rapid screening of veillonella by ultraviolet fluorescence.among 51 strains of anaerobic gram-negative cocci belonging to the family veillonellaceae, all strains of veillonella (v. parvula and v. alcalescens) displayed red fluorescence under long-wave (366 nm) ultraviolet light, whereas no acidaminococcus or megasphaera demonstrated fluorescence. in contrast to bacteroides melaninogenicus, growth of veillonella does not require hemin and menadione, and flourescence is rapidly lost upon exposure to air. the fluorescent component of a strain of v. parvula ...19751419
ph and eh in single and mixed culture bacterial plaque in an artificial mouth. 19765393
blastogenic response of human lymphocytes to oral bacterial antigens: comparison of individuals with periodontal disease to normal and edentulous subjects.cell-mediated immunity in humans to antigens derived from oral plaque bacteria was investigated by using the lymphocyte blastogenesis assay. subjects with varying severities of periodontal disease including normal, gingivitis, periodontitis, and edentulous were compared. mononuclear leukocytes were separated from peripheral blood and cultured with antigens prepared by sonication of actinomyces viscosus (av), actinomyces naeslundii (an), veillonella alcalescens (va), leptotrichia buccalis (lb), b ...197610259
leukocyte migration inhibition by bacterial antigens in patients with periodontal disease. 197712257
in vitro inhibition of growth of neisseria gonorrhoeae by genital microorganisms.the ability of microorganisms present in titers of over 10(5)/ml in the vaginal or cervical secretions to inhibit growth of n. gonorrhoeae in vitro was tested. study of a strain of n. gonorrhoeae against 77 microorganisms demonstrated that most strans of s. epidermidis, s. aureus and the one "gaffkya anaerobia" interfered with the growth of the n. gonorrhoeae. a minority of strains of s. viridans, neisseria, candida and bifidobacterium demonstrated interference. no strains of enterococcus, dipth ...197717163
current aspects of gas gangrene, apropos of 47 cases collected over a 3-year period (1974-1976).on the basis of 47 cases of gas gangrene collected over the three year period between 1974 and 1976, the authors review the circumstances surrounding its development, the clinical features and the prognosis of the disorder which remains grave despite a well-defined therapeutic protocol combining surgery, antibiotics and hyperbaric oxygen. there would appear to be a real resurgence of the disease at the present time. post-traumatic and surgical aetiologies predominate, giving rise to two types of ...197723023
magnetic coupling of the molybdenum and iron-sulphur centres in xanthine oxidase and xanthine dehydrogenases.magnetic interaction between molybdenum and one of the iron-sulphur centres in milk xanthine oxidase lowe, lynden-bell & bray (1972) biochem. j. 130, 239-249 was studied further, with particular reference to the newly discovered mo(v) e.p.r.(electron-paramagnetic-resonance) signal, resting ii lowe, barber, pawlik & bray (1976) biochem. j. 155, 81-85. e.p.r. measurements at 35ghz near to 4.2k showed that the interaction has the same sign at all molybdenum orientations and is ferromagnetic. the pr ...197825647
purification and characterization of acetate kinase from veillonella alcalescens atcc 17748. 197830411
oxygen metabolism by the anaerobic bacterium veillonella alcalescens. 197831846
survival of crevicular microorganisms in an artificial culture medium. 197943361
the role of bacteroides melaninogenicus and other anaerobes in periodontal infections.recent taxonomic and anatomical studies of dental plaque associated with periodontal health and disease have demonstrated that differences in the microbial populations in plaque may be responsible for the initiation and progression of disease. the consistent isolation of large numbers of anaerobic and capnophilic bacteria from the depths of periodontal lesions has suggested an important role for these organisms. bacteria that have been isolated include capnocytophaga (bacteroides ochraceus), oth ...197944923
endotoxins of anaerobic gram-negative rods.endotoxic lipopolysaccharides (lps) isolated from fusobacterium are similar to those of salmonella with respect to chemical composition, o-antigenic specificity and endotoxic activity. bacteroides lps are highly atypical with respect to the chemical composition, and their endotoxic activity is low. o-antigenic specificity is present. b. fragilis lps is chemotactic for polymorphonuclear leukocytes in vitro and in vivo. the chemotactic activity is brought about by activation of the alternative com ...197988759
8-hydroxyquinolines with the potential for long-term anticaries activity: design, synthesis, and in vitro evaluation.8-hydroxyquinolyl benzoate and 8-hydroxyquinolyl para-(fluorosulfonyl)benzoate have been synthesized and evaluated in vitro as antimicrobial and antiplaque agents. both compounds inhibited the growth of cultures of the following genera: streptococcus, staphylococcus, actinomyces, lactobacillus, veillonella, and candida. minimum inhibitory concentrations ranged from 0.98 to 62 microgram/ml. extracted human teeth pretreated with 1% solutions of either compound and rinsed with distilled water exhib ...197898543
bacteriological study on the saliva of healthy adults. 1979106144
the presence of antibody-coated anaerobic bacteria in asymptomatic bacteriuria during pregnancy.quantitative anaerobic culture of urine samples obtained from 593 pregnant women by suprapubic bladder aspiration was performed to establish the involvement of anaerobic bacteria in asymptomatic urinary tract infections. the fluorescent antibody (fa) test was applied to the sediments of bladder aspirates to determine the site of infection. anaerobic bacteriuria (greater than or equal to 10(4) microorganisms/ml of urine) was found in 34 patients, of whom five were fa-positive. these anaerobes wer ...1979118996
