preliminary evaluation of a constructed wetland for treating extremely alkaline (ph 12) steel slag drainage.high ph (> 12) leachates are an environmental problem associated with drainage from lime (cao)-rich industrial residues such as steel slags, lime spoil and coal combustion residues. recent research has highlighted the potential for natural ('volunteer') wetlands to buffer extremely alkaline influent waters. this appears ascribable to high co(2) partial pressures in the wetland waters from microbial respiration, which accelerates precipitation of calcium carbonate (caco(3)), and the high specific ...200919494466
the effects of tannery wastewater on the development of different plant species and chromium accumulation in phragmites australis.toxicity tests were performed to assess the effect of tannery wastewater with different treatment levels on two wetland plants, phragmites australis and typha latifolia, which are frequently used in constructed wetlands (cws) for water treatment, and thus deepen the knowledge on their capacity to withstand the application of industrial wastewater. trifolium pratense, a plant generally used as an indicator in toxicity tests, was included as a control. end points measured were germination percenta ...200818214580
[responses of interspecific relationships among main herbaceous plants to flooding disturbance in songnen plain, northeastern china].to investigate the effects of flooding disturbance on the interspecific relationships among grassland plant species, a comparatively thorough study was conducted on sanjiadian national rangeland in the territory of da'an city, jilin province, which was partly flooded in 1998. the study site was located in the south of songnen plain, northeastern china, dominated by leymus chinensis grassland. along the flooding gradients (from un-flooded to heavily flooded) formed on an extensive mild slope take ...200312973991
endophytic bacterial diversity in roots of phragmites australis in constructed beijing cuihu wetland (china).the community structure and diversity of endophytic bacteria in reed (phragmites australis) roots growing in the beijing cuihu wetland, china was investigated using the 16s rrna library technique. primers 799f and 1492r were used to amplify the specific bacterial 16s rrna fragments successfully and construct the clone library. in total, 166 individual sequences were verified by colony pcr and used to assess the diversity of endophytic bacteria in reed roots. phylogenetic analysis revealed that 7 ...201020528944
habitat and plant communities in the nile delta of egypt. ii. irrigation and drainage canal bank habitat.the present study provides quantitative analysis of the vegetation and spatial variations of environmental factors controlling the abundance and distribution of vegetation in canal and drain banks in the nile delta region of egypt. five vegetation groups have been recognized: group a codominated by arundo donax and polygonum equisetiforme, group b codominated by rumex dentatus and polypogon monspeliensis, group c dominated by eichhornia crassipes, group d codominated by phragmites australis and ...200919777781
comparative assessment of total phenolic content in selected medicinal plants.this study was to compare the total phenolic (tp) content in extracts from eleven plant materials collected at different geographical locations in kenya, nigeria, and usa. these plants have been selected because the majority of them are highly pigmented, from yellow to purple, and would therefore have economic value in industries for producing antioxidants and surfactants. two of them were collected from the industrial and domestic waste outlets. each analysis was achieved using the folin-ciocal ...200820119491
performance evaluation of laboratory scale up-flow constructed wetlands with different designs and emergent plants.the objective of present study was to assess the simultaneous removal of organic pollutants and nutrients by five laboratory scale up-flow constructed wetlands (ufcws). aerobic and anaerobic regions were well developed at the upper and lower beds, respectively, in the ufcw reactors with supplementary aeration. the emergent plants employed were phragmites australis and manchurian wild rice. the cod, t-n, t-p, nh(4)-n and no(3)-n removal efficiencies for the ufcw reactors were in the range of 90-9 ...201020451374
isolation and characterization of 4-tert-butylphenol-utilizing sphingobium fuliginis strains from phragmites australis rhizosphere sediment.we isolated three sphingobium fuliginis strains from phragmites australis rhizosphere sediment that were capable of utilizing 4-tert-butylphenol as a sole carbon and energy source. these strains are the first 4-tert-butylphenol-utilizing bacteria. the strain designated tik-1 completely degraded 1.0 mm 4-tert-butylphenol in basal salts medium within 12 h, with concomitant cell growth. we identified 4-tert-butylcatechol and 3,3-dimethyl-2-butanone as internal metabolites by gas chromatography-mass ...201020802076
native plant and microbial contributions to a negative plant-plant interaction.a number of hypotheses have been suggested to explain why invasive exotic plants dramatically increase their abundance upon transport to a new range. the novel weapons hypothesis argues that phytotoxins secreted by roots of an exotic plant are more effective against naïve resident competitors in the range being invaded. the common reed phragmites australis has a diverse population structure including invasive populations that are noxious weeds in north america. p. australis exudes the common phe ...200919776161
[effects of water stress on photosynthetic parameters of phragmites australis in estuarine wetland of yellow river delta].a pot experiment was conducted to study the effects of soil water content on the net photosynthetic rate (pn), transpiration rate (tr), stomatal conductance (gs), intercellular co2 concentration (ci), water use efficiency (wue), and light use efficiency (lue) of fresh water swamp phragmites australis from estuarine wetland of yellow river delta, with the appropriate soil water condition approached. the results showed that the pn, lue, tr, and wue of fresh water swamp p. australis had obvious res ...200919637592
biogenic silica in intertidal marsh plants and associated sediments of the yangtze estuary.biogenic silica (bsi) contents in the marsh plants (phragmites australis, scirpus mariqueter and spartina alterniflora) and associated sediments in chongming island eastern intertidal flat of the yangtze estuary were determined. the bsi contents in p. australis, s. mariqueter and s. alterniflora varied from 25.78-42.74 mg/g, 5.71-19.53 mg/g and 6.71-8.92 mg/g, respectively. over the entire growth season, p australis and s. mariqueter were characterized by linear accumulation patterns of bsi. the ...201020614779
phytotoxicity and naphthenic acid dissipation from oil sands fine tailings treatments planted with the emergent macrophyte phragmites australis.during reclamation the water associated with the runoff or groundwater flushing from dry stackable tailings technologies may become available to the reclaimed environment within an oil sands lease. here we evaluate the performance of the emergent macrophyte, common reed (phragmites australis), grown in chemically amended mature fine tailings (mft) and simulated runoff/seepage water from different mft drying treatments. the present study also investigated the phytotoxicity of the concentration of ...201020486009
