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use of heat inactivated viral haemorrhagic fever antigens in serological assays.heating for 1 h at 60 degrees c completely destroyed the infectivity of sucrose-acetone-extracted antigen of rift valley (rvf) and congo crimean haemorrhagic fever (cchf), as well as of rvf- and cchf-infected mouse brain. these antigens could be successfully used, however, for complement fixation and igm-capturing enzyme immunoassay. vero e6 cell suspensions infected with hantaviruses such as hantaan 76-118, tchoupitoulas, sr 11, gb-b, cg 18-20, hällnäs, cg 13891, seoul and prospect hill, as wel ...19883146583
[propagation and replication of hantaan virus in human endothelial cells in vitro]. 19883147808
expression of the hantaan virus m genome segment by using a vaccinia virus recombinant.a cdna containing the complete open reading frame of the hantaan virus (htn) m genome segment has been cloned into vaccinia virus. this recombinant virus expresses two glycoproteins which are similar to the htn structural glycoproteins, g1 and g2, in molecular weight, cleavage pattern, and cellular distribution. both htn and recombinant vaccinia virus glycoproteins are exclusively associated with the golgi apparatus of the cell. despite this intracellular restriction, mice inoculated with the re ...19883123711
incidence and geographic distribution of serologically verified cases of nephropathia epidemica in sweden.a nationwide survey of hospitalized, serologically verified adult nephropathia epidemica cases in sweden from 1978 to 1981 was performed. serum was collected from 1,063 patients with a diagnosis of nephropathia epidemica or one of 10 other renal diseases with related symptoms. sera were analyzed by indirect immunofluorescence technique for the presence of immunoglobulin g antibodies to hantaan virus, causative agent of korean hemorrhagic fever that cross-reacts with the nephropathia epidemica ag ...19882895579
[incidence and clinical forms of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in eastern slovakia]. 19882899460
detection of the antigen and antibodies to the eastern subtype of haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome virus in small rodents in enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) was used for the demonstration of haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (hfrs) virus antigen in lung tissue of small rodents trapped in eastern and western slovakia. the eastern subtype of hfrs virus antigen was demonstrated in the lungs of apodemus agrarius and of the western subtype in the lungs of microtus arvalis. antibodies to hfrs virus antigen have been detected in apodemus species (a. agrarius and a. flavicollis) in higher titres to the e ...19882899965
conservation of antigenic properties and sequences encoding the envelope proteins of prototype hantaan virus and two virus isolates from korean haemorrhagic fever patients.viruses isolated from the blood of two korean haemorrhagic fever patients were propagated in cell culture and compared to prototype hantaan virus which was isolated from apodemus mice. the antigenic properties of the human isolates were found to be closely related to hantaan virus by plaque reduction neutralization, haemagglutination inhibition and fluorescent antibody staining with both polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies. the medium genome segment of each human isolate was sequenced and compa ...19882900289
hantavirus and leptospira. 19882900396
hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in yugoslavia: detection of hantaviral antigen and antibody in wild rodents and serological diagnosis of human disease.lung tissues from 547 rodents and 26 insectivores captured between 1981 and 1984 in central bosnia (fojnica) and central serbia (cacak), 2 regions known to be endemic for hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (hfrs), were examined for hantaviral antigen by the indirect immunofluorescent antibody technique. antigen was detected in 17/231 apodemus flavicollis, 3/187 a. sylvaticus, 1/46 a. agrarius, 4/32 mus musculus, and 3/28 clethrionomys glareolus. in addition, antibodies against hantaan and puu ...19882900550
hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (nephropathia epidemica) in norway: seroepidemiology indirect fluorescent antibody technique (ifat) was applied to serologically confirm the clinical diagnosis in 507 nephropathia epidemica (ne) suspected patients. hantaan virus (hv), the agent of korean hemorrhagic fever, which is serologically related to the ne agent, was used as antigen. both igg and igm reactions were detected. high levels of igg antibodies to hv were common, even in the acute phase of illness. over a 5-year period, a total of 35% of the ne suspected patients revealed antib ...19882900551
[spreading of the virus of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome among small mammals of a meadow-field complex and its epidemiological significance]. 19882901027
detection of nephropathia epidemica (puumala virus)-specific immunoglobulin m by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.nephropathia epidemica (ne), a less severe form of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome, is caused by puumala virus (puu). this communication reports the development of a mu-capture enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) for detection of specific immunoglobulin m (igm) antibodies to puu virus in human sera. acute- and early-convalescent-phase sera (collected 1 to 41 days after disease onset) from 29 swedish patients with clinical ne were tested for puu virus-specific igg and igm antibodies b ...19882902106
