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letter: growth of respiratory syncytial virus in rk13 cells. 19744136913
direct immunofluorescent identification of respiratory syncytial virus in throat swabs from children with respiratory illness. 19684169786
application of immunofluorescent antibody technique in rapid diagnosis of respiratory syncytial virus infection.seventy-eight unselected children under the age of 2 years suffering from acute respiratory infections were investigated by the fluorescent antibody technique and a comparison was made with conventional isolation and serological methods. sixty-nine per cent. of children with bronchiolitis were diagnosed as suffering from respiratory syncytial virus infection on the day of admission by examination of nasopharyngeal secretions. there were 44 children with respiratory syncytial virus infection diag ...19684173963
a study of an inhibitor in bovine serum active against respiratory syncytial virus. 19684176019
vaccine against respiratory syncytial virus. 19694184224
interferon and respiratory syncytial virus. 19704190538
a respiratory syncytial virus of bovine origin. 19704195627
[study of the antiviral action of actinomyces extracts on the multiplication of the respiratory syncytial virus in cell cultures]. 19724197601
bovine respiratory syncytial virus: host range in laboratory animals and cell cultures. 19744209456
[the use of immunofluorescence in respiratory syncytial virus detection]. 19674227523
[a study of epidemics caused by respiratory syncytial virus in young children]. 19694242135
[serological and virological studies of respiratory tract infections caused by respiratory syncytial virus, adenoviruses and other viruses]. 19644284117
[investigations on the occurrence of neutralizing antibodies against respiratory syncytial virus in the population]. 19654285440
[study of kb cells infected by myxovirus parainfluenzae 2, 3 or by respiratory syncytial virus. i. relation between viral multiplication and its cellular manifestations]. 19664286477
respiratory syncytial virus epidemic. 19664287020
antibody response in guinea-pigs following intranasal inoculation of respiratory syncytial virus. 19664288440
a roentgenographic analysis of respiratory syncytial virus pneumonia in infants. 19664288755
respiratory syncytial virus. an outbreak of acute respiratory illnesses in a home for infants. 19664289751
[an outbreak of illnesses due to respiratory syncytial virus]. 19654290515
repeated infections with respiratory syncytial virus. 19674290804
viral respiratory diseases in nigeria: a serological survey, ii. complement fixing antobody levels of adenoviruses, respiratory syncytial virus, psittacosis virus. 19664290892
[study of kb cells infected with type 2 and 3 myxovirus parainfluenzae and respiratory syncytial virus. ii. cytochemical study]. 19664291232
respiratory syncytial virus infections in families. a study of family members of children hospitalized for acute respiratory disease. 19674292301
[epidemic due to respiratory syncytial virus in a children's community]. 19664292611
[contribution on the serological diagnosis of respiratory syncytial virus infections. comparison of the complement fixation reaction with indirect hemagglutination]. 19664294397
[detection of complement fixing antibodies against respiratory syncytial virus in groups of the population of the federal territory of amapa, brazil]. 19664297168
respiratory syncytial virus associated with acute respiratory infections in trinidadian patients. 19684299816
development of delayed dermal hypersensitivity in guinea pigs immunized with inactivated respiratory syncytial virus vaccines. 19684302154
[detection of complement-fixing serum antibodies against the respiratory syncytial virus in a smaple of the population of rome]. 19674302486
[detection of hemagglutination-inhibiting antibodies against measles virus and mumps virus and complement-fixing antibodies against the respiratory syncytial virus in subjects of swat (northwestern pakistan)]. 19684305033
respiratory syncytial virus disease in infants despite prior administration of antigenic inactivated vaccine. 19694305198
respiratory virus immunization. i. a field trial of two inactivated respiratory virus vaccines; an aqueous trivalent parainfluenza virus vaccine and an alum-precipitated respiratory syncytial virus vaccine. 19694305199
field evaluation of a respiratory syncytial virus vaccine and a trivalent parainfluenza virus vaccine in a pediatric population. 19694305200
