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isolation of actinomyces hyovaginalis from sheep and comparison with isolates obtained from pigs.actinomyces hyovaginalis, an organism initially described from pigs, was recovered from nine sheep and a moufflon. further strains of a. hyovaginalis were recovered from five samples from pigs over the same period. 16s rrna sequencing and extensive phenotyping demonstrated high similarity between the ovine and porcine isolates; however differences with respect to erythritol, adonitol and l-arabitol fermentation were detected. ovine isolates were made from various sample sites including abscesses ...201222266161
Porcine abortion due to infection with Actinomyces hyovaginalis. 201122141111
actinomyces hyovaginalis-associated lymphadenitis in a nubian goat.a 6-year-old nubian goat with a history of progressive weight loss and cough was presented for necropsy. the goat tested negative for antibodies to caseous lymphadenitis and caprine arthritis and encephalitis by hemagglutination inhibition assay and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, respectively. postmortem examination revealed marked enlargement and, with histopathology, a fibrinopurulent necrotizing lymphadenitis of a tracheobronchial lymph node, with an appearance similar to that reported in ...200919407095
isolation of actinomyces hyovaginalis from a lung lesion in a pig. 200717293586
some new aspects of the pathology, pathogenesis, and aetiology of disseminated lung lesions in slaughter pigs.from 40 pigs rejected for human consumption at slaughter due to an apparent presence of pyemic lung lesions (defined as disseminated processes containing pus and/or necrotic material), the lungs, spleen, liver, and kidneys were subjected to an extended macroscopic examination. several lung lesions were sampled from each animal for histological and bacteriological examination. samples from the kidneys and spleens were also subjected to bacteriological examination. at gross level, four groups of l ...200312887504
actinomyces hyovaginalis associated with disseminated necrotic lung lesions in slaughter pigs.lungs from 26 slaughter pigs with a diagnosis of pyaemic lung lesions (disseminated necrotic lesions and abscesses), as determined at post-mortem meat inspection, were subjected to a thorough examination, including re-evaluation of gross pathology and histopathological and microbiological examination of samples from multiple lesions. the pulmonary lesions, which appeared identical on gross inspection, could be divided into three histopathological types, namely (1) abscesses, (2) circumscribed (c ...200312859910
the gram-positive tonsillar and nasal flora of piglets before and after investigate gram-positive nasal and tonsillar microbial flora of piglets before and after weaning.200111851806
identification of a new biotype of actinomyces hyovaginalis in tissues of pigs during diagnostic bacteriological examination.bacterial strains isolated from a large variety of necropsy samples of pigs and previously described as a phenotypical homogeneous group were shown to belong to the species actinomyces hyovaginalis. this was unexpected because their colonial characteristics, as well as their origins, were very different from those originally reported for the vaginal strains on which the species description of a. hyovaginalis was based. colonial morphology, as well as fermentation of cellobiose, reactions in hipp ...200211731162
actinomyces suimastitidis sp. nov., isolated from pig unusual actinomyces-like bacterium originating from a pig with mastitis was subjected to a polyphasic taxonomic investigation. the morphological and biochemical characteristics of the organism were consistent with its preliminary assignment to the genus actinomyces but it did not appear to correspond to any recognized species. page analysis of whole-cell proteins confirmed the phenotypic distinctiveness of the bacterium and 16s rrna gene sequence analysis demonstrated that it represents a hit ...200111491328
actinomyces canis sp. nov., isolated from dogs.three strains of a previously undescribed catalase-positive actinomyces-like bacterium were isolated from dogs. biochemical testing and page analysis of whole-cell proteins indicated that the strains were phenotypically highly related to each other but different from previously described actinomyces and arcanobacterium species. sequencing of 16s rrna showed that the unknown bacterium represents a new subline within a cluster of species which includes actinomyces hyovaginalis, actinomyces georgia ...200010939662
molecular taxonomic studies of actinomyces-like bacteria isolated from purulent lesions in pigs and description of actinomyces hyovaginalis sp. nov.the 16s rrna gene sequence of some actinomyces-like bacteria isolated from purulent lesions in pigs was determined. a comparative analysis of the rrna sequence data revealed that the bacteria are members of the genus actinomyces, but are phylogenetically distinct from actinomyces suis. on the basis of our findings and the results of previous phenotypic studies it is formally proposed that the bacteria from pigs should be designated a new species, actinomyces hyovaginalis.19938347506
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