spartina alterniflora invasion increases soil inorganic nitrogen pools through interactions with tidal subsidies in the yangtze estuary, china.invasive alien plants increase both plant n and soil inorganic n pools in many terrestrial ecosystems. this is believed to be the result of altered plant-soil-microbe feedbacks that accelerate n cycling. however, it may also be due to the greater ability of invasive species to uptake lateral n subsidies that can modify ecosystem n dynamics. we conducted manipulative field experiments to determine the impact of smooth cordgrass (spartina alterniflora) invasion on the n cycling of salt marsh ecosy ...201121203776
do plants modulate biomass allocation in response to petroleum pollution?biomass allocation is an important plant trait that responds plastically to environmental heterogeneities. however, the effects on this trait of pollutants owing to human activities remain largely unknown. in this study, we investigated the response of biomass allocation of phragmites australis to petroleum pollution by a ¹³co₂ pulse-labelling technique. our data show that plant biomass significantly decreased under petroleum pollution, but the root-shoot ratio for both plant biomass and ¹³c inc ...201020484231
flavobacterium phragmitis sp. nov., an endophyte of reed (phragmites australis).a gram-staining-negative bacterium, designated strain bln2(t), was isolated from within the roots of reed (phragmites australis) in beijing cuihu wetland (china) and characterized using a polyphasic taxonomic approach. the cells were yellow-pigmented, rod-shaped, strictly aerobic and devoid of flagella, but showing gliding motility. strain bln2(t) produced yellow, translucent, circular and convex colonies, with optimal growth at 30°c and ph 7.0. the major respiratory quinone was menaquinone 6 (m ...201021186290
[allelopathy of phragmites australis on spartina alterniflora under different salinity].using phragmites australis litter as test material, two kinds of its mother liquid, i. e., water extract and decomposed products, were obtained by the methods of solution extraction and anaerobic decomposition. the two liquids with concentration 100% and 25% were used to treat the seeds and seedlings of spartina alterniflora and the endemic beneficial fungi (mortierella sp.) of s. alterniflora under 5 per thousand and 10 per thousand salinity, aimed to study the effects of different salinity on ...200919947204
organic carbon accumulation capability of two typical tidal wetland soils in chongming dongtan, china.we measured organic carbon input and content of soil in two wetland areas of chongming dongtan (yangtze river estuary) to evaluate variability in organic carbon accumulation capability in different wetland soils. observed differences were investigated based on the microbial activity and environmental factors of the soil at the two sites. results showed that the organic carbon content of wetland soil vegetated with phragmites australis (site a) was markedly lower than that with p. australis and s ...201121476345
cylindrospermopsin induces alterations of root histology and microtubule organization in common reed (phragmites australis) plantlets cultured in vitro.we aimed to study the histological and cytological alterations induced by cylindrospermopsin (cyn), a protein synthesis inhibitory cyanotoxin in roots of common reed (phragmites australis). reed is an ecologically important emergent aquatic macrophyte, a model for studying cyanotoxin effects. we analyzed the histology and cytology of reed roots originated from tissue cultures and treated with 0.5-40 microg ml(-1) (1.2-96.4 microm) cyn. the cyanotoxin decreased root elongation at significantly lo ...200919464311
the effect of metals accumulated in reed (phragmites australis) on the structure of periphyton.studies on trace elements in reed stands and limiting effect of the reed substrate on the periphyton structure were performed in various aquatic ecosystems of greece during the summer and autumn of 2006. the analysed factors were concentrations of chemical elements (cadmium, lead, zinc, chromium, nickel, copper, cobalt, iron, manganese, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium) in reed shoots as well as the density of zooperiphyton and phytoperiphyton taxa. the relationships between metal concentra ...201121388682
accelerated biodegradation of pyrene and benzo[a]pyrene in the phragmites australis rhizosphere by bacteria-root exudate interactions.we investigated the biodegradation of pyrene and benzo[a]pyrene in phragmites australis rhizosphere sediment. we collected p. australis plants, rhizosphere sediments, and unvegetated sediments from natural aquatic sites and conducted degradation experiments using sediments spiked with pyrene or benzo[a]pyrene. accelerated removal of pyrene and benzo[a]pyrene was observed in p. australis rhizosphere sediments with plants, whereas both compounds persisted in unvegetated sediments without plants an ...201021196023
[responses of photosynthetic pigments of spartina alterniflora and phragmites australis to durative waterlogging].with the invasive plant spartina alterniflora and indigenous plant phragmites australis in chongming dongtan nature reserve of shanghai as test objects, the responses of their photosynthetic pigmentsto durative waterlogging were studied during the growth season in 2008. the basic composition and the content of the pigments differed with plant species, and their responses to durative waterlogging also differed. under durative waterlogging stress, s. alterniflora had the decreased contents of chlo ...200920077691
phytotoxicity testing of winery wastewater for constructed wetland treatment.rapid and inexpensive phytotoxicity bioassays for winery wastewater (ww) are important when designing winery wastewater treatment systems involving constructed wetlands. three macrophyte wetland species (phragmites australis, schoenoplectus validus and juncus ingens) were tested using a pot experiment simulating a wetland microcosm. the winery wastewater concentration was varied (0.5%, 5%, 10%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%) and ph was corrected for some concentrations using lime as an amendment. the t ...200919443118
influence of plants on microbial activity in a vertical-downflow wetland system treating waste activated sludge with high organic matter concentrations.the rhizosphere is a key zone for pollutant removal in treatment wetlands; therefore, studies on microbial activity may provide helpful information for a better understanding of purification processes. we studied microbial activity in a vertical-downflow constructed wetland system treating waste activated sludge with high organic matter concentrations, under mediterranean climate. the aims of the work were to study the influence of (i) the presence of plants, (ii) the plant species (phragmites a ...201121514037
contrasting nutrient stocks and litter decomposition in stands of native and invasive species in a sub-tropical estuarine marsh.we compared the influence of invasion by an alien invasive species (spartina alterniflora, smooth cordgrass) and a native aggressive species (phragmites australis, common reed) as they have expanded into the native cyperus malaccensis (shichito matgrass)-dominated wetland ecosystem in the min river estuary of southeast china. s. alterniflora is a perennial grass native to north america, which has spread rapidly along the southeast coast of china since its introduction in 1979. our study compared ...201121704985
evaluation of the giant reed (arundo donax) in horizontal subsurface flow wetlands for the treatment of recirculating aquaculture system effluent.introduction: two emergent macrophytes, arundo donax and phragmites australis, were established in experimental subsurface flow, gravel-based constructed wetlands (cws) receiving untreated recirculating aquaculture system wastewater. materials and methods: the hydraulic loading rate was 3.75 cm day(-1). many of the monitored water quality parameters (biological oxygen demand [bod], total suspended solids [tss], t ...201122006507
