incidence of ripening and chilling injury on the oxidative activities and fatty acid compositions of the mitochondria from mango fruits.the succinate oxidation capacities of mitochondria isolated from mango fruits (mangifera indica l.) stored at 4, 8, 12, and 20 c were investigated during storage. in normally ripening fruits (at 12 and 20 c) the oxidative capacities increased during the first 10 days and then decreased slowly. at lower temperatures (4 and 8 c), the fruits showed chilling injury symptoms, after about 10 days of storage and the succinate oxidation capacities of mitochondria decreased progressively. plots of succin ...197816660352
polyphenolics of twenty local varieties of mangifera indica. 19751197414
physiology and biochemistry of mango fruit. 19751098417
relationship of aroma and flavour characteristics of mango (mangifera indica l.) to fatty acid composition. 19734771838
an unusual citrate synthase from mango fruit. 19715123209
the gallotannins of rhus coriaria and mangifera indica. 19715573546
citrate cleavage enzyme in mango fruit. 19705423830
phenolic components, plant- and amino-acids of mangifera indica. v. 19705439753
phenolic components of mangifera indica. iv. 19705441608
isolation & characterization of a carotenoid-protein complex from mangifera indica (mango). 19664227366
phenolic components of mangifera indica. ii. 19655826185
vitamin c concentration in developing and mature fruits of mango (mangifera indica l.). 195616654841
sex ratio and fruit setting in mango (mangifera indica l.). 195417732379
vegetative propagation of mango (mangifera indica l.) by air-layering (gootee). 195313038469
tip pulp of the mango fruit. 195014778305
a papyrographic study of the nonprotein nitrogen of mangoes (mangifera indica linn.). 195014778291
rooting of haden mango (mangifera indica l.) leaf-budding cuttings. 195015424671
necrosis of the mango fruit. 195015427345
hormone induced set and parthenocarpy in mango (mangifera indica l.). 194915398804
a new bacterial disease of mangifera indica l. 194818884600
observations on the carotenoid pigments of the mango fruit. 194620999654
carotenoid pigments of badami mango fruit. 194616748070
the vitamin content of the mango fruit. 193316745225
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