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potential mechanisms of hypocholesterolaemic effect of thai spices/dietary extracts.several thai spices/dietary ingredients were previously shown to have hypocholesterolaemic effects. these studies were mostly conducted in animal models in which the mechanisms of action were not yet well-established. therefore, this study aimed to investigate the potential mechanism of hypocholesterolaemic action of 12 selected plants, namely hibiscus sabdariffa l., moringa oleifera lam., cucurbita moschata duchesne, ananas comosus (l.) merr., zingiber officinale, morus alba l., camellia sinens ...201120623425
inhibition of lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammatory responses by piperine.piperine, a main component of piper longum linn. and piper nigrum linn., is a plant alkaloid with a long history of medical use. piperine exhibits anti-inflammatory activity; however, the underlying mechanism remains unknown. we examined the effects of piperine on lipopolysaccharide (lps)-induced inflammatory responses. administration of piperine inhibited lps-induced endotoxin shock, leukocyte accumulation and the production of tumor necrosis factor-alpha (tnf-alpha), but not of interleukin (il ...201020621590
larvicidal potential of ethanolic extracts of dried fruits of three species of peppercorns against different instars of an indian strain of dengue fever mosquito, aedes aegypti l. (diptera: culicidae).larvicidal bioassay was carried out in the laboratory to assess the potential of ethanolic extracts of dried fruits of three species of peppercorns: long pepper, piper longum l., black pepper, piper nigrum, and white pepper, piper nigrum against the different instars of field-collected indian strain of dengue fever mosquito (aedes aegypti l.). the investigations established the larvicidal potential of all the varieties of pepper fruits against ae. aegypti. against early fourth instar, the ethano ...201020549234
tissue distribution & elimination of capsaicin, piperine & curcumin following oral intake in rats.curcumin, capsaicin and piperine--the bioactive compounds present in spices--turmeric (curcuma longa), red pepper (capsicum annuum) and black pepper (piper nigrum) respectively, have a considerable portion of structural homology. tissue distribution and elimination of these three structurally similar bioactive compounds was examined following their oral intake in rats.201020516541
pellitorine, a potential anti-cancer lead compound against hl6 and mct-7 cell lines and microbial transformation of piperine from piper nigrum.pellitorine (1), which was isolated from the roots of piper nigrum, showed strong cytotoxic activities against hl60 and mct-7 cell lines. microbial transformation of piperine (2) gave a new compound 5-[3,4-(methylenedioxy)phenyl]-pent-2-ene piperidine (3). two other alkaloids were also found from piper nigrum. they are (e)-1-[3',4'-(methylenedioxy)cinnamoyl]piperidine (4) and 2,4-tetradecadienoic acid isobutyl amide (5). these compounds were isolated using chromatographic methods and their struc ...201020428051
in vitro investigation of the potential immunomodulatory and anti-cancer activities of black pepper (piper nigrum) and cardamom (elettaria cardamomum).although the immunomodulatory effects of many herbs have been extensively studied, research related to possible immunomodulatory effects of various spices is relatively scarce. here, the potential immunomodulatory effects of black pepper and cardamom are investigated. our data show that black pepper and cardamom aqueous extracts significantly enhance splenocyte proliferation in a dose-dependent, synergistic fashion. enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay experiments reveal that black pepper and carda ...201020210607
studies on effect of piperine on oral bioavailability of ampicillin and norfloxacin.ampicillin and norfloxacin are used to treat variety of bacterial infections. these two drugs have low oral bioavailability. co-administration of piperine (20 mg/kg), an alkaloid from piper nigrum l. enhanced oral bioavailability of ampicillin and norfloxacin in animal model. this is reflected in various pharmacokinetic measurements like cmax, tmax, auc and t(1/2) of the above antibiotics in animal model.200820161946
adsorption and removal kinetics of phosphonate from water using natural adsorbents.the removal of phosphonate from water was studied using some natural adsorbents. potassium phosphonate is a fungicide used for the control of phytophthora capsici, which is prevalent in black pepper (piper nigrum l.). batch adsorption kinetic experiments were conducted on the adsorption of phosphonate onto the adsorbents. the concentration of phosphonate was measured on a high-performance liquid chromatograph fitted with a conductivity detector. the percentage removal of phosphonate by powdered ...201020112539
hplc-based activity profiling: discovery of piperine as a positive gaba(a) receptor modulator targeting a benzodiazepine-independent binding site.a plant extract library was screened for gaba(a) receptor activity making use of a two-microelectrode voltage clamp assay on xenopus laevis oocytes. an ethyl acetate extract of black pepper fruits [piper nigrum l. (piperaceae) 100 microg/ml] potentiated gaba-induced chloride currents through gaba(a) receptors (composed of alpha(1), beta(2), and gamma(2s) subunits) by 169.1 +/- 2.4%. with the aid of an hplc-based activity profiling approach, piperine (5) was identified as the main active compound ...201020085307
[antioxidant properties of essential oils].by the method of capillary gas-liquid chromatography we studied antioxidant properties and stability during the storage of hexane solutions of 14 individual essential oils from black and white pepper (piper nigrum l.), cardamom (elettaria cardamomum l.), nutmeg (myristica fragrans houtt.), mace (myristica fragrans houtt), juniperberry (juniperus communis l.), seed of fennel (foeniculum vulgare mill., var. dulce thelling), caraway (carvum carvi l.), dry leaves of cinnamon (cinnamomum zeylanicum b ...200920067158
in vitro antioxidant activity of pet ether extract of black investigate the in vitro antioxidant activity of different fractions (r1, r2 and r3) obtained from pet ether extract of black pepper fruits (piper nigrum linn.)200820040947
piperine, the main alkaloid of thai black pepper, protects against neurodegeneration and cognitive impairment in animal model of cognitive deficit like condition of alzheimer's disease.recently, numerous medicinal plants possessing profound central nervous system effects and antioxidant activity have received much attention as food supplement to improve cognitive function against cognitive deficit condition including in alzheimer's disease condition. based on this information, the effect of piperine, a main active alkaloid in fruit of piper nigrum, on memory performance and neurodegeneration in animal model of alzheimer's disease have been investigated. adult male wistar rats ...201020034530
