role of alkaline metal ions in the h(+)-atpase activity of various yeast species.saccharomyces cerevisiae, schizosaccharomyces pombe, endomyces magnussi, lodderomyces elongisporus and rhodotorula gracilis, yeast species ranging from a glycolytic type to a strictly aerobic one, were tested for the activity of their plasma membrane h(+)-atpase and the effect of alkaline metal cations thereon. the atp-hydrolyzing activity of membranes from glucose-activated cells ranged from 456 to 932 mumol inorganic phosphate released per min per 1 g membrane protein. the effect of 0.2 m li+, ...19921290464
protonmotive force in yeasts--ph, buffer and species dependence.using yeast species saccharomyces cerevisiae k, rhodotorula gracilis, and lodderomyces elongisporus, their intracellular ph value and their membrane potential were estimated at ph 3.5-7.5 in four different buffers: triethanolamine--phthalic acid (tepa), citric acid--trisodium citrate (casc), acetic acid--naoh (aana) and mes. the phin followed the same pattern in all buffers, with rather constant values below phout = 5 and again above phout = 7. the membrane potential decreased regularly with dec ...19911665969
characterization of mitochondrial dna in various candida species: isolation, restriction endonuclease analysis, size, and base composition.a practical and effective method for the extraction of mitochondrial dna from candida species was developed. zymolyase was used to induce yeast protoplasts, and mitochondrial dna was extracted from dnase i-treated mitochondrial preparations. restriction endonuclease analyses of mitochondrial dnas from 19 isolates representing seven species of candida (c. albicans, c. kefyr, c. lusitaniae, c. maltosa, c. parapsilosis, c. shehatae, and c. tropicalis) and lodderomyces elongisporus revealed differen ...19911847296
effects of yeast suspension density on the accumulation ratio of transported solutes.the previously described effect of cell suspension density on metabolic and transport phenomena in yeast, apparently caused by inhibition by dissolved carbon dioxide, is also observed with the accumulation ratio of both sugars and amino acids where not only a kinetic but also a energetic factor comes into play. unlike all previously measured metabolic and transport parameters, the dependence of the accumulation ratio on suspension density is not monotonic but shows a pronounced maximum in the ra ...19873332977
[aggregation and separability of the shikimate pathway enzymes in yeasts].gel filtration was employed to estimate the molecular weights and to determine possible physical aggregation of enzymes [5-dehydroquinate synthase (dhq synthase), 5-dehydroquinase (dhqase, ec, shikimate: nadp oxidoreductase (ec, shikimate kinase (ec, 3-enolpyruvylshikimate 5-phosphate synthase (epsp synthase)] in the shikimate pathway in eleven species of yeasts. the five enzymes were not aggregated in extracts of hansenula henricii, h. fabianii, h. anomala, candida ...19816270920
sensitivity of heat-stressed yeasts to essential oils of plants.eight strains of yeasts (candida lipolytica, debaryomyces hansenii, hansenula anomala, kloeckera apiculata, lodderomyces elongisporus, rhodotorula rubra, saccharomyces cerevisiae, and torulopsis glabrata) were examined for changes in sensitivity to eight essential oils of plants (allspice, cinnamon, clove, garlic, onion, oregano, savory, and thyme) after being sublethally heat stressed. with the exception of garlic oil for all test yeasts, onion oil for s. cerevisiae, and oregano oil for r. rubr ...19846712207
the cytochrome p-450 alkane monooxygenase system of the yeast lodderomyces elongisporus: purification and some properties of the nadph-cytochrome p-450 reductase. 19826810895
the induction of cytochrome p-450 in lodderomyces the alkane-utilizing yeast strain lodderomyces elongisporus cytochrome p-450 is induced by aliphatic hydrocarbons and to a lesser degree also by some of their derivatives. cycloheximide and glucose inhibit the induction process, the former by inhibition of cytoplasmic translation, the latter presumably by catabolite repression. among the nearly 40 checked compounds tetradecane and 1-tetradecene are the most effective inducers. the branching of the alkyl chain as well as the terminal introduct ...19817293242
microbiological implications of electric field effects. iii. stimulation of yeast protoplast fusion by electric field pulses.prototrophic colonies could be selected on minimal medium after mixing of protoplasts from diauxotrophic mutants of the yeasts saccharomycopsis lipolytica and/or lodderomyces elongisporus and treatment with polyethylene glycol (peg) in the presence of calcium chloride. this is the result of protoplast fusion and complementation of auxotrophic deficiencies. under identical conditions an electric field pulse in the mus-range applied via an electric discharge to the protoplast-peg mixture resulted ...19817324512
