antibody response of adult chickens to infectious and noninfectious foot-and-mouth disease virus. 196213892229
infectivity stability of foot-and-mouth disease virus in certain mediums at various temperatures. 196213892230
isodensity ultracentrifugation of foot-and-mouth disease virus in caesium chloride. 196213922320
[measurement of the post-vaccinal antiaphthous immunity of the ox by guinea pig assay]. 196313931388
[the stabilizing and reactivating influence of trypsin on the virus of teschen disease (swine paralysis) and inactivation of foot and mouth disease virus by this enzyme]. 196313933586
use of bhk 21 cells in the preparation of mouse attenuated live foot-and-mouth disease vaccines for the immunization of cattle. 196213936398
[the stability of foot-and-mouth disease and influenza viruses dried by the aerosolization method]. 196213938635
localisation of cellular and foot-and-mouth disease viral components in pigkidney tissue culture cells. 196213943951
serial cultures of lamb testicular cells and their use in virus studies. 196313954242
the comparative titration of foot-and-mouth disease virus inoculated into the tongue and foot pads of guinea pigs. 196313955994
antigenic differences between strains of foot-and-mouth disease virus of type sat 1. 196313956022
[culture of the aphthous virus on embryonated eggs]. 196213958604
factors influencing the dynamics of the multiplication of foot-and-mouth disease virus in adult mice. 196313979031
kinetics of cell infection and penetration by the virus of foot-and-mouth disease.thorne, h. v. (research institute, animal virus diseases, pirbright, england). kinetics of cell infection and penetration by the virus of foot-and-mouth disease. j. bacteriol. 84:929-942. 1962.-the kinetics of cell infection by the virus of foot-and-mouth disease were determined, using acidification to ph 5.7 to eliminate virus from the system and to stop the reaction at required times. the infection curve was sigmoidal in form with an initial lag stage followed by a linear region of slope, at m ...196213984969
the virus of foot-and-mouth disease. 196213988363
[technic for inhibition of the complement fixation reaction for identification of the stomatitis aphthosa virus with the serum of reconvalescents]. 196313988833
[on the antiviral action of the naphthyl-, coumaroyl-and-, and phenanthryl-derivatives of glyoxal. iii. activity on craig mh3 virus and on foot-and-mouth disease virus in vitro]. 196214010414
studies on the nature of the nature of the neutralization reaction and the competition for neutralizing antibody between components of the virus system of foot-and-mouth disease. 196214014822
the effect of various inactivating agents on the viral and ribonucleic acid infectivities of foot-and-mouth disease virus and on its attachment to susceptible cells. 196314015959
chromatography of infective ribonucleic acid from foot-and-mouth disease virus on calcium phosphate. 196314015960
[comparison of reactions of the guinea pig to the inoculation of type c bovine strain of foot-and-mouth disease virus adapted, at the same time, to guinea pigs and to 24-40 day-old mice]. 196314021296
[on the antiviral action of the naphthyl-, coumaroyl-and-, and phenanthryl-derivatives of glyoxal. iii. activity on craig mh3 virus and on foot-and-mouth disease virus in vitro]. 196214029677
growth and identification of field strains of foot-and-mouth disease virus in goat kidney cultures. 196314032332
morphology of goat kidney monolayer cultures and cellular changes produced by foot-and-mouth disease virus. 196214032333
genetical interpretation of experimentally induced changes in the properties of foot-and-mouth disease virus. 196114039979
[adaptation of a strain of group a aphthous virus to the 24-40-day-old mouse and the 17-18-day-old rat]. 196314048737
[increase of resistance of mice to infection with foot-and-mouth disease virus by pretreatment with a homologous extract from suckling mice]. 196314049317
the role of interferon in persistent infection with foot-and-mouth disease virus. 196314053275
influence of tissue culture passage on virulence of foot-and-mouth disease virus for mother mice.campbell, charles h. (plum island animal disease laboratory, greenport, n.y.). influence of tissue culture passage on virulence of foot-and-mouth disease virus for mother mice. j. bacteriol. 86:593-597. 1963.-foot-and-mouth disease virus serially passaged in bovine cell cultures was more lethal for mother mice than the parent virus from infected steers. in tests with virus from several pools of bovine tongue tissue, only 0 to 20% of the mice died. serial passage of such virus in primary calf-kid ...196314066443
the use of acetylethyleneimine in the production of inactivated foot-and-mouth disease vaccines. 196314066590
in vitro measurement of the potency of inactivated foot-and-mouth disease virus vaccines. 196314066591
