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modulatory effect of mangifera indica against carbon tetrachloride induced kidney damage in rats.there is little scientific evidence on the local use of mangifera indica in kidney diseases. this study investigated the reno-modulatory roles of the aqueous stem bark extract of mangifera indica (miase) against ccl4-induced renal damage. rats were treated intragastrically with 125, 250 and 500 mg/kg/day miase for 7 days before and after the administration of ccl4 (3 ml/kg of 30% ccl4, i.p.). serum levels of electrolytes (na+, k+, cl(-), hco3(-)), urea and creatinine were determined. renal tissu ...201527486379
plant-mediated effects on mosquito capacity to transmit human malaria.the ecological context in which mosquitoes and malaria parasites interact has received little attention, compared to the genetic and molecular aspects of malaria transmission. plant nectar and fruits are important for the nutritional ecology of malaria vectors, but how the natural diversity of plant-derived sugar sources affects mosquito competence for malaria parasites is unclear. to test this, we infected anopheles coluzzi, an important african malaria vector, with sympatric field isolates of ...201627490374
pyrogallol, an absorbable microbial gallotannins-metabolite and mango polyphenols (mangifera indica l.) suppress breast cancer ductal carcinoma in situ proliferation in is rich in bioactive absorbable polyphenols, but also contains considerable amounts of unabsorbable gallotannins at varying degrees of polymerization. gallotannins are not absorbable upon consumption and have rarely been considered in the discussion of health benefits of polyphenols. therefore, the objective of this study was to investigate the anti-proliferative activities of the major microbial metabolite of gallotannins, pyrogallol (pg) and a low molecular weight fraction of mango (mang ...201627491891
mangiferin modulation of metabolism and metabolic syndrome.the recent emergence of a worldwide epidemic of metabolic disorders, such as obesity and diabetes, demands effective strategy to develop nutraceuticals or pharmaceuticals to halt this trend. natural products have long been and continue to be an attractive source of nutritional and pharmacological therapeutics. one such natural product is mangiferin (mgf), the predominant constituent of extracts of the mango plant mangifera indica l. reports on biological and pharmacological effects of mgf increa ...201627534809
mango leaf extract improves central pathology and cognitive impairment in a type 2 diabetes mouse model.epidemiological studies reveal that metabolic disorders, and specifically type 2 diabetes (t2d), are relevant risk factors to develop alzheimer's disease (ad) and vascular dementia (vad), the most common causes of dementia. ad patients are in a tremendous need of new therapeutic options because of the limited success of available treatments. natural polyphenols, and concretely mangifera indica linn extract (mgf), have been reported to have antiinflammatory, antioxidant and antidiabetic activitie ...201727537110
potential effect of olea europea leaves, sonchus oleraceus leaves and mangifera indica peel extracts on aromatase activity in human placental microsomes and cyp19a1 expression in mcf-7 cell line: comparative study.aromatase inhibitors (ais) provide novel approaches to the adjuvant therapy for postmenopausal women with estrogen-receptor-positive (er+) breast cancers. in this study, different plant extracts from olea europaea leaves (ole), sonchus oleraceus l. (soe) and mangifera indica peels (mpe) were prepared to identify phytoconstituents and measure antioxidant capacities. the effects of these three extracts on aromatase activity in human placental microsomes were evaluated. additionally, the effects of ...201627585256
comparative transcriptome analysis of unripe and mid-ripe fruit of mangifera indica (var. "dashehari") unravels ripening associated genes.ripening in mango is under a complex control of ethylene. in an effort to understand the complex spatio-temporal control of ripening we have made use of a popular n. indian variety "dashehari" this variety ripens from the stone inside towards the peel outside and forms jelly in the pulp in ripe fruits. through a combination of 454 and illumina sequencing, a transcriptomic analysis of gene expression from unripe and midripe stages have been performed in triplicates. overall 74,312 unique transcri ...027586495
effect of guar and xanthan gums on functional properties of mango (mangifera indica) kernel starch.the effects of different concentrations of guar and xanthan gums on functional properties of mango kernel starch (mks) were studied. both guar and xanthan gum enhanced the water absorption of mks. the addition of xanthan gum appeared to reduce the sp (swelling power) and solubility at higher temperatures while guar gum significantly enhanced the sp as well as solubility of mks. the addition of both gums produced a reinforcing effect on peak viscosity of mks as compared to control. pasting temper ...201627608547
identification of lactic acid bacteria in fruit pulp processing byproducts and potential probiotic properties of selected lactobacillus strains.this study aimed to identify lactic acid bacteria (lab) in byproducts of fruit (malpighia glabra l., mangifera indica l., annona muricata l., and fragaria vesca l.) pulp processing. fifty strains of lab were identified using matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization-time of flight mass spectrometry (maldi-tof ms) and 16s rrna gene sequence (16s rrna) analysis. species belonging to lactobacillus genus were the predominant lab in all fruit pulp processing byproducts. the average congruency betwe ...201627625647
construction of a high-density genetic map based on large-scale marker development in mango using specific-locus amplified fragment sequencing (slaf-seq).genetic maps are particularly important and valuable tools for quantitative trait locus (qtl) mapping and marker assisted selection (mas) of plant with desirable traits. in this study, 173 f1 plants from a cross between mangifera indica l. "jin-hwang" and m. indica l. "irwin" and their parent plants were subjected to high-throughput sequencing and specific-locus amplified fragment (slaf) library construction. after preprocessing, 66.02 gb of raw data containing 330.64 m reads were obtained. a to ...201627625670
benzophenones from mango leaves exhibit α-glucosidase and no inhibitory (mangifera indica l.) is a succulent tropical fruit. bioactive phytochemical investigation has been carried out to the leaves of mango. three new benzophenone glycosides, along with 14 known compounds, were purified and identified. the novel benzophenones were elucidated to be 2,4,4',6-tetrahydroxy-3'-methoxybenzophenone-3-c-β-d-glucopyranoside (1), 4,4',6-trihydroxybenzophenone-2-o-α-l-arabinofuranoside (7), and 4',6-dihydroxy-4-methoxybenzophenone-2-o-(2″),3-c-(1″)-1″-desoxy-α-l-fructofu ...201627643634
green synthesis, characterisation and biological evaluation of agnps using agave americana, mentha spicata and mangifera indica aqueous leaves extract.the current study was performed to synthesize stable, eco-friendly and bio-compatible silver nano-particles (agnps) of agave americana, mentha spicata and mangifera indica leaves and to screen them for biological activities. the ultraviolet-visible spectroscopic analysis revealed that λ-max for agnps range from 350-500 nm. all agnps possessed polycrystalline structure as notified as intense graphical peaks in complete spectrum of 20 values ranging from 10-80° in x-ray diffraction measurements an ...201627676375