in vivo observation of conidial germination at the oxic-anoxic interface and infection of submerged reed roots by microdochium bolleyi.the underground plant parts of reed (phragmites australis) growing in anoxic soil of the littoral zone of lakes are provided with oxygen via an aerenchyma. some of this oxygen is released into the rhizosphere, which creates a potential microhabitat for aerobic fungi. although fungal endophytes of reed have been shown to occur also in roots of flooded habitats, it is not known whether or how fungi can infect roots growing in anoxic or hypoxic soil. to study fungal infection of reed roots in the l ...200319719598
[seasonal dynamics of nitrogen- and phosphorus absorption efficiency of wetland plants in minjiang river estuary].taking the native phragmites australis and invasive spartina alterniflora in minjiang river estuary as test objectives, this paper studied the seasonal dynamics of their biomass and nitrogen- and phosphorus absorption efficiency. a typical single-peak curve was presented for the seasonal dynamics of aboveground biomass and nitrogen- and phosphorus absorption efficiency of the two species. p. australis had the maximum aboveground biomass (2195.33 g x m(-2)) in summer, while s. alterniflora had it ...200919795639
[nitrous oxide fluxes of constructed wetlands to treat sewage wastewater].the nitrous oxide fluxes and ammonia-oxidizing bacterium in two typical constructed wetlands, i.e. subsurface flow (sf) and free water surface (fws) were studied by the method of static chamber-gas chromatography. the results showed that the mean n2o fluxes were 296.5 microg x (m2 x h)(-1) and 28.2 microg x (m2 x h)(-1) respectively, and two typical wetlands were all the sources of atmosphere nitrous oxide as a whole. sf wetland exhibited a higher risk of n2o emissions, and the mean n2o flux in ...200920063721
salt tolerance and osmotic adjustment of spartina alterniflora (poaceae) and the invasive m haplotype of phragmites australis (poaceae) along a salinity invasive variety of phragmites australis (poaceae, common reed), the m haplotype, has been implicated in the spread of this species into north american salt marshes that are normally dominated by the salt marsh grass spartina alterniflora (poaceae, smooth cordgrass). in some european marshes, on the other hand, spartina spp. derived from s. alterniflora have spread into brackish p. australis marshes. in both cases, the non-native grass is thought to degrade the habitat value of the marsh for ...200621642124
[primary study on contents of sulfate reducing bacteria (srb) and organic matter from intertidal zone at chongming dongtan].collected soil samples from different tidal flats and elevation in chongming dongtan wetland, then conducted sulfate-reducing bacteria (srb) based on mpn method, determined organic matter content and calculated so4(2-)/cl- molar ratio, for the research on the distribution of srb, relevance to soil organic matter content as well as influence of plant rhizosphere environment on srb growth. the results show the distribution of srb is ranked as middle flat > climax flat > bald flat. the same tidal f ...201021072939
phragmites australis and typha orientalis in removal of pollutant in taihu lake, china.two plant populations of phragmites australis and typha orientalis grown in gravel and sediment substrate were studied to assess their capabilities for purifying polluted water in taihu lake, china. the substrate displayed most significant effects on the suspended matter (p < 0.01), with the reduction of 76%-87% and 52%-63% for p. australis, and 83%-86% and 45%-62% for t. orientalis in gravel substrate and sediment substrate, respectively. both species and substrates significantly decreased the ...200919634417
removal of personal care compounds from sewage sludge in reed bed container (lysimeter) studies--effects of macrophytes.sludge reed beds have been used for dewatering (draining and evapotranspiration) and mineralisation of sludge in europe since 1988. although reed beds are considered as a low cost and low contamination method in reducing volume, breaking down organic matter and increasing the density of sludge, it is not yet clear whether this enhanced biological treatment is suitable for degradation of organic micro-pollutants such as personal care products. within this project the effect of biological sludge t ...200919682727
[vegetation influence on nutrients distribution in pore water of salt marsh sediment].the variations of nutrients in pore water of salt marsh sediment were surveyed in the middle intertidal zone of chongming dongtan during august 2007 to may 2008 to identify plant impact on nutrients distribution. the results show that nh4(+) -n and po4(3-) -p concentrations are lower in pore water of spartina alterniflora and phragmites australis zones than in bare flat, and specially, nh4(+) -n concentrations in summer and autumn decrease by one more orders of magnitude. compared to winter, nut ...200920063731
pilot treatment of olive pomace leachate by vertical-flow constructed wetland and electrochemical oxidation: an efficient hybrid process.a hybrid process comprising biological degradation in a vertical-flow constructed wetland (cw) and electrochemical oxidation over boron-doped diamond electrodes to decolorize, mineralize and detoxify a leachate from olive pomace processing (opl) was investigated. two alternative treatment schemes were compared: according to the first treatment scheme, opl was treated by electrochemical oxidation followed by treatment in a constructed wetland pilot unit (cw-a). the second scheme comprised of trea ...201020199791
fungal planet description sheets: 92-106.novel species of microfungi described in the present study include the following from australia: diaporthe ceratozamiae on ceratozamia robusta, seiridium banksiae on banksia marginata, phyllosticta hymenocallidicola on hymenocallis littoralis, phlogicylindrium uniforme on eucalyptus cypellocarpa, exosporium livistonae on livistona benthamii and coleophoma eucalyptorum on eucalyptus piperita. several species are also described from south africa, namely: phoma proteae, pyrenochaeta protearum and l ...201122403481
differences in phytotoxicity and dissipation between ionized and nonionized oil sands naphthenic acids in wetland plants.naphthenic acids (nas) are composed of alkyl-substituted acyclic and cycloaliphatic carboxylic acids and, because they are acutely toxic to fish, are of toxicological concern. during the caustic hot-water extraction of oil from the bitumen in oil sands deposits, nas become concentrated in the resulting tailings pond water. the present study investigated if dissipation of nas occurs in the presence of hydroponically grown emergent macrophytes (typha latifolia, phragmites australis, and scirpus ac ...200919469588
cloning of a high-affinity k+ transporter gene puthkt2;1 from puccinellia tenuiflora and its functional comparison with oshkt2;1 from rice in yeast and arabidopsis.a high-affinity k+ transporter puthkt2;1 cdna was isolated from the salt-tolerant plant puccinellia tenuiflora. expression of puthkt2;1 was induced by both 300 mm nacl and k+-starvation stress in roots, but only slightly regulated by those stresses in shoots. puthkt2;1 transcript levels in 300 mm nacl were doubled by the depletion of potassium. yeast transformed with puthkt2;1, like those transformed with phahkt2;1 from salt-tolerant reed plants (phragmites australis), (i) were able to take up k ...200919528529
