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studies of vesicular stomatitis with special reference to a virus of swine origin. 194621009445
effect of temperature, phenol, and crystal violet on vesicular stomatitis virus. 194621013309
change of type in the virus of foot-and-mouth disease observed in connection with artificial drying of the virus. 194521021833
[not available]. 194521026173
[not available]. 194321011736
statistical evaluation of sieve constants in ultrafiltration.the partial retention of the disperse phase in the ultrafiltration of a monodisperse system through an isoporous filter is interpreted on a statistical basis, and a simple expression for the sieve constant is evaluated in terms of the calibrated membrane porosity and the particle size. curves calculated from this expression are in reasonable agreement with experimental data for the ultrafiltration of serum albumin, hemocyanin (helix), and foot-and-mouth disease virus.193619872986
studies on the physical and chemical properties of the virus of foot-and-mouth disease : i. description of the strain of virus used. titration and centrifugation experiments.a strain of foot-and-mouth disease virus was recovered from a cow at the height of the disease, and was propagated through at least 261 passages in the guinea pig. considerably over 2000 animals proved susceptible to the virus, and the virus could be transferred at will back to cattle and hogs, and then again returned to guinea pigs. no natural immunity was discovered in guinea pigs. secondary lesions were easily and regularly induced, thus making this strain particularly favorable to experiment ...192719869281
studies on the physical and chemical properties of the virus of foot-and-mouth disease : ii. cataphoresis and filtration.cataphoresis experiments show that the virus of foot-and-mouth disease carries, under ordinary conditions, an electropositive charge. its isoelectric range is at the high point of ph = about 8. although cultivable bacteria are, as a rule, electronegative, yet certain protozoa, such as trypanosomes and spirochetes are also electropositive. in respect to charge, then, the virus is different from ordinary bacteria, but there is nothing in this finding to indicate an inanimate character of the incit ...192719869282
monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies specific for foot and mouth disease virus type a and type o vp1.the foot and mouth disease virus (fmdv) is an rna virus composed of single stranded positive sense rna. fmdv has been known to infect cloven-hoofed animals, including pigs, cattle, and sheep. fmdv is rapidly spreading outward to neighboring regions, often leading to a high mortality rate. thus, early diagnosis of fmdv is critical to suppress propagation of fmdv and minimize economic losses. in this study, we report the generation and characterization of polyclonal and six monoclonal antibodies a ...023098303
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