safety of a novel botanical extract formula for ameliorating allergic rhinitis.allergic rhinitis (also known as hay fever) is the most commonly occurring immunological disorder, and it affects 40 million men, women, and children in the united states. symptomatically, it is an inflammation and irritation of the mucous membranes that line the nose. allergy is defined as a state of hypersensitivity or hyperimmunity caused by exposure to a particular antigen (allergen) that results in increased reactivity upon subsequent exposure. a novel botanical formulation, aller-7/nr-a2, ...200320021150
safety of a novel botanical extract formula for ameliorating allergic rhinitis. part ii.abstract each year more than 50 million americans suffer from allergic rhinitis, which is a state of hypersensitivity or hyperimmunity. basically, allergic rhinitis is symptomatically recognized as the inflammation and irritation of the nasal mucosal membranes; sneezing; stuffy/runny nose; nasal congestion; and itchy; watery, and swollen eyes; and defined as a state of hypersensitivity/ hyperimmunity caused by exposure to a particular allergen (antigen) that results in increased reactivity upon ...200520021083
identifying sequences potentially related to resistance response of piper tuberculatum to fusarium solani f. sp. piperis by suppression subtractive hybridization.piper tuberculatum is an exotic piper from the amazon region that shows resistance to infection by fusarium solani f. sp. piperis, causal agent of fusarium disease in black pepper (piper nigrum l.). in this work we aimed to study the interaction between p. tuberculatum and f. solani f. sp. piperis at a molecular level, using suppression subtractive hybridization to identify genes potentially related to fusarium disease resistance. comparative sequence analysis confirmed that clones isolated here ...200920001904
antispermatogenic and antifertility effects of fruits of piper nigrum l. in mice.effect of oral administration (25 and 100 mg/kg body wt/day, for 20 and 90 days) of fruit powder of piper nigrum l. on the male reproductive organs of mice, parkes strain, was investigated. various reproductive end points such as organs weight, histopathology, sperm parameters, sialic acid and fructose contents, and fertility indices were assessed. histologically, testes in treated mice, except in those treated with 100 mg of dose for 90 days, showed non-uniform degenerative changes in the semin ...200919957882
alkaloids from piper sarmentosum and piper nigrum.detailed chemical studies on the roots of piper sarmentosum and piper nigrum have resulted in several alkaloids. the roots of p. sarmentosum gave a new aromatic compound, 1-nitrosoimino-2,4,5-trimethoxybenzene (1). piper nigrum roots gave pellitorine (2), (e)-1-[3',4'-(methylenedioxy)cinnamoyl]piperidine (3), 2,4-tetradecadienoic acid isobutyl amide (4), piperine (5), sylvamide (6), cepharadione a (7), piperolactam d (8) and paprazine (9). structural elucidation of these compounds was achieved t ...200919809914
stability-indicating reversed-phase liquid chromatographic methods for the determination of aconitine and piperine in a polyherbal formulation.simple and rapid stability-indicating hplc methods were developed for the individual analysis of aconitine (acn) and piperine (pin) in mahamrutynjaya rasa, an herbal dosage form containing aconitum ferox, piper nigrum, and piper longum in combination. separation of the acn from its major and minor degradation products was successfully achieved on a reversed-phase c18 column (250 x 4.6 mm id, 5 microm particle size), with isocratic elution using a mixture of acetonitrile-kh2po4 buffer (10 mm, ph ...200919714970
larvicidal effects of crude extracts of dried ripened fruits of piper nigrum against culex quinquefasciatus larval instars. 200919502696
chemistry and in vitro antioxidant activity of volatile oil and oleoresins of black pepper (piper nigrum).essential oil and oleoresins (ethanol and ethyl acetate) of piper nigrum were extracted by using clevenger and soxhlet apparatus, respectively. gc-ms analysis of pepper essential oil showed the presence of 54 components representing about 96.6% of the total weight. beta-caryophylline (29.9%) was found as the major component along with limonene (13.2%), beta-pinene (7.9%), sabinene (5.9%), and several other minor components. the major component of both ethanol and ethyl acetate oleoresins was fou ...200919456163
chemical compositions and antioxidant properties of essential oils from nine species of turkish plants obtained by supercritical carbon dioxide extraction and steam distillation.chemical compositions and antioxidant activities of essential oils from nine different species of turkish plants, namely melissa officinalis l., rosmarinus officinalis l., cuminum cyminum l., piper nigrum l., lavandula stoechas spp., foeniculum vulgare, pimpinella anisum l., thymus serpyllum and liquidamber orientalis mill., were studied. essential oils were obtained by supercritical carbon dioxide (scco2) extraction and steam distillation, and were analyzed by gas chromatography-mass spectromet ...200819382349
worldwide dissemination of radopholus similis and its importance in crop production.the burrowing nematode, radopholus similis, attacks agronomic and horticultural crops and many weeds, and is reported to reproduce on more than 250 plant species. two races of r. similis are recognized. although one race attacks citrus and the other race does not, they are morphologically similar. at present, the citrus race is found attacking citrus only in florida, u.s.a., but it is known to infect more than 250 species and varieties of noncitrus plants. although it has many hosts, r. similis ...197719305565
effect of piperine on the inhibition of nitric oxide (no) and tnf-alpha production.effect of piperine which is an alkaloid present in plants such as piper nigrum and piper longum on the production of nitric oxide (no) and tumor necrosis factor-alpha (tnf-alpha) level was analyzed using in vitro as well as in vivo systems. the level of nitrite in the lps stimulated balb/c mice (95.3 microm) was reduced in the piperine treated animals (25 microm) significantly. nitrite level in the concanavalin-a (con-a) treated control animals (83.1 microm) was also significantly reduced to 18. ...200319180797
endophytic bacterial flora in root and stem tissues of black pepper (piper nigrum l.) genotype: isolation, identification and evaluation against phytophthora isolate and identify black pepper (piper nigrum l) associated endophytic bacteria antagonistic to phytophthora capsici causing foot rot disease.200919018963
a new natural product and insecticidal amides from seeds of piper nigrum linn.studies on the petroleum ether soluble and insoluble fraction of ethanol extract of dried ground seeds of piper nigrum resulted in the isolation and structure elucidation of 1 new and 11 known compounds which include 3 hitherto unreported constituents, namely, cinnamylideneacetone, 3,4-methylenedioxyphenylpropiophenone and 2-hydroxy-4,5-methylenedioxypropiophenone from this plant.200818855209
histamine release inhibitory activity of piper nigrum leaf.oral administration of a methanolic extract of piper nigrum leaf (pn-ext, 50, 200 and 500 mg/kg) showed a potent dose-dependent inhibition of dinitrofluorobenzene (dnfb)-induced cutaneous reaction at 1 h [immediate phase response (ipr)] after and 24 h [late phase response (lpr)] after dnfb challenge in mice which were passively sensitized with anti-dinitrophenyl (dnp) ige antibody. ear swelling inhibitory effect of pn-ext (50, 200 and 500 mg/kg, per os (p.o.)) on very late phase response (vlpr) ...200818827366