yield coefficients in dependence on milieu conditions and cell states. ii. influence of perturbations on continuous cultivation of the yeast lodderomyces elongisporus on hydrocarbons.the influence of perturbations on continuous yeast cell cultivations on hydrocarbons of crude oil is described. due to such perturbations the fermentation system leaves its steady state, passes through transitional stages and reaches a new steady state. in the transitional stages a damped oscillation of biomass concentration, percentage of budding cells, oxygen consumption rate, and heat flow is observed. these results can be explained by partial synchronization of yeast cell functions in microo ...19817331377
three distinct genotypes within candida parapsilosis from clinical sources.three genetically distinct groups of candida parapsilosis were detected among clinical isolates. these were distinguishable on the basis of isoenzyme profiles and dna sequences of internally transcribed spacer (its) sequences flanking the 5.8s rna gene. in an investigation of 45 strains, including 32 clinical isolates from texas, c. parapsilosis group i composed the majority of the common clinical isolates. the type strain of c. parapsilosis was a member of this group. the 10 group ii isolates w ...19957665651
the genetic relationship of lodderomyces elongisporus to other ascomycete yeast species as revealed by small-subunit rrna gene sequences.the 18s rrna gene sequence of the ascomycete yeast lodderomyces elongisporus was determined by pcr-direct sequencing. the phylogenetic inter-relationship of lodderomyces elongisporus and other ascomycete yeast species was examined by comparative sequence analysis. lodderomyces elongisporus was found to be most closely related to candida parapsilosis, c. tropicalis and c. albicans, exhibiting sequence similarity values of greater than 97.5%. the relationship between l. elongisporus and candida pa ...19947765443
univalent-cation-elicited acidification by yeasts.addition of univalent cations to sugar-metabolizing saccharomyces cerevisiae, schizosaccharomyces pombe and lodderomyces elongisporus brought about a powerful acidification of the external medium with rates up to nearly 20 nmol h+ per min per mg dry wt. in s. cerevisiae, over 15 nmol in s. pombe, and 4.7 nmol in l. elongisporus. these rates were as much as 20 times, 5.5 times and 10.3 times, respectively. higher than in the absence of k+. use of galactose-induced cells, of h(+)-atpase-deficient ...19947804140
effects of the physiological state of five yeast species on h(+)-atpase-related processes.effects of starvation and glucose preincubation on membrane potential, atpase-mediated acidification and glutamic acid transport were studied in yeast species saccharomyces cerevisiae, schizosaccharomyces pombe, dipodascus magnusii, lodderomyces elongisporus and rhodotorula gracilis. the membrane potential was highest after preincubation with glucose in all species but l. elongisporus and r. gracilis. in all cases the membranes were depolarized in the presence of 20 mmol/l kcl and hyperpolarized ...19937908655
phylogenetic relationships among members of the ascomycetous yeast genera brettanomyces, debaryomyces, dekkera, and kluyveromyces deduced by small-subunit rrna gene sequences.a molecular systematic investigation of members of the ascomycetous yeast genera brettanomyces, debaryomyces, dekkera, and kluyveromyces was performed by using 18s rrna gene sequence analysis. our comparative sequence analysis revealed that brettanomyces anomalus and brettanomyces bruxellensis were closely related to one another and also to their teleomorphs, dekkera anomala and dekkera bruxellensis, respectively. together with dekkera custersiana and dekkera naardenensis, these four species for ...19968934908
fatty acid profiling: a feasible typing system to trace yeast contamination in wine bottling plants.the long-chain fatty acid composition of yeast strains was determined for several species associated with the wine industry. the saccharomyces cerevisiae, zygosaccharomyces bailii, saccharomycodes ludwigii, schizosaccharomyces pombe, brettanomyces/dekkera spp., pichia anomala, pichia membranaefaciens and lodderomyces elongisporus species presented distinct fatty acid profiles after multivariate statistical analysis. the zygosaccharomyces rouxii species showed profiles similar to zygosaccharomyce ...19979506280
rapid identification of candida albicans and other human pathogenic yeasts by using short oligonucleotides in a pcr.a pcr system that can quickly and accurately identify 14 species of human pathogenic yeasts was developed. the procedure distinguished between nine species of a closely related clade, lodderomyces elongisporus, candida parapsilosis, a new candida sp., c. sojae, c. tropicalis, c. maltosa, c. viswanathii, c. albicans, and c. dubliniensis and between another five more divergent species, pichia guilliermondii, c. glabrata, c. zeylanoides, c. haemulonii, and c. haemulonii type ii. a rapid dna extract ...19989620392