evaluation of four protein extraction methods for proteomic analysis of mango peel.the peel of mango (mangifera indica l.) is a special plant tissue that contains many compounds that interfere with protein extraction. a successful separation with two-dimensional electrophoresis (2-de) is the key step for proteomic analysis. to evaluate the efficiencies of mango peel protein extraction for 2-de, four extraction methods were tested: 1) 2-d clean-up kit, 2) trichloroacetic acid/acetone precipitation, 3) phenol extraction, 4) phenol with methanol/ammonium acetate precipitation. th ...201627706672
composition by lc-ms/ms of new carotenoid esters in mango and citrus.interest in the composition of carotenoid esters of fruits is growing because esterification may affect their bioavailability. thus, the aim was to provide a detailed identification of carotenoid esters in citrus and mango. orange cv. 'valencia' and cv. 'pera' presented 9 free carotenoids, 38 monoesters, and 60 diesters. violaxanthin and luteoxanthin derivatives were the major ones, followed by antheraxanthin, lutein, zeaxanthin, β-cryptoxanthin, and zeinoxanthin esters, many of them reported fo ...201627712060
data on changes in the fatty acid composition during fruit development and ripening of three mango cultivars (alphonso, pairi and kent) varying in lactone in this article presents fatty acid composition of three mango cultivars; alphonso, pairi and kent through fruit development and ripening. change in the ω-6 and ω-3 fatty acids level during mango fruit development and ripening is depicted. also, data on aroma volatile 'lactones' composition from pulp and skin tissues of these cultivars at their ripe stage, respectively is provided. statistical data is also shown, which correlates modulation in lactone content with that of fatty acid composi ...201627722190
antifungal activity of 1-methylcyclopropene (1-mcp) against anthracnose (colletotrichum gloeosporioides) in postharvest mango fruit and its possible mechanisms of action.anthracnose caused by colletotrichum gloeosporioides is one of the most important postharvest diseases in mango fruit, often causing huge economic losses. in this study, the effect of 1-methylcyclopropene (1-mcp) against anthracnose in postharvest mango fruit and the mechanisms involved were investigated. 1-mcp induced reactive oxygen species (ros) generation, damaged the mitochondria and destroyed the integrity of plasma membrane of spores of c. gloeosporioides, significantly suppressing spore ...201727728853
leaf transcriptome sequencing for identifying genic-ssr markers and snp heterozygosity in crossbred mango variety 'amrapali' (mangifera indica l.).mango (mangifera indica l.) is called "king of fruits" due to its sweetness, richness of taste, diversity, large production volume and a variety of end usage. despite its huge economic importance genomic resources in mango are scarce and genetics of useful horticultural traits are poorly understood. here we generated deep coverage leaf rna sequence data for mango parental varieties 'neelam', 'dashehari' and their hybrid 'amrapali' using next generation sequencing technologies. de-novo sequence a ...027736892
low-temperature conditioning induces chilling tolerance in stored mango this study, mango fruit were pre-treated with low-temperature conditioning (ltc) at 12°c for 24h, followed by refrigeration at 5°c for 25days before removal to ambient temperature (25°c) to investigate the effects and possible mechanisms of ltc on chilling injury (ci). the results showed that ltc effectively suppressed the development of ci in mango fruit, accelerated softening, and increased the soluble solids and proline content. furthermore, ltc reduced electrolyte leakage, and levels of m ...201727765262
postharvest treatment of antioxidant reduces lenticel browning and improves cosmetic appeal of mango (mangifera indica l.) fruits without impairing quality.the present study reports the usefulness of ascorbic acid for reducing lenticels browning (lb) in mango, which impairs the cosmetic appeal and thereby the export. postharvest dip treatment of ascorbic acid at different concentrations (100, 150 and 200 ppm) was given to four varieties of mango (indian-'dashehari', 'langra'; exotic-'sensation', 'eldon'). after treatment, fruits were stored at ambient conditions (35 ± 4 °c and 65 ± 5 % rh) for 10 days. at the end of storage period, observations wer ...027765969
evaluation of therapeutic potentials of plant extracts against poultry bacteria threatening public health.plant extracts were evaluated on poultry bacteria known to be threatening public health. this is to develop better bio-therapeutic agents from plant origin.201627782860
transcriptome dynamics in mango fruit peel reveals mechanisms of chilling stress.cold storage is considered the most effective method for prolonging fresh produce storage. however, subtropical fruit is sensitive to cold. symptoms of chilling injury (ci) in mango include red and black spots that start from discolored lenticels and develop into pitting. the response of 'keitt' mango fruit to chilling stress was monitored by transcriptomic, physiological, and microscopic analyses. transcriptomic changes in the mango fruit peel were evaluated during optimal (12°c) and suboptimal ...201627812364
deciphering the costs of reproduction in mango - vegetative growth matters.irregular fruit production across successive years is a major issue that limits the profitability of most temperate and tropical fruit crops. it is particularly affected by the reciprocal relationships between vegetative and reproductive growth. the concept of the costs of reproduction is defined in terms of losses in the potential future reproductive success caused by current investment in reproduction. this concept, developed in ecology and evolutionary biology, could provide a methodological ...201627818665
antidiabetic effects of mangifera indica kernel flour-supplemented diet in streptozotocin-induced type 2 diabetes in rats.our previous report showed that mangifera indica kernel flour (mikf) is a rich source of pharmacologically important flavonoids and phenolic acids; and that its methanolic extract inhibits some key enzymes linked to the pathology and complications of type 2 diabetes (t2d) in vitro. hence, this study evaluated the antidiabetic effects of 10% and 20% mikf-supplemented diets in t2d in rats. t2d was induced in rats using a high-fat diet (hfd), low-dose streptozotocin (hfd/stz) model, by feeding the ...201627826432
characterization of mangifera indica cultivars in thailand based on macroscopic, microscopic, and genetic characters.thai mango cultivars are classified into six groups plus one miscellaneous group according to germplasm database for mango. characterization is important for conservation and the development of thai mango cultivars. this study investigated macroscopic, microscopic leaf characteristics, and genetic relationship among 17 cultivars selected from six groups of mango in thailand. selected mango samples were obtained from three different locations in thailand (n = 57). they were observed for their lea ...027833891
data on enterobacteria activity on biofilm formation at surface mango fruit (mangifera indica l.) cv ataulfo.abiotic factors influenced the capacity of the strains to form biofilms. classification of the adhesion type is related with the optical density measured on the biofilm formation of tested strains. the relationship between the biofilm formation in real values with theoretical values of the strains was used to determine the mechanism involved during mixed cultures.201627833933
