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effect of actinomycin d and guanidine on the formation of a ribonucleic acid polymerase induced by foot-and mouth-disease virus and on the replication of virus and viral ribonucleic acid.the rna-dependent rna polymerase induced in baby-hamster kidney cells by infection with foot-and-mouth-disease virus can be detected as early as 60min. after infection, which is 60min. before viral rna synthesis commences. the time at which the polymerase can first be detected coincides with the latest time at which actinomycin d (50mug./10(7) cells) or guanidine (1mg./10(7) cells) inhibits virus replication. however, by increasing the concentration of guanidine, viral replication can be inhibit ...19694308295
electrophoretic properties of foot-and-mouth disease virus strains and the selection of intra-strain mutants. 19694308489
the structure of foot-and-mouth disease virus protein. 19694308493
inactivation of foot-and-mouth disease virus in milk. 19694305935
comparative studies on the sensitivity of some of the methods of complement fixation test commonly used for typing of foot and mouth disease virus. 19694306281
virulence, adsorbability, and antigenicity of foot-and-mouth disease virus selected by adsorption with homogenized mouse kidney. 19694306368
the development of an attenuated foot-and-mouth disease virus vaccine by modification and cloning in tissue cultures of bhk21 cells. 19694306372
surface structure of foot-and-mouth disease virus. 19694306712
immunogenicity of namogram to milligram quantities of inactivated foot-and-mouth disease virus. i. relative virus-neutralizing potency of guinea pig sera.quantitative antigen dose-neutralizing antibody response curves were established in guinea pigs for purified foot-and-mouth disease virus (fmdv), type a, strain 119, inactivated for 48 hr with n-acetylethyleneimine (aei). inactivation of fmdv by 0.05% aei at 25 c occurred without virus degradation and followed first-order kinetics over a 10(8)-fold decrease in plaque-forming units (pfu) extrapolating to 10(-5) pfu/ml at 48 hr. the aei-treated virus was administered in doses ranging from 10 ng to ...19694305396
foot-and-mouth disease virus: stability of neutralizing antibody after freeze-drying and is possible to stabilize foot-and-mouth disease antiserum by either freeze-drying in bottles or air-drying on paper for periods of 7 months.19694305399
[immunofluorescent study of the kinetics of the foot-and-mouth disease virus on cell cultures]. 19694313763
[a study of the properties of attenuated cold variant of type o foot-and-mouth disease virus]. 19694314613
[luminescent-cytochemical study of the growth of a22 foot-and-mouth disease virus in cell cultures]. 19694314924
[survival time of foot-and-mouth disease virus in the sewage of biological products factories]. 19694314925
[viability of foot-and-mouth disease virus in pastures]. 19694314926
[culturing foot-and-mouth disease virus in vnk-21 cells in rotating vessels]. 19694315467
[purifying foot-and-mouth disease virus for electron microscopy]. 19694315468
[seroprotection reaction in suckling mice for identification of foot-and-mouth disease virus strains]. 19694315469
[disinfection of milk contaminated with foot-and-mouth disease virus at dairy plants]. 19694315470
survival of foot-and-mouth disease virus on meat packaging materials. 19694322826
persistence of foot-and-mouth disease virus in animals, their products and the environment. 19694324721
susceptibility of the agouti (dasyprocta aguti) to foot-and-mouth disease virus. 19694320315
typing of the foot-and-mouth disease virus. cumulative quarterly report. 19694317612
[typing of the foot-and-mouth disease virus]. 19694317613
urine ph changes in cattle infected with foot-and-mouth-disease virus. 19695813745
[distribution of the types of foot-and-mouth disease virus in iran during the year 1968]. 19695400809
marker studies of foot-and-mouth disease virus. 19695400816
effect of storage at -20 degrees c on the infectivity of foot-and-mouth disease virus type o. 19695400817
[analysis by zonal centrifugation in a saccharose gradient of viral particles contained in a preparation of the foot-and-mouth disease virus]. 19694315921
typing of the foot-and-mouth disease virus. 19705533714
[identification of types of foot-and-mouth disease virus. nong-saraï, thailand]. 19705533933
