invasive fungal rhinitis caused by paecilomyces lilacinus infection: report of a case and a novel treatment.invasive fungal infections of the sinonasal tract are a rare but known entity in immunocompromised patients. paecilomyces lilacinus is a nematophagous fungi with septate hyphae that has afflicted humans in multiple forms, causing cutaneous, ocular, and sinonasal infections. only 4 cases of p lilacinus and 2 cases of paecilomyces variotii in the sinonasal tract have been reported in the literature. we present a case of invasive fungal rhinitis secondary to p lilacinus infection in an immunocompro ...201021174278
pulmonary paecilomyces lilacinus infection in a cat.a 6-year-old, spayed female domestic shorthair cat was referred for an intermittent cough and wheezing of 3 to 4 months' duration. thoracic radiography revealed atelectasis of the right middle and caudal lung lobes with hyperinflation of the accessory lobe, consistent with bronchial obstruction. bronchoscopy confirmed a narrowing of the right mainstem bronchial lumen; however, positive-pressure ventilation resulted in a severe pneumothorax. a lateral thoracotomy and right caudal lung lobectomy r ...201020439944
pathogenicity of some hypocrealean fungi to adult aedes aegypti (diptera: culicidae).the pathogenicity of 19 hypocrealean entomopathogenic fungi from seven different genera in adult aedes aegypti was tested. all fungi proved to be pathogenic, and isaria fumosorosea, lecanicillium muscarium, lecanicillium psalliotae, metarhizium anisopliae, metarhizium lepidiotae, metarhizium majus, metarhizium frigidum, paecilomyces carneus, and paecilomyces lilacinus caused total mortality within 15 days of exposure of mosquitoes to the fungal culture. all fungi developed on dead individuals. t ...201020680340
[influence of ionizing radiation on activity of enzymes of antioxidant defense of paecilomyces lilaclvus (thom) samson].the level of activity of antioxidant protection enzymes (superoxide dismutase, catalase and peroxidase) under exposure to ionizing radiation and without it in strain paecilomyces lilacinus, showing radioadaptive properties, and in control one has been investigated. it has been established that the researched strains are characterized by the high level activity of superoxide dismutase (200-800 au/mg protein), extracellular and intracellular catalase (0.02-40 mmol min(-1) mg(-1) protein) and perox ...201121442950
improvement of phytoextraction and antioxidative defense in solanum nigrum l. under cadmium stress by application of cadmium-resistant strain and citric acid.remediation of plant-microorganism-chelates synergy has been proposed as an effective remediation method for enhancing the removal efficiency of heavy metal. manipulation of the antioxidative system increases plant tolerance, thereby potentially enhancing the uptake capacity to heavy metal. in this study, we investigated the possibility of improving the phytoextraction of cd and the antioxidative defense of solanum nigrum l. by application of a new isolated strain (paecilomyces lilacinus nh1) (p ...201020566243
enhancing the virulence of paecilomyces lilacinus against meloidogyne incognita eggs by overexpression of a serine enhance the virulence of paecilomyces lilacinus against meloidogyne incognita eggs, a serine protease was overexpressed in p. lilacinus 9410 (pl9410). the cdna of a mature serine protease gene was cloned from pl9410 and integrated into the genomes of pl9410 transformants through agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation. our results confirmed that the serine protease gene was overexpressed at the transcriptional level, and that the serine protease activities were enhanced in the trans ...201020473777
characteristics of paecilomyces lilacinus infection comparing immunocompetent with immunosuppressed murine model.the characteristics of paecilomyces lilacinus infection were evaluated using two murine experimental models: immunocompetent and immunosuppressed. the evaluation criteria for characteristics of infection were clinical signs, weight loss, survival rates, histopathological alterations and the number of viable fungal cells re-isolated from different organs; and those for immunological status were in vitro lymphoproliferative response, cell surface phenotyping and ifn-γ production. morphological eva ...201121605179
fungistatic intensity of agricultural soil against fungal agents and phylogenetic analysis on the actinobacteria involved.a total of 287 agricultural soil samples collected from 26 provinces or autonomous regions of china were tested on their ability to suppress the conidial germination of nine biocontrol fungal agents. these soil samples showed great differences in the degree to inhibit the germination of conidia (22.8% < mean inhibition rate < 97.5%), but all exhibited fungistatic activities above the moderate levels (mean inhibition rate > 50%) to most of tested fungi. ten soil samples that have stronger fungist ...201021161228
in vitro antifungal activity of e1210, a novel antifungal, against clinically important yeasts and moulds.e1210 is a new antifungal compound with a novel mechanism of action and broad-spectrum of antifungal activity. we investigated the in vitro antifungal activity of e1210 compared to that of fluconazole, itraconazole, voriconazole, amphotericin b, and micafungin against clinical fungal isolates. e1210 showed potent activity against most candida spp. (mic(90) of ôëñ0.008 to 0.06 ++g/ml) except for candida krusei (mics of 2 to >32 ++g/ml). e1210 showed equally potent activity against fluconazole-res ...201121825291
purpureocillium, a new genus for the medically important paecilomyces lilacinus.paecilomyces lilacinus was described more than a century ago and is a commonly occurring fungus in soil. however, in the last decade this fungus has been increasingly found as the causal agent of infections in man and other vertebrates. most cases of disease are described from patients with compromised immune systems or intraocular lens implants. in this study, we compared clinical isolates with strains isolated from soil, insects and nematodes using 18s rdna, its and partial translation elongat ...201121631575
[paecilomyces lilacinus keratitis].paecilomyces lilacinus is a rare cause of contact lens-associated keratitis. the infection is difficult to eradicate because of multiple antifungal drug resistance and has a poor outcome. a female patient developed contact lens-associated keratitis and paecilomyces lilacinus could be demonstrated in the corneal abrasion. despite antifungal therapy with voriconazole a keratoplasty à chaud was necessary and a poor final visual acuity could not be avoided.201121853218
a rare case of fungal maxillary sinusitis due to paecilomyces lilacinus in an immunocompetent host, presenting as a subcutaneous swelling.paecilomyces is a colonizing fungal species which usually causes keratitis, endocarditis, sinusitis, nephritis, fungemia, cutaneous, and subcutaneous infections in immunocompromised host. very rarely, it causes similar infection in immunocompetent host without any risk factors. we report a case of maxillary sinusitis due to paecilomyces lilacinus in a 65-year-old immunocompetent male, who presented with a subcutaneous swelling below the left eye. the lesion was excised by surgery and treated wit ...201121701664
