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evaluation of the fatty acid composition of the seeds of mangifera indica l. and their (mangifera indica l.), an edible fruit, is one of the main agricultural products in many tropical regions. mango varieties differ in not only fruit shape but also aroma, which is an important characteristic. although the fruit has many uses, the seeds are discarded as waste. therefore, this study aimed to estimate the fatty acid content of seed oil of mangoes from different cultivation areas (miyazaki, japan, and taiwan), and to evaluate their application in cosmetics. five fatty acids wer ...201525948136
surfactant mediated extraction of total phenolic contents (tpc) and antioxidants from fruits juices.the aim of this study was to enhance the extraction of total phenolic contents (tpc) and antioxidants from fruit juices by the application of surfactants formulations instead of conventional solvents (methanol, ethanol and acetone). a variety of fruit infusions: apple red delicious (apple (rd)) (malus domestica), mcintosh apple (apple (i)) (malus pumila), sweet lemon (citrus limetta) and mango (magnifera indica) were studied. effect of water, organic solvents and five different aqueous surfactan ...201525952870
wild edible plant species utilized by a subsistence farming community in obalanga sub-county, amuria district, uganda.farming communities have continuous interactions with their environment. subsistence farmers are particularly vulnerable to the vagaries of weather. these are pre-requisites for increased wild edible plant consumption. this study mainly focused on indigenous knowledge regarding identity and use of wild edible plant species by the subsistence farmers of obalanga.201525971428
mangiferin ameliorates aluminium chloride-induced cognitive dysfunction via alleviation of hippocampal oxido-nitrosative stress, proinflammatory cytokines and acetylcholinesterase level.mangiferin is a phytochemical primarily present in the stem, leaves and bark of mangifera indica. it offers neuroprotection mainly through inhibition of oxidative stress, and decreasing proinflammatory cytokines level in the brain. aluminium has been reported to cause oxidative stress-associated damage in the brain. in the present investigation, protective effect of mangiferin against aluminium chloride (alcl3)-induced neurotoxicity and cognitive impairment was studied in male swiss albino mice. ...201526004900
study of the effect of 'ataulfo' mango (mangifera indica l.) intake on mammary carcinogenesis and antioxidant capacity in plasma of n-methyl-n-nitrosourea (mnu)-treated rats.the effect of 'ataulfo' mango consumption on chemically induced mammary carcinogenesis and plasma antioxidant capacity in rats treated with n-methyl-n-nitrosourea (mnu) was studied. mango was administered in the drinking water (0.02-0.06g/ml) during both short-term and long-term (lt) periods to rats treated or not with mnu. rats treated with mnu showed no differences in mammary carcinogenesis or in plasma antioxidant capacity measured by both ferric reducing/antioxidant power (frap) and total ox ...200826047428
purification and characterisation of multiple forms of polygalacturonase from mango (mangifera indica cv. dashehari) fruit.three multiple forms of polygalacturonase (pg) namely pgi, pgii and pgiii were isolated, purified and characterized from ripe mango (mangifera indica cv. dashehari) fruit. native molecular weights of pgi, pgii and pgiii were found to be 120, 105 and 65kda, respectively. on sds-page analysis, pgi was found to be a homodimer of subunit size 60kda each while those of pgii and pgiii were found to be heterodimers of 70, 35 and 38, 27kda subunit size each, respectively. three isoforms of pg differed w ...200826047433
pharmacological evidence for the folk use of nefang: antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and antinociceptive activities of its constituent plants.nefang is a polyherbal anti-malarial composed of mangifera indica ( mib and mil; bark and leaf), psidium guajava ( pg ), carica papaya ( cp ), cymbopogon citratus ( cc ), citrus sinensis ( cs ) and ocimum gratissimum ( og ) (leaves). previous studies have demonstrated its in vitro and in vivo antiplasmodial activities, antioxidant properties and safety profile. this study aimed at evaluating the antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and antinociceptive activities of the constituent plants of nefang whi ...201526055261
comparative assessment of phenolic content and in vitro antioxidant capacity in the pulp and peel of mango (mangifera indica l.), also called "the king of fruits", is one of the most popular fruits in tropical regions. pulp and peel samples of mango cultivars were analyzed to estimate total phenolic, total flavonoid and total anthocyanin contents. phenolic acids, hydrophilic peroxyl radical scavenging capacity (hydro-psc) and oxygen radical scavenging capacity (orac) in vitro were also determined. total phenolics and flavonoid contents were found maximum in the peel of xiao tainang and da taina ...201526075869
ethnopharmacological reports on anti-buruli ulcer medicinal plants in three west african countries.buruli ulcer (bu) is the third most common mycobacterial infection in the world, after tuberculosis and leprosy and has recently been recognized as an important emerging disease. this disease is common in west africa where more than 99% of the burden is felt and where most affected people live in remote areas with traditional medicine as primary or only option. reports indicate that the ethnopharmacological control approach of the disease in such settings has shown promise. however, no or very f ...201526099634
enhancing antioxidant activity, microbial and sensory quality of mango (mangifera indica l.) juice by γ-irradiation and its in vitro radioprotective potential.gamma irradiation is an effective method currently being used for microbial decontamination and insect disinfestations of foods. in the present study, mango (mangifera indica l.) juice was irradiated at doses of 0, 1.0, 3.0 and 5.0 kgy and microbial load, total polyphenols, flavonoids, ascorbic acid content, antioxidant activities, colour and sensory properties were evaluated immediately after irradiation and also during storage. microbiological assay of the fresh and stored mango juice showed b ...201526139871
modulatory potentials of the aqueous stem bark extract of mangifera indica on carbon tetrachloride-induced hepatotoxicity in rats.among yoruba herbalists (southwest nigeria), hot water infusion of mangifera indica l. ( máng guǒ) stem bark is reputedly used for the treatment of fever, jaundice and liver disorders. the present study, therefore, investigates the protective effects and mechanism(s) of chemopreventive and curative effects of 125-500 mg/kg/day of mangifera indica aqueous stem bark extract (miase) in acute ccl4-induced liver damage in rats. rats were treated intragastrically with 125, 250 and 500 mg/kg/day of mia ...201526151020
antioxidant properties of fermented mango leaf extracts.antioxidant properties of mango (mangifera indica) leaves were evaluated. hydroalcoholic leaf extracts that were lyophilized were subsequently fermented with either lactobacillus casei or effective microorganisms (em) such as probiotic bacteria and/or other anaerobic organisms. antioxidant properties were measured as a function of the mango leaf extract concentration in the fermentation broth. tests for radical scavenging using the 1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl radical showed higher antioxidant ...201526152044
