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territrems, tremorgenic mycotoxins of aspergillus terreus.the tremorgenic mycotoxins isolated from aspergillus terreus were given the trivial names territrem a and b instead of their previous designations of c1 and c2 respectively. high-resolution mass spectral data suggested the molecular formula of territrem a to be c28h30o9 and that of territrem b,c29h34o9. they were partially characterized by ultraviolet, infrared, proton magnetic resonance, and mass spectroscopy. the spectroscopic evidence indicated that their chemical structures were very similar ...1979453815
kinetics of inactivation of asperigillus flavus and aspergillus terreus conidiospores by amphotericin b in the presence of serum. 1979110762
a new n-nitroso compound, n-3-methylbutyl-n-1-methylacetonylnitrosamine, in corn-bread inoculated with fungi.a new n--nitroso compound, n--1--methylacetonyl--n--3--methylbutylnitrosamine (mambna) is found in corn-bread inoculated with the common fungi, such as fusarium moniliforme, geotrichun candidum, aspergillus terreus or a. flavipes, encountered in food of lin xian county, henan province. the preliminary identification of this compound with tlc has been confirmed by gc-ms analysis. furthermore, we have synthesized the mambna and the chemical analysis shows that it is identical with the mambna isola ...1979112677
[biosynthesis of cellulolytic enzymes and xylanase during submerged cultivation of the fungus aspergillus terreus 17p].the fungus aspergillus terreus 17p--producer of cellulolytic enzymes--was cultivated in the biotec 10 l fermenter on the medium containing minced and heated (at 200 degrees) wheat straw aerated with a different rate. at the mixing rate of 350 rpm and aeration rate of 0.7 r/rpm on the fourth day the culture liquid was obtained whose filtrate contained an active complex of cellulolytic enzymes and xylanase: ci--3.4; apb--1.1, cx--35.7, cellobiase--0.23, xylanase--73.8 units/ml. the fractionation o ...1978103086
purification and characterization of dimethylallyl pyrophosphate: aspulvinone dimethylallyltransferase from aspergillus terreus.dimethylallyl pyrophosphate:aspulvinone dimethylallyltransferase, the prenylation enzyme for the biosynthesis of aspulvinone pigments, has been purified from mycelia of aspergillus terreus. the transferase catalyzed the transfer of the dimethylallyl moiety from dimethylallyl pyrophosphate to either of the two aromatic rings of aspulvinone e to give the mono- and diprenylated derivatives which were identified with the metabolites aspulvinone i and aspulvinone h, respectively. aspulvinone g, anoth ...1978678538
onychomycosis caused by aspergillus terreus.four cases of onychomycosis caused by aspergillus terreus are presented. the clinical characteristics consisted of spotted and striated leuconychia, dark spots and fragility of the nails. the mycology is described, and is shown that a. terreus has an inhibitory effect on the growth of dermatophytes and scopulariopis brevicaulis. topical treatment with 1% pimafucin in a mixture of 60% dimethylsulfoxide (dmso) and 40% water as well as 9% aqueous solution of sodium benzoate were both effective. the ...1978147520
[cellulolytic activity of the thermotolerant fungus aspergillus terreus 17p during submerged cultivation].it has been demonstrated that the thermotolerant fungus aspergillus terreus 17p can actively grow and produce a complex of cellulolytic enzymes on the dense nutrient medium consisting of straw (45%), wheat bran (45%), malt shoots (10%) and wet mineral supplements. the cultivation temperature is 40 degrees c, ph--5.6--6.0 and humidity of the medium--60--65%.1978674113
disseminated aspergillosis in a dog.a dog with disseminated aspergillus terreus infection died after a protracted course of hospitalization. treatment with amphotericin b methyl ester was without effect. the causative organism was found in bone, myocardium, spleen, kidneys, liver, thymus, lymph nodes, and both eyes. treatment with antimicrobials and corticosteroids prior to hospitalization may have contributed to dissemination of the fungus.1978640935
quadrone, a new antitumor substance produced by aspergillus terreus. production, isolation and properties.a new antitumor compound named quadrone was isolated from the culture broth of aspergillus terreus nrrl 11,156. quadrone was active against kb cells in vitro, but died not possess antimicrobial activity.1978627521
cellulose-decomposing fungi of salt marshes in egypt.seventy-five species and three varieties which belong to thirty-four genera were identified from 74 soil samples collected from salt marshes in egypt. the most frequent fungi were aspergillus fumigatus, aspergillus niger, cladosporium herbarum and alternatia alternata, followed by aspergillus terreus, curvularia spicifera and penicillium notatum. six genera were of moderate occurrence: penicillium, fusarium, curvularia, rhizopus, stachybotrys, and chaetomium. five genera were of low occurrence: ...1978624509