responses of butachlor degradation and microbial properties in a riparian soil to the cultivation of three different plants.a pot experiment was conducted to investigate the biodegradation dynamics and related microbial ecophysiological responses to butachlor addition in a riparian soil planted with different plants such as phragmites australis, zizania aquatica, and acorus calamus. the results showed that there were significant differences in microbial degradation dynamics of butachlor in the rhizosphere soils among the three riparian plants. a. calamus displays a significantly higher degradation efficiency of butac ...201122432278
[characteristics of soil nematode communities in coastal wetlands with different vegetation types].an investigation was conducted on the characteristics of soil nematode communities in different vegetation belts (spartina alterniflora belt, sa; suaeda glauca belt, sg; bare land, b1; phragmites australis belt, pa; and wheat land, wl) of yancheng wetland reserve, jiangsu province of east china. a total of 39 genera and 20 families of soil nematodes were identified, and the individuals of dominant genera and common genera occupied more than 90% of the total. the total number of the nematodes dif ...201223431791
occurrence, diversity and community structure of culturable atrazine degraders in industrial and agricultural soils exposed to the herbicide in shandong province, p.r. china.soil populations of bacteria rapidly degrading atrazine are critical to the environmental fate of the herbicide. an enrichment bias from the routine isolation procedure prevents studying the diversity of atrazine degraders. in the present work, we analyzed the occurrence, diversity and community structure of soil atrazine-degrading bacteria based on their direct isolation.201627821056
phytomediated biostimulation of the autochthonous bacterial community for the acceleration of the depletion of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in contaminated sediments.polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (pahs) are a large group of organic contaminants causing hazards to organisms including humans. the objective of the study was to validate the vegetation of dredged sediments with phragmites australis as an exploitable biostimulation approach to accelerate the depletion of pahs in nitrogen spiked sediments. vegetation with phragmites australis resulted in being an efficient biostimulation approach for the depletion of an aged pahs contamination (229.67 ± 15.56 μg ...201425170516
[reinvasion of exotic plant species spartina alterniflora in chongming dongtan nature reserve of shanghai].a demonstration plot in chongming dongtan for controlling exotic plant species spartina alterniflora by using an integrated treatment technique of tussock cutting plus water level controlling was selected to make a 2-year monitoring on the reinvasion process of this plant species. a large number of s. alterniflora seedlings could proliferate and settle down in the hydrological restoring plots by tidal water in spring, and, after two years, the reinvasion community was established, with no obviou ...201223431781
[water treatment efficiency of constructed wetland plant-bed/ditch systems].shijiuyang constructed wetland (sjy-cw) in jiaxing city adopted plant-bed/ditch systems originated from the natural landscape as its major functioning unit. the constructed root channel technology (crct) is the core technique applied within the plant-bed/ditch systems. monitoring results demonstrated that the wetland had the capability of improving water quality indexes by one rank grade according to the national environmental quality standards for surface water (gb 3838-2002). in order to optim ...201223323409
[litter decomposition and its main affecting factors in tidal marshes of minjiang river estuary, east china].by using litterbag method, this paper studied the decomposition of the leaf- and flower litters of two emergent macrophytes, native species phragmites australis and invasive species spartina alterniflora, and related affecting factors in the minjiang river estuary of east china. in the decomposition process of the litters, the decay of standing litter (0-90 days) was an important period, and the loss rate of the flower- and leaf litters dry mass of p. australis and s. alterniflora was 15.0 +/- 3 ...201223285995
functional role of bacteria from invasive phragmites australis in promotion of host growth.we hypothesize that bacterial endophytes may enhance the competitiveness and invasiveness of phragmites australis. to evaluate this hypothesis, endophytic bacteria were isolated from p. australis. the majority of the shoot meristem isolates represent species from phyla firmicutes, proteobacteria, and actinobacteria. we chose one species from each phylum to characterize further and to conduct growth promotion experiments in phragmites. bacteria tested include bacillus amyloliquefaciens a9a, achro ...201627260154
niche differentiation of two sympatric species of microdochium colonizing the roots of common reed.fungal endophyte communities are often comprised of many species colonizing the same host. however, little is known about the causes of this diversity. on the one hand, the apparent coexistence of closely related species may be explained by the traditional niche differentiation hypothesis, which suggests that abiotic and/or biotic factors mediate partitioning. for endophytes, such factors are difficult to identify, and are therefore in most cases unknown. on the other hand, there is the neutral ...201122032611
perturbation and delayed recovery of the reed invertebrate assemblage in camargue marshes sprayed with bacillus thuringiensis israelensis.bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis (bti) is the most commonly used larvicide to control mosquitoes worldwide. considered as nontoxic to most organisms, bti can nevertheless cause trophic perturbations to natural communities by reducing the abundance of chironomidae, which are a key element of wetland food webs. since august 2006, up to 8400 of the 33 000 ha of mosquito larval biotopes in the camargue (rhône delta, in southern france), are monitored by a public agency and bti-sprayed (aqueou ...201627794203
[soil organic carbon content and its distribution pattern in hangzhou bay coastal wetlands].in this paper, the soil organic carbon (soc) content and its distribution pattern in the natural intertidal zones and reclaimed wetlands of hangzhou bay were studied, aimed to explore the effects of vegetation succession, exotic species invasion, and reclamation on the soc in costal wetlands of the bay. in intertidal zones, the surface soc content ranged from 4.41 to 8.58 g x kg(-1), with an average of 6.45 g x kg(-1), and differed significantly under different vegetations, with a tendency of un ...201121657021
enzyme and root activities in surface-flow constructed wetlands.sixteen small-scale wetlands planted with four plant species were constructed for domestic wastewater purification. the objective of this study was to determine the correlations between contaminant removal and soil enzyme activity, root activity, and growth in the constructed wetlands. the results indicated that correlations between contaminant removal efficiency and enzyme activity varied depending on the contaminants. the removal efficiency of nh4+ was significantly correlated with both urease ...200919497608
isolation, cloning, and characterization of a partial novel aro a gene in common reed (phragmites australis).among the essential amino acids, phenylalanine, tryptophan, and tyrosine are aromatic amino acids which are synthesized by the shikimate pathway in plants and bacteria. herbicide glyphosate can inhibit the biosynthesis of these amino acids. so, identification of the gene tolerant to glyphosate is very important. it has been shown that the common reed or phragmites australis cav. (poaceae) is relatively tolerant to glyphosate.201525474478
