divergence of desiccation-related traits in two drosophila species of the takahashii subgroup from the western himalayas.drosophila nepalensis is more abundant under colder and drier montane habitats in the western himalayas compared with drosophila takahashii, but the mechanistic basis of such a climatic adaptation is largely unknown. we tested the hypothesis that divergence in the physiological basis of desiccation-related traits is consistent with species-specific adaptations to climatic conditions. drosophila nepalensis showed approximately twofold higher desiccation resistance, hemolymph content as well as ca ...201222675178
evolution of the amp-forming acetyl-coa synthetase gene in the drosophilidae family.analysis of the amp-forming acs gene was performed in 12 species of the drosophilidae family. systematically four introns, aligned at the same positions, were detected, but none of them showed a position similar to those known for species outside the drosophilidae family. the average length of introns varied from 63 to 75 bp but in two species drosophila takahashii and d. kikkawai the length of the second intron was 343 and 210 bp, respectively. in coding regions, about 80% of the third codon po ...200315008428
dynalign: an algorithm for finding the secondary structure common to two rna sequences.with the rapid increase in the size of the genome sequence database, computational analysis of rna will become increasingly important in revealing structure-function relationships and potential drug targets. rna secondary structure prediction for a single sequence is 73 % accurate on average for a large database of known secondary structures. this level of accuracy provides a good starting point for determining a secondary structure either by comparative sequence analysis or by the interpretatio ...200211902836
the drosomycin multigene family: three-disulfide variants from drosophila takahashii possess antibacterial activity.drosomycin (drs) is a strictly antifungal peptide in drosophila melanogaster, which contains four disulfide bridges (dbs) with three buried in molecular interior and one exposed on molecular surface to tie the amino- and carboxyl-termini of the molecule together (called wrapper disulfide bridge, wdb). based on computational analysis of genomes of drosophila species belonging to the oriental lineage, we identified a new multigene family of drs in drosphila takahashii that includes a total of 11 d ...201627562645
phylogenetic relationships and climatic adaptations in the drosophila takahashii and montium species subgroups.we analyze phylogenetic relationships among temperate, subtropical highland, and subtropical lowland species of the drosophila takahashii and montium species subgroups based on sequence data of coi and gpdh genes and discuss the evolution of temperate species in these subgroups with reference to their climatic adaptations. in the takahashii subgroup, d. lutescens (the temperate species) branched off first in the tree based on the combined data set, but d. prostipennis (the subtropical highland s ...200010764542
[interspecific hybridization in the drosophila takahashii subspecies complex].to elucidate the relationship between 6 species involved in the drosophila takahashii complex, we analyzed the existence of interspecific hybridization, hybrids number with sex ratio, and the reproductive status of the hybrids of these species. we found that each of the 6 species formed hybrids with at least one other species. the most closed relationship among these species was confirmed to be between d. lutescens and d. trilutea, and d. prostipennis was rather isolated from the other 5 species ...19902134899
developmental constraints and convergent evolution in drosophila sex comb formation.the most complex and diverse secondary sexual character in drosophila is the sex comb (sc), an arrangement of modified bristles on the forelegs of a subclade of male fruit flies. we examined sc formation in six representative nonmodel fruit fly species, in an effort to understand how the variation in comb patterning arises. we first compared sc development in two species with relatively small combs, drosophila takahashii, where the scs remain approximately transverse, and drosophila biarmipes, w ...200919245551
an intron loss of dfak gene in species of the drosophila melanogaster subgroup and phylogenetic analysis.drosophila focal adhesion kinase (dfak) gene is a single-copy nuclear gene. previous study revealed that drosophila melanogaster and drosophila simulans had lost an intron precisely within the tyrosine kinase (tyk) domain of this gene. however, this did not happen in several other drosophila species, including drosophila elegans, drosophila ficusphila, drosophila biarmipes, drosophila jambulina, drosophila prostipennis, drosophila takahashii, and drosophila pseudoobscura. in the current study, h ...200918310070
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