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akr murine leukemia virus genome: frequency of sequences in dna of high-, low-, and non-virus-yielding mouse strains.studies with a single-stranded dna probe complementary to the rna of mouse-tropic akr murine leukemia virus indicate that the complete genome of the akr-type murine leukemia virus is present in the dna of high- and low-virus-yielding mouse strains, while dna of non-virus-yielding strains contains only a part of the genome. furthermore, in those strains where the genome is complete, two populations of virus-specific dna sequences can be identified (more abundant and less abundant species) accordi ...19744372624
expression of akr murine leukemia virus gp71-like and balb(x) gp-71-like antigens in normal mouse tissues in the absence of overt virus competition radioimmune assays with antisera against akr murine leukemia virus (mulv) gp 71 or antisera against xenotropic virus, and iodinated akr mulv gp71 or balb(x) gp71, antigens serologically indistinguishable from the viral antigens can be detected in tissues of normal mice in the absence of overt virus expression. an antigen serologically indistinguishable from akr mulv gp71 can be readily detected in normal bone marrow cells of the common strains of mice including nih swiss, 129/j, a ...1977195002
molecular mimicry between a uveitopathogenic site of s-antigen and viral peptides. induction of experimental autoimmune uveitis in lewis rats.s-antigen (s-ag) is a well characterized 45,000 m.w. photoreceptor cell protein. when injected into susceptible animal species, including primates, it induces an experimental autoimmune uveitis, a predominantly t cell-mediated autoimmune disease of the retina and uveal tract of the eye, and of the pineal gland. in this study we found an amino acid sequence homology between a uveitopathogenic site of s-ag, several viral proteins and one additional nonviral protein. an experimental autoimmune uvei ...19901689349
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