quantitation of the antigenicity and immunogenicity of purified foot-and-mouth disease virus vaccine for swine and steers.the antigenicity and immunogenicity of a purified preparation of foot-and-mouth disease virus [type a(12), strain 119 (fmdv a-119)] inactivated with 6.0 mmn-acetylethylenimine at 37 c were compared in swine and steers. three antigen doses were tested, 640, 160, and 40 ng. in accordance with findings for guinea pigs, as previously determined by dose-response curves, as little as fourfold changes in antigen in the region of the minimum effective dose produced marked differences in the serological ...19704320865
further investigations on the airborne excretion of foot-and-mouth disease virus.calf thyroid tissue cultures were found to be the most sensitive system in detecting virus collected in a large volume air sampler from boxes, where cattle, sheep and pigs infected with a and c strains of foot-and-mouth disease (fmd) virus were housed. it was confirmed with all strains of fmd virus tested that pigs excreted the most virus followed by cattle and sheep, but there was variation between strains, the highest virus recoveries being obtained from animals infected with o(1) and c novill ...19704321594
ihalation, persistence and dispersal f foot-and-mouth disease virus by man.sampling of human subjects, who had been in contact with animals infected with foot-and-mouth disease (fmd) virus, showed that virus could be recovered from the nose, throat, saliva and from air expelled during coughing, sneezing, talking and breathing. the amounts of virus recovered paralleled those collected with a large-volume sampler and multistage impinger and these findings confirmed that the highest recovery of airborne virus was from infected pigs followed by cattle and sheep. more virus ...19704321595
foot-and-mouth disease virus antibodies: comparison of a tissue culture microneutralization test with the assay in suckling mice.a microneutralization test for foot-and-mouth disease virus antibodies is described and compared to the standard mouse test.19704321714
further information on the survival of modified foot-and-mouth disease virus in cattle. 19704337797
experimental inoculation of sheep with foot-and-mouth disease virus. 19704337798
further studies on markers of foot-and-mouth disease virus. 19704337799
[the intraviral nature of photoinactivation of proflavin-sensitized foot-and-mouth disease virus]. 19704324754
temperature-dependent interferon-sensitivity of foot-and-mouth disease virus. 19704322840
effects of temperature on viral rna synthesis and rna polymerase activity in a foot-and-mouth disease virus system. 19704322848
foot-and-mouth disease virus: rapid assay using the fluorescent antibody technique. 19704322849
[identification of the types of foot-and-mouth disease virus]. 19704323105
[identification of the types of foot-and-mouth disease virus]. 19704323109
[identification of the types of foot-and-mouth disease virus. nong-saraï (thailand)]. 19704323110
pathogenicity in mice of foot-and-mouth disease virus selected by adsorption with calf kidney. 19704323284
[structure and properties of foot-and-mouth disease virus (review)]. 19704323894
[antigenic properties of type c foot-and-mouth disease virus]. 19704323896
[peculiarities of a cold variant of foot-and-mouth disease virus (type o)]. 19704324049
[ph inactivation of the foot-and-mouth disease virus]. 19704325728
[the effect of deae-dextran on the infectiousness of ribonucleic acid preparations of foot-and-mouth disease virus in various host systems]. 19704325729
some properties of carrier strains of foot-and-mouth disease virus. 19704315628
the effect of diethylaminoethyl dextran and agar overlay ph on plaque formation by two plaque-size variants of foot-and-mouth disease virus.the effect of diethylaminoethyl (deae) dextran and agar overlay medium ph on a small-plaque (sp) and large-plaque (lp) foot-and-mouth disease virus (fmdv), type a, strain 119 (a119) was studied. the sp virus was inhibited under normal agar overlay but the addition of 100, 1,000 and 2,000 microg deae dextran/ml of agar overlay permitted plaque development. by using untreated and deae dextran-treated agar overlay medium, plaque formation by the sp virus was enhanced when the ph of agar medium was ...19704315769