human complement activation by lipopolysaccharides from bacteroides oralis, fusobacterium nucleatum, and veillonella parvula.the properties of different lipopolysaccharide (lps) preparations to induce c3 conversion in human serum was studied by means of crossed immunoelectrophoresis. c3 conversion by the alternative pathway was evaluated after calcium depletion, and lipid a-dependent activation was measured by means of inhibition with polymyxin b sulfate. lps from bacteroides oralis converted co mainly via the alternative pathway, whereas lps from fusobacterium nucleatum and veillonella parvula const pronounced lipid ...1979121108
elective medium for the direct count of vibrio (campylobacter) fusobacteria, bacteroides, selenomonas and veillonella in the gingival crevice flora. 1975127034
total viable count and differential count of vibrio (campylobacter) sputorum, fusobacterium nucleatum, selenomonas sputigena, bacteroides ochraceus and veillonella in the inflamed and non inflamed human gingival crevice. 1975129552
microbial succession in subgingival plaque of man. 1976133231
predominant cultivable microbiota in periodontosis. 1977138729
bacteriological studies of developing supragingival dental plaque. 1977138733
the capacity of lipopolysaccharides from bacteroides, fusobacterium and veillonella to produce skin inflammation and the local and generalized shwartzman reaction in rabbits. 1977143518
[the microbial population of the gingival sulcus of mongoloid and normal children--a comparative study]. 1976145388
properties of membrane adenosine triphosphatase of the obligately anaerobic bacterium veillonella alcalescens.some properties of membrane atpase activity in veillonella alcalescens were examined. mg2+ is required for the activity of the enzyme, and ca2+ also activates the enzyme to some degree. of the nucleotide triphosphates, gtp and itp were hydrolyzed to a lesser extent than atp. the apparent km for atp hydrolysis was 0.25 to 0.63 mm. adp inhibited the enzyme and the kinetic data of its inhibition showed that the presence of adp resulted in positive cooperativity. the enzyme activity was strongly inh ...1978149119
susceptibility of anaerobic bacteria to metronidazole: relative resistance of non-spore-forming gram-positive baccilli.susceptibility of 358 clinical isolates of obligate anaerobes to metronidazole was determined by an agar-dilution technique. only 66% of all isolates were inhibited by 6.25 mug/ml, whereas 30% required larger than or equal to 50 mug/ml. considerable variation in susceptibility was observed among different genera and species of bacteria. fusobacterium was most senstitive, followed by clostridium, bacteroides and peptococcus, peptostreptococcus, veillonella and acidaminococcus, and non-spore-formi ...1975163867
amino acid transport in membrane vesicles of obligately anaerobic veillonella alcalescens.membrane vesicles of veillonella alcalescens, grown in the presence of l-lactate and kno-3, actively transport amino acids under anaerobic conditions in the presence of several electron donors and the electron acceptor nitrate. the highest initial rates of uptake are obtained with l-lactate, followed by reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, glycerol-1-phosphate, formate, and l-malate.. the membrane vesicles contain the dehydrogenases for these electron donors, and these enzymes are coupled ...1975164433
aerobic and anaerobic flora in bladder urine of patients with indwelling urethral catheters.twenty-five bladder urine specimens from 13 patients with long-standing indwelling catheters were obtained by percutaneous suprapubic needle aspiration to avoid contamination by extraneous flora and cultured aerobically and anaerobically. twenty different species of organism were isolated from twenty-four positive specimens. the isolates were predominantly gram-negative aerobic or facultatively anaerobic bacilli, with occasional gram-positive aerobic cocci and yeasts. one patient had clostridium ...1976178084
acetate kinase from veillonella alcalescens. regulation of enzyme activity by succinate and substrates.acetate kinase of veillonella alcalescens has been shown to be highly regulated enzyme exhibiting two levels of control: the requirement for succinate as a heterotropic allosteric effector, and cooperative binding at the substrate level. succinate addition was necessary for enzymatic activity in both the direction of acyl phosphate synthesis and that of atp synthesis. control at the substrate level was apparent in the cooperative binding (hill coefficients of 2) of acetyl phosphate, atp, and adp ...1976178662
studies by electron-paramagnetic-resonance spectroscopy on the mechanism of action of xanthine dehydrogenase from veillonella alcalescens.e.p.r- (electron-paramagnetic-resonance) spectroscopy was used to compare chemical environment and reactivity of molybdenum, flavin and iron-sulphur centres in the enzyme xanthine dehydrogenase from veillonella alcalescens (micrococcus lactilyticus) with those of the corresponding centres in milk xanthine oxidase. the dehydrogenase is frequently contaminated with small but variable amounts of a species resistant to oxidation and giving a new molybdenum (v) e.p.r. signal, "resting i". there is al ...1976179532
studies by electron-paramagnetic-resonance spectroscopy and stopped-flow spectrophotometry on the mechanism of action of turkey liver xanthine dehydrogenase.studies by e.p.r. (electron-paramagnetic-resonance) spectroscopy and by stopped-flow spectrophotometry on turkey liver xanthine dehydrogenase revealed strong similarities to as well as important differences from the veillonella alcalescens xanthine dehydrogenase and milk xanthine oxidase. the turkey enzyme is contaminated by up to three non-functional forms, giving molybdenum e.p.r. signals designated resting i, resting ii and slow. slow and to a lesser extent resting i signals are like those fr ...1976179533