antigenic relationship between hantaviruses analysed by immunoprecipitation.antigenic relationships between seven hantaviruses isolated in sweden, belgium, korea, european u.s.s.r. and asian u.s.s.r. were studied by radioimmunoprecipitation assays (ripa) and indirect immunofluorescence tests (ift). animal immune sera and haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (hfrs) patient sera from the above countries were used. the strains fell into three antigenic groups by both ripa and ift: nephropathia epidemica (ne)-type, korean haemorrhagic fever (khf)-type and urban rat-type. ...19882902191
seroepidemiology of haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in bulgaria.during the period of 1954-1986, 399 cases of haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (hfrs) were registered in bulgaria with 63 (15.7%) deaths. three hundred serum samples from 214 patients who had contracted the disease from 1957 to 1986 were investigated by indirect fluorescent antibody test (if-at). as antigen vero-e6 cells infected with the asian hantaan virus were used, as well as lung sections from bank voles (clethrionomys glareolus) infected with strains udmurt and kazan 6-cg from the eur ...19882902774
a simple method of preparing a complement-fixing antigen from the virus of haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (western type).different methods of the preparation of haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (hfrs) antigen for complement-fixation (cf) test are described. the antigens were prepared from the organs of suckling white rats inoculated with the western type of hrfs by precipitation with polyethylene glycol, by fluorocarbon treatment and or by sucrose-acetone extraction. the highest cf titre was obtained by acetone precipitation of 20% brain suspension in isotonic sucrose.19882902776
hantavirus disease in sri lanka. 19882904003
virus-specific proteins and rnas from cells infected with hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (hfrs) viruses derived from endemic areas of the u.s.s.r.cell-associated proteins of rodent (cg-1820 strain) and human (k-27 and 360 strains) hantaviruses isolated in the european endemic areas of the u.s.s.r. are antigenically similar as revealed by immunoprecipitation and immunoblotting assays. nucleocapsid-associated rnas of representative hantaviruses of four antigenic groups [sugiyama et al. (1987) j gen virol 68: 979-987] have unique page patterns. "electropherotyping" of the rnas isolated from infected cells might be used for identifying and di ...19882904252
hantaviruses are here in scotland. 19882904932
status of hantavirus in the central african republic. 19882905142
[beta2-microglobulin in the blood serum in hemorrhagic fever with the renal syndrome]. 19882905527
a negative human serosurvey of haemorrhagic fever viruses in djibouti. 19882905609
[study on the surveillance of house-rat type epidemic haemorrhagic fever]. 19882905938
[first report of an endemic area of epidemic hemorrhagic fever in boarding prefecture]. 19882905939
serological evidence of hantavirus infection in laboratory rats and personnel.laboratory-acquired haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (hfrs) has been reported in many countries. a serological survey of laboratory white rats and of laboratory personnel for antibodies to hantaviruses was conducted in singapore. forty-four per cent (143/329) of rats were seropositive by the indirect immunofluorescent antibody test but none had hantaviral antigens in lung tissues. two of 74 laboratory personnel were seropositive but neither had a history of clinical illness. the high serop ...19882906333
nephropathia epidemica encephalitis.a case of serologically proven nephropathia epidemica (ne) with encephalitis is described. follow up of serum and csf antibody titres demonstrated ne virus antibody production in the cns concomitantly with clinical encephalitis. decrease of initially high csf antibody titres was followed by a simultaneous increase of serum antibody titres corresponding to the clinical picture shifting from encephalitis to nephritis. this suggests that the first replication of ne virus may undertake in the cns.19882906497
[study of dog as the animal reservoir of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome]. 19882906570
[detection of igg antibody in serum of hemorrhage fever with renal syndrome (hfrs) by solid-phase chemiluminescence immunoassay]. 19882906571
study of hamsters infected with epidemic hemorrhagic fever virus. 19882906853
[detection of antigens in blood smears of patients with epidemic hemorrhagic fever using the rosette cell formation spa method]. 19882907414
baculovirus expression of the small genome segment of hantaan virus and potential use of the expressed nucleocapsid protein as a diagnostic antigen.autographa californica nuclear polyhedrosis virus (acnpv) was used as an expression vector for the nucleocapsid protein gene of hantaan virus. two different cdna clones representing the small genome segment of hantaan virus were inserted into the transfer vector pacym1, and recombinants were generated by replacement of a portion of the baculovirus polyhedrin gene with the foreign, hantaan virus gene. recombinants containing both the first and second atg initiation codons of the hantaan virus gen ...19882895799
