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lymphoproliferation in captive wild ruminants affected with malignant catarrhal fever: 25 cases (1977-1985).the severity of lymphoproliferative disease associated with malignant catarrhal fever was extremely variable among 25 animals at the san diego wild animal park. severe lymphoproliferative disease was seen in 3 of 10 formosan sika deer (cervus nippon taiouanus), 3 of 6 indian axis deer (cervus a axis), 3 of 6 barasingha deer (cervus d duvauceli), and 1 of 3 nilgai (boselaphus tragocamelus). two sika deer and 2 barasingha deer had lesions morphologically indistinguishable from lymphosarcoma. our f ...19902329087
dexamethasone-induced recrudescence of malignant catarrhal fever and associated lymphosarcoma and granulomatous disease in a formosan sika deer (cervus nippon taiouanus).malignant catarrhal fever (mcf) was diagnosed in a 2-week-old formosan sika deer. the fawn had been previously exposed to a clinically normal neonatal wildebeest calf from which alcelaphine herpesvirus-1 was isolated. alcelaphine herpesvirus-1 was isolated from buffy coat leukocytes and nasal and ocular secretions of the fawn during the acute illness. the fawn clinically recovered after 3 weeks. virus was not recovered from blood at this time. dexamethasone, given 4 months after clinical recover ...19853839641
serum progesterone changes in luteal cyclicity and duration of estrous cycle in formosan sika deer (cervus nippon taiouanus) hinds.a study was conducted to investigate the serum progesterone (sp(4)) profiles and duration of estrous cycles in the farmed formosan sika deer (fsd; cervus nippon taiouanus) during the major breeding season. five parous, open and non-milking hinds were allotted to collect peripheral blood samples twice weekly for p(4) measurement by radioimmunoassay beginning at the initiation of the rutting season indicated by rutting behaviors of the sexually mature stags. the hinds were polyestrous as proved by ...200212362057
the effect of different extenders on post-thaw sperm survival, acrosomal integrity and longevity in cryopreserved semen of formosan sika deer and formosan sambar deer.this study investigates the efficacy of five extenders in contributing to the outcome of semen cryopreservation in formosan sika and sambar deer. pooled semen (n=4) of six males of each breed was used. in sika deer, semen collection rate was 96% (23/24) over all electro-ejaculations. volume, sperm motility and sperm concentration of fresh ejaculates was 0.5+/-0.4 ml, 77+/-6% and 1471.3+/-940.0 x 10(6) ml(-1), respectively. post-thaw motility in respective extender was a: 66+/-16%; b: 71+/-2%; c: ...200415019458
rutting vocalizations of formosan sika deer cervus nippon taiouanus-acoustic structure, seasonal and diurnal variations, and sika deer cervus nippon, rutting vocalizations play an important role in breeding behavior. this study investigated two types of rutting vocalizations, the moan and the howl, of the formosan sika deer c. n. taiouanus, including the acoustic characteristics of the vocalizations, the diurnal and seasonal variations of vocal activity, and individual acoustic variation and identification. the results showed that the sound levels were approximately 81-88 db(a) for the moan and 92-96 db(a) for the ...201324320180
effects of deer velvet extract from formosan sika deer on the embryonic development and anti-oxidative enzymes mrna expression in mouse embryos.the deer velvet or its extracts has been widely used in clinic. it has been used in promoting reproductive performances and treating of oxidation and aging process. the aim of this study is to investigate the effects of velvet extract from formosan sika deer (formosan sika deer; cervus nippon taiouanus, fsd) velvet on mouse embryonic development and anti-oxidant ability in vitro.201424732110
isolation of mycobacterium bovis from free-ranging wildlife in south korea.we demonstrate mycobacterium bovis infection in wild boar ( sus scrofa ) in south korea. during 2012-15, we attempted to isolate m. bovis from 847 wild animals, mainly korean water deer ( hydropotes inermis argyropus), raccoon dogs ( nyctereutes procyonoides ), and wild boar, from 11 regions in south korea. we isolated m. bovis from three of 118 wild boar (2.5%) captured in gyeonggi province, where bovine tuberculosis (btb) outbreaks have also occurred in livestock. spoligotypes and mycobacteria ...201727809648
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