[fecal flora of man. v. communication: the fluctuation of the fecal flora of the healthy adult (author's transl)].seven fecal specimens from each of healthy persons, aged 25 to 42 years, during the period of 2 months were analyzed to obtain the knowledge on the day-to-day variation in the same person and the person-to-person variation. irrespective of individuals, bacteroidaceae, catenabacteria (eubacteria and strict anaerobic lactobacilli), peptostreptococci (anaerobic gram positive cocci) and bifidobacteria constituted the predominant flora. spirillaceae, megasphaerae and clostridia (except cl. perfringen ...1977196456
atp formation associated with fumarate and nitrate reduction in growing cultures of veillonella alcalescens.molar growth yields, fermentation balances and enzyme activities were measured in veillonella alcalescens grown anaerobically with different substrates in the absence or presence of fumarate or nitrate. the molar growth yields on malate (14.3 g dry wt bacteria/mole substrate) and citrate (19.3) were higher than that on lactate (8.6). the molar growth yield on lactate was increased to 15.5 or 19.8 by the addition of fumarate or nitrate, respectively, to the growth medium, and the molar growth yie ...1977202192
[in vitro activity of ornidazole against anaerobic organisms. differences seen in certain strains in relation to the partial pressure of oxygen. (author's transl)]. 1978209402
acetate kinase from veillonella alcalescens. purification and physical properties.acetate kinase (atp:phosphotransferase e.c. has been purified to a high state of purity from veillonella alcalescens. the native enzyme had a molecular weight of 88,000, as determined by sephadex g-150 gel filtration. the molecular weight of the monomeric enzyme, estimated from sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, was 42,000. the enzyme was determined to be a homodimer from the amino acid composition and the results of trypsin digestion and cyanogen bromide cleavage ...1979216674
acetate kinase from veillonella alcalescens. regulation by succinate and substrates.the kinetic properties of acetate kinase from veillonella alcalescens were investigated. in the presence of high concentrations of nucleotide both forward and reverse reactions were observed. in the presence of succinate the degree of cooperativity between subunits of the homodimer decreased, i.e. the hill coefficient, n, decreased from 2.5 to 1.4 for acetyl phosphate in the presence of succinate. at low substrate concentrations hyperbolic kinetic data were observed with succinate. we have propo ...1979221506
the effect of nalidixic acid on microaerophilic and anaerobic bacteria. special study of of the sensitivity of 141 strains of anaerobic and microaerophilic bacteria to nalidixic acid shows that few bacteria are inhibited by low concentrations (veillonella, eikenella, most of the clostridia). nalidixic acid appears to be bactericidal with respect to clostridium perfringens, and its point of attack in the dna is probably different from that of metronidazole.1979232341
continuous monitoring of ph and eh in bacterial plaque grown on a tooth in an artificial mouth.apparatus which enables the simultaneous continuous monitoring of ph and eh of bacterial dental plaque as it develops on a tooth surface in an artificial mouth is described. details of the electrodes used, monitoring equipment, and culture conditions are given. preliminary results are given showing the eh and ph values of plaque produced in vitro to be in close agreement with readings reported for plaque in vivo. the effect of the incorporation of 1 per cent sucrose in the medium on these par ...1975234712
purification and regulatory properties of pyruvate kinase from veillonella parvula.the nonglycolytic, anaerobic organism veillonella parvula m4 has been shown to contain an active pyruvate kinase. the enzyme was purified 126-fold and was shown by disc-gel electrophoresis to contain only two faint contaminating bands. the purified enzyme had a ph optimum of 7.0 in the forward direction and exhibited sigmoidal kinetics at varying concentrations o-f phosphoenol pyruvate (pep), adenosine 5'-monophosphate (amp), and mg-2+ ions with s0.5 values of 1.5, 2.0, and 2.4 mm, respectively. ...1975238944
activation by some t-independent antigens and b cell mitogens of the alternative pathway of the complement system.a number of t-independent antigens and b cell mitogens were examined for their ability to activate c3 via the alternative pathway of the complement system. loss of hemolytically active c3, generation of anaphylatoxin activity, and immunoelectrophoretic conversion of c3 and factor b, were checked in normal and c4-deficient guinea pig serum, and, in some cases, in normal human serum. as judged by their activity in these assays, 10 lipopolysaccharides of different origin and constitution, pneumococ ...1975239062
susceptibility of various microorganisms to chlorhexidine.the susceptibility to chlorhexidine of bacteria in aerobic, facultatively anaerobic and anaerobic isolates from clinical specimens of wounds, urine, saliva, and dental plaque was studied. agar diffusion tests using 50 microng chlorhexidine discs and agar dilution tests were performed and the mic values correlated with inhibition zone diameters. anaerobic plaque strains were isolated and tested by the agar dilution method in an anaerobic glove box. regression lines obtained for five agar media de ...1977266752
