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mango supplementation has no effects on inflammatory mediators in obese adults.this pilot study examined the effects of freeze-dried mango (mangifera indica l.) supplementation on anthropometric measurements, lipid parameters, and inflammatory mediators in obese individuals. a total of 20 obese (body mass index [bmi]: 30-35 kg/m2) adults (11 men and 9 women), aged 20 to 50 years, received 10 g/d of ground freeze-dried mango pulp for 12 weeks. anthropometrics, lipids, and inflammatory mediators were assessed at baseline and after 12 weeks of mango supplementation. there wer ...201728983188
management of fruit species in urban home gardens of argentina atlantic forest as an influence for landscape domestication.home gardens are considered germplasm repositories and places for experimentation, thus they are key sites for the domestication of plants. domestication is considered a constant process that occurs along a continuum from wild to managed to domesticated populations. management may lead to the modification of populations and in other cases to their distribution, changing population structure in a landscape. our objective is focused on the management received in home gardens by perennial species o ...201729033964
tocopherol levels in different mango varieties correlate with mihppd expression and its over-expression elevates tocopherols in transgenic arabidopsis and fruit tocopherol levels vary in different varieties during ripening. this study shows that tocopherol accumulation is highly correlated with its p-hydroxyphenyl pyruvate dioxygenase (mihppd) gene expression during ripening. mihppd transcript is ethylene induced and differentially expressed in four mango varieties used in this study. higher/lower accumulation of tocopherol (mainly α-tocopherol) was achieved by heterologous expression of mihppd in arabidopsis and tomato. the results suggest ...201729062673
influence of 1-mcp on texture, related enzymes, quality and their relative gene expression in 'amrapali' mango (mangifera indica l.) fruits.the mango fruits remain biologically active even after harvest as they continue respiration, transpiration and other bio-chemical processes. being highly perishable, the fruit quality deteriorates fast under ambient conditions (30 ± 5 °c and 50 ± 5% rh), rendering them unmarketable within 5-6 days. in order to extend the shelf-life of 'amrapali' mango fruits, we have treated them with three different concentrations (500, 750 and 1000 ppb) of 1-methylcyclopropene (1-mcp) @ 20 °c and stored at amb ...201729085148
misnpdb: a web-based genomic resources of tropical ecology fruit mango (mangifera indica l.) for phylogeography and varietal is one of the most important fruits of tropical ecological region of the world, well known for its nutritive value, aroma and taste. its world production is >45mt worth >200 billion us dollars. genomic resources are required for improvement in productivity and management of mango germplasm. there is no web-based genomic resources available for mango. hence rapid and cost-effective high throughput putative marker discovery is required to develop such resources. rad-based marker discovery ca ...201729097776
native yeasts for alternative utilization of overripe mango pulp for ethanol fruits (mangifera indica l.) are highly perishable, causing postharvest losses and producing agroindustrial waste. in the present work, native yeasts were used to evaluate ethanol production in overripe mango pulp. the two isolated strains showed similar sequences in the 18s rdna region corresponding to kluyveromyces marxianus, being different to the data reported in the ncbi database. values of up to 5% ethanol (w/v) were obtained at the end of fermentation, showing a productivity of 4g/l ...201729162302
on-tree mango fruit size estimation using rgb-d mango fruit sizing is useful for estimation of fruit maturation and size distribution, informing the decision to harvest, harvest resourcing (e.g., tray insert sizes), and marketing. in-field machine vision imaging has been used for fruit count, but assessment of fruit size from images also requires estimation of camera-to-fruit distance. low cost examples of three technologies for assessment of camera to fruit distance were assessed: a rgb-d (depth) camera, a stereo vision camera and a ...201729182534
