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comparative study of total hydroperoxides and antioxidant defense system in the indian tropical tasar silkworm, antheraea mylitta, in diapausing and non-diapausing the present study, the total hydroperoxides, catalase, glutathione-s-transferase, and ascorbic acid contents were determined in different developmental stages of the non-diapause and the diapause generation of the tropical tasar silkworm, antheraea mylitta drury (lepidoptera: saturniidae). the results showed stage-specific significantly higher levels of total hydroperoxides, catalase, and ascorbic acid contents in the non-diapause as compared to the diapause generation (p < 0.05). however, a ...024786341
almond larval body colour in antheraea mylitta d.: its origin and pattern of inheritance. 19695367565
properties of the antheraea mylitta cocoonase. 19734709593
variations in different biochemical parameters in the fat body of antheraea mylitta (tasar silk worm). 19806159317
free amino acids in the food, gut, and excreta of the tasar silkworm, antheraea mylitta d. (lepidoptera: saturniidae) during larval development. 19807450088
studies of neurosecretory cells of the brain of winter crop second instar antheraea mylitta drury larvae (lepidoptera: saturniidae). 19836629224
l-thyroxine (t4) elevates the free amino acid pool of haemolymph plasma of tasar silkworm, antheraea mylitta drury (lepidoptera: saturniidae).concentration of free amino acids (faa) in the haemolymph plasma of male and female tasar silkworm, a. mylitta, during fifth larval instar were determined by amino acid analyzer after administration of vertebrate thyroxine (t4). twenty faa have been identified in haemolymph plasma in both sexes, out of which ten were found to be predominating. treatment with anabolic doses of thyroxine (0.5 and 1.0 micrograms/g) were able to enhance the titre of all the individual faa which has been also reflect ...19947705760
influence of thyroxine on different ion-dependent atpase activities in fat body of tasar silkworm, antheraea mylitta d.the activities of na(+)-k(+)-, ca(2+)-, and mg(2+)-atpase of tasar silkworm, antheraea mylitta d. fat body were investigated from fifth larval stage to adult emergence after injection of various doses (0.5, 1.0, 2.0, and 5.0 micrograms/g) of mammalian thyroxine (t4) to 1-hr-old fifth instar larvae. in normal silkworms, both sexes exhibited maximum enzyme activity before spinning (day 12). na(+)-k(+)-, ca(2+)-, and mg(2+)-atpase activities in fat body of silkworms markedly declined after pupation ...19968921351
characterization of cypovirus isolates from tropical and temperate indian saturniidae silkworms.cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus (cypovirus, cpv) isolates from larvae of saturniidae silkworms antheraea mylitta, antheraea proylei, and antheraea assamensis were obtained and characterized. scanning electron microscopic (sem) studies revealed the presence of hexahedral (rhombic dodecahedron) polyhedral bodies of various size (1-4 microns) in individual hosts while transmission electron microscopic (tem) studies of isolated virions showed their uniform (icosahedral) shape and size (approximately ...200011332278
purification and characterization of fibroin from the tropical saturniid silkworm, antheraea mylitta.the fibroin protein isolated from the posterior silkgland of the tropical saturniid silkworm antheraea mylitta, was solubilized in lithium dodecyl sulfate and purified by gel filtration. the major fraction from gel filtration was analyzed by sds-page under non-reducing and reducing conditions. one major protein band of ca 395 kda was obtained under non-reducing conditions and a doublet band of approximately 197 kda under reducing conditions. the appearance of a single spot in two-dimensional ele ...200111483437
structure of the induced antibacterial protein from tasar silkworm, antheraea mylitta. implications to molecular evolution.the crystal structure of an antibacterial protein of immune origin (tswab), purified from tasar silkworm (antheraea mylitta) larvae after induction by escherichia coli infection, has been determined. this is the first insect lysozyme structure and represents induced lysozymes of innate immunity. the core structure of tswab is similar to c-type lysozymes and alpha-lactalbumins. however, tswab shows significant differences with respect to the other two proteins in the exposed loop regions. the cat ...200111522783
differential expression of the fibroin gene in developmental stages of silkworm, antheraea mylitta (saturniidae).fibroin gene expression during the larval developmental stages of the saturniid silkworm, antheraea mylitta, was analyzed. northern blot analysis of larval silk gland total rna using the fibroin gene as a probe showed that fibroin is expressed in the intermoult stages and repressed during the moulting stages. abundance of fibroin transcripts gradually increased from the third to fifth intermoult stage, reaching a peak in the fifth intermoult. transcripts declined during the early spinning stage. ...200111337263
molecular cloning and characterization of antheraea mylitta cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus genome segment 9.genome segment 9 of the 11-segment rna genomes of three cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus (cpv) isolates from antheraea mylitta (amcpv), antheraea assamensis (aacpv) and antheraea proylei (apcpv) were converted to cdna, cloned and sequenced. in each case, this genome segment consists of 1473 nucleotides with one long orf of 1035 bp and encodes a protein of 345 amino acids, termed nsp38, with a molecular mass of 38 kda. secondary structure prediction showed the presence of nine alpha-helices in the ...200212029164
food utilization efficiency in fifth instar larvae of antheraea mylitta (lepidoptera: saturniidae) infected with nosema sp. and its effect on reproductive potential and silk production.antheraea mylitta, a sericigenous insect of economical importance is often infected with an intracellular parasite of the genus nosema. this pathogen is known to cause fatal pebrine disease and is considered as an important factor that strongly influences the development of the host. larvae developed from the eggs laid by a female infected with nosema sp. showed extended development period. the increment in the larval weight declined significantly in infected larvae in comparison to uninfected o ...200312725805
a comparative phylogenetic analysis of full-length mariner elements isolated from the indian tasar silkmoth, antheraea mylitta (lepidoptera: saturniidae).mariner like elements (mles) are widely distributed type ii transposons with an open reading frame (orf) for transposase. we studied comparative phylogenetic evolution and inverted terminal repeat (itr) conservation of mles from indian saturniid silkmoth, antheraea mylitta with other full length mles submitted in the database. full length elements from a. mylitta were inactive with multiple mutations. many conserved amino acid blocks were identified after aligning transposase sequences. mariner ...200312799491
protein purification, cdna cloning and characterization of a protease inhibitor from the indian tasar silkworm, antheraea inhibitor of aspergillus oryzae fungal protease was purified to homogeneity from the hemolymph of fifth instar larvae of antheraea mylitta by ammonium sulfate precipitation, anion exchange and gel filtration (fplc) chromatography, and termed as amfpi-1. the extent of purification was checked by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis, and the molecular weight of purified inhibitor was determined by sds-page as 10.4 kda. fifteen n-terminal amino acid sequences of this protein were determined, and ...200314505696