juvenile periodontitis (periodontosis).juvenile periodontitis, characterized by early age of onset, rapid rate of periodontal tissue destruction and selective tooth involvement in the absence of commensurate aetiological factors, is recognized as a distinct clinical entity. the present paper describes the clinical findings and some immunological characteristics in a group of thirty-four patients under the age of thirty. clinical aspects studied included the influence of sex, race, family history and general health. immunological find ...1977267621
effect of fissure sealing on the microflora in occlusal fissures of human teeth. 1977270316
microorganisms in recurrent aphthous ulcerations.qualitative and quantitative examinations of the cultivable bacterial flora in biopsies from recurrent aphthous ulcerations (rau), experimental oral ulcerations (eou), and normal oral mucosa (nom) were carried out under aerobic and continuous anaerobic conditions. an attempt was made to culture yeasts, mycoplasma, and virus from the biopsies of rau, which were also tested for the presence of herpes virus antigen by the fluorescent antibody method. the predominant bacteria recovered in rau were a ...1977271340
symbiotic relationship of veillonella alcalescens and streptococcus mutans in dental plaque in gnotobiotic rats. 1978272950
microbiota of gingivitis in man.a study on the predominant cultivable microorganisms inhabiting gingival crevices affected with a chronic gingivitis was carried out using the roll tube culture technique. samples were obtained from nine individuals 25--42 years of age. gram-positive rods make up 29.1% of the isolates and included mainly actinomyces naeslundii, actinomyces israelii, and actinomyces viscosus. streptococcus mitis and streptococcus sanguis together made up 26.8% of the cultivable organisms. peptostreptococcus avera ...1978276916
[gas chromatography analysis of volatile monocarboxylic aliphatic acids (c2 to c6) of 15 strains of veillonella of oral origin].a qualitative and quantitative study has been carried out on 15 strains of the veillonella genus, isolated in the oral cavity. following two methods of preparation of samples for injection in a chromatograph gl, we have identified among the volatil monocarboxylic aliphatic acids from c2 to c6 the glucose fermentation products of these different strains. with the same methods, we studied in parallel these products from strains a.t.c.c. 10790-17444 (veillonella parvula) and 17445-17446 and 17447 ( ...1978279541
a microbiological study of old plaque in occlusal fissures of human teeth. 1978282009
the relationship between caries index and stimulation of lymphocytes by streptococcus mutans in mothers and their neonates. 1978283738
[nitrate reduction in human saliva. 3. nitrate reduction in veillonella (author's transl)]. 1977287541
experimental gingivitis in odu plaque-susceptible rats. iii. toxic activity of the rat dental plaque.the toxicity tests of the dental plaque from odu plaque-susceptible rats showed strong lethal effect on mice, and abscess forming effect on guinea-pigs. bacterial cells isolated from the rat dental plaque also showed strong toxicity on both animals and capillary permeable activity on rabbits. among these bacterial cells, corynebacterium showed the strongest toxic effects on these animals. these facts suggested an important role of the dental plaque on initiation and development of gingivitis and ...1979289757
effect of intestinal bacteria on incidence of liver tumors in gnotobiotic c3h/he male mice.the effect of intestinal microflora on liver tumorigenesis was studied in gnotobiotic c3h/he male mice monoassociated, diassociated, or polyassociated with the following strains of intestinal bacteria: escherichia coli, streptococcus faecalis, bifidobacterium adolescentis, bifidobacterium infantis, clostridium indolis, c. paraputrificum, c. perfringens, c. innocuum, c. nexile, c. ramosum, c. clostridiiforme, bacteroides multiacidus, bacteroides fragilis, veillonella alcalescens, v. parvula, and ...1979292809
subgingival microflora of periodontal patients on tetracycline therapy.samples of subgingival plaque were collected from periodontal patients receiving two different tetracycline treatment regimens following conventional periodontal therapy. four patients had received an oral dose of 1000 mg/day for 2 weeks and nine had received 1000 mg/day for 1 week followed by 250 mg/day for extended time periods. the latter regimen is similar so that commonly prescribed for the chronic skin disease, acne vulgaris. taxonomic characterization of plaque isolates indicated that the ...1979294454
[deletion pattern of enzymes in fermentation system and the relevent metabolism of carbon source in veillonella, a strict anaerobe indigenous to the mouth (author's transl)]. 1978295328
[difference in nitrate reductase activity between veillonella alcalescens and veillonella parcula (author's transl)]. 1979297483
[study on the mechanism of nitrite production in the saliva]. 1979297704
the microbial composition of human incisor tooth plaque. 1979299146
maternal t-lymphocyte response and gingivitis in pregnancy.the exacerbation of a chronic gingivitis during pregnancy was confirmed in a group of 24 pregnant patients who were observed at the 14th and 30th weeks of pregnancy and postpartum. this exacerbation occurred despite a fall in the amount of plaque accumulation and confirmed that during pregnancy some factor in addition to plaque is involved in the increased inflammation. using in vitro methods, it was shown that during pregnancy there is a depression of maternal t-cell responsiveness and it is su ...1979312316