use of autochthonous lactic acid bacteria starters to ferment mango juice for promoting its probiotic roles.strains of leuconostoc mesenteroides, pediococcus pentosaceus, and lactobacillus brevis were identified from mango fruits by partial 16s rdna gene sequence. based on the ability of producing mannitol and diacetyl, leuconostoc mesenteroides mpl18 and mpl39 were selected within the lactic acid bacteria isolates, and used as mixed starters to ferment mango juice (mj). both the autochthonous strains grew well in fermented mango juice (fmj) and remained viable at 9.81 log cfu ml(-1) during 30 days of ...201626176886
three new species of reared parasitic wasps (hymenoptera: braconidae: microgastrinae) from india.three new species of parasitic wasps (braconidae: microgastrinae) from southern india are described and illustrated. glyptapanteles clanisae sp. nov., a remarkable gregarious endoparasitoid, was bred from the caterpillar of clanis phalaris cramer (lepidoptera: sphingidae) on the host plant pongamia pinnata (l.) (leguminosae) along with a hyperparasitoid, eurytoma sp. (eurytomidae). glyptapanteles trilochae sp. nov., was reared from parasitized caterpillar of trilocha varians (walker) (lepidopter ...201326191590
mangiferin mitigates gastric ulcer in ischemia/ reperfused rats: involvement of ppar-γ, nf-κb and nrf2/ho-1 signaling pathways.mangiferin (mf), a xanthonoid from mangifera indica, has been proved to have antisecretory and antioxidant gastroprotective effects against different gastric ulcer models; however, its molecular mechanism has not been previously elucidated. therefore, the aim of this study was to test its modulatory effect on several signaling pathways using the ischemia/reperfusion model for the first time. animals were treated with mf, omeprazole (omp), and the vehicle. the mechanistic studies revealed that mf ...201526196679
acute renal failure induced by chinese herbal medication in nigeria.traditional herbal medicine is a global phenomenon especially in the resource poor economy where only the very rich can access orthodox care. these herbal products are associated with complications such as acute renal failure and liver damage with a high incidence of mortalities and morbidities. acute renal failure from the use of herbal remedies is said to account for about 30-35% of all cases of acute renal failure in africa. most of the herbal medications are not usually identified, but some ...201526199625
development of est-ssr and trap markers from transcriptome sequencing data of the is one of the most commercially important fruit crops in tropical and subtropical regions. to increase the efficiency of breeding strategies, two est-derived marker systems were developed in the present study using information from the mango fruit transcriptome. using simple sequence repeats, 218 of 230 primer pairs showed stable amplification for 7 mango genotypes with amplicons ranging from 84 to 160 bp; 93 of the primer pairs yielded polymorphic products. the proportion of polymorphic b ...201526214472
sequence diversity and differential expression of major phenylpropanoid-flavonoid biosynthetic genes among three mango fruits contain a broad spectrum of phenolic compounds which impart potential health benefits; their biosynthesis is catalysed by enzymes in the phenylpropanoid-flavonoid (pf) pathway. the aim of this study was to reveal the variability in genes involved in the pf pathway in three different mango varieties mangifera indica l., a member of the family anacardiaceae: kensington pride (kp), irwin (iw) and nam doc mai (ndm) and to determine associations with gene expression and mango flavonoid p ...201526220670
mangiferin inhibits renal urate reabsorption by modulating urate transporters in experimental hyperuricemia.mangiferin, a natural glucosyl xanthone from the leaves of mangifera indica l., was previously shown to exert potent hypouricemic effects associated with inhibition of the activity of xanthine dehydrogenase/oxidase. the present study aimed to evaluate its uricosuric effect and possible molecular mechanisms underlying the renal urate transporters responsible for urate reabsorption in vivo. mangiferin (1.5-24.0 mg/kg) was administered intragastrically to hyperuricemic mice and rats induced by the ...201526228630
antiarthritic activity of a polyherbal formulation against freund's complete adjuvant induced arthritis in female wistar formulate a polyherbal formulation and evaluate its antiarthritic activity against freund's complete adjuvant induced arthritis in female wistar rats.201526229343
antioxidant and enzymatic responses to oxidative stress induced by pre-harvest water supply reduction and ripening on mango (mangifera indica l. cv. 'cogshall') in relation to carotenoid content.the effects of a reduction in water supply during fruit development and postharvest fruit ripening on the oxidative status and the antioxidant defense system were studied in the mango fruit (mangifera indica l.) cv. cogshall. changes in non-enzymatic (ascorbate) and enzymatic (sod, cat, apx, mdhar, dhar and gr) antioxidants, as well as oxidative parameters (h2o2 and mda) and major carotenoids, were measured in unripe and ripe fruits from well-irrigated and non-irrigated trees. under non-limiting ...201526232564
antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities of kenyan leafy green vegetables, wild fruits, and medicinal plants with potential relevance for kwashiorkor.background. inflammation, together with related oxidative stress, is linked with the etiology of kwashiorkor, a form of severe acute malnutrition in children. a diet rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant phytochemicals may offer potential for the prevention and treatment of kwashiorkor. we selected and assayed five leafy green vegetables, two wild fruits, and six medicinal plants from kenya for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. consensus regarding medicinal plant use was es ...026236384
caulicolous botryosphaeriales from thailand.members of botryosphaeriales are commonly encountered as endophytes or pathogens of various plant hosts. the botryosphaeriaceae represents the predominant family within this order, containing numerous species associated with canker and dieback disease on a wide range of woody hosts. during the course of routine surveys from various plant hosts in thailand, numerous isolates of botryosphaeriaceae, including aplosporellaceae were collected. isolates were subsequently identified based on a combinat ...201526240447
pollination services of mango flower pollinators.measuring wild pollinator services in agricultural production is very important in the context of sustainable management. in this study, we estimated the contribution of native pollinators to mango fruit set production of two mango cultivars mangifera indica (l). cv. 'sala' and 'chok anan'. visitation rates of pollinators on mango flowers and number of pollen grains adhering to their bodies determined pollinator efficiency for reproductive success of the crop. chok anan failed to produce any fru ...201526246439