issr profiling of genetic variability in the ecotypes of antheraea mylitta drury, the tropical tasar silkworm.antheraea mylitta, drury, the semi-wild silk-producing lepidopteran insect commonly known as tasar silkworm is unique to india and is distributed over a wide tropical forest range covering the states of andhra pradesh, bihar, chhattisgarh, madnya pradesh, maharashtra, orissa and uttaranchal. the populations found in different areas are know by their specific local names and are considered as different ecotypes, but it is difficult to separate the populations on the basis of morphological and lif ...200415065428
molecular profiling of silkworm biodiversity in india.molecular tools opened a new vista to understand nature's bio-diversity and its relevance and the same approach was availed of to build-up the foundation work on the bio-diversity of silkworm spp in india. it is well established that the heritage of usage of silk for dress materials in india, russia and china dates back to premedieval period and in spite of industrial development resulting to de-forestation, india still can claim as the owner of wide bio-diversity, espicially in northern india f ...200415648144
induction of biomolecules in mature leaves of terminalia arjuna due to feeding of antheraea mylitta drury.terminalia arjuna is an important food plant of the tasar silkworm, antheraea mylitta drury. in this study, we investigated the induction of biomolecules in mature leaves of these plants subjected to insect feeding. increase in total tannin content, lipid peroxidation, and trypsin inhibitor activity have been observed in mature leaves damaged by the insects. the growth rate of vth instar larvae of a. mylitta fed on previously damaged foliage reduced by 87.1%. induction of biomolecules for defens ...200415523561
parasitization of fifth instar tasar silkworm, antheraea mylitta, by the uzi fly, blepharipa zebina; a host-parasitoid interaction and its effect on host's nutritional parameters and parasitoid development.the uzi fly, blepharipa zebina, is a well-known larval endoparasitoid of the tropical tasar silkworm, antheraea mylitta. the present study dealt with the effect of the number of maggots developing per host on host nutritional parameters, parasitoid development and reproduction. nutritional indices for ingestion, digestion, approximate digestibility, relative consumption rate, relative growth rate, and gain in body weight declined significantly with the increase in parasitoid burden, but the effi ...200515707871
molecular cloning and characterization of antheraea mylitta cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus polyhedrin gene and its variant forms.the segments 10 (s10) of the 11 double stranded rna genomes from antheraea mylitta cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus (amcpv) encoding a novel polyhedrin polypeptide was converted to cdna, cloned, and sequenced. three cdna clones consisting of 1502 (amcpv10-1), 1120 (amcpv10-2), and 1415 (amcpv10-3) nucleotides encoding polyhedrin of 254, 339, and 319 amino acids with molecular masses of 29, 39, and 37 kda, respectively, were obtained, and verified by northern analysis. these clones showed 70-94% se ...200515907799
morphological and molecular characterization of a cypovirus (reoviridae) from the mosquito uranotaenia sapphirina (diptera: culicidae).a novel cypovirus has been isolated from the mosquito uranotaenia sapphirina (uscpv) and shown to cause a chronic infection confined to the cytoplasm of epithelial cells of the gastric ceca and posterior stomach. the production of large numbers of virions and inclusion bodies and their arrangement into paracrystalline arrays gives the gut of infected insects a distinctive blue iridescence. the virions, which were examined by electron microscopy, are icosahedral (55 to 65 nm in diameter) with a c ...200516014906
genetic variability and genetic structure of wild and semi-domestic populations of tasar silkworm (antheraea mylitta ) ecorace daba as revealed through issr markers.the genetic diversity in the wild and semi-domestic populations of daba ecorace of antheraea mylitta was studied to ascertain the distribution of variability within and among populations of semi-domestic bivoltine (db), trivoltine (dt) and nature grown wild populations (dn) with inter-simple sequence repeat (issr) markers. a total of 138 markers were produced among 56 individuals of the three populations, of which 98% were polymorphic. for the individual populations, the percentage polymorphism ...200516247690
analysis of bacteria-challenged wild silkmoth, antheraea mylitta (lepidoptera) transcriptome reveals potential immune the recent years a strong resemblance has been observed between the insect immune system and the mammalian innate immune mechanisms suggesting their common origin. among the insects, only the dipterans (drosophila and various mosquito species) have been widely investigated for their immune responses towards diverse pathogens. in the present study we constructed and analysed the immune transcriptome of the lepidopteran antheraea mylitta, an economically important indian tasar silkmoth with a v ...200616857061
crystallization and preliminary x-ray diffraction analysis of a protease inhibitor from the haemolymph of the indian tasar silkworm antheraea mylitta.a protein with inhibitory activity against fungal proteases was purified from the haemolymph of the indian tasar silkworm antheraea mylitta and was crystallized using the hanging-drop vapour-diffusion method. polyethylene glycol 3350 was used as a precipitant. crystals belonged to space group p6(3)22, with unit-cell parameters a = b = 60.6, c = 85.1 angstroms. x-ray diffraction data were collected and processed to a maximum resolution of 2.1 angstroms.200616820690
molecular identification of tropical tasar silkworm (antheraea mylitta) ecoraces with rapd and scar markers.the tropical tasar silkworm, antheraea mylitta, has several ecoraces, 10 of which are commercially exploited for the production of tasar silk. these ecoraces are identified by morphological markers that are greatly influenced by photoperiod, humidity, altitude, and host plants. the dna markers, random amplification of polymorphic dna (rapd), and sequence-characterized amplified region (scar) are identified to complement the existing morphological markers. seven rapd bands are selected that ident ...200616648996
isolation, purification and characterization of silk protein sericin from cocoon peduncles of tropical tasar silkworm, antheraea mylitta.a high molecular weight water-soluble glue protein, sericin was identified in the cocoon peduncle (a strong thread connecting the cocoons to the branches of the tree with a ring) of the tropical tasar silkworm, antheraea mylitta. the sericin was isolated by 8m urea containing 1% sodium dodecyl sulfate and beta-mercaptoethenol (2%) or by 1% sodium chloride. the protein was purified by gel filtration chromatography. in sds-page, a single band of approximately 200kda was detected both in non-reduci ...200616620954