depollution potential of three macrophytes: exudated, wall-bound and intracellular peroxidase activities plus intracellular phenol concentrations.the aim of this study was to investigate the potential role of three macrophyte species (iris pseudacorus, typha latifolia and phragmites australis) for detoxication of xenobiotics, and to study their variations with seasons or concentrations of sewage sludge from the food industry. for this purpose, some aspects of the green liver concept were explored through peroxidase measurements in three compartments in roots: intracellular, cell wall and extracellular. in addition, phenol concentrations w ...201020570142
neustonic versus epiphytic bacteria of eutrophic lake and their biodegradation ability on deltamethrin.this study evaluated biodegradation of the insecticide deltamethrin (1 μg l(-1)) by pure cultures of neustonic (n = 25) and epiphytic (n = 25) bacteria and by mixed cultures (n = 1), which consisted of a mixture of 25 bacterial strains isolated from the surface microlayer (sm ≈ 250 μm) and epidermis of the common reed (phragmites australis, (cav.) trin. ex steud.) growing in the littoral zone of eutrophic lake chełmżyńskie. results indicate that neustonic and epiphytic bacteria are characterized ...201020862526
susceptibility of wild passerines to subtype h5n1 highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses.highly pathogenic avian influenza (hpai) viruses of the h5n1 subtype have spread throughout many areas of asia, europe and africa, and numerous cases of hpai outbreaks in domestic and wild birds have been reported. although recent studies suggest that the dissemination of h5n1 viruses is closely linked to the migration of wild birds, information on the potential for viral infection in species other than poultry and waterfowl is relatively limited. to investigate the susceptibility of terrestrial ...201526274569
microbial community analysis in the roots of aquatic plants and isolation of novel microbes including an organism of the candidate phylum op10.a number of molecular ecological studies have revealed complex and unique microbial communities in various terrestrial plant roots; however, little is known about the microbial communities of aquatic plant roots in spite of their potential use for water quality improvement in aquatic environments (e.g. floating treatment wetland system). here, we report the microbial communities inhabiting the roots of emerged plants, reed (phragmites australis) and japanese loosestrife (lythrum anceps), collect ...201122791047
feasibility of using an organic substrate in a wetland system treating sewage sludge: impact of plant species.a vertical-flow wetland system was tested for treatment of liquid sludge with high organic concentrations using an organic substrate (peat/crushed pine bark, 1/1) as growing medium. mesocosms (1 m(3)) were planted with either phragmites australis cav., typha latifolia l., or iris pseudacorus l. the aim of the work was to determine the feasibility of using an organic substrate in treatment wetlands, through the study of its temporal patterns and of its impact on the water output quality. results ...201019733478
seasonal change of bacterial community structure in a biofilm formed on the surface of the aquatic macrophyte phragmites australis.the seasonal change of bacterial community structure in biofilms on the surface of reed (phragmites australis) was investigated for about three years (from 2005 june to 2008 march) in lake biwa by comparing it with that in surrounding lake water. the community structure in biofilms was different from that in the lake water throughout the seasons and years. the community structure in lake water was similar in the same seasons of different years, corresponding to similar environmental factors (i.e ...201121502742
phytotreatment of sludges (phragmites australis) for their reuse in the environment.the aim of this study is the evaluation of the agronomic characteristics acquired by a phytotreated sludge coming from a wastewater treatment plant (wwtp) located in tuscany (central italy). the chemical characterization showed values which are within the italian legislation limits for mixed composts. from an agronomic point of view, the sludge did not present a level of phytotoxicity, as shown by the germination index (gi% = 77). furthermore, pathogen compounds are inexistent (escherichia coli ...201122214075
cascade of ecological consequences for west nile virus transmission when aquatic macrophytes invade stormwater habitats.artificial aquatic habitats are ubiquitous in anthropogenic landscapes and highly susceptible to colonization by invasive plant species. recent research into the ecology of infectious diseases indicates that the establishment of invasive plant species can trigger ecological cascades which alter the transmission dynamics of vector-borne pathogens that imperil human health. here, we examined whether the presence or management of two invasive, emergent plants, cattails (typha spp.) and phragmites ( ...201627039521
[effect of human disturbance on ecological stoichiometry characteristics of soil carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus in minjiang river estuarine wetland].to clarify responses of soil ecological stoichiometry in wetland to human disturbance, the ecological stoichiometry characteristics of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus elements of soil in phragmites australis marsh, grassland, flat breed aquatics, cropland, pond aquaculture after human disturbance and abandoned cropland after human disturbance restoration in minjiang river estuary were analyzed. the results showed: averaged values of c/n, c/p, n/p ratios were declined as the human disturbance inc ...201021229754
cellulomonas phragmiteti sp. nov., a cellulolytic bacterium isolated from reed (phragmites australis) periphyton in a hungarian shallow soda alkalitolerant and moderately halophilic strain designated kb23t, characterized by optimal growth at ph 8.0-9.0 and at 5-7 % (w/v) nacl, was isolated from a reed (phragmites australis) periphyton sample originating from an extremely shallow, alkaline soda pond located in hungary. cells of strain kb23t are gram-positive, motile straight rods. the strain kb23t is facultatively anaerobic, catalase-positive, oxidase-negative and contains peptidoglycan of type a4beta l-orn - d-asp. in strain kb23t ...201020729313
methane (ch4) emission from a tidal marsh in the min river estuary, southeast china.the total methane emission to the atmosphere and hydrosphere, and its seasonal variation, were estimated using an enclosed static chamber technique from a tidal marshes dominated by phragmites australis (common reed) in the min river estuary, southeast china. measurements were taken at three tidal stages (before flood, during the flooding and ebbing process, and after ebb). potential rates of methane production from the marsh sediment layers were also measured using an incubation technique. this ...201020390897
short-term effects of diesel fuel on rhizosphere microbial community structure of native plants in yangtze estuarine wetland.purpose: in this work, short-term effects of diesel fuel on huangpu-yangtze estuarine wetland soil microbial community structure were studied under simulated conditions through phospholipid fatty acids (plfas) analysis. four native plant species, bulrush (scirpus tripueter), galingale (cyperus rotundus), wildrice (zizania latifolia), and reed (phragmites australis) were tested in the experiments. method: in the p ...201222227809