natural enemies of the frankliniella complex species (thysanoptera: thripidae) in ataulfo mango agroecosystems.a field survey was conducted in ataulfo mango (mangifera indica l.) orchards in chiapas, mexico, with the objective of determining the natural enemies of the frankliniella complex species (thysanoptera: thripidae). seven species of this genus feed and reproduce in large numbers during the mango flowering. two representative orchards were selected: the orchard "tres a" characterized by an intensive use of agrochemicals directed against thrips, and the orchard "la escondida" that did not spray ins ...201526246440
validation of ethnomedicinal potential of tinospora cordifolia for anticancer and immunomodulatory activities and quantification of bioactive molecules by hptlc.tinospora cordifolia (willd.) miers ex hook. f. & thomas. (menispermaceae) is one of the most widely used plants in various traditional medicinal systems including "ayurveda". the plant is used for the treatment of jaundice, rheumatism, urinary disorder, skin diseases, diabetes and anemia. the phytoconstituents present in the plant belongs to different class of compounds such as alkaloids, diterpenoids lactones, glycosides, steroids, phenol, aliphatic compounds and polysaccharides.201526253577
describing quality and sensory attributes of 3 mango (mangifera indica l.) cultivars at 3 ripeness stages based on determine the ideal ripening stage for consumption of the mango cultivars, "ataulfo," "haden," and "tommy atkins"; fruits at 3 flesh firmness levels (ripeness stages) were evaluated by a trained panel using descriptive analysis after instrumental measurements were made. after harvest, all fruits were ripened to allow softening and quality and sensory attribute changes. ripening changes during softening of ataulfo mangos were expressed by a characteristic increase in the perception of "tropica ...201526257310
[textual research on amara (mangifera indica linn), butea monsperma (lam) kuntze, and ferula asatoitida l].in the buddhist canons, there are lots of medicines imported from abroad recorded. the dictionary works of such buddhist canons give detailed annotations and explanations to all these foreign medicines, from which we can investigate the features of all these medicines. it is also clear that these three medicines were imported into china no later than the tang dynasty. amara was originally grown in the xi yu (western region) , now called mango. its form and connotation appeared no later than the ...201526268251
identification of novel isoprene synthases through genome mining and expression in escherichia coli.isoprene is a naturally produced hydrocarbon emitted into the atmosphere by green plants. it is also a constituent of synthetic rubber and a potential biofuel. microbial production of isoprene can become a sustainable alternative to the prevailing chemical production of isoprene from petroleum. in this work, sequence homology searches were conducted to find novel isoprene synthases. candidate sequences were functionally expressed in escherichia coli and the desired enzymes were identified based ...201526275749
probing the catalytic promiscuity of a regio- and stereospecific c-glycosyltransferase from mangifera indica.the catalytic promiscuity of the novel benzophenone c-glycosyltransferase, micgt, which is involved in the biosynthesis of mangiferin from mangifera indica, was explored. micgt exhibited a robust capability to regio- and stereospecific c-glycosylation of 35 structurally diverse druglike scaffolds and simple phenolics with udp-glucose, and also formed o- and n-glycosides. moreover, micgt was able to generate c-xylosides with udp-xylose. the ogt-reversibility of micgt was also exploited to generat ...201526331569
effect of postharvest ultraviolet-c treatment on the proteome changes in fresh cut mango (mangifera indica l. cv. chokanan).postharvest treatments of fruits using techniques such as ultraviolet-c have been linked with maintenance of the fruit quality as well as shelf-life extension. however, the effects of this treatment on the quality of fruits on a proteomic level remain unclear. this study was conducted in order to understand the response of mango fruit to postharvest uv-c irradiation.201626350493
prevention of bacterial biofilms formation on urinary catheter by selected plant this study, we investigated the feasibility of using psidium guajava, mangifera indica and ocimum gratissimum leaf extracts in preventing escherichia coli biofilm formation. the plants extractions were done with methanol under cold extraction. the various concentrations 5.0, 10.0 and 20.0 mg ml(-1) were used to coat 63 catheters under mild heat from water bath. biofilm formation on the catheter was induced using cultures of e. coli. biofilm formation was evaluated using aerobic plate count an ...201526364356
herbal extracts in oral health care - a review of the current scenario and its future needs.oral diseases are among the major public health problems and the commonest of chronic diseases that affect mankind. the application of natural products for the control of oral diseases is considered as an interesting alternative to synthetic antimicrobials due to their lower negative impact, and for the effort to overcome primary or secondary resistance to the drug during therapy.201726392704
design and develop a nondestructive infrared spectroscopy instrument for assessment of mango (mangifera indica) quality.a portable infrared spectroscopy system has been designed and developed for assessment of quality of mango fruit. this paper describes the design and development of a fruit quality grading device using reflectance mode optical sensor. the experiment was conducted to obtain the best results from the system and the device was correlated according to the measured output. in the experiment, several samples of mango fruits have been monitored for six days to study the relation how fruit quality incre ...201426396317
low doses of gamma radiation in the management of postharvest lasiodiplodia theobromae in mangos.the postharvest life of mango is limited by the development of pathogens, especially fungi that cause rot, among which stands out the lasiodiplodia theobromae. several control methods have been employed to minimize the damages caused by this fungus, chemical control can leave residues to man and nature; physical control by the use of gamma radiation in combination with modified atmosphere and cold storage. the use of gamma radiation helps to reduce the severity of the pathogen assist in the ripe ...201526413068
salicylic acid induces changes in mango fruit that affect oviposition behavior and development of the oriental fruit fly, bactrocera dorsalis.the oriental fruit fly, bactrocera dorsalis (hendel) is an important quarantine pest around the globe. although measures for its control are implemented worldwide through ipm and male annihilation, there is little effect on their population. hence, there is a need for new strategies to control this minacious pest. a strategy that has received negligible attention is the induction of 'natural plant defenses' by phytohormones. in this study, we investigated the effect of salicylic acid (sa) treatm ...201526422203
impact of ph and total soluble solids on enzyme inactivation kinetics during high pressure processing of mango (mangifera indica) pulp.this study was undertaken with an aim to enhance the enzyme inactivation during high pressure processing (hpp) with ph and total soluble solids (tss) as additional hurdles. impact of mango pulp ph (3.5, 4.0, 4.5) and tss (15, 20, 25 °brix) variations on the inactivation of pectin methylesterase (pme), polyphenol oxidase (ppo), and peroxidase (pod) enzymes were studied during hpp at 400 to 600 mpa pressure (p), 40 to 70 °c temperature (t), and 6- to 20-min pressure-hold time (t). the enzyme inact ...201526444301