hantavirus infection: a new imported viral haemorrhagic fever. 19882896755
[effectiveness of using cultured antigens for the serodiagnosis of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome by the immunofluorescence method].clinical serological studies of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (hfrs) demonstrated high effectiveness of indirect immunofluorescence procedure (if) for serodiagnosis of this infection. the use of hfrs virus-infected vero-e6 cells as the antigen for if enhanced the sensitivity and specificity of the method as compared with the use of cryostatic sections of the lung tissue from wild rodents spontaneously infected with hfrs virus as the antigen. a technology for preparation of a polyvalent h ...19882897146
identification of the antigenic components of hantaan virus reacting with rabbit antisera and sera from patients with hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome. 19882897400
[hantaan virus infections as a cause of acute kidney failure. 3 cases in west germany].three cases of hantaan virus infection (korean haemorrhagic fever) leading to acute renal failure are described. all three had mild haemorrhagic fever with a renal syndrome. it had started with acute fever followed by oliguria, proteinuria and microhaematuria (in two patients) in the further course of the disease, as well as urea and creatinine retention. one patient needed to be dialysed twice. hantaan virus-specific igg antibodies were demonstrated in all three patients; one also had igm antib ...19882897900
dual infection with leptospira and hantavirus. 19882898071
haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome: a disease of world-wide distribution. 19882898253
[the study on inapparent infection in the endemic areas of the wild and domestic rat types ehf in parts of north-east areas in china]. 19882898296
[a study on the early diagnosis of epidemic hemorrhagic fever by elisa for examining antigens in urine]. 19882898297
[immune-mediated renal damage in epidemic hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (hantavirus nephropathy]. 19882898325
aerosol transmission of hantaan and related viruses to laboratory rats.hantaan, seoul, and puumala viruses were transmitted to 12-16-week-old female wistar rattus norvegicus by inhalation. the rodent infectious dose for each virus by intramuscular inoculation and by inhalation was determined, as was the infectious dose for vero e-6 cells by direct plaque assay.19882908582
characterization of hantaan virus envelope glycoprotein antigenic determinants defined by monoclonal antibodies.a panel of 24 monoclonal antibodies (mabs) to the g1 or g2 envelope glycoproteins of hantaan virus were used to determine the surface topography and functional properties of antigenic sites. nine distinct, partially overlapping antigenic sites, two on g1 and seven on g2, were demonstrated by competitive binding assays. analyses of the antigenic sites by haemagglutination (ha) inhibition and plaque-reduction neutralization tests showed that all of the sites, except one on g1, were related to vira ...19892471792
virion proteins of viruses causing hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome; monoclonal antibody analysis.sds-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and western blotting analysis by using 9 clones of monoclonal antibodies specific for hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (hfrs) viruses were carried out on the virion proteins of 17 strains of hfrs viruses isolated from different areas in asia and different hosts such as apodemus agrarius, rattus norvegicus, domestic cat and hfrs patients. polypeptide with apparent molecular weight about 50 kitodalton (kd) could be detected in all 17 strains of hfrs viru ...19892474668
serological studies of haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (hfrs) in poland. preliminary report.serological studies of hantaan virus infections among--blood donors (control group)--patients: chronic dialysed, leptospirosis suspected, hospitalised for various diseases,--risk group population: farmers, laboratory staff (contact with laboratory animals), as well as laboratory and wild animals (rodents) were carried out. surveys were done by the indirect immunofluorescent antibody (ifa) procedure with 5 hantaan virus strains as antigens.19892476002
experimental labyrinthitis in rats caused by infecting with virus causing hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (hfrs).acute and persistent viral infection of the inner ear of rats was induced with hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (hfrs) virus following intraperitoneal inoculation. newborn (within 24 h after birth) rats were inoculated intraperitoneally (i.p.) with hfrs virus (b-1 strain), and the cochlea was examined using an immunohistochemical technique for the localization of viral antigens 1 week (acute infection) and 1 year (persistent infection) after infection. virus-specific antigens were detected ...19892504018
