entomophthoromycosis and mucormycosis as causes of pneumonia in vietnamese potbellied pigs.two vietnamese potbellied pigs ( sus scrofa) had respiratory disease and, on autopsy, both pigs had large masses in the lungs and thoracic cavity. microscopically, pulmonary and pleural masses contained large areas with hyphae surrounded by hypereosinophilic cellular debris rimmed by abundant eosinophils, lymphocytes, plasma cells, and histiocytes with occasional multinucleate giant cells. the hypereosinophilic debris usually formed tight cuffs, or "sleeves" around the hyphae, compatible with sp ...201829034814
occurrence and species distribution of pathogenic mucorales in unselected soil samples from france.mucormycosis is a life-threatening invasive fungal disease that affects a variety of patient groups. although mucorales are mostly opportunistic pathogens originating from soil or decaying vegetation, there are currently few data on prevalence of this group of fungi in the environment. the aim of the present study was to assess the prevalence and diversity of species of mucorales from soil samples collected in france. two grams of soil were homogenized in sterile saline and plated on sabouraud d ...201728992337
biosurfactant production by mucor circinelloides on waste frying oil and possible uses in crude oil remediation.biosurfactants are biocompatible surface active agents which many microorganisms produce. this study investigated the production of biosurfactants by mucor circinelloides. the effects of different factors on biosurfactant production, including carbon sources and concentrations, nitrogen sources, and iron (ii) concentration, were studied and the optimum condition determined. finally, the strain's ability to remove the crude oil and its relationship with biosurfactant production was evaluated. the ...201728991787
antioxidants potential of the filamentous fungi (mucor circinelloides).three important strains of mucorcircinelloides grown in complete and minimal media for specified period (72 h, 120 h and 168 h) under submerged fermentation conditions were investigated for their potential antioxidants/secondary metabolite production. all mycelial extracts demonstrated effective antioxidant activities in terms of β-carotene/linoleic acid bleaching, radical scavenging, reduction of metal ions and chelating abilities against ferrous ions. different extraction methods and solvent s ...201728991177
a protein complex bearing an oxidase with napthalene dihydrodiol dehydrogenase activity is induced in mucor circinelloides strain yr-1 during growth on polycyclic aromatic compounds.fungi are organisms capable of growing in a myriad of conditions and respond to counteract environmental cues. several locations in the world are polluted with oil and its derivatives, and some microorganisms tolerant to these compounds have been isolated. some fungi can grow in the presence of molecules such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons as sole carbon sources. in this report, we further characterized the induced enzymes with phenanthrene from mucor circinelloides yr-1 strain, isolated fr ...201828975438
old yellow enzyme homologues in mucor circinelloides: expression profile and biotransformation.the reduction of c=c double bond, a key reaction in organic synthesis, is mostly achieved by traditional chemical methods. therefore, the search for enzymes capable of performing this reaction is rapidly increasing. old yellow enzymes (oyes) are flavin-dependent oxidoreductases, initially isolated from saccharomyces pastorianus. in this study, the presence and activation of putative oye enzymes was investigated in the filamentous fungus mucor circinelloides, which was previously found to mediate ...201728935878
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