antispasmodic effect of piper nigrum fruit hot water extract on rat ileum.the aim of this study was to investigate the effect of black pepper fruit hot water extract (bpe) on rat ileum contractility and the mechanism(s) of its action. the extract was prepared by adding black pepper powder to boiling distilled water followed by evaporated the solvent. ileum was dissected from male adult rat (wistar) and in tyrode solution the tissue contractions were recorded by an isotonic transducer under 1 g tension. the cumulative concentrations of the bpe (0.0625-1 mg ml(-1)) redu ...200818817253
alkamides from the fruits of piper longum and piper nigrum displaying potent cell adhesion inhibition.eight alkamides 1-8 were isolated by bioassay-guided isolation of etoh extracts of the fruits of piper longum and piper nigum (piperaceae). their structures were elucidated by spectroscopic analysis ((1)h, (13)c nmr, and esi-ms) as follows: guineensine (1), retrofracamide c (2), (2e,4z,8e)-n-[9-(3,4-methylenedioxyphenyl)-2,4,8-nonatrienoyl]piperidine (3), pipernonaline (4), piperrolein b (5), piperchabamide d (6), pellitorin (7), and dehydropipernonaline (8). their compounds 3-5, 7, and 8 inhibi ...200818672369
piperine, the potential functional food for mood and cognitive disorders.the effect of piperine, the main alkaloid from piper nigrum, on the central nervous system is not clearly known until now. in the present study, male wistar rats were administered piperine at various doses ranging from 5, 10 and 20mg/kg bw once daily for 4 weeks and the animals were determined the neuropharmacological activity after single, 1, 2, 3 and 4 weeks of treatment. the results showed that piperine at all dosage range used in this study possessed anti-depression like activity and cogniti ...200818639606
[control in vitro tick (boophilus microplus; acari: ixodidae) through plant extracts].control in vitro tick (boophilus microplus; acari: ixodidae) through plant extracts. hydro-alcohol extracts of ten tropical plants were tested by the immersion method on mature ticks (boophilus microplus canestrini 1887). the biological evaluation was made with raw hydro alcoholic extracts (r-oh) to determine the most promissory compounds, which later were fractioned in their polar and non-polar parts. the polar parts showed a significantly inferior effect. the species that produced the highest ...200818624244
physicochemical and microbiological qualities of steamed and irradiated ground black pepper (piper nigrum l.).the effects of steam and irradiation treatments on the physicochemical properties (moisture content, ph, extractable yield, reducing sugar, soluble pigment, antioxidant activity, piperine, hunter's color, and sensory attributes) and microbiological quality (total aerobic bacteria, coliforms, and yeasts and molds) of ground black pepper stored at refrigerated and room temperatures for 6 months were compared and evaluated. irradiation resulted in a higher microbial reduction in pepper, with minima ...200818522396
molecular target of piperine in the inhibition of lipid droplet accumulation in alkaloid piperine isolated from the piper nigrum was found to inhibit lipid droplet accumulation in mouse macrophages, and especially inhibited cholesteryl ester (ce) synthesis (ic50: 25 microm). the metabolism of cholesterol from lysosome to lipid droplet was inhibited with a similar ic50 (18 microm), indicating that the site of inhibition is one of the steps between the lysosomes and the endoplasmic reticulum. therefore, effects of piperine on acyl-coa:cholesterol acyltransferase (acat) act ...200818520030
a rapid method for isolation of piperine from the fruits of piper nigrum linn.a simple, rapid and efficient method has been developed for the isolation of piperine from the fruits of piper nigrum. the method involves extraction of the fruit powder with glacial acetic acid, from which piperine is partitioned into chloroform and subsequently crystallized. the identity of the compound was confirmed by its melting point, comparison of uv, ir, and mass spectral data with those from a reference standard, and co-chromatography with the reference standard using thin-layer chromat ...200818404304
in vitro antioxidant activity of three piper species.reactive oxygen species are known to play a role in numerous pathological conditions, and antioxidants from plant sources have been of great help in modulating this effect. this study assesses the methanolic extracts of the leaves of three piper species (piper guineense schum and thonn., piper nigrum l. and piper umbellatum l.) (piperaceae) for their polyphenolic concentration and free radical scavenging activity. the folin-ciocalteu method was used to assess the polyphenolic concentration while ...200718285307
fumigant toxicity of essential oils from some common spices against pulse beetle, callosobruchus chinensis (coleoptera: bruchidae).in the present study, the essential oil from seven common spices, anethum graveolens, cuminum cyminum, illicium verum, myristica fragrans, nigella sativa, piper nigrum and trachyspermum ammi was isolated and its insecticidal, oviposition, egg hatching and developmental inhibitory activities were determined against pulse beetle, callosobruchus chinensis. essential oils were isolated by hydrodistillation method using clevenger apparatus. these essential oils caused death of adults and larvae of ca ...200818270466
antimutagenic effects of piperine on cyclophosphamide-induced chromosome aberrations in rat bone marrow cells.piperine is a major pungent substance and active component of black pepper (piper nigrum linn.) and long pepper (piper longum linn.). both plants are used worldwide as household spices and condiments. they are also used as important ingredients in folklore medicine in many asian countries. therefore, it is of interest to study antimutagenic effects of piperine. in this study, its influence on chromosomes was investigated in rat bone marrow cells. male wistar rats were orally administered piperin ...200718260741
testosterone 5alpha-reductase inhibitory active constituents of piper nigrum leaf.previously we reported that piper nigrum leaf extract showed a potent stimulation effect on melanogenesis and that (-)-cubebin (1) and (-)-3,4-dimethoxy-3,4-desmethylenedioxycubebin (2) were isolated as active constituents. as a part of our continuous studies on piper species for the development of cosmetic hair-care agents, testosterone 5alpha-reductase inhibitory activity of aqueous ethanolic extracts obtained from several different parts of six piper species, namely piper nigrum, p. methystic ...200718057734
black pepper and its pungent principle-piperine: a review of diverse physiological pepper (piper nigrum) is one of the most widely used among spices. it is valued for its distinct biting quality attributed to the alkaloid, piperine. black pepper is used not only in human dietaries but also for a variety of other purposes such as medicinal, as a preservative, and in perfumery. many physiological effects of black pepper, its extracts, or its major active principle, piperine, have been reported in recent decades. dietary piperine, by favorably stimulating the digestive enzy ...200717987447