biocontrol of postharvest anthracnose of mango fruit with debaryomyces nepalensis and effects on storage quality and postharvest physiology.anthracnose is presently recognized as one of the most important postharvest disease of mango worldwide. to control the disease, chemical fungicides for a long time was widely used among fruit farmers, but recently found that pathogen had developed increasingly resistance to it. with people's growing desire of healthy and green food, finding new and environmentally friendly biological control approach was very necessary. in this paper, we provided a kind of new antagonistic yeast which enriched ...201526445226
seasonal abundance of mango fruit flies (diptera: tephritidae) and ecological implications for their management in mango and cashew orchards in benin (centre & north).we report the results of a large-scale (six orchards) and long-term (5-yr) study on seasonal population fluctuations of fruit flies (diptera tephritidae) in mango (2005-2009) and cashew (2007-2009) orchards in the borgou department, benin.during the five consecutive years of mango fruit fly monitoring, 25 tephritid species were captured including three species of bactrocera, 11 of ceratitis, and 11 of dacus, which is represented by 2,138,150 specimens in mango orchards. we observed significant d ...201526453710
determination of the host status of the 'persian' lime (citrus latifolia tanaka) for anastrepha ludens (loew) (diptera: tephritidae).field and laboratory no-choice oviposition tests were performed to determine whether the 'persian' lime (citrus latifolia tanaka) is a host of anastrepha ludens loew (diptera: tephritidae). trapping and fruit sampling were performed to determine adult population densities and the level of infestation in the two lime orchards. additionally, unharvested and harvested limes were exposed to sexually mature flies and the number of eggs laid and the immature developmental rates were determined. as a c ...201526470106
a new adult diet formulation for sterile males of anastrepha ludens and anastrepha obliqua (diptera: tephritidae).a new adult diet formulation was evaluated for sterile anastrepha ludens (loew) and anastrepha obliqua (macquart) males at the emergence and release facility of fruit flies in mexico. the formulation consists of hydrolyzed protein, sugar, juvenile hormone analogue methoprene, and water. the proportion of the ingredients between the solute (4% hydrolyzed protein and 96% sugar) and solvent (10% methoprene and 90% water) was 5:1. this new formulation was called the 1:24 formulation. the main object ...201526470310
effect of dietary ethanol extracts of mango (mangifera indica l.) on lipid oxidation and the color of chicken meat during frozen storage.the aim of this study was to evaluate the dietary effect of mango extracts on lipid stability and the coloring of broiler chicken breast meat during frozen storage. the treatments consisted of broiler chicken diet without antioxidants (control) and diets containing antioxidants: 200 ppm of butylated hydroxytoluene (bht), 200 ppm of mango peel extract (mpe), 400 ppm of mpe, 200 ppm of mango seed extract (mse), and 400 ppm of mse. the broiler breasts were stored for 90 days and analysis of lipid o ...201526475070
high-quality complete genome sequence of microbacterium sp. subg005, a plant pathogen.microbacterium sp. subg005 is a gram positive bacterium, isolated from infected leaf of mangifera indica l. in rajkot (22.30°n, 70.78°e), gujarat, india. the genome sequencing of microbacterium sp. subg005 is having type i secretion system genes of pathogenicity as well as heavy metal resistance unique genes. the genome size is 7.01 mb with g + c content of 64.80% and contains rrna sequences. genome sequencing analysis provides information about the microbe role in host-pathogen interaction. the ...201526484276
identification of target proteins of mangiferin in mice with acute lung injury using functionalized magnetic microspheres based on click chemistry.prevention of the occurrence and development of inflammation is a vital therapeutic strategy for treating acute lung injury (ali). increasing evidence has shown that a wealth of ingredients from natural foods and plants have potential anti-inflammatory activity. in the present study, mangiferin, a natural c-glucosyl xanthone that is primarily obtained from the peels and kernels of mango fruits and the bark of the mangifera indica l. tree, alleviated the inflammatory responses in lipopolysacchari ...201526488336
transcriptome characterization and expression profiles of the related defense genes in postharvest mango fruit against colletotrichum gloeosporioides.anthracnose, caused by colletotrichum gloeosporioides, is a major disease of the postharvest mango (mangifera indica l.) fruit. however, a lack of transcriptomic and genomic information hinders our understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying the mango fruit defense response. here, we studied the host responses of the mango fruit against c. gloeosporioides using illumina paired-end sequencing technology, and expression profiles of 35 defense-related genes were further analyzed by qrt-pcr ...201626496007
pollution response score of tree species in relation to ambient air quality in an urban area.multivariate statistical techniques were employed on twelve leaf traits in four selected common tree species (mangifera indica l., polyalthia longifolia sonn., ficus benghalensis l. and psidium guajava l.) to evaluate their responses with respect to major air pollutants in an urban area. discriminant analysis (da) identified chlorophyll/carotenoid ratio, leaf dry matter content, carotenoids, net water content and ascorbic acid as the major discriminating leaf traits, which varied maximally with ...201626508430
fda-approved natural polymers for fast dissolving tablets.oral route is the most preferred route for administration of different drugs because it is regarded as safest, most convenient, and economical route. fast disintegrating tablets are very popular nowadays as they get dissolved or facilely disintegrated in mouth within few seconds of administration without the need of water. the disadvantages of conventional dosage form, especially dysphagia (arduousness in swallowing), in pediatric and geriatric patients have been overcome by fast dissolving tabl ...201426556207
mango (mangifera indica l.) germplasm diversity based on single nucleotide polymorphisms derived from the transcriptome.germplasm collections are an important source for plant breeding, especially in fruit trees which have a long duration of juvenile period. thus, efforts have been made to study the diversity of fruit tree collections. even though mango is an economically important crop, most of the studies on diversity in mango collections have been conducted with a small number of genetic markers.201526573148
in vitro activation of enos by mangifera indica (careless™) and determination of an effective dosage in a randomized, double-blind, human pilot study on microcirculation.mangifera indica fruit preparation (careless™) activates the evolutionary conserved metabolic sensors sirtuin 1 and adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase, which have been identified as playing a key role in microcirculation and endothelial function. here, an acute effect of a single dose of 100 mg or 300 mg careless™ on microcirculation was investigated in a randomized, double-blind, crossover pilot study in ten healthy women to determine the effective dosage. microcirculation and end ...201626584454