repetitive dna in tropical tasar silkworm antheraea mylitta.antheraea mylitta is an endemic insect species producing the world famous tasar silk. its populations occupying different ecological and geographical regions show certain degree of phenotypic variability for which they are known as 'eco-races'. in order to understand the genetic variability and phylogenetic relationship among the different eco-races we characterized a repetitive taqi genomic dna fragment as a genetic marker. the sequence analysis and southern hybridization show the repetitive na ...200616455212
purification and biochemical characterization of a 70 kda sericin from tropical tasar silkworm, antheraea mylitta.sericin isolated from the cocoon of the tropical tasar silkmoth antheraea mylitta showed three major bands, with the lowest 70 kda. this band was purified by anion exchange chromatography. immunoblotting with concanavalin-a suggests a glycoprotein and cd analysis of secondary structure includes beta-sheet. amino acid analysis shows that the protein is enriched in glycine and serine while the mole percentages of these two amino acids are different from sericin of mulberry silkworm. an anti a. myl ...200717350301
molecular cloning, sequence analysis and expression of genome segment 7 (s7) of antheraea mylitta cypovirus (amcpv) that encodes a viral structural protein.the genome segment 7 (s7) of the 11 double stranded rna genomes from antheraea mylitta cypovirus (amcpv) was converted to cdna, cloned and sequenced. the nucleotide sequence showed that segment 7 consisted of 1789 nucleotides with an orf of 530 amino acids and could encode a protein of approximately 61 kda, termed p61. the 5' terminal sequence, agtaat and the 3' terminal sequence, agagc of the plus strand was found to be the same as genome segment 10 of amcpv encoding polyhedrin. no sequence sim ...200717253125
immune upregulation of novel antibacterial proteins from silkmoths (lepidoptera) that resemble lysozymes but lack muramidase on immune proteins in domesticated and wild silkmoths bombyx mori and antheraea mylitta, respectively, led to identification of a new class of antimicrobial proteins. we designated them as lysozyme-like proteins (llps) owing to their partial similarity with lysozymes. however, lack of characteristic catalytic amino acid residues essential for muramidase activity in llps puts them functionally apart from classical lysozymes. two llps, one from b. mori (bllp1) and the other from a. mylitta ( ...200717550822
noduler, a novel immune up-regulated protein mediates nodulation response in insects.insect immune system comprises of both humoral and cellular defenses. nodulation is one of the major, yet very poorly understood cellular responses against microbial infections in insects. through screening for novel immune genes from an indian saturniid silkmoth antheraea mylitta, we identified a protein up-regulated in hemolymph within minutes upon bacterial challenge. we have shown here, for first time, the involvement of this novel protein in mediating nodulation response against bacteria an ...200717982085
antioxidant potential of silk protein sericin against hydrogen peroxide-induced oxidative stress in skin fibroblasts.the antioxidant potential of silk protein sericin from the non-mulberry tropical tasar silkworm antheraea mylitta cocoon has been assessed and compared with that of the mulberry silkworm, bombyx mori. skin fibroblast cell line (ah927) challenged with hydrogen peroxide served as the positive control for the experiment. our results showed that the sericin obtained from tasar cocoons offers protection against oxidative stress and cell viability is restored to that of control on pre-incubation with ...200818377728
non-bioengineered silk gland fibroin protein: characterization and evaluation of matrices for potential tissue engineering applications.the possibility of using wild non-mulberry silk protein as a biopolymer remains unexplored compared to domesticated mulberry silk protein. one of the main reasons for this was for not having any suitable method of extraction of silk protein fibroin from cocoons and silk glands. in this study non-bioengineered non-mulberry silk gland fibroin protein from tropical tasar silkworm antheraea mylitta, is regenerated and characterized using 1% (w/v) sodium dodecyl sulfate (sds). the new technique is im ...200818383269
genome segment 6 of antheraea mylitta cypovirus encodes a structural protein with atpase activity.the genome segment 6 (s6) of the 11 double stranded rna genomes from antheraea mylitta cypovirus was converted into cdna, cloned and sequenced. s6 consisted of 1944 nucleotides with an orf of 607 amino acids and could encode a protein of 68 kda, termed p68. motif scan and molecular docking analysis of p68 showed the presence of two cystathionine beta synthase (cbs) domains and atp binding sites. the orf of amcpv s6 was expressed in e. coli as his-tag fusion protein and polyclonal antibody was ra ...200818486179
non-bioengineered silk fibroin protein 3d scaffolds for potential biotechnological and tissue engineering applications.this paper describes a new source for fabricating high-strength, non-bioengineered silk gland fibroin 3d scaffolds from indian tropical tasar silkworm, antheraea mylitta using sds for dissolution. the scaffolds were fabricated by freeze drying at different prefreezing temperatures for pore size and porosity optimization. superior mechanical properties with compressive strength in the range of 972 kpa were observed. the matrices were degraded by proteases within 28 d of incubation. biocompatibili ...200818702171
development of random amplified polymorphic dna markers for tropical tasar silkworm antheraea mylitta.antheraea mylitta (drury) is a tropical tasar-silk producing insect. its populations occupying different ecological and geographical regions show a certain degree of phenotypic variability, for which they are known as "eco-races." the eco-races are exploited for tasar silk production, and they are classified on the basis of their geographical distribution and morphology, which is often misleading when their systematic position is considered. to understand the genetic variability among the differ ...200818767726
estimation of amino acids, urea and uric acid in tasar silkworm, antheraea mylitta drury.the tasar silkworm, antheraea mylitta drury, andhra local ecorace is an exclusive race of andhra pradesh. it is on the verge of extinction due to difficulty of acclimatisation at breeding and rearing stages. as an attempt to protect this race, a method of total indoor rearing has been done. in this context, the estimation of free amino acids, excretory products- urea and uric acid were compared during the fourth and fifth instars of tasar silkworm, reared under outdoor and indoor conditions. the ...200819297987
silk fibroin protein from mulberry and non-mulberry silkworms: cytotoxicity, biocompatibility and kinetics of l929 murine fibroblast adhesion.silks fibers and films fabricated from fibroin protein of domesticated mulberry silkworm cocoon have been traditionally utilized as sutures in surgery and recently as biomaterial films respectively. here, we explore the possibility of application of silk fibroin protein from non-mulberry silkworm cocoon as a potential biomaterial aid. in terms of direct inflammatory potential, fibroin proteins from antheraea mylitta and bombyx mori are immunologically inert and invoke minimal immune response. st ...200818322779
a novel method for dissolution and stabilization of non-mulberry silk gland protein fibroin using anionic surfactant sodium dodecyl sulfate.the importance of silk protein has increased because of its potential use as a natural biopolymer for tissue engineering and biomedical applications. in this report we show a novel and ecofriendly method for dissolution of gland silk protein fibroin. non-mulberry silk fibroin from mature fifth instar larvae of antheraea mylitta was found to be optimally soluble in 1% (w/v) anionic surfactant sodium dodecyl sulfate (sds). regenerated fibroin showed distinct bands of approximately 395 and 197 kda ...200817969177