[production of patulin in a liquid medium by moulds belonging to the genera: aspergillus and penicillium (author's transl)].the toxinogenesis of 10 strains of penicillium granulatum, 5 of p. expansum, 4 of aspergillus terreus, 2 of a. clavatus, p. thomii, p. urticae, p. italicum and 1 of p. claviforme was tested at 26 degrees c in czapek's enriched liquid medium (8 p. 1000 glucose + 2 p. 1000 yeast extract). 6 strains of p. granulatum, 5 of p. expansum, 1 of p claviforme and p. thomii produced patulin after 9 days of culture. mycotoxin concentrations recovered was between 0.2 ppm and 3127 ppm. highly toxinogenic stra ...1977596791
aspergillus terreus osteomyelitis.aspergillus terreus infection limited to the l1-2 disk space and first and second lumbar vertebrae developed in a patient not predisposed to invasive aspergillosis. the observation of morphologically distinct secondary spores (aleuriospores) on microscopic examination of open biopsy specimens permitted a preliminary identification of a terreus, which was confirmed by culture. the infection was eradicated with amphotericin b in a total dose of 3 gm. aspergillus terreus is usually a saprophyte. th ...1977879933
iii. mediators of allergic reactions. endogenous and exogenous stimulating or suppressor substances. mediators of experimental hypersensitivity pneumonitis.using a physiologic model of hypersensitivity pneumonitis where depressions of arterial oxygen tension in unimmunized rabbits are monitored following aerosol challenge with aspergillus terreus spores, attempts were made to assess the nature of the cellular and pharmacologic mediators of the impairment. unlike normal animals no pao2 depressions were obtained following aerosol challenge in either rabbits deficient in c6 or in rabbits made thrombocytopenic with antiplatelet serum. such aerosols wer ...197773506
organic amendments and control of foot rot of piper betle caused by phytophthora parasitica var. piperina.experiments have been performed to control foot rot of piper betle by organic amendments and antagonists in soil. soil amended with corn straw gave best control. corn straw supplemented with nitrogen (nh4no3) gave still better control. the effect of different antagonists growing on corn-straw and til (sesamum indicum) oil cake amendments showed that trichoderma viride gave best control. aspergillus terreus failed to control the disease although it showed great antifungal activity under controlle ...1976952442
toxicosis due to aspergillus terreus in chicks. 1976992823
antitumor activity of asterriquinone, a metabolic product from aspergillus terreus. 19761024856
[localization of cellulase in the aspergillus terreus mycelial cells].localization of cellulase was studied in the cells of aspergillus terreus 17p, a thermotolerant fungus. the activity of cx-enzyme was found in the supernatant and to be of a protein nature, as was established by means of differential centrifugation of a homogenate of the mycelium cells. ultrathin sections of the mycelium were fixed according to somogi and studied by electron microscopy. the cellulase was found to be located on the surface of the cell wall to which it was bound but not very firml ...19761004263
letter: primary cutaneous aspergillosis due to aspergillus terreus. 1976962349
[toxinogenic moulds of silage. iv. - patulin production in liquid medium using fungus species isolated in silages (author's transl)].the toxinogenesis of 18 strains of byssochlamys nivea, 4 of byssochlamys fulva, 7 of paecilomyces varioti, 2 of aspergillus clavatus, i of aspergillus terreus, and i of penicillium urticae, isolated in ensilaged forages, is tested at 26 degrees c in czapek's enriched liquid medium (8 p. 1000 glucose + 2 p. 1000 yeast extract). 100 p. 100 of byssochlamys nivea strains, 75 p. 100 of byssochlamys fulva and 12 p. 100 of paecilomyces varioti strains produce patulin after 9 days of culture. mycotoxin ...19751232908
the atmospheric fungal flora of the athens metropolitan the research programme of the department of microbiology of the athens university the nature of the mycological flora of the athenian air was studied. the research took place during the calendar year 1971. the open air was sampled twice weekly from two observation stations. the open plate technique was used, petri dishes containing sabourand's agar being exposed for 15 minutes. a total of 180 plates were exposed, and 1714 fungal colonies were isolated; these were subcultured and identified as ...19751207717
isolation and purification of blasticidin s deaminase from aspergillus enzyme catalyzing the deamination of the cytosine moiety of blasticidin s was extracted from a fungal strain that belongs to aspergillus terreus. the enzyme was purified with ammonium sulfate fractionation, sephadex g-100 column and deae cellulose column chromatography, followed by preparative polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. blasticidin s deaminase could be separated easily from co-existing cytidine deaminase by deae column chromatography or gel electrophoresis, and preliminary study on t ...1975236272