image based mango fruit detection, localisation and yield estimation using multiple view geometry.this paper presents a novel multi-sensor framework to efficiently identify, track, localise and map every piece of fruit in a commercial mango orchard. a multiple viewpoint approach is used to solve the problem of occlusion, thus avoiding the need for labour-intensive field calibration to estimate actual yield. fruit are detected in images using a state-of-the-art faster r-cnn detector, and pair-wise correspondences are established between images using trajectory data provided by a navigation sy ...201627854271
vascular epiphytes and host trees of ant-gardens in an anthropic landscape in southeastern mexico.ant-gardens (ags) are considered one of the most complex mutualist systems between ants and plants, since interactions involving dispersal, protection, and nutrition occur simultaneously in them; however, little is known about the effects of the transformation of ecosystems on their diversity and interactions. in five environments with different land use within an anthropic landscape in southeastern mexico, we investigated the diversity and composition of epiphytes and host trees of ags built by ...201627866229
polyphenolics from mango (mangifera indica l.) suppress breast cancer ductal carcinoma in situ proliferation through activation of ampk pathway and suppression of mtor in athymic nude mice.the objective of this study was to assess the underlying mechanisms of mango polyphenol decreased cell proliferation and tumor volume in ductal carcinoma in situ breast cancer. we hypothesized that mango polyphenols suppress signaling along the akt/mtor axis while up-regulating ampk. to test this hypothesis, mango polyphenols (0.8 mg gallic acid equivalents per day) and pyrogallol (0.2 mg/day) were administered for 4 weeks to mice xenografted with cells subcutaneously (n=10 per gro ...201727951515
production of auroxanthins from violaxanthin and 9-cis-violaxanthin by acidic treatment and the antioxidant activities of violaxanthin, 9-cis-violaxanthin, and auroxanthins.violaxanthin and 9-cis-violaxanthin (major epoxycarotenoids in fruit) were prepared from mango fruit, purified, and converted to other carotenoids under acidic conditions. the resulting carotenoid structures were then analyzed in detail. not only violaxanthin but also 9-cis-violaxanthin were found to be converted to (8s,8's)-, (8s,8'r)-, and (8r,8'r)-auroxanthin at an approximate ratio of 4:6:1. antioxidant activities of violaxanthin, 9-cis-violaxanthin, (8s,8's)-auroxanthin, and (8s,8'r)-auroxa ...201627960276
molecular cloning, characterization, and expression of misoc1: a homolog of the flowering gene suppressor of overexpression of constans1 from mango (mangifera indica l).mads-box transcription factor plays a crucial role in plant development, especially controlling the formation and development of floral organs. mango (mangifera indica l) is an economically important fruit crop, but its molecular control of flowering is largely unknown. to better understand the molecular basis of flowering regulation in mango, we isolated and characterized the misoc1, a putative mango orthologs for the arabidopsis suppressor of overexpression of constans1/agamous-like 20 (soc1/a ...201627965680
on the biology of the colombian fluted scale, crypticerya multicicatrices kondo & unruh (hemiptera: monophlebidae).the colombian fluted scale crypticerya multicicatrices kondo & unruh (hemiptera: monophlebidae) is a polyphagous insect pest native to continental colombia and reported on 148 species, mainly palms (arecaceae); mango, mangifera indica (anacardiaceae); and leguminous trees and shrubs (fabaceae). the biology and ecological parameters of c. multicicatrices were investigated using as a host plant caesalpinia pluviosa var. peltophoroides (fabaceae) under two environmental conditions: semifield (max t ...201727975194
stable isotope dilution assay (sida) and hs-spme-gcms quantification of key aroma volatiles for fruit and sap of australian mango cultivars.reported herein is a high throughput method to quantify in a single analysis the key volatiles that contribute to the aroma of commercially significant mango cultivars grown in australia. the method constitutes stable isotope dilution analysis (sida) in conjunction with headspace (hs) solid-phase microextraction (spme) coupled with gas-chromatography mass spectrometry (gcms). deuterium labelled analogues of the target analytes were either purchased commercially or synthesised for use as internal ...201727979249
the effects of a modified hot water treatment on anastrepha ludens (diptera: tephritidae)-infested mango.the mexican fruit fly, anastrepha ludens (loew), is a quarantine pest in mango (mangifera indica l.) that can be controlled by using a hot water treatment (hwt). this treatment is normally followed by a 30-min hydrocooling (hyc) process that reduces the negative effects that the treatment has on fruit quality. however, if hot water-treated fruits are immediately immersed in water at 21 °c, the survival rate of third-instar a. ludens may be increased. the current approved treatment protocol state ...201728073977
effect of resin ducts and sap content on infestation and development of immature stages of anastrepha obliqua and anastrepha ludens (diptera: tephritidae) in four mango (sapindales: anacardiaceae) cultivars.we determined the influence of resin ducts, sap content, and fruit physicochemical features of four mango cultivars (criollo, manila, ataulfo, and tommy atkins) on their susceptibility to the attack of the two most pestiferous fruit fly species infesting mangoes in mexico: anastrepha ludens (loew) and anastrepha obliqua (macquart). we performed three studies: 1) analysis of resin ducts in mango fruit exocarp to determine the density and area occupied by resin ducts in each mango cultivar, 2) ass ...201728073981
thai fruits exhibit antioxidant activity and induction of antioxidant enzymes in hek-293 cells.the cellular antioxidant enzymes play the important role of protecting the cells and organisms from the oxidative damage. natural antioxidants contained in fruits have attracted considerable interest because of their presumed safety and potential nutritional value. even though antioxidant activities of many fruits have been reported, the effects of phytochemicals contained in fruits on the induction of antioxidant enzymes in the cells have not been fully defined. in this study, we showed that ex ...028074103
chilling stress upregulates α-linolenic acid-oxidation pathway and induces volatiles of c6 and c9 aldehydes in mango storage period and shelf life are prolonged by cold storage. however, chilling temperature induces physiological and molecular changes, compromising fruit quality. in our previous transcriptomic study of mango fruit, cold storage at suboptimal temperature (5 °c) activated the α-linolenic acid metabolic pathway. to evaluate changes in fruit quality during chilling, we analyzed mango "keitt" fruit peel volatiles. gc-ms analysis revealed significant modulations in fruit volatiles during ...201728075566