self-assembled silk sericin/poloxamer nanoparticles as nanocarriers of hydrophobic and hydrophilic drugs for targeted recent times self-assembled micellar nanoparticles have been successfully employed in tissue engineering for targeted drug delivery applications. in this review, silk sericin protein from non-mulberry antheraea mylitta tropical tasar silk cocoons was blended with pluronic f-127 and f-87 in the presence of solvents to achieve self-assembled micellar nanostructures capable of carrying both hydrophilic (fitc-inulin) and hydrophobic (anticancer drug paclitaxel) drugs. the fabricated nanoparticles ...200919671963
characterization of fibroin and peg-blended fibroin matrices for in vitro adhesion and proliferation of fibroin protein, isolated from cocoons of the domesticated mulberry silkworm, bombyx mori, finds extensive application in biomaterial design. in this study, poly(ethylene glycol) (peg) 4000 has been used for blending fibroin from both b. mori and antheraea mylitta, the wild tropical non-mulberry silkworm. peg-blended films have shown marked changes from the pure fibroin films with respect to thermal properties and mechanical properties. ft-ir spectroscopy confirmed incorporation of new func ...200919323875
non-bioengineered silk gland fibroin micromolded matrices to study cell-surface interactions.micropatterning/micromolding of protein molecules has played a significant role in developing biosensors, micro arrays, and tissue engineering devices for cellular investigations. relevantly, there have been ample scopes for silk to be used as natural biomaterial in tissue engineering applications due to its attractive properties such as slow-controllable degradation, mechanical robustness, and inherent biocompatibility. in this paper, we report the fabrication of micromolded silk fibroin matric ...200919058012
crystal structure of a fungal protease inhibitor from antheraea mylitta.indian tasar silk is produced by a wild insect called antheraea mylitta. insects do not have any antigen-antibody mediated immune system like vertebrates but they produce a wide variety of effector proteins and peptides possessing potent antifungal and antibacterial activity to combat microbial attack. antheraea mylitta expresses a fungal protease inhibitor amfpi-1, in the hemolymph that inhibits alkaline protease of aspergillus oryzae for protection against fungal infection. amfpi-1 is purified ...200919263521
novel silk sericin/gelatin 3-d scaffolds and 2-d films: fabrication and characterization for potential tissue engineering this study, we report for the first time the fabrication of novel 3-d sericin/gelatin scaffolds and 2-d films using non-mulberry antheraea mylitta silk cocoon sericin protein. the matrices were fabricated, biophysically characterized and optimized for cell culture applications. blended sericin/gelatin 3-d scaffolds were highly porous with an optimum pore size of 170+/-20 microm. the scaffolds were robust with enhanced mechanical strength and showed high compressibility. swelling studies showe ...200919398392
osteogenic and adipogenic differentiation of rat bone marrow cells on non-mulberry and mulberry silk gland fibroin 3d scaffolds.this study investigates the potential of 3d silk scaffolds fabricated using tropical tasar non-mulberry, antheraea mylitta and mulberry, bombyx mori silk gland fibroin proteins as substrate for osteogenic and adipogenic differentiation of rat bone marrow cells (bmcs). the scaffolds are mechanically robust and show homogenous pore distribution with high porosity and interconnected pore walls. low immunogenicity of fabricated silk scaffolds as estimated through tnf alpha release indicates its pote ...200919577292
cloning, overexpression, purification, crystallization and preliminary x-ray diffraction analysis of glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase from antheraea mylitta.glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase from antheraea mylitta (amgapdh) was cloned in pqe30 vector, overexpressed in escherichia coli m15 (prep4) cells and purified to homogeneity. the protein was crystallized using the hanging-drop vapour-diffusion method. the crystals belonged to the orthorhombic space group i222, with unit-cell parameters a = 85.81, b = 133.72, c = 220.37 a. x-ray diffraction data were collected and processed to a maximum resolution of 2.2 a. the presence of three molecules ...200919724138
silk gland sericin protein membranes: fabrication and characterization for potential biotechnological applications.this study describes the potential use of silk gland sericin protein as a biocompatible natural biopolymer in its native form. the membranes were fabricated using native silk sericin protein extracted from middle silk gland of antheraea mylitta, a non-mulberry tropical tasar silkworm without using any cross-linking agent. the fabricated membranes were biophysically characterized and optimized for cell culture. silk sericin protein extracted from gland contained higher amount of beta-sheets, whic ...200919808068
silk fibroin film from non-mulberry tropical tasar silkworms: a novel substrate for in vitro fibroblast culture.the silk protein fibroin, isolated from the cocoon of the domesticated mulberry silkworm, bombyx mori, is used extensively in biomaterial design and in cell and tissue culture. we report here for the first time the potential application of fibroin obtained from the cocoon of non-mulberry tropical silkworm, antheraea mylitta, as a substrate for in vitro cell culture. the mechanical strength of a. mylitta silk fibers indicates a stronger thread composition. the contact angle of a. mylitta fibroin ...200918676188
implication of silk film rgd availability and surface roughness on cytoskeletal organization and proliferation of primary rat bone marrow design and fabricate next-generation tissue engineering materials, the understanding of cell responses to material surfaces is required. surface topography presents powerful cues for cells and can strongly influence cell morphology, adhesion, and proliferation, but the mechanisms mediating this cell response remain unclear. in this report, we have investigated the effects of nanoroughness assemblies of silk fibroin protein membranes and rgd sequences fabricated from two different silk fibroin ...201020214452
molecular characterization of genome segment 2 encoding rna dependent rna polymerase of antheraea mylitta cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus.genome segment 2 (s2) from antheraea mylitta cypovirus (amcpv) was converted into cdna, cloned and sequenced. s2 consisted of 3798 nucleotides with a long orf encoding a 1116 amino acid long protein (123 kda). blast and phylogenetic analysis showed 29% sequence identity and close relatedness of amcpv s2 with rna dependent rna polymerase (rdrp) of other insect cypoviruses, suggesting a common origin of all insect cypoviruses. the orf of s2 was expressed as 123 kda soluble his-tagged fusion protei ...201020488502