ethanol extract of mango (mangifera indica l.) peel inhibits α-amylase and α-glucosidase activities, and ameliorates diabetes related biochemical parameters in streptozotocin (stz)-induced diabetic rats.peel is a major by-product during processing of mango fruit into pulp. recent report indicates that the whole peel powder ameliorated diabetes. in the present study, ethanolic extract of mango peel was analysed for its bioactive compounds, evaluated for α-amylase and α-glucosidase inhibitory properties, oral glucose tolerance test, antioxidant properties, plasma insulin level and biochemical parameters related to diabetes. in addition to gallic and protocatechuic acids, the extract also had chlo ...201526604360
antifungal activity of mango peel and seed extracts against clinically pathogenic and food spoilage yeasts.the antioxidant and antifungal (antiyeast) properties of mango (mangifera indica) peel and seed by-products were investigated. nine extracts were obtained using three cultivars and two extraction methods. significant differences between cultivars and extraction methods were detected in their bioactive compounds and antioxidant activity. the antifungal property was determined using agar diffusion and broth micro-dilution assays against 18 yeast species of the genera candida, dekkera, hanseniaspor ...201526609883
antihepatotoxic efficacy of mangifera indica l. polysaccharides against cyclophosphamide in rats.the present study aims to evaluate the possible protective role of polysaccharides extracted from the egyptian mango mangifera indica l. (mps) and/or silymarine against cyclophosphamide (cp) toxicity in male albino rats. the mps and/or silymarin significantly decreased the activities of serum asat and alat. however, mps (1000 mg/kg) normalized their activities towards the normal levels recording 28.75 and 78.75 u/ml respectively. the recorded data also showed the antioxidant effect of mps by dec ...201626615121
factors influencing oral bioavailability of thai mango seed kernel extract and its key phenolic seed kernel extract (mske) and its key components (gallic acid, ga; methyl gallate, mg; and pentagalloyl glucopyranose, pgg) have generated interest because of their pharmacological activities. to develop the potential use of the key components in mske as natural therapeutic agents, their pharmacokinetic data are necessary. therefore, this study was performed to evaluate the factors affecting their oral bioavailability as pure compounds and as components in mske. the in vitro chemical stab ...201526633325
urinary metabolites from mango (mangifera indica l. cv. keitt) galloyl derivatives and in vitro hydrolysis of gallotannins in physiological conditions.the absorption, metabolism, and excretion of mango galloyl derivatives (gd) has not yet been investigated in humans, and studies investigating repeated dosages of polyphenols are limited.201626640139
optimisation of gellan gum edible coating for ready-to-eat mango (mangifera indica l.) bars.the optimisation of an edible coating based on low acyl (l)/high acyl (h) gellan gum for ready-to-eat mango bars was performed through a central composite rotatable design (ccrd). the independent variables were the concentration of gellan (l/h90/10) and the concentration of ca(2+) in the coating solution, as well as the storage time after coating application. the response variables studied were the coating thickness, mango bars firmness, syneresis, and colour alterations. gellan concentration wa ...201626657585
mangiferin alleviates lipopolysaccharide and d-galactosamine-induced acute liver injury by activating the nrf2 pathway and inhibiting nlrp3 inflammasome activation.mangiferin, a glucosylxanthone from mangifera indica, has been reported to have anti-inflammatory effects. however, the protective effects and mechanisms of mangiferin on liver injury remain unclear. this study aimed to determine the protective effects and mechanisms of mangiferin on lipopolysaccharide (lps) and d-galactosamine (d-galn)-induced acute liver injury. mangiferin was given 1h after lps and d-galn treatment. the results showed that mangiferin inhibited the levels of serum alt, ast, il ...201626668000
cholesterol esterase inhibitory activity of bioactives from leaves of mangifera indica the earlier studies, methanolic extract of mangifera indica l leaf was exhibited hypocholesterol activity. however, the bioactive compounds responsible for the same are not reported so far.201726692750
whole genome sequences and annotation of micrococcus luteus subg006, a novel phytopathogen of mango.actinobaceria, micrococcus luteus subg006 was isolated from infected leaves of mangifera indica l. vr. nylon in rajkot, (22.30°n, 70.78°e), gujarat, india. the genome size is 3.86 mb with g + c content of 69.80% and contains 112 rrna sequences (5s, 16s and 23s). the whole genome sequencing has been deposited in ddbj/embl/genbank under the accession number jokp00000000.201526697318
spatial variance of physicochemical properties within mangos and the effect of initial ripeness stage on the quality of fresh-cut mangos.this study aimed to assess the spatial variation in physicochemical properties within individual mangos, as well as to investigate the influence of initial ripeness level on physicochemical characteristics of fresh-cut mangos. individual mangos were evaluated at 12 specific flesh positions in the inner and outer sides. mango cubes of 1.5 cm prepared from three firmness stages were monitored for changes during 9 days of storage at 5 °c.201626699838
change in the chemical profile of mangifera indica leaves after their metabolism in the tropidacris collaris grasshopper.this present work addresses research on the discovery of new compounds from natural sources. it is based on a study of mangifera indica leaf metabolism by the tropidacris collaris grasshopper. we found that the grasshopper hydrolyzed the flavonoid isoquercitrin to quercetin when the o-glycosidic bond was broken and sugar released as a probable energy source for the insect. there was not, however, hydrolysis of the major compound in the leaves, mangiferin, which contains the c-glycosidic bond. al ...201526749802
inter-regional mating compatibility among bactrocera dorsalis populations in thailand (diptera,tephritidae).mating compatibility among recently colonized (wildish) populations of bactrocera dorsalis (hendel) from different geographic origins in thailand was assessed through inter-regional mating tests. outdoor octagonal nylon screen field cages containing single potted mango trees (mangifera indica l.) were used. sexual compatibility was determined using the index of sexual isolation (isi), the male relative performance index (mrpi), and the female relative performance index (frpi). the isi values ind ...201526798264
niche partitioning among two ceratitis rosa morphotypes and other ceratitis pest species (diptera, tephritidae) along an altitudinal transect in central tanzania.two standard parapheromones, trimedlure (routinely used for monitoring ceratitis rosa and ceratitis capitata) and terpinyl acetate (routinely used for monitoring ceratitis cosyra) were compared with enriched ginger root oil (ego) lure for detecting and monitoring the presence and relative population abundance of these particular pest species. standard yellow fruit fly traps were used for the comparison, which was conducted at 10 sites along an altitudinal transect ranging from 540 to 1650 masl o ...201526798271