glucose- and k(+)-induced acidification in different yeast species.the process of acidification of the external medium after addition of glucose and subsequently of kcl to a suspension of yeast cells varies substantially from species to species. after glucose it is most pronounced in saccharomyces cerevisiae and schizosaccharomyces pombe but is very much lower in lodderomyces elongisporus, dipodascus magnusii and rhodotorula gracilis. both the buffering capacity and the varied effects of vanadate, suloctidil and erythrosin b indicate that the acidification is b ...199910664885
effects of a ferrate-containing preparation on diverse metabolic processes in yeast.a plant-sap-derived preparation containing bi- and tervalent ferrate anions was tested on growth, respiration on glucose, and membrane transport of 6-deoxy-d-glucose (6-dglc) and 2-aminoisobutyric acid (aib) in several yeast species, saccharomyces cerevisiae, schizosaccharomyces pombe, lodderomyces elongisporus, rhodotorula gracilis, and dipodascus magnusii. growth was enhanced by as much as 65%, respiration was not affected significantly except for a decrease in r. gracilis, transport of 6-dglc ...200011501415
effects of the fenton reagent on transport in the facultatively anaerobic yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae the uptake rate and the accumulation ratio of 2-aminoisobutyric acid was decreased by some 30% by fenton's reagent (fr), a powerful source of oh. radicals. likewise, the uptake of glutamic acid, leucine and arginine was diminished. the mediated diffusion of 6-deoxy-d-glucose was not affected. the h+ symport of maltose and trehalose was inhibited by some 40% both in the initial rate and in the accumulation ratio. fr had a dramatic inhi ...200011501417
two new anamorphic yeasts: candida germanica and candida neerlandica.descriptions are given for the two new anamorphic ascomycetous yeasts candida germanica (type strain nrrl y-27064, cbs 4105) and candida neerlandica (type strain nrrl y-27057, cbs 434). the species were isolated, respectively, from the atmosphere over germany and from pressed yeast cake in the netherlands. phylogenetic analysis of 26s domain d1/d2 ribosomal dna sequences places c. germanica near pichia philogaea, whereas c. neerlandica is a member of the lodderomyces elongisporus/candida albican ...200111761369
possible relationship between yeast deoxyribonucleases and deoxyribonucleic acid yield.the deoxyribonucleic acid (dna) yield and deoxyribonuclease (dnase) activity of several yeasts were correlated. debaryomyces castellii and debaryomyces franciscae were found to contain active dnases which carry out dna hydrolysis, whereas the amounts of dna as determined by extraction with sarkosyl buffer (ph 7.8) were found to be small. on the other hand, candida parapsilosis, saccharomyces carmosousae, and lodderomyces elongisporus produced no detectable dnases active at ph 7.8, and their dna ...198116345800
a fungal phylogeny based on 42 complete genomes derived from supertree and combined gene date, most fungal phylogenies have been derived from single gene comparisons, or from concatenated alignments of a small number of genes. the increase in fungal genome sequencing presents an opportunity to reconstruct evolutionary events using entire genomes. as a tool for future comparative, phylogenomic and phylogenetic studies, we used both supertrees and concatenated alignments to infer relationships between 42 species of fungi for which complete genome sequences are available.200617121679
yeasts isolated from plant-associated beetles and other insects: seven novel candida species near candida albicans.yeasts related to candida albicans were isolated from the digestive tracts of beetles in eight families and various orders of insects such as earwigs, crickets, and roaches, most of which were caught at light traps or in a few cases directly from plant materials. based on comparisons of dna sequences and other taxonomic characteristics, a total of 41 isolates were identified as candida orthopsilosis, candida pseudorhagii, candida maltosa, candida parapsilosis, candida tropicalis, candida neerlan ...200817986254
candidadb: a multi-genome database for candida species and related saccharomycotina.candidadb ( was established in 2002 to provide the first genomic database for the human fungal pathogen candida albicans. the availability of an increasing number of fully or partially completed genome sequences of related fungal species has opened the path for comparative genomics and prompted us to migrate candidadb into a multi-genome database. the new version of candidadb houses the latest versions of the genomes of c. albicans strains sc5314 and wo-1 along ...200818039716
five novel candida species in insect-associated yeast clades isolated from neuroptera and other insects.ascomycete yeasts are found commonly in the guts of basidioma-feeding beetles but little is known about their occurrence in the gut of other insects. in this study we isolated 95 yeasts from the gut of adult insects in five neuropteran families (neuroptera: corydalidae, chrysopidae, ascalaphidae, mantispidae and hemerobiidae) and a roach (blattodea: blattidae). based on dna sequence comparisons and other taxonomic characteristics, they were identified as more than 15 species of saccharomycetes a ...200718333508
