bacillus cohnii sp. nov., a new, obligately alkaliphilic, oval-spore-forming bacillus species with ornithine and aspartic acid instead of diaminopimelic acid in the cell wall.a group of 20 alkaliphilic bacillus strains in which all strains revealed the same unique comination of properties--obligate alkaliphily, oval spores distending the sporangium, and ornithine and aspartic acid instead of diaminopimelic acid in the cell wall--was examined. most of the strains had been isolated by a five-step enrichment and isolation procedure. the g+c content was determined to span a range from 33.5 to 35.0 mol%. unsaturated fatty acids amounted to 17 to 28% of the total cellular ...19938323866
identification of facultatively alkaliphilic bacillus sp. strain yn-2000 and its fatty acid composition and cell-surface aspects depending on culture ph.facultatively alkaliphilic bacillus sp. strain yn-2000 was isolated from an indigo ball. although the strain has been extensively investigated as a representative strain of alkaliphilic bacillus, its taxonomic position is not yet known. morphological, biochemical, and physiological characteristics and chemotaxonomic properties indicated that the strain was closely related to bacillus cohnii; this was confirmed by the high homology of the 16s rrna sequence and the construction of a phylogenetic t ...200011057913
production of 2-phenylethylamine by decarboxylation of l-phenylalanine in alkaliphilic bacillus cohnii.cellular polyamine fraction of alkaliphilic bacillus species was analyzed by hplc. 2-phenylethylamine was found selectively and ubiquitously in the five strains belonging to bacillus cohnii within 27 alkaliphilic bacillus strains. a large amount of this aromatic amine was produced by the decarboxylation of l-phenylalanine in the bacteria and secreted into the culture medium. the production of 2-phenylethylamine may serve for the chemotaxonomy of alkaliphilic bacillus.199912501371
bacillus barbaricus sp. nov., isolated from an experimental wall a project concerning bacterial colonization of experimental wall paintings, a large number of isolates have been acquired with high similarities in their whole-cell protein patterns obtained after sds-page. of this group, four strains, designated v2-biii-a2(t), v2-bi-a9, v2-bi-04 and v2-bii-a8, were chosen for further characterization. banding patterns obtained after eric-pcr were barely distinguishable among these four strains, indicating their affiliation within a single species. the isolat ...200312807193
bacillus herbersteinensis sp. nov.two bacterial strains, designated d-1,5a(t) and d-1,5b, were isolated from a medieval wall painting in the chapel of castle herberstein, styria (austria). the gram-positive, heterotrophic, aerobic, spore-forming rods showed nearly identical whole-cell protein patterns, identical genomic fingerprints and identical physiological profiles, demonstrating their relationship at the species level. both strains contained meso-diaminopimelic acid in their peptidoglycan, possessed a quinone system compris ...200516166719
new thermostable amylase from bacillus cohnii us147 with a broad ph applicability.a new thermophilic bacterial strain identified as bacillus cohnii us147 was isolated from the southern tunisian soil. the identification was based on physiological tests and molecular techniques related to the 16s ribosomal ribonucleic acid. the isolated strain produced amylase, which was purified. this amylase had an apparent molecular mass of 30 kda as estimated by sodium dodecyl sulfate (sds) polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. amylase us147 showed k (m) and v (max) values of 0.7 mg/ml and 2. ...200918626582
contribution of intracellular negative ion capacity to donnan effect across the membrane in alkaliphilic bacillus elucidate the energy production mechanism of alkaliphiles, the relationship between the h(+) extrusion rate by the respiratory chain and the corresponding atp synthesis rate was determined in the facultative alkaliphile bacillus cohnii yn-2000 and compared with those in the obligate alkaliphile bacillus clarkii dsm 8720(t) and the neutralophile bacillus subtilis iam 1026. under high aeration condition, much higher atp synthesis rates and larger δψ in the alkaliphilic bacillus spp. grown at ph ...201626749514
