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attempts to adapt equine infectious anemia virus to small animals. 195014792980
experimental studies on equine infectious anemia (eia). iv. alteration of blood in mouse inoculated with the mouse-fixed equine infectious anemia virus and re-transmission test of the virus to a pony. 196013683955
equine infectious anaemia in two groups of horses. ii. 196514282005
equine infectious anemia. new problems. 19664288554
[infectious anemia of horses. questions and answers on infectious anemia of horses]. 19664290778
complement fixation test of equine infectious anemia. i. specificity of the test. 19664292231
complement fixation test of equine infectious anemia. ii. relationship between cf antibody response and the disease. 19664292232
[studies on tissue culture of equine infectious anemia virus. vii. evaluation of bovine serum used for equine leukocyte culture with special reference to the relationship between the serum protein fraction pattern and the culture growth]. 19664960853
[outbreak of infectious anemia among horses on a farm--an epidemiological experiment]. 19674306358
serial passages of equine infectious anemia virus in horse leukocyte culture. 19674293211
physicochemical studies on equine infectious anemia virus. examination of purification methods. 19674293212
pathological studies on bone marrow in equine infectious anemia. i. macroscopical findings on whole longitudinal sections of bone marrow. 19674293213
propagation and titration of equine infectious anemia virus in horse leukocyte culture. 19674293214
pathological studies on bone marrow in equine infectious anemia. ii. histopathology of vertebral, sternal and femoral bone marrow. 19674294929
equine infectious anemia occurring in hokkaido, japan--its histopathology and a critical view of the occurrence and diagnosis of this disease. 19674294930
specificity of assay of equine infectious anemia virus in horse leukocyte culture. 19674295385
[the development of petechial hemorrhages on the under-surface of the tongue in the horse and its relation to infection with the virus of equine infectious anemia]. 19674299474
[myocardium infarct in horses with infectious anemia]. 19684300496
behavior of equine infectious anemia virus in cell culture and development of a diagnostic test for the disease. 19684302685
fractionation of equine infectious anemia virus by diethylaminoethyl cellulose chromatography and sucrose density gradient centrifugation. 19684305804
characteristics of the complement-fixing antigen of equine infectious anemia virus. 19684305805
attempts to cultivate the equine infectious anemia virus in various types of cells. 19684307837
gas chromatographic detection of in vivo activity of equine infectious anaemia virus. 19684298814
pathological studies on bone marrow in equine infectious anemia. 3. cytlogical findings of bone marrow aspirates. 19684182535
physicochemical studies of equine infectionus anemia virus. 3. purification and electron microscopic observation of the virus. 19694195623
electron microscopic observations of equine infectious anemia (eia) virus in cultivated horse leukocytes. (brief report). 19694195626
electron microscopy of equine infectious anemia virus.equine infectious anemia (eia) virus was observed in thin sections of infected cultured horse leukocytes by electron microscopy. the virus particles had a spherical shape and were between 80 and 120 nm in diameter. most of them contained an electron-dense nucleoid 40 to 60 nm in diameter. they were observed to form by a process of budding from the plasma membrane and appeared to have thin surface projections. the particles described were not detected in uninfected cultured cells, and their appea ...19694311413
enzymes of equine erythrocytes: changes during equine infectious anemia. 19694304330
equine infectious anemia: preliminary investigation of the complement-fixation test for the demonstration of antibodies and antigen.clinical field cases of equine infectious anemia were studied and the disease was reproduced experimentally in horses. attempts were made to adapt the complement-fixation test to the detection of antibodies in the serum of infected animals and to the demonstration of antigens in tissue extracts.a moderate complement-fixing antibody response was demonstrated in the serum of horses shortly after primary exposure to the infectious agent. however, this reactivity was of short duration and occurred w ...19694305760
physicochemical studies of equine infectious anemia virus. i. buoyant density of the virus. 19694306374
physicochemical studies of equine infectious anemia virus. ii. sensitivity of the virus to trypsin. 19694306375
viremia and immunological responses in horses infected with equine infectious anemia virus. 19694306393
growth of equine infectious anemia in a new cell system. 19694323215
[indication of virus of equine infectious anemia]. 19704324050
growth characteristics of equine infectious anemia virus in horse leukocyte cultures. brief report. 19704318580
growth of the equine infectious anemia virus in a continuous-passage horse leukocyte culture. 19704319261