structure and function of the bacterial communities during rhizoremediation of hexachlorobenzene in constructed wetlands.vertical flow constructed wetlands (vf cws) are considered to be effective for treating organic pollutants. the rhizosphere of macrophytes such as phragmites sp., typha sp. serves as an active and dynamic zone for the microbial degradation of organic pollutants. however, it is still not clear how soil bacterial communities respond to macrophytes and pollutants during the process. for this purpose, the seedlings of phragmites australis and typha angustifolia were planted respectively in the vf cw ...201728316049
uptake of carbamazepine by rhizomes and endophytic bacteria of phragmites australis.carbamazepine is an antiepileptic and mood-stabilizing drug which is used widely in europe and north america. in the environment, it is found as a persistent and recalcitrant contaminant, being one of the most prominent hazardous pharmaceuticals and personal care products in effluents of wastewater treatment plants. phragmites australis is one of the species with both, the highest potential of detoxification and phytoremediation. it has been used successfully in the treatment of industrial and mun ...201525750647
increased invasive potential of nonnative phragmites australis: elevated co2 and temperature alleviate salinity effects on photosynthesis and growth.the prospected rise in atmospheric co2 and temperature may change the distribution and invasive potential of a species; and intraspecific invasive lineages may respond differently to climate change. in this study, we simulated a future climate scenario with simultaneously elevated atmospheric co2 and temperature, and investigated its interaction with soil salinity, to assess the effects of global change on the ecophysiology of two competing haplotypes of the wetland grass phragmites australis, t ...201323913622
domestic wastewaters reuse reclaimed by an improved horizontal subsurface-flow constructed wetland: a case study in the southeast of spain.the aim of this case study was to assess the performance of a horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetland (hf-cw) located in southeastern spain, filled with blast furnace slags (bfs), planted with phragmites australis and designed to treat artificially aerated domestic wastewater to produce effluents suitable for agriculture reuse. the water quality parameters, included in the spanish regulations for reclaimed wastewater reuse as agricultural quality 2.1, were monitored for one year. data for ...201728285214
a rhizosphere-associated symbiont, photobacterium spp. strain meld1, and its targeted synergistic activity for phytoprotection against mercury.though heavy metal such as mercury is toxic to plants and microorganisms, the synergistic activity between them may offer benefit for surviving. in this study, a mercury-reducing bacterium, photobacterium spp. strain meld1, with an mic of 33 mg x kg(-1) mercury was isolated from a severely mercury and dioxin contaminated rhizosphere soil of reed (phragmites australis). while the whole genome sequencing of meld1 confirmed the presence of a mer operon, the mercury reductase mera gene showed 99% se ...201525816328
biodegradation of bisphenol a and bisphenol f in the rhizosphere sediment of phragmites australis.the accelerated removal of bisphenols a and f (bpa, bpf) was observed in the rhizosphere sediment of phragmites australis, while they persisted in the absence of p. australis. a bpa-degrading bacterium, novosphingobium sp. strain tya-1, and a bpf-degrading bacterium, sphingobium yanoikuyae strain tyf-1, were isolated from the rhizosphere of p. australis. the results suggested that interactions between p. australis and these bacteria can accelerate the removal of bisphenols from sediment.200919619863
performance of sludge treatment wetlands using different plant species and porous media.the aim of this study was to evaluate the dewatering and mineralisation efficiency of three sludge treatment wetlands (stw) configurations differing on plant species (phragmites australis and typha sp.) and filter medium (gravel and wood shavings). sludge dewatering and mineralisation were monitored in three pilots stw for 2 years. the sludge volume was reduced by 80% in all configurations tested, the total solids (ts) increased to 16-24% ts and the volatile solids (vs) decreased to 50% vs/ts. a ...201222480706
culturable fungal endophytes isolated from the roots of coastal plants inhabiting korean east coast.twelve plant species were collected from the east coast of korea to identify culturable endophytes present in their roots. the fungal internal transcribe spacer (its) region (its1-5.8srrna-its2) was used as a dna barcode for identification of fungi. a total of 194 fungal strains were identified and categorized into 31 genera. the genus penicillium accounted for the largest number of strains, followed by the genus aspergillus. furthermore, using 5 statistical methods, the diversity indices of the ...201425071377
design of an integrated piggery system with recycled water, biomass production and water purification by vermiculture, macrophyte ponds and constructed wetlands.since 2001 the swine experimental station of guern+®vez has studied biological treatment plants for nutrient recovery and water recycling, suited to the fresh liquid manure coming out of flushing systems. an integrated system with continuous recycling was set up in 2007, associated with a piggery of 30 pregnant sows. it includes a screen, a vermifilter, and macrophyte ponds alternating with constructed wetlands. the screen and the vermifilter had a lower removal efficiency than in previous studi ...201121436573
acceleration of nonylphenol and 4-tert-octylphenol degradation in sediment by phragmites australis and associated rhizosphere bacteria.we investigated biodegradation of technical nonylphenol (tnp) in phragmites australis rhizosphere sediment by conducting degradation experiments using sediments spiked with tnp. accelerated tnp removal was observed in p. australis rhizosphere sediment, whereas tnp persisted in unvegetated sediment without plants and in autoclaved sediment with sterile plants, suggesting that the accelerated tnp removal resulted largely from tnp biodegradation by rhizosphere bacteria. three bacterial strains, ste ...201121736332
fungal planet description sheets: 69-91.novel species of microfungi described in the present study include the following from australia: bagadiella victoriae and bagadiella koalae on eucalyptus spp., catenulostroma eucalyptorum on eucalyptus laevopinea, cercospora eremochloae on eremochloa bimaculata, devriesia queenslandica on scaevola taccada, diaporthe musigena on musa sp., diaporthe acaciigena on acacia retinodes, leptoxyphium kurandae on eucalyptus sp., neofusicoccum grevilleae on grevillea aurea, phytophthora fluvialis from wate ...201122025808
selection and application of endophytic bacterium achromobacter xylosoxidans strain f3b for improving phytoremediation of phenolic pollutants.while phytoremediation has been considered as an in situ bioprocess to remediate environmental contaminants, the application of functional endophytic bacteria within plants remains a potential strategy that could enhance the plants' efficiency in phytoremediation. in this study, 219 endophytes were isolated from plants that are predominantly located in a constructed wetland, including reed (phragmites australis) and water spinach (ipomoea aquatica). twenty-five strains of the isolated endophytes ...201222497718
yeasts associated with an abandoned mining area in pernek and their tolerance to different chemical elements.four plants, cirsium arvense (creeping thistle), equisetum arvense (field horsetail), oxalis acetosella (wood sorrel) and phragmites australis (common reed), which grew in an abandoned sb-mining area in pernek (malé karpaty mts., slovakia), were investigated for the yeast species. yeasts were isolated from both the leaves of the plants and the soil adjacent to the plants. in total, 65 yeast cultures, belonging to 11 ascomycetous and 5 basidiomycetous yeast species, were isolated. the species mos ...201626358066
