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some variables affecting the use of cowpea as an assay host for cucumber mosaic virus. 195413189819
temperature influence on the rate of passage of cucumber mosaic virus through the epidermis of cowpea leaves. 195813544110
resistance in tobacco to cucumber mosaic virus. 195813593173
[purification and serology of cucumber mosaic virus]. 195813613349
[new occasional transmitters for the cucumber mosaic virus (marmor cucumeris), the y potato virus (marmor upsilon), dwarfing of tomato and a new transmitter of turnip yellow disease (corium betae)]. 195913852219
variation in efficiency of aphid transmission of southern cucumber mosaic virus and potato virus y in pepper. 195914446984
vacuum freeze-drying of tobacco leaf tissues infected with cucumber mosaic virus. 196014401708
highly infectious phenol extracts from tobacco leves infected with cucumber mosaic virus. 196014442861
direct infrared spectral analysis of the cucumber mosaic virus infection process. 196013694212
a case of interference between alfalfa mosaic virus and cucumber mosaic virus. 196013729306
biophysical and biochemical properties of wild cucumber mosaic virus and of two related virus-like particles. 196113787197
unusual base composition of the ribonucleic acid of wild cucumber mosaic virus. 196113787198
an x-ray scattering investigation of wild cucumber mosaic virus and a related protein.x-ray scattering data are presented on solutions of wild cucumber mosaic virus and the associated "top component" particles which have little or no rna. the radii of gyration are 112 a and 135 a for bottom and top component, respectively. the radial density distribution within each particle is calculated by fourier inversion of the scattered amplitudes. the virus particle or bottom component has approximately uniform density with an outer radius of about 140 a. the transform of the top component ...196113861136
[verification of nematode vectors of cucumber mosaic virus 2]. 196113926874
the preparation and some properties of protein subunits obtained from wild cucumber mosaic virus. 196114008921
zone electrophoresis and particle size of cucumber mosaic virus. 196114037479
interference between cucumber mosaic virus and tobacco mosaic virus on different hosts. 196214480080
copper-dependent and iron-dependent inactivations of cucumber mosaic virus by polyphenols. 196314058993
purification of cucumber mosaic virus. 196313992532
inhibition of cucumber mosaic virus infectivity by leaf extracts. 196414240388
[on the presence of cucumber mosaic virus (marmor cucumeris h.) on echinacea purpurea (l.) moench]. 196414257861
[changes of the cytochrome oxidase and peroxidase activity in cucumber leaves infected with the cucumber mosaic virus]. 196414262615
differential adsorption of the two components of wild cucumber mosaic virus by bentonite. 196514319716
some physical and chemical properties of cucumber mosaic virus (strain y) and of its isolated ribonucleic acid. 19654157609
electron microscopic examination of wild cucumber mosaic virus in negatively stained crude preparations. 19654157937
the morphology of cucumber mosaic virus. 19655833312
[appearance of the cucumber mosaic virus 2 and measures for its control]. 19655884798
stylet-borne virus: active probing by aphids not required for acquisition.anesthetized aphids, whose stylets had been dipped into capillaries containing purified concentrated cucumber mosaic virus, acquired the virus and, after recovery from the anesthetic, were able to transmit it in a low percentage of cases. although this study does not eliminate active probing as a means of virus acquisition, experimentally, it clearly establishes passive contamination of aphid mouthparts as a method of virus acquisition.19665914767
some properties of purified cucumber mosaic virus (q strain). 19664957202
bentonite aids virus transmission.the addition of 0.1-1% bentonite to crude sap of erigeron glaucus containing tomato ringspot virus increased transmission of the virus to bean, but similar amounts of bentonite to the same inoculum decreased transmission to cucumber and cowpea. addition of bentonite to crude inoculum of this virus in cucumber, bean, and cowpea reduced transmission to cucumber, bean, and cowpea. bentonite decreased transmission to cowpea of cucumber mosaic virus from young cucumber but increased transmission from ...196618611479
relationships among tomato aspermy, aspermy-related viruses from chrysanthemum, and two strains of cucumber mosaic virus. 19674961616
biochemical and biophysical properties of cucumber mosaic virus. 19676022487
the structure of cucumber mosaic virus. 19676030028
inactivation of cucumber mosaic virus (q strain) nucleoprotein by pancreatic ribonuclease. 19685650703
properties of a plant virus-induced rna polymerase in cucumbers infected with cucumber mosaic virus. 19685684122
differential transmission of strains of cucumber mosaic virus by aphids. 19685723668