overexpression of a cuticle-degrading protease ver112 increases the nematicidal activity of paecilomyces lilacinus.due to their ability to degrade the proteins in nematode cuticle, serine proteases play an important role in the pathogenicity of nematophagous fungi against nematodes. the serine protease ver112 was identified from the nematophagous fungus lecanicillium psalliotae capable of degrading the nematode cuticle and killing nematodes effectively. in this study, the gene ver112 was introduced into the commercial biocontrol fungal agent paecilomyces lilacinus by the restriction enzyme-mediated integrati ...201021110018
[influence of light of different spectral composition on growth characteristics of microscopic fungi].the features of radial growth of three microscopic fungi species were investigated at illumination by yellow, blue, green and red light. the studied species of fungi differed by isolation site (some of them were isolated from the places of high radioactive pollution, others--from the places with background level of radioactivity) and pigmentation degree (melanin-containing and light-colored). the parameters of radial growth, which are the integral indexes of the fungal organism physiology state ...201021381315
Purification and characterization of a ß-1,3-glucomannanase expressed in Pichia pastoris.The glycoside hydrolase ß-1,3-glucomannanase is an enzyme that specifically breaks the ß-1,3 glycosidic bond of the glucomannan, the main cell wall constituent of some yeasts. In this work, a codon optimized DNA sequence of the MAN5C gene from Penicillium lilacinum ATCC 36010 was expressed in the yeast Pichia pastoris under the control of AOX1 promoter. The recombinant protein plMAN5C was purified from the shake flask culture and the stirred-tank bioreactor culture in yields of 30.0mg/l and 224. ...201122112413
catalytic function of a newly purified exo-β-d-glucosaminidase from the entomopathogenic fungus paecilomyces entomopathogenic fungus, paecilomyces lilacinus, was found to grow on chitosanase-detecting plates. besides an endo-chitosanase, an exo-β-d-glucosaminidase was purified by cation-exchange chromatography from this microorganism cultivated in m9 minimal media containing 0.5% chitosan as the sole carbon source. the molecular weight of the enzyme is 95kda; the optimum ph and temperature for activity are 6.0 and 45°c, respectively. the purified exo-β-d-glcnase promotes the hydrolysis of 95% deacet ...201223499103
activity of some hypocrealean fungi collected in a cerrado ecosystem against rhodnius spp. (hemiptera: reduviidae) under laboratory conditions.the hypocrealean invertebrate-pathogenic fungi lecanicillium psalliotae, paecilomyces lilacinus and pochonia chlamydosporia isolated from soils in central brazil were tested against palm-dwelling rhodnius neglectus, r. nasutus, r. prolixus, and r. robustus; all of these insects are vectors of chagas disease. particularly r. neglectus and r. nasutus, which are both important secondary intruders of human habitations were susceptible to all three of the fungi tested, and fungi sporulated successful ...201121251907
antifungal properties of crude extracts of five egyptian medicinal plants against dermatophytes and emerging fungi.antifungal properties of the crude extracts of five medicinal plants (artemisia judaica, ballota undulate, cleome amblyocarpa, peganum harmala, and teucrium polium) were tested against dermatophytes and emerging fungi. ethanol extract of ballota undulate was the most effective against all tested fungi. paecilomyces lilacinus, p. variotii, and candida albicans were the most sensitive organisms. the minimum inhibitory concentration (mic) of ballota undulate ethanol extract against c. albicans, p. ...201121258865
virulence of beauveria bassiana, metarhizium anisopliae and paecilomyces lilacinus to the engorged female hyalomma anatolicum anatolicum tick (acari: ixodidae).the tick is a common ectoparasite of livestock and humans, and is responsible for the transmission of pathogens among hosts. direct and indirect impacts of ticks include limiting the sustainable development of the animal husbandry industry and detrimental effects on human health. despite these negative effects, the main method of controlling ticks remains the application of chemical acaricides, which can lead to ambient pollution and the development of tick resistance to them. the biocontrol of ...201121511397
plant growth promotion activity of keratinolytic fungi growing on a recalcitrant waste known as "hair waste".purpureocillium lilacinum (thom) samsom is one of the most studied fungi in the control of plant parasitic nematodes. however, there is not specific information on its ability to inhibit some pathogenic bacteria, fungi, or yeast. this work reports the production of several antifungal hydrolytic enzymes by a strain of p. lilacinum when it is grown in a medium containing hair waste. the growth of several plant-pathogenic fungi, alternaria alternata, aspergillus niger, and fusarium culmorum, was co ...201526697226
the genera of hyphomycetes - 2011 update.this supplement to the taxonomic monograph the genera of hyphomycetes summarises information on 23 accepted new genera and c. 160 species described in 2011. these include three dematiaceous genera (funbolia, noosia, pyrigemmula, all related to dothideomycetes), a bulbil-producing genus, spiroplana (pleosporales), and two endophytic genera, the sterile periglandula (clavicipitaceae), and the hyaline, sympodial micronematobotrys (pyronemataceae). slow-growing, morphologically-reduced, darkly pigme ...201122403480
bioprocessing of "hair waste" by paecilomyces lilacinus as a source of a bleach-stable, alkaline, and thermostable keratinase with potential application as a laundry detergent additive: characterization and wash performance analysis.paecilomyces lilacinus (thom) samson lps 876, a locally isolated fungal strain, was grown on minimal mineral medium containing "hair waste," a residue from the hair-saving unhairing process, and produced a protease with keratinolytic activity. this enzyme was biochemically characterized. the optimum reaction conditions, determined with a response surface methodology, were 60°c and ph 6.0. it was remarkably stable in a wide range of phs and temperatures. addition of ca(2+), mg(2+), or sorbitol wa ...201223365760
biosynthesis of antibiotic leucinostatins in bio-control fungus purpureocillium lilacinum and their inhibition on phytophthora revealed by genome mining.purpureocillium lilacinum of ophiocordycipitaceae is one of the most promising and commercialized agents for controlling plant parasitic nematodes, as well as other insects and plant pathogens. however, how the fungus functions at the molecular level remains unknown. here, we sequenced two isolates (plbj-1 and plfj-1) of p. lilacinum from different places beijing and fujian. genomic analysis showed high synteny of the two isolates, and the phylogenetic analysis indicated they were most related t ...201627416025
pathogenicity and oxidative stress in nile tilapia caused by aphanomyces laevis and phoma herbarum isolated from farmed fish.identified (n = 17) and unidentified (n = 1) fish-pathogenic fungal species from 10 genera of oomycetes and soil fungi were isolated from 40 infected freshwater fish samples of the species oreochromis niloticus niloticus (nile tilapia) and clarias gariepinus (african catfish). samples were collected from various fish farms in the nile delta, egypt. nile tilapia were tested in aquaria for their susceptibility to the commonest oomycetes species, aphanomyces laevis and achlya klebsiana, and also ag ...201121553565