candida saraburiensis sp. nov. and candida prachuapensis sp. nov., xylose-utilizing yeast species isolated in thailand.four strains of two novel xylose-utilizing yeast species were obtained from samples collected in thailand from decaying corncobs (strains ku-xs13(t) and ku-xs18), a decaying grass (ku-xs20) and estuarine water from a mangrove forest (wb15(t)). on the basis of morphological, biochemical, physiological and chemotaxonomic characteristics and sequence analysis of the d1/d2 domain of the large subunit rrna gene, the four strains were found to represent two novel species of the genus candida in the ca ...201120348317
telomerase and retrotransposons: reverse transcriptases that shaped genomes special feature sackler colloquium: telomerase regulatory subunit est3 in two candida species physically interacts with the ten domain of tert and telomeric dna.the yeast telomerase regulatory protein est3 is required for telomere maintenance in vivo, and shares intriguing structural and functional similarities with the mammalian telomeric protein tpp1. here we report our physical and functional characterizations of est3 homologues from candida parapsilosis and lodderomyces elongisporus, which bear unique n- and c-terminal tails in addition to a conserved central ob fold. we show that these est3 homologues form stable complexes with the ten domain of te ...201121685334
catheter-related bloodstream infection due to lodderomyces elongisporus.lodderomyces elongisporus infrequently causes bloodstream infections and has been isolated from asia and mexico. we encountered a catheter-related bloodstream infection, which involved some risk factors, due to l. elongisporus masquerading as candida parapsilosis. a 39-year-old man who received a total arch and thoracoabdominal aortic replacement was admitted with a diagnosis of aorto-esophageal fistula. after thoracic drainage for the aorto-esophageal fistula, a catheter-related bloodstream inf ...201626743142
invasive candidiasis in intensive care units in china: in vitro antifungal susceptibility in the china-scan study.the objectives of this study were to determine species distribution and in vitro antifungal susceptibility of candida isolates identified in the multicentre china-scan study of invasive candida infection (ici) in intensive care units (icus) across china.201424004860
detection of yeast species also occurring in substrates associated with animals and identification of a novel dimorphic species in verbascum flowers from georgia.the molecular taxonomic analysis of yeasts isolated from verbascum flowers collected in central georgia identified strains that could be assigned to the species cryptococcus adeliensis, cryptococcus magnus and moniliella megachiliensis detected previously also in substrates associated with insects and other animals and a hitherto undescribed species for which the name candida verbasci is proposed. the new species forms slightly pink colonies, propagates by mostly unipolar budding, forms invasive ...201323114573
five novel species in the lodderomyces clade associated with insects.during a survey of yeasts associated with insects in central china's natural ecosystems, 116 yeast strains were isolated from the gut of adult insects in two families and from one beetle larva. among the yeasts isolated in this study, 102 strains were identified as 20 known species in the class saccharomycetes. the remaining 14 strains were identified as representing five novel species in the lodderomyces clade based on the combined sequences of the d1/d2 domains of the lsu rrna gene and the int ...201627561992
uncommon opportunistic yeast bloodstream infections from qatar.eleven uncommon yeast species that are associated with high mortality rates irrespective of antifungal therapy were isolated from 17/187 (201 episodes) pediatric and elderly patients with fungemia from qatar. the samples were taken over a 6-year period (january 2004-december 2010). isolated species included kluyveromyces marxianus, lodderomyces elongisporus, lindnera fabianii, candida dubliniensis, meyerozyma guilliermondii, candida intermedia, pichia kudriavzevii, yarrowia lipolytica, clavispor ...201424934803
microbial biogeography of the transnational fermented milk matsoni.the fermented milk matsoni is a traditional, national food product of both georgia and armenia. little is known about the effects of biogeography and milk type on the microbial biodiversity of matsoni or the fungal composition of matsoni fermentations. high-throughput marker-gene sequencing was used to survey the bacterial and fungal communities of matsoni from different milk types and regions throughout armenia and georgia. results demonstrate that both production region and milk type influence ...201525998810