population structure and cryptic genetic variation in the mango fruit fly, ceratitis cosyra (diptera, tephritidae).the fruit fly ceratitis cosyra is an important agricultural pest negatively affecting the mango crop production throughout africa and also feeding on a variety of other wild and cultivated hosts. the occurrence of deeply divergent haplotypes, as well as extensive morphological variability, previously suggested possible cryptic speciation within ceratitis cosyra. here we provide the first large-scale characterisation of the population structure of ceratitis cosyra with the main objective of verif ...201526798276
in vitro anticancer potential of baco3 nanoparticles synthesized via green synthesis of nanoparticles is a growing research area because of their potential applications in nanomedicine. barium carbonate nanoparticles (baco3 nps) were synthesized using an aqueous extract of mangifera indica seed as a reducing agent. these particles were characterized by fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (ft-ir), x-ray diffraction (xrd), transmission electron microscopy (tem), selected area electron diffraction (saed), energy-dispersive-x-ray (edx) and x-ray photoelectron spe ...201626803273
fungal planet description sheets: 371-399.novel species of fungi described in the present study include the following from australia: neoseptorioides eucalypti gen. & sp. nov. from eucalyptus radiata leaves, phytophthora gondwanensis from soil, diaporthe tulliensis from rotted stem ends of theobroma cacao fruit, diaporthe vawdreyi from fruit rot of psidium guajava, magnaporthiopsis agrostidis from rotted roots of agrostis stolonifera and semifissispora natalis from eucalyptus leaf litter. furthermore, neopestalotiopsis egyptiaca is desc ...201526823636
dissipation kinetics and risk assessment of thiamethoxam and dimethoate in mango.thiamethoxam and dimethoate are two insecticides used to control hoppers and inflorescence midges in mango. thiamethoxam (0.008 and 0.016%) and dimethoate (0.06 and 0.12%) were sprayed on dashehari mango trees during the pre-mature stage of fruit (first week of may) to study their dissipation kinetics and risk assessment in mango fruit. thiamethoxam dissipated in fruit from 1.93 and 3.71 mg kg(-1) after 2 h of spraying to 0.08 and 0.13 mg kg(-1) after 20 days of spraying at single and double dos ...201626879986
changes in acidity, tss, and sugar content at different storage periods of the postharvest mango (mangifera indica l.) influenced by bavistin df.a detailed study was carried out with the postharvest mangoes (namely, the langra and the khirshapat) treated with different levels of bavistin df (bdf) solution (namely, 250, 500, and 750 ppm) for obtaining results on biochemical changes as well as storability of postharvest mango. the experiment was laid out in randomized complete block design with three replicates. the results of the experiments exhibited that only the single effect of varieties was found to be significant in most of the para ...201326904616
kinetics and quality of microwave-assisted drying of mango (mangifera indica).the effect of microwave-assisted convective air-drying on the drying kinetics and quality of mango was evaluated. both microwave power and pretreatment time were significant factors but the effect of power was more profound. increase in microwave power and pretreatment time had a positive effect on drying time. the nonenzymatic browning index of the fresh samples increased from 0.29 to 0.60 while the ascorbic acid content decreased with increase in microwave power and time from 3.84 mg/100g to 1 ...201626904667
development of a sensitive molecular detection assay for mango malformation disease caused by fusarium develop a sensitive and specific molecular assay for detection of mango malformation disease (mmd), which is caused primarily by fusarium mangiferae.201626906344
enzymatic synthesis of acylphloroglucinol 3-c-glucosides from 2-o-glucosides using a c-glycosyltransferase from mangifera indica.a green and cost-effective process for the convenient synthesis of acylphloroglucinol 3-c-glucosides from 2-o-glucosides was exploited using a novel c-glycosyltransferase (micgtb) from mangifera indica. compared with previously characterized cgts, micgtb exhibited unique de-o-glucosylation promiscuity and high regioselectivity toward structurally diverse 2-o-glucosides of acylphloroglucinol and achieved high yields of c-glucosides even with a catalytic amount of uridine 5'-diphosphate (udp). the ...201626918309
mangiferin protect myocardial insults through modulation of mapk/tgf-β pathways.mangiferin, a xanthone glycoside isolated from leaves of mangifera indica (anacardiaceae) is known to modulate many biological targets in inflammation and oxidative stress. the present study was designed to investigate whether mangiferin exerts protection against myocardial ischemia-reperfusion (ir) injury and possible role of mitogen activated protein kinase (mapks) and transforming growth factor-β (tgf-β) pathways in its cardioprotection. male albino wistar rats were treated with mangiferin (4 ...201626921754
neomangiferin modulates the th17/treg balance and ameliorates colitis in mice.anemarrhena asphodeloides (liliaceae family) and mangifera indica l. (anacardiaceae family) contain neomangiferin as the main active constituent and have been used to treat inflammation, asthma, and pain.201626926174
metabolite profiling of the ripening of mangoes mangifera indica l. cv. 'tommy atkins' by real-time measurement of volatile organic compounds.real-time profiling of mango ripening based on proton transfer reaction-time of flight-mass spectrometry (ptr-tof-ms) of small molecular weight volatile organic compounds (vocs), is demonstrated using headspace measurements of 'tommy atkins' mangoes. voc metabolites produced during the ripening process were sampled directly, which enabled simultaneous and rapid detection of a wide range of compounds. headspace measurements of 'keitt' mangoes were also conducted for comparison. a principle compon ...201726937226
the anti-inflammatory activity of standard aqueous stem bark extract of mangifera indica l. as evident in inhibition of group ia spla2.the standard aqueous stem bark extract is consumed as herbal drink and used in the pharmaceutical formulations to treat patients suffering from various disease conditions in cuba. this study was carried out to evaluate the modulatory effect of standard aqueous bark extract of m. indica on group ia spla2. m. indica extract, dose dependently inhibited the gia spla2 (nn-xia-pla2) activity with an ic50 value 8.1 µg/ml. m. indica extract effectively inhibited the indirect hemolytic activity up to 98% ...201626959323
chemical profile of mango (mangifera indica l.) using electrospray ionisation mass spectrometry (esi-ms).mangifera indica l., mango fruit, is consumed as a dietary supplement with purported health benefits; it is widely used in the food industry. herein, the chemical profile of the ubá mango at four distinct maturation stages was evaluated during the process of growth and maturity using negative-ion mode electrospray ionisation fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry (esi(-)ft-icr ms) and physicochemical characterisation analysis (total titratable acidity (ta), total soluble sol ...201626988473