serum antibodies to plaque bacteria in subjects with dental caries and gingivitis.correlations were sought between indices of gingival inflammation and dental caries experience and serum antibody titers to five species of oral bacteria. the material comprised 53 young adult males. a statistically significant, negative correlation was observed between the antibody titer to a pool of veillonella strains and dental caries experience. multiple regression analyses failed to reveal significant associations between periodontal disease and serum antibody titers. however, the data sug ...1977320647
the predominant cultivable microflora of advanced periodontitis.a study on the predominant cultivable microorganisms harbored in the base of deep periodontal pockets of eight patients aged 34-48 years was carried out using the roll tube culture technique. from a total of 475 isolates, 425 (89.5%) were obligate anaerobes, 356(74.9%) were gram-negative, and 441(92.8%) were categorized as rods. bacteroides melaninogenicus and fusobacterium nucleatum constituted the majority of the isolates in seven samples, but their mutual proportions differed considerably bet ...1977320648
the effect of levamisole on gingival inflammation in man.the effects of levamisole on gingival inflammation and on cell-mediated immunity were examined in patients with gingivitis and in subjects with clinically healthy gingiva. treatment with levamisole promoted the development of gingivitis and aggravated the severity of established gingivitis, although the amount of bacterial plaque at the gingival margin was not significantly increased. this effect was short-lasting, as the gingival indices returned almost to base-line values by the end of the fif ...1977322263
continuous culture of mixed oral flora on hydroxyapatite-coated glass beads.methods for initiating and perpetuating a culture of mixed oral flora on hydroxyapatite (ht)-coated glass beads are described. preliminary characterization of the resultant flora showed that species common in human dental plaque were present. the composition of the flora could be manipulated by altering cultural conditions. scanning electron micrographs demonstrated that the microbes grew in densely packed microcolonies on the surface of the ht bead. a procedure for continuous culture of coloniz ...1977322612
lymphoproliferative response during resolution and recurrence of naturally occurring gingivitis.the lymphocyte blastogenic response in humans to oral bacterial antigens was investigated during resolution and recurrence of naturally occurring gingivitis. the following conclusions were drawn: 1. actinomyces and fusobacterium and the host responses they evoke, are associated with gingival inflammation. 2. the magnitude of the blastogenic response to these antigens is directly related to the severity of gingival inflammation. 3. scaling may cause a transient rise in the blastogenic response. 4 ...1977328846
a reliable test for differentiation and presumptive identification of certain clinically significant anaerobes.a modification of the slide catalase test was evaluated to determine its reliability for the presumptive identification of certain anaerobic gram-negative and gram-positive organisms isolated from clinical specimens. a total of 650 fresh isolates was evaluated. growth from a trypticase blood agar plate or schaedler's agar with laked blood was transferred to a slide and a drop of 15% h2o2 with tween 80 added. veillonella alcalescens, proprionibacterium species, peptococcus species, and bacteroide ...1978339709
erythromycin and anaerobes: in vitro aspects.anaerobic organisms are being increasingly recognised as important causes of serious infection in man. sampling procedures, transport of specimens and laboratory techniques need to be constantly monitored and improved if the causative organisms are to be consistently recovered from clinical specimens. once the organisms have been isolated, their susceptibility to antibiotics should be determined so that the clinician can base his antibiotic therapy on reliable laboratory results. there are many ...1977341310
microflora of the cervix during normal labor and the puerperium.the normal flora of the cervix was studied in 50 healthy women in labor and on the third day postpartum. aerobic bacteria were the exclusvie isolates in 25% of these women, and 75% had anaerobic bacteria in addition to aerobes. anaerobes were always found in association with aerobes. the most frequent isolate of bacteroides was bacteroides melaninogenicus, found in 20% of the women during labor and 14% during the puerperium. bacteroides fragilis was distinctly absent during labor but was found i ...1978351071
acute appendicitis and bacteroides fragilis.bacteria belonging to the bacteroides fragilis group (b. fragilis, b. ovatus, b. vulgatus, b. distasonis, b. thetaiotaomicron and b. uniformis) were cultured in quantities of less than or equal to 10(5) c.f.u./ml from the excised appendix from 30 patients. twenty-two patients (group i) had an acute purulent appendicitis (three with perforation), four were classified as slightly inflamed cases (group 2) and four had a normal appendix (group 3). the b. fragilis group of bacteria dominated among th ...1979379991
periodontal therapy in humans. i. microbiological and clinical effects of a single course of periodontal scaling and root planing, and of adjunctive tetracycline therapy.the present results showed that maarked and long-lasting changes in the subgingival microflora associated with periodontal disease could be achieved by a single course of periodontal treatment. immediately following therapy, the total number of subgingival organisms decreased 10- to 100-fold and the proportions of cultivable gram negative organisms and anaerobic organisms generally decreased 3- to 4-fold or more. after treatment, most periodontal pockets were populated by a scant microflora pre ...1979385821