aerobic biodegradation of azo dye by bacillus cohnii mtcc 3616; an obligately alkaliphilic bacterium and toxicity evaluation of metabolites by different bioassay obligate alkaliphilic bacterium bacillus cohnii mtcc 3616 aerobically decolorized a textile azo dye direct red-22 (5,000 mg l⁻¹) with 95 % efficiency at 37 °c and ph 9 in 4 h under static conditions. the decolorization of direct red-22 (dr-22) was possible through a broad ph (7-11), temperature (10-45 °c), salinity (1-7 %), and dye concentration (5-10 g l⁻¹) range. decolorization of dye was assessed by uv-vis spectrophotometer with reduction of peak intensity at 549 nm (λ(max)). biodegradatio ...201323070653
bacillus zhanjiangensis sp. nov., isolated from an oyster in south china sea.a novel gram-stain-positive, motile, catalase- and oxidase-positive, endospore-forming, aerobic, rod-shaped bacterium, designated strain jsm 099021(t), was isolated from an oyster collected from naozhou island in the south china sea. growth occurred with 0-15% (w/v) nacl (optimum 2-4%) and at ph 6.0-10.0 (optimum ph 7.5) and at 10-45°c (optimum 30-35°c). meso-diaminopimelic acid was present in the cell-wall peptidoglycan. the predominant respiratory quinone was menaquinone 7 (mk-7) and the major ...201020865333
bacillus alkalitelluris sp. nov., an alkaliphilic bacterium isolated from sandy soil.a gram-positive, alkaliphilic bacterium, designated strain ba288(t), was isolated from sandy soil. cells were facultatively anaerobic, endospore-forming rods that were motile by means of peritrichous flagella. the strain grew at 15-40 degrees c and ph 7.0-11.0 (optimally at 30 degrees c and ph 9.0-9.5) and at salinities of 0-4 % (w/v) nacl. phylogenetic analyses based on 16s rrna gene sequences showed that strain ba288(t) belonged to the genus bacillus and that bacillus herbersteinensis d-1,5a(t ...200818984705
bacillus indicus sp. nov., an arsenic-resistant bacterium isolated from an aquifer in west bengal, india.strain sd/3t (=mtcc 4374t=dsm 15820t), an arsenic-resistant bacterium, was isolated from a sand sample obtained from an arsenic-contaminated aquifer in chakdah district in west bengal, india (23 degrees 3' n 88 degrees 35' e). the bacterium was gram-positive, rod-shaped, non-motile, endospore-forming and yellowish-orange pigmented. it possessed all the characteristics that conform to the genus bacillus, such as it had a4beta murein type (l-orn-d-asp) peptidoglycan variant, mk-7 as the major mena ...200415280316
partial purification and properties of a laundry detergent compatible alkaline protease from a newly isolated bacillus species y.alkaline protease production by a newly isolated bacillus species from laundry soil was studied for detergent biocompatibility. from its morphological and nucleotide sequence (about 1.5 kb) of its 16s rdna it was identified as bacillus species with similarity to bacillus species y (gen bank entry: abo 55095), and close homology with bacillus cohnii yn-2000 (gen bank entry: abo23412). partial purification of the enzyme by ammonium sulfate (50-70% saturation) yielded 8-fold purity. casein zymograp ...201023100846
kinetic studies on degradation of reactive red 120 dye in immobilized packed bed reactor by bacillus cohnii rapt1.the degradation of reactive red 120 using bacillus cohnii rapt1 immobilized on polyurethane was studied. initial experiments indicated that the percentage removal of dye in immobilized batch was significantly higher than batch (without immobilization). the optimum process parameters such as effect of dye concentration, time of immobilization on poly urethane foam, initial inoculum size, ph and temperature for removal of dye were investigated and was found as 200ppm, 36h, 300*10(6) colony forming ...201626968121
bacillus catenulatus sp. nov., an alkalitolerant bacterium isolated from a soda lake.two novel (18c(t) and 6c) gram-stain-positive, rod shaped, motile and endospore-forming bacterial strains were isolated from lonar soda lake, india. based on 16s rrna gene sequence analysis, strains 18c(t) and 6c were identified as belonging to the class firmibacteria, and were most closely related to bacillus cohnii kctc 3572(t) (99.3 and 99.9%, respectively), bacillus zhanjiangensis kctc 13713(t) (97.4 and 98.0%, respectively), bacillus halmapalus lmg 17950(t) (97.0 and 97.6%, respectively) an ...201728744555
starch-hydrolyzing bacteria from ethiopian soda lakes.alkaliphilic bacteria were isolated from soil and water samples obtained from ethiopian soda lakes in the rift valley area--lake shala, lake abijata, and lake arenguadi. starch-hydrolyzing isolates were selected on the basis of their activity on starch agar plate assay. sixteen isolates were chosen, characterized, and subjected to 16s rrna gene sequence analysis. all the isolates were gram positive and catalase- and beta-galactosidase positive. all isolates except one were motile endospore-formi ...200111354457
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