a possible centre of diversity in south east asia for the tree pathogen, ceratocystis manginecans.the fungal pathogen, ceratocystis manginecans, has caused serious canker and wilt disease on mangifera indica (mango), on legume tree species in oman and pakistan and on acacia spp. in indonesia. a ceratocystis species, with similar morphology to c. manginecans, has recently been reported in vietnam, causing severe disease of acacia trees. previous population genetic studies on isolates from m. indica in oman and pakistan have shown that the pathogen represents a single clonal haplotype, indicat ...201627016374
comparison of anti-inflammatory mechanisms of mango (mangifera indica l.) and pomegranate (punica granatum l.) in a preclinical model of colitis.tannin-rich fruits have been evaluated as alternative prevention strategies for colorectal cancer based on their anti-inflammatory properties. this study compared tannin-rich preparations from mango (rich in gallotannins) and pomegranate (rich in ellagitannins) in the dextran sodium sulfate-induced colitis model.201627028006
molecular cloning and characterization of o-methyltransferase from mango fruit (mangifera indica cv. alphonso).flavour of ripe alphonso mango is invariably dominated by the de novo appearance of lactones and furanones during ripening. of these, furanones comprising furaneol (4-hydroxy-2,5-dimethyl-3(2h)-furanone) and mesifuran (2,5-dimethyl-4-methoxy-3(2h)-furanone) are of particular importance due to their sweet, fruity caramel-like flavour characters and low odour detection thresholds. we isolated a 1056 bp complete open reading frame of a cdna encoding s-adenosyl-l-methionine-dependent o-methyltransfe ...201627039187
dominant viral pathologies in the extensive and semi-intensive animal breeding and their treatment mode in ethno veterinary medicine in benin.this study aims to identify the dominant viral animal pathologies and to list the traditional recipes used by the breeders for their treatment.201527047056
protective effect of mangifera indica linn., cocos nucifera linn., and averrhoa carambola linn. extracts against ultraviolet b-induced damage in human keratinocytes.this study was aimed at investigating the antioxidant activity of mangifera indica linn., cocos nucifera linn., and averrhoa carambola linn. and their biological effect on human keratinocytes affected by the ultraviolet b (uvb), a major cause of cell damage and skin cancer through induction of dna damage, production of reactive oxygen species (ros), and apoptosis. the richest antioxidant activity was found in ethanol fraction of m. indica (21.32 ± 0.66 mg qe/g dry weight), while the lowest one w ...201627057195
evaluation of herbal antimalarial mama decoction-amodiaquine combination in murine malaria of amodiaquine with mama decoction (md), an herbal antimalarial drug comprising the leaves of mangifera indica l. (anacardiaceae), alstonia boonei de wild (apocynaceae), morinda lucida benth (rubiaceae) and azadirachta indica a. juss (meliaceae) was investigated. the practice of concurrent administration of herbal medicines with orthodox drugs is currently on the increase globally.201627057621
mango polyphenolics reduce inflammation in intestinal colitis-involvement of the mir-126/pi3k/akt/mtor axis in vitro and in vivo.this study sought to elucidate the mechanisms underlying the anti-inflammatory effect of mango (mangifera indica l.) polyphenolics containing gallic acid and gallotanins, and the role of the mir-126/pi3k/akt/mtor signaling axis in vitro and in vivo. polyphenolics extracted from mango (var. keitt) were investigated in lipopolysaccharide (lps)-treated ccd-18co cells. rats received either a beverage with mango polyphenolics or a control beverage, and were exposed to three cycles of 3% dextran sodiu ...201727061150
current status of tropical fruit breeding and genetics for three tropical fruit species cultivated in japan: pineapple, mango, and papaya.tropical fruit crops are predominantly produced in tropical and subtropical developing countries, but some are now grown in southern japan. pineapple (ananas comosus), mango (mangifera indica) and papaya (carica papaya) are major tropical fruits cultivated in japan. modern, well-organized breeding systems have not yet been developed for most tropical fruit species. most parts of japan are in the temperate climate zone, but some southern areas such as the ryukyu islands, which stretch from kyushu ...201627069392
factors affecting ethylene and carbon dioxide concentrations during ripening: incidence on final dry matter, total soluble solids content and acidity of mango fruit.ripening of climacteric fruits is associated with pronounced changes in fruit gas composition caused by a concomitant rise in respiration and ethylene production. there is a discrepancy in the literature since some authors reported that changes in fruit gas compositions differ in attached and detached fruits. this study presents for the first time an overview of pre- and post-harvest factors that lead to variations in the climacteric respiration and ethylene production, and attempts to determine ...201627085177
mangiferin: a promising anticancer bioactive.of late, several biologically active antioxidants from natural products have been investigated by the researchers in order to combat the root cause of carcinogenesis, in other words, oxidative stress. mangiferin, a therapeutically active c-glucosylated xanthone, is extracted from pulp, peel, seed, bark and leaf of mangifera indica. these polyphenols of mangiferin exhibit antioxidant properties and tend to decrease the oxygen-free radicals, thereby reducing the dna damage. indeed, its capability ...201627088726
single nucleotide polymorphism analysis reveals heterogeneity within a seedling tree population of a polyembryonic mango cultivar.within a polyembryonic mango seedling tree population, the genetic background of individuals should be identical because vigorous plants for cultivation are expected to develop from nucellar embryos representing maternal clones. due to the fact that the mango cultivar 'hôi' is assigned to the polyembryonic ecotype, an intra-cultivar variability of ethylene receptor genes was unexpected. ethylene receptors in plants are conserved, but the number of receptors or receptor isoforms is variable regar ...201627093244
molecular and morphological diversity in locally grown non-commercial (heirloom) mango varieties of north (mangifera indica l.) has been cultivated and conserved in different agro-ecologies including malihabad region in northern part of india, that is well known for housing diverse types (heirloom and commercial varieties). in the present study, 37 mango types comprising of 27 heirloom varieties from malihabad region and 10 commercial varieties grown in north and eastern india were assessed for morphological attributes and molecular diversity. the employed ssr markers amplified 2-13 alleles in ...201627097441