[animal viral anemia: equine infectious anemia]. 19704320458
changes in pathogenicity of equine infectious anemia virus during passages in horse leukocyte cultures. 19704320651
immunization of horses against equine infectious anemia (eia) with an attenuated eia virus. 19704320652
physicochemical studies of equine infectious anemia virus. iv. determination of the nucleic acid type in the virus. 19704321449
[cultivation of equine infectious anemia virus]. 19704325782
characterization of precipitating antibody in equine infectious anemia. 19714328472
immunopathology of equine infectious anemia. 19714328671
[recent virological and immunological findings in infectious anemia in horses]. 19714329836
serological comparison among various strains of equine infectious anemia virus. 19714330134
detection of equine infectious anemia virus in vitro by immunofluorescence. 19714330258
titration of equine infectious anemia virus. effect of dosage on incubation time and clinical signs. 19714330637
immunofluorescent localization of equine infectious anemia virus in tissue. 19714322275
distribution of equine infectious anemia virus in horses infected with the virus. 19714325551
immunodiffusion studies of purified equine infectious anemia virus.antigenicity of purified equine infectious anemia (eia) virus was examined by immunodiffusion against sera obtained from horses experimentally infected with eia virus. the purified virus reacted with the infected horse serum, and virus-specific precipitating antibody was demonstrated. furthermore, it was found that purified eia virus reacted against the serum of horses infected with all strains of eia virus which were antigenically different from one another. from the result, group-specific comp ...197116557982
demonstration of antigenic identity between purified equine infectious anemia virus and an antigen extracted from infected horse spleen.antigenic relationship between purified equine infectious anemia (eia) virus and spleen-derived antigen from eia-infected horses was examined by immunodiffusion. identical antigenicity of these two antigens has been proven because precipitation lines formed between the two antigens and eia antiserum connected with each other. the results indicate that the antigenic substance derived from infected spleen is a component of eia virus.19724629262
equine infectious anemia: detection of infections virus-antibody complexes in the serum. 19724141690
diagnosis of equine infectious anemia by immunodiffusion test. 19724333633
immunologically mediated glomerulitis of horses. i. pathogenesis in persistent infection by equine infectious anemia virus. 19724337973
filtrability of equine infectious anemia virus. 19724339550
detection of precipitating antibody in equine infectious anemia by concentrated virus antigen. 19724340682
study of the one-step growth curve of equine infectious anemia virus by immunofluorescence.primary horse leukocyte cultures were inoculated with 2 or 10 50% tissue culture infective doses (tcid(50)) of equine infectious anemia (eia) virus per cell, and the titer of cell-associated and fluid-phase virus was determined from 1 to 72 hr postinoculation (pi). cover slips were collected from 4 to 72 hr pi and stained for eia viral antigen by the indirect immunofluorescent (fa) technique. viral replication was detected after a latent period of approximately 18 to 24 hr and reached peak titer ...19724344094
extraction of equine infectious anemia immunodiffusion antigen with the aid of the chaotropic agent, thiocyanate.immunodiffusion antigen from spleens of horses infected with equine infectious anemia virus was prepared by methods employing freeze-thaw cycles and thiocyanate treatment. thiocyanate (0.5 m) permitted the recovery of the greatest amount of antigen. furthermore, it was most effective for recovery of immunodiffusion antigen from spleens which yielded unsatisfactory concentrations of antigen by the conventional freeze-thaw or water-extraction methods. the reactivity of the antigen did not appear t ...19734348466
physicochemical studies of equine infectious anemia virus. v. effect of ultraviolet irradiation on virus infectivity. 19734352062
passive immunity in the foal: measurement of immunoglobulin classes and specific antibody. 19734355952
[equine infectious anemia--recent researches and prospect of the study (author's transl)]. 19734356439
role of horse fly (tabanus fuscicostatus hine) and stable fly (stomoxys calcitrans l.) in transmission of equine infectious anemia to ponies in louisiana. 19734357708
preparation of equine infectious anemia virus antigen for immunodiffusion test. 19734358258
production of equine infectious anemia antigen in a persistently infected cell line. 19734358259
[study of precipitogens of equine infectious anemia virus]. 19734198632
antigenic drift of equine infectious anemia virus in chronically infected horses. 19734123810
preparation of equine infectious anemia antigens for diagnosis. 19734128832
resistance of horses infected chronically with equine infectious anemia virus against reinfection. 19734792269
