characterization of a novel toll/interleukin-1 receptor (tir)-tir gene differentially expressed in common bean (phaseolus vulgaris cv. othello) undergoing a defence response to the geminivirus bean dwarf mosaic virus.summary common bean (phaseolus vulgaris l.) cultivar (cv.) othello develops a hypersensitive response-associated vascular resistance to infection by bean dwarf mosaic virus (bdmv), a single-stranded dna virus (genus begomovirus, family geminiviridae). a pcr-based cdna subtraction approach was used to identify genes involved in this resistance response. eighteen clones, potentially involved with bdmv resistance, were identified based upon being up-regulated in bdmv-infected tissues and/or having ...200720507487
silver nanoparticles synthesis mediated by new isolates of bacillus spp., nanoparticle characterization and their activity against bean yellow mosaic virus and human pathogens.extracellular agents produced by newly isolated bacterial strains were able to catalyze the synthesis of silver nanoparticles (agnps). the most effective isolates were identified as bacillus pumilus, b. persicus, and bacillus licheniformis using molecular identification. dls analysis revealed that the agnps synthesized by the above strains were in the size range of 77-92 nm. tem observations showed that the nanoparticles were coated with a capping agent, which was probably involved in nanopartic ...201526029190
rapd assisted selection of black gram (vigna mungo l. hepper) towards the development of multiple disease resistant gram (vigna mungo l. hepper), is an extensively studied food crop which is affected by many abiotic and biotic factors, especially diseases. the yield potential of black gram is shallow due to lack of genetic variability and biotic stress susceptibility. core biotic stress factors include mung bean yellow mosaic virus (mymv), urdbean leaf crinkle virus (uclv), wilt (fusarium oxysporum) and powdery mildew (erysiphe polygoni dc). although many studies determine resistant varieties to a parti ...201728389895
seed-borne nature of a begomovirus, mung bean yellow mosaic virus in black gram.the yellow mosaic viruses (ymv) infecting legumes are considered to be the most devastating begomoviruses as they incite considerable yield loss. the yellow discoloration of pods and seeds of infected plants and symptom emergence in the very first trifoliate leaf of the plants in the field were suggestive that the virus may be seed borne, which was investigated in the present study. the distribution of the virus in various parts of the seeds of black gram (vigna mungo l. hepper) plants naturally ...201626646557
detection of new viruses in alfalfa, weeds and cultivated plants growing adjacent to alfalfa fields in saudi arabia.a total of 1368 symptomatic plant samples showing different virus-like symptoms such as mottling, chlorosis, mosaic, yellow mosaic, vein clearing and stunting were collected from alfalfa, weed and cultivated plant species growing in vicinity of alfalfa fields in five principal regions of alfalfa production in saudi arabia. das-elisa test indicated occurrence of 11 different viruses in these samples, 10 of which were detected for the first time in saudi arabia. eighty percent of the alfalfa sampl ...201728855829
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