occurrence of fruiting structures allows determination of purpureocillium lilacinum as an inciting agent of pleuritis and pneumonia in a loggerhead sea turtle (caretta caretta) by histopathologic correlation to culture.purpureocillium lilacinum and beauveria bassiana were isolated from lung sampled at necropsy of a 12 year-old female loggerhead sea turtle (caretta caretta) that had displayed abnormal buoyancy. histopathologic evaluation revealed pleuritis and pneumonia with non-melanized, septate hyphae and fruiting structures identical to those of p. lilacinum. this case emphasizes the importance of a histological correlate to fungal culture when environmental fungi are isolated and demonstrates the infrequen ...201425379399
melanin pigments in the fungus paecilomyces lilacinus (thom) samson. 201121590382
simultaneous cutaneous infection due to paecilomyces lilacinus and alternaria in a heart transplant patient.paecilomyces lilacinus is an emerging pathogen in immunocompromised patients. we report here a case of cutaneous hyphomycosis in a 63-year-old heart transplant recipient caused by the simultaneous presence of 2 molds: paecilomyces lilacinus and alternaria alternata. the infection was successfully treated with local voriconazole followed by oral terbinafine.201223075226
paecilomyces lilacinus and alternaria infectoria cutaneous infections in a sarcoidosis patient after double-lung transplantation.both paecilomyces spp. and alternaria spp. are hyphomycetes with a worldwide distribution, and with many species being common saprophytes in soil and air. both species mainly cause infections in immunocompromised patients, but also in an increasing number of immunocompetent hosts. we describe a double-lung transplant patient suffering successively from two rare cutaneous fungal infections caused by paecilomyces lilacinus and alternaria infectoria. antifungal treatment and surgery of residual ski ...201622897073
[influence of different types of ionizing radiation on fatty acid profiles of microscopic fungi, showing radioadaptive properties].the fatty acid profiles of strains of dark-pigmented (melanin-containing) species cladosporium cladosporioides and hormoconis resinae, and light-pigmented aspergillus versicolor and paecilomyces lilacinus, showing radioadaptive properties in comparison with control strains of the same species, which did not have such properties and the influence on them of two (121sn; 137cs) types of ionizing radiation have been studied. it was established that the most important fatty acids were hexadecanoic ac ...201121598656
persisting paecilomyces lilacinus nail infection following pregnancy. 201121615539
heterologous expression of vhb can improve the yield and quality of biocontrol fungus paecilomyces lilacinus, during submerged fermentation.paecilomyces lilacinus is an egg-parasitic fungus which is effective against plant-parasitic nematodes and it has been successfully commercialized for the control of many plant-parasitic nematodes. however, during the large-scale industrial fermentation process of the filamentous fungus, the dissolved oxygen supply is a limiting factor, which influences yield, product quality and production cost. to solve this problem, we intended to heterologously express vhb in p. lilacinus acss. after optimiz ...201425087739
isolation of keratinophilic fungi from soil in isfahan province, evaluate the epidemiology of keratophilic fungi in isfahan province, iran.201123177808
Cutaneous hyphomycosis due to Paecilomyces lilacinus. 201122002343
disseminated fungal infection in two species of captive this report, two cases of systemic mycosis in captive sharks are characterized. these cases were progressive and ultimately culminated in terminal disease. paecilomyces lilacinus, an uncommon pathogen in human and veterinary medicine, was associated with areas of necrosis in the liver, heart, and gill in a great hammerhead shark (sphyrna mokarran). fungal growth was observed from samples of kidney, spleen, spinal fluid, and coelomic cavity swabs. dual fungal infection by exophiala pisciphila ...201122204064
Neglected and emerging fungal infections: review of hyalohyphomycosis by Paecilomyces lilacinus focusing in disease burden, in vitro antifungal susceptibility and management.Paecilomyces lilacinus is an emerging pathogenic fungus that can cause different clinical manifestations ranging from cutaneous and sub-cutaneous infections to severe oculomycosis. This review discusses infections caused by P. lilacinus, as well as their symptoms and correlates of immune responses, morphological characteristics of the fungus, therapies, in vitro susceptibility tests, laboratory diagnosis and the experimental models available.201221907304
cutaneous hyalohyphomycosis caused by paecilomyces lilacinus successfully treated by oral voriconazole and nystatin packing.paecilomyces lilacinus causes multiple diseases in humans, especially in immunocompromised patients. cutaneous infections are the second most commonly encountered circumstance. we describe a woman with liver cirrhosis with hemorrhagic, bullous, ulcerative leg lesions caused by paecilomyces lilacinus. the lesions improved after treatment with oral voriconazole and topical nystatin powder. we also reviewed previously reported cases of cutaneous p. lilacinus infection that were treated by oral vori ...201121424606
analysis of the effect of soil saprophytic fungi on the eggs of baylisascaris procyonis.baylisascaris procyonis is a soil-transmitted helminth mainly found in raccoons (procyon lotor) which can also affect other domestic and sylvatic animals, as well as humans, when the eggs released in the feces of parasitized raccoons are accidentally ingested. three assays have been conducted to assess the effect of three saprophytic fungi, mucor circinelloides, paecilomyces lilacinus, and verticillium sp., on the eggs of b. procyonis. firstly, their ovicidal effect was in vitro ascertained by p ...201525828813
naturally occurring entomopathogenic fungi infecting stored grain insect species in punjab, pakistan.the occurrence of entomopathogenic fungi isolated from stored grain insect pests sampled from various geographical regions of punjab, pakistan, was investigated. in total, 25,720 insects from six different species were evaluated, and 195 isolates from 24 different fungal species were recovered. these included the ascomycetes beauveria bassiana sensu lato (balsamo) vuillemin (hypocreales: clavicipitaceae), metarhizium anisopliae sensu lato (metschnikoff) sorokin (hypocreales: clavicipitaceae), pu ...201425480970
evaluation of etest performed in mueller-hinton agar supplemented with glucose for antifungal susceptibility testing of clinical isolates of filamentous fungi.although reference broth microdilution protocol is currently available for filamentous fungi antifungal susceptibility testing (afst), simpler alternatives as etest(®) tend to be favoured in clinical routine, making their validation of utmost importance. in this study, etest(®) method using 2% glucose supplemented muller-hinton agar was compared to the clinical and laboratory standards institute (clsi) m38-a2 protocol for filamentous fungi afst. the echinocandins, caspofungin and anidulafungin, ...201424570038