excretion of equine infectious anemia virus from horses infected with the virus. 19734366013
quantitation of immunoglobulin-bearing lymphocytes and lymphocyte response to mitogens in horses persistently infected by equine infectious anemia virus.a defect in lymphocyte function could be responsible for persistent infection by the equine infectious anemia virus. the number of lymphocytes bearing surface immunoglobulin, as detected by immunofluorescence, and lymphocyte response to mitogens were the same in uninfected and equine infectious anemia-infected animals. a defect in t or b lymphocyte numbers or ability to respond to stimuli was not detected in this chronic virus disease.19734582640
spontaneous autoimmune diseases of domestic animals. 19744367527
equine infectious anemia. 19744371283
equine infectious anemia virus from infected horse serum.equine infectious anemia virus was purified from infected horse serum samples. electron microscope observation on negatively stained preparations of purified virus showed roughly spherical particles sized between 100 and 200 nm in diameter. in disrupted particles, an envelope was visible but no internal structure could be resolved. since the purified virus fraction had a strong antigenic activity to antiserum in immunodiffusion reaction, these particles are thought to be the causative virus of e ...19744372175
studies on complement-fixation reaction in equine infectious anemia. i. development and activities of complement-fixing and complement fixation-inhibiting antibodies. 19744374566
propagation of equine infectious anemia virus in horse kidney cell cultures. 19744375791
unsuccessful attempts to propagate equine infectious anemia virus in lambs and small experimental animals. 19744375794
equine infectious anemia: a retrospective study of an epizootic. 19744358831
equine infectious anemia. 19744359480
prevalence of antibodies to herpesvirus types 1 and 2, arteritis and infectious anemia viral antigens in equine serum. 19744360338
equine infectious anaemia in czechoslovakia. 1975164712
mechanism of viral persistence in equine infectious anemia. 1975165036
identification of multiple equine infectious anemia antigens by immunodiffusion reactions.equine infectious anemia (eia) cell antigens prepared from infected equine spleen, equine leukocyte cultures or a persistently infected equine dermis cell line contained at least two serologically reacting components. for convenience one component was designated as soluble antigen (sa) and the other as cell-associated antigen (caa). the sa appeared as a single component when it was prepared from eia virus precipitated from infectious tissue culture fluid with polyethylene glycol and ether treate ...1975169969
monocyte activation in horses persistently infected with equine infectious anemia virus.the monocytes of horses infected with equine infectious anemia virus were shown by their failure to migrate from capillary tubes and their increased adherence to erythrocytes to be activated.1975172455
investigation of equine infectious anaemia in queensland using gel antigen for the gel diffusion test for equine infectious anaemia (eia) was prepared from the spleen of a horse experimentally infected with the cq strain of the virus. the antigen produced a single, distinct line of precipitation when tested against a range of known positive serums, and did not react with pre-inoculation and known negative serums. extracts prepared from uninfected spleens displayed no reaction when similarly tested. serum from 34 of 451 queensland horses contained detectable ...1975173275
[latest results in the research of infectious anemia in perissodactyla]. 1975174243
equine infectious anemia. 1975174411
[purification and study of equine infectious anemia virus antigens, produced in vivo or in cultured cells].the g and c antigens of equine infectious anemia virus have been produced in vivo and in infected cell culture, then they have been purified. their physico-chemical properties have been determined, particularly their molecular weight, their sedimentation coefficient, their density and the iso electric point.1975174831
viral antigen production in horse kidney cell cultures infected persistently with equine infectious anemia virus. 1976177893
recrudescence of equine infectious anemia by treatment with immunosuppressive drugs.horses which had passed a few months to a few years asymptomatically after the last recurrence of equine infectious anemia (eia) showed a typical febrile response after treatment with the immunosuppressive agent, dexamethasone (dm) or cyclophosphamide (cy). in horses showing a febrile response, eia virus which had not been neutralized by neutralizing antibody previously produced was propagated. in dm-treated horses it disappeared from the blood soon after pyretolysis and antibody against the vir ...1976177894
equine infectious anaemia. 1976181892