insights into ligand binding to a glutathione s-transferase from mango: structure, thermodynamics and kinetics.we studied a mango glutathione s-transferase (gst) (mangifera indica) bound to glutathione (gsh) and s-hexyl glutathione (gsx). this gst tau class (migstu) had a molecular mass of 25.5 kda. migstu michaelis-menten kinetic constants were determined for their substrates obtaining a km, vmax and kcat for cdnb of 0.792 mm, 80.58 mm min-1 and 68.49 s-1 respectively and 0.693 mm, 105.32 mm min-1 and 89.57 s-1, for reduced gsh respectively. migstu had a micromolar affinity towards gsh (5.2 μm) or gsx ( ...201728104507
contact dermatitis due to plants in chandigarh.two hundred and seven patients (151 males and 56 females) were patch tested with a battery of plants, potassium dichromate and formaldehyde. sensitivity to parthenium hysterophorus. nerium indicum, calotropis procera, eucalyptus sp and mangifera indica was found in 60.87, 23.64, 15.46 andl2.08% patients respectively. one hundred and twenty six patients (92 males and 34 females ) including five teenage girls and one 13 years old child had parthenium dermatitis. majority (74.60%) were between 30 t ...201728145295
at lunch with a killer: the effect of weaver ants on host-parasitoid interactions on mango.predator-prey interactions can affect the behaviour of the species involved, with consequences for population distribution and competitive interactions. under predation pressure, potential prey may adopt evasive strategies. these responses can be costly and could impact population growth. as some prey species may be more affected than others, predation pressure could also alter the dynamics among species within communities. in field cages and small observation cages, we studied the interactions ...028146561
air-borne contact dermatitis in varanasi.forty-six patients suspected to have air borne contact dermatitis were tested with various plant antigens. thirteen patients turned out to be sensitive to one or more antigens. the plant antigens, used for testing, were parthenium hysterophorus, lantana camara, cynodon dactylon, bougainvaled spectabills, calotropis procera, argimone mexicana, acacia arabica, azadiracha indica, eucalyptus rostrata, saraka indica, triticum vulgare, triticum aestivum, dryopteris filix, nerium indicum, eclipta alba, ...201728150592
effects of mangifera indica (careless) on microcirculation and glucose metabolism in healthy volunteers.a commercial mangifera indica fruit powder (careless) showed beneficial acute effects on microcirculation in a randomized, double-blind, crossover pilot study. here, long-term effects on microcirculation and glucose metabolism were investigated in a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, 3-arm parallel-design study in healthy individuals. a daily dose of 100 mg or 300 mg of the fruit powder was compared to placebo after supplementation for 4 weeks. microcirculation and endothelial functio ...201728187466
isolation of four phenolic compounds from mangifera indica l. flowers by using normal phase combined with elution extrusion two-step high speed countercurrent chromatography.two-step high speed countercurrent chromatography method, following normal phase and elution-extrusion mode of operation by using selected solvent systems, was introduced for phenolic compounds separation. phenolic compounds including gallic acid, ethyl gallate, ethyl digallate and ellagic acid were separated from the ethanol extract of mango (mangifera indica l.) flowers for the first time. in the first step, gallic acid of 3.7mg and ethyl gallate of 3.9mg with the purities of 98.87% and 99.55% ...201728199916
antidiabetic and anticancer activities of mangifera indica cv. okrong leaves.diabetes and cancer are a major global public health problem. plant-derived agents with undesirable side-effects were required. this study aimed to evaluate antidiabetic and anticancer activities of the ethanolic leaf extract of mangifera indica cv. okrong and its active phytochemical compound, mangiferin. antidiabetic activities against yeast α-glucosidase and rat intestinal α-glucosidase were determined using 1 mm of p-nitro phenyl-α-d-glucopyranoside as substrate. inhibitory activity against ...201728217550
mangiferin from pueraria tuberosa reduces inflammation via inactivation of nlrp3 inflammasome.recent reports have demonstrated the role of phyto-constituents in modulating inflammatory responses. mangiferin isolated from mangifera indica is known to induce potent anti-oxidative, anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory activity. however, the molecular mechanism of its anti-inflammatory activity is not properly understood. in this study we have isolated mangiferin from the tubers of pueraria tuberosa (pt-mangiferin) and analysed the mechanism of its potent anti-inflammatory effects in lps stim ...201728218280
nutritional composition of fruits selected by long-tailed macaques (macaca fascicularis) in kuala selangor, malaysia.proximate analysis of twelve species of fruits commonly consumed by long-tailed macaques (macaca fascicularis), i.e., arenga pinnata, areca catechu, terminalia catappa, elaeis guineensis, lagerstroemia tomentosa, mangifera indica, cascabela thevetia, muntingia calabura, musa sp., artocarpus heterophyllus, ficus tinctoria ssp. gibbosa and ficus microcarpa, was conducted with the specific objective to determine the nutritional composition of the foodstuffs of long-tailed macaques. the results show ...201728228918
control of browning of minimally processed mangoes subjected to ultraviolet radiation pulses.the pulsed ultraviolet radiation (uvp) has been used as an alternative strategy for the control of microorganisms in food. however, its application causes the browning of minimally processed fruits and vegetables. in order to control the browning of the 'tommy atkins' minimally processed mango and treated with uvp (5.7 j cm(-2)) it was used 1-methylcyclopropene (1-mcp) (0.5 μl l(-1)), an ethylene action blocker in separate stages, comprising five treatments: control, uvp (u), 1-mcp + uvp (m + u) ...028242923
evaluation of cholesterol-lowering activity of standardized extract of mangifera indica in albino wistar rats.cholesterol lowering activity of mangifera indica l. has been determined by earlier researchers and kernel, leaf and bark have shown significant activity. however, the specific cholesterol lowering activity of leaf methanol extract has not been determined.201728250649
mangiferin protects against adverse skeletal muscle changes and enhances muscle oxidative capacity in obese rats.obesity-related skeletal muscle changes include muscle atrophy, slow-to-fast fiber-type transformation, and impaired mitochondrial oxidative capacity. these changes relate with increased risk of insulin resistance. mangiferin, the major component of the plant mangifera indica, is a well-known anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, and antihyperlipidemic agent. this study tested the hypothesis that mangiferin treatment counteracts obesity-induced fiber atrophy and slow-to-fast fiber transition, and fa ...201728253314
isolation and characterization of 9-lipoxygenase and epoxide hydrolase 2 genes: insight into lactone biosynthesis in mango fruit (mangifera indica l.).uniqueness and diversity of mango flavour across various cultivars are well known. among various flavour metabolites lactones form an important class of aroma volatiles in certain mango varieties due to their ripening specific appearance and lower odour detection threshold. in spite of their biological and biochemical importance, lactone biosynthetic pathway in plants remains elusive. present study encompasses quantitative real-time analysis of 9-lipoxygenase (mi9lox), epoxide hydrolase 2 (mieh2 ...028291596