insights into the key aroma compounds in mango (mangifera indica l. 'haden') fruits by stable isotope dilution quantitation and aroma simulation experiments.thirty-four aroma-active compounds, previously identified with high flavor dilution factors by application of an aroma extract dilution analysis, were quantified in tree-ripened fruits of mango (mangifera indica l. 'haden'). from the results, the odor activity value (oav) was calculated for each compound as the ratio of its concentration in the mangoes to its odor threshold in water. oavs > 1 were obtained for 24 compounds, among which ethyl 2-methylbutanoate (fruity; oav 2100), (3e,5z)-undeca-1 ...201627167034
the potential role of mangiferin in cancer treatment through its immunomodulatory, anti-angiogenic, apoptopic, and gene regulatory effects.mangiferin (1,3,6,7-tetrahydroxyxanthone-c2-β-d-glucoside) is a natural bioactive xanthonoid that can be found in many plant species, among which the mango tree (mangifera indica l), a plant widely used in the traditional medicinal, is one of its primary sources. the use of mangiferin for cancer treatment has attracted the attention of research groups around the world. single administration of mangiferin or in combination with known anticancer chemicals has shown the potential benefits of this m ...201627219221
herbal medicine use and linked suspected adverse drug reactions in a prospective cohort of ugandan inpatients.clinical history-taking can be employed as a standardized approach to elucidate the use of herbal medicines and their linked suspected adverse drug reactions (adrs) among hospitalized patients. we sought to identify herbal medicines nominated by ugandan inpatients; compare nomination rates by ward and gender; confirm the herbs' known pharmacological properties from published literature; and identify adrs linked to pre-admission use of herbal medicines.201627229463
current trends of tropical fruit waste utilization.recent rapid growth of the world's population has increased food demands. this phenomenon poses a great challenge for food manufacturers in maximizing the existing food or plant resources. nowadays, the recovery of health benefit bioactive compounds from fruit wastes is a research trend not only to help minimize the waste burden, but also to meet the intensive demand from the public for phenolic compounds which are believed to have protective effects against chronic diseases. this review is focu ...201627246698
the standard aqueous stem bark extract of mangifera indica l. inhibits toxic pla2 - nn-xib-pla2 of indian cobra venom.the aqueous extract of mangifera indica is known to possess diverse medicinal properties, which also includes anti-snake venom activities. however, its inhibitory potency and mechanism of action on multi-toxic snake venom phospholipases a2s are still unknown. therefore, the objective of this study was to evaluate the modulatory effect of standard aqueous bark extract of m. indica on nn-xib-pla2 of indian cobra venom. the in vitro spla2, in situ hemolytic and in vivo edema inhibition effect were ...201627275129
potentials of mangifera indica in the treatment of depressive-anxiety disorders: possible mechanisms of action.mangifera indica (anacardiaceae) is an important herb in the traditional african and ayurvedic medicines. the stem barks are used in the treatment of hypertension, insomnia, tumour, depression, rheumatism and as a tonic. this study was carried out to investigate antidepressant- and anxiolytic-like effect of the hydroethanol stem bark extract of m. indica (hemi) in mice.201627276531
mangiferin inhibits macrophage classical activation via downregulating interferon regulatory factor 5 expression.mangiferin is a natural polyphenol and the predominant effective component of mangifera indica linn. leaves. for hundreds of years, mangifera indica linn. leaf has been used as an ingredient in numerous traditional chinese medicine preparations for the treatment of bronchitis. however, the pharmacological mechanism of mangiferin in the treatment of bronchitis remains to be elucidated. macrophage classical activation is important role in the process of bronchial airway inflammation, and interfero ...201627277156
promising features of mango (mangifera indica l.) kernel oil: a kernel contains about 15 % good quality edible oil, that is comparable to soybean and cottonseed, which contain about 18-20 % oil. mango kernel oil (mko) has lower free fatty acids, carotenoid content and peroxide value, and is usually used without any processing, which is otherwise mandatory for commercial vegetable oils. palmitic, stearic and oleic acids are the major fatty acids, triglyceride composition and fatty acid profile suggest wide range of trans free options. with 32-36 °c melt ...027407184
effect of postharvest ethylene treatment on sugar content, glycosidase activity and its gene expression in mango fruit.ripening-associated softening is one of the important attributes that largely determines the shelf-life of mango (mangifera indica linn.) fruits. to reveal the effect of pre-climacteric ethylene treatment on ripening-related softening of alphonso mango, ethylene treatment was given to mature, raw alphonso fruits. changes in the pool of reducing and non-reducing sugars, enzymatic activity of three glycosidases: β-d-galactosidase, α-d-mannosidase and β-d-glucosidase and their relative transcript a ...027433929
the effect of blow flies (diptera: calliphoridae) on the size and weight of mangos (mangifera indica l.).pollination has a great effect on the yield of fruit trees. blow flies are considered as an effective pollinator compared to hand pollination in fruit orchards. therefore, this study was designed to evaluate the effect of different pollination methods in mango orchards.201627441107
long-term mangiferin extract treatment improves central pathology and cognitive deficits in app/ps1 mice.alzheimer's disease (ad) is the most common cause of dementia; however, available treatments have had limited success. therefore ad patients are in tremendous need of new pharmacological approaches that may delay or slow the progression of the disease. in addition to the classical neuropathological features, immunological and inflammatory processes are also involved in ad pathogenesis. naturally occurring compounds, such as mangifera indica linn (mgf) extracts have previously been shown to signi ...201727443159
co-pigmentation of pelargonidin derivatives in strawberry and red radish model solutions by the addition of phenolic fractions from mango peels.pelargonidin-based colors suffer from notorious instability. a phenolic mango peel extract and defined phenolic fractions thereof were shown to effectively modulate the visible absorption of anthocyanins from strawberry (fragaria x ananassa duch.) and red radish (raphanus sativus l.) by intermolecular co-pigmentation. consistently, non-acylated pelargonidin derivatives from strawberry exerted significantly greater hyper- and bathochromic spectral shifts than their acylated counterparts from red ...201627451227
chemical constituents of mangifera indica and their antiausterity activity against the panc-1 human pancreatic cancer cell line.human pancreatic cancer cell lines such as panc-1 have an altered metabolism, enabiling them to tolerate and survive under extreme conditions of nutrient starvation. the search for candidates that inhibit their viability during nutrition starvation represents a novel antiausterity strategy in anticancer drug discovery. a methanol extract of the bark of mangifera indica was found to inhibit the survival of panc-1 human pancreatic cancer cells preferentially under nutrient-deprived conditions with ...201627466882
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