[incidence of infection with respiratory syncytial virus in undifferentiated acute respiratory diseases]. 19674305214
respiratory syncytial virus complement fixing antibodies. evidence of the 7s nature of antibodies determined with dextran added to the test system. 19684305522
study of delayed hypersensitivity to myxoviruses induced by vaccines.the delayed hypersensitivity response of guinea pigs to bacillus calmette-gúerin (bcg) and myxovirus vaccines was investigated by use of the techniques of skin testing and inhibition of macrophage migration. a serum antibody response to the injected vaccines was readily demonstrable. parainfluenza type 2 virus consistently failed to induce a delayed hypersensitivity state in 15 animals, even with the use of a virus adjuvant emulsion. respiratory syncytial virus occupied an intermediate position ...19694306260
the structure of the respiratory syncytial virus. 19694308056
[antibody complement fixation for respiratory syncytial virus and adenovirus and hemagglutination inhibition of para-influenza viruses 1, 2 and 3 in a brazilian children population]. 19684313546
differentiation of actively and passively acquired complement-fixing antibodies in infants with respiratory syncytial virus infection. 19704318079
[paramyxoviruses, with special reference to the parainfluenza virus and the respiratory syncytial virus and their diseases]. 19714321879
vaccination against pediatric illness caused by parainfluenza virus, respiratory syncytial virus and certain adenoviruses. current status and perspective. 19704322620
influence of immunological factors in respiratory syncytial virus disease. 19704323368
observations on clinical and immunofluorescent diagnosis of parainfluenza virus infections.immunofluorescent techniques have been applied to nasopharyngeal secretions for the rapid diagnosis of parainfluenza virus types 1, 2, and 3 infections. seventy-five infections were found by isolation techniques; 55 of these had nasopharyngeal secretions taken and 53 were positive by direct examination. a comparison of the results of 60 neutralization tests with immunofluorescence applied to monkey kidney isolations showed complete agreement. immunofluorescence appeared to be a satisfactory meth ...19714323868
direct immunofluorescent studies of infection with respiratory syncytial virus. 19704324105
[fast postmortem diagnosis of adenovirus, para-influenza respiratory-syncytial virus diseases in children]. 19714326274
[the associative interrelationships of mycoplasma pneumoniae and respiratory-syncytial virus in cell cultures]. 19714327855
the tecumseh study of respiratory illness. 3. incidence and periodicity of respiratory syncytial virus and mycoplasma pneumoniae infections. 19714328570
the association of viruses with clinical pertussis.this study describes the results of attempts to grow viruses from per-nasal swabs taken from 136 children with clinical pertussis.altogether 37 strains of a variety of different viruses were isolated. adenovirus was the most frequent, making up 30% of the total. besides these, herpes simplex, measles, influenza a2, influenza b, mumps, poliovirus and respiratory syncytial virus were detected.bordetella pertussis was isolated from 22% of the appears that a pertussis-like syndrome can be c ...19714328794
experiences in laboratory diagnosis of respiratory syncytial virus infections in routine medical practice. 19714328892
clinical and immunological response of infants and children to administration of low-temperature adapted respiratory syncytial virus. 19714330595
antibodies to respiratory syncytial virus in a normal community in chandigarh area, northern india.a survey for the presence of respiratory syncytial (rs) virus antibodies has been carried out in 346 sera from a healthy community in northern india. the results showed that 19.6% of the sera were positive and had a titre of 16 or more. the higher titres were observed more frequently in the younger age groups. there is, therefore, serological evidence for the occurrence of rs virus infection in india.19714333697
hl cells, a sensitive line for the isolation and propagation of respiratory syncytial virus. 19724338798