diversity of culturable yeasts in phylloplane of sugarcane in thailand and their capability to produce indole-3-acetic acid.yeasts were isolated by the enrichment technique from the phylloplane of 94 samples of sugarcane leaf collected from seven provinces in thailand. all sugarcane leaf samples contained yeasts and 158 yeast strains were obtained. on the basis of the d1/d2 domain of the large subunit rrna gene sequence analysis, 144 strains were identified to 24 known species in 14 genera belonging to the ascomycota viz. candida akabanensis, candida dendronema, candida mesorugosa, candida michaelii, candida nivarien ...201424442819
simple, low-cost detection of candida parapsilosis complex isolates and molecular fingerprinting of candida orthopsilosis strains in kuwait by its region sequencing and amplified fragment length polymorphism analysis.candida parapsilosis has now emerged as the second or third most important cause of healthcare-associated candida infections. molecular studies have shown that phenotypically identified c. parapsilosis isolates represent a complex of three species, namely, c. parapsilosis, c. orthopsilosis and c. metapsilosis. lodderomyces elongisporus is another species phenotypically closely related to the c. parapsilosis-complex. the aim of this study was to develop a simple, low cost multiplex (m) pcr assay ...201526580965
an additional meyerozyma guilliermondii imh3 gene confers mycophenolic acid resistance in fungal ctg clade species.the fungal ctg clade comprises a number of well-known yeasts that impact human health or with high biotechnological potential. to further extend the set of molecular tools dedicated to these microorganisms, the initial focus of this study was to develop a mycophenolic acid (mpa) resistance cassette. surprisingly, while we were carrying out preliminary susceptibility testing experiments in a set of yeast species, meyerozyma guilliermondii, although not being a mpa producer, was found to be primar ...201627620459
isolation of lodderomyces elongisporus from the catheter tip of a fungemia patient in the middle east.lodderomyces elongisporus is phenotypically closely related to candida parapsilosis and has recently been identified as an infrequent cause of bloodstream infections in patients from asia and mexico. we report here the isolation of lodderomyces elongisporus from the catheter of a suspected case of fungemia. the identity of the isolate was confirmed by phenotypic characteristics and ribosomal dna sequencing.201323653654
genetic diversity of medically important and emerging candida species causing invasive infection.genetic variation in the ribosomal dna (rdna) internal transcribed spacer (its) region has been studied among fungi. however, the numbers of its sequence polymorphisms in the various candida species and their associations with sources of invasive fungal infections remain poorly investigated. here, we characterized the intraspecific and interspecific its diversity of candida spp. strains collected from patients with bloodstream or oroesophageal candidiasis.201525887032
fungal endocarditis.fungal endocarditis remains a rare disease occurring mostly in patients with predisposing host conditions. regarding its poor prognosis because of severe complications, there is an urgent need for properly established treatment guidelines and prophylaxis for patients at risk. in this review we provide up-to-date information on treatment recommendations, and discuss recent case reports on fungal endocarditis and challenges in prophylaxis and treatment.201324126720
fungemia due to rare opportunistic yeasts: data from a population-based surveillance in spain.fungemia due to rare yeasts constitutes an emerging but poorly investigated condition. data on risk factors, clinical features, therapy, and outcome of episodes of fungemia due to rare (non-candida, non-cryptococcus) yeasts were analyzed in a population-based surveillance program conducted in 29 spanish hospitals between may 2010 and april 2011. species identification (dna sequencing) and antifungal susceptibility testing (eucast and clsi methods) were centrally performed. fourteen out of 767 ep ...201727495321
fungemia due to rare opportunistic yeasts: data from a population-based surveillance in spain.fungemia due to rare yeasts constitutes an emerging but poorly investigated condition. data on risk factors, clinical features, therapy, and outcome of episodes of fungemia due to rare (non-candida, non-cryptococcus) yeasts were analyzed in a population-based surveillance program conducted in 29 spanish hospitals between may 2010 and april 2011. species identification (dna sequencing) and antifungal susceptibility testing (eucast and clsi methods) were centrally performed. fourteen out of 767 ep ...201628339535
species distribution and susceptibility profile to fluconazole, voriconazole and mxp-4509 of 551 clinical yeast isolates from a romanian multi-centre study.this is the first multi-centre study regarding yeast infections in romania. the aim was to determine the aetiological spectrum and susceptibility pattern to fluconazole, voriconazole and the novel compound mxp-4509. the 551 isolates were identified using routine laboratory methods, matrix-assisted laser desorption ionisation time-of-flight mass spectrometry (maldi-tof ms) and dna sequence analysis. susceptibility testing was performed using the european committee for antimicrobial susceptibility ...201525224578