the antifungal activity of fatty acids of all stages of sarcophaga carnaria l. (diptera: sarcophagidae).fatty acids as components of cuticular lipids of insects play a significant role in antifungal in protection against fungal infection. the chemical composition of cuticular and internal extracts obtained from all developmental stages of flesh flies sarcophaga carnaria was identified. the fatty acids were detected using gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry and the most abundant for all examined stages were: 18:1 > 16:0 > 16:1 > 18:0 > 18:2. polyunsaturated fatty acids (pufa) c20 were ...201423969191
efficacy of entomopathogenic hypocrealean fungi against periplaneta americana.the american cockroach periplaneta americana, one of the worlds' most important urban insect pests was tested with entomopathogenic fungi. most promising metarhizium anisopliae, metarhizium robertsii and beauveria bassiana killed nymphs (≥ 81.7% mortality, 25 days after treatment), and these fungi developed on all dead insects. other fungi tested were less virulent (metarhizium frigidum and purpureocillium lilacinum) or avirulent (isaria cateniobliqua, isaria farinosa, simplicillium lanosoniveum ...201323899866
the entomopathogenic fungal endophytes purpureocillium lilacinum (formerly paecilomyces lilacinus) and beauveria bassiana negatively affect cotton aphid reproduction under both greenhouse and field conditions.the effects of two entomopathogenic fungal endophytes, beauveria bassiana and purpureocillium lilacinum (formerly paecilomyces lilacinus), were assessed on the reproduction of cotton aphid, aphis gossypii glover (homoptera:aphididae), through in planta feeding trials. in replicate greenhouse and field trials, cotton plants (gossypium hirsutum) were inoculated as seed treatments with two concentrations of b. bassiana or p. lilacinum conidia. positive colonization of cotton by the endophytes was c ...201425093505
isolation of entomopathogenic fungi from northern thailand and their production in cereal grains.spore productivity in six entomopathogenic fungal strains isolated from insect cadavers at four locations in chiang mai province was evaluated in five cereal grains: white-rice, wheat, rye, corn and sorghum. according to sequence analysis of the internal transcribed spacer regions of these isolates, they were closely related to beauveria bassiana (2 isolates), metarhizium flavoviride (1 isolate), metarhizium anisopliae (1 isolate), paecilomyces lilacinus (1 isolate) and isaria tenuipes (1 isolat ...201222965474
susceptibility of adults of the cerambycid beetle hedypathes betulinus to the entomopathogenic fungi beauveria bassiana, metarhizium anisopliae, and purpureocillium lilacinum.the cerambycid beetle hedypathes betulinus (klug) (coleoptera: cerambycidae) causes severe damage to yerba mate plants (ilex paraguariensis (st. hilaire) (aquifoliales: aquifoliaceae)), which results in large losses of production. in this study, the pathogenicity of entomopathogenic fungi of the species beauveria bassiana (balsamo-crivelli) vuillemin (hypocreales: cordycipitaceae), metarhizium anisopliae sensu lato (metschnikoff) sorokin (hypocreales: clavicipitaceae), and purpureocillium lilaci ...201425368071
evaluation of insect associated and plant growth promoting fungi in the control of cabbage root flies.delia radicum l. or cabbage maggot is an important pest for brassicaceous crops. there are currently no registered chemical control agents for its control in slovenia. fungal control agents for cabbage maggot were therefore sought among nine rhizosphere-compatible and plant growth-promoting, soil-adapted, and entomopathogenic species to cabbage maggots and were assayed in in vitro and soil laboratory bioassays. in the in vitro tests, the conidial suspensions were applied directly to cabbage magg ...201425195421
antimicrobial and synergistic effects of silver nanoparticles synthesized using soil fungi of high altitudes of eastern himalaya.fifty three fungi isolated from soils of different microhabitats of eastern himalayan range (3,400~3,600 msl) were screened for mycosynthesis of silver nanaoparticles (agnps) and their efficacy as antimicrobials were assessed in combination with commonly used antibiotics. three isolates aspergillus terreus sp5, paecilomyces lilacinus sf1 and fusarium sp. mp5 identified based on morphological and 18s rrna gene sequences were found to synthesize agnps. these nanoparticles were characterized by vis ...201222783131
isolation and classification of fungal whitefly entomopathogens from soils of qinghai-tibet plateau and gansu corridor in china.qinghai-tibet plateau and gansu corridor of china with distinct geographic and climatic conditions are remote and less disturbed by humans, in which are likely to find some new strains of fungal entomopathogens against b-biotype whiteflies that is a very important invading pest worldwide. in this research, nineteen strains among six species of entomogenous fungi were isolated from the soil samples collected from 32 locations in qinghai-tibet plateau and gansu corridor. from the data of isolation ...201627228109
[natural ocurrence of entomopathogenic fungi in soils cultivated with paraguay tea (ilex paraguariensis st. hil.) in misiones, argentina].this study aimed to morphologically isolate, identify and characterize entomopathogenic fungi present in soils cultivated with paraguay tea (ilex paraguariensis). a survey of native entomopathogenic fungi was conducted from 40 soil samples grown with paraguay tea in the province of misiones, argentina, from may 2008 to june 2010. the soil dilution plate methodology on selective culture media was used to isolate microorganisms. taxonomic identification was performed using macroscopic and microsco ...201526028585
[species diversity and temporal niche of entomopathogenic fungi in the extensively managed tea plantation soil].the species diversity and temporal niche of entomopathogenic fungi community in the rhizosphere soil collected from the extensively managed huangshan fuzz tip tea plantation were investigated. a total of 140 soil samples were collected at the location of tangkou town, huangshan of anhui province during august, 2012 to june, 2013, and totally 1041 fungal isolates were obtained on selective medium with soil dilution plating. the results showed that the entomopathogenic fungi community in the tea p ...201425898633
[the effect of low radiation doses on the growth of aspergillus versicolor and paecilomyces lilacinus].peculiarities of growth of the strains of two species of microscopic fungi aspergillus versicolor and paecilomyces lilacinus were analyzed under exposure to chronic irradiation. it was shown that the rate of radial growth increased nonuniformly in the range of doses from 0 to 250 mgy but with maximums at a certain dose of radiation. it was shown that the absorbed dose of radiation to 2 gy did not influence the survival of investigated strains in comparison with the control ones without irradiati ...201324006782