adenovirus, parainfluenza virus and respiratory syncytial virus antibodies in the sera of jamaicans.surveys for respiratory virus antibodies in the jamaican population have shown that adenovirus, respiratory syncytial virus and parainfluenza types 1 and 3 virus antibodies are acquired early in life. the incidence of haemagglutination-inhibiting antibodies to parainfluenza viruses increases rapidly with age and almost all adults possess parainfluenza type 3 antibody, usually in high titre. parainfluenza type 1 antibodies are only slightly less common. complement-fixing antibodies to the adenovi ...19724341999
[the role of respiratory syncytial virus in bronchopulmonary pathology in adults]. 19724343035
immunofluorescence for routine diagnosis of respiratory syncytial virus infection.a comparison of immunofluorescent tests for the diagnosis of respiratory syncytial (rs) virus infections was carried out on 42 hospitalized cases of respiratory infection in childhood. respiratory syncytial virus was detected in 22 (52%) cases, the most sensitive method of detection being by indirect immunofluorescence of bristol hela tissue cultures inoculated with nasopharyngeal aspirates. the highest detection rate was in bronchiolitis cases (92%). detection of antibody rises in paired sera, ...19724345816
bovine respiratory syncytial virus. studies on an outbreak in japan, 1968-1969. 19724345977
[comparative observations of the level of antibodies to respiratory syncytial virus and parainfluenza virus type 3 in children at a children's home]. 19734350233
[isolation of respiratory syncytial virus. apropos of a study of an epidemic outbreak]. 19724351873
safety and antigenicity of temperature sensitive (ts) mutant respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) in infants and children. 19734353352
epidemiology of respiratory syncytial virus infection among infants and children in chicago. 19734353439
genetic studies of respiratory syncytial virus temperature-sensitive mutants. 19734353797
epidemiology of respiratory syncytial virus infection in washington, d.c. i. importance of the virus in different respiratory tract disease syndromes and temporal distribution of infection. 19734355005
epidemiology of respiratory syncytial virus infection in washington, d.c. ii. infection and disease with respect to age, immunologic status, race and sex. 19734355170
epidemiology of respiratory syncytial virus infection in washington, d.c. 3. composite analysis of eleven consecutive yearly epidemics. 19734355632
pediatric infections with respiratory syncytial virus. 19734357141
respiratory syncytial virus infections in children in montreal: a retrospective study.seventy-seven hospitalized children from whom respiratory syncytial virus was subsequently isolated were studied in retrospect. this demonstrated the association of host invasion by this agent with an acute respiratory disease requiring hospitalization for approximately one week.boys considerably outnumbered girls, the average age was 7.5 months, and in 56% the admission diagnosis was "bronchiolitis". cough and difficulty in breathing were the most common presenting complaints and "pneumonia" th ...19734357142
serological evidence of respiratory syncytial virus infection in sheep. 19734357318
virus isolations from patients in general practice, 1961-71.during the period 1961-71 of 1785 viruses isolated from patients in the general population 503 (28%) were rhinoviruses, 465 (26%) influenza viruses, 248 (14%) enteroviruses, 234 (13%) herpes simplex virus, 132 (7%) parainfluenza viruses, 129 (7%) adenoviruses and 49 (3%) respiratory syncytial virus. also isolated were 18 strains of mumps virus, 7 coronaviruses and 295 streptococci of groups a, c or g.fluctuations were observed in the frequency with which respiratory syncytial virus, parainfluenz ...19744362413
virological findings and blood gas tensions in acute lower respiratory tract infections in children.sequential blood gas tensions and ph have been measured in 84 children selected from 486 admitted to hospital during a 15-month period with acute lower respiratory tract infections. of those selected 73 were treated conservatively and 11 by intermittent positive-pressure ventilation; one infant in the latter group died. respiratory syncytial virus (r.s.v.) was isolated from 24 out of 62 patients studied and the main pathogen in the most severely affected infants. statistical analysis showed that ...19744366122
acute respiratory failure in bronchiolitis and pneumonia in infancy. modes of presentation and treatment.the modes of presentation and the management of acute respiratory failure in 11 infants with severe lower respiratory tract infections (due to respiratory syncytial virus in eight) are described. progressive respiratory difficulties leading to exhaustion, peripheral circulatory collapse, recurrent apnoeic attacks, or generalized convulsions were the main clinical presentations resulting in severe ventilatory failure. in nine infants preventilation carbon dioxide tensions exceeded 65 mm hg. it se ...19744366123
