a survey for yersinia pseudotuberculosis in migratory birds in coastal japan.yersinia pseudotuberculosis was isolated from three specimens of two species of birds, the black-faced bunting (emberiza spodocephala) and pied wagtail (motacilla alba), of 528 specimens of birds examined from coastal regions in japan. the two isolated strains of y. pseudotuberculosis were identified as serovar 4b and serovar 3. this is the first isolation of y. pseudotuberculosis from birds in japan. yersinia enterocolitica was isolated from three specimens of the pied wagtail, one specimen of ...19892761013
urogonimus macrostomus (digenea: leucochloridiidae) from the rustic bunting, emberiza rustica, in japan.some trematodes were found in the cloaca of a rustic bunting (emberiza rustica) captured in tsushima islands, japan. from their morphological characters and distribution, the flukes were identified as urogonimus macrostomus. the phylogenetic relationship between this fluke and related species was inferred from the 28s rrna gene sequences, and the gene sequence of the fluke was found to differ at only 4 nucleotide positions from that of u. macrostomus reported from ukraine. this is the first repo ...200919527798
chewing lice of genus ricinus (phthiraptera, ricinidae) deposited at the zoological institute of the russian academy of sciences, saint petersburg, russia, with description of a new species.we revised a collection of chewing lice deposited at the zoological institute of the russian academy of sciences, saint petersburg, russia. we studied 60 slides with 107 specimens of 10 species of the genus ricinus (de geer, 1778). the collection includes lectotype specimens of ricinus ivanovi blagoveshtchensky, 1951 and of ricinus tugarinovi blagoveshtchensky, 1951. we registered ricinus elongatus olfers, 1816 ex turdus ruficollis, r. ivanovi ex leucosticte tephrocotis and ricinus serratus (dur ...201626902646
mitochondrial genome of the emberiza rustica (emberizidae: emberiza).emberiza rustica, least concern species (iucn), is a passerine bird in the bunting family with wide geographical range. the complete mitochondrial genome of e. rustica (16,798 bp in length) had been analyzed for building the database. similar to the typical mtdna of vertebrates, it contained 37 genes (13 protein-coding genes, 2 rrna genes and 22 trna genes) and a non-coding region (d-loop). all the protein-coding genes in e. rustica were distributed on the h-strand, except for the nd6 subunit ge ...201423795848
effects of gonadectomy and sex steroids on the acid phosphatase activity of the hypothalamohypophysial system in the bird, emberiza rustica latifascia. 196414276651
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