control of anthracnose caused by colletotrichum species in guava, mango and papaya using synergistic combinations of chitosan and cymbopogon citratus (d.c. ex nees) stapf. essential oil.this study assessed the efficacy of chitosan (chi) and cymbopogon citratus (d.c. ex nees) stapf. essential oil (cceo) combinations to control the mycelial growth of five pathogenic colletotrichum species (c. asianum, c. siamense, c. fructicola, c. tropicale and c. karstii) in vitro, as well as the anthracnose development in guava (psidium guajava l.) cv. paluma, mango (mangifera indica l.) cv. tommy atkins and papaya (carica papaya l.) cv. papaya artificially inoculated with these species. combi ...201729182924
transitions in mesocarp colour of mango fruits kept under variable temperatures.the impact of variable temperatures on mesocarp colour development and physico-chemical changes of mango fruits cv. langra during ripening has been investigated. physiological mature mango fruits were kept in temperature regulated chambers (20 and 25 °c) and at room temperature (29.8-33.6 °c). progress in development of mesocarp colour, β-carotene, sensory quality (sq) and total soluble solids (tss) content of fruits were analysed periodically from 48 to 168 h of ripening period. the progress of ...201729184231
comparative typing analyses of clinical and environmental strains of the cryptococcus neoformans/cryptococcus gattii species complex from ivory coast.the aim of this study was to assess the biotope of the cryptococcus neoformans/cryptococcus gattii species complex from ivory coast, and clarify the possible epidemiological relationship between environmental and clinical strains.201829214970
tree age affects physico-chemical, functional quality and storability of amrapali mango (mangifera indica l.) fruits.the effect of tree age on physicochemical quality attributes and storage behaviour of stored amrapali mango fruit was evaluated. physiologically mature fruits were harvested from 6, 18 and 30 years old trees and kept for ripening under ambient condition (temperature 35 ± 3 °c, relative humidity 60 ± 5 %). observations were recorded at three days interval.201729230820
characterization and pathogenicity of fusarium species associated with leaf spot of mango (mangifera indica l.).leaf spot diseases are mainly caused by fungi including fusarium. in the present study several species of fusarium were isolated from the leaf spot lesion of mango (mangifera indica l.) based on morphological characteristics, tef-1α sequences and phylogenetic analysis, five species were identified as f. proliferatum, f. semitectum, f. mangiferae, f. solani and f. chlamydosporum. pathogenicity test indicated that representative isolates of f. proliferatum, f. semitectum and f. chlamydosporum were ...201729233777
purification of serine protease from mango (mangifera indica cv. chokanan) peel using an alcohol/salt aqueous two phase alcohol/salt-based aqueous two-phase (atps) system, as a novel method of purification, was employed to purify serine proteases from mango (mangifera indica cv. chokanan) peel. the effectiveness of different parameters, such as type and concentration of alcohol (1-propanol, 2-propanol, and ethanol), type of salt (sodium citrate, potassium phosphate, and ammonium sulphate), ph, and nacl, on the purification and selective separation of serine protease was investigated. desirable conditions of pa ...201229243626
the attractiveness of the gravid aedes trap to dengue vectors in fiji.the gravid aedes trap (gat) is a passive trap that relies on visual and olfactory cues to lure and capture gravid mosquitoes. the gat was designed as a dengue vector surveillance tool for use in conditions where power sources are not readily available. experiments were conducted over a 10-d period in fiji to determine which species of mosquitoes the gat would collect, how different infusion types affect the attractiveness of the trap, how long each infusion type took to begin attracting mosquito ...201729244174
hepatoprotective and antioxidant effect of mangifera indica leaf extracts against mercuric chloride-induced liver toxicity in explore the antioxidant and hepatoprotective effect of ethanolic mangifera indica (emi) and methanolic mangifera indica (mmi) leaf extracts in mercuric chloride (hgcl2) induced toxicity in swiss albino mice.201729264314
low-dose irradiation with modified atmosphere packaging for mango against the oriental fruit fly (diptera: tephritidae).irradiation is used to disinfest the oriental fruit fly, bactrocera dorsalis (hendel) (diptera: tephritidae) and other pests on mango fruits before export from thailand to foreign markets. modified atmosphere packaging (map) used during export of mangoes creates a low-oxygen environment that may reduce the efficacy of quarantine irradiation treatment against b. dorsalis. 'nam dok mai' mangoes infested with third-instar larvae of b. dorsalis, wrapped with three different kinds of map bags (cf1, f ...201729294024