interferons of foot-and-mouth disease virus: a new assay for interferon. 19704315825
replication of foot-and-mouth disease virus ribonucleic acid. 19704315846
[concentration of foot-and-mouth disease virus by polyethylene glycol]. 19704315858
[activated sepharose as immunoadsorbent in the foot-and-mouth disease virus system]. 19704315447
properties of temperature-sensitive mutants of the kenya 3/57 strain of foot-and-mouth disease virus. 19704314409
foot-and-mouth disease virus-induced alterations of baby hamster kidney cell macromolecular biosynthesis: inhibition of ribonucleic acid methylation and stimulation of ribonucleic acid synthesis.the kinetics of ribonucleic acid (rna) and protein synthesis and rna methylation were examined after foot-and-mouth disease virus (fmdv) infection of baby hamster kidney cells. the synthesis of rna extracted from the whole cells was stimulated two- to threefold above the control level of synthesis. this increased rate was attributed to viral rna synthesis. the inhibition of host rna methylation was concomitant with but more pronounced than protein synthesis inhibition. the methylation of transfe ...19704318088
attenuation of foot-and-mouth disease virus by chemical means. 19704318111
high mutation rate of foot-and-mouth disease virus treated with hydroxylamine. 19704318112
effect of foot-and-mouth disease virus on protein synthesis and ribonucleic acid polymerase activity at various temperatures. 19704316392
[isolation of foot-and-mouth disease virus in sheep]. 19704316723
demonstration of three specific sites on the surface of foot-and-mouth disease virus by antibody complexing. 19704316776
[the disinfectant activity of iosan against foot and mouth disease virus]. 19704317444
characterization of foot-and-mouth disease virus ribonucleic acid synthesized in vitro. 19704319475
foot-and-mouth disease virus in milk: an epidemiological study. 19704319528
[classification of the foot-and-mouth disease virus strain responsible for the 1967 english epidemic]. 19704319822
an indirect ferritin-tagged antibody system for foot-and-mouth disease virus. 19704320102
adsorption of foot-and-mouth disease virus by muscle, kidney, lung and brain from infant and adult mice.adsorption of foot-and-mouth disease (fmd) virus by minced and homogenized muscle, kidney, lung, and brain from infant and adult mice was compared under various experimental conditions to determine if there were differences in adsorption characteristics. the following factors were studied: relative ability to adsorb virus, sedimentation of the adsorbing components, heat lability of the components, virus elution, and recovery of cell-associated virus. the results indicated that the adsorbing comp ...19704320205
[the inactivation of foot-and-mouth disease virus by ethylethyleneimine and the use of the inactivated virus in the preparation of vaccines]. 19704318509
detection of foot-and-mouth disease virus antibodies. i. "passive" hemagglutination test.a passive hemagglutination test has been developed to detect and measure foot-and-mouth disease virus (fmdv) antibody by using glutaraldehyde as a coupling reagent. an optimal concentration of 10 to 40 mug of virus per ml with 0.25% glutaraldehyde at 25 c for 1 hr was established for the sensitization of sheep erythrocytes. a reaction time of 18 hr at 4 c or 2 hr at 37 c induced good agglutination in the presence of specific antibody. sensitization was carried out in phosphate buffer, whereas ag ...19704318573
plaque morphology of some south american strains of foot-and-mouth disease virus and the effects of polyionic compounds on plaque formation. 19704318576
foot-and-mouth disease virus: biological characteristics of virus from bovine carriers. 19704318578
immunochemical studies of foot-and-mouth disease. vii. characterization of foot-and-mouth disease virus concentrated by polyethylene glycol precipitation. 19704318624
[modification of the complement fixation test in determining the type of foot-and-mouth disease virus]. 19704318882
inhibition of foot-and-mouth disease virus by normal bovine serum. 19704313160
target molecular weight of foot-and-mouth disease virus and poliovirus. 19704313710
electron microscopy of the rna of foot-and-mouth disease virus. 19704192488