antibody prevalence against haemorrhagic fever viruses in randomized representative central african populations.between 1985 and 1987, 5,070 randomly selected persons living in 6 central african countries (cameroon, central african republic, chad, congo, equatorial guinea and gabon) were checked for serological evidence of haemorrhagic fever. rural and urban areas were studied, including ecoclimatic zones ranging from dry savana to tropical rain forest. virus-reactive antibodies were found with all antigens tested, and the global prevalence of positive sera was distributed as follows: crimean-congo haemor ...19892505350
determination of the coding capacity of the m genome segment of nephropathia epidemica virus strain hällnäs b1 by molecular cloning and nucleotide sequence analysis.the m genome rna segment of nephropathia epidemica virus (nev) strain hällnäs b1 was characterized by molecular cloning and dna nucleotide sequencing of the corresponding cdna clones. the size of the m rna segment is 3682 nucleotides. the 3' and 5' terminal sequences are complementary for 21 bases and their predicted secondary structure is very stable. the viral complementary messenger rna possesses a single long open reading frame with a coding capacity of 1148 amino acids (polypeptide of 126 k ...19892508317
[extraction of effective parts of alternanthera philoxeroides (mart.) griseb. and its antiviral effect].several parts of alternanthera philoxeroides were extracted by lead-salt sedimentation and double phase solvent extractive technique and their antiviral effects were studied. the results showed that extracts of petroleum ether, ether, and ethyl acetate have inhibitory effect on epidemic hemorrhagic fever virus (ehfv). the antiviral effective part is coumarin analogue.19892508673
[area and natural reservoirs of hemorrhagic fever virus with kidney syndrome in the far east of the ussr].lungs of 9127 small mammals of 17 species trapped in khabarovsk region, magadan, amur, and sakhalin regions in 1982-1987 were examined, among them 11 species are reservoirs of hfrs virus. most frequently infected are striped field mice and japanese field mice, red voles and large-toothed red-backed voles which are the dominant species of the appropriate landscape formations. circulation of two hfrs virus serotypes among small mammals was demonstrated. the main epidemiological role belongs to the ...19892514490
[antibodies against hantaan virus and leptospira in subjects at risk in rome].a survey on the prevalence of hantaan and leptospiral antibodies on mammalogists and rodent control personnel was performed. none of the 66 trappers studied (using ifi ) had detectable hantaan antibody, while only 2 out of 20 mammalogists presented antibody at low titer (1:32). for leptospiral antibody the microagglutination test (mat) using live leptospires as antigen was performed. 14 out of 66 trappers, or 21.2 per cent, had antibodies, at titer of 1:50 or more, to various leptospiral serovar ...19892518821
[study on human monoclonal antibodies in hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome virus]. 19892550116
hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome: four decades of research.hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome is an acute infectious illness characterized by fever, hemorrhage, and renal failure. research over the last 40 years has led to the discovery and characterization of the causative viruses, detailed knowledge of the epidemiology of the disease, development of sensitive diagnostic assays, and improvements in patient management, which in turn have led to significant reductions in mortality. considerable progress has also been made in elucidating the pathophysi ...19892563323
plasma concentration of atrial natriuretic peptide in different phases of korean hemorrhagic fever.korean hemorrhagic fever (khf) is an epidemic viral disease characterized by high fever, hemorrhagic tendency and renal failure, and by hemorrhages of right atrium and renal medulla as well as necrosis of anterior hypophysis. plasma immunoreactive atrial natriuretic peptide (iranp) levels of 15 patients in the oliguric phase was 94.8 +/- 8.4 pg/ml (mean +/- sem), 80% higher than of the normal control group (53.0 +/- 4.7 pg/ml; n = 28). in the diuretic phase it declined to 63.7 +/- 5.3 pg/ml (n = ...19892563575
comparison of immunofluorescence and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays for the serology of hantaan virus infections.three enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) systems based upon different principles were developed for the serology of hantaan virus infections and compared with an indirect immunofluorescence assay (ifa). the indirect ifa was carried out with gamma-irradiated hantaan virus-infected and uninfected vero e6 cells fixed with ethanol (-70 degrees c) or acetone (20 degrees c) on drop slides and a fitc-coupled sheep anti-human ig preparation. atypical staining in the ifa was avoided by using ethan ...19892566619
immunoblot analysis of the serological response in hantavirus infections.sera from patients with nephropathia epidemica (ne) or korean hemorrhagic fever (khf) were tested for specific antibody response to antigens of hällnäs virus and hantaan virus strain 76-118. a vero e6 derived cell line persistently infected with hällnäs virus strain b1, and vero e6 cells freshly infected with hantaan virus type strain 76-118 were used as antigens in the immunofluorescence assay (ifa) and the immunoblot. blots were prepared from whole cell lysates. the convalescent-phase sera of ...19892566644
[hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (hfrs) in japan]. 19892566697
[classification of hfrs viruses]. 19892566698
comparison of virulence between two strains of rattus serotype hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (hfrs) virus in newborn rats.two strains of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (hfrs) virus from rattus, sr-11 and ki-262, showed virtually identical antigenicity but differed from prototype strain hantaan 76-118 (apodemus origin) in a neutralization test. wistar newborn rats inoculated intraperitoneally (i.p.) with sr-11, which was isolated from a laboratory rat associated with an outbreak of hfrs, developed clinical signs such as ataxia and limb paralysis and died at about 18 days after inoculation. the ld50 of sr-11 i ...19892566896
cross-reactive immunity among different serotypes of virus causing haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome.spleen cells primed by prospect hill (ph) or puumala (pu) virus could cross-react with hantaan virus (hv) 76-118 strain-infected target cells after in vitro stimulation with hv-infected cells, although anti-ph or anti-pu immune serum showed no cross-reactive neutralizing (nt) activity to hv without complement. these results and our previous findings with cross-reactive cytotoxic t lymphocytes (ctls) suggest that some epitopes recognized by ctls might be common among the hantavirus genus, while t ...19892567343
[preliminary study on epidemic hemorrhagic fever (ehf) in guizhou province].during 1962-1986, ehf cases have been reported in 50 out of 82 counties in guizhou province. it was high in northern guizhou province. however, serological survey of the population showed that endemic area extended to 51 counties. the inapparent infection rate ranged from 0 to 4.04%. in 76 out of 82 counties the rodents were found to carry hantavirus. apodemus agrarius of zunyi county of guizhou and rattus norvegicus of the eastern and south guizhou are important reservoirs of ehf. hantavirus ha ...19892567626
[studies on inapparent infection of epidemic hemorrhagic fever in population of shanxi province].detection for igg antibody to virus of epidemic hemorrhagic fever (ehf) in sera from healthy people in shanxi province were carried out by ifat. two hundred thirty eight of 4873 serum samples were antibody-positive. total positive rate was 4.88%. the inapparent infection rate of ehf in residents of endemic areas was 5.48%. there was a statistically significant difference of epidemic strength among different counties. based on the analysis of antibody titers of positive sera, value of upper limit ...19892567627
[preliminary study on the virulent difference between viral strains isolated from rattus norvegicus and apodemus agrarius in fujian province].virulence between virus strains of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (hfrs) from r. norvegicus and a. agrarius were different, besides the diversity in their epidemiological feature, clinical symptoms and antigenicity. virulence of the virus strains from r. norvegicus, especially those from nonepidemic areas, were weak than those from a. agrarius. sucking mice might be used for determining virulence of the virus strains from various source. foci of hfrs had been in southern fujian, but human ...19892567628
[study on geographic epidemiology of epidemic hemorrhagic fever (ehf) in china].the distribution, epidemic intensity and the focus type of ehf at county's level in china was studied by the method of discriptive, serological and geographic epidemiology. the ehf foci distributed in 1,257 counties within 25 provinces (cities, autonomous regions) by 1986, 633 of them were found before 1980 and the other 624 after it. the epidemic area have extended nearly twice in the last years. the extension of rattus type focus was most significant. the number of focus of rattus type increas ...19892567630
[hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome]. 19892568275
[clinical and epidemiologic characteristics of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome].clinical and epidemiological data on 16 patients with hfrs admitted to the university hospital of infectious diseases in zagreb during the past 10 years (1977-1986) are reported. in 13 of them, the diagnosis was confirmed serologically by indirect fluorescent method. all but two were men between 20 and 45 years of age (80% of patients). the disease appeared sporadically only. according to the domicile, way of living and working all the patients but three mentioned the contact with rodents in the ...19892568568
hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in korea.several clinical variants of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (hfrs) are caused by hantaan and related viruses. since 1951, 500-900 patients with hfrs have been hospitalized annually in korea. although hfrs is associated primarily with rural areas, it is now being recognized as an urban problem and a particular hazard to laboratory staff using rodents for research. recently, epidemic outbreaks of leptospirosis and scrub typhus have occurred during the hfrs season, leading to confusion in di ...19892568676