transcriptional sequencing and analysis of major genes involved in the adventitious root formation of mango cotyledon segments.a total of 74,745 unigenes were generated and 1975 degs were identified. candidate genes that may be involved in the adventitious root formation of mango cotyledon segment were revealed. adventitious root formation is a crucial step in plant vegetative propagation, but the molecular mechanism of adventitious root formation remains unclear. adventitious roots formed only at the proximal cut surface (pcs) of mango cotyledon segments, whereas no roots were formed on the opposite, distal cut surface ...201728303391
medicinal plants from northeastern brazil against alzheimer's disease.alzheimer's disease (ad) has been linked with oxidative stress, acetylcholine deficiency in the brain, and inflammatory processes. in the northeast region of brazil, various plants are used to treat several diseases associated with these processes; then an antioxidant test was performed with those plants in a previous work and twelve species with higher antioxidant activity were selected for ache inhibition evaluation. the phenolic compounds content was determined by folin-ciocalteu test and fla ...201728316633
overlap of latent pathogens in the botryosphaeriaceae on a native and agricultural host.some species of the botryosphaeriaceae are capable of infecting a broad range of host plants. we studied the species diversity of botryosphaeriaceae associated with marula (sclerocarya birrea subsp. caffra, anacardiaceae) trees in south africa over two seasons, as well as species common to both s. birrea and adjacent mango (mangifera indica, anacardiaceae) trees in a subset of sites. gene flow amongst populations of botryosphaeriaceae shared on these tree species was tested using microsatellite ...201728317542
phylogeny and pathogenicity of lasiodiplodia species associated with dieback of mango in, which is an important tropical fruit crop in the region of piura (peru), is known to be prone to a range of diseases caused by lasiodiplodia spp. the aim of this study was to evaluate the incidence and prevalence of mango dieback in the region of piura, and to identify the species of lasiodiplodia associated with the disease and evaluate their pathogenicity towards mango. mango dieback was present in all orchards surveyed but incidence varied with location. identification of fungal isolat ...201728317545
bio-catalysis of mango industrial waste by newly isolated fusarium sp. (pstf1) for pectinase production.the dried mango fruit processing industrial waste (miw) used as carbon source for the production of pectinase from fungal strains. eight fungal strains were isolated from miw and screened for their ability to produce pectinase by pectin clear zone (pcz) technique. fusarium sp. (pstf1) showed highest pcz value of 52 mm. the physico-chemical characteristics of the medium were standardized for high production of pectinase. the highest production of pectinase in submerged fermentation observed at te ...201528324397
molecular modeling and expression analysis of a mads-box cdna from mango (mangifera indica l.).mads-box genes are a large family of transcription factors initially discovered for their role during development of flowers and fruits. the mads-box transcription factors from animals have been studied by x-ray protein crystallography but those from plants remain to be studied. in this work, a mads-box cdna from mango encoding a protein of 254 residues was obtained and compared. based on phylogenetic analysis, it is proposed that the mads-box transcription factor expressed in mango fruit (mimad ...201428324472
effects of the culture media optimization on pectinase production by enterobacter sp. the present study, media composition for high production of pectinase by enterobacter sp. pstb-1 in submerged fermentation was optimized using response surface methodology (rsm). mango fruit processing industrial waste (miw) was used as substrate (carbon source) as it contains high amount of pectin. enterobacter sp. pstb-1 used in present study has given pectin clear zone (pcz) of 34 mm is higher than other isolates. the experimental results made by statistical design for high pectinase produ ...201628330278
behavior of thiophanate methyl and propiconazole in grape and mango fruits under the egyptian field conditions.this research aims at determining residues of thiophanate methyl and propiconazole in grape and mango fruits as an indication for their persistence in this environmental compartment. fruit extracts were analyzed for thiophanate methyl using high performance liquid chromatography and using gas chromatography electron capture detector (gc/ecd), respectively. the results indicated that propiconazole had a less environmental impact since propiconazole had shorter residue half-lives which were 1.24 a ...028337501
exploring and validating physicochemical properties of mangiferin through gastroplus® software.mangiferin (mgf), a promising therapeutic polyphenol, exhibits poor oral bioavailability. hence, apt delivery systems are required to facilitate its gastrointestinal absorption. the requisite details on its physicochemical properties have not yet been well documented in literature. accordingly, in order to have explicit insight into its physicochemical characteristics, the present work was undertaken using gastroplus™ software.201728344830
anti-inflammatory effects of essential oils from mangifera indica.mangifera indica is widely found in brazil, and its leaves are used as an anti-inflammatory agent in folk medicine. the aim of this study is to perform composition analysis of essential oils from the m. indica varieties, espada (eomil1) and coração de boi (eomil2), and confirm their anti-inflammatory properties. twenty-three volatile compounds were identified via gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (gc-ms) in two essential oils from the leaves. paw edema and myeloperoxidase (mpo) activity were ...028362977
influence of irrigation during the growth stage on yield and quality in mango (mangifera indica l).although being one of the few drought-tolerant plants, mango trees are irrigated to ensure optimum and consistent productivity in china. in order to better understand the effects of soil water content on mango yield and fruit quality at fruit growth stage, irrigation experiments were investigated and the object was to determine the soil water content criteria at which growth and quality of mango would be optimal based on soil water measured by rhd-js water-saving irrigation system through micro- ...201728384647
molecular diversity of pakistani mango (mangifera indica l.) varieties based on microsatellite markers.understanding the genetic diversity of different pakistani mango varieties is important for germplasm management and varietal characterization. microsatellites are efficient and highly polymorphic markers for comparative genome mapping, and were used in the present study to determine the genetic relatedness and variability among 15 indigenous mango cultivars (mangifera indica l.). overall, 181 bands were produced using 12 simple sequence repeat (ssr) primers. out of the 12 primers used, 10 were ...201728387877
changes in the nutritional quality of five mangifera species harvested at two maturity stages.there are 69 species of edible mangifera recognized in southeast asia. most of these species have not been characterized for nutritional properties. this paper describes the nutritional quality of the pulp of several mangifera species - mangifera casturi, mangifera lalijiwa, mangifera odorata, mangifera zeylanica and two cultivars of mangifera indica, 'tommy-kent' and 'tommy atkins' - at two maturity stages.201728406526
