allelic variation of a beauveria bassiana (ascomycota: hypocreales) minisatellite is independent of host range and geographic origin.the minisatellite locus, bbmin1, was isolated from a partial beauveria bassiana genomic library that consisted of poly(ga) flanked inserts. polymerase chain reaction (pcr) of the bbmin1 repeat demonstrated allele size variation among 95 b. bassiana isolates. amplification was also observed from single isolates of beauveria amorpha, beauveria brongniartii, and beauveria caledonica. eight alleles were identified at the haploid locus, where repeat number fluctuated between one and fourteen. amova a ...200211908654
radical scavengers from the entomogenous deuteromycete beauveria amorpha.the culture medium of beauveria amorpha hohn. exhibited strong radical scavenging properties. activity-directed fractionation assisted by a radical scavenging assay on tlc afforded two active compounds which were identified as 6-methyl-2,4-dihydroxyphenyl 4-o-methyl-beta-d-glucopyranoside (1) and (-)-terredionol (2). compound 1 displays radical scavenging and lipid peroxidation inhibitory activity comparable to those of troloxc, ascorbic acid or quercetin.200211842330
diversity of entomopathogenic hypocreales in soil and phylloplanes of five mediterranean cropping systems.the diversity of entomopathogenic hypocreales from the soil and phylloplanes in five mediterranean cropping systems with different degrees of management [organic olive orchard conventional olive orchard, holm oak reforestation, holm oak dehesa (a multifunctional agro-sylvo-pastoral system), and sunflower plantation] was studied during four seasons. a total of 697 entomopathogenic fungal isolates were obtained from 272 soil samples, 1608 crop phylloplane samples and 1368 weed phylloplane samples. ...201526146223
boophilus microplus infection by beauveria amorpha and beauveria bassiana: sem analysis and regulation of subtilisin-like proteases and chitinases.beauveria bassiana is a well-known broad-range arthropod pathogen which has been used in biological control of several pest insects and ticks such as boophilus microplus. beauveria amorpha has both endophytic and entomopathogenic characteristics, but its capacity for biological control has still not been studied. during the processes of host infection, b. bassiana and b. amorpha produce several hydrolytic extracellular enzymes, including proteases and chitinases, which probably degrade the host ...200515886912
endophytic and entomopathogenic strains of beauveria sp to control the bovine tick rhipicephalus (boophilus) microplus.pathogenicity of strains of the entomopathogenic fungus beauveria bassiana and endophytic strains of beauveria sp against the bovine tick rhipicephalus (boophilus) microplus was tested in laboratory bioassays and under field conditions. suspensions containing 10(5), 10(7) and 10(9) conidia/ml were prepared of each fungal strain for laboratory bioassays. the ticks were maintained at 28 degrees c, 90 +/- 5% relative humidity, and the following variables were evaluated: initial female weight, egg w ...201020662157
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