characteristics of passive immunity against hantavirus infection in rats.the protective effects of passively administered antibodies against hantavirus infection were studied in newborn rats. death as well as infection were completely prevented from intraperitoneal challenge of strain sr-11 (sr) (2 x 10(3) ffu, 10(2.1) ld50), in newborn rats which received 0.1 ml of anti-sr rat serum (neutralizing antibody titer, 1:640) 4 hr before the virus challenge. in these rats, no virus was detected in the peritoneal macrophages, lung, kidney, and brain. the immune serum infusi ...19892568827
hantavirus nephropathy in netherlands. 19892569143
tonic pupillary reaction after epidemic nephropathy and transient myopia. 19892569273
the distribution and duration of hantaan virus in the body fluids of patients with hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome.the distribution and duration of hantaan virus (htnv) in the body fluids of patients were studied by immunofluorescence, reverse passive hemagglutination, and cell culture assays. virus antigen of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (pbmcs) was usually present before day 11 of the disease, especially from days 4-7. virus isolates were more readily recovered from plasma early in the course of the illness and less frequently after day 7. the use of pbmcs rat ...19892569493
epidemic hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in yugoslavia, epidemic of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (hfrs) occurred in yugoslavia may-november 1986; all republics and provinces were involved. serum samples were received from 260 of 276 persons with symptoms clinically compatible with a diagnosis of hfrs. presumptive infection with a hantavirus was determined serologically for 161 of these. many patients with serious clinical pictures, including severe renal insufficiency and shock, were hospitalized; 11 died. indirect fluorescent antibody te ...19892569845
hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in yugoslavia: antigenic characterization of hantaviruses isolated from apodemus flavicollis and clethrionomys glareolus.hantavirus antigens were detected in lung tissues of 8/113 apodemus flavicollis and 2/17 clethrionomys glareolus captured in 1984 in fojnica, a region of yugoslavia endemic for hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome; hantavirus antigens were not detected in lung tissues from 126 other mammals collected in fojnica. three hantaviruses, 2 from a. flavicollis and 1 from c. glareolus, were isolated directly in vero e6 cells and were partially characterized. the isolates from a. flavicollis, designated ...19892569846
serologic evidence of hantaviral infections within small mammal communities of baltimore, maryland: spatial and temporal patterns and host range.serologic evidence was used to investigate the spatial and temporal distribution and host range of hantaviruses in small mammal communities in baltimore, md. immunofluorescent antibody (ifa) reactive to a baltimore rat isolate of seoul virus was detected in 44% of 404 norway rats captured at 4 park or residential locations; 21% of 121 meadow voles captured at 4 park locations possessed significant ifa titers to prospect hill virus. evidence from plaque neutralization assay of rodent sera suggest ...19892570533
the duration of viremia patients with epidemic hemorrhagic fever.the duration of viremia in patients with epidemic hemorrhagic fever (ehf) was studied using immunofluorescence technique and cell culture assays. the duration of virus in plasma of ehf patients was about 1 week, which was concomitant with the febrile phase of the disease. comparatively, the separation rate of viruses in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (pbmc) was greater (1.8 times) than in plasma, while the detected peak of ehf (in 4-7 days after onset of the disease) was found to be 2 or 3 d ...19892570679
a sporadic case of acute hantavirus nephropathy in the netherlands.a 32-yr-old man presented with acute renal failure preceded by a viral-like disease with high fever, bilateral loin pain, nausea, headache and slight thrombocytopenia. renal biopsy revealed only minor tubulointerstitial abnormalities. renal function completely normalised within 10 days after hospitalisation. the diagnosis of acute hantavirus nephropathy was proved by serological examinations.19892571092
renal involvement in hantavirus disease. 19892571242
[differentiation of the type of ehf antibodies by rphi].this article reports the use of for differentiation of the type of ehf antibodies. a total of 58 convalescent-phase sera from ehf patients in natural foci of predominant apodemus type of ehf and in those of rattus type of efh were examined. in the former 34/36 (94.44%) belonged to apodemus type, and in the latter 22/22 (100%) belonged to rattus type. both rphi and hi obtained the same result in differentiation of the type of ehf antibodies. rphi possesses sensitivity and specificity in ehf diagn ...19892572325
effects of hantaviral infection on survival, growth and fertility in wild rat (rattus norvegicus) populations of baltimore, maryland.survival, growth rates, body size and fertility of wild caught norway rats (rattus norvegicus), infected and uninfected with a hantavirus (antigenically related to seoul virus), were compared. no differences were found in the survival of seronegative versus seropositive rats, as measured by mark-recapture experiments. growth rates, as measured by weight gain but not by increased body length, were slower in seropositive, sexually mature (greater than 200 g) rats, although no differences in the ul ...19892572705