respiratory syncytial virus in infants and children. 19744373702
the tecumseh study of respiratory illness. vii. further observations on the occurrence of respiratory syncytial virus and mycoplasma pneumoniae infections.the occurrence of infection with respiratory syncytial (rs) virus and mycoplasma pneumoniae was determined over a 6-year period among residents of tecumseh, michigan by isolation and serology. rs virus infection was detected for a variable time each year during the months extending from november to may. there was little viral activity in intervals between these periods of prevalence, which occurred on an alternating short-long cycle. higher infection rates were detected in periods preceding the ...19744374887
[respiratory syncytial virus infection in adults]. 19744377451
the morphological characterisation of respiratory syncytial virus by a simple electron microscope technique. 19674383024
precipitating antibody response of guinea pigs to respiratory syncytial virus. 19674383033
respiratory syncytial virus infection of diploid cell strains. 19674383889
agar gel precipitation reaction with respiratory-syncytial virus antigen. 19724400677
the radiological findings in respiratory syncytial virus infection in children. ii. the correlation of radiological categories with clinical and virological findings. 19744423578
biophysical characteristics of respiratory syncytial virus. 19744465906
sero-epidemiological survey of respiratory syncytial virus infection in pondicherry area--south india. 19744468943
studies on respiratory syncytial virus. ii. stabilization of respiratory syncytial virus. 19744479498
an outbreak of respiratory syncytial virus infection in an infant nursery. 19734512085
physicochemical properties of bovine respiratory syncytial virus. 19734541937
stimulated growth of respiratory syncytial virus in the presence of actinomycin d. 19734543050
letter to the editor: immunofluorescent techniques for the diagnosis of respiratory syncytial virus. 19734584350
attenuated respiratory syncytial virus vaccines in asthmatic children. 19744601222
rapid virus diagnosis in paediatric units by postal service. respiratory syncytial virus infection in cumberland. 19744605010
bovine parvovirus 1, bovine syncytial virus, and bovine respiratory syncytial virus and their infections. 19744608633
the rs-virus-infected cell in vitro. i. the nucleocytoplasmic (p=n) ratio following infection with the respiratory syncytial virus. 19724660917
[long-term observations of the blood level of antibodies to respiratory syncytial virus in children of a children's home]. 19724664100
respiratory syncytial virus infections. 19734806397
complete heart block and respiratory syncytial virus infection. 19744810281
separation and concentration of respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) antigens. 19744827015
isolation of rna species from hela cells infected with respiratory syncytial virus. 19744827262
genetic alteration in a temperature-sensitive mutant of respiratory syncytial virus after replication in vivo. 19744827725
isolation of respiratory syncytial virus from calves with acute respiratory disease. 19744842339
serological evidence for the association of bovine respiratory syncytial virus with respiratory tract disease in alabama cattle.a serological investigation for neutralizing antibody to bovine respiratory syncytial virus (brsv) was conducted using an antigenically related human strain of respiratory syncytial virus. results demonstrated the effectiveness of the procedure. sixty-seven percent of healthy, adult cattle tested were found to have antibody to brsv. calves in several herds were exposed to conditions to encourage development of respiratory tract disease. in three herds in which respiratory tract disease subsequen ...19744854249
bovine-testis cells for routine isolation of respiratory syncytial virus from infants. 19744857798
[epidemic cases of respiratory syncytial virus infection in a nursery. 2. virological and serological studies]. 19674864336
rapid diagnosis of respiratory syncytial virus infection by immunofluorescent antibody techniques. 19684866511
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