mangiferin inhibits hippocampal nlrp3 inflammasome and exerts antidepressant effects in a chronic mild stress mice model.a growing body of evidence suggests that inflammation may contribute toward the development of major depressive disorder. mangiferin, a glucosylxanthone from mangifera indica, exerts a number of biological actions, including anti-inflammatory effects. although mangiferin has potential antidepressant activity, the mechanisms of this effect remain unclear. the present study investigated the effects of mangiferin on behavioral changes and inflammatory responses induced by chronic mild stress (cms) ...201728410265
transcriptome analysis of mango (mangifera indica l.) fruit epidermal peel to identify putative cuticle-associated fruit (mangifera indica l.) are highly perishable and have a limited shelf life, due to postharvest desiccation and senescence, which limits their global distribution. recent studies of tomato fruit suggest that these traits are influenced by the expression of genes that are associated with cuticle metabolism. however, studies of these phenomena in mango fruit are limited by the lack of genome-scale data. in order to gain insight into the mango cuticle biogenesis and identify putative cuti ...201728425468
mangiferin: a natural miracle bioactive compound against lifestyle related disorders.the current review article is an attempt to explain the therapeutic potential of mangiferin, a bioactive compound of the mango, against lifestyle-related disorders. mangiferin (2-β-d-glucopyranosyl-1,3,6,7-tetrahydroxy-9h-xanthen-9-one) can be isolated from higher plants as well as the mango fruit and their byproducts (i.e. peel, seed, and kernel). it possesses several health endorsing properties such as antioxidant, antimicrobial, antidiabetic, antiallergic, anticancer, hypocholesterolemic, and ...201728464819
green synthesis and characterization of ag nanoparticles from mangifera indica leaves for dental restoration and antibacterial synthesis has gained a wide recognition as clean synthesis technique in the recent years. in the present investigation, silver nanoparticles were prepared by a novel green synthesis technique using mangifera indica (mango leaves) and found to be successfully used in dental applications. the prepared samples were spectroscopically characterized by xrd, psa, sem with eds, and uv-vis spectroscopy. the crystalline size and lattice strain were analyzed from the xrd data which were counter-verif ...201728470622
genetic map of mango: a tool for mango (mangifera indica) is an economically and nutritionally important tropical/subtropical tree fruit crop. most of the current commercial cultivars are selections rather than the products of breeding programs. to improve the efficiency of mango breeding, molecular markers have been used to create a consensus genetic map that identifies all 20 linkage groups in seven mapping populations. polyembryony is an important mango trait, used for clonal propagation of cultivars and rootstocks. in polye ...201728473837
leaf extracts of mangifera indica l. inhibit quorum sensing - regulated production of virulence factors and biofilm in test bacteria.quorum sensing (qs) is a global gene regulatory mechanism in bacteria for various traits including virulence factors. disabling qs system with anti-infective agent is considered as a potential strategy to prevent bacterial infection. mangifera indica l. (mango) has been shown to possess various biological activities including anti-qs. this study investigates the efficacy of leaf extracts on qs-regulated virulence factors and biofilm formation in gram negative pathogens. mango leaf (ml) extract w ...201728484444
mangiferin protects against ‭intestinal ischemia/reperfusion-induced ‭liver injury: ‬‬involvement of ppar-‭γ, gsk-3β and wnt/β-catenin pathway‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬.mangiferin (mf), a xanthonoid from mangifera indica, possesses anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, and potent antioxidant effects; however, its protective effect against mesenteric ischemia/reperfusion (i/r)-induced liver injury has not been fully clarified. the study was designed to assess the possible mechanism of action of mf against mesenteric i/r model.201728506911
in vitro screening for protein tyrosine phosphatase 1b and dipeptidyl peptidase iv inhibitors from selected nigerian medicinal plants.protein tyrosine phosphatase 1b (ptp 1b) and dipeptidyl peptidase iv (dpp iv) have been identified as one of the drug targets for the treatment of type-2 diabetes. this study was designed to screen for ptp 1b and dpp-iv inhibitors from some nigerian medicinal plants.201728512596
anti-obesity effects of tea from mangifera indica l. leaves of the ubá variety in high-fat diet-induced obese rats.due to the high content of bioactive compounds, herbal teas are being investigated as adjuvant in chronic disease management. studies have shown that mango leaf tea contain mangiferin, total phenolics and antioxidants, compounds with many functional properties. therefore, this study aims to evaluate the anti-obesity effects of tea from mangifera indica l. leaves, ubá variety (tml), in obese rats fed a high-fat diet (hfd). for this, adult male wistar rats were divided into three groups (n=8): the ...201728514832
multifaceted health benefits of mangifera indica l. (mango): the inestimable value of orchards recently planted in sicilian rural areas.historically, mangifera indica l. cultivations have been widely planted in tropical areas of india, africa, asia, and central america. however, at least 20 years ago its spreading allowed the development of some cultivars in sicily, an island to the south of italy, where the favourable subtropical climate and adapted soils represent the perfect field to create new sources of production for the sicilian agricultural supply chain. currently, cultivations of kensington pride, keitt, glenn, maya, an ...028531110
rapid development and validation of improved reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography method for the quantification of mangiferin, a polyphenol xanthone glycoside in mangifera indica.mangiferin, a polyphenolic xanthone glycoside from mangifera indica, is used as traditional medicine for the treatment of numerous diseases. the present study was aimed to develop and validate a reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography (rp-hplc) method for the quantification of mangiferin from the bark extract of m. indica. rp-hplc analysis was performed by isocratic elution with a low-pressure gradient using 0.1% formic acid: acetonitrile (87:13) as a mobile phase with a flow rate ...201728539748
first occurrence of sternochetus mangiferae (fabricius) (coleoptera: curculionidae) in brazil.specimens of the mango stone weevil sternochetus mangiferae (fabricius) (coleoptera: curculionidae) were found in fruits of mango from a tree in the residential area of the rio de janeiro, rj. this is the first report of the s. mangiferae in brazil, currently regulated as an absent quarantine pest in the country. a taxonomist specialized in curculionidae confirmed the identification based on morphological diagnostics characteristics. this detection is a relevant finding, because brazil is a majo ...028540532