in vitro susceptibility of nematophagous fungi to antiparasitic drugs: interactions and implications for biological control.the fast anthelmintic resistance development has shown a limited efficiency in the control of animal's endoparasitosis and has promoted research using alternative control methods. the use of chemicals in animal anthelmintic treatment, in association with nematophagous fungi used for biological control, is a strategy that has proven to be effective in reducing the nematode population density in farm animals. this study aims to verify the in vitro susceptibility of the nematophagous fungi arthrobo ...201627706395
occurrence of pathogenic fungi to amblyomma cajennense in a rural area of central brazil and their activities against vectors of rocky mountain spotted fever.two isolates of beauveria bassiana and one of purpureocillium lilacinum (=paecilomyces lilacinus) were found infecting amblyomma cajennense engorged females collected on horses (0.15% infection rate from a total of 1982 specimens) and another two isolates of p. lilacinum and one metarhizium anisopliae detected in soils (2.1% from 144 samples) collected in typical pasture habitats of this tick in central brazil from october 2009 to march 2011. fungi were isolated from soils with rhipicephalus san ...201222459109
a novel dodine-free selective medium based on the use of cetyl trimethyl ammonium bromide (ctab) to isolate beauveria bassiana, metarhizium anisopliae sensu lato and paecilomyces lilacinus from soil.this study evaluated the quaternary ammonium compound cetyl trimethyl ammonium bromide (ctab) as an alternative to the chemically related dodecylguanidine (dodine) for the selective isolation of entomopathogenic fungi. oatmeal agar (oa) with chloramphenicol was used as basal medium, and three concentrations of ctab (0.5, 0.6, 0.7 g/l) were evaluated and compared against oa + 0.46 g/l dodine. selective isolation and growth studies were performed with the entomopathogens beauveria bassiana, metarh ...201522314588
composition and antimicrobial activity of fatty acids detected in the hygroscopic secretion collected from the secretory setae of larvae of the biting midge forcipomyia nigra (diptera: ceratopogonidae).the hygroscopic secretion produced by the secretory setae of terrestrial larvae of the biting midge forcipomyia nigra (winnertz) was analysed using gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry (gc-ms). the viscous secretion is stored at the top of each seta and absorbs water from moist air. gc-ms analyses (four independent tests) showed that the secretion contained 12 free fatty acids, the most abundant of which were oleic (18:1), palmitic (16:0), palmitoleic (16:1) and linoleic (18:2). oth ...201222781366
parentally provided alkaloid does not protect eggs ofutetheisa ornatrix (lepidoptera: arctiidae) against entomopathogenic fungi.eggs ofutetheisa ornatrix proved equally vulnerable to fungal infection (beauveria bassiana, paecilomyces lilacinus) whether they contained parentally provided pyrrolizidine alkaloid (monocrotaline) or were free of such alkaloid. in in vitro tests, monocrotaline, either as free base or n-oxide, had no inhibiting effect on fungal cultures.199124258914
[primary investigation of contaminating fungi on panax notoginseng and amomum tsaoko in yunnan].to analyze the potential risks of fungal contaminants on panax notoginseng and amomum tsaoko.201222997814
evaluation of multiplexed pcr and liquid-phase array for identification of respiratory fungal pathogens.invasive fungal infections are the cause of serious morbidity and high mortality in immunocompromised patients. early laboratory diagnostic options remain limited; however, rapid detection and accurate identification may improve outcome. herein, multiplexed pcr followed by liquid-phase array was evaluated for detection and identification of common respiratory fungal pathogens, including aspergillus fumigatus, rhizopus microsporus, scedosporium apiospermum and fusarium solani. the limit of detect ...201222435876
assessment of multi-contaminant exposure in a cancer treatment center: a 2-year monitoring of molds, mycotoxins, endotoxins, and glucans in bioaerosols.indoor air quality in health care facilities is a major public health concern, particularly for immunocompromised patients who may be exposed to microbiological contaminants such as molds, mycotoxins, endotoxins, and (1,3)-ß-d-glucans. over 2 years, bioaerosols were collected on a monthly basis in a cancer treatment center (centre f. baclesse, normandy, france), characterized from areas where there was no any particular air treatment. results showed the complexity of mycoflora in bioaerosols wit ...201728012082
the role of a phospholipase (pld) in virulence of purpureocillium lilacinum (paecilomyces lilacinum).phospholipases are key enzymes in pathogenic fungi that cleave host phospholipids, resulting in membrane destabilization and host cell penetration. however, understanding the role of phospholipases on the virulence of the filamentous fungus purpureocillium lilacinum has been still rather limited. in this study, pld gene was characterized. it encodes the protein phospholipase d (pld) in p. lilacinum. this gene, 3303 bp open reading frame fragment (orf), encodes a protein of 1100 amino acids with ...201526026833
identification of fungi associated with rotylenchulus reniformis.the objective of this work was to isolate and identify fungi associated with r. reniformis in cotton roots. soil samples were collected in cotton fields naturally infested with r. reniformis and from cotton stock plants cultured in the greenhouse. nematodes extracted from the soil were observed under the stereoscope, and discolored eggs and vermiform stages colonized with mycelia were cultured on 1.5% water agar supplemented with antibiotics, and incubated at 27°c. identification of the nematoph ...201022736864
effects of a commercial formulation of paecilomyces lilacinus strain 251 on overseeded bermudagrass infested with belonolaimus longicaudatus.belonolaimus longicaudatus is an important parasite of both warm-season bermudagrass and winter overseed grasses used on golf courses in the southeastern united states. field trials were conducted to study the effects of a commercial formulation of paecilomyces lilacinus strain 251 applied to overseed grasses during the winter and early spring on population density of b. longicaudatus and bermudagrass health in late spring after bermudagrass broke dormancy. these studies found that p. lilacinus ...201324115787
prospecting fungal parasites of the potato cyst nematode globodera pallida using a rapid screening filamentous fungal species were isolated from individual eggs of globodera pallida cysts collected from infested fields in shelley idaho, usa and identified as chaetomium globosum, fusarium oxysporum, fusarium solani, fusarium tricinctum, microdochium bolleyi, purpureocillium lilacinum, and plectosphaerella cucumerina. their ability to reduce infection by g. pallida in planta were assessed in simple, reproducible micro-rhizosphere chambers (micro-rocs). all fungi reduced g. pallida infecti ...201728375550