[another case of hantaan virus infection in the netherlands].in a serological survey among dutch patients suspected of leptospirosis, using a recently developed enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, a patient was traced with a high antibody titre to hantaan virus. no anti-leptospira antibodies were detected in this 27-year-old man. shortly before he had been admitted to the hospital with progressive dyspnoea and coughing, accompanied with high fever. an interstitial pneumonia was diagnosed. he subsequently developed a progressive renal failure with proteinur ...19892572978
what is new and where are the problems in research on hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome? 19892573193
the prevalence of hantaan viruses among rattus norvegicus in tokyo in the 1960's.during the 1960's, 15 out of 89 rats (16.8%) captured in the port area and 6 out of 59 rats (10.2%) in the suburb of tokyo were seropositive against hantaan viruses.19892573224
pathogenesis of hantaan virus in mice.the virulence of two virus clones (hv cl-1 and hv cl-2) of hantaan virus, which were plaque-purified on vero e6 cells, were compared in suckling mice infected by the intraperitoneal or intracerebral route. hv cl-1 increased the mortality of the mice whereas hv cl-2 did not. furthermore, virus of high titre was isolated from various organs of mice infected with hv cl-1 and high titres were maintained, whereas after infection with hv cl-2, virus was isolated from various organs only in low titre a ...19892573685
hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome.hantaviruses, the causative agents of hfrs, have become more widely recognized. epidemiologic evidence indicates that these pathogens are distributed worldwide. people who come into close contact with infected rodents in urban, rural and laboratory environments are at particular risk. transmission to man occurs mainly via the respiratory tract. the epidemiology of the hantaviruses is intimately linked to the ecology of their principal vertebrate hosts. four distinct viruses are now recognized wi ...19892573914
[features of a natural focus of hemorrhagic fever with a kidney syndrome in various regions of the crimea]. 19892573971
[the immune structure of the population of the bashkir assr in connection with hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome and the relation of indices of collective immunity to morbidity and the nature of the landscape].the study of 9,176 serum samples obtained from all regions and 15 cities of bashkiria, carried out by the method of radioimmunoassay with the use of the antigen of hemorrhagic fever with the renal syndrome (hfrs), has revealed considerable differences in the size of the natural immune stratum of the population (43.9-0.8%). the size of such immune stratum characterizes the activity of natural foci: the largest immune stratum (25.4%) exists among the population of regions with broad-leaved forests ...19892573985
[the incidence and clinical picture of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in east slovakia: the eastern and western type].hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (hfrs) is endemic in east slovakia. the paper presents the clinical picture of 4 serologically confirmed cases. two of the 4 patients had serological evidence of recent hantaan virus infection. positive immunofluorescent reactions with puumala virus (cg 18-20) were detected in the sera of the other two patients. the obtained results suggest the circulation of two serotypes of hfrs in slovakia.19892574625
clinical characteristics of nephropathia epidemica in sweden: prospective study of 74 cases.clinical symptoms and laboratory measures of renal and liver function, coagulation, and inflammatory parameters were prospectively studied in 74 hospitalized patients (14-74 years of age) with serologic evidence of nephropathia epidemica. the most common clinical findings were acute onset of symptoms, fever (greater than or equal to 38 degrees c), thirst, headache, nausea, back pain, vomiting, myalgia, and abdominal pain. twenty-seven patients (37%) had hemorrhagic manifestations, i.e., epistaxi ...19892574903
evidence for hantavirus disease in slovenia, slovenia, north-western part of yugoslavia, 17 clinically documented hantavirus disease cases (hvd) were serologically confirmed so far. previously hvd was reported in the southern part of yugoslavia. by the indirect fluorescent antibody test (ifa), the prevalence of igg class antibodies against different hantaviral antigens was demonstrated in human sera collected in slovenia. three different reactivity patterns were observed. majority of the ifa-positive human sera were confirmed by the imm ...19892574939
[epidemic hemorrhagic fever during pregnancy]. 19892575026
hantavirus infections in humans and commensal rodents in determine the extent of hantavirus infection in singapore, serological studies using the indirect immunofluorescent antibody (ifa) test were conducted on commensal rodents and on human patients in 4 diagnostic groups. virus isolation using a vero e6 cell line was performed on hantaviral antigen-positive rodent lung tissue. of 142 rodents and 3 insectivores studied, 37 (26%) were seropositive for ifa. rattus norvegicus was the predominant species captured, with the highest species-specific ser ...19892575293