synergistic mixtures of chitosan and mentha piperita l. essential oil to inhibit colletotrichum species and anthracnose development in mango cultivar tommy atkins.this study assessed the efficacy of chitosan (chi) and mentha piperita l. essential oil (mpeo) alone or in combination to control the mycelial growth of five different colletotrichum species, c. asianum, c. dianesei, c. fructicola, c. tropicale and c. karstii, identified as potential anthracnose-causing agents in mango (mangifera indica l.). the efficacy of coatings of chi and mpeo mixtures in controlling the development of anthracnose in mango cultivar tommy atkins was evaluated. chi (2.5, 5, 7 ...201728576378
consumption of a mango fruit powder protects mice from high-fat induced insulin resistance and hepatic fat accumulation.the aim of this study was to gain more insight into the beneficial effects of mango fruit powder on the early metabolic adverse effects of a high-fat diet.201728578347
regulation and physiological role of silicon in alleviating drought stress of mango.improvement of drought stress of mango plants requires intensive research that focuses on physiological processes. in three successive seasons (2014, 2015and 2016) field experiments with four different strains of mango were subjected to two water regimes. the growth and physiological parameters of possible relevance for drought stress tolerances in mango were investigated. yield and its components were also evaluated. the data showed that all growth and physiological parameters were increased un ...201728603082
comparative evaluation of mangifera indica leaf mouthwash with chlorhexidine on plaque accumulation, gingival inflammation, and salivary streptococcal growth.this study aims to compare the efficacy of a mango (mangifera indica) leaf mouthwash with chlorhexidine on plaque status, gingival status, and salivary streptococcus mutans count.201728611324
mangos and their bioactive components: adding variety to the fruit plate for health.the diet is an essential factor affecting the risk for development and progression of modern day chronic diseases, particularly those with pathophysiological roots in inflammation and oxidative stress-induced damage. the potential impact of certain foods and their bioactive compounds to reverse or prevent destructive dysregulated processes leading to disease has attracted intense research attention. the mango (mangifera indica linn.) is a tropical fruit with distinctive nutritional and phytochem ...201728612853
in vitro comparative study of the inhibitory effects of mangiferin and its aglycone norathyriol towards udp-glucuronosyl transferase (ugt) isoforms.mangiferin (mgf), the predominant constituent of extracts of the mango plant mangifera indica l., has been investigated extensively because of its remarkable pharmacological effects. in vitro recombinant ugts-catalyzed glucuronidation of 4-methylumbelliferone (4-mu) was used to investigate the inhibition of mangiferin and aglycone norathyriol towards various isoforms of ugts in our study, which evaluated the inhibitory capacity of mgf and its aglycone norathyriol (ntr) towards udp-glucuronosyltr ...201728621744
a novel method to augment extraction of mangiferin by application of microwave on three phase partitioning.this work reports a novel approach where three phase partitioning (tpp) was combined with microwave for extraction of mangiferin from leaves of mangifera indica. soxhlet extraction was used as reference method, which yielded 57 mg/g in 5 h. under optimal conditions such as microwave irradiation time 5 min, ammonium sulphate concentration 40% w/v, power 272 w, solute to solvent ratio 1:20, slurry to t-butanol ratio 1:1, soaking time 5 min and duty cycle 50%, the mangiferin yield obtained was 54 m ...201528626691
adaptogenic potential of oxitard in experimental chronic stress and chronic unpredictable stress induced dysfunctional homeostasis in rodents.oxitard, a polyherbal formulation comprising the extracts of withania somnifera, mangifera indica, glycyrrhiza glabra, daucus carota, vitis vinifera, powders of syzygium aromaticum, yashada bhasma and emblica officinalis; and oils of triticum sativum.201728693955
physico-chemical changes during progressive ripening of mango (mangifera indica l.) cv. dashehari under different temperature regimes.the effect of different temperature regimes on ripening quality of mango cv. dashehari was investigated. fruits were kept at 20, 25 °c in temperature controlled chambers and at room temperature. fruits were analyzed periodically for physico-chemical characteristics after every 24 h interval up to 168 h of ripening period. development of soluble solid contents (ssc), flesh softening and physiological loss of weight of fruits occurred progressively during ripening. progression of ripening changes ...201728720953
the influence of pulsed light exposure mode on quality and bioactive compounds of fresh-cut mangoes.this study investigated the effect of pulsed light (pl) on the respiratory rate, quality (firmness, color and soluble solid content), bioactive compounds (ascorbate and carotenoid) and total antioxidant activity of fresh-cut "tommy atkins" mangoes. fresh-cut mangoes were subjected to pl treatments: control (0p), 1 pulse (1p; 0.7 j cm-2), 4 successive pulses (4p; 2.80 j cm-2) and 1 pulse per day for 4 days (1p4d; 2.80 j cm-2) before storage for 7 days at 6 °c. the 1p and the 4p treatments reduced ...201728740290
the effect of mangiferin on skin: penetration, permeation and inhibition of ecm enzymes.mangiferin (2-c-β-d-glucopyranosyl-1,3,6,7-tetrahydroxyxanthone) is a polyphenol with strong antioxidant properties. mangiferin is obtained from the mango tree (mangifera indica l., anacardiaceae). it has been proven that mangiferin exhibits many pharmacological activities. the aim of this study was to analyze the penetration of mangiferin into the human skin and through the skin. according to our knowledge, skin penetration and permeation studies of mangiferin have not been analyzed so far. add ...201728750062
the chitosan affects severely the carbon metabolism in mango (mangifera indica l. cv. palmer) fruit during is a highly perishable fruit with a short post-harvest time due to the intense metabolic activity after harvesting. in attempt to evaluate the effects of chitosan in mango fruits, it was treated with 0%, 1%, 2% or 3% of chitosan solutions, placed into plastic trays, and stored at room temperature. changes in physical and chemical parameters were evaluated. chitosan delayed the climacteric peak, water loss and firmness. further, few changes in soluble solid content, titratable acidity, ph o ...201728764009
obliteration of bacterial growth and biofilm through ros generation by facilely synthesized green silver nanoparticles.mangifera indica inflorescence aqueous extract was utilized for production of green agnps. synthesized agnps were characterized by uv-vis spectrophotometry, xrd, tem, fesem and particles size analyzer. agnps showed minimum inhibitory concentrations (mics) of 8 μg ml-1 and 16 μg ml-1 for gram negative (k. pneumoniae, p. aeruginosa and e. coli) and gram positive (s. mutans and s. aureus) strains, respectively which was relatively quite low compared to chemically synthesized silver nanoparticles. a ...201728771501
dynamics in the concentrations of health-promoting compounds: lupeol, mangiferin and different phenolic acids during postharvest ripening of mango fruit (mangifera indica l.) is renowned for its pleasant taste and as a rich source of health beneficial compounds. the aim of this study was to investigate the changes in concentrations of health-promoting compounds, namely ascorbic acid, carotenoids, antioxidants, lupeol, mangiferin, total phenols and individual phenolic acids, as well as ethylene production and respiration rates during climacteric ripening in 'kensington pride' and 'r2e2' mango fruit.201728786116