isolation and amplification of genomic dna from recalcitrant dried berries of black pepper (piper nigrum l.)--a medicinal pepper is an important medicinal spice traded internationally. the extraction of high quality genomic dna for pcr amplification from dried black pepper is challenging because of the presence of the exceptionally large amount of oxidized polyphenolic compounds, polysaccharides and other secondary metabolites. here we report a modified hexadecyl trimethyl ammonium bromide (ctab) protocol by incorporating potassium acetate and a final peg precipitation step to isolate pcr amplifiable genomic ...200717914177
repellent activity of essential oils against cockroaches (dictyoptera: blattidae, blattellidae, and blaberidae) in commercial essential oils extracted from the plant species boesenbergia rotunda (l.) mansf., citrus hystrix dc., curcuma longa l., litsea cubeba (lour.) pers., piper nigrum l., psidium guajava l. and zingiber officinale roscoe, and naphthalene as a control, were evaluated for repellent activity against the three cockroach species periplaneta americana (l.), blattella germanica (l.) and neostylopyga rhombifolia (stoll) under laboratory conditions. the essential oil derived from citrus hystr ...200717883004
potential use of piper nigrum ethanol extract against pyrethroid-resistant aedes aegypti larvae.fractionation of piper nigrum ethanol extract, biomonitored by assays on pyrethroid-resistant aedes aegypti larvae yielded isolation of the larvicidal amides piperolein-a and piperine. comparing lc50 values, the ethanol extract (0.98 ppm) was the most toxic, followed by piperolein-a (1.46 ppm) and piperine (1.53 ppm).200717876460
cytoprotective and immunomodulating properties of piperine on murine splenocytes: an in vitro study.piper longum linn. and piper nigrum linn. are conventionally used as immuno-enhancers in indian system of traditional medicine. the underlying mechanism remains unknown. the present study was therefore, undertaken to delineate the role of piperine (major alkaloid) in cadmium (cd) induced immuno-compromised murine splenocytes. the various biological determinants such as oxidative stress markers (reactive oxygen species and gsh), bcl-2 protein expression, mitochondrial membrane potential, caspase- ...200717706638
characterization and control of endophytic bacterial contaminants in in vitro cultures of piper spp., taxus baccata subsp. wallichiana, and withania somnifera.bacterial contamination is a serious problem that causes severe loss of in vitro grown cultures of a number of plants. this problem becomes even more acute if the bacterial contamination is of endophytic origin. in such cases, identification and characterization of the contaminants is essential for achieving specific control of the contaminants through selective use of antibiotic agents, especially if the routinely used contamination control methods practiced elsewhere in tissue culture studies ...200717496951
analysis of aromatic and terpenic constituents of pepper extracts by capillary original method based on cec has been developed for the determination of aromatic and terpenic compounds in extracts of spices obtained from piper nigrum. the method is based on the use of a fused silica capillary (effective length: 23.5 cm, internal diameter: 100 microm) packed with a c18 sorbent (packing length: 23 cm, particle size: 5 microm). the mobile phase is a 50 mm, ph 6.0 ammonium acetate/acn (10:90 v/v) mixture. applying a 30 kv voltage, the following 11 compounds were separated an ...200717444231
amides from piper nigrum l. with dissimilar effects on melanocyte proliferation in-vitro.melanocyte proliferation stimulants are of interest as potential treatments for the depigmentary skin disorder, vitiligo. piper nigrum l. (piperaceae) fruit (black pepper) water extract and its main alkaloid, piperine (1), promote melanocyte proliferation in-vitro. a crude chloroform extract of p. nigrum containing piperine was more stimulatory than an equivalent concentration of the pure compound, suggesting the presence of other active components. piperine (1), guineensine (2), pipericide (3), ...200717430636
piperine protects cisplatin-induced apoptosis via heme oxygenase-1 induction in auditory cells.piperine is a major component of black pepper, piper nigrum linn, used widely in traditional medicine. in this study, we examined whether piperine could protect house ear institute-organ of corti 1 (hei-oc1) cells against cisplatin-induced apoptosis through the induction of heme oxygenase (ho)-1 expression. piperine (10-100 microm) induced the expression of ho-1 in dose- and time-dependent manners. piperine also induced antioxidant response element-luciferase and translocated nuclear factor-e2-r ...200717418561
binding of bioactive phytochemical piperine with human serum albumin: a spectrofluorometric study.piperine, the bioactive alkaloid compound of the spice black pepper (piper nigrum) exhibits a wide range of beneficial physiological and pharmacological activities. being essentially water-insoluble, piperine is presumed to be assisted by serum albumin for its transport in blood. in this study, the binding of piperine to serum albumin was examined by employing steady state and time resolved fluorescence techniques. binding constant for the interaction of piperine with human serum albumin, which ...200717407131
uv irradiation affects melanocyte stimulatory activity and protein binding of piperine.piperine, the major alkaloid of black pepper (piper nigrum l.; piperaceae), stimulates melanocyte proliferation and dendrite formation in vitro. this property renders it a potential treatment for the skin depigmentation disorder vitiligo. however, piperine does not stimulate melanin synthesis in vitro, and treatments based on this compound may therefore be more effective with concomitant exposure of the skin to ultraviolet (uv) radiation or sunlight. the present study investigated the effect of ...200617387768
acat inhibition of alkamides identified in the fruits of piper this study, via a bioactivity-guided fractionation of meoh extracts of the fruits of piper nigrum, alkamide (5) and five previously-identified alkamides were isolated. their structures were elucidated via spectroscopic analysis ((1)h, (13)c nmr and esi-ms), as follows: retrofractamide a (1), pipercide (2), piperchabamide d (3), pellitorin (4), dehydroretrofractamide c (5) and dehydropipernonaline (6). the ic(50) values determined for the compounds were 24.5 (1), 3.7 (2), 13.5 (3), 40.5 (4), 6 ...200717188313
inhibition of diacylglycerol acyltransferase by alkamides isolated from the fruits of piper longum and piper nigrum.pharmacological inhibition of acyl coa:diacylglycerol acyltransferase (dgat, ec has emerged as a potential therapy for the treatment of obesity and type 2 diabetes. bioassay-guided isolation of chcl3 extracts of the fruits of piper longum and piper nigum (piperaceae), using an in vitro dgat inhibitory assay, lead to isolation of a new alkamide named (2e,4z,8e)-n-[9-(3,4-methylenedioxyphenyl)-2,4,8-nonatrienoyl]piperidine (2), together with four known alkamides: retrofractamide c (1), p ...200617177498