improved sanguinarine production via biotic and abiotic elicitations and precursor feeding in cell suspensions of latex-less variety of papaver somniferum with their gene expression studies and upscaling in bioreactor.elicitors play an important role in challenging the plant defense system through plant-environment interaction and thus altering the secondary metabolite production. culture filtrates of four endophytic fungi, namely, chaetomium globosum, aspergillus niveoglaucus, paecilomyces lilacinus, and trichoderma harzianum were tested on embryogenic cell suspensions of latex-less papaver somniferum in dose-dependent kinetics. besides this, abiotic elicitors salicylic acid, hydrogen peroxide, and carbon di ...201424677097
effect of plant resistance and bioact wg (purpureocillium lilacinum strain 251) on meloidogyne incognita in a tomato-cucumber rotation in a greenhouse.the effectiveness of combining resistant tomato with bioact wg (purpureocillium lilacinum strain 251, pl251) against meloidogyne incognita was assessed in a tomato-cucumber rotation in a greenhouse over 2 years. additionally, the enzymatic activity of the fungus, the percentage of fungal egg and juvenile parasitism, cardinal temperatures and the effect of water potential on mycelial growth and the soil receptivity to pl251 were determined in vitro.201727414251
evidence for the involvement of nematocidal toxins of purpureocillium lilacinum 6029 cultured on karanja deoiled cake liquid present study, in vitro nematocidal bioassays, ft-ir and hplc analysis were employed to demonstrate the involvement of toxins of purpureocillium lilacinum in killing root-knot nematodes (meloidogyne incognita). during growth study, maximum mycelial biomass (10.52 g/l) in de-oiled karanja cake medium was achieved on 8th day while complete mortality of nematodes was obtained by 6th day filtrate (fksm). maximum production of crude nematocidal toxin was recorded on 7th day suggesting that the tox ...201627038952
nematicidal activity of paecilomyces lilacinus 6029 cultured on karanja cake medium.antagonistic fungi parasitize root-knot nematodes through secretion of extracellular hydrolytic enzymes and secondary metabolites. in present study, in vitro bioassay showed that paecilomyces lilacinus 6029 culture filtrate from karanja cake medium killed 100% meloidogyne incognita larvae while only 78.28% mortality was recorded by czapeck-dox filtrate within 12 h of exposure. the filtrate, irrespective of culture medium, was found to be more nematotoxic when incubated for 15 days. fourier trans ...201425193498
role of antagonistic microorganisms and organic amendment in stimulating the defense system of okra against root rotting fungi.without application of chemical pesticides control of soilborne diseases is a great challenge. stimulation of natural plant's defense is considered as one of the most promising alternative strategy for crop protection. organic amendment of soil besides direct suppressing the pathogen, has been reported to have an influence on phytochemicals in plants. in the present study, pseudomonas aeruginosa, a plant growth promoting rhizobacterium and paecilomyces lilacinus, an egg parasite of root knot and ...201526373176
microbial transformation of asiatic acid.asiatic acid (1), a major pentacyclic triterpene of centella asiatica, was subjected to transformation by penicillium lilacinum accc 31890, fusarium equiseti cgmcc 3.3658, and streptomyces griseus cgmcc 4.18 strains. incubation of asiatic acid with p. lilacinum accc 31890 and f. equiseti cgmcc 3.3658 gave an identical product: 2α,3β,15α,23-tetrahydroxyurs-12-en-28-oic acid (2). biotransformation of asiatic acid by s. griseus cgmcc 4.18 resulted in three derivatives: 2α,3β,21β,23-tetrahydroxyurs- ...201323227815
a novel monopartite dsrna virus isolated from the entomopathogenic and nematophagous fungus purpureocillium lilacinum.purpureocillium lilacinum is a ubiquitous saprophytic fungus commonly isolated from soils and widely known as a biological control agent against phytopathogenic nematodes and pest insects. mycoviruses infect a wide number of fungal species, but the study of viruses infecting entomopathogenic fungi is still quite recent. in this study, a total of 86 p. lilacinum isolates collected from soil in natural and cultivated habitats throughout the czech republic were analyzed; 22 % of the isolates harbor ...201627591781
in vitro screening and in silico validation revealed key microbes for higher production of significant therapeutic enzyme l-asparaginase.l-asparaginase is an enzyme of medical prominence and reputable as a chemotherapeutic agent. it also has immense potential to cure autoimmune and infectious diseases. the vast application of this enzyme in healthcare sector increases its market demand. however, presently the huge market demand is not achieved completely. this serves the basis to explore better producer microbial strains to bridge the gap between huge demand and supply of this therapeutic enzyme. the present study deals with the ...201728110669
endophytic fungus purpureocillium sp. a5 protect mangrove plant kandelia candel under copper stress.mangrove is an important ecosystem in the world. mangrove ecosystems have a large capacity in retaining heavy metals, and now they are usually considered as sinks for heavy metals. however, the mechanism of why the soil of mangrove ecosystems can retain heavy metal is not certain. in this research, endophytic fungus purpureocillium sp. a5 was isolated and identified from the roots of kandelia candel. when this fungus was added, it protected the growth of k. candel under cu stress. this can be il ...201728237674
[contact lens-associated paecilomyces lilacinus keratitis].we present the case of a 23-year-old otherwise healthy female patient with contact lens-associated paecilomyces lilacinus keratitis. the clinical findings stabilized after initial local antimycotic and antibacterial treatment; however, in the further course of local therapy an extensive relapse occurred which required treatment by perforating keratoplasty à chaud due to a penetrating corneal ulcer. the patient responded well to subsequent treatment with systemic and local antimycotic medication. ...201727145953
retrospective case-series of paecilomyces lilacinus ocular mycoses in queensland, australia.the purpose of this study was to report: (1) the varying presentation of paecilomyces ocular infections arising in queensland; (2) the significance of immunosuppression as a primary determinant of disease; (3) the outcomes of voriconazole use; and (4) the ongoing need for both surgical and medical management of this devastating fungal infection.201526521140
complexities associated with the molecular and proteomic identification of paecilomyces species in the clinical mycology laboratory.paecilomyces species are emerging fungal pathogens. morphological identifications are complicated by similarities among the members of the p. variotii complex as well as to some rasamsonia and hamigera species. the purpose of this study was to compare matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization-time-of-flight mass spectrometry (maldi-tof ms) with molecular diagnostic standards (i.e., multilocus dna sequencing of the internal transcribed spacer regions 1 and 2, d1/d2 regions, and part of the β-tu ...201424687961
spatial relationships between entomopathogenic nematodes and nematophagous fungi in florida citrus orchards.relationships between entomopathogenic nematodes (epns), nematophagous fungi (nf) and soil physical and chemical properties were studied in a survey of 53 citrus orchards in central ridge and flatwoods ecoregions of florida. seven species of nf associated with nematodes were quantified directly using a real time qpcr assay. all nematophagous fungi studied except arthrobotrys musiformis and hirsutella rhossiliensis were frequently detected (24-56%) in both regions. paecilomyces lilacinus and gams ...201728087206