[research on the comparative activity of the hydrochloride of n1-n1 anhydro-bis (beta-hydroxyethyl) biguanide. hcl (abob) on the influenza virus and various animal viruses]. 196314069332
purification of radioactive foot-and-mouth disease virus. 196314072035
dinter z, philipson l: genetic markers associated with virulence of foot-and-mouth disease virus. 196314073097
formaldehyde inactivation of foot-and-mouth disease virus as applied to vaccine preparation. 196314081446
[the effect of chemical substances on virustatic properties with the aid of the plaque test]. 196314093846
[structure and mode of propagation of animal virus strains. iv. methods of demonstration and examination on the structure of foot-and-mouth-disease virus and venezuelan equine encephalitis virus]. 196314095153
metabolism of 14c-glucose in normal and foot-and-mouth disease virus infected bovine kidney culture cells. 196314099816
[structure and mode of multiplication of animal virus types. 5. experimental part: studies on the multiplication of the venezuelan equine encephalitis virus, of the vesicular stomatitis virus and the foot-and-mouth disease virus]. 196314109006
[the phenomenon of apathy in man and animals after the injection of viruses in very high doses. clinical data]. 196314114227
a sensitive method for interferon assay. 196314115259
[on the formation and culture of plaques of foot-and-mouth disease virus in tylose-covered calf kidney cultures]. 196314119874
chemical physical properties of virtually pure foot-and-mouth disease virus. 196414125897
response of sheep to experimental infection with foot-and-mouth disease virus. 196414125918
the antigenic connection between two different types of foot-and-mouth disease viruses and their subparticles. 196414127842
factors affecting the growth of virus of foot-and-mouth disease on surviving explants of bovine tongue epithelium. 196414128311
[modifications of the behavior of aftosa viruses during successive passages in tissue culture at various temperatures. detection of "cold" mutants]. 196414131343
[recent data on foot-and-mouth disease virus]. 196414137111
[dose-effect law of the anti-aftosa antigen on consanguine mice]. 196414139981
apparent modification of foot-and-mouth disease virus after prolonged residence in surviving cells. 196414141524
[serological type specificity, evaluated by the neutralization test in mice, of aftosa virus (types c and a7) reisolated from mice inoculated with virulent products subjected to treatment by nitrous acid and phenol]. 196414141568
[observations on the determination of foot-and-mouth disease virus types and on the role of these types in the genesis of epizootics of aphthous fever in rumania]. 196314166971
foot-and-mouth disease virus: structure and mechanism of degradation as deduced from absorbance-temperature relationships. 196414168688
kinetics of the inactivation of viruses. 196414172021
[attempt at mathematical analysis of change in the virulence of foot-and mouth-disease virus during passage in mice]. 196414181224
[modification of the type c aphthous virus by passages on adult mice: immunogenic capacity]. 196414186910
a plaque marker of type c foot-and-mouth disease virus strains from a porcine epizootic. 196414190112
production and purification of milligram amounts of foot-and-mouth disease virus from baby hamster kidney cell cultures.a stable line of baby hamster kidney cells for use in the production of, and subsequent purification of, foot-and-mouth disease virus (fmdv) was grown in large quantities on the cylindrical surfaces of 2-liter baxter bottles. the bottles, in round wire cages, were rotated on a three-tiered roller mill. the cells retained their rapid growth characteristics and susceptibility to fmdv in a tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane buffer-containing medium which was especially formulated for large-scale work. ...196414201092
inactivation of foot-and-mouth disease virus by glycidaldehyde. 196414204822
visualization of capsomeres of foot-and mouth disease virus. 196414209636
preparation of foot-and-mouth disease virus antigens for gel precipitin tests. 196414209641
relation of physiologic conditions to variations in susceptibility of mother mice to foot-and-mouth disease virus. 196414210791
virulence and interferon production of strains of foot-and mouth disease virus. 196414214392
further studies of the early antibody in the sea of cattle and guinea pigs infected with foot-and-mouth disease virus. 196414218596
suppression of the inhibitory action of guanidine on virus multiplication by some amino acids. 196414227028
factors associated with anaphylactic reactions to chicken embryo foot-and-mouth disease vaccine and flury rabies vaccine in cattle of venezuela. 196414227161