the prevalence of anaerobic bacteria in suprapubic bladder aspirates obtained from pregnant women.the incidence of asymptomatic bacteriuria due to aerobic, facultative anaerobic and strictly anaerobic bacteria during pregnancy was determined in 185 patients admitted for complications of pregnancy, using suprapubic bladder aspiration. anaerobic bacterial counts of 103 per ml urine or higher were detected in 6.4 per cent of the specimens. the incidence of anaerobic bacteriuria seems comparable to that of bacteriuria due to aerobic and facultative anaerobic micro organisms. in our group of pati ...1979388942
[nitrate reduction in human saliva. (4) reciprocal action of oral microorganisms on nitrate reduction by veillonella in vitro (author's transl)]. 1978389324
bacteria beneath composite restorations--a culturing and histobacteriological study.the occurrence, viability and identification of the microbial flora under composite fillings using an anaerobic technique were studied. class v cavities were prepared on clinically healthy buccal surfaces of 7 contralateral pairs of premolars in children 11--15 years of age. after preparation, rubber dam was applied and one cavity in each pair of teeth was washed with water blasted dry with air and filled with adaptic. the other cavity was washed with a cavity cleaner (tubulicid) and a cavity li ...1979393051
a modified tube method for the cultivation and enumeration of anaerobic bacteria.a new type of tube (the lee tube) has been developed for use in the cultivation and enumeration of obligate anaerobes. the lee tube is a double-walled, screw-capped tube which allows the formation of a thin cylinder of agar medium between the two walls. anaerobiosis is achieved through deoxygenation of the deep cylinder of agar during sterilization, a minimum of head space, and use of a reducing agent to absorb oxygen introduced during the inoculation procedure. for several species of clostridiu ...1979396020
[transfer and metabolism of nitrate, with special reference to recent problems on human body and the oral flora (author's transl)]. 1978396320
effect of bacterial products on inflammatory reactions in the dental pulp.culture filtrates (extracellular components) and material obtained from disintegrated cells (intracellular components) of cultured plaque bacteria were studied for their capacity to induce inflammatory reactions in the dental pulp. class v cavities were prepared on the buccal surface of 94 teeth: 42 test and 52 control teeth in six adult monkeys. lyophilized bacterial components were sealed into the test cavities either alone or following an 8-h topical application of a solution of the same comp ...1977402688
bacteremia after upper gastrointestinal endoscopy.during 24 months, 200 upper gastrointestinal endoscopies were performed on 193 patients. blood cultures were obtained before and five and 30 minutes after the procedure using thiol (50 ml) and trypticase soy broth (100 ml) media. the mean endoscopic time was 34 minutes. sixteen patients developed bacteremia (8%). twelve groups of microorganisms were detected in positive blood cultures: streptococcus (5 species), lactobacillus sp, veillonella alcalescens, staphylococcus aureus, staph epidermidis, ...1977404974
nitrite reduction in veillonella alcalescens.nitrite reduction was examined in veillonella alcalescens c-1, and obligate anaerobe with an atp-yielding nitrate-reducing system. hydrogen donors for nitrite reduction included hydrosulfite, hydrogen gas, and pyruvate, but not pyridine nucleotides, in the presnece or absence of flavins. pyruvate-linked nitrite reduction was not inhibited by 4,4,4-trifluoro-1-(2-thienyl) 1,3-butanedione, dicoumarol, or 2-heptyl-4-hydroxy-quinoline-n-oxide. the noninvolvement of membrane-bound factors was support ...1979422515
skin and soft tissue polymicrobial infections from intravenous abuse of and soft tissue infections were studied in 21 seriously ill narcotic addicts who had been admitted to hospital. subcutaneous abscesses were present in 14 patients; cellulitis was noted in 3, pyomyositis in 2 and necrotizing fasciitis in 2. in four patients there was septicemia. infections in 14 patients (66.6 percent) were associated with anaerobic bacteria, which were the exclusive isolates in 6 patients. in seven patients (33.3 percent) isolates were exclusively aerobic bacteria and in ei ...1979425502
fatal acute bacterial myocarditis after dentoalveolar abscess.a 19 year old woman presented with chest pain after a dental extraction for a dentoalveolar abscess. electrocardiographic and serum isoenzyme changes were consistent with acute anterior myocardial infarction. at autopsy bacteria were demonstrated, within the myocardium in the absence of a myocardial abscess or endocarditis. this case illustrates the occurrence of isolated acute bacterial myocarditis after a dental extraction.1979443182
[short-term oral chemoprophylaxis before intestine surgery. quantitative determination of bacteria and fungi in stool specimens (author's transl)].the methods of quantitative analysis of aerobe and anaerobe microbes and fungi stool specimens are described. the results of the studies in health people are compared to the results in patients undergoing surgical treatment of intestinal tract. a group of these patients received neomycin and bacitracin orally as short-time chemoprophylaxis to diminish possible woundinfection and/or sepsis. after oral medication germs as bifidobacterium, bacteroides and clostridium (not cl. perfringens) are reduc ...1979452770
surgical treatment of infected right atrial myxoma. 1979453988