[potential allelopathic effects of piper nigrum, mangifera indica and clausena lansium].with piper nigrum, mangifera indica and clausena lansium as the donators, this paper studied their potential allelopathic effects on the germination and growth of zea mays, glycine max, cucurbita moschata, arachis hypogaea, raphanus sativus, echinochloa crusgalli, digitaria sanguinalis and stylosanthes guianensis. the results showed that the aqueous extracts of these donators could inhibit the germination and growth of z. mays, g. max, c. moschata, e. crus-galli and d. sanguinalis at high concen ...200617147171
interaction of potassium phosphonate fungicide in laterite soil.potassium phosphonate is a fungicide widely used to control phytophthora fungi species in many crops all over the world. in this paper, an attempt has been made to study the interaction of potassium phosphonate with soil under varying ph and calcium level. several reports available in literature indicate that the phosphonate in organic form adsorb strongly on almost all mineral surfaces and natural materials like soil and sediments. the present study conducted on laterite soil of kerala using 2 ...200517051913
bactericidal activity of black pepper, bay leaf, aniseed and coriander against oral isolates.present investigation focused on antibacterial potential of aqueous decoction of black pepper (piper nigrum l.), bay leaf (laurus nobilis l.), aniseed (pimpinella anisum l.), and coriander (coriandum sativum l.) against 176 bacterial isolates belonging to 12 different genera of bacterial population isolated from oral cavity of 200 individuals. the disc diffusion technique was employed. overall aqueous decoction of black pepper was the most bacterial-toxic exhibited 75% antibacterial activity as ...200616935829
efficacy of piperine, an alkaloidal constituent from piper nigrum on erythrocyte antioxidant status in high fat diet and antithyroid drug induced hyperlipidemic rats.the main aim of this study was to investigate the effect of piperine on erythrocyte antioxidant status in high fat diet (hfd) and antithyroid drug induced hyperlipidemic rats. male wistar rats were divided into eight groups. the first four groups were fed a control diet and in addition were given respectively 1% carboxymethyl cellulose (cmc); 10 mg/kg body weight carbimazole (cm); 10 mg cm + 40 mg/kg body weight piperine and 10 mg cm + 2 mg/kg body weight atorvastatin (atv). a similar pattern wa ...200616927417
piperine, an active principle from piper nigrum, modulates hormonal and apo lipoprotein profiles in hyperlipidemic study the effect of piperine, an alkaloid, on thyroid hormones and apolipoproteins in high-fat-diet (hfd) and antithyroid drug-induced hyperlipidemic rats.200616910313
effect of spices on lipid metabolism in 1,2-dimethylhydrazine-induced rat colon carcinogenesis.colon cancer is the second most common cancer among men and women worldwide. we investigated the effect of red chilli (capsicum annum l.), cumin (cuminum cyminum l.), and black pepper (piper nigrum l.) on colon cancer induced in rats by a colon-specific carcinogen, 1,2-dimethylhydrazine (dmh). colon cancer was induced by subcutaneous injection of dmh at a dosage of 20 mg/kg of body weight (15 doses, at 1-week intervals). the rats were continued with the standard pellet diet and supplemented red ...200616822210
mechanism-based inhibition of human liver microsomal cytochrome p450 2d6 (cyp2d6) by alkamides of piper nigrum.nineteen alkamides isolated from piper nigrum l. were tested for their mechanism-based inhibition on human liver microsomal dextromethorphan o-demethylation activity, a prototype marker for cytochrome p450 2d6 (cyp2d6). all compounds increased their inhibitory activity with increasing preincubation time. among them, 15 and 17 showed more than 50 % decrease of the cyp2d6 residual activity after 20 min preincubation. further investigations on 15 and 17 showed that the characteristic time- and conc ...200616808005
modulation of cadmium induced alterations in murine thymocytes by piperine: oxidative stress, apoptosis, phenotyping and blastogenesis.piperine, a main component of piper longum linn. and piper nigrum linn., is a plant alkaloid with a long history of medicinal use in indian medicine. it is known to exhibit a variety of biological activities which include anti-pyretic, anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, hepatoprotective and antitumor. its immunomodulatory role has so far been limited to humoral response. the influence of piperine on murine thymocytes, immunocompromised by cadmium has been reported by us in this investigation. t ...200616780805
effect of piperine on the steady-state pharmacokinetics of phenytoin in patients with epilepsy.piperine, the active principle of piper longum, piper nigrum and zingiber officinalis, has been reported to enhance the oral bioavailability of phenytoin in human volunteers. the objective of this study was to explore the effect of a single dose of piperine in patients with uncontrolled epilepsy on the steady-state pharmacokinetics of phenytoin. two groups of 10 patients each receiving either a 150 mg or 200 mg twice daily dose of phenytoin were selected. twelve hours after the night dose, venou ...200616767797
the effect of a synergistic concentration of a piper nigrum extract used in conjunction with pyrethrum upon gene expression in drosophila ethyl acetate extract of piper nigrum l. (piperaceae) peppercorns was tested as a synergist for the botanical insecticide pyrethrum. a high synergist ratio of 11.6 against drosophila melanogaster was obtained for the combination of pyrethrum supplemented with p. nigrum. the effect of this combination was investigated using cdna microarray analysis of gene expression profiles in d. melanogaster. treatment of d. melanogaster with pyrethrum alone resulted in a large number of differentially expr ...200616756552
the antioxidant and radical scavenging activities of black pepper (piper nigrum) seeds.water and ethanol crude extracts from black pepper (piper nigrum) were investigated for their antioxidant and radical scavenging activities in six different assay, namely, total antioxidant activity, reducing power, 1,1-diphenyl-2-picryl-hydrazyl (dpph) free radical scavenging, superoxide anion radical scavenging, hydrogen peroxide scavenging, and metal chelating activities. both water extract (webp) and ethanol extract (eebp) of black pepper exhibited strong total antioxidant activity. the 75 m ...200516503560
gene expression profiles of drosophila melanogaster exposed to an insecticidal extract of piper pepper, piper nigrum l. (piperaceae), has insecticidal properties and could potentially be utilized as an alternative to synthetic insecticides. piperine extracted from p. nigrum has a biphasic effect upon cytochrome p450 monooxygenase activity with an initial suppression followed by induction. in this study, an ethyl acetate extract of p. nigrum seeds was tested for insecticidal activity toward adult musca domestica and drosophila melanogaster. the effect of this same p. nigrum extract up ...200616478250
mechanism-based inhibition of cyp3a4 and cyp2d6 by indonesian medicinal plants.thirty samples of indonesian medicinal plants were tested for their mechanism-based inhibition on cytochrome p450 3a4 (cyp3a4) and cyp2d6 via erythromycin n-demethylation and dextromethorphan o-demethylation activities in human liver microsomes. from screening with 0 and 20min preincubation at 0.5mg/ml of methanol extracts, five plants (cinnamomum burmani bark, foeniculum vulgare seed, strychnos ligustrina wood, tinospora crispa stem, and zingiber cassumunar rhizome) showed more than 30% increas ...200616414224