immunofluorescent detection of foot-and-mouth disease virus in the esophageal-pharyngeal fluids of inoculated cattle. 19704194347
[structure of the foot-and-mouth disease virus. 1. the buildup of the protein capsule]. 19714104057
further evidence for multiple proteins in the foot-and-mouth disease virus particle. 19714108674
on the architecture of foot-and-mouth disease virus. 19714114966
foot-and-mouth disease virus in cattle and pigs: use of polyethylene glycol or dextran for purifying 19s gamma-m immunoglobulin from sera. 19714325971
[change in the resistance of mice to virus infection (foot-and-mouth-disease virus) after pretreatment with urethane]. 19714326010
the growth and persistence of foot-and-mouth disease virus in the bovine mammary animals exposed to foot-and-mouth disease virus by indirect contact, virus was recovered from the blood, milk, pharynx, vagina and rectum for variable periods of time before clinical disease was apparent. virus instilled into the mammary gland multiplied rapidly and virus concentrations greater than 10(7) p.f.u./ml. were recorded within 8-32 hr., depending on the virus strain and dose inoculated. virus multiplication was accompanied by clinical signs of mastitis but the classical signs of foo ...19714326249
presence and inactivation of foot-and-mouth disease virus in animal faeces. 19714326537
two-plaque-size variants of foot-and-mouth disease virus differing in neutralization by guinea-pig antisera. 19714326865
[identification of foot-and-mouth disease virus types]. 19714327831
[identification of foot-and-mouth disease virus types]. 19714327832
[serologic and immunologic studies of the subtypes of foot-and-mouth disease virus. influence of booster vaccination]. 19714327833
immune response to foot-and-mouth disease virus. 19714328704
number and molecular weights of foot-and-mouth disease virus capsid proteins and the effects of maleylation.evidence was obtained by gel electrophoresis that foot-and-mouth disease virus (fmdv) type a(12) protein migrates mainly in a zone corresponding to polypeptide(s) approximately 25,000 daltons in molecular weight. additional minor components were observed, four with molecular weights ranging from 10,000 to 22,500 daltons and one with a molecular weight of 37,500 daltons. the minor components comprised about 10% of the total protein and were present in variable amounts. the 75s empty capsids conta ...19714329399
growth of the ib-rs-2 pig kidney cell line in suspension culture and its susceptibility to foot-and-mouth disease virus.the adaptation of the pig kidney cell line ib-rs-2, clone 60, to growth in suspension culture is described. when fully adapted, an approximate threefold increase in viable cells was obtained within 72 hr from initial cell concentrations of 5 x 10(5) per ml in culture volumes up to 1,500 ml. the monolayer cells (99th passage level) used to initiate the suspension cultures and the fully adapted suspension cells were shown to have an aneuploid chromosome karyotype, whereas earlier monolayer culture ...19714329431
detection of foot-and-mouth disease virus antibodies. ii. use of fractionated bovine antisera for improving the specificity of a "passive" hemagglutination test.because 7s immunoglobulin (ig) g antibodies of low type specificity were present in mixtures with highly specific 19s igm antibodies, many bovine antisera to foot-and-mouth disease virus (fmdv) type a(12), strain 119 cross-reacted with type o of fmdv and to some degree with type c in the passive hemagglutination (ha) test. after 19s igm antibodies were separated by density gradient centrifugation or precipitated with 4% (w/v) polyethylene glycol, the antigen could be determined with "block" ha t ...19714329433
foot-and-mouth disease virus carrier state in cells cultured from tissues of convalescent cattle. 19714329436
adsorption characteristics of foot-and-mouth disease virus selected by adsorption with homogenized calf kidney. 19714329439
diethylaminoethyl-dextran requirement for poly i:c-induced interferon effective against foot-and-mouth disease virus in vitro. 19714329635
methods for increasing the susceptibility of primary cultures of porcine kidney cells to infection with foot-and-mouth disease virus. 19714329641
[physical chemical measurement of 140s particles of the foot-and-mouth disease virus]. 19714329751
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