apparent propagation of the equine infectious anemia virus in a mosquito (culex pipiens quinquefasciatus say) ovarian cell line.a tissue culture of culex pipiens quinquefasciatus say ovarian cells appeared to support the growth of equine infectious anemia (eia) virus. shetland ponies inoculated with 2nd, 7th, 9th, and 11th passages of mediums harvested from infected tissue culture had clinical signs of the disease and became eia positive on 11, 19, 23, and 43 days after inoculation, respectively.1976183574
purification and characterization of equine infectious anemia virus.eia virus was purified from equine fetal kidney cell cultures by peg-precipitation, two sucrose-gradient sedimentations (5-30 per cent) and (25 to 60 per cent) centrifugation, using the immunodiffusion test to follow the procedure. purified eia virus had a density (20 degrees c) of 1.162 and a sedimentation constant of s20w=656. electron microscopy revealed a particle of about 100 nm in diameter with a very flexible but usually spherical shape. the dense core may be at various locations inside t ...1976183628
transmission of equine infectious anemia virus by tabanus fuscicostatus.the mechanical transmission of equine infectious anemia (eia) virus by tabanus fuscicostatus was investigated. in 1 of 7 transmission trials, a single horsefly transmitted eia virus from an acutely infected pony to a susceptible pony. groups of horseflies isolated for 3, 10, or 30 minutes before refeeding transmitted eia virus, whereas those isolated for 4 or 24 hours did not. data from field studies indicate that the home range or flight distance of horseflies may exceed 4 miles. that informati ...1976942712
equine infectious anemia virus: evidence favoring classification as a retravirus.equine infectious anemia virus (eiav) has a density of 1.154 g/cm3 in sucrose a high-molecular-weight rna similar in size to rauscher murine leukemia virus, and an internal virion reverse transcriptase that utilizes the synthetic rna template poly(ra) but not the synthetic dna template poly(da), both with (dt)12 as primer. although capable of utilizing manganese at low concentrations (approximately 0.1 mm), eiav reverse transcriptase showed highest activity in the presence of 9 mm magnesium. the ...197661283
hemagglutination by equine infectious anemia virus.equine infectious anemia (eia) virus which was propagated on an equine dermal cell line agglutinated guinea pig erythrocytes. viral fluids containing about 10(7.5) mean tissue culture infective doses/ml showed hemagglutinating (ha) titers ranging from 16 to 32 units/0.05 ml. results of cesium chloride equilibrium density gradient centrifugation revealed that the hemagglutinin was inseparable from the virus particles. the hemagglutination reaction persisted over a wide range of temperature and ph ...19769361
rna-dependent dna polymerase associated with equine infectious anemia virus.equine infectious anemia (eiav) is shown to have an associated rna-instructed dna polymerase similar in its cofactor requirements and reaction conditions to the rna tumor virus dna polymerases. demonstrating this dna polymerase activity requires a critical concentration of a nonionic detergent, all four deoxyribonucleoside triphosphates, and a divalent metal ion. the reaction is sensitive to rnase, and a substantial fraction of the fna synthesized is complementary to viral rna. the detection of ...197767219
purification of equine infectious anemia virus antigen by affinity chromatography.affinity chromatography was performed to obtain highly purified antigen from equine infectious anemia (eia) virus. after crude antigen was concentrated by polyethylene glycol precipitation of culture fluids from equine dermal cells persistently infected with eia virus, and after the virus was disrupted with ether, it was added to a column of cyanogen bromide-activated sepharose 4b to which eia-specific antibody had been conjugated. the antigen was effectively released from the column with 5m mgc ...197769631
characterization of a retravirus isolated from squirrel monkeys.a new retravirus (smrv) isolated from a squirrel monkey, saimiri sciureus, has an mg2+-dependen reverse transcriptase and a buoyant density of 1.17 g/cm3 in sucrose and 1.21 g/cm3 in cesium chloride, similar to the mouse mammary tumor virus and the mason-pfizer monkey virus. the polypeptide patter of smrv as determined by sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis was distinct from the reported polypeptide patterns of known retraviruses. four major polypeptides of molecular weight ...197769728
eia research. 1977189175
equine antibody to bovine serum induced by several equine vaccines as a source of extraneous precipitin lines in the agar gel immunodiffusion test for equine infectious anemia.precipitin lines not associated with equine infectious anemia (eia) were observed in routine agar gel immunodiffusion (agid) testing for the infection. the serums which produced these lines were obtained from horses which had been given multiple vaccinations with commercially available cell culture-origin equine virus vaccines as part of a comprehensive herd health program. the lines formed against cell culture-derived, but not spleen-derived eia viral antigens. investigation revealed that bovin ...1977192111
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