phylogenetic analyses reveal molecular signatures associated with functional divergence among subtilisin like serine proteases are linked to lifestyle transitions in hypocreales.subtilisin-like serine proteases or subtilases in fungi are important for penetration and colonization of host. in hypocreales, these proteins share several properties with other fungal, bacterial, plant and mammalian homologs. however, adoption of specific roles in entomopathogenesis may be governed by attainment of unique biochemical and structural features during the evolutionary course. due to such functional shifts subtilases coded by different family members of hypocreales acquire distinct ...201627756202
distribution of keratinophilic fungi in soil across tunisia: a descriptive study and review of the on the frequency and distribution of keratinophilic fungi in soil of tunisia are scanty. the present survey aimed to describe the distribution of keratinophilic fungi in soils collected in tunisia. keratinophilic fungi were isolated using vanbreuseghem's hair-baiting technique from 354 soil samples collected in 15 governorates of tunisia and identified according to their morphology with further dna and maldi-tof analysis when necessary. keratinophilic fungi were isolated from 46.3 % of the ...201525690159
pulmonary paecilomyces in a diabetic patient.paecilomyces species are among the most frequent saprophytes. two species namely paecilomyces lilacinus and paecilomyces variotii are the most frequently isolated species from humans. fungemia, endocarditis peritonitis, osteomyelitis and rarely pneumonia have been reported. we report a 74-year old diabetic woman with paecilomyces variotii pneumonia. paecilomyces variotii is a rare cause of pneumonia and in our knowledge, our case is the first case of pleural effusion due to this fungus.201527114730
conversion of food waste into biofertilizer for the biocontrol of root knot nematode by paecilomyces lilacinus.the feasibility of converting food waste into nematocidal biofertilizer by nematophagous fungus paecilomyces lilacinus (p. lilacinus) was investigated. the culture conditions of p. lilacinus were optimized through response surface methodology. results showed that fermentation time, the amount of food waste, initial ph and temperature were most important factors for p. lilacinus production. the p. lilacinus production under optimized conditions was 10(9.6 ± 0.3) conidia ml⁻¹. after fermentation, ...201526075798
exploring micromycetes biodiversity for screening benzo[a]pyrene degrading potential.twenty-five strains of filamentous fungi, encompassing 14 different species and belonging mainly to ascomycetes, were tested for their ability to degrade benzo[a]pyrene (bap) in mineral liquid medium. the most performing isolates for bap degradation (200 mg l(-1)) in mineral medium were cladosporium sphaerospermum with 29 % bap degradation, i.e., 82.8 μg bap degraded per day (day(-1)), paecilomyces lilacinus with 20.5 % bap degradation, i.e., 58.5 μg bap day(-1), and verticillium insectorum with ...201323093417
comparative efficacy of different approaches to managing meloidogyne incognita on green bean.a greenhouse study was conducted to compare the relative efficacy of different approaches to managing meloidogyne incognita on green bean. these approaches included chemical (fumigant, non-fumigant, seed dressing, and seed dip), biological (the egg-parasitic fungus, paecilomyces lilacinus and the mycorrhizal fungus glomus sp.), physical (soil solarization), and cultural (chicken litter and urea) methods. accordingly, nine different control materials and application methods plus nematode-infected ...201728053585
evaluation of the matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry bruker biotyper for identification of penicillium marneffei, paecilomyces species, fusarium solani, rhizopus species, and pseudallescheria boydii.we evaluated the performance of matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization-time of flight mass spectrometry (maldi-tof ms), the maldi bruker biotyper system (microflex lt; bruker daltonik gmbh, bremen, germany), on the identification of 50 isolates of clinically encountered molds, including penicillium marneffei (n = 28), paecilomyces species (n = 12), fusarium solani (n = 6), rhizopus species (n = 3), and pseudallescheria boydii (n = 1). the isolates were identified to species levels by sequen ...201526217315
virulence of isaria sp. and purpureocillium lilacinum to rhipicephalus microplus tick under laboratory conditions.rhipicephalus microplus (canestrini) is an ectoparasite accountable for great economic losses. the use of entomopathogenic fungi to control arthropods has shown promising responses. the present study evaluated the virulence of isaria farinosa (holmsk.) fr., isaria fumosorosea (wize) brown and smith, and purpureocillium lilacinum (=paecilomyces lilacinus) (thom.) samson to engorged females, eggs, and larvae of r. microplus. there were four treatment groups (10(5), 10(6), 10(7), and 10(8) conidia ...201222710525
chitooligomers preparation by chitosanase produced under solid state fermentation using shrimp by-products as substrate.solid state fermentation (ssf) conditions were statistically optimized for the production of chitosanase by purpureocillium lilacinum cfrnt12 using shrimp by-products as substrate. central composite design and response surface methodology were applied to evaluate the effect of variables and their optimization. incubation temperature, incubation time, concentration of inoculum and yeast extract were found to influence the chitosanase production significantly. the r(2) value of 0.94 indicates the ...201525659665
antiparasitic drugs: in vitro tests against nematophagous fungi.the use of biological agents has been intensified in recent years against eggs and larvae of gastrointestinal nematodes as an alternative control method in pasture plant health management, with the concomitant use with antiparasitic drugs still occurring. the aim of this study was to test the in vitro activity of the following antiparasitic drugs: ivermectin and albendazole against the following nematophagous fungi: paecilomyces fumosoroseus, paecilomyces lilacinus and paecilomyces variotii. the ...201727224732
fungal biodegradation of phthalate plasticizer in situ.this unique study describes how aspergillus japonicus, penicillium brocae and purpureocillium lilacinum, three novel isolates of our laboratory from heavily plastics-contaminated soil completely utilized the plasticizer di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (dehp) bound to pvc blood storage bags (bb) in simple basal salt medium (bsm) by static submerged growth (28 °c). initial quantification as well as percentage utilization of dehp blended to bb were estimated periodically by extracting it into n-hexane. a ...201322903609