[effect of certain substances on the biosynthesis of cellulase by the thermotolerant fungus, aspergillus terreus i7p].different substrates which activate the enzyme synthesis were added to the natural medium for asp. terreus 17p cultivation where wheat straw was used as the carbon source. tween-80, oleic acid, sodium salts of ascorbic and acetic acid, potassium salt of indolyl acetic acid, sunflower seed oil, coreander seed oil, soapstock and sugars--glucose, sucrose, fructose and lactose were tested. an addition of tween-80 at a concentration of 0.1% to the cultivation medium showed the most favourable effect ...19751187570
letter: a cholinesterase inhibitor produced by aspergillus terreus. 19744212124
[the activity of cellulolytic enzymes and xylanase in the thermo-tolerant fungus aspergillus terreus after being kept in a lyophilized state for a long period]. 19744449500
[mutants of the heat-tolerant fungus aspergillus terreus--producers of cellulolytic enzymes]. 19744453215
effect of methylendioxyphenyl synergists on metabolism of carbaryl by aspergillus terreus. 19744474950
studies on the metabolic pathway for itatartaric acid formation by aspergillus terreus. i. metabolism of glucose and some c5 and c6-carboxylic acids. 19744836926
studies on the metabolic pathway for itatartaric acid formation by aspergillus terreus. ii. use of (-)citramalate, citraconate and itaconate by cell-free extracts. 19744836927
aspergillosis: comparative virulence, metabolic rate, growth rate and ubiquinone content of soil and human isolates of aspergillus terreus. 19744850653
growth and fat formation of aspergillus oryzae and aspergillus terreus on enzyme-hydrolyzed sweet potatoes. 19734763732
[extraction of cellulolytic enzymes and xylanase from a filtrate of the culture fluid of the heat-tolerant fungus aspergillus terreus 17p]. 19734771034
component fatty acids of aspergillus terreus fat. 19734761319
microbial hydroxylation of 5-anilino-1,2,3,4-thiatriazole.two hundred eighty-five fungi, including 100 basidiomycetes and 35 yeasts, 75 actinomycetes, and 40 bacteria were screened for their ability to convert 5-anilino-1,2,3,4-thiatriazole (at) to 5-(p-hydroxyanilino)-1,2,3,4-thiatriazole (p-ht). eleven cultures were found that formed p-ht, which was isolated and whose structure was determined. aspergillus tamarii nrrl 3280 formed 8.6 g of p-ht/liter from 10 g of at/liter (78.9% conversion) in shaken flasks and 4.57 g of p-ht/liter from 6 g of at/lite ...19734699219
influence of nitrogen source on the synthesis of fat from sucrose by aspergillus terreus, aspergillus ochraceus, cladosporium fulvum, cladosporium herbarum and penicillium gladioli. 19724672593
two unusual organisms, aspergillus terreus and metschnikowia pulcherrima, associated with the lung disease of ankylosing spondylitis. 19724628429
fixation of nitrogen by the mutants of aspergillus terreus nrrl 1960. 19724671434
the biosynthesis of phenols. xxiv. the conversion of the anthraquinone question into the benzophenone, sulochrin, in cultures of aspergillus terreus. 19725065535
[production of l-asparaginase by aspergillus terreus]. 19715151228
a response of aspergillus terreus mutants to nitrite. 19715575543
effect of l-asparaginase from aspergillus terreus on ascites sarcoma in the rat. 19705411861
[selection of the optimal medium for biosynthesis of cellulolytic enzymes by aspergillus terreus 17p using the steep ascent method]. 19705497278
chemical and physiological changes in fungi during autolysis. xi. the exponential law in the induced autolysis of aspergillus terreus. 19705508762
assimilatory and dissimilatory utilization of nitrate by aspergillus terreus mutants. 19705433028
[effect of the nutrient medium on the biosynthesis of cellulolytic enzymes by the heat resistant fungus aspergillus terreus]. 19705493347
the effect of nitrogen sources on acid production by aspergillus terreus. 19695358094
cervical lymphadenopathy caused by aspergillus terreus. 19695774321
experimental pathology of aspergillus terreus-flavipes group species. 19685647152
ll-s88-alpha, an antiviral substance produced by aspergillus terreus. 19685735364
an epidithiapiperazinedione antiviral agent from aspergillus terreus. 19684301873
[dermatoonychomycosis caused by aspergillus terreus thom]. 19685304714
the itaconic and itatartaric acid formation by uv and gamma irradiated isolates of aspergillus terreus nrrl 1960. 19674166071
the autolysis of aspergillus terreus in a physiologically acid medium. 19676077930
[oxidation of some alkanes by the fungus aspergillus terreus]. 19665995740
variations inth the cultural characteristics of rhizoctonia solani, and its antagonists: aspergillus terreus and aspergillus flavus occurring in the rhizosphere of cotton. 19655877017