molecular characterization of genome segments 1 and 3 encoding two capsid proteins of antheraea mylitta cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus.antheraea mylitta cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus (amcpv), a cypovirus of reoviridae family, infects indian non-mulberry silkworm, antheraea mylitta, and contains 11 segmented double stranded rna (s1-s11) in its genome. some of its genome segments (s2 and s6-s11) have been previously characterized but genome segments encoding viral capsid have not been characterized.201020684765
biospinning by silkworms: silk fiber matrices for tissue engineering applications.the mechanism of biospinning of natural silk fibers has been an open issue for decades. in this report a natural bio-polymeric matrix based on biospun silk fibers obtained from antheraea mylitta, a wild non-mulberry tropical tasar silkworm, is put forward for potential applications. this report deals with the conformational transitions of silk fibroin during the biospinning process and its potential to support cell adherence and proliferation. the silk fibers obtained were aligned into linear, m ...201019716447
purification, characterization and immunolocalization of a novel protease inhibitor from hemolymph of tasar silkworm, antheraea mylitta.a novel serine protease inhibitor (ampi) was purified from larval hemolymph of tasar silkworm, antheraea mylitta by two-step process of trypsin-affinity and gel-filtration (fplc) chromatography. ampi was active against larval midgut and commercial bovine trypsin and chymotrypsin. the extent of purification was determined by sds and native page. the protease inhibitor had an apparent molecular weight of approximately 14.5 kda as determined by sds-page. its activity was stable over a ph range of 4 ...201019723549
analysis of transcripts expressed in one-day-old larvae and fifth instar silk glands of tasar silkworm, antheraea mylitta.antheraea mylitta is one of the wild nonmulberry silkworms, which produces tasar silk. an est project has been undertaken to understand the gene expression profile of a. mylitta silk gland. two cdna libraries, one from the whole bodies of one-day-old larvae and the other from the silkglands of fifth instar larvae, were constructed and sequenced. a total of 2476 good-quality ests (1239 clones) were obtained and grouped into 648 clusters containing 390 contigs and 258 singletons to represent 467 p ...201020454581
two female-specific dsx proteins are encoded by the sex-specific transcripts of dsx, and are required for female sexual differentiation in two wild silkmoth species, antheraea assama and antheraea mylitta (lepidoptera, saturniidae).doublesex (dsx) is the bottom most gene of the sex-determination cascade of drosophila melanogaster. the pre-mrna of dsx splices to produce male- and female-specific transcripts which code for the male- and female-specific proteins, respectively. dsx homologues have been characterized from different (many in diptera, two in hypmenoptera and only one in lepidoptera) insect species. sex-specific splice forms of dsx pre-mrna in all these species code for one male- and one female-specific dsx protei ...201020633649
silk fibroin nanoparticles for cellular uptake and control nanoparticles were prepared from silk fibroin solutions of domesticated bombyx mori and tropical tasar silkworm antheraea mylitta and investigated in respect to its particle size, surface charge, stability and morphology along with its cellular uptake and release of growth factors. the nanoparticles were stable, spherical, negatively charged, 150-170nm in average diameter and exhibited mostly silk ii (beta-sheet) structure and did not impose any overt toxicity. cellular uptake studies showe ...201020060449
engineered silk fibroin protein 3d matrices for in vitro tumor model.3d in vitro model systems that are able to mimic the in vivo microenvironment are now highly sought after in cancer research. antheraea mylitta silk fibroin protein matrices were investigated as potential biomaterial for in vitro tumor modeling. we compared the characteristics of mda-mb-231 cells on a. mylitta, bombyx mori silk matrices, matrigel, and tissue culture plates. the attachment and morphology of the mda-mb-231 cell line on a. mylitta silk matrices was found to be better than on b. mor ...201121167597
non-mulberry silk sericin/poly (vinyl alcohol) hydrogel matrices for potential biotechnological applications.this study reports a novel biopolymeric matrix fabricated by chemically cross-linking poly (vinyl alcohol) with silk sericin protein obtained from cocoons of the tropical tasar silkworm antheraea mylitta. glutaraldehyde was used as a cross-linking agent with hydrochloric acid acting as an initiator. the matrices were biophysically characterized and the cytocompatibility of the matrices was evaluated for their suitability as biomaterials. the surface morphology was assessed using atomic force mic ...201121549749
development of a multiplex polymerase chain reaction for the simultaneous detection of microsporidians, nucleopolyhedrovirus, and densovirus infecting silkworms.we have developed a novel pcr-based assay for individual and simultaneous detection of three major pathogens (microsporidians, nucleopolyhedrovirus (npv) and densovirus (dnv)) infecting the silkworm, bombyx mori. multiplex pcr, using three primer pairs, two of which were designed from the conserved regions of 16s small subunit ribosomal rna gene of microsporidians, and polyhedrin gene of npvs respectively, and a third primer pair designed from the internal sequences of b. mori dnvs (bmdnv), show ...201121570404
effect of initial cell seeding density on 3d-engineered silk fibroin scaffolds for articular cartilage tissue engineering.the repair of articular cartilage defects poses a continuing challenge. cartilage tissue engineering through the culture of chondrocytes seeded in 3d porous scaffolds has the potential for generating constructs that repair successfully. it also provides a platform to study scaffold-cell and cell-cell interactions. the scaffold affects the growth and morphology of cells growing on it, and concomitantly, cells affect the properties of the resultant tissue construct. silk fibroin protein from anthe ...201121906805
investigation of the properties and potential medical applications of natural silk fibers produced by eupackardia has been considered biocompatible and used for medical applications for centuries. however, most of the silk currently used is produced by the domesticated silkworm, bombyx mori. recently, it has been demonstrated that silk produced by saturniidae insects such as antheraea mylitta, phylisomia ricini, and antheraea pernyi had unique properties and suitable for medical applications. therefore, efforts are being made to identify and study the structure and properties of silks produced by wild ...201223565687
properties and potential medical applications of silk fibers produced by rothischildia lebeau.rothischildia lebeau which belongs to the saturniidae family of silk-producing insects secretes protein fibers with properties between that of the bombyx mori and the common wild silks. traditionally, wild silks produced by insects such as antheraea mylitta are considerably coarser and have inferior tensile properties than the domesticated and most commonly used silk produced by b. mori. recently, it has been demonstrated that some of the wild silks have unique properties and preferable for medi ...201223594071
morphology and histology of lyonet's gland of the tropical tasar silkworm, antheraea mylitta.the morphology and histology of lyonet's gland in the second to fifth instar larvae of antheraea mylitta drury (lepidoptera: saturniidae) are described. each of the paired silk glands of this silk worm were associated with a lyonet's gland. the paired lyonet's glands were located on the ventrolateral sides of the esophagus, close to the subesophageal ganglion. whole mount and sem observations revealed that each lyonet's gland consisted of a rosette of glandular mass, and a short narrow tubular d ...201223451934