cyp3a4 and cyp2d6 inhibitory activities of indonesian medicinal plants.thirty samples of indonesian medicinal plants were analyzed for their capacity to inhibit in vitro metabolism by human cytochrome p450 3a4 (cyp3a4) and cyp2d6 with a radiometric assay. the meoh-soluble fractions of 25 samples, prepared from water extracts, demonstrated inhibitory activity more than 50% on the metabolism mediated by cyp3a4, and 21 samples on the metabolism mediated by cyp2d6. among the meoh-soluble fractions, piper nigrum leaf showed the highest inhibitory activity against cyp3a4 ...200616360935
antioxidant activity of a salt-spice-herbal mixture against free radical induction.a combination of spices (piper nigrum, piper longum and zingiber officinale), herbs (cyperus rotundus and plumbago zeylanica) and salts make up amrita bindu. the study was focused to evaluate the antioxidant property of individual ingredients in amrita bindu against the free radical 2,2'-azinobis-(3-ethylbenzothiazoline-6-sulphonic acid) (abts). the analysis revealed the antioxidant potential of the ingredients in the following order: piper nigrum>piper longum>cyperus rotundus>plumbago zeylanca> ...200616337350
high-frequency plant regeneration through cyclic secondary somatic embryogenesis in black pepper (piper nigrum l.).a high-frequency plantlet regeneration protocol was developed for black pepper (piper nigrum l.) through cyclic secondary somatic embryogenesis. secondary embryos formed from the radicular end of the primary somatic embryos which were originally derived from micropylar tissues of germinating seeds on growth regulator-free sh medium in the absence of light. the process of secondary embryogenesis continued in a cyclic manner from the root pole of newly formed embryos resulting in clumps of somatic ...200616249871
phytochemical studies on the seed extract of piper nigrum linn.the petroleum ether extract of dried ground seeds of piper nigrum linn. and some column fractions of this extract were subjected to gc and gc-ms analysis, resulting in the identification of fourteen compounds (1-14) by using nist mass spectral search program 1998 and the kovat's retention indices. ten of the compounds (1, 2, 4-12) are reported for the first time from this plant. all the fractions showed insecticidal activity against the fourth instar larvae of aedes aegypti and against the fourt ...200516076642
characterization of odorants causing an atypical aroma in white pepper powder (piper nigrum l.) based on quantitative measurements and orthonasal breakthrough thresholds.application of the aroma extract dilution analysis on an extract of white pepper powder showing an intense fecal, cowshed-like off-flavor revealed 3-methylindole (fecal, swine-manure) and 4-methylphenol (fecal, horse-like) with the highest flavor dilution (fd) factors among the 22 odor-active compounds detected. in addition, high fd factors and/or undesirable odor qualities suggested 3-methylphenol (phenolic), butanoic acid (cheese-like), and 2- and 3-methylbutanoic acid (cheese-like) as well as ...200516028994
efficacy of botanical insecticides from piper species (piperaceae) extracts for control of ruropean chafer (coleoptera: scarabaeidae).biopesticides, including botanicals, can offer a safe and effective alternative to conventional insecticides for controlling major insect pests within an integrated pest management program. the current study highlights the practical application of a botanical insecticide for controlling a major insect pest of turfgrass: european chafer, rhizotrogus majalis (razoumowsky). greenhouse and field trials were conducted to test the efficacy of a botanical formulation based on black pepper, piper nigrum ...200516022313
in vivo effect of piperine on serum and tissue glycoprotein levels in benzo(a)pyrene induced lung carcinogenesis in swiss albino recent years, considerable emphasis has been focused on identifying new cancer chemopreventive agents, which could be useful for the human population. piperine is a pure, pungent alkaloid constituent of black and long peppers (piper nigrum and piper longum), that acts as an antioxidant and anticancer agent by its numerous macromolecules associated with them. in the present study, piperine was found to suppress benzo(a)pyrene (b(a)p) induced lung cancer in swiss albino mice. in lung cancer bea ...200615975841
herb-drug interactions: a literature review.herbs are often administered in combination with therapeutic drugs, raising the potential of herb-drug interactions. an extensive review of the literature identified reported herb-drug interactions with clinical significance, many of which are from case reports and limited clinical observations. cases have been published reporting enhanced anticoagulation and bleeding when patients on long-term warfarin therapy also took salvia miltiorrhiza (danshen). allium sativum (garlic) decreased the area u ...200515916450
protective effects of piper nigrum and vinca rosea in alloxan induced diabetic the present study aqueous extract of piper nigrum seeds and vinca rosea flowers were administered orally to alloxan induced diabetic rats once a day for 4 weeks. these treatments lead to significant lowering of blood sugar level and reduction in serum lipids. the levels of antioxidant enzymes, catalase and glutathione peroxidase decreased in alloxan induced diabetic rats however these levels returned to normal in insulin, p. nigrum and v. rosea treated rats. there was no significant differenc ...200515881860
chemopreventive effect of piperine on mitochondrial tca cycle and phase-i and glutathione-metabolizing enzymes in benzo(a)pyrene induced lung carcinogenesis in swiss albino mice.piperine is a major component of black (piper nigrum linn) and long pepper (piper longum linn) used widely in various systems of traditional medicine. we have evaluated the effect of piperine on mitochondrial tricarboxylic acid cycle and phase i and glutathione-metabolizing enzymes in benzo(a)pyrene induced experimental lung carcinogenesis in swiss albino mice. lung cancer bearing mice showed a significant decrease in the activities of mitochondrial enzymes-isocitrate dehydrogenase (icdh), -keto ...200515881660
analysis of piperaceae germplasm by hplc and lcms: a method for isolating and identifying unsaturated amides from piper spp extracts.a method for extraction and high performance liquid chromatography-mass spectrometer (hplc-ms) analysis of the medicinally important genus piper (piperaceae) was developed. this allows for a rapid and accurate measure of unsaturated amides, or piperamides, in black pepper, piper nigrum l., and in wild species from central america. reflux extraction provided the highest recovery of piperine (>80%) from leaf and peppercorn material. hplc analysis using a binary gradient of acetonitrile and water s ...200515769112
effect of an indigenous herbal compound preparation 'trikatu' on the lipid profiles of atherogenic diet and standard diet fed rattus norvegicus.combating heart disease is one of the challenging problems of biomedical science today. towards this goal an indigenous preparation 'trikatu' (a herbal combination containing piper longum (fruit), piper nigrum (fruit) and zingiber officinale (rhizome) dry powder) was fed to normal and cholesterol fed male rattus norvegicus to ascertain its efficacy as a hypolipidaemic agent. its effects on body weight, blood and tissue (aortic, cardiac and hepatic) lipids--total, free and esterified cholesterol, ...200415742354