occurence of veillonella and neisseria in the niches of the human oral cavity.samples collected from the dental surface, gingival sulcus, dorsum of the tongue and from the cheek of ten adults (18 to 32 years) were investigated to identify the veillonella and neisseria species present by applying the taxonomic criteria suggested in the latest edition of bergey's manual. the various niches contain both v. parvula and v. alcalescens, but with the predominance of strains which do not fit precisely the described catalase and putrescine requirements. eighty-nine out of 100 isol ...1979461857
[first steps in the bacterial colonization of the digestive tract of neonates (author's transl)].meconium samples obtained from 14 children aged 18 to 51 h were subjected to a quantitative differential analysis. the meconium of one of the children (47 h old) was sterile; in those of the 11 infants aged less than 47 h the dominant flora was composed of either enterobacteria, mainly escherichia coli sensitive to usual antibiotics, or of streptococci. the genus acinetobacter constituted the dominant flora in one case only. staphylococcus, corynebacterium, clostridium (c. perfringens), bacteroi ...1979475219
in vitro activity of sodium fusidate against anaerobic bacteria.the microtiter broth dilution method was employed to determine the in vitro susceptibility of 525 recent clinical isolates of anaerobic bacteria to sodium fusidate. the minimal inhibitory concentrations of sodium fusidate ranged from </=0.06 to 1.0 mug/ml for 155 strains of anaerobic gram-positive rods and 130 strains of anaerobic gram-positive cocci. minimal inhibitory concentrations ranging from </=0.06 to 32 mug/ml were observed for 240 strains of anaerobic gram-negative rods. among the latte ...1979485124
recovery of anaerobic bacteria from pediatric patients. a one-year experience.during 1975, 115 speciments from the soft tissues, body fluids, and purulent sites in 105 pediatric ward and nursery patients were submitted to the clinical laboratory for anaerobic study, and 75% of the cultures were positive. in most instance specimens were collected in anaerobic transport tubes containing peptone yeast extract and glucose. in the laboratory, samples were processed by the anaerobic holding jar method. nineteen different anaerobic organisms were isolated; the average number of ...1979495592
chemotaxis or migration inhibition of rabbit peritoneal polymorphonuclear leukocytes caused by chemoattractants at various concentrations.purified lipopolysaccharide (lps) from veillonella incubated in normal rabbit serum was tested for chemotactic activity on rabbit polymorphonuclear leukocytes (pmns) in modified boyden chambers. in doses above those giving optimal response (over-optimal dose), a decrease of the pmn migration activity was found. this decrease also correlated well with an increase in the migration inhibition of the pmns as demonstrated with the capillary tube assay. the pmn chemotactic factor isolated from lps-ind ...1979525354
the effects of azathioprine and levamisole on lymphocyte stimulation.azathioprine at 10 micrograms per ml caused approximately a 50% inhibition of phytohaemagglutinin (pha), purified protein derivative (ppd) or veillonella induced in vitro lymphocyte stimulation. this suppression was significantly reduced in lymphocyte cultures from patients undergoing an eight week course of levamisole therapy. azathioprine-induced suppression was also reversed when culturing lymphocytes in the presence of levamisole. on the other hand, levamisole in vitro failed to reverse the ...1979527269
synthesis of alpha-ketoglutarate by reductive carboxylation of succinate in veillonella, selenomonas, and bacteriodes species.evidence for reductive carboxylation of succinate to synthesize alpha-ketoglutarate was sought in anaerobic heterotrophs from the rumen and from other anaerobic habitats. cultures were grown in media containing unlabeled energy substrates plus [14c]succinate, and synthesis of cellular glutamate with a much higher specific activity than that of cellular asparate was taken as evidence for alpha-ketoglutarate synthase activity. our results indicate alpha-ketoglutarate synthase functions in selenomo ...1979533772
anaerobic isolates in chronic suppurative otitis media. 1979538681
comparison of three methods of susceptibility testing of bacteroidaceae, peptococcaceae and other anaerobes to doxycycline.the in vitro activity of doxycycline against 147 strains of gram-positive and gram-negative anaerobes was determined by broth dilution, agar dilution and agar diffusion tests. the strains were isolated from clinical specimens in 1977. saccharolytic bacteroides strains (39 b. fragilis, 6 b. thetaiotaomicron, 4 b. vulgatus) showed broth dilution mics of less than or equal to 0.0625-4.0 microgram/ml after 5 h incubation and mics of less than or equal to 16 microgram/ml after 15 h incubation at 37 d ...1979543353
factors affecting adhesion of bacterial to a tooth in vitro.the initial adhesion of oral bacteria to a tooth in vitro was examined. the organisms were grown in broth with and without sucrose, and suspensions made either in broth or a modified ringer's solution. the tooth used was either dry or coated with natural or synthetic saliva. adhesion was determined by counting organisms removed from the tooth surface by simple washing or by sonication. it was found that the firmest bonding occurred when a dry tooth was immersed in a suspension of bacteria in rin ...1979551240
inhibitory activity of streptococcus mitis against oral bacteria.the antagonistic properties of three strains of streptococcus mitis were investigated. they were found to inhibit a wide range of oral bacteria; gram-positive and gram-negative, facultative and anaerobic species being susceptible. the s. mitis strains were shown to be producing hydrogen peroxide, this being partially responsible for the aerobic inhibitory activity. a second inhibitory factor(s) was also produced, aerobically and anaerobically, although this could not be isolated. a limited chara ...1979551241