genomics of alternative sulfur utilization in ascomycetous yeasts.thirteen ascomycetous yeast strains with sequenced genomes were assayed for their ability to grow on chemically defined medium with 16 different sulfur compounds as the only significant source of sulfur. these compounds included sulfoxides, sulfones, sulfonates, sulfamates and sulfate esters. broad utilization of alternative sulfur sources was observed in komagataella pastoris (syn. pichia pastoris), lodderomyces elongisporus, millerozyma farinosa (syn. pichia sorbitophila), pachysolen tannophil ...201222790398
lodderomyces elongisporus endocarditis in an intravenous drug user: a new entity in fungal endocarditis.lodderomyces elongisporus has been recently identified in the literature as an infrequent human bloodstream isolate, commonly mistaken for a non-albicans candida. a case of lodderomyces endocarditis in an intravenous drug user is described. to our knowledge, this report highlights the first documented case of lodderomyces as a cause of endocarditis and summarizes the susceptibility patterns in the reported literature. all isolates reported so far have fluconazole mics of ≤0.25 µg ml(-1).201222683656
characterization and site-directed mutation of a novel aldo-keto reductase from lodderomyces elongisporus nrrl yb-4239 with high production rate of ethyl (r)-4-chloro-3-hydroxybutanoate.a novel aldo-keto reductase (lek) from lodderomyces elongisporus nrrl yb-4239 (atcc 11503) was discovered by genome database mining for carbonyl reduction. lek was overexpressed in escherichia coli bl21 (de3), purified to homogeneity and the catalytic properties were studied. among the substrates, ethyl 4-chloro-3-oxobutanoate was converted to ethyl (r)-4-chloro-3- hydroxybutanoate ((r)-chbe), an important pharmaceutical intermediate, with an excellent enantiomeric excess (e.e.) (>99 %). the mut ...201425189809
identification and typing of the candida parapsilosis complex: maldi-tof ms vs. this study we compare the capability of amplification fragment-length polymorphism (aflp) and matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry (maldi-tof ms) to identify and subtype isolates of members of the candida parapsilosis complex (c. parapsilosis, c. orthopsilosis, c. metapsilosis) and lodderomyces elongisporus, which cannot be differentiated with biochemical methods. both techniques correctly identified all isolates included in this study and clustered iso ...201424577004
identification and differentiation of candida parapsilosis complex species by use of exon-primed intron-crossing pcr.the candida parapsilosis complex is composed of candida parapsilosis sensu stricto, candida orthopsilosis, candida metapsilosis, and the closely related species lodderomyces elongisporus. an exon-primed intron-crossing pcr assay was developed here to distinguish the members of the species complex on the basis of the distinct sizes of amplicons, and candida orthopsilosis and candida metapsilosis were further discriminated by restriction enzyme analysis.201424622093
characterization of virulence-related phenotypes in candida species of the cug clade.candida species cause a variety of mucosal and invasive infections and are, collectively, the most important human fungal pathogens in the developed world. the majority of these infections result from a few related species within the "cug clade," so named because they use a nonstandard translation for that codon. some members of the cug clade, such as candida albicans, present significant clinical problems, whereas others, such as candida (meyerozyma) guilliermondii, are uncommon in patients. th ...201526150417
analysis of gene evolution and metabolic pathways using the candida gene order browser.candida species are the most common cause of opportunistic fungal infection worldwide. recent sequencing efforts have provided a wealth of candida genomic data. we have developed the candida gene order browser (cgob), an online tool that aids comparative syntenic analyses of candida species. cgob incorporates all available candida clade genome sequences including two candida albicans isolates (sc5314 and wo-1) and 8 closely related species (candida dubliniensis, candida tropicalis, candida parap ...201020459735
evolution of pathogenicity and sexual reproduction in eight candida genomes.candida species are the most common cause of opportunistic fungal infection worldwide. here we report the genome sequences of six candida species and compare these and related pathogens and non-pathogens. there are significant expansions of cell wall, secreted and transporter gene families in pathogenic species, suggesting adaptations associated with virulence. large genomic tracts are homozygous in three diploid species, possibly resulting from recent recombination events. surprisingly, key com ...200919465905