kinetic analysis, expression pattern, and production of a recombinant fungal protease inhibitor of tasar silkworm antheraea mylitta.antheraea mylitta, a tasar silk-producing insect of saturniidae family, expresses a fungal protease inhibitor named as a. mylitta fungal protease inhibitor-1 (amfpi-1). amfpi-1 inhibits alkaline protease of aspergillus oryzae but its mechanism of action is not known. to understand the mode of inhibition of amfpi-1 against the fungal protease, it was purified from the hemolymph of a. mylitta larvae and inhibitory activity against a. oryzae protease was studied. kinetic analysis of purified amfpi- ...201222935928
potential of 2d crosslinked sericin membranes with improved biostability for skin tissue sericin protein is a natural, hydrophilic, macromolecular glycoprotein mainly synthesized in the middle silk gland of the silkworm. it constitutes 25-30% of the silk cocoon. sericin proteins have antioxidant, antimicrobial, uv-resistant properties, promote wound healing and support cell proliferation even in serum-free media. most of the sericin is discarded as waste in silk processing industries. this study aims at improving the mechanical strength and stability of sericin extracted from t ...201222327482
chondrogenic differentiation of rat mscs on porous scaffolds of silk fibroin/chitosan bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells are undifferentiated, multipotential cells and have the potential to differentiate into multiple lineages like bone, cartilage or fat. in this study, polyelectrolyte complex silk fibroin/chitosan blended porous scaffolds were fabricated and examined for its ability to support in vitro chondrogenesis of mesenchymal stem cells. silk fibroin matrices provide suitable substrate for cell attachment and proliferation while chitosan are promising biomate ...201222261099
silk protein fibroin from antheraea mylitta for cardiac tissue engineering.the human heart cannot regenerate after an injury. lost cardiomyocytes are replaced by scar tissue resulting in reduced cardiac function causing high morbidity and mortality. one possible solution to this problem is cardiac tissue engineering. here, we have investigated the suitability of non-mulberry silk protein fibroin from indian tropical tasar antheraea mylitta as a scaffold for engineering a cardiac patch in vitro. we have tested cell adhesion, cellular metabolic activity, response to extr ...201222240510
identification of rapd and scar markers associated with yield traits in the indian tropical tasar silkworm antheraea mylitta drury.the tropical tasar silkworm, antheraea mylitta, is a semi-domesticated vanya silk-producing insect of high economic importance. to date, no molecular marker associated with cocoon and shell weights has been identified in this species. in this report, we identified a randomly amplified polymorphic dna (rapd) marker and examined its inheritance, and also developed a stable diagnostic sequence-characterized amplified region (scar) marker. silkworms were divided into groups with high (hcsw) and low ...201223271934
extraction conditions of antheraea mylitta sericin with high yields and minimum molecular weight degradation.although the technique for extracting the bombyx mori sericin has been extensively known, the extraction of sericin from wild-silkworm cocoons is not yet standardized. the aim of this study was to find the optimal conditions for the extraction of sericin from antheraea mylitta cocoons, with high yields and minimum degradation. we attempted to apply various protocols for the extraction of the a. mylitta sericin (ams). among these, we found that the extraction of ams with a sodium carbonate soluti ...201323026092
silk hydrogels from non-mulberry and mulberry silkworm cocoons processed with ionic liquids.matrices based on silk fibroin from the non-mulberry silkworm antheraea mylitta and the mulberry silkworm bombyx mori have demonstrated good applicability in regenerative medicine. however, the cocoons of a. mylitta are underutilized in part due to their lack of solubility in traditional organic solvents. therefore, the present work investigates the solubilization and processing of degummed fibers obtained from the cocoons of both silkworm species into hydrogels using ionic liquids (ils). the de ...201323845228
mechanical properties and structure of silkworm cocoons: a comparative study of bombyx mori, antheraea assamensis, antheraea pernyi and antheraea mylitta silkworm a protective shell against environmental damage and attack by natural predators, the silkworm cocoon has outstanding mechanical properties. in particular, this multilayer non-woven composite structure can be exceptionally tough to enhance the chance of survival for silkworms while supporting their metabolic activity. peel, out-of-plane compression and nano-indentation tests and micro-structure analysis were performed on four types of silkworm cocoon walls (domesticated bombyx mori, semi-domes ...201323706202
the promotion of osseointegration of titanium surfaces by coating with silk protein sericin.a promising strategy to influence the osseointegration process around orthopaedic titanium implants is the immobilization of bioactive molecules. this recruits appropriate interaction between the surface and the tissue by directing cells adhesion, proliferation, differentiation and active matrix remodelling. in this study, we aimed to investigate the functionalization of metallic implant titanium with silk protein sericin. titanium surface was immobilized with non-mulberry antheraea mylitta seri ...201323357374
osteochondral tissue engineering in vivo: a comparative study using layered silk fibroin scaffolds from mulberry and nonmulberry silkworms.the ability to treat osteochondral defects is a major clinical need. existing polymer systems cannot address the simultaneous requirements of regenerating bone and cartilage tissues together. the challenge still lies on how to improve the integration of newly formed tissue with the surrounding tissues and the cartilage-bone interface. this study investigated the potential use of different silk fibroin scaffolds: mulberry (bombyx mori) and non-mulberry (antheraea mylitta) for osteochondral regene ...201324260335
a silk fibroin based hepatocarcinoma model and the assessment of the drug response in hyaluronan-binding protein 1 overexpressed hepg2 cells.microenvironment around tumor cells plays an important role in its malignancy or invasiveness. hyaluronan (ha), a major component of extracellular matrix is found to be elevated in most of cancerous niche/microenvironment and performs regulatory role in the progression of tumors and metastasis. overexpression of the hyaladherin, hyaluronan-binding protein 1 (habp1) in the hepatocarcinoma cells (hepg2) termed as hepr21 leads to enhanced cell proliferation with increased ha 'pool' associated with ...201324016853
sericin-carboxymethyl cellulose porous matrices as cellular wound dressing this study, porous three-dimensional (3d) hydrogel matrices are fabricated composed of silk cocoon protein sericin of non-mulberry silkworm antheraea mylitta and carboxymethyl cellulose. the matrices are prepared via freeze-drying technique followed by dual cross-linking with glutaraldehyde and aluminum chloride. the microstructure of the hydrogel matrices is assessed using scanning electron microscopy and biophysical characterization are carried out using fourier transform infrared spectrosc ...201423853114