processes involving selective precipitation for the recovery of purified pectins from mango peel.three methods for the recovery of purified pectins from directly dried mango peel were developed, using selective precipitation of mango pectin in propan-2-ol (ipa) of adequate volume concentrations for purification. yields, composition, macromolecular and gelling properties of the resultant pectins were compared. effluent analyses proved postextractive removal of fruit exudate arabinogalactans. the recovery processes involved (a) washing of raw-pectin powder in ipa of defined volume concentrati ...201728821039
transcriptional transitions in alphonso mango (mangifera indica l.) during fruit development and ripening explain its distinct aroma and shelf life characteristics.alphonso is known as the "king of mangos" due to its unique flavor, attractive color, low fiber pulp and long shelf life. we analyzed the transcriptome of alphonso mango through illumina sequencing from seven stages of fruit development and ripening as well as flower. total transcriptome data from these stages ranged between 65 and 143 mb. importantly, 20,755 unique transcripts were annotated and 4,611 were assigned enzyme commission numbers, which encoded 142 biological pathways. these included ...201728821734
in vitro bioaccessibility and effect of mangifera indica (ataulfo) leaf extract on induced dyslipidemia.cardiovascular diseases (cvds) are the leading causes of death in the world, and epidemiological evidence points to dietary habits, stress, and obesity as major risk factors promoting pathological conditions like atherosclerosis, hypertension, and thrombosis. current therapeutic approaches for cvds rely on lifestyle changes and/or the use of drug agents. however, since the efficacy of such interventions is often limited by poor compliance and/or significant side effects, continued research on ne ...201828850305
cyanobacteria growing on tree barks possess high amount of sunscreen compound mycosporine-like amino acids (maas).the present study describes cyanobacterial species composition and their dominance in biological crusts from barks of different trees, roof top of building and soil of agricultural field. an attempt was also made to explore the presence of photoprotective compounds such as mycosporine-like amino acids (maas) in the crust samples. microscopic examination and growth studies revealed the presence of oscillatoria species in all the crust samples excluding the crust of roof top of a building. study o ...201728866233
impact of fruit texture on the release and perception of aroma compounds during in vivo consumption using fresh and processed mango fruits.two fresh (fresh cubic pieces, fresh puree) and two dried (dried cubic pieces, dried powder) products were prepared from a homogenous mango fruit batch to obtain four samples differing in texture. the aromatic profiles were determined by safe extraction technique and gc-ms analysis. vocs released during consumption were trapped by a retronasal aroma-trapping device (ratd) and analysed by gc-ms. twenty-one terpenes and one ester were identified from the exhaled nose-space. they were amongst the m ...201828873638
effect of high pressure and thermal processing on spoilage-causing enzymes in mango (mangifera indica).the aim of the present work was to model the effect of combined pressure-temperature processing on spoilage-causing enzymes in mango pulp; which conventionally are inactivated using high temperatures leading to inevitable quality losses. the inactivation of enzymes pectin methylesterase (pme), polyphenol oxidase (ppo) and peroxidase (pod) was studied in mango pulp within the pressure, temperature and hold-time ranges of 0.1 to 600mpa, 40 to 70°c and 1s to 90min, respectively. the enzyme inactiva ...201728873763
natural field infestation of mangifera casturi and mangifera lalijiwa by oriental fruit fly, bactrocera dorsalis (diptera: tephritidae).mango, mangifera indica (anacardiaceae), is a crop cultivated pantropically. there are, however, many other mangifera spp ("mango relatives") which have much more restricted distributions and are poorly known but have potential to produce mango-like fruits in areas where mangoes do not grow well or could be tapped in mango breeding programs. because of the restricted distribution of many of the mangifera spp, there has also been limited data collected on susceptibility of their fruits to infesta ...201728890657
mangifera indica l. leaf extract alleviates doxorubicin induced cardiac stress.the study was undertaken to evaluate the cardioprotective effect of the alcoholic leaf extract of mangifera indica l. against cardiac stress caused by doxorubicin (dox).201728894627
antibacterial and antibiotic-modifying activity of methanol extracts from six cameroonian food plants against multidrug-resistant enteric bacteria.the present work was designed to investigate the antibacterial activities of methanol extracts from six cameroonian edible plants and their synergistic effects with some commonly used antibiotics against multidrug-resistant (mdr) gram-negative bacteria expressing active efflux pumps. the extracts were subjected to qualitative phytochemical screening and the microdilution broth method was used for antibacterial assays. the results of phytochemical tests indicate that all tested crude extracts con ...201728904944
molecular cloning and functional expression of lewis type α1,3/α1,4-fucosyltransferase cdnas from mangifera indica higher plants, complex type n-glycans contain characteristic carbohydrate moieties that are not found in mammals. in particular, the attachment of the lewis a (lea) epitope is currently the only known outer chain elongation that is present in plant n-glycans. such a modification is of great interest in terms of the biological function of complex type n-glycans in plant species. however, little is known regarding the exact molecular basis underlying their lea expression. in the present study, ...201728910607
new insights into single-compound and binary adsorption of copper and lead ions on a treated sea mango shell: experimental and theoretical studies.herein, adsorption isotherms of pb(ii) and cu(ii) ions on treated sea mango fruit in both single-compound and binary systems were experimentally realized at different temperatures in the range of 30-50 °c. experimental results show that adsorption of pb(ii) was more as compared to that of cu(ii) ions; however, for both ions, a significant reduction in the adsorption capacity was observed in the binary system as compared to that in the single-compound systems. moreover, under all the investigated ...201728932849
use of hplc- and gc-qtof to determine hydrophilic and lipophilic phenols in mango fruit (mangifera indica l.) and its industry processing generates high quantities of mango by-products such as peels and seeds (35%-60% of the fruit). indeed, it is known that mango and its by-products contain different families of bioactive compounds that possess several health benefits. thus, the aim of this study has been the determination of different families of phenolic derivatives (free and bound phenolic compounds and alk(en)ylresorcinols (ars)) in mango edible part and its by-products (peel, seed and seed husk) from ...201728964365
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