observations on the duration of immunity in cattle after experimental infection with foot-and-mouth disease virus. 196414234053
a complement fixation technique for the quantitative measurement of antigenic differences between strains of the virus of foot-and-mouth disease. 196414239920
virus specific ribonucleic acids in baby hamster kidney cells infected with foot-and-mouth disease virus. 196414241236
inhibition of multiplication of foot-and-mouth disease virus by guanidine hydrochloride. 196414248709
relationship of donor age to in vitro production of foot-and-mouth disease virus by mouse kidney cells.multiplication of foot-and-mouth disease virus (fmdv) was compared in kidney cells from 7- to 35-day-old mice representing various degrees of age resistance to this virus. three types of cell preparations were used: primary monolayer cultures, suspensions of dispersed cells, and suspensions of minced tissue. virus multiplication in the two types of cell suspensions was related to the age of the donors both in regard to time when multiplication first became evident and to the amount of virus prod ...196514253488
[preservation of frozen foot-and mouth disease virus]. 196414257909
treat lesions in heifers experimentally infected with foot-and mouth disease virus. 196414266847
inhibition of virus growth by a toxic factor from asbestos pad and cellulose acetate membrane filters. 196514270733
behavior of an attenuated strain of foot-and-mouth disease virus in culture. 196514276293
[study on the agglutination test of collodion particles sensitized with aphthous fever virus and prozone phenomenon]. 196514276960
evidence of genetic recombination in foot-and-mouth disease virus. 196514277084
the influence of previously x-irradiated aqueous solutions on the infectivity of the viruses of foot-and-mouth disease and vesicular stomatitis. 196514283042
antibody response to the noninfectious 7 mu component of the virus of foot-and-mouth disease. 196514297221
a simplified method for preparing bovine kidney cells for growth on glass. 196514316802
secretion of foot-and-mouth disease virus and antibody in the saliva of infected and immunized cattle. 196514317611
antibodies produced by guinea pigs infected with foot-and-mouth disease virus. 196514321429
a line of polyoma-transformed bhk21 cells insusceptible to foot-and-mouth disease virus. 196514324002
a 65 s particle containing viral protein in cells infected with foot-and-mouth disease virus. 196514324003
freeze-drying of foot-and-mouth disease virus and storage stability of the infectivity of dried virus at 4 c.foot-and-mouth disease virus, type a, strain 119, propagated in cultures of calf kidney cells and in the tongue epithelium of cattle was used. the process of freeze-drying was conducted in two cycles on unit volumes of 4 ml in pyrex ampoules, averaging 150 ampoules per run, and was studied separately from the problems of storage. ampoules containing freeze-dried virus were flame-sealed for either immediate study or storage at 4 c for later reference. tissue-culture virus dried with various addit ...196514325296
[sensitivity of a cell line of the swine kidney to sat type 1 aphthous virus of asia. strains from iran and turkey]. 196514325347
[investigation on the immunological relation between the aphthous fever virus and coxsackie virus]. 196514325348
typing of the foot-and-mouth disease virus. cumulative quarterly report. 196514325351
foot-and-mouth disease virus: structural changes during reaction with cations and formaldehyde as deduced from absorbance measurements. 196514329128
a field trial in south africa of an attenuated vaccine against foot-and-mouth disease. 196514329718
[trial of type a european anti-aphthous vaccines against the new "middle-east" a strain developed in the laboratoire d'etlik-ankara in turkey (march 1965)]. 196514330357
long-term observations on the antibody responses of cattle vaccinated with modified strains of foot-and-mouth disease virus. i. primary responses. 196514330933
[separation of two antigenic constituents of aphthous virus by starch electrophoresis]. 195414352446
[various properties and new possibilities of tissue culture in vivo of aphthous fever virus]. 195414352462
further studies with foot-and-mouth-disease viruses in dayold chicks. 195514365176
propagation of type c foot-and-mouth-disease virus in eggs and effects of the egg-cultivated virus on cattle. 195514365177
[female mice in experimentation with foot and mouth disease virus]. 195414379552
absence, in cattle, of a phase of hypersensitivity to foot and mouth disease virus, during the development of immunity to foot and mouth disease after vaccination 196014418656
growth of foot-and-mouth disease virus in bovine kidney cell suspensions. 196014430952
effect of neutral red on plaque formation by foot-and-mouth disease virus. 196014433464
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