serological behavior of cucumber mosaic virus (strain y) and the virus protein.antisera with titers of 1/128 were obtained by injecting rabbits intravenously (iv) or intramuscularly (im) with purified cucumber mosaic virus (strain y) (cmv-y). gel-diffusion tests with cmv-y resulted in the formation of a curved band with the iv antisera and both a curved and a straight band with the im antisera. the curved band results from the combination of high molecular weight virus antigen with specific antibody, and the straight band originates from the combination of a product of vir ...196818614108
tobacco leaf veins as sources of a cucumber mosaic virus for aphids. 196818614118
reversible dissociation of cucumber mosaic virus (strain s). 19695762199
sedimentation properties of a lily isolate of cucumber mosaic virus and its nucleic acid. 19695781868
plant virus-induced rna polymerase: properties of the enzyme partly purified from cucumber cotyledons infected with cucumber mosaic virus. 19695807971
[lycium halimifolium mill.--a potential reservoir of the cucumber mosaic virus]. 19695396075
effect of edta on cucumber mosaic virus and its application in purification. 19694974329
properties of a plant virus-induced rna polymerase in particulate fractions of cucumbers infected with cucumber mosaic virus. 19705474461
[several properties of cucumber mosaic virus (cmv-1)]. 19705517365
studies on the stabilizing forces of simple rna viruses. ii. stability, dissociation and reassembly of cucumber mosaic virus. 19714994569
specificity of the cucumber mosaic virus-induced rna polymerase for rna and polynucleotide templates. 19715167654
polyacrylamide gel separation and molecular weight determination of the components of cucumber mosaic virus rna. 19725031051
a reexamination of the molecular size of cucumber mosaic virus and its coat protein. 19725072632
subcellular responses of mesophyll cells to wild cucumber mosaic virus. 19724110283
stabilization of capsid structure and enhancement of immunogenicity of cucumber mosaic virus (q strain) by formaldehyde. 19724623497
comparison of the buoyant density heterogeneity of cucumber mosaic virus and brome mosaic virus. 19734725631
infection of tobacco mesophyll protoplasts by cucumber mosaic virus. 19734574514
cucumber mosaic virus contains a functionally divided genome. 19734576349
[identification and estimate of the molecular weights of the ribonucleic acids of cucumber mosaic virus (vmc strain d)]. 19734204043
the inhibition of infection by cucumber mosaic virus and influenza virus by extracts from phytolacca americana. 19744206833
partial suppression by uv irradiation of the mechanism of resistance to cucumber mosaic virus in a resistant cucumber cultivar. 19744366493
redetermination of the rna content and the limiting rna size of three strains of cucumber mosaic virus. 19744366500
cucumber mosaic virus-induced rna polymerase: partial purification and properties of the template-free enzyme. 19744372786
evidence for three functional rna species in several strains of cucumber mosaic virus. 19744813421
cucumber mosaic virus rna contains 7-methyl guanosine at the 5'-terminus of all four rna species.purified cucumber mosaic virus (cmv) rna was reacted with naio4 and then [3h]kbh4 to label ends containing exposed 2',3'-hydroxyls. the four major rna species were then fractionated by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. analysis of digests of these rnas by ribonucleases t1 plus t2, alkaline phosphatease, snake venom diesterase and nucleotide pyrophosphatase by means of paper electrophoresis and ion-exchange chromatography indicated that the sequence m7g(5')ppp(5')n was present at the 5'-end of ...1975175260
fractionation of cucumber mosaic virus rna and its translation in a wheat embryo cell-free system. 1975163049
[systemic infestation by cucumber mosaic virus on french bean (phaseolus vulgaris l.) in the german democratic republic (author's transl)]. 19751242556
polyacrylamide disc electrophoresis of the soluble leaf proteins from nicotiana tabacum var. 'samsun' and 'samsun nn'. iv. similarity of qualitative changes of specific proteins after infection with different viruses and their relationship to acquired resistance.the development of systemic mosaic symptoms on nicotiana tabacum var. 'samsun' or 'samsun nn' after infection with potato virus x (pvx), potato virus yo (pvyo) or cucumber mosaic virus (cmv) was accompanied by differing alterations in protein constitution upon electrophoresis in polyacrylamide gels. small amounts of four new protein components i-iv, identical to those found earlier in tobacco mosaic virus (tmv) infected samsun nn, were observed in both varieties after infection with cmv. only ba ...197518621356
proceedings: studies on the replication of cucumber mosaic virus. 19761275390
[differential thermal behavior of various strains of cucumber mosaic virus. hypothesis of a pleiotropic mechanism connecting various properties].pseudorecombinat viruses are constructed by mixing rna coming from two cmv strains differentiated by their thermosensitivity. the pseudorecombinant shows thermal properties analogous to the parental strain diving rna number 3. in order to explain the numerous properties coded by rna 3 a pleiotropic effect is considered.1976827369