isolation, purification, and properties of cellulases from aspergillus terreus and penicillium variabile. 196514282936
subcutaneous infection due to aspergillus terreus.a case of subcutaneous infection by aspergillus terreus is reported. pus from the lesion contained spherules which did not appear to be related to the aspergillus. the nature of the spherules is discussed.196414159452
the biosynthesis of phenols. 5. the relationships of some phenolic metabolites of mutants of aspergillus terreus thom, i.m.i. 16043. 19645832298
reversal by pyruvate of fluoride inhibition in aspergillus terreus. 196214461673
catabolism of itaconic acid by preformed mats of aspergillus terreus. 196213911957
biosynthesis of itaconic acid by aspergillus terreus. 196213988524
[analysis of the mycelium of aspergillus terreus]. 196114461603
ultraviolet-induced mutational changes in enzyme activity of aspergillus terreus. 195913794487
the formation of cis aconitic decarboxylase in culture of aspergillus terreus. 195914429861
itaconicoxidase: an enzyme from an ultraviolet-induced mutant of aspergillus terreus. 195813590057
biosynthesis of itaconic acid in aspergillus terreus. i. tracer studies with c14-labeled substrates. 195713438853
biosynthesis of itaconic acid in aspergillus terreus. ii. early stages in glucose dissimilation and the role of citrate. 195713438854
biosynthesis of itaconic acid in aspergillus terreus. iii. the properties and reaction mechanism of cis-aconitic acid decarboxylase. 195713438855
studies in the biochemistry of micro-organisms. 97. flavipin, a crystalline metabolite of aspergillus flavipes (bainier & sartory) thom & church and aspergillus terreus thom. 195613341894
the mechanism of itaconic acid formation by aspergillus terreus. 1. the effect of acidity. 195514363197
the mechanism of itaconic acid formation by aspergillus terreus. 2. the effect of substrates and inhibitors. 195514363198
antibiotic-producing properties of aspergillus terreus. 195424543173
the effect of supplementary factors on the radiation-induced frequency of mutations in aspergillus terreus. 195214927687
mechanism of lethal and mutagenic action of ionizing radiation on aspergillus terreus. i. relationship of relative biological efficiency to ion density. 195214927691
mechanism of lethal and mutagenic action of ionizing radiations on aspergillus terreus. ii. use of modifying agents and conditions. 195214927692
onychomycosis due to aspergillus terreus thom. 195212985151
modification of the x-ray and ultraviolet induced mutation rate in aspergillus terreus by pretreatment with near infrared radiation. 194817247289
modification of the x-ray and ultraviolet induced mutation rate in aspergillus terreus by pretreatment with near infrared radiation. 194818869708
onychomycosis caused by aspergillus terreus. 194818888083
the effect of nitrogen mustard on the ultraviolet-induced mutation rate in aspergillus terreus. 194818903878
studies in the biochemistry of micro-organisms: the molecular constitution of geodin and erdin, two chlorine-containing metabolic products of aspergillus terreus thom; possible structural formulae for geodin and erdin. 194720266532
studies on the biochemistry of micro-organisms: 74. the molecular constitution of geodin and erdin, two chlorine-containing metabolic products of aspergillus terreus thom. part 3. possible structural formulae for geodin and erdin. 194716748191
a note on meso-erythritol, a metabolic product of aspergillus terreus. 194620273676
some factors affecting the production of itaconic acid by aspergillus terreus in agitated cultures. 194620998001
itatartaric acid, a metabolic product of an ultravioletinduced mutant of aspergillus terreus. 194521006957
studies in the biochemistry of micro-organisms: itaconic acid, a metabolic product of a strain of aspergillus terreus thom. 193916747058
studies in the biochemistry of micro-organisms: the molecular constitution of geodin and erdin, two chlorine-containing metabolic products of aspergillus terreus thom. part ii. dihydrogeodin and dihydroerdin and the synthesis of their trimethyl ethers. 193916746946
studies in the biochemistry of micro-organisms: the molecular constitution of terrein, a metabolic product of aspergillus terreus thom. 193716746426
studies in the biochemistry of micro-organisms: the molecular constitution of geodin and erdin, two chlorine-containing metabolic products of aspergillus terreus thom. part i. the constitutional relationship of geodin and erdin. 193716746438
studies in the biochemistry of micro-organisms: the metabolic products of aspergillus terreus thom. part ii. two new chlorine-containing mould metabolic products, geodin and erdin. 193616746160
studies in the biochemistry of micro-organisms: the metabolic products of aspergillus terreus thom. a new mould metabolic product-terrein. 193516745705
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