oral supplementation of piperine leads to altered phase ii enzymes and reduced dna damage and dna-protein cross links in benzo(a)pyrene induced experimental lung recent years, considerable emphasis has been focused on identifying new chemopreventive agents, which could be useful for the human population. piperine is a pure, pungent alkaloid constituent of black and long peppers (piper nigrum and piper longum), which is a most common spice used throughout the world. in the present study, we examined the protective role of piperine during experimental lung carcinogenesis with reference to its effect on dna damage and detoxification enzyme system. the ac ...200515724447
insecticidal amides from fruits of piper nigrum linn.the petroleum ether and ethyl acetate fractions of dried ground seeds of piper nigrum linn. afforded sixteen compounds (1-16) including one new insecticidal amide, pipwaqarine (1) and six constituents (3,4,6,7,11,15) previously unreported from this plant. the structure of (1) has been elucidated through extensive 1d-, 2d-nmr spectral studies as, 1-[13-(3',4'-methylenedioxyphenyl)-2e,4e,12e-tridecatrienoyl]-n-isopentylamide, while those of known constituents through comparison of spectral data. 1 ...200515715258
nigramides a-s, dimeric amide alkaloids from the roots of piper nigrum.[structure: see text] fifteen novel dimeric amide alkaloids possessing a cyclohexene ring, nigramides a-o (1-15), as well as four novel dimeric amide alkaloids possessing a cyclobutane ring, nigramides p-s (17-20), have been isolated from the roots of piper nigrum. their structures were elucidated on the basis of their spectroscopic data. the biosynthestic hypothesis of nigramides a-o (1-15) was proposed by an intermolecular diels-alder reaction from the corresponding monomeric amides. on the ba ...200515704948
antibacterial constituents from the berries of piper nigrum.piper nigrum finds an extensive application in antibacterial preparations belonging to ayurvedic system of medicine. a bioguided extraction and fractionation of the petroleum ether extract of the berries of p. nigrum afforded 2e, 4e, 8z-n-isobutyleicosatrienamide (1), pellitorine (2), trachyone (3), pergumidiene (4) and isopiperolein b (5). pergumidiene and trachyone are isolated for the first time from p. nigrum. all the isolated compounds were active against bacillus subtilis, bacillus sphaeri ...200415636188
anti-inflammatory activities of aller-7, a novel polyherbal formulation for allergic rhinitis.allergic rhinitis is an immunological disorder and an inflammatory response of nasal mucosal membranes. allergic rhinitis, a state of hypersensitivity, occurs when the body overreacts to a substance such as pollens or dust. a novel, safe polyherbal formulation (aller-7/nr-a2) has been developed for the treatment of allergic rhinitis using a unique combination of extracts from seven medicinal plants including phyllanthus emblica, terminalia chebula, terminalia bellerica, albizia lebbeck, piper ni ...200415573692
new insecticidal amides from petroleum ether extract of dried piper nigrum l. whole fruits.the petroleum ether extract of dried ground whole fruits of piper nigrum l. afforded 20 compounds (1-20) including two new insecticidal amides named as pipnoohine (1), and pipyahyine (2), seven reported for the first time from this plant (12, 13, 15-17, 19, 20), and eleven known compounds (3-11, 14, 18). the structure of 1 has been elucidated as (2e,4e,12z)-n-(4-methylpentyl)octadeca-2,4,12-trienamide and that of 2 as (2e,4e,11e)-12-(benzo[1,3]dioxol-5-yl)-n-(3-methylbutyl)dodeca-2,4,11-trien-am ...200415516761
melanogenesis stimulation in murine b16 melanoma cells by piper nigrum leaf extract and its lignan constituents.a methanolic extract from the leaves of piper nigrum l. showed a significant stimulatory effect on melanogenesis in cultured murine b16 melanoma cells. activity-guided fractionation of the methanolic extract led to the isolation of two known lignans, (-)-cubebin (1) and (-)-3,4-dimethoxy-3,4-desmethylenedioxycubebin (2), together with a new lignan, (-)-3-desmethoxycubebinin (3). among these lignans, 1 and 2 showed a significant stimulatory activity of melanogenesis without any significant effect ...200415467205
efficacy of piper (piperaceae) extracts for control of common home and garden insect pests.extracts from three species of the plant family piperaceae, piper nigrum [l.], piper guineense [schum & thonn, and piper tuberculatum [jacq.], were tested for efficacy against insects from five orders. all three species contain isobutyl amides, plant secondary compounds that act as neurotoxins in insects. these materials are considered safe to mammals because piper spp. were used for centuries for spice and medicinal purposes. when 24-h p. nigrum lc50 values were compared between common insect p ...200415384353
antioxidant properties of aller-7, a novel polyherbal formulation for allergic rhinitis.allergic rhinitis, a frequently occurring immunological disorder affecting men, women and children worldwide, is a state of hypersensitivity that occurs when the body overreacts to a substance such as pollen, mold, mites or dust. allergic rhinitis exerts inflammatory response and irritation of the nasal mucosal membranes leading to sneezing; stuffy/runny nose; nasal congestion; and itchy, watery and swollen eyes. a novel, safe polyherbal formulation (aller-7/nr-a2) has been developed for the tre ...200415366786
enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidants in selected piper species.piper species, commonly used in diet and traditional medicine were assessed for their antioxidant potential. catalase activity was predominated in piper longum, followed by piper cubeba, green pepper, piper brachystachyum and piper nigrum. p. nigrum was richest in glutathione peroxidase and glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, green pepper was richest in peroxidase and vitamin c while vitamin e was more in p. longum and p. nigrum. p. brachystachyum and p. longum were rich sources of vitamin a. all ...200315255605
piptigrine, a new insecticidal amide from piper nigrum linn.a new insecticidal amide piptigrine (1) possessing highly extended conjugation was isolated from the dried ground seeds of piper nigrum linn. along with the known amides piperine and wisanine (hitherto unreported from this plant). the structure of 1 has been elucidated as 1-[9-(3',4'-methylenedioxyphenyl)-4e,6e,8e-nonatrienoyl]piperidine through extensive 1d- and 2d-nmr (cosy-45, noesy, j-resolved, hmqc, hmbc and noesy studies. the known compounds have been identified through comparison of their ...200415248617
antioxidant efficacy of black pepper (piper nigrum l.) and piperine in rats with high fat diet induced oxidative stress.the present study was aimed to explore the effect of black pepper (piper nigrum l.) on tissue lipid peroxidation, enzymic and non-enzymic antioxidants in rats fed a high-fat diet. thirty male wistar rats (95-115 g) were divided into 5 groups. they were fed standard pellet diet, high-fat diet (20% coconut oil, 2% cholesterol and 0.125% bile salts), high-fat diet plus black pepper (0.25 g or 0.5 g/kg body weight), high-fat diet plus piperine (0.02 g/kg body weight) for a period of 10 weeks. signif ...200415231065
new amide alkaloids from the roots of piper new amide alkaloids, named n-isobutyl-4-hexanoyl-4-hydroxypyrrolidin-1-one (1), (+/-)-erythro-1-(1-oxo-4,5-dihydroxy-2e-decaenyl)piperidine (2), (+/-)-threo-1-(1- oxo-4,5-dihydroxy-2e-decaenyl)piperidine (3), (+/-)-threo-n-isobutyl-4,5-dihydroxy-2e-octaenamide (4), 1-(1,6-dioxo-2e,4e-decadienyl)piperidine (5), 1-[1-oxo-3(3,4-methylenedioxy-5-methoxyphenyl)-2z-propenyl]piperidine (6), and 1-[1-oxo-5(3,4-methylenedioxyphenyl)-2z,4e-pentadienyl]pyrrolidine (7), were isolated from the roots of ...200415217283
pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies on interaction of "trikatu" with diclofenac sodium."trikatu"-an ayurvedic formulation comprising of a 1:1:1 ratio of dried fruits of piper nigrum, piper longum and dried rhizomes of zingiber officinale is widely used to enhance the bioavailability of drugs, like vasicine, indomethacin, etc. the enhanced biological response might lead to alteration of therapeutic regimens of commonly prescribed drugs. the present work was aimed to study the effect of concomitant administration of trikatu on the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of diclofenac ...200415120451
effect of storage on the essential oil composition of piper nigrum l. fruits of different ripening states.the qualitative and quantitative composition of the essential oil from black, green, and white pepper was determined by using a simultaneous distillation and extraction micromethod for oil isolation and gas chromatography (gc)/flame ionization detection (fid) and gc/mass spectrometry (ms) analysis techniques. the most abundant compounds in pepper oils were (e)-beta-caryophyllene (1.4-70.4%), limonene (2.9-38.4%), beta-pinene (0.7-25.6%), delta-3-carene (1.7-19.0%), sabinene (0-12.2%), alpha-pine ...200415113161
effects of piperine on gastric acid secretion in albino rats.piperine, the pungent principle in piper nigrum and piper guinensis was studied for its effect on gastric acid secretion in white albino rats. increasing the dose from 20 mg kg(-1) weight to 142 mg kg(-1) body weight produced dose dependent increases in gastric acid secretion. when compared with control basal acid secretion, these increases were significant (p<0.05). 20 mg kg(-1) produced a 22.2% (n=7) increase, while the highest dose employed in this study (142 mg kg(-1)) produced 334.6% (n=7) ...200215027765
complete 1h and 13c nmr assignments of two phytosterols from roots of piper nigrum.using modern nmr techniques, including dqf-cosy, noesy, hetcor and hmbc, the full assignments of all 1h and 13c chemical shifts were made for stigmastane-3,6-dione and stigmast-4-ene-3,6-dione, isolated from the roots of piper nigrum (piperaceae). their stereochemistry was resolved by a combination of 2d noesy data and analysis of coupling constants. the two compounds were isolated from the genus piper for the first time.200414971021
mast cell stabilization, lipoxygenase inhibition, hyaluronidase inhibition, antihistaminic and antispasmodic activities of aller-7, a novel botanical formulation for allergic rhinitis.allergic rhinitis, also known as hay fever, rose fever or summer catarrh, is a major challenge to health professionals. a large number of the world's population, including approximately 40 million americans, suffers from allergic rhinitis. a novel, botanical formulation (aller-7) has been developed for the treatment of allergic rhinitis using a combination of extracts from seven medicinal plants, including phyllanthus emblica, terminalia chebula, t. bellerica, albizia lebbeck, piper nigrum, zing ...200314708456
botanical insecticides for controlling agricultural pests: piperamides and the colorado potato beetle leptinotarsa decemlineata say (coleoptera: chrysomelidae).the efficacy of extracts from two piperaceae species, piper nigrum l. and p. tuberculatum jacq. were evaluated using larvae and adults of the colorado potato beetle leptinotarsa decemlineata (say). young larvae and neonates were the most susceptible; a 24-h ld(50) of 0.064% extract of p. tuberculatum was determined for 4-day-old larvae, while 0.05% extract of p. nigrum reduced larval survival up to 70% within one week after treatment of potato solanum tuberosum l. (solanaceae) plants. when an in ...200314635182
screening for acetylcholinesterase inhibitory activity in plants used in thai traditional rejuvenating and neurotonic remedies.acetylcholinesterase (ache) inhibitor has been used as a drug for the symptomatic treatment of alzheimer's disease. in order to search for new ache inhibitors, 32 plants used in thai traditional rejuvenating and neurotonic remedies were collected. the plant methanolic extracts were tested for ache inhibitory activity using ellman's colorimetric method in 96-welled microplates. the results showed that the methanolic extracts from roots of stephania suberosa forman. and tabernaemontana divaricata ...200314611889
element analysis and biological studies on ten oriental spices using xrf and ames test.ten oriental spices were analyzed for their element composition using x-ray fluorescence (xrf): nutmeg (myristica fragrans), coriander (coriandrum sativum), safflower (carthamus tinctorius), caraway (carum carvi), sicilian sumac (rhus coriaria), aniseed (anisum vulgare), black pepper (piper nigrum), cardamom (elettaria cardamomum), cumin (cuminum cyminum) and nigella (nigella sativum). the spices were found to contain the following elements: mg, al, si, p, s, cl, k, ca, ti, mn, fe, cu and zn, wi ...200314531636
piperine lowers the serum concentrations of thyroid hormones, glucose and hepatic 5'd activity in adult male mice.piperine, the main alkaloid of piper nigrum fruits, was evaluated for its thyroid hormone and glucose regulatory efficacy in adult male swiss albino mice. its daily oral administration (2.50 mg/kg) for 15 days lowered the serum levels of both the thyroid hormones, thyroxin (t (4)) and triiodothyronine (t (3)) as well as glucose concentrations with a concomitant decrease in hepatic 5'd enzyme and glucose-6-phospatase (g-6-pase) activity. however, no significant alterations were observed in animal ...200314517767
transmission by snails of the species of phytophthora which causes foot rot of piper nigrum l. in sarawak. 196414207224
screening of antagonistic bacteria for biological control of nursery wilt of black pepper (piper nigrum).bacterial antagonists of phytophthora capsici were isolated from underground shoot portions of rooted cuttings of black pepper. initially isolates were screened by dual culture on potato dextrose agar and carrot agar. further, a screening was done on black pepper shoots for supression of lesion caused by the pathogen. most of the antagonists showed varying levels of antagonism in the dual culture and the shoot assay. isolate pn-026, showing the highest suppression of lesion development in the sh ...200312906381
[comparison of the chemical constituents and pharmacological action of piper nigrum linn. with p. methysticum forst]. 200212814095
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