spectral reflectance properties of major objects in desert oasis: a case study of the weigan-kuqa river delta oasis in xinjiang, china.aiming at the remote sensing application has been increasingly relying on ground object spectral characteristics. in order to further research the spectral reflectance characteristics in arid area, this study was performed in the typical delta oasis of weigan and kuqa rivers located north of tarim basin. data were collected from geo-targets at multiple sites in various field conditions. the spectra data were collected for different soil types including saline-alkaline soil, silt sandy soil, cott ...201221922179
[spectral data analysis of salinity soils with ground objects in the delta oasis of weigan and kuqa rivers].the characteristic of landmark spectrum is not only the physical base of remote sensing technical application but also the base of the quantificational analysis of remote sensing, and the study of landmark spectrum is the main content in the basic research of remote sensing. in the present paper, the authors adopted ci700 portable spectrum apparatus made in american cid company, and investigated or examined some spots in the delta oasis of weigan and kuqa rivers located in the north of tarim bas ...200819248514
genome sequence of photobacterium halotolerans meld1, with mercury reductase (mera), isolated from phragmites, we present the whole-genome sequence of photobacterium halotolerans strain, meld1, isolated from the roots of a terrestrial plant phragmites australis grown in soil heavily contaminated with mercury and dioxin. the genome provides further insight into the adaptation of bacteria to the toxic environment from where it was isolated.201526044418
Purification processes involved in sludge treatment by a vertical flow wetland system: Focus on the role of the substrate and plants on N and P removal.Vertical-flow wetland systems were tested for treatment of liquid waste activated sludge with high content of organic compounds from a soft drink factory. A mesocosm experiment was carried out on planted and unplanted systems to understand the relative importance of substrate and plants in purification processes and to compare three species: Phragmites australis Cav., Typha latifolia L., or Iris pseudacorus L. All planted mesocosms performed better than unplanted mesocosms and Phragmites showed ...201222178496
palatability and chemical defense of phragmites australis to the marsh periwinkle snail littoraria irrorata.coastal marsh habitats are impacted by many disturbances, including habitat destruction, pollution, and the introduction of invasive species. the common reed, phragmites australis, has been particularly invasive in the mesohaline regions of the chesapeake bay, but few studies have investigated its role in trophic interactions with north american marsh consumers. the marsh periwinkle snail littoraria irrorata is a common grazer in marshes and grazes on the native grass spartina alterniflora. whet ...201121691807
biogas properties and enzymatic analysis during anaerobic fermentation of phragmites australis straw and cow dung: influence of nickel chloride supplement.the importance of nickel (added as nicl2) on mesophilic anaerobic fermentation of phragmites australis straw and cow dung was demonstrated by investigating the biogas properties, ph values, organic matter degradation [chemical oxygen demand (cod)] and enzyme activities (cellulase, protease and dehydrogenase) during the fermentation process. the results showed that ni(2+) addition increased the cumulative biogas yields by >18 % by improving the efficiency of first peak stage and bringing forward ...201727718040
concentrations of heavy metals and plant nutrients in water, sediments and aquatic macrophytes of anthropogenic lakes (former open cut brown coal mines) differing in stage of acidification.concentration of heavy metals (al, ba, cd, co, cr, cu, fe, mn, ni, pb, sr, v and zn) as well as macronutrients (n, p, k, ca, mg, s) were measured in water, bottom sediments and plants from anthropogenic lakes in west poland. the collected plants were: phragmites australis, potamogeton natans, iris pseudoacorus, juncus effusus, drepanocladus aduncus, juncus bulbosus, phalaris arundinacea, carex remota and calamagrostis epigeios. two reference lakes were sampled for nymphaea alba, phragmites austr ...200111778963
in vitro screening and evaluation of 37 traditional chinese medicines for their potential to activate peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors-γ.peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors (ppar)-γ is widely used as an attractive target for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus. thiazolidinediones, the agonists of pparγ, has been popularly utilized as insulin sensitizers in the therapy of type 2 diabetes whereas numerous severe side-effects may also occur concomitantly.201727076748
tech-ia floating system introduced in urban wastewater treatment plants in the veneto region - italy.the performance of three integrated wetland treatment plants (horizontal sub-surface flow (h-ssf) and floating treatment wetland (ftw) with differentiated primary treatments) designed for treating domestic wastewater was investigated, monitoring total (tn), nitrate (no3-n), nitrite (no2-n) and ammonia nitrogen (nh4-n), total (tp) and phosphate phosphorus (po4-p), chemical (cod) and biological oxygen demand (bod5), and dissolved oxygen (do) at the inlet and outlet of each wetland section from feb ...201324037167
phytoremediation of small-scale oil spills in fresh marsh environments: a mesocosm simulation.research was conducted to assess the impact of oiling on fresh-marsh plant communities and to test the efficacy of techniques that may be used to enhance the bioremediation of crude oil spills in these environments while minimizing secondary anthropogenic impacts. to emulate field conditions, a mesocosm facility was used that houses 120 mesocosm vessels, each of 200-1 capacity. a five-way factorial treatment arrangement was used that included two substrates (inorganic, organic), two nutrient reg ...200111570802
constructed wetland as an ecotechnological tool for pollution treatment for conservation of ganga river.with aim to develop an efficient and ecofriendly approach for on-site treatment of sewage, a sub-surface flow constructed wetland (cw) has been developed by raising potential aquatic macrophytes; typha latifolia, phragmites australis, colocasia esculenta, polygonum hydropiper, alternanthera sessilis and pistia stratoites in gravel as medium. sewage treatment potential of cw was evaluated by varying retention time at three different stages of plant growth and stabilization. after 6 months, monito ...201324080292
bioaccumulation of selected metals in bivalves (unionidae) and phragmites australis inhabiting a municipal water reservoir.urbanization can considerably affect water reservoirs by, inter alia, input, and accumulation of contaminants including metals. located in the course of river cybina, maltański reservoir (western poland) is an artificial shallow water body built for recreation and sport purposes which undergoes restoration treatment (drainage) every 4 years. in the present study, we demonstrate an accumulation of nine metals (cd, co, cr, cu, fe, mn, ni, pb, zn) in water, sediment, three bivalve species (anodonta ...201424407963