investigation on the infection of cucumber mesophyll protoplasts with cucumber mosaic virus.isolated protoplasts from the first leaf mesophyll of cucumber plants have been successfully infected in vitro with cucumber mosaic virus (cmv). virus instability before, during and after inoculation of the protoplasts resulted in low infectivities when extracts were assayed on cowpea; however, viral rna extraction improved the bioassay technique. attempts to optimize inoculation and incubation of protoplasts are outlined, incorporating the improved assay.197613767
molecular organization and stabilizing forces of simple rna viruses. v. the role of lysyl residues in the stabilization of cucumber mosaic virus strain s. 19765803
physical and chemical differentiation of three strains of cucumber mosaic virus and peanut stunt virus. 1976982815
further studies on the rna component distribution among the nucleoproteins of cucumber mosaic virus. 1976982816
comparative studies on tomato aspermy and cucumber mosaic viruses. v. purification and properties of a cucumber mosaic virus inducing severe chlorosis. 1976982841
translation of the four major rna species of cucumber mosaic virus in plant and animal cell-free systems and in toad oocytes. 1977405796
cucumber mosaic virus-associating rna 5. i. role of host plant and helper strain in determining amount of associated rna 5 with virions. 1977878311
cucumber mosaic virus-associated rna 5. ii. in vitro translation in a wheat germ protein-synthesis system. 1977878312
infection of cowpea mesophyll protoplasts with cucumber mosaic virus. 1977929986
cucumber mosaic virus-associated rna 5. iii. little nucleotide sequence homology between carna 5 and helper rna. 1977878313
molecular weights of the double-stranded rnas of cucumber mosaic virus strain s and its associated rna 5. 1977878314
[spontaneous hosts of broad bean wilt virus. communication].of 110 plant species, grown from seeds in the vicinity of sources of broad bean wilt virus (bbwv) in 1974, exactly 50% proved to be infected by the mentioned virus within one vegetation period. obviously 54 of the species are previously unknown hosts of bbwv. they belong to the following 21 families: amaranthaceae, boraginaceae, campanulaceae, caryophyllaceae, chenopodiaceae, commelinaceae, compositae, cruciferae, euphorbiaceae, hydrophyllaceae, labiatae, leguminosae, loasaceae, papaveraceae, po ...1977878706
synthesis of single- and double-stranded cucumber mosaic virus rnas in tobacco mesophyll protoplasts. 1977888352
distribution of cucumber mosaic virus in systemically infected tobacco leaves. 1977888355
association of rna 3 with aphid transmission of cucumber mosaic virus. 1977888360
cucumber mosaic virus rna 5. partial characterization and evidence for no large sequence homologies with genomic rnas. 1977891991
virus diseases of berry crops in the soviet far east i. identification of some mechanically transmitted viruses, detected in primorye primorye territory, ussr, cucumber mosaic virus (cmv-i), arabis mosaic virus (amv), raspberry, ringspot virus (rrsv), and tomato ringspot virus (trsv) were identified on berry crops (currant, raspberry, honeysuckel). with respect to indicator plants and physico-chemical and serological properties, the isolates obtained do not differ from other isolates of these viruses, reported on berry crops in europe and north america.1977610231
determination of the sequence homology between the four rna species of cucumber mosaic virus by hybridization analysis with complementary dna.the method of taylor etal., (11) has been used to transcribe complementary dna probes from the four major rna species of cucumber mosaic virus (rnas 1 - 4 in order of decreasing molecular weight). analysis of the kinetics of hybridization of these probes in homologous and heterologous complementary dna-rna hybridization reactions has shown that the sequence of the smallest rna (rna 4), which contains the coat protein gene, is present within rna 3. rnas 1 and 2 are unique rna molecules while each ...1977593886
influence of nitrogen supply on host and multiplication of cucumber mosaic virus.the effect of several concentrations of nitrogen (0, 21, 70, 210, 420 and 630 ppm) on the growth and multiplication of cucumber mosaic virus in cucumber (cucumis sativus l. barshati) grown in sand culture was studied. the effect of nitrogen nutrition on the concentration of virus appeared to be directly related to vegetative growth of the host. 420 ppm level yielding the best growth also showed the highest virus concentration and total nitrogen percentage at 30th day of infection.197767769
[satellite rna (rna3) of tomato black ring virus is found with one of the 2 major rnas (rna2) in a new capsid nucleoprotein].tomato black ring virus (tbrv) like other nepoviruses posseses two nucleoproteins m and b and two major rnas, rna1 and rna2 respectively distributed in b and m. a new nucleoprotein has just been discovered and comprises one molecule of rna2 associated with one molecule of rna3. rna3 is a small rna of molecular weight 500,000 d considered to be a satellite rna. its level appears to depend on the infection stage, local or systemic. rna3 is able to modify the relative proportions of nucleoproteins ...1977417836
identical 3'-termini of the four rna species of cucumber mosaic virus. 1977855192