serological survey of hantavirus infection in french polynesia. 19892575294
[infection of human endothelial cells by the virus causing hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome]. 19892575927
hantavirus-related acute interstitial nephritis in western europe. expansion of a world-wide zoonosis.we report the clinical, biological and serological characteristics of 76 cases of hantavirus-induced acute interstitial nephritis diagnosed in belgium and france between 1977 and 1986. the disease is characterized by a fever of sudden onset promptly accompanied by pain in the loin or abdomen, nausea and vomiting, myalgias and occasionally with acute myopia and conjunctival injection. within a week acute renal failure develops, necessitating haemo- or peritoneal dialysis in up to 10 per cent of p ...19892576470
[tubulointerstitial changes in patients with a history of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome].altogether 85 patients with a history of hemorrhagic fever and the nephrotic syndrome (hfns) were examined at different stages after the disease, characterizing the status of the tubulointerstitial apparatus of the kidneys. almost half of the patients who suffered this disease manifested a decrease in the capacity of the kidneys for osmotic concentration of urine under the conditions of deprivation for 36 hours, and in acid-secretory function of the kidneys under induced acidosis and clearance o ...19892576473
[endemic foci of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in the north-western region of the european part of the ussr].for the detection of specific antigens of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (hfrs) virus, examinations were carried out covering 8.061 animals of 23 species trapped in the murmansk, archangelsk, vologda, novgorod, pskov, leningrad regions, the komi assr, estonian ssr, latvian ssr, and lithuanian ssr in 1984-1987. different activity and variable species-specific composition of animal virus carriers in the north, south, and west of the north-western region were demonstrated. circulation of hfr ...19892576692
first sporadic case of hantavirus nephropathy, recognised in the netherlands. 19892576828
[interruption of early viremia in patients with epidemic hemorrhagic fever].kinetic changes of viremia were observed in 287 patients with epidemic hemorrhagic fever (ehf) in whom ribavirin was administered with a double blind random controlled study by means of virus isolation, indirect immunofluorescence technique and elisa. the positive rate of viremia was 79.7%, and the positive rate of ehf igm was 85.0% before treatment. viremia could be interrupted by ribavirin. in the ribavirin group, the positive rate of viremia decreased, duration of viremia was shortened, viral ...19892576861
[an electron microscopic study of viral infected peripheral mononuclear cells in epidemic hemorrhagic fever].ultrathin sections of peripheral blood cells from 7 patients of early stage epidemic hemorrhagic fever (ehf) were reexamined under transmission electron microscope. virus particles were found in the cytoplasmic vacuoles of mononuclear cells from two patients. the morphology and morphogenesis of the matured virus were identical with those of hantaan virus of the bunyaviridae family. additionally, abnormal aggregations of tubuloreticular structure (trs) were sometimes encountered in the dilated ci ...19892576865
efficacy of inactivated vaccine containing cyto-hemagglutinin against epidemic hemorrhagic fever in rabbits.using the z-10 strain of epidemic hemorrhagic fever virus (ehfv) as seed, and the primary cell of meriones unguiculatus kidney tissue as incubation cell, a propiolactone inactivated epidemic hemorrhagic fever (ehf) vaccine was prepared, according to a similar procedure required for the production of biological products such as the japanese b encephalitis vaccine. besides the ehfv antigen detected by elisa or reversed passive hemagglutination test (rpha) as were used for the formalin inactivated ...19892576866
hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome: separation of human peripheral blood t and b cells and detection of viral lymphocytes in peripheral blood were prepared from patients with hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome by a density gradient on ficoll-hypaque, and then t and b cells purified by passing the lymphocytes over a nylon column with modifications. also, after modification of cell fixation and use of a spinner for smear drying, the number of cells were increased and the duration for slide preparation was shortened, thus resulting in quality slides. detection of viral antigen by immunofluorescenc ...19892577361
bunyaviridae. serological relationships.the family bunyaviridae comprises 5 genera of lipid-enveloped viruses with trisegmented rna genomes. one of the genera, bunyavirus, comprises over a quarter of the known arboviruses. the members of the hantavirus genus are apparently the exception in that they are not arthropod-borne. the genera are sorted largely on serological grounds. the nairoviruses, in addition to the presence of the physical marker of a higher molecular weight nucleoprotein, include congo-crimean haemorrhagic fever, an ap ...19892685515
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