[infections by anaerobic sporeless bacteria]. 1979551585
lethality for mice and chick embryos, pyrogenicity in rabbits and ability to gelate lysate from amoebocytes of limulus polyphemus by lipopolysaccharides from bacteroides, fusobacterium and veillonella.phenol-water extracted lipopolysaccharides (lps) from veillonella, fusobacterium nucleatum, bacteroides fragilis and bacteroides melaninogenicus were lethal for mice and 11-days-old chick embryos, pyrogenic in rabbits, and gelated limulus amoebocyte lysate. mouse lethality was considerably enhanced by actinomycin-d. in all test systems the endotoxin activity of veillonella and fusocbacterium lps was comparable to that of lps from salmonella enteritidis, which was included as a reference endotoxi ...1977564596
susceptibility to erythromycin of anaerobes of the genera bacteroides, fusobacterium, sphaerophorus, veillonella, clostridium, corynebacterium, peptococcus, peptostreptococcus.the minimal inhibitory concentrations (mic) of erythromycin were determined by broth dilution tests for 313 anaerobic strains, most of which were clinical isolates. all the gram-positive anaerobes tested (84 peptococcaceae, including 21 peptostreptococcus anaerobius and 15 peptococcus variabilis; 65 corynebacterium acnes and 29 clostridium strains, including 13 c. perfringens) were sensitive (mic values 0.012 through 3.12 microgram erythromycin/ml); so were 111 cultures of gram-negative anaerobe ...1977580038
in vitro sensitivity of anaerobic bacteria to fosfomycin.the minimum inhibitory concentrations were determined in 98 strains of anaerobic bacteria that came from clinical samples against fosfomycin, penicillin, cephalothin, tetracycline, chloramphenicol, clindamycin and lincomycin. the results obtained indicate that fosfomycin is usually inactive against bacteroides sp. and is active up to 32 mug/ml or less against 85% of peptococcus and 95% of peptostreptococcus, being consequently comparatively less active than the rest of the antibiotics that were ...1977583867
adherence of veillonella species mediated by extracellular glucosyltransferase from streptococcus salivarius.the effect of extracellular products from streptococcus salivarius on sucrose-dependent adherence to smooth surfaces by other oral bacteria was studied in vitro. strains of streptococcus mitis, streptococcus pyogenes, and veillonella parvula without innate ability to adhere to a steel wire were able to do so when incubated with sucrose and cell-free culture fluid from s. salivarius strains 9759, 25975, cnii, and mepi. these culture fluids synthesized more adherent material and water-insoluble gl ...1977591064
erythromycin and anaerobic infection.the theoretical basis of the use of erythromycin in peri-operative prophylaxis after bowel surgery will be discussed and the results of the use of erythromycin in such patients and the sensitivity to the antibiotic of isolates from human peritonitis described. this work will be related to results obtained in a rabbit experimental model for the study of peritonitis.1977601557
rabbit polymorphonuclear leukocyte migration in vitro in response to lipopolysaccharides from bacteroides, fusobacterium and veillonella.puriified lipopolysaccharides (lps) from strains of bacteroides, fusobacterium and veillonella incubated with guinea pig serum, were tested for chemotatic activity against rabbit polymorphonuclear leukocytes (pmns) in modified boyden chambers. comparisons were made to a salmonella lps (s. enteriditis s-795). submicrogram amounts of lps induced positive chemotaxis, and a typical dose-response relationship up to certain dose levels was observed. the difference in chemotactic activity between the v ...1977605803
rabbit polymorphonuclear leukocyte migration in vivo in response to lipopolysaccharides from bacteroides, fusobacterium and veillonella.subcutaneously implanted chambers in rabbits were used for testing the migration of polymorphonuclear leukocytes in response to injected lps isolated from strains of bacteroides, fusobacterium and veillonella. a salmonella lps was used as reference endotoxin. no differnece in chemotactic activity between the veillonella lps and lps from salmoneila was found. fusobacterium lps whoed insignificantly lower chemotactic capacity than the salmonella lps. the bacteroides lps were all significantly less ...1977605804
interdependence of in vitro responsiveness of cord and maternal blood lymphocytes to antigens from oral bacteria.a group of thirty-five mothers and their babies at parturition were examined by the in vitro lymphocyte transformation test to determine sensitization by oral bacterial antigens, b-cell mitogens and dental plaque. lymphocytes from babies of sensitized mothers with gingival or periodontal disease gave the highest frequency (70 and 63%) and magnitude (mean stimulation index of 3.4 and 3.3) of response in cultures stimulated by actinomyces viscosus and veillonella alcalescens. however, igm antibodi ...1977606445
reliable sampling method for analysis of the ecology of the human alimentary intubation method has been developed that allows removal of a sample of human intestinal fluid within a short period of time, that avoids contamination, and that minimizes exposure of the sample to air. preliminary results obtained with this method have shown that the stomach and duodenum are essentially sterile and that the bacterial population present in the remainder of the small intestine is similar to that described by previous workers except that veillonella species were encountered fre ...1978623454
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