cucumber mosaic virus associated rna 5: causal agent for tomato necrosis.a small replicating rna, encapsidated with and dependent on, but not part of the viral genome, modifies disease expression depending on the host. in tomato plants, it causes a lethal necrotic disease which is probably the same as that which, in 1972, destroyed most of the field tomato crop in large regions of the french alsace.197717776951
nucleotide sequence of cucumber mosaic virus-associated rna 5.the complete nucleotide sequence of cucumber mosaic virus-associated (satellite) rna 5 (carna 5) strain d has been determined. the molecule is 335 residues long and is capped at its 5' extremity. there were minor variations in the sequence of different preparations of the satellite rna. otherwise, no unusual features of secondary structure or sequence are present. carna 5 (d) contains a number of possible initiation and termination codons for protein synthesis. study of carna 5 isolated from oth ...197818627882
response of membrane-bound mg-activated atpase of tobacco leaves to tobacco mosaic virus.infectious material was formed at an early stage, and migrated into the mesophyll from the epidermis of tobacco leaves (nicotiana tabacum cv. samsun nn) during the period of 1 to 3 hours after inoculation with tobacco mosaic virus (tmv). the activity of membrane-bound mg(2+)-activated atpase from the mesophyll was stimulated two to four times within 30 minutes after inoculation with 1.0 microgram per milliliter of tmv. maximum tmv stimulation of membrane-bound mg(2+)-activated atpase activity in ...197816660595
detection of cucumber mosaic virus in viruliferous aphids by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. 1978351927
[on the effect of some morpholinium compounds on the multiplication of rna viruses (author's transl)].in the present paper the authors report about the effect of n,n-dimethylmorpholinium chloride (dmmc), n,n-dimethyl-2-oxomorpholinium chloride (dmomc), and n,n-diethyl-2-oxomorpholinium chloride (deomc) on the multiplication of tobacco mosaic virus (tmv), potato virus x (pvx), and cucumber mosaic virus (cmv) as well as the plaque formation by the rna phages m 12, f 2, and qbeta. the used morpholinium compounds do not influence strikingly the multiplication of phytoviruses. the results found by se ...1978685536
survival of a satellite rna in vivo and its dependence on cucumber mosaic virus for replication. 1978664246
cucumber mosaic virus-associated rna 5. v. extensive nucleotide sequence homology among carna 5 preparations of different cmv strains. 1978644887
preparative immunoabsorption electrophoresis.a method for separating a component from a mixture of antigens is described. the component which may be a virus or subfraction of a virus, is isolated by driving the mixture by electrophoresis through a gel containing precipitating antibodies directed against the unwanted components. the method is illustrated by the isolation of hepatitis b antigen from whole serum and by the separation of wild cucumber mosaic virus from a strain of tobacco mosaic virus.1978631871
characterization of a satellite rna associated with cucumber mosaic virus. 1978622808
alfalfa mosaic virus rna. determination of the sequence homology between the four rna species and a comparison with the four rna species of cucumber mosaic virus.the method of taylor et al. [taylor, j. m., illmensee, r & summers, j. (1976) biochim. biophys. acta, 442, 324--330 and gould and symons (1977) nucleic acids res. 4, 3787--3802] has been used to transcribe complementary dna probes from the four major rnas of alfalfa mosaic virus (amv). analysis of the kinetics of hybridization of these probes in homologous and heterologous complementary dna . rna hybridization reactions has shown that the sequence of the smallest rna (rna 4), which contains the ...1978720343
extensive purification of the cucumber mosaic virus-induced rna replicase. 1979462818
cucumber mosaic virus-associated rna 5. vi. characterization and denaturation-renaturation behavior of the double-stranded form.the double-stranded form of cucumber mosaic virus-associated rna 5 has been purified and further characterized. its molecular weight determined by sedimentation equilibrium is 2.15 . 10(5). the buoyant density calculated from its symmetrical distribution in cs2so4, following isopycnic ultracentrifugation, is 1.615 g/cm3. the sedimentation rate of double-stranded cucumber mosaic virus-associated rna 5 is slightly greater than that of cucumber mosaic virus-associated rna 5; its electrophoretic mob ...1979486481
[dioxohexahydrotriazine, a new synthetic antiphytoviral compound (author's transl)].this paper reports the first results of studies made to determine the antiviral activity of dioxo hexahydro triazine, a newly developed antiphytoviral compound. after treatment with dioxo hexahydro triazine, the concentration of helical potato virus x in leaves of nicotiana tabacum "samsun" was found to be considerably reduced in both the serological test and local lesion test conducted on nicotiana glutinosa at temperatures of 14 degrees c +/- 3 degrees c. in secondarily infected leaves, the re ...1979473960
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