electricity from the silk cocoon cocoon membrane (scm) is an insect engineered structure. we studied the electrical properties of mulberry (bombyx mori) and non-mulberry (tussar, antheraea mylitta) scm. when dry, scm behaves like an insulator. on absorbing moisture, it generates electrical current, which is modulated by temperature. the current flowing across the scm is possibly ionic and protonic in nature. we exploited the electrical properties of scm to develop simple energy harvesting devices, which could operate low p ...201424961354
thromboelastometric and platelet responses to silk biomaterials.silkworm's silk is natural biopolymer with unique properties including mechanical robustness, all aqueous base processing and ease in fabrication into different multifunctional templates. additionally, the nonmulberry silks have cell adhesion promoting tri-peptide (rgd) sequences, which make it an immensely potential platform for regenerative medicine. the compatibility of nonmulberry silk with human blood is still elusive; thereby, restricts its further application as implants. the present stud ...201424824624
silk sericin-alginate-chitosan microcapsules: hepatocytes encapsulation for enhanced cellular functions.the encapsulation based technology permits long-term delivery of desired therapeutic products in local regions of body without the need of immunosuppressant drugs. in this study microcapsules composed of sericin and alginate micro bead as inner core and with an outer chitosan shell are prepared. this work is proposed for live cell encapsulation for potential therapeutic applications. the sericin protein is obtained from cocoons of non-mulberry silkworm antheraea mylitta. the sericin-alginate mic ...201424486492
activity-guided isolation of antioxidants from the leaves of terminalia activity-guided isolation and purification process was used to identify the l,l-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl (dpph) free radical-scavenging components of the food plant (terminalia arjuna) of antheraea mylitta. dry leaves of t. arjuna were extracted with different solvents and tested for their antioxidant activity against dpph(•). the acetone-water (8:2) extract expressed strong dpph radical-scavenging activity, and was subjected to column chromatography over silica gel. gallic acid, apigenin, l ...201424484080
folate conjugated silk fibroin nanocarriers for targeted drug delivery.disease treatment processes mainly focus on the development of nontoxic, biodegradable, non-immunogenic, biocompatible materials capable of controlled and long-term release of biomolecules. in this work silk protein fibroin from non-mulberry tropical tasar silkworm, antheraea mylitta, is used to prepare nanoparticles as a drug delivery system. folate is a vitamin, which is brought into healthy and cancerous cells by folate receptors. the efficiency of silk fibroin-folate nanoparticles loaded wit ...201424345855
genome segment 5 of antheraea mylitta cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus encodes a bona fide guanylyltransferase.antheraea mylitta cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus (amcpv), a cypovirus of reoviridae family, infects non mulberry indian silk worm, antheraea mylitta, and contains eleven segmented double stranded rna in its genome (s1-s11). some of its genome segments (s1-s3, and s6-s11) have been previously characterized but genome segment encoding the viral guanylyltransferase which helps in rna capping has not been characterized.201424649879
oxidative damaged products, level of hydrogen peroxide, and antioxidant protection in diapausing pupa of tasar silk worm, antheraea mylitta: a comparative study in two voltine groups.the present study demonstrates tissue-specific (hemolymph and fat body) and inter-voltine [bivoltine (bv) and trivoltine (tv)] differences in oxidatively damaged products, h2o2 content, and the relative level of antioxidant protection in the diapausing pupae of antheraea mylitta. results suggest that fat body (fb) of both the voltine groups has oxidative predominance, as evident from the high value of lipid peroxidation and h2o2 content, despite better enzymatic defenses in comparison to hemolym ...201526816485
genome segment 4 of antheraea mylitta cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus encodes rna triphosphatase and methyltransferases.cloning and sequencing of antheraea mylitta cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus (amcpv) genome segment s4 showed that it consists of 3410 nt with a single orf of 1110 aa which could encode a protein of ~127 kda (p127). bioinformatics analysis showed the presence of a 5' rna triphosphatase (rtpase) domain (lrdr), a s-adenosyl-l-methionine (sam)-binding (gxgxg) motif and the kdke tetrad of 2'-o-methyltransferase (mtase), which suggested that s4 may encode rtpase and mtase. the orf of s4 was expressed i ...201525228490
attacin gene sequence variations in different ecoraces of tasar silkworm antheraea mylitta.attacin gene exists as paralogous conversion and is being used for identification of strain variations in insects based on the sequence variation. hence, a study was undertaken to analyze the sequence variation of the attacin gene isoforms in the tasar silkworm anthereae mylitta that exists in the form of different ecoraces depending upon the environment, food plant and location. comparison of the previously reported attacin sequences with the dna sequences of attacin a and b genes revealed six ...201526664033
genetic analysis of indian tasar silkmoth (antheraea mylitta) populations.indian tasar silkmoth, antheraea mylitta is an economically important wild silkmoth species distributed across india. a number of morphologically and ethologically well-defined ecotypes are known for this species that differ in their primary food plant specificity. most of these ecotypes do not interbreed in nature, but are able to produce offspring under captive conditions. microsatellite markers were developed for a. mylitta, and out of these, ten well-behaved microsatellite loci were used to ...201526510465
functional insights from molecular modeling, docking, and dynamics study of a cypoviral rna dependent rna polymerase.antheraea mylitta cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus (amcpv) contains 11 double stranded rna genome segments and infects tasar silkworm a. mylitta. rna-dependent rna polymerase (rdrp) is reported as a key enzyme responsible for propagation of the virus in the host cell but its structure function relationship still remains elusive. here a computational approach has been taken to compare sequence and secondary structure of amcpv rdrp with other viral rdrps to identify consensus motifs. then a reliable ...201526264734
milled non-mulberry silk fibroin microparticles as biomaterial for biomedical fibroin has been widely employed in various forms as biomaterials for biomedical applications due to its superb biocompatibility and tunable degradation and mechanical properties. herein, silk fibroin microparticles of non-mulberry silkworm species (antheraea assamensis, antheraea mylitta and philosamia ricini) were fabricated via a top-down approach using a combination of wet-milling and spray drying techniques. microparticles of mulberry silkworm (bombyx mori) were also utilized for compa ...201526226458