molecular differentiation and antifungal susceptibilities of candida parapsilosis isolated from patients with bloodstream infections.the genetic heterogeneity and antifungal susceptibility patterns of candida parapsilosis isolated from blood cultures of patients were investigated in this study. randomly amplified polymorphic dna (rapd) analysis generated 5 unique profiles from 42 isolates. based on the major dna fragments of the rapd profiles, the isolates were identified as rapd type p1 (29 isolates), p2 (6 isolates), p3 (4 isolates), p4 (2 isolates) and p5 (1 isolate). sequence analysis of the internal transcribed spacer (i ...200919141735
evidence of recent interkingdom horizontal gene transfer between bacteria and candida date very few incidences of interdomain gene transfer into fungi have been identified. here, we used the emerging genome sequences of candida albicans wo-1, candida tropicalis, candida parapsilosis, clavispora lusitaniae, pichia guilliermondii, and lodderomyces elongisporus to identify recent interdomain hgt events. we refer to these as ctg species because they translate the ctg codon as serine rather than leucine, and share a recent common ancestor.200818577206
[composition of the microorganism population in an unprotected fermentation process].an accompanying flora of the production strains always develops in each unprotected continuous fermentation process. in the process of production of fodder biomass from gas oil the high specific growth rate provides sufficient selection advantages to the production strain lodderomyces elongisporus "d" eh 15 against substrate competitors. the accompanying flora uses products of metabolism and lysis as carbon and energy sources. the concentration of these compounds in the medium and consequently t ...19817293247
cytochrome p-450 from lodderomyces elongisporus: its purification and some properties of the highly purified protein. 19817225111
characterization and identification of three novel aldo-keto reductases from lodderomyces elongisporus for reducing ethyl 4-chloroacetoacetate.lodderomyces elongisporus lh703 isolated from soil samples contained three novel aldo-keto reductases (akrs) (leakr 48, leakr 49, and leakr 50). the three enzymes were cloned, expressed, and purified to homogeneity for characterization. these three akrs shared <40% amino acid identity with each other. leakr 50 was identified as a member of akr3 family, whereas the other two leakrs were identified as members of two novel akr families, respectively. all the three akrs required nicotinamide adenine ...201425447817
fungal pericarditis and endocarditis secondary to porcupine quill migration in a dog.a dog evaluated for acute onset of neurologic clinical signs was discovered to have a porcupine quill traversing the left atrium with fungal endocarditis. the dog had been quilled by a porcupine one month prior to presentation and had had several quills removed from the thoracic inlet and left dorsal shoulder areas. a new murmur was identified during the initial examination. echocardiographic changes consistent with mitral valve endocarditis were identified, in addition to a linear, hyperechoic ...201425465340
identification of non-coding rnas in the candida parapsilosis species group.the candida ctg clade is a monophyletic group of fungal species that translates ctg as serine, and includes the pathogens candida albicans and candida parapsilosis. research has typically focused on identifying protein-coding genes in these species. here, we use bioinformatic and experimental approaches to annotate known classes of non-coding rnas in three ctg-clade species, candida parapsilosis, candida orthopsilosis and lodderomyces elongisporus. we also update the annotation of ncrnas in the ...201727658249
four novel candida species in the candida albicans/lodderomyces elongisporus clade isolated from the gut of flower beetles.flower-visiting beetles belonging to three species of cetoniidae were collected on three mountains near beijing, china, and yeasts were isolated from the gut of the insects collected. based on the 26s rdna d1/d2 domain and internal transcribed spacer (its) region sequence analysis and phenotypic characterization, four novel anamorphic yeast species located in the candida albicans/lodderomyces elongisporus clade were identified from 18 of the strains isolated. the new species and type strains are ...200918830804
lodderomyces elongisporus masquerading as candida parapsilosis as a cause of bloodstream infections.ten yeast bloodstream isolates identified as candida parapsilosis by conventional methods grew as turquoise blue colonies on chromagar media. subsequent sequence analysis showed that these isolates were the species lodderomyces elongisporus. to our knowledge, this is the first published report of l. elongisporus as a cause of human disease.200817959765
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