[effects of biochar covering on the release of pollutants from sediment].in order to study the effects of biochar on the release of pollutants from sediment, arundo donax, phragmites australis, arachis hypogaea and zea mays were pyrolyzed into biochar. biochar was used to cover the contaminated sediment in the simulated reactors. concentrations of nh4(+) -n, no3(-) -n, no2(-) -n, cod and p4(3-) -p were continuously monitored, and the cumulative release amount and release rate were calculated. besides that, the release amount of water-soluble nh4(+) -n and po4(3-) -p ...201324191550
livestock as a potential biological control agent for an invasive wetland plant.invasive species threaten biodiversity and incur costs exceeding billions of us$. eradication efforts, however, are nearly always unsuccessful. throughout much of north america, land managers have used expensive, and ultimately ineffective, techniques to combat invasive phragmites australis in marshes. here, we reveal that phragmites may potentially be controlled by employing an affordable measure from its native european range: livestock grazing. experimental field tests demonstrate that rotati ...201425276502
herbaspirillum sp. strain gw103 alleviates salt stress in brassica rapa l. ssp. interactions between plant and rhizosphere bacteria facilitate plant growth and reduce risks of biotic and abiotic stresses. the present study demonstrates alleviation of salt stress in brassica rapa l. ssp. perkinensis (chinese cabbage) by herbaspirillum sp. strain gw103 isolated from rhizosphere soil of phragmites australis. the strain was capable of producing plant beneficial factors, such as auxin, siderophore, and 1-aminocylopropane-1-carboxylic acid deaminase. treatment of strain gw ...201626358119
effect of cd⁺² on phosphate solubilizing abilities and hydrogen peroxide production of soil-borne micromycetes isolated from phragmites australis-rhizosphere.the aims of this work were to evaluate the phosphate-solubilization and hydrogen peroxide (h2o2) production by the soil-borne micromycetes, aspergillus japonicus, penicillium italicum and penicillium dipodomyicola, isolated from phragmites australis rhizosphere and to study the effect of several concentrations of cadmium (cd(2+)) on both variables. our results showed that p. italicum achieved a higher p-solubilization and h2o2 production than a. japonicus and p. dipodomyicola, as only p. italicu ...201626646403
microcystin-lr induces chromatin alterations and modulates neutral single-strand-preferring nuclease activity in phragmites australis.microcystin-lr (mcy-lr), a toxin produced mainly by freshwater cyanobacteria, is a potent inhibitor of type 1 and 2a protein phosphatases. as such, it induces biochemical, cellular and tissue alterations in vascular plants, including cell death. the aim of this study was the analysis of mcy-lr induced changes in the activity of single-strand preferring nuclease (ssp nuclease) isoenzymes that are possibly involved in programmed cell death (pcd) of phragmites australis (common reed, an aquatic mac ...201021145617
phytoremediation of pharmaceuticals--preliminary study.phytoremediation of selected pharmaceuticals (diclofenac, ibuprofen, and acetaminophen) using armoracia rusticana and linum usitatissimum cell cultures and by hydroponically cultivated lupinus albus, hordeum vulgaris, and phragmites australis plants in laboratory conditions is described. during in vitro experiments, the best results for acetaminophen were achieved using armoracia rusticana hairy root cultures, where 100% of the starting amount was removed from the media during eight days. total ...201020734624
toxicity of some plant extracts against vector of lymphatic filariasis, culex pipiens.many insecticides are generally used as larvicides to control culex pipiens, vector of lymphatic filariasis. this study was undertaken to evaluate the larvicidal activity of some potential larvicidal plants extracts against c. pipiens larvae. the toxic effects of both ethanolic and petroleum ether plant extracts were evaluated under laboratory conditions against 3rd instar larvae of c. pipiens. forty ethanolic and petroleum ether extracts of 10 plants namely echinochloa stagninum, phragmites aus ...201526012233
cloning and characterization of a phragmites australis phytochelatin synthase (papcs) and achieving cd tolerance in tall fescue.the production of phytochelatins (pcs) provides an important means for plants to achieve tolerance to cadmium (cd) toxicity. a reed gene encoding pc synthase (papcs) was isolated and its function tested through its heterologous expression in a strain of yeast sensitive to cd. subsequently, the cd sensitive and high biomass accumulating species tall fescue was transformed either with papcs or pagcs (a glutamyl cysteine synthetase gene of reed) on their own (single transformants), or with both gen ...201425133575
a phylogenetic re-evaluation of arthrinium.although the genus arthrinium (sexual morph apiospora) is commonly isolated as an endophyte from a range of substrates, and is extremely interesting for the pharmaceutical industry, its molecular phylogeny has never been resolved. based on morphology and dna sequence data of the large subunit nuclear ribosomal rna gene (lsu, 28s) and the internal transcribed spacers (its) and 5.8s rrna gene of the nrdna operon, the genus arthrinium is shown to belong to apiosporaceae in xylariales. arthrinium is ...201323898419
occurrence of puccinia isiacae on phragmites australis in saudi arabia and its possibility as a biological control agent.during the summer of 2002, symptoms of rust disease were observed for the first time on phragmites australis in saudi arabia. light brown lesions of regular shape indicating uredinia of puccinia isiacae appeared on the leaves. the morphology and characteristics of the fungus were described in detail with both light and scanning electron microscopy. the possibility of using this fungus as a biological control agent was also discussed.200415462516
screening of plant species for phytoremediation of uranium, thorium, barium, nickel, strontium and lead contaminated soils from a uranium mill tailings repository in south china.the concentrations of uranium, thorium, barium, nickel, strontium and lead in the samples of the tailings and plant species collected from a uranium mill tailings repository in south china were analyzed. then, the removal capability of a plant for a target element was assessed. it was found that phragmites australis had the greatest removal capabilities for uranium (820 μg), thorium (103 μg) and lead (1,870 μg). miscanthus floridulus had the greatest removal capabilities for barium (3,730 μg) an ...201121523506
fungal planet description sheets: 214-280.novel species of microfungi described in the present study include the following from south africa: cercosporella dolichandrae from dolichandra unguiscati, seiridium podocarpi from podocarpus latifolius, pseudocercospora parapseudarthriae from pseudarthria hookeri, neodevriesia coryneliae from corynelia uberata on leaves of afrocarpus falcatus, ramichloridium eucleae from euclea undulata and stachybotrys aloeticola from aloe sp. (south africa), as novel member of the stachybotriaceae fam. nov. s ...201425264390
ailanthus altissima and phragmites australis for chromium removal from a contaminated soil.the comparative effectiveness for hexavalent chromium removal from irrigation water, using two selected plant species (phragmites australis and ailanthus altissima) planted in soil contaminated with hexavalent chromium, has been studied in the present work. total chromium removal from water was ranging from 55 % (phragmites) to 61 % (ailanthus). after 360 days, the contaminated soil dropped from 70 (initial) to 36 and 41 mg cr/kg (dry soil), for phragmites and ailanthus, respectively. phragmites ...201627146531
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