paecilomyces keratitis in western india: a case report.cases of ocular trauma with vegetative matter are commonly encountered in ophthalmic practice in india. many of these present with keratitis/corneal ulceration, of which fungi have a predominant share. we report a case of fungal keratitis and graft infection with paecilomyces lilacinus, which was successfully treated with topical and systemic voriconazole. a farmer presented with corneal ulcer and hypopyon in left eye following vegetative trauma during farming. a provisional diagnosis of fungal ...201728384902
detoxification of hexavalent chromate by growing paecilomyces lilacinus the study, the capability of paecilomyces lilacinus xla (cctcc: m2012135) to reduce cr(6+) and its main antagonistic mechanisms to cr(6+) were experimentally evaluated. activated growing fungus xla efficiently reduced over 90% cr(6+) in the media with cr(6+) concentration below 100 mg l(-1) at ph 6 after 14 days. after 1-day exposure to 100 mg l(-1) cr(6+), nearly 50% of cr(6+) was reduced. moreover, so4(2-) stimulated cr(6+) reduction, whereas other interferential ions inhibited cr(6+) reduc ...201728347903
contribution to the knowledge of pathogenic fungi of spiders in argentina. southernmost record in the world.the aim of this study was to identify entomopathogenic fungi infecting spiders (araneae) in a protected area of buenos aires province, argentina. the araneae species identified was stenoterommata platensis. the pathogens identified were lecanicillium aphanocladii zare & w. gams, purpureocillium lilacinum (thom) luangsa-ard, houbraken, hywel jones & samson and ophiocordyceps caloceroides (berk & m.a. curtis). this study constitutes the southernmost records in the world and contributes to expandin ...201728343856
evaluation of the biocontrol potential of purpureocillium lilacinum qlp12 against verticillium dahliae in eggplant.a fungus with broad spectrum antifungal activity was isolated from the soil in qinling mountain, shaanxi province, in china. the fungus was identified as purpureocillium lilacinum based on its rdna gene analysis. the strain, coded as qlp12, showed high inhibition activity on fungal mycelium growth in vitro, especially to mucor piriformis, trichothecium roseum, rhizoctonia solani, and verticillium dahliae, and its potential for biocontrol efficacy of eggplant. verticillium wilt disease caused by ...201728303252
purpureocillium lilacinum tattoo-related skin infection in a kidney transplant recipient.purpureocillium lilacinum is an emerging pathogenic mold among immunocompromised hosts that causes cutaneous infections related to skin breakdown. we present the first reported case of p. lilacinum tattoo-related skin infection, to our knowledge. a kidney transplant recipient recently treated for acute cellular rejection presented with skin papules overlying a tattoo. diagnosis was confirmed on culture, histology, and 18s ribosomal rna polymerase chain reaction. the morphological features on cul ...201728273390
effect of paecilomyces lilacinus, trichoderma harzianum and trichoderma virens fungal extracts on the hatchability of ancylostoma eggs.ancylostoma species have demanded attention due to their zoonotic potential. the use of anthelmintics is the usual method to prevent environmental contamination by ancylostoma eggs and larvae. nematophagous fungi have been widely used in their biological control due to the fungus ability to capture and digest free nematode forms.201727810261
purpureocillium lilacinum keratitis: a case series and review of the describe the clinical features and risk factors of and optimal antifungal therapy for purpureocillium lilacinum keratitis.201627769331
genome and transcriptome sequences reveal the specific parasitism of the nematophagous purpureocillium lilacinum 36-1.purpureocillium lilacinum is a promising nematophagous ascomycete able to adapt diverse environments and it is also an opportunistic fungus that infects humans. a microbial inoculant of p. lilacinum has been registered to control plant parasitic nematodes. however, the molecular mechanism of the toxicological processes is still unclear because of the relatively few reports on the subject. in this study, using illumina paired-end sequencing, the draft genome sequence and the transcriptome of p. l ...201627486440
subcutaneous hyalohyphomycosis due to purpureocillium lilacinum in an immunocompromised patient after renal transplantation. 201627461556
successful treatment of paecilomyces lilacinus onychomycosis with efinaconazole and tavaborole.paecilomyces lilacinus, also known as purpureocillium lilacinum, is a non-dermatophyte mold found in the soil and used as nematocide for crops. p. lilacinus can cause rare opportunistic infections in humans ranging from endocarditis, keratitis, to onychomycosis with significant resistance to conventional antifungals. there are only two cases of onychomycosis caused by p. lilacinus reported in the literature and none that were successfully treated. here we present a case of successfully treated o ...201627386459
a mutant of the nematophagous fungus paecilomyces lilacinus (thom) is a novel biocontrol agent for sclerotinia sclerotiorum.sclerotinia sclerotiorum causes severe stem rot and yield loss in oilseed rape (brassica napus l.) and other crops worldwide. extensive studies have been conducted on paecilomyces lilacinus as a nematophagous bioagent. however, no reports stated the effect of p. lilacinus as a biocontrol agent against oilseed rape rot s. sclerotiorum. this study describes such effect in lab and field trials using the new transformant pt361 derived from the wild strain p. lilacinus 36-1. unlike the wild-type stra ...201526521137
paecilomyces lilacinus-induced scleritis following bleb-associated endophthalmitis after trabeculectomy.paecilomyces lilacinus (p. lilacinus) is a rare cause of fungal scleritis. we herein report a case of p. lilacinus-induced scleritis following bleb-associated endophthalmitis after trabeculectomy that was successfully treated with surgical excision of the affected sclera in combination with antifungal medication. an 85-year-old female underwent trabeculectomy of the left eye. a dellen formed in the corneal periphery due to limbal elevation of the filtering bleb and progressed to an infectious co ...201526490029
keratitis by paecilomyces lilacinus: a case report from sub-himalayan region.paecilomyces lilacinus is a filamentous fungus found in soil and air, which is a rare cause of ocular infection. the majority of case reports involving p. lilacinus among healthy hosts are of endophthalmitis and keratitis. we report a rare case of keratomycosis by p. lilacinus, in an immunocompetent, which responded well to treatment with ketoconazole. some species belonging to the genus paecilomyces such as p. lilacinus generally shows a poor response to conventional antifungal drugs. therefore ...201526470971
improvement of the insecticidal capacity of two purpureocillium lilacinum strains against tribolium confusum.entomopathogenic fungi can regulate insect populations. they have extracellular enzymes that degrade cuticle components, mainly hydrocarbons, used as an energy source. the increase in insecticidal activity of fungi in a medium supplemented with cuticular hydrocarbons was assayed and the hydrolytic enzyme profiles of two strains of purpureocillium lilacinum were evaluated. a spore suspension of p. lilacinum was inoculated in petri plates with different values (0.99-0.97-0.95) of water activity (a ...201526463076
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