serotonergic receptor antagonist from nandina domestica thunberg.a crude methanolic extract of the fruit of nandina domestica thunberg strongly inhibits serotonin-induced contractions of the rabbit aorta. the extract of the fruit has been fractionated to afford nantenine (o- methyldomesticine ) as the active agent.19846726648
suppressive effect of nantenine, isolated from nandina domestica thunberg, on the 5-hydroxy-l-tryptophan plus clorgyline-induced head-twitch response in mice.we investigated the effects of nantenine (9,10-methylenedioxy-1,2 dimethoxyaporphine), a major alkaloid isolated from the fruit of nandina domestica thunb (berberidaceae), on the 5-ht2a receptor-mediated head-twitch response (htr) in mice. intraperitoneal (i.p.) injection of nantenine (13.3, 20 and 30 mg/kg) as well as the 5-ht2a receptor antagonist ketanserin (0.0625, 0.25 and 1 mg/kg) inhibited the 5-hydroxy-l-tryptophan (l-5-htp; 75 mg/kg, i.p.) plus monoamine oxidase inhibitor, clorgyline (1 ...200212269391
(+)-nantenine isolated from nandina domestica thunb. inhibits adrenergic pressor responses in pithed rats.the effects of (+)-nantenine on various pressor responses, recently reported exerting competitive antagonistic activity at the alpha1-adrenoceptor/5-hydroxytryptamine (5-ht)2a receptor, were examined in vivo. (+)-nantenine (0.03-3 mg/kg) caused a dose-dependent inhibition of the pressor response to phenylephrine (alpha1-adrenoceptor agonist) or 5-ht (5-ht receptor agonist) in both anesthetized and pithed rats. the pressor response to uk 14304 (5-bromo-n-[2-imidazolin-2-yl]-6-quinoxalinamine) (an ...200314512098
the extract from nandina domestica thunberg inhibits histamine- and serotonin-induced contraction in isolated guinea pig trachea.although the fruit of nandina domestica thunberg (nd) has been used to treat respiratory disorders such as coughing and breathing difficulty in japan for many years, very little is known about mechanisms underlying its action. in the present study, we investigated effects of the crude extract from nd (nde) and one of its constituents, nantenine, on contractile responses in isolated guinea pig tracheal ring preparations. in normal experimental condition, guinea pig trachea remained tonically cont ...200717978476
chemical composition and inhibitory parameters of essential oil and extracts of nandina domestica thunb. to control food-borne pathogenic and spoilage bacteria.the aim of this study was to examine the chemical composition of the essential oil isolated from the floral parts of nandina domestica thunb. by hydrodistillation, and to test the efficacy of essential oil and various organic extracts against a panel of food-borne pathogenic and spoilage bacteria such as bacillus subtilis atcc6633, listeria monocytogenes atcc19166, staphylococcus aureus kctc1916, s. aureus atcc6538, pseudomonas aeruginosa kctc2004, salmonella typhimurium kctc2515, salmonella ent ...200818541324
antifungal potential of essential oil and various organic extracts of nandina domestica thunb. against skin infectious fungal pathogens.this study was undertaken to assess the in vitro antifungal potential of the essential oil and n-hexane, chloroform, ethyl acetate, and methanol extracts of nandina domestica thunb. against dermatophytes, the casual agents of superficial infections in animals and human beings. the oil (1,000 microg/disc) and extracts (1,500 microg/disc) revealed 31.1-68.6% and 19.2-55.1% antidermatophytic effect against trichophyton rubrum kctc 6345, t. rubrum kctc 6375, t. rubrum kctc 6352, trichophyton mentagr ...200919415265
beta2-adrenoceptor-mediated tracheal relaxation induced by higenamine from nandina domestica thunberg.the fruit of nandina domestica thunberg (nd, berberidaceae) has been used to improve cough and breathing difficulties in japan for many years, but very little is known about the constituent of nd responsible for this effect. we have recently reported that the crude extract from nd (nde) inhibits histamine- and serotonin-induced contraction of isolated guinea pig trachea, and the inhibitory activity was not explained by nantenine, a well-known alkaloid isolated from nd. to explore other constitue ...200919468973
feeding behavior-related toxicity due to nandina domestica in cedar waxwings (bombycilla cedrorum).dozens of cedar waxwings were found dead in thomas county, georgia, usa, in april 2009. five of these were examined grossly and microscopically. grossly, all the examined birds had pulmonary, mediastinal, and tracheal hemorrhages. microscopically, several tissues and organs were diffusely congested and hemorrhagic. congestion and hemorrhage were marked in the lungs. intact and partly digested berries of nandina domestica thunb. were the only ingesta found in the gastrointestinal tract of these b ...201021197466
biphasic tracheal relaxation induced by higenamine and nantenine from nandina domestica thunberg.we compared the effects of the extract from fruits of nandina domestica thunberg (nde) and its constituents, higenamine and nantenine, on contractile responses in isolated guinea-pig trachea. nde (1 mg/ml) caused biphasic relaxation of the trachea precontracted with high-k(+) stimulation: the fast component was blocked by propranolol and mimicked by higenamine; and the slow was resistant to propranolol and mimicked by nantenine. ca(2+)-induced contraction under high-k(+) stimulation was antagoni ...201121282929
isolation of amentoflavone and two new glycosides from the leaves of nandina domestica thunb. 20154468105
rapid and accurate pyrosequencing of angiosperm plastid genomes.plastid genome sequence information is vital to several disciplines in plant biology, including phylogenetics and molecular biology. the past five years have witnessed a dramatic increase in the number of completely sequenced plastid genomes, fuelled largely by advances in conventional sanger sequencing technology. here we report a further significant reduction in time and cost for plastid genome sequencing through the successful use of a newly available pyrosequencing platform, the genome seque ...200616934154
parasitism of woody ornamentals by meloidogyne hapla.meloidogyne hapla is the dominant root-knot nematode found in tennessee woody ornamental nurseries. in greenhouse tests, m. hapla produced galls and formed egg masses on roots of abelia x grandiflora, comus florida, hydrangea paniculata grandiflora, photinia x fraseri, spiraea x bumalda, spiraea x vanhouttei, and viburnum carlesii. galls on h. grandiflora and v. carlesii were mostly large and fusiform. galls on c. florida were spherical and usually terminal, whereas those on the other species we ...198719290273
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