genetic characterisation of microsporidia infecting indian tasar silkworm, antheraea mylitta, using morphology and molecular tools.the utility of inter simple sequence repeat-pcr (issr-pcr) assay in the genetic characterisation and elucidation of the phylogenetic relationship of different microsporidian isolates infecting tropical tasar silkworm, antheraea mylitta drury, is demonstrated. a total of 22 different microsporidians collected from the diseased tasar silkworms from jharkhand state of india were analysed using morphological characters and issr-pcr. observations spores under phase contrast microscope revealed oval t ...201526198429
nonmulberry silk fibroin scaffold shows superior osteoconductivity than mulberry silk fibroin in calvarial bone regeneration.recent years have witnessed the advancement of silk biomaterials in bone tissue engineering, although clinical application of the same is still in its infancy. in this study, the potential of pure nonmulberry antheraea mylitta (am) fibroin scaffold, without preloading with bone precursor cells, to repair calvarial bone defect in a rat model is explored and compared with its mulberry counterpart bombyx mori (bm) silk fibroin. after 3 months of implantation, am scaffold culminates in a completely ...201526084249
development of novel electrospun nanofibrous scaffold from p. ricini and a. mylitta silk fibroin blend with improved surface and biological properties.biomaterials that stimulate cell attachment and proliferation without any surface modification (e.g. rgd coating) provide potent and cost effective scaffold for regenerative medicine. this study assessed the physico-chemical properties and cell supportive potential of a silk fibroin blend scaffold derived from eri (philosamia ricini) and tasar (antheraea mylitta) silk (et) respectively by electrospinning process. the scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy study found t ...201525579953
nanofibrous nonmulberry silk/pva scaffold for osteoinduction and osseointegration.poly-vinyl alcohol and nonmulberry tasar silk fibroin of antheraea mylitta are blended to fabricate nanofibrous scaffolds for bone regeneration. nanofibrous matrices are prepared by electrospinning the equal volume ratio blends of silk fibroin (2 and 4 wt%) with poly-vinyl alcohol solution (10 wt%) and designated as 2sf/pva and 4sf/pva, respectively with average nanofiber diameters of 177 ± 13 nm (2sf/pva) and 193 ± 17 nm (4sf/pva). fourier transform infrared spectroscopy confirms retention of t ...201525418966
enhanced osteogenic potential of human mesenchymal stem cells on electrospun nanofibrous scaffolds prepared from eri-tasar silk fibroin.this study evaluated the mechanical properties and osteogenic potential of a silk fibroin scaffold prepared from a 70:30 blend of eri (philosamia ricini) and tasar (antheraea mylitta) silk, respectively (et scaffolds). an electrospinning process was used to prepare uniformly blended, fibrous scaffolds of nanoscale dimensions, as confirmed by scanning and transmission electron microscopy (fiber diameter < 300 nm). similarly prepared scaffolds derived from gelatin and bombyx mori (bm) silk fibroin ...201525176408
potential of inherent rgd containing silk fibroin-poly (є-caprolactone) nanofibrous matrix for bone tissue engineering.the current study deals with the fabrication and characterization of blended nanofibrous scaffolds of tropical tasar silk fibroin of antheraea mylitta and poly (є-caprolactone) to act as an ideal scaffold for bone regeneration. the use of poly (є-caprolactone) in osteogenesis is well-recognized. at the same time, the osteoconductive nature of the non-mulberry tasar fibroin is also established due to its internal integrin binding peptide rgd (arg-gly-asp) sequences, which enhance cellular interac ...201626174955
noduler an immune protein augments infection-induced cell proliferation through cross-talking with p38 mapk.noduler, an immune protein that mediates nodule formation by binding to specific bacteria and hemocytes was previously reported in the wild tasar silkworm, antheraea mylitta. however, the molecular mechanism underlying nodulation in lepidopterans remains unclear. the present study is performed to investigate the functional connection between noduler with various signalling pathways. it was observed that noduler is an upstream factor in the phenoloxidase cascade and its knockdown has no direct ef ...201626433868
silk fibroin nanoparticles support in vitro sustained antibiotic release and osteogenesis on titanium surface.increasing amounts of metal-based implants are used for orthopedic or dental surgeries throughout the world. still several implant-related problems such as inflammation, loosening and bacterial infection are prevalent. these problems stem from the immediate microbial contamination and failure of initial osteoblast adhesion. additionally, bacterial infections can cause serious and life-threatening conditions such as osteomyelitis. here, antibiotic (gentamicin)-loaded silk protein fibroin (non-mul ...201626772428
genetic variation in ecoraces of tropical tasar silkworm, antheraea mylitta using ssr markers.the tropical tasar silkworm, antheraea mylitta, polyphagous sericigenous insect mostly found in the tropical areas of india. it is found in these regions as ecotypes or ecoraces. it feeds primarily on plants, a variety of secondary plants like terminalia arjuna and t. tomentosa. tasar culture is a traditional livelihood for lakhs of tribal populace in the areas of jharkhand, chhatisgarh, orissa, maharashtra, andhra pradesh, west bengal and uttar pradesh. in the present study, the genetic diversi ...201627994176
silk fibroin scaffolds with muscle-like elasticity support in vitro differentiation of human skeletal muscle cells.human adult skeletal muscle has a limited ability to regenerate after injury and therapeutic options for volumetric muscle loss are few. technologies to enhance regeneration of tissues generally rely upon bioscaffolds to mimic aspects of the tissue extracellular matrix (ecm). in the present study, silk fibroins from four lepidoptera (silkworm) species engineered into three-dimensional scaffolds were examined for their ability to support the differentiation of primary human skeletal muscle myobla ...201627878977
carbon nanofiber reinforced nonmulberry silk protein fibroin nanobiocomposite for tissue engineering applications.natural silk protein fibroin based biomaterial are exploited extensively in tissue engineering due to their aqueous preparation, slow biodegradability, mechanical stability, low immunogenicity, dielectric properties, tunable properties, sufficient and easy availability. carbon nanofibers are reported for their conductivity, mechanical strength and as delivery vehicle of small molecules. limited evidence about their cytocompatibility and their poor dispersibility are the key issues for them to be ...201627523165
non-mulberry and mulberry silk protein sericins as potential media supplement for animal cell protein sericins, in the recent years, find application in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals and as biomaterials. we investigate the potential of sericin, extracted from both mulberry bombyx mori and different non-mulberry sources, namely, tropical tasar, antheraea mylitta; muga, antheraea assama; and eri, samia ricini, as growth supplement in serum-free culture medium. sericin supplemented media containing different concentrations of sericins from the different species are examined for attachm ...201627517047
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