suppressive effect of ethanol extract from mango (mangifera indica l.) peel on ige production in vitro and in vivo.immunoglobulin e (ige) is involved in the onset of allergic reaction, and the suppression of ige production leads to alleviation of allergic symptoms. we found that mango peel ethanol extract (mpe) significantly suppresses ige production by human myeloma cell line u266 cells, suggesting that mpe has an anti-allergic effect by inhibiting the production of ige. although mangiferin is contained in mango, which suppresses ige production by u266 cells, it was not contained in mpe. we investigated the ...201829297259
estimation of whole plant photosynthetic rate of irwin mango under artificial and natural lights using a three-dimensional plant model and ray-tracing.photosynthesis is an important physiological response for determination of co₂ fertilization in greenhouses and estimation of crop growth. in order to estimate the whole plant photosynthetic rate, it is necessary to investigate how light interception by crops changes with environmental and morphological factors. the objectives of this study were to analyze plant light interception using a three-dimensional (3d) plant model and ray-tracing, determine the spatial distribution of the photosynthetic ...201829300365
molecular analysis of anthocyanin biosynthesis pathway genes and their differential expression in mango fruit is cherished by masses for its taste and nutrition, contributed by color, flavor and aroma. among these, peel color is an important trait contributing to fruit quality and market value. we attempted to elucidate the role of key genes of anthocyanin biosynthesis pathway related to fruit peel color from the leaf transcriptome of cv. amrapali. a total of 108 mined transcript sequences were assigned to phenylpropanoid flavonoid pathway from which 15 contigs representing anthocyanin biosy ...201829338343
dietary pectin and mango pulp effects on small intestinal enzyme activity levels and macronutrient digestion in grower pigs.the effects of refined pectin and mango pulp on macronutrient digestion and small intestinal enzyme activity were studied in grower pigs. diets based on wheat starch with and without apple pectin or dried mango fruit pulp were fed to 30 grower pigs for 21 days. pigs were euthanized two hours postprandially, and their gastrointestinal contents recovered. starch and protein digestion as well as α-amylase activity were all increased in pigs fed pectin. in contrast, fat digestion, lipase and proteas ...201829340436
toxic effect of common poisonous plants of district bannu, khyber pakhtunkhwa, pakistan.the present paper was a part of ph.d research work, conducted during the year 2014, in which 87 poisonous plants belonging to 54 genera, were collected, documented and preserved in the herbarium of bannu, department of botany ust, bannu khyber pakhtunkwa pakistan. the plants were identified botanically, arranged alphabetically along with their latin name, family name, common name, poisonous parts, toxicity, affects, toxin and their effects. aim of the study was to induce awareness in the local p ...201829348085
effect of carbon dioxide (co2) and oxygen (o2) levels on quality of 'palmer' mangoes under controlled atmosphere storage.with the objective to evaluate the modifications in the fruit quality, 'palmer' mangoes were stored at 12.8 °c for 30 days in controlled atmosphere storage that contained a low level of oxygen (5 kpa) which was associated with increasing levels of carbon dioxide co2 (0, 1, 5, 10, 15 and 20 kpa co2). controlled atmosphere storage did not effect mango respiration. however, transfer mangoes, that were previously stored at high levels of co2 (5 kpa o2 + 15 kpa co2 and 5 kpa o2 + 20 kpa co2) to ambie ...201829358805
development of a high-resolution multi-locus microsatellite typing method for colletotrichum gloeosporioides.colletotrichum gloeosporioides is an economically important fungal pathogen causing substantial yield losses indifferent host plants. to understand the genetic diversity and molecular epidemiology of this fungus, we have developed a novel, high-resolution multi-locus microsatellite typing (mlmt) method. bioinformatic analysis of c. gloeosporioides unannotated genome sequence yielded eight potential microsatellite loci, of which five, cg1 (gt)n, cg2 (gt1)n, cg3 (tc)n, cg4 (ct)n, and cg5 (ct1)n we ...201729371809
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