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protective effects of piperine against copper-ascorbate induced toxic injury to goat cardiac mitochondria in vitro.piperine, the main alkaloid of black pepper, piper nigrum linn., is an important indian spice used in traditional food and medicine in india. in the present study, we investigated the antioxidant activities of piperine against copper-ascorbate induced toxic injury to mitochondria obtained from a goat heart, in vitro. incubation of isolated cardiac mitochondria with copper-ascorbate resulted in elevated levels of lipid peroxidation and protein carbonylation of the mitochondrial membrane, a reduce ...201425059674
aedes aegypti larvicide from the ethanolic extract of piper nigrum black peppercorns.due to unavailability of a vaccine and a specific cure to dengue, the focus nowadays is to develop an effective vector control method against the female aedes aegypti mosquito. this study aims to determine the larvicidal fractions from piper nigrum ethanolic extracts (pnpcme) and to elucidate the identity of the bioactive compounds that comprise these larvicidal fractions. larvicidal assay was performed by subjecting 3rd to 4th a. aegypti instar larvae to pnpcme of p. nigrum. the pnpcme exhibite ...201525118563
the roman and islamic spice trade: new archaeological evidence.tropical spices have long been utilized in traditional medicine and cuisine. new archaeological evidence highlights temporal changes in the nature and scale of the ancient spice trade and in the ancient usage of these plants. furthermore, a study of their 'materiality' highlights that the impact of spices extends beyond their material properties. here the botanical remains of spices recovered from archaeological excavations at a port active in the roman and medieval islamic spice trade are evalu ...201525278182
antifungal activity and computational study of constituents from piper divaricatum essential oil against fusarium infection in black pepper.fusarium disease causes considerable losses in the cultivation of piper nigrum, the black pepper used in the culinary world. brazil was the largest producer of black pepper, but in recent years has lost this hegemony, with a significant reduction in its production, due to the ravages produced by the fusarium solani f. sp. piperis, the fungus which causes this disease. scientific research seeks new alternatives for the control and the existence of other piper species in the brazilian amazon, resi ...201425375334
rhynchophorus ferrugineus midgut cell line to evaluate insecticidal potency of different plant essential oils.cell cultures can be a potent and strong tool to evaluate the insecticidal efficiency of natural products. plant essential oils have long been used as the fragrance or curative products around the world which means that they are safer to be used in close proximity of humans and mammals. in this study, a midgut cell line, developed from rhynchophorus ferrugineus (rpw-1), was used for screening essential oils from nine different plants. assays revealed that higher cell mortality was observed at 50 ...201525381034
inhibitory effect of piperine on helicobacter pylori growth and adhesion to gastric adenocarcinoma cells.piperine is a compound comprising 5-9% of black pepper (piper nigrum), which has a variety of biological roles related to anticancer activities. helicobacter pylori has been classified as a gastric carcinogen, because it causes gastritis and gastric cancer by injecting the virulent toxin caga and translocating vaca. the present study investigated the inhibitory action of piperine on h. pylori growth and adhesion.201425584066
enzyme-assisted supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of black pepper oleoresin for enhanced yield of piperine-rich pepper (piper nigrum l.), the king of spices is the most popular spice globally and its active ingredient, piperine, is reportedly known for its therapeutic potency. in this work, enzyme-assisted supercritical carbon dioxide (sc-co2) extraction of black pepper oleoresin was investigated using α-amylase (from bacillus licheniformis) for enhanced yield of piperine-rich extract possessing good combination of phytochemical properties. optimization of the extraction parameters (without enzyme), ...201525617183
sequence diversity among badnavirus isolates infecting black pepper and related species in india.the badnavirus, piper yellow mottle virus (pymov) is known to infect black pepper (piper nigrum), betelvine (p. betle) and indian long pepper (p. longum) in india and other parts of the world. occurrence of pymov or other badnaviruses in other species of piper and its variability is not reported so far. we have analysed sequence variability in the conserved putative reverse transcriptase (rt)/ribonuclease h (rnase h) coding region of the virus using specific badnavirus primers from 13 virus isol ...201425674613
elucidation of the inhibitory effect of phytochemicals with kir6.2 wild-type and mutant models associated in type-1 diabetes through molecular docking approach.among all serious diseases globally, diabetes (type 1 and type 2) still poses a major challenge to the world population. several target proteins have been identified, and the etiology causing diabetes has been reasonably well studied. but, there is still a gap in deciding on the choice of a drug, especially when the target is mutated. mutations in the kcnj11 gene, encoding the kir6.2 channel, are reported to be associated with congenital hyperinsulinism, having a major impact in causing type 1 d ...201425705171
integrated plant nutrient system - with special emphasis on mineral nutriton and biofertilizers for black pepper and cardamom - a review.integrated plant nutrition system (ipns) as a concept and farm management strategy embraces and transcends from single season crop fertilization efforts to planning and management of plant nutrients in crop rotations and farming systems on a long-term basis for enhanced productivity, profitability and sustainability. it is estimated that about two-thirds of the required increase in crop production in developing countries will have to come from yield increases from lands already under cultivation ...201625834919
antifertility activity of medicinal plants.the aim of this review was to provide a comprehensive summary of medicinal plants used as antifertility agents in females throughout the world by various tribes and ethnic groups. we undertook an extensive bibliographic review by analyzing classical text books and peer reviewed papers, and further consulting well accepted worldwide scientific databases. we performed central, embase, and pubmed searches using terms such as "antifertility", "anti-implantation", "antiovulation", and "antispermatoge ...201525921562
down-regulation of osmotin (pr5) gene by virus-induced gene silencing (vigs) leads to susceptibility of resistant piper colubrinum link. to the oomycete pathogen phytophthora capsici leonian.piper colubrinum link., a distant relative of piper nigrum l., is immune to the oomycete pathogen phytophthora capsici leonian that causes 'quick wilt' in cultivated black pepper (p. nigrum). the osmotin, pr5 gene homologue, earlier identified from p. colubrinum, showed significant overexpression in response to pathogen and defense signalling molecules. the present study focuses on the functional validation of p. colubrinum osmotin (pcosm) by virus induced gene silencing (vigs) using tobacco rat ...201526155671
endophytic bacteria from piper tuberculatum jacq.: isolation, molecular characterization, and in vitro screening for the control of fusarium solani f. sp piperis, the causal agent of root rot disease in black pepper (piper nigrum l.).endophytic bacteria have been found to colonize internal tissues in many different plants, where they can have several beneficial effects, including defense against pathogens. in this study, we aimed to identify endophytic bacteria associated with roots of the tropical piperaceae piper tuberculatum, which is known for its resistance to infection by fusarium solani f. sp piperis, the causal agent of black pepper (piper nigrum) root rot disease in the amazon region. based on 16s rrna gene sequence ...201526214435
physiological and biochemical effects of botanical extract from piper nigrum linn (piperaceae) against the dengue vector aedes aegypti liston (diptera: culicidae).the leaves of piper nigrum l. (piperaceae) were evaluated for chemical constituents and mosquito larvicidal activity against the larvae of aedes aegypti. gc and gc-ms analyses revealed that the crude extracts contain 16 compounds. thymol (20.77%) and ç-elemene (10.42%) were identified as the major constituents followed by cyclohexene, 4-ethenyl-4-methyl-3-(1-methylethenyl)-1-(1 methylethyl)-, (3r-trans) (7.58%), 4,6-octadienoic acid, 2-acetyl-2-methyl-, ethyl ester (6.98), 2(3h)-furanone, 3,4-bi ...201526277727
in vitro antibacterial activity of seven indian spices against high level gentamicin resistant strains of enterococci.the aim of the study was to explore the in vitro antibacterial activity of seven ethanolic extracts of spices against high level gentamicin resistant (hlgr) enterococci isolated from human clinical samples.201526322099
toxigenic potentiality of aspergillus flavus and aspergillus parasiticus strains isolated from black pepper assessed by an lc-ms/ms based multi-mycotoxin method.a liquid chromatography triple quadrupole tandem mass spectrometry method was developed and validated to determine mycotoxins, produced by fungal isolates grown on malt extract agar (mea). all twenty metabolites produced by different fungal species were extracted using acetonitrile/1% formic acid. the developed method was applied to assess the toxigenic potentiality of aspergillus flavus (n = 11) and aspergillus parasiticus (n = 6) strains isolated from black peppers (piper nigrum l.) following ...201526338134
could essential oils of green and black pepper be used as food preservatives?black and green pepper essential oils were used in this study in order to determine the chemical composition, in vitro antimicrobial activity against food spoilage microorganisms and in situ oils effect on food microorganism, after incorporation in chicken soup, by suggested methodology for calculation of growth inhibition concentrations (gic50). chemical analysis revealed a total of 34 components. the major constituent of black pepper oil was trans-caryophyllene (30.33 %), followed by limonene ...201526396402
repellency of plant extracts against the legume flower thrips megalurothrips sjostedti (thysanoptera: thripidae).megalurothrips sjostedti trybom is an important pest of cowpea (vigna unguiculata l.) in africa. to propose an alternative to chemical control, the repellency of 24 plant extracts was evaluated against adult female thrips of m. sjostedti in the laboratory. plant extracts in ethanol were separately applied on a filter paper disk in a still air visual cue olfactometer. the results showed highly significant differences in repellency among extract type, concentration and their interactions. we class ...201526463406
leishmanicidal activity of piper nigrum bioactive fractions is interceded via apoptosis in vitro and substantiated by th1 immunostimulatory potential in vivo.visceral leishmaniasis (vl) is a life-threatening protozoal infection chiefly impinging the rural and poor population in the tropical and sub-tropical countries. the deadly affliction is rapidly expanding after its association with aids, swiftly defying its status of a neglected disease. despite successful formulation of vaccine against canine leishmaniasis, no licensed vaccine is yet available for human vl, chemotherapy is in appalling state, and the development of new candidate drugs has been pa ...201526696979
activity of medicinal plant extracts on multiplication of mycobacterium tuberculosis under reduced oxygen conditions using intracellular and axenic assays.aim. test the activity of selected medicinal plant extracts on multiplication of mycobacterium tuberculosis under reduced oxygen concentration which represents nonreplicating conditions. material and methods. acetone, ethanol and aqueous extracts of the plants acorus calamus l. (rhizome), ocimum sanctum l. (leaf), piper nigrum l. (seed), and pueraria tuberosa dc. (tuber) were tested on mycobacterium tuberculosis h37rv intracellularly using an epithelial cell (a549) infection model. the extracts ...201626941797
in vitro blood-brain barrier permeability predictions for gabaa receptor modulating piperine analogs.the alkaloid piperine from black pepper (piper nigrum l.) and several synthetic piperine analogs were recently identified as positive allosteric modulators of γ-aminobutyric acid type a (gabaa) receptors. in order to reach their target sites of action, these compounds need to enter the brain by crossing the blood-brain barrier (bbb). we here evaluated piperine and five selected analogs (sct-66, sct-64, sct-29, lau397, and lau399) regarding their bbb permeability. data were obtained in three in v ...201627018328
review of scientific evidence of medicinal convoy plants in traditional persian concept used in traditional persian medicine (tpm) for multidrug therapy is that of the convoy drug (mobadregh). according to tpm texts, convoy drugs are substances (or drugs), which facilitate the access of drugs or foods to the whole body or to specific organs. this study reviewed some convoy drugs presented in tpm, their biological effects, and their probable interactions with main drugs, considering the increased absorption through inhibition of p-glycoprotein (p-gp) efflux function, bio ...201727041871
mycotoxin production and predictive modelling kinetics on the growth of aspergillus flavus and aspergillus parasiticus isolates in whole black peppercorns (piper nigrum l).the growth and mycotoxin production of three aspergillus flavus isolates and an aspergillus parasiticus isolate were studied in whole black peppercorns (piper nigrum l.) using a full factorial design with seven water activity (aw) (0.826-0.984) levels and three temperatures (22, 30 and 37°c). growth rates and lag phases were estimated using linear regression. diverse secondary models were assessed for their ability to describe the radial growth rate as a function of individual and combined effec ...201627088871
the larvicidal effects of black pepper (piper nigrum l.) and piperine against insecticide resistant and susceptible strains of anopheles malaria vector mosquitoes.insecticide resistance carries the potential to undermine the efficacy of insecticide based malaria vector control strategies. therefore, there is an urgent need for new insecticidal compounds. black pepper (dried fruit from the vine, piper nigrum), used as a food additive and spice, and its principal alkaloid piperine, have previously been shown to have larvicidal properties. the aim of this study was to investigate the larvicidal effects of ground black pepper and piperine against third and fo ...201627117913
influence of combinations of fenugreek, garlic, and black pepper powder on production traits of the study the effects of combinations of fenugreek (trigonella foenum-graecum l.), garlic (allium sativum), and black pepper (piper nigrum) powder supplementation on production traits of broiler chickens.201627284222
transfer rna derived small rnas targeting defense responsive genes are induced during phytophthora capsici infection in black pepper (piper nigrum l.).small rnas derived from transfer rnas were recently assigned as potential gene regulatory candidates for various stress responses in eukaryotes. in this study, we report on the cloning and identification of trna derived small rnas from black pepper plants in response to the infection of the quick wilt pathogen, phytophthora capsici. 5'trfs cloned from black pepper were validated as highly expressed during p. capsici infection. a high-throughput systematic analysis of the small rnaome (srnaome) r ...201627313593
influence of temperature on symptom expression, detection of host factors in virus infected piper nigrum l.expression of symptoms in black pepper plants (piper nigrum) infected with piper yellow mottle virus (pymov) vary depending on the season, being high during summer months. here, we explored the influence of temperature on symptom expression in pymov infected p. nigrum. our controlled environment study revealed increase in virus titer, total proteins, iaa and reducing sugars when exposed to temperature stress. there was change in the 2-d separated protein before and after exposure. the 2-d proteo ...201627319055
corrigendum: leishmanicidal activity of piper nigrum bioactive fractions is interceded via apoptosis in vitro and substantiated by th1 immunostimulatory potential in vivo.[this corrects the article on p. 1368 in vol. 6, pmid: 26696979.].201627379073
transcriptome- assisted label-free quantitative proteomics analysis reveals novel insights into piper nigrum-phytophthora capsici pepper (piper nigrum l.), a tropical spice crop of global acclaim, is susceptible to phytophthora capsici, an oomycete pathogen which causes the highly destructive foot rot disease. a systematic understanding of this phytopathosystem has not been possible owing to lack of genome or proteome information. in this study, we explain an integrated transcriptome-assisted label-free quantitative proteomics pipeline to study the basal immune components of black pepper when challenged with p. capsi ...201627379110
recent progress for the utilization of curcuma longa, piper nigrum and phoenix dactylifera seeds against type 2 diabetes.diabetes mellitus is an important human disease afflicting many from various walks of life in different countries. even though modern medicines contribute a variety of effective treatment options, they can have several unfavourable effects. the intention of this review is to organize and discuss various studies that have been previously conducted on the effectiveness of these herbal plants in diabetes.201627399905
inhibition of quorum-sensing-mediated biofilm formation in cronobacter sakazakii strains.the present study investigated plant extracts for their anti-quorum-sensing (qs) potential to inhibit the biofilm formation in cronobacter sakazakii strains. the bioassay based on loss of pigment production by chromobacterium violaceum 026 and agrobacterium tumefaciens ntl4(pzlr4) was used for initial screening of the extracts. further, the effect of extracts on the inhibition of qs-mediated biofilm in c. sakazakii isolates was evaluated using standard crystal violet assay. the effect on biofilm ...201627460095
spices for prevention and treatment of cancers.spices have been widely used as food flavorings and folk medicines for thousands of years. numerous studies have documented the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects of spices, which might be related to prevention and treatment of several cancers, including lung, liver, breast, stomach, colorectum, cervix, and prostate cancers. several spices are potential sources for prevention and treatment of cancers, such as curcuma longa (tumeric), nigella sativa (black cumin), zingibe ...201627529277
de novo transcriptome sequencing of black pepper (piper nigrum l.) and an analysis of genes involved in phenylpropanoid metabolism in response to phytophthora capsici.piper nigrum l., or "black pepper", is an economically important spice crop in tropical regions. black pepper production is markedly affected by foot rot disease caused by phytophthora capsici, and genetic improvement of black pepper is essential for combating foot rot diseases. however, little is known about the mechanism of anti- p. capsici in black pepper. the molecular mechanisms underlying foot rot susceptibility were studied by comparing transcriptome analysis between resistant (piper flav ...201627769171
piperine suppresses pyroptosis and interleukin-1β release upon atp triggering and bacterial infection.piperine is a phytochemical present in black pepper (piper nigrum linn) and other related herbs, possessing a wide array of pharmacological activities including anti-inflammatory effects. previously, we demonstrated that piperine has therapeutic effects on bacterial sepsis in mice, but the underlying mechanism has not been fully elucidated. in this study, we aimed to investigate the influences of piperine on pyroptosis in murine macrophages. the results showed that piperine dose-dependently inhi ...201627812336
investigation of scavenging activities and distribution of paramagnetic species in zanthoxylum limonella seeds.we investigated the scavenging activities of methanol-extracted oil and the distribution of paramagnetic species in zanthoxylum limonella (zl) seeds using noninvasive 9 ghz electron paramagnetic resonance (epr) imaging and continuous wave epr. epr detected three different stable paramagnetic species that were assigned to stable organic radicals, mn(2+), and other paramagnetic metal complexes. two-dimensional epr imaging showed that the stable paramagnetic species were located in the pigmented se ...201627817252
interplay of genes in plant-pathogen interactions: in planta expression and docking studies of a beta 1,3 glucanase gene from piper colubrinum and a glucanase inhibitor gene from phytophthora capsici.oomycete pathogen, phytophthora capsici is devastating for black pepper (piper nigrum l.) and causes foot rot disease at all stages of plant growth. phytophthora secretes a glucanase inhibitor protein (gip), which is capable of inhibiting defence proteins like endoglucanases. in this particular study quantitative pcr analysis, molecular docking studies and analysis of sequences of glucanase inhibitor protein and beta-1,3 glucanse genes were done mainly depending on the data derived from phytopht ...201627924129
a biodegradable device for the controlled release of piper nigrum (piperaceae) standardized extract to control aedes aegypti (diptera, culicidae) larvae.the significant increase in dengue, zika, and chikungunya and the resistance of the aedes aegypti mosquito to major insecticides emphasize the importance of studying alternatives to control this vector. the aim of this study was to develop a controlled-release device containing piper nigrum extract and to study its larvicidal activity against aedes aegypti.201728001214
ethnobiological treatments of neurological conditions in the chota nagpur plateau, health organization (who) has recognized the contribution of traditional medicine in the primary health care system. who also considers neurological disorders as one of the prime concern to the public health. inadequate and inaccessible health facilities in the rural and underprivileged areas have forced the various tribal and non-tribal communities to use ethno-phyto and ethno-zoo therapeutics against different ailments. chota nagpur plateau, india is one of the richest in india in terms ...201728017696
effects of thai piperaceae plant extracts on neospora caninum infection.neosporosis has a worldwide distribution and causes economic losses in farming, particularly by increasing the risk of abortion in cattle. this study investigated the effects of thai piperaceae (piper betle, p. nigrum, and p. sarmentosum) extracts on neospora caninum infections in vitro and in vivo. in an in vitro parasite growth assay based on the green fluorescent protein (gfp) signal, p. betle was the most effective extract at inhibiting parasite growth in human foreskin fibroblast cells (ic5 ...201728137670
the srnaome mining revealed existence of unique signature small rnas derived from 5.8srrna from piper nigrum and other plant lineages.small rnas derived from ribosomal rnas (srrnas) are rarely explored in the high-throughput data of plant systems. here, we analyzed srrnas from the deep-sequenced small rna libraries of piper nigrum, a unique magnoliid plant. the 5' end of the putative long form of 5.8s rrna (5.8slrrna) was identified as the site for biogenesis of highly abundant srrnas that are unique among the piperaceae family of plants. a subsequent comparative analysis of the ninety-seven srnaomes of diverse plants successf ...201728145468
endophytic phomopsis sp. colonization in oryza sativa was found to result in plant growth promotion and piperine production.endophytic fungi have been reported to have the acquired ability to synthesize host plant specific medicinal natural products. many fungi with such properties have been characterized and optimized for the conditions which favor maximal production of desired products. however, the inherent plant colonization property of promising endophytic fungi is least studied. exploiting the transgenome functioning of these fungi have immense applications to add beneficial features to non-host plants. in the ...201728224643
in vitro anticancer activity of ethanolic extracts of piper nigrum against colorectal carcinoma cell lines.piper nigrum (pn) is well known for its cytotoxic and pharmacological benefits. however, there is minimal documented evidence about its cytotoxic efficacy against colorectal carcinoma. we therefore sought to procure a precisely quantitative and qualitative result, pertaining the efficacy of an ethanolic extract of pn (eepn) against colorectal carcinoma.201728251112
in vitro assessment of the acaricidal activity of piper longum, piper nigrum, and zingiber officinale extracts against hyalomma anatolicum ticks.ticks and tick-borne diseases are a major constraint for the sustainable cattle industry in the tropical and subtropical regions including the indian subcontinent. the development of resistance to most of the commonly used acaricides leads to an attempt to screen plant extracts and their combinations for their possible acaricidal activity to develop an eco-friendly tick control alternative. an alcoholic and various aqueous extracts of piper longum, piper nigrum and zingiber officinale and their ...201728251408
olfactory loss management in view of avicenna: focus on neuroprotective plants.loss of olfaction can cause noticeable reduction in general quality of life. only a small portion of patients with olfactory loss respond to current medications. thus, development of novel therapeutic strategies seems to be necessary. looking into traditional medical knowledge can be of great value in addressing useful remedies. traditional persian medicine (tpm) has been practiced in persia for more than 2000 years. avicenna is the most eminent persian physician.201728302020
the dynamic microbiota profile during pepper (piper nigrum l.) peeling by solid-state fermentation.white pepper (piper nigrum l.), a well-known spice, is the main pepper processing product in hainan province, china. the solid-state method of fermentation can peel pepper in a highly efficient manner and yield high-quality white pepper. in the present study, we used next-generation sequencing to reveal the dynamic changes in the microbiota during pepper peeling by solid-state fermentation. the results suggested that the inoculated aspergillus niger was dominant throughout the fermentation stage ...201728378160
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