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onchocerca armillata contamination of a bovine pericardial xenograft in a human patient with repaired tetralogy of fallot.background: bovine pericardial patches are used for many purposes, including facilitating right ventricular outflow tract reconstruction in patients with congenital heart disease. here we present a case of parasitic contamination of a bovine pericardium used as a transannular patch during repair of tetralogy of fallot 28 years prior at a hospital in china. methods: the patient presented to the university of washington medical center for congestive heart failure and pulmonic regurgitation, and he ...201121831660
onchocerca armillata contains the endosymbiotic bacterium wolbachia and elicits a limited inflammatory response.human onchocerciasis, also known as river blindness, is a debilitating disease caused by the filarial nematode onchocerca volvulus. many, but not all, filarial nematodes carry within their tissues endosymbiotic, rickettsia-like bacteria of the genus wolbachia. onchocerca spp. infections in cattle offer the most relevant, analogous host-parasite model system. west african cattle are commonly co-infected with four onchocerca spp.; two of these are wolbachia-positive (onchocerca gutturosa and oncho ...201020850932
the nematode parasite onchocerca volvulus generates the transforming growth factor-beta (tgf-beta).transforming growth factor-beta (tgf-beta) is a highly conserved cytokine that has a well-known regulatory role in immunity, but also in organ development of most animal species including helminths. homologous tgf-b genes and mrna have been detected in the filaria brugia malayi. the in situ protein expression is unknown for filariae. therefore, we examined several filariae for the expression and localization of latent (stable) tgf-beta in adult and larval stages. a specific goat anti-human laten ...200919452170
bovine onchocercosis in north cameroon.ventral skin biopsies from 204 gudali cattle of the vina division in the adamawa highlands revealed microfilariae of onchocerca gutturosa, o. ochengi and o. dukei in 85%, 51% and 8% of the animals, respectively. in 60 fulani cattle from the tcholliré division in the sudan savanna, the same microfilaria species were detected in 92%, 83% and 47% of the animals. onchocerca armillata adult worms were found in 67% of the gudalis and in 100% of the fulanis. in areas of high transmission the prevalence ...19948073613
note on onchocerca armillata in the sudanese camel (c. dromedarius). a histological and anatomo-pathological approach.aortic onchocercosis due to o. armillata was diagnosed in 45 (41%) out of 109 sudanese camels. although the thoracic aorta was regularly affected, involvement of other vessels such as the abdominal aorta, brachiocephalic, pulmonary and costocervical arteries was not excluded. gross examination of the affected blood vessels revealed tortuous tunnels of parasitic tracks readily visible in the intimal surface of the vessels. nodular lesions were more common on the adventitia. microscopically, the l ...19902103058
aortic onchocercosis and elaeophorosis in traditional tsz-cattle in tabora (tanzania): prevalence and pathology.onchocerca armillata was found in 3838 (95.4%) and elaeophora poeli in 70 (1.7%) out of 4025 samples of aortas collected from cattle slaughtered at tabora in tanzania during the calendar year 1988. gross lesions of the affected aortas varied from mild to severe, characterised by parasitic tunnels, nodules and corrugated calcified ridges on the aortic wall. histological sections revealed changes as a result of tissue reaction against the parasites which were embedded into the intima of affected a ...19902143330
prevalence of microfilariae in cattle at slaughter in zaria, snips and blood taken from 372 randomly selected slaughtered cattle in zaria, nigeria were examined for microfilariae. a total of 293 (78.8%) skin snips and 218 (58.6%) blood samples were positive for microfilariae. two types of microfilariae, identified as onchocerca armillata, with a percentage prevalence of 64%, and o. gutturosa with a prevalence of 40% were isolated from the skin. the blood microfilariae were identified as those of setaria labiatopapillosa.19902382385
cloning and characterization of a species-specific repetitive dna sequence from onchocerca armillata.two clones, poa1 and poa5, have been isolated from a genomic dna library prepared from pools of onchocerca armillata adults in the plasmid vector puc12. in dot-blot hybridisations, these two clones do not cross-hybridise significantly with total genomic dna from o. volvulus, o. gutturosa, o. ochengi, o. gibsoni, o. lienalis, bovine, human, culicoides nubeculosus, simulium species or brugia pahangi, but do hybridise with as little as 100 pg of dna from two separate geographic isolates of o. armil ...19883185612
onchocerca armillata railliet and henry, 1909 and onchocerca gutturosa (neumann, 1910) in camels (camelus dromedarius l.) in the sudan.a study undertaken to determine the onchocerca species infecting camels that live in the same localities as cattle in the dinder region, blue nile province, sudan revealed concurrent infections with the bovine parasites onchocerca armillata in the thoracic aorta, brachiocephalic trunks and brachial arteries and onchocerca gutturosa in the ventral side of the lamellar parts of the ligamentum nuchae. the microfilariae of both species had the same predilection sites in the skin of the ears, head an ...19883222922
[observation on indirect hemagglutination test with adult onchocerca armillata antigen in the diagnosis of filariasis]. 19883242971
[analysis of the common antigen component between brugia malayi adults and onchocerca armillata adults]. 19883253024
onchocerca armillata: prevalence and pathology in sudanese cattle.cattle of various ages from khartoum province and western sudan were surveyed for onchocerca armillata infection by skin snip examination and some also at post-mortem examination. the former method reliably detected infection in cattle aged between nine months and eight years. several of the older infected animals had no microfilariae in their skin. prevalence rate and number of microfilariae per gram of skin were higher in male than in female cattle and in animals from western sudan than those ...19846532332
the prevalence, gross lesions and histopathology of aortic onchocerciasis in nigerian cattle.the incidence of aortic onchocerciasis due to onchocerca armillata among slaughtered cattle in ibadan, nigeria, was about 2 per cent between 1979 and 1980. the average number of nodules per thoracic aorta was 7 and the mean size of each nodule was 9.7 +/- 2.6 mm. about 54 per cent of the nodules examined were calcified, and nodular calcification appeared to be related to the degree of infection or reinfection with the parasite. the histopathology of the aortic lesions is described.19846740895
bovine onchocerciasis caused by onchocerca armillata and o. gutturosa.onchocerca armillata was found in 284 (28%) of 1,016 aortas, and o. gutturosa in 82 (28.87%) of 284 nuchal ligaments and in 11 (7.85%) of 140 rumenosplenic areas in specimens from cattle slaughtered during a 12-month period. adult parasites were not found in 600 hides. gross lesions included parasitic tunnels, nodules, roughening and calcification in the aortic walls. the connective tissue of nuchal ligaments and rumenosplenic areas was increased in amount, was gelatinous and brown and had afew ...1978695224
morphological variations within the species onchocerca armillata and o. gutturosa in buffaloes and cattle in india, with special reference to the male tail and cuticular ornamentation.morphological variations in onchocerca armillata and o. gutturosa, from buffalo and cattle, with special reference to male tail and cuticular ornamentation, have been studied from a large collection of worms available from the infected aortae and ligamentum nuchae, procured from slaughter houses at 3 different localities in uttar pradesh, india. seven variations in the disposition of caudal papillae in males in o. armillata and 14 in o. gutturosa are described. the prevalence of these two onchoc ...1978752057
onchocerca armillata (railliet and henry, 1909) from a new host, camelus dromedari. 19761005845
location of the microfilariae of onchocerca armillata. 19751165548
histopathology of the aortic lesions in cattle infected with onchocerca armillata (filariidae). 195813559951
aortic onchocerciasis due to onchocerca armillata in cattle in ghana, with special reference to the morphology of the parasite. 195713445082
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