasma diversum on bovine oviductal explants obtained aseptically from slaughtered cows. a stock suspension of u. diversum (treated specimens) and sterile broth (controls) was added to replicates of cultured explants and incubated at 38 degrees c in an atmosphere of 5.5% co2 for 48 hours. explants were examin ...19948004536
immune response of heifers to vaginal submucosal or subcutaneous vaccination and intravaginal challenge with ureaplasma diversum.twenty beef heifers were randomly assigned to five equal groups and vaccinated: group 1--in vaginal submucosa (vm) with ureaplasma diversum ultrasonicated whole cells (wc) in complete freund's adjuvant (cfa); group 2--in vm with u. diversum cell membranes (cm) in cfa; group 3--subcutaneously (sc) with cm in cfa; group 4--in vm with cm alone; and group 5--in vm with phosphate buffered saline (pbs) in cfa. a second vaccination with the same antigens in incomplete freund's adjuvant was given after ...19948004535
humoral and secretory antibodies to ureaplasma diversum in heifers following subcutaneous vaccination and vaginal infection.we measured antibody levels in serum and cervicovaginal mucus (cvm) of four heifers vaccinated with two inoculations of killed ureaplasma diversum strain 2312 in incomplete freund's adjuvant (ifa) two weeks apart, and six heifers given a placebo. two weeks later, the vaccinates and four placebo heifers, were challenged by intravaginal inoculation with 6.4 x 10(8) colony-forming units of the homologous u. diversum strain. the remaining two placebo heifers served as unvaccinated, unchallenged cont ...19948004534
[genital ureaplasma diversum infection: investigations in cattle in france].a first bacteriological study of infection by ureaplasma diversum in cattle was performed in france on 50 bulls and 565 dairy cows. u diversum was isolated in 74% (37/50) of the bull semen and 40% (227/565) of the cows. no significant relationship was found in cows between infection and lesions of granular vulvitis, nor between infection and breeding performances. serological studies of isolates by membrane filtration dot immunobinding showed a predominance of the serogroups b and c in males, an ...19957711771
presence of ureaplasma diversum in the genital tracts of female dairy cattle in mato grosso state, brazil.ureaplasma diversum infection in bovine females may result in various reproductive problems, including granular vulvovaginitis, abortion, weak calves, salpingitis, and spontaneous abortion. the presence of u. diversum in a dairy bovine population from midwestern brazil has not been established. the aim of this study was to determine whether u. diversum was present in dairy cattle from midwestern brazil using polymerase chain reaction (pcr). vulvovaginal mucus was analyzed from 203 cows located i ...201727915439
ureaplasma diversum genome provides new insights about the interaction of the surface molecules of this bacterium with the host.whole genome sequencing and analyses of ureaplasma diversum atcc 49782 was undertaken as a step towards understanding u. diversum biology and pathogenicity. the complete genome showed 973,501 bp in a single circular chromosome, with 28.2% of g+c content. a total of 782 coding dna sequences (cdss), and 6 rrna and 32 trna genes were predicted and annotated. the metabolic pathways are identical to other human ureaplasmas, including the production of atp via hydrolysis of the urea. genes related to ...201627603136
intra-uterine experimental infection by ureaplasma diversum induces tnf-α mediated womb inflammation in mice.ureaplasma diversum is an opportunistic pathogen associated with uterine inflammation, impaired embryo implantation, infertility, abortions, premature birth of calves and neonatal pneumonia in cattle. it has been suggested that the intra-uterine infection by ureaplasma diversum can cause vascular changes that hinder the success of pregnancy. thus, the aim of this study was to evaluate the changes of intrauterine site of a/j mice in estrus or proestrus phase inoculated with ureaplasma diversum. t ...201626871498
genome sequence of ureaplasma diversum strain atcc, we report the complete genome sequence of ureaplasma diversum strain atcc 49782. this species is of bovine origin, having an association with reproductive disorders in cattle, including placentitis, fetal alveolitis, abortion, and birth of weak calves. it has a small circular chromosome of 975,425 bp.201525883297
ureaplasma diversum in bull semen in australia: its detection and potential effects.the primary objective of this study was to confirm the infection status of ureaplasma diversum in australian bulls and to identify morphological changes of sperm from u. diversum-positive bulls.201324571302
a quantitative taqman pcr assay for the detection of ureaplasma diversum.ureaplasma diversum in veterinary studies is an undesirable microbe, which may cause infection in bulls and may result in seminal vesiculitis, balanopostitis, and alterations in spermatozoids, whereas in cows, it may cause placentitis, fetal alveolitis, abortion, and birth of weak calves. u. diversum is released through organic secretions, especially semen, preputial and vaginal mucus, conjunctival secretion, and milk. the aim of the present study was to develop a taqman probe, highly sensitive ...201323993254
ureaplasma diversum in pneumonic lungs of swine. 201423851111
presence of ureaplasma diversum in the australian cattle cattle, ureaplasma diversum has been associated with decreased fertility, granular vulvovaginitis, endometritis, salpingitis and spontaneous abortion in cows and seminal vesiculitis, balanoposthitis and changes in bull sperm. the presence of u. diversum within the australian cattle population has not been established. one of the aims of this study was to determine if u. diversum was present in australian cattle, using culture and polymerase chain reaction (pcr), both of which are considered t ...201323438461
polymerase chain reaction for detection of ureaplasma diversum from urogenital swabs in cattle in australia.ureaplasma diversum has been associated with various reproductive problems in cattle, including granular vulvovaginitis, endometritis, salpingitis, early embryonic death, weak calves, decreased conception rates, balanoprosthitis, impaired spermatozoids and seminal vesiculitis in bulls.201222731950
apoptosis in hep-2 cells infected with ureaplasma diversum.bacterial pathogens have many strategies for infecting and persisting in host cells. adhesion, invasion and intracellular life are important features in the biology of mollicutes. the intracellular location of ureaplasma diversum may trigger disturbances in the host cell. this includes activation or inhibition of pro and anti-apoptotic factors, which facilitate the development of host damage. the aim of the present study was to associate u. diversum infection in